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Death Finds a Way: A Janie Riley Mystery
by Lorine McGinnis Schulze

Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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The Peer Family in Canada and America

The Peer Family in Canada and America: Jacob & Anne Peer, Immigrants from New Jersey to Upper Canada in 1796, and their Descendants

The Peer family came from New Jersey to settle in Ontario Canada in 1796. Jacob and Anne (aka Hannah) Peer had the following children born in New Jersey. Their descendants settled in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Ontario Canada. The following brief excerpt is from my book on the Peer family
Jacob Peer, the immigrant ancestor to Ontario, left New Jersey for Upper Canada (present day Ontario) thirteen years after the American Revolution ended in 1783. The American Revolution began in 1773 and during this time New Jersey was a hot bed of political and military upheaval.

From records found in Ontario we know that Jacob and his family were loyal to the British side, and suffered from persecution in New Jersey throughout the war years. His British sympathies had caused great hardship for him during the War, and as former neighbour Nathaniel Pettit described in an affidavit supporing Jacobís petiton for land in Upper Canada (present day Ontario)

"[Jacob] suffered greatly both in his person and property in the Late War between Great Britain and America".

Jacob remained in New Jersey until the summer of 1796 when he and his family and at least one adult son Philip (and his family) left for Upper Canada.
Lorine's published books can be purchased (complete list below)

The Peer Family in North America: V.1 Jacob & Anne Peer, Immigrants from New Jersey to Upper Canada in 1796. Revised Edition

Available at Amazon.com or Amazon.ca

The Peer Family in North America: V.2 Levi Peer & Elizabeth Marical and their Descendants to 3 Generations

Available at or Amazon.com or Amazon.ca

Note for the book on his parents you also need to purchase V. 1 Jacob & Anne Peer available at Amazon.com or Amazon.ca

The Peer Family in North America: V.3 Edward Peer & His Two Wives and their Descendants to 3 Generations

Available at Amazon.com or Amazon.ca

Note for the book on his parents you also need to purchase V. 1 Jacob & Anne Peer available at Amazon.com or Amazon.ca


The Peer Family in North America: V.4 Philip Peer & his two Wives Ester Dunn and Susan Griniaus and their Descendants to 3 Generations 

Available at or Amazon.com or Amazon.ca

Note for the book on his parents you also need to purchase V. 1 Jacob & Anne Peer available at Amazon.com or Amazon.ca

The Peer Family in North America: V. 5 Stephen Peer & His Wife Lydia Skinner and their Descendants to 3 Generations 
Available on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca

Note for the book on his parents you also need to purchase V. 1 Jacob & Anne Peer available at Amazon.com or Amazon.ca

The Peer Family in North America: V6 Jacob Peer Jr. and his wife Lucy Powers and their Descendants to 2 Generations

152 pages, full color

Available on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca

Note for the book on his parents you also need to purchase V. 1 Jacob & Anne Peer available at Amazon.ca

If you are not sure which volumes you need, please write to me at peerfamilybookATgmailDOTcom (replace AT and DOT) and tell me your furthest back Peer ancestor - with dates, locations and spouse's name. I will advise which volumes you will need.

Jacob Peer & Anne from New Jersey to Ontario 1796 - index to names of their descendants to 5 generations

Following is a list of names of descendants of Jacob Peer & Anne from New Jersey to Ontario 1796.
Abercrombie Mary Augusta
Aikens Catharine Ann
Allen Armilda Mille
Allen Preston
Allen Sarah Jane
Allison George N.
Allwell Julia Florence
Amrine Sarah Catherine (Catherine)
Anderson Amelia
Anderson Eliza
Anderson Emma
Anderson Henry
Anderson James
Anderson John
Anderson Margaret
Anderson Mary Ann
Anderson Rebecca Ann
Anderson Sarah Deborah
Anderson Walter
Anderson Walter
Anne (Hannah)
Armstrong Elizabeth Ann
Atcheson Addie F
Averill Catherine
Averill Erastus
Averill Francis (Frank) E.
Averill James
Averill John
Averill Lewis M.
Averill Nancy
Averill Phoebe
Averill Riley
Averill son
Averill Stephen
Averill Stephen
Averill William
Barker Mary Ann
Barr Luella
Billings Gladys Pearl
Binkley Nancy
Blowers Abraham
Blowers Thomas
Boldock Rebecca Jane
Bolton Wellington
Bostwick Caroline Cynthia
Boswell Abram C.
Boswell Mary E.
Boswell Thomas W.
Boswell Thomas W.
Boswell William M.
Bowles Florence E.
Bowles Mary Ann
Bradshaw Ethel M.
Brigham Mr.
Bunker Ernest Lesley
Burrows Lillian Laska (Nellie)
Burton Mary aka Polly
Burton Mary Ann
Burton Thomas
Bush James Henry (Henry)
Butts John
Cadwell Anna May
Cadwell Clara June
Cadwell Frank Edward
Cadwell George Henry (Henry)
Cadwell James Arthur
Cadwell John Levi
Cadwell Maggie
Cadwell Malinda
Cadwell Oscar
Cadwell Otho
Cadwell Ruth Catherine
Cadwell William George
Carl Cora Beatine
Cassina James Frederick
Clark Alletina Blanche
Colwell Mary Ann
Conger Daniel
Conger Edward
Cook Mr.
Cooper Charles Arthur
Cooper Euphemia Adeline
Cooper William Heath
Cooper William Heath
Cope Burness B.
Coulson Mary Jane
Cowan Albert F.
Cowan Edith H.
Cowan Ethel G.
Cowan Lydia Anna
Cowan Robert
Cowan Robert Ernest
Cox William
Crawford John
Cronkite John Charles
Cummins Hannah
Currant Armintha
Cutting William
Daily Bertha
Daily Fields
Daily Mary Ethel
Dalton Thomas Elgin
Davitt Mary
Dawdy Avadney
Dawdy Caleb
Dawdy Edith
Dawdy Mary Laura
Dearing Frances Henrietta
Dearing Henrietta
Dearing Samuel A.
DeForest Annie Marie
Deleney Edgar
Dewsbury Franklin H.
Diamond Harvey W.
Dingman Cevily
Dingman Charlie
Dingman Eliza Jane
Dingman Elizabeth Sarah (Sarah)
Dingman Hannah Sevilla
Dingman Isaac
Dingman Isaac
Dingman Isaac
Dingman John
Dingman John Philip
Dingman Levi
Dingman Levi
Dingman Mary
Dingman Mary Jane
Dingman Millie
Dingman Peter
Dingman Philip
Dingman Robert
Dingman Robert Garfield
Dingman Rosina
Dingman Samuel Peer
Dingman Sarah
Dingman Sevilla
Dingman Susanna
Dingman William
Dingman William Henry
Donald John Robert
Donihue Emma
Drake Richard D.
Draper Eddie
Draper James
Draper Joshua
Draper Louis
Dunn Esther
Dunning daughter(Louise?)
Dunning David D.
Dunning H. S. (Henry S?)
Dynes Margaret Elizabeth
Eastwood Maria
Elliott George
Evans Percival
Fero William Jesse
Fletcher Jane (Jenna) Matilda
Force Glenn Clayton
Forsyth Janet
Foster Ann
Foster John
Frant Emma Shater
Galaway Eliza
Galaway James
Galaway James
Galaway John Peer
Galaway Nancy
Galaway Thomas Alfred
Galaway William H.
Gammon Elizabeth Susan
Gardiner Alice Elizabeth
Garland Elijah
Garland Harriett Garland
Garland Herbert
Garland John Egbert
Garland Percy Elderton
Garland Welland
Garrison Angeline
Garrison Marrion M.
Gaston Ada
Gay Lila
Gibb Arthur Little
Gibson J. T.
Gill Henry Alexander
Gillmore William T.
Godfrey Loomis Ashia
Godfrey William H.
Goodson John M.
Gould Alice
Gowdy Norman Stanley
Gray Abram
Gray Ephram
Gray John
Gray Johnson
Gray Lavina or Louisa
Gray Lucretia
Gray William
Gray William
Gray Wilson
Gray Wilson
Green Mr.
Greenlees Jane
Grieve William
Griffis Rebecca
Griniaus Susan
Haight Sylva
Haile A. M.
Hale Nancy P.
Hall David
Hall Drusilla
Hall Elizabeth
Hall Ernest Edgerton
Hall Hiram
Hall Hiram Wesley
Hall James Relaford
Hall James William
Hall John
Hall John
Hall Kitsey Jane (Betsy)
Hall Levi
Hall Levi (Lee) Lewis
Hall Nancy
Hall Sarah Elena
Hall Stephen Jasper
Hall William Marical
Hambleton Emma
Hambleton Jane
Hambleton Levina
Hambleton Ruth Elizabeth
Hance Elizabeth
Hardbottle Ellen Priscilla
Hargraves Mr.
Harker Mr.
Harris Albert Edwin or Edmund
Harris Charlotte
Harris David
Harris Ella Maud
Harris Henry
Harris James
Harris John
Harris John
Harris Nancy
Harris Nancy
Harris Phoebe E.
Harris Sarah Jane
Harris Wilbert
Harrow Cassie
Harrow Catherine
Harrow Charlotte
Harrow George
Harrow Grace Maud
Harrow Henry
Harrow Herbert Stephen
Harrow James
Harrow Josephine
Harrow Lucretia
Harrow Lucy Ann
Harrow Mabel
Harrow Mable
Harrow Mary Jane
Harrow Washington
Harrow Wiliam Grummond
Harrow William A.
Hawkins Sarah L.
Hawthorne Mr.
Hayes Mary Jane (Polly)
Hayes Polly
Hemenger Amasa
Hendershot Lucy
Hendrickson Ivy Dora
Hicks John
Hicks Mary Iona
Hogerty Catherine
Hopgood Richard
Huggins Harriet
Hughes Ellen Lillian (Lilly)
Hunt Margaret
Hurren Alphaeus
Hurren Alphaeus
Hurren Betsey
Hurren Charity
Hurren Edmund
Hurren Francis
Hurren James
Hurren James
Hurren James
Hurren James
Hurren Mary Jane
Hurren Moses
Hurren Philip
Hurren Phoebe
Hurren Rebecca
Hurren Ruth
Hurren Sarah Elizabeth
Hurren Susannah
Hurren William
Hurren William
Hyman Amelie (Millie)
Jackson William H.
Jellis Agnes Muriel
Jellis William
Johnson George Herbert
Johnston Cordelia
Johnston James
Johnston Mary Elizabeth
Jones Philip Gordon
Kadwell Della May
Kadwell Henry Freeman
Kadwell Lawrence
Kadwell Lawrence Edward
Kadwell Maud Caroline
Kadwell Roy Franklin
Kadwell William John
Kalar John
Karrn Mr.
Keleher Austin
Kelly Abram
Kelly John James
Kelly Louisa
Kelly Philip D.
Kelly Robert
Kelly William Ernest
Kenney Theresa Josephine
Kerns David Albert
Kerns James Wesley
Kirkham Mr.
Kivell Agnes Maria
Kivell Frances Henry (Frank)
Kivell William
Knowles George
Lampman Charity
Lane Andrew Jackson
Lane Franklin W.
Lane George A.
Lane Mary Ollie
Learn Charles Lewis
Learn Estelle (Stella) Armintha Jane
Learn George
Learn George Wesley
Learn Henry Jacob
Learn Lawrence Ellmore
Learn Lillie Ellen Rosanna
Learn Maggie Irene May
Learn Nancy Catherine (Catherine)
Learn William Edward
LeGacy Alida
Legacy Dennis
Legacy George
LeGacy Harman
LeGacy Isaac
Legacy James
Legacy John
LeGacy Margret
LeGacy Michael Noah
LeGacy Orphe
Legacy Phoebe
Legacy Rebecca
Legacy Robert
Legacy Sylvester
LeGacy Walter Fisher
Legacy William
Lewis Florence Elizabeth
Lizmore Mr.
Long William
Lowler Thomas
Lowthorpe Mary Helen
Lyman Sarah Ann
Lyons Almita Christeen
Lyons Anna
Lyons Anne
Lyons Edward
Lyons Elizabeth
Lyons Hannah
Lyons Harcor
Lyons Harcor
Lyons Harcor
Lyons Jacob
Lyons James
Lyons Jane
Lyons Jeremiah
Lyons John
Lyons John
Lyons Joseph
Lyons Joseph
Lyons Lewis
Lyons Marcia
Lyons Marcia J.
Lyons Margaret
Lyons Mary
Lyons Mercy J.
Lyons Oliver
Lyons Phoebe
Lyons Rachel Lucinda
Lyons Sarah
Lyons Stephen
Lyons Titus
M. Minnie
Mabee Benjamin
Mabee Daniel McQueen
Mabee Eliza
Mabee Hugh
Mabee John
Mabee John D.
Mabee Lucinda
Mabee Maria
Mabee Phoebe C.
Mabee Sarah Ann
Mabee Sophia
Mabee William
Main T. W.
March William W.
Marical Elizabeth
Marical Maryann
Mary Anne
Matthews Alberta
Matthews Charles
Matthews Elgin
McCall James Simpson
McCallum Colin Campbell
McCallum Jessie
McCallum Mary
McCallum Minnie
McClennan Sadie
McConnell Agnes
McConnell Ivan Stanley
McConnell John
McConnell John F.
McConnell Margaret Jane
McConnell Martha
McConnell Sarah Elizabeth
McConnell William
McEachern Margaret Ann
McEachern Mary
McGiffins Dorothy
McGinnis Joseph
McGregor James Henry
McLean Sarah
McMahon Albert
McMaster Margaret
McPhee Andrew
McPhee Edward
McPhee Ernest Philip
McPhee Harriet Letitia
McPhee Janet Elizabeth
McPhee Margaret Ruth
McPhee Norman Leslie
McQueen Abigail
McQueen Alexander
McQueen Brock
McQueen Charlotte
McQueen Daniel
McQueen Daniel
McQueen Eliza
McQueen Elizabeth (Betsey)
McQueen Emmaline
McQueen Hannah
McQueen Harriet
McQueen Hugh
McQueen Jacob
McQueen James
McQueen Mary
McQueen Nancy
McQueen Pheby Ann
McQueen Richard
McQueen Sarah
McQueen Susan
McQuiston Grace Claire
Medhurst Charles Philip
Merrill George
Messinger Nathaniel A.
Miller Emily
Miller Jacob Newton
Miller Mr.
Miller Sarah
Milligan Frederick
Misener A. Judson
Misener Clayton Fisher
Misener John Allen or Alton
Mitchell Douglas
Mitchell James Talbert
Mogg Ralph
Moore Alexander
Mudge Edna Marcia
Mullen Catherine
Murtland James
Murtland John H.
Nash Platt
Nelson Agnes
Newman Charles Herbert
Newton Mary
Noble Peter
Nunley Herman D.
Oakes Hanford
Oliphant Mary Ann
O'Neill Mr.
Osburn Effie E.
Page Peter
Palmer Charles
Palmer Charles
Parish Robert
Parkinson Risedon M.
Parkinson Stephen
Passmore Ethel Maude
Passmore William
Patchett Thompson
Pearce Andrew
Pearce Arthur Edgar
Pearce John
Pearce Milton
Pearce Philip
Pearce William K.
Pearl Dyen
Peer Aaron Albert
Peer Aaron G.
Peer Aaron H.
Peer Abigail
Peer Abraham
Peer Abraham
Peer Abram
Peer Abram Henry
Peer Ada Orpha
Peer Adelina Eileen
Peer Alice
Peer Andrew
Peer Andrew Elisha
Peer Andrew J.
Peer Annetta Nancy (Nellie N.)
Peer Annie May
Peer Archie
Peer Arthur
Peer Arthur H.
Peer Arthur J.
Peer Arthur W.
Peer Barbara Elizabeth
Peer Barbara Emeretta
Peer Bertha
Peer Bertha
Peer Bessie
Peer Caroline
Peer Carrie
Peer Carrie Floretta
Peer Catherine J. (Katie)
Peer Catherine M.
Peer Catherine Maria
Peer Catherine Maria
Peer Charles
Peer Charles E.
Peer Charles Henry
Peer Charles O.
Peer Charles W.
Peer Charles Wellington Gardiner
Peer Charlotte
Peer Charlotte (Lottie)
Peer Charlotte Eliza
Peer Chester
Peer Christine
Peer Clara Melissa
Peer Clarence
Peer Clarke
Peer Columbus Lelista
Peer Cordelia Cecelia
Peer Cyrus Edway
Peer Cyrus Vigure Edway
Peer dau
Peer daughter
Peer David Elisha (Andrew?)
Peer Della
Peer Dennis
Peer Dennis
Peer Dora Elizabeth
Peer Dudley?
Peer Duncan Wallace
Peer Earl
Peer Edgar
Peer Edith
Peer Edith Edna
Peer Edith Jane
Peer Edna M.
Peer Edna Mae
Peer Edward
Peer Edward
Peer Edward
Peer Edward R (K?)
Peer Edward Thomas
Peer Elinore
Peer Eliza
Peer Eliza Anne
Peer Eliza Jane
Peer Eliza Jane (Jane)
Peer Eliza Speck
Peer Elizabeth
Peer Elizabeth
Peer Elizabeth
Peer Elizabeth
Peer Elizabeth Jane
Peer Elizabeth May
Peer Elsie Viola Merl
Peer Emerson
Peer Emma
Peer Emma
Peer Emma
Peer Emma Jane
Peer Ethel May
Peer Ethel Orlean
Peer Euphemia
Peer Euphemia B.
Peer Frances Ann (Minnie?)
Peer George
Peer George Edward
Peer George Nelson
Peer George Nelson
Peer George W.
Peer George Wellington Oswell
Peer Georgina Matilda J.
Peer Gertrude (Gertie)
Peer Gideon Allen

Peer Gladys Jessie
Peer Grace
Peer Hannah
Peer Hannah Eliza
Peer Hannah Elizabeth
Peer Hannah Marie
Peer Harley Wilfred Laurence
Peer Harriet Christien
Peer Harry
Peer Harry Lindsay Edward
Peer Hattie B.
Peer Hazel Edith
Peer Herbert Lockwood
Peer Hester
Peer Hiram
Peer Hiram
Peer Hobart L.
Peer Homer
Peer Horatio Nelson (Nelson)
Peer Ida Florence
Peer Ida Maud
Peer Isabella (Bella)
Peer J Marshall (Marshall)
Peer Jacob
Peer Jacob
Peer Jacob
Peer Jacob
Peer James
Peer James
Peer James Henry
Peer James L.
Peer James Nelson (Nelson)
Peer James Percy
Peer Jane
Peer Jemima
Peer Joanna
Peer John
Peer John
Peer John
Peer John
Peer John
Peer John
Peer John
Peer John Adams
Peer John Addison
Peer John Albert
Peer John Charles (Charles)
Peer John Chester (Chester)
Peer John G. or J.
Peer John Henry
Peer John L.
Peer Kate
Peer Katura (Turie) A. Louise
Peer Kitsey Ann
Peer Kitsy
Peer Laura Edna
Peer Lavina (Vina)
Peer Leona
Peer Leonard
Peer Leonard Lancelot
Peer Letitia Pear (Alicia)
Peer Levi
Peer Levi
Peer Levi
Peer Levi Louis
Peer Lewis
Peer Lewis A.
Peer Libby (Elizabeth)
Peer Lillian Gardiner
Peer Lizzie
Peer Lottie (Charlotte) A.
Peer Lottie Marian
Peer Louis Albert (Albert)
Peer Louis Dewey
Peer Louisa Eliza Jane
Peer Louise Jane (Jane)
Peer Lucretia
Peer Lucy
Peer Lucy
Peer Lucy Ann
Peer Lydia
Peer Lydia
Peer Lydia Jane
Peer Lydia R.
Peer Mabel Ethel Langden
Peer Maggie Maude aka Maud
Peer Maggie Maude Ethel May (Maude)
Peer Marcy
Peer Margaret
Peer Margaret Jane

Peer Margaret Jane (Jenny)
Peer Margaret Matilda (Matilda)
Peer Marian (Maria) Margaret Matilda
Peer Martha
Peer Martha
Peer Martha E.
Peer Martha E.
Peer Mary
Peer Mary
Peer Mary Albsillia (Absillia)
Peer Mary Ann
Peer Mary Ann
Peer Mary Ann
Peer Mary Ann (Minnie)
Peer Mary E. (Minnie)
Peer Mary Elizabeth
Peer Mary Elizabeth
Peer Mary Elizabeth
Peer Mary Ellen
Peer Mary Helen Stella
Peer Mary Jane
Peer Mary Maud Elizabeth
Peer Matthew
Peer Melinda
Peer Melissa
Peer Melissa Eva
Peer Mercy (Phoebe?)
Peer Milton Edgar
Peer Minnie
Peer Minnie
Peer Minnie Olive
Peer Moses
Peer Myrtle May
Peer Nancy
Peer Nancy Alice
Peer Nancy Catharine
Peer Nancy H.
Peer Nelson
Peer Norman
Peer Norman Leslie
Peer Olive Lohilda
Peer Oliver
Peer Pearl Adelett
Peer Philip
Peer Philip
Peer Philip
Peer Philip Edgar (Edgar)
Peer Philip Harmon (Harmon)
Peer Phoebe
Peer Phoebe
Peer Phoebe Amelia
Peer Phoebe Ann
Peer Rachel
Peer Rachel
Peer Ralph Lewis
Peer Rebecca
Peer Reuben
Peer Robert
Peer Robert
Peer Robert Arthur
Peer Robert Carl (Carl)
Peer Robert Gideon Harrison (Harry)
Peer Rosetta (Loretta?)
Peer Rosetta (Rose)
Peer Rosier
Peer Ruth
Peer Ruth
Peer Ruth E.
Peer Samuel Isaac
Peer Sarah
Peer Sarah E.
Peer Sarah Elisabeth
Peer Sarah Jane
Peer Sarah Jane
Peer Solomon Dennis
Peer son
Peer son
Peer son (Barzilla King?)
Peer Stanley Sutherland
Peer Stephen
Peer Stephen A.
Peer Stephen David
Peer Stephen Edward
Peer Stephen Edward
Peer Stephen Lester
Peer Stephen Lyons
Peer Stephen Thadeus
Peer Steven A. Douglas (Douglas)
Peer Susan
Peer Susan E.
Peer Susan M.
Peer Susan Madilla
Peer Susan Madilla aka Madilla
Peer Susannah
Peer Susannah
Peer Thomas
Peer Thomas Phillip (Philip?)
Peer Turgey Celista (Celista)
Peer uknown
Peer unknown daughter
Peer Velma
Peer Victoria Balsony
Peer Violetta
Peer Walter Wesley (Harry)
Peer Washington
Peer William
Peer William
Peer William
Peer William
Peer William Cyrus
Peer William Francis
Peer William H.
Peer William Henry
Peer William Henry
Peer William Henry
Peer William Hiram (Hiram)
Peer William Hyatt
Peer William John
Peer William Lawrence (Lawrence)
Peer William Marrical
Peer? Harriet
Peer? Lydia
Pennington Ella Mae (Ola)
Perrin Theresa Ann
Perry Abram
Pettit Jennie
Pilley Albert Sidney
Pont George Ernest
Pont Norma Kathleen
Pont Ruth Elizabeth
Pont William John
Powers Lucy
Prevow Clara A. (Amanda?)
Price Caroline Annie
Pulcifer Frances
Randall Frederica Ina
Raymond Anson
Reeves Walter Dudley
Richardson Mary
Richardson W. J.
Rickle Edward Milton
Rinley John
Roberts Alice Maude Mary
Roberts Annie A.
Roberts George S.
Roberts Harry C.
Roberts Walter J.
Roberts William
Roberts William C.
Roberts William John Edmund
Roberts William M.
Robinson Ernest Emerson
Roseborough Mary
Roulson William
Sangster William
Sawdon Matilda
Saxby Herbert James
Schuntz Andrew
Sears Conrad (Conner?) Philip
Sheridan Catherine
Sherlock Flora Maude
Sherlock Frederick
Sherlock Hazel
Sherlock Margery Ethel May
Sherlock Melinda
Sherlock Robert
Sherlock William Oscar (Oscar)
Shoaf Camella Belle
Sider Myrtle
Simons George B.
Sitzer Edward W.
Skinner Lydia
Slove Hiram
Smith Aletha
Smith Bella
Smith Charles Edward
Smith Isaac
Smith Jessie Margaret
Smith Lafayette
Smith Mabel
Smith Orpha
Smith Uretta
Smye Mary
Soules John
Sparling Agnes Idella
Sparling Edith May

Sparling Elizabeth
Sparling Levi
Sparling Margaret
Sparling Mary Jane
Sparling Matthew Wellington (Wellington)
Sparling Sarah
St. John Elizabeth
Stahlbaum Teresa C.
Start Margaret (Maggie) E.
Sterrit James
Stevenson Edward Alexander
Stewart Aura P.
Stone Mr.
Stork Emily
Taws Isabella
Templeton Harriet
Tetlock Elizabeth
Thane Mr.
Thomas Charlotte
Thomas Susan
Tomrdle Mr.
Toombs Zilpha
Trotter Lavinia
Trotter Nancy Jane
Truesdale James
Varnum Anne Emma
Vollick Mary Elizabeth
Walker John Clifford
Ward Mr.
Watson Alice
Watson Charlotte
Watson Ethel Maude
Watson Henry
Watson John
Watson Laura Belle
Watson Osborn
Watson Wilhamina
Wedge John
Weir William
Welch Roy
Wesbrook William
Westbrook Aaron
Westbrook Alonzo
Westbrook Andrew
Westbrook Andrew Hull
Westbrook Andrew Peer
Westbrook Clement
Westbrook Ebenezer
Westbrook Emeline
Westbrook Ephesus (Effie)
Westbrook Euphemia L.
Westbrook Hester Ann
Westbrook James
Westbrook Lois M.
Westbrook Loretta
Westbrook Lucy
Westbrook Lucy Priscilla
Westbrook Martha
Westbrook Mary
Westbrook Matthew
Westbrook Nancy M.
Westbrook Tirzah
Westcott George Stewart
Whitmore Catharine
Wilkins Lovina S.
Will Charity
Williams Elizabeth Ann
Wilson George
Wilson Millie
Wingrove Jane
Wingrove William
Wood Elizabeth
Wood Jacob
Wyles William Charles
Young Lorenzo
Zimmerman Rebecca


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