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ACADIA Genealogy

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The Acadians were a group of people who settled eastern Canada. They arrived in the area of Acadia just after the start of the 17th century. Many were from France. Port Royal (in Nova Scotia) was one of the first places settled. In 1636 the ship St. Jehan arrived with colonists. In 1671 the earliest surviving Acadian census is taken with a total population of 340 people. Next towns to be settled are Beaubassin and Grand Pre. By the early 18th Century (1701) Petitcodiac is founded. In 1749 2,576 settlers are brought to Acadia by the English. In 1755 deportation of Acadians begins, with over 6000 being exiled. Many are sent to France, many to Louisiana. In 1785 Spain provided ships to carry over 1600 Acadians from France to Louisiana


Acadia University Archives Vaughan Memorial Library

Census Records

Census Comparison Chart for Canadian Census Find out what census records exist for Canada and where they are found online
What's Available in Canadian Census Records fee-based and free census records online
1671 Census of Port Royal
1678 Census of Port Royal
1686 Census Port Royal1698 Census Port Royal

1714 Census of Port Royal, Gaspareau, Pigiguit, Habitants, Canards, OldHabitants, Wecobeguit & Beaubassin
1732 Census Acadia
1752 Census of Tintamarre, Pre Des Bourgs, Des Richards, Vekak, Le Lac, LeCoupe, Le Pointe Beausejour, Memeramkouk, Petkoudiack & Chipoudy
1769 Census Louisiana - Acadians living there
1771 Census Louisiana - Acadians living there
1774 Census Louisiana - Acadians living there

Court Records

What's Available in Canadian Genealogy in Court, Probate & Land Records fee-based and free Court, Probate & Land records online


Index of Fichier Origine The "Fichier Origine" is a computerized repertory of birth and baptism records found in the course of theQuebecois research project on the family origins of French and foreign emigrants who establishedthemselves in Canada.

Divorce Records in Canada

Divorce Records

Genealogical & Historical Societies

Société généalogique canadienne-française

Immigration Records

Immigration Records

Search ships passenger lists to Canada
Canadian Immigration & Ships Passenger Lists Records
What's Available in Canadian Immigration & Ships Passenger Lists Records fee-based and free Immigration & Citizenship records online
See Passenger Lists further down this page


Canadian Military Heritage Project Find out what military records exist for Canada and where they are found online
What's Available in Canadian Military Records fee-based and free military records online
1766 Militia Rolls of Louisiana
1770 Militia Rolls of Louisiana
1777 Militia Rolls of Louisiana

Miscellaneous Records

Acadian GenWeb
The Acadian Odyssey - another Schoolnet project
Acadian dictionary
Acadia and Louisburg, 1740-55

Acadia and Louisburg, 1740-55

Naturalization Records

Canadian Naturalization Records

Passenger Lists Records

List of passengers leaving France for Acadia in 1636
Le Soleil 1638 France to New France (Quebec)
Le Saint-Clement 1643
Saint-Andre, 1659
Le Moulin d'Or France to New France (Quebec) 1666
Canadian Passenger Lists at The Olive Tree Genealogy
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Canada BDM Exchange
Butler's Rangers Loyalist (Patriot) Muster Roll
Canadian Census Records1800-1842, 1851, 1891, 1901, 1906, 1911


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