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Canadian census records for Quebec - Ste. Catherine de Portneuf

1831 Census - Lower Canada - Ste. Catherines, County Portneuf
Head of HouseholdNo. in familyHead of HouseholdNo. in family
Coté, Louis6Allaire, Francois2
Drolet, André6Contint, Ignace1
Drolet, Michel9Tremblay, Jean6
Denis, Louis3Prud'homme, Francois7
Julien, Jean4Plamondon, Michel4
Pelletier, Jean Baptiste6Baker, Bartholomew7
Masson, Pierre4Cantin, Ignace5
Pelletier, Thierry4Drolet, Joseph5
Careau, Louis6Cantin, Nicolas4
Bureau, Louis7Beaupre, Augustin6
Leboeuf, Charles5Masson Beaupre, Catherine4
Prud'homme, Joseph2Beaupre, Augustin6
Pelletier, Thierry9Beaupre, Pierre6
Paquet, Jean3Beaupre, Nicolas10
Masson, Louis8Cantin, Joseph2
Cantin, Louis8Beaupre, Louis3
Fisete, Prisque9Cantin, Nicolas1
Beland, Francois6Ouvrard, Antoine4
Denis, Michel5Masson, Jean Baptiste1
Drolet, Pierre4Barbeau, Jean Baptiste5
Careau, Jean520 Families92
Careau, Joseph4 
Favron, Olivier6
Dubuc, Joseph2
Lepier, Joseph11
Trudel, Charles6
Bureau, Nicolas10
Careau, Rene5
Vezina, Joseph2
Beland, Joseph11
Contint, Ignace8
Drolet, Pierre2
Matte, Laurent3
Drolet, Joseph5
Beland, Louis6
Lapierre, Joseph8
Mag. Masson, Widow Coté8
38 Families225
Head of HouseholdNo. in familyHead of HouseholdNo. in family
Dunn, John9Maher, Patrick7
Dunn, Maurice2Donovan, Dennis7
Doyle, Jacob **7Fogarty, Martin8
Dunn, Dennis10Buggy, Edward7
Doyle, Thomas5Donovan, Jeremiah6
Cahill, Mary3Sullivan, John4
Goodly, Charles5Donovan, John8
Fournier, Antoine11SEVENTH RANGE
McGrath, Michael7Head of HouseholdNo. in family
Grant, William8Keating, Michael8
Anderson, John9Corcoran, Thomas6
Coughlin, Loughlin6Conway, James3
Coughlin, Patrick7Flynn, Thomas4
Coughlin, James7Black, Samuel4
White, Thomas4McMannus, John3
Allain, George5Dowd, Michael3
Meehan, Martin4Doyle, James2
Meehan, Michael1Clear, Patrick8
Bolger, Luke9Farrell, Patrick5
Black, Sheriff7Connoly, John3
Doyle, Michael6White, Charles4
Lacey, Andrew8RIVER AUX PINS
Buckley, Patrick4McDonald, Michael7
Bolger, John2Neville, Patrick4
Cullen, Lawrence9 
Conn ?, Joseph57th Range - 12 Families53
Fains ?, Richard4River Aux Pins - 2 Families11
Landers, Thomas8Head of HouseholdNo. in family
Buckley, Darby7Smith, John10
Doyle, James (or Boyd)7Maher, Cornelius5
Taylor, Andrew3Webb, Christopher3
Gardiner, John4Quirk, James4
Driscoll, Dennis1Power, Maurice8
Power, Mary3Mooney, Hugh6
Nixon Thomas (Nixon Hill)5Donovan, James7
Brown, George2Walsh, William8
McGill, Matthew1Doyle, Patrick6
Brown, Alexander7Kehoe, Patrick11
Russell, William1Wheaton, Alexander4
McCarthy, Timothy11Coyle, Patrick7
Cody, Stephen5Dougherty, John1
Laing, Bernard6Crehan, Patrick3
Crotty, Bridget6Maher, Michael6
Crotty, Thomas4Morrow, Cornelius5
Donovan, William6Brown, William3
53 Families258Donovan, John8
Note: Jacob Doyle was Captain of Milita in 1846 ** Burke, John6
FIFTH RANGEO'Brien, Terrence8
Head of HouseholdNo. in familyHickey, Patrick6
Landrigan, Andrew (wife Mary Lynch)10Lewis, James6
Cotter, James9Meehan, John4
Kennedy, Patrick4Gacy ? Robert4
O'Brien, Henry ?5McKeany, Dennis8
Martin, Bridget1Webb, Henry8
Raison, Richard4McKenna, Patrick4
Shea, Michael6Julien, J.5
Monfette, Jacques7Guilfoyle, James5
Wallman, John4Shortil ?, John1
Irish, Patrick5Murphy, Jacob8
Navin, John4Armstrong, James4
Roberts, William4Henchey, Patrick8
Joyce, Patrick9Farrell, John6
Lahey, Michael8Walsh, James2
Holt, Richard4Millon Thomas3
Thompson, Thomas6Farrell, Patrick7
Lynch, Patrick1Barry, William4
Walsh, John4Parl, Nicholas4
Darmody, John8Deehan, Hugh5
Anderson, John10McCullen, John7
Lawlor, Michael4McKenna, James10
Maher, John4Kennedy, Denis6
Shannon, Michael (wife Alice Tracy)10Kelly, James5
Fitzsimmons, James4Howlett, Bridget Donovan9
Smith, Henry10Aylward, John5
Gorly, John7Gurry, Edward8
Gagnon, Mathurin4Kiley, Michael (wife M. Roach)4
Murphy, John548 Families275
Jobin, Jean4LAKE ST. JOSEPH 
Black, Charles6Head of HouseholdNo. in family
Boufar, Joseph5Connell, James9
Walsh, John9O'Driscoll, John7
Brennan, Thomas5Gamble, William5
Leary, James5Henry, Mary6
Breen, Philip3McCabe, Alexander7
Levesque, Marcel9Conway, Edmund (wife Johanna Mackey)7
Perault, Francois1Bowles, John10
White, James7Houston, William3
Swan, Thomas4Delaney, Andrew7
Thompson, David7Shanahan, Cornelius5
Bennett, George4Teaffy, Hugh1
41 Families230Blanche, Patrick4
SIXTH RANGE Shields, Edward3
Head of HouseholdNo. in familyDunn, Murthy ?5
Maher, James6Supple, Robert4
Fuller, George5Teaffy, John4
Simmons, William4Fitzgerald, Michael (wife Mary Donovan)3
Maher, David7Moylan, Martin4
Purtell, Michael6Teaffy, Timothy3
Smith, John10Fitzgerald, John2
Hackett, Patrick4Phelan, Robert5
Chapman, James10Hamilton, John5
Daley, Edward6Lannin, Thomas5
Shaughnessy, Michael323 Families114
Haishland ?, Patrick5 
Griffin, Thomas9
McDonghie ?, Patrick5
McGlone, James11
Hicks, Mary2
Kane, Peter7
McClusky, William5
Griffin, Gregory8
Goran ?, William8
Grogan, Michael3
Molloy, Morgan3 67 French Families344
Landers, John6193 Irish Families1033
Landers, William6 
23 Families139260 Families1377

Last Updated on 02/06/03
By Janice Copeman
The Irish in Quebec


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