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American Genealogy CDs & Resources

Visit Ancestry Store 246x130 The Ancestry Store American Genealogy CDs & Resources includes Census, Immigration, Military, Vital Stats and Miscellaneous Genealogy Record CDs


- Colonial America, 1607-1789 Census Index
- DE, DC, MD, PA, OH, VA, and WV, 1900 Census Index
- Indiana,1860 Census Records
- New York City, 1870 Census Index
- Ohio, 1880 Census Index
- Western Pennsylvania, 1870 Census Index
- U.S. Selected Counties, 1850 Census Index
- U.S. Selected States/Counties, 1870 Census Index


Military Records: Revolutionary War Muster Rolls
- Military Records: WAR OF 1812 MUSTER ROLLS
- Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865
- Biography & Genealogy Master Index
- 217 Family History Books
- Mid-Atlantic Family Histories, 1340-1940
- New England Family Histories #1, 1600s-1800s
- Everton's Bundle 4 CDs
- I United Ancestries, 1500-1990
- The Complete Mayflower Descendant and Other Sources, 1600s-1800s
- New York, 1675-1920 Genealogical Records
- The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, Volumes 1-39
- Ohio, 1790-1970 County and Family Histories
- Pennsylvania, 1740-1900 County and Family Histories


- Passenger and Immigration Lists: Germans to America, 1850-1874
- Dutch in America, 1800s Immigration Records
- Irish to America Passenger and Immigration Lists Vol. 2, 1846-1886
- New York Passenger Lists: 1820-1891
- Passenger and Immigration List Index (2005), 1500s - 1900s
- Passenger and Immigration Lists: Germans to America ,1875-1888
- Wuerttemberg Emigration Index CD - 7 Vols.
- The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633
- The Complete Mayflower Descendant, Vols. 1-46 & Other Sources
- Passenger and Immigration Lists: Irish to America, 1846-1865 Slave Narratives
- Virginia Land, Marriage, and Probate Records, 1700s-1900s
- Dutch in America, 1800s Immigration Records
- Pennsylvania (Bucks and Lancaster Counties), 1682-1825 Land Records
- Virginia, 1700s-1900s Land, Marriage, and Probate Records

Vital Stats

- Alabama Vital Records: Deaths 1908-1959
- Alabama Vital Records: Marriages 1808-1920
- Kentucky Vital Records: Marriages 1780-1920
- Massachusetts Vital Records 1690-1890
- Massachusetts, 1600s-1800s Vital Records
- North Carolina Vital Records: Marriages 1744 - 1900
- Virginia Vital Records : Marriages 1670-1929
- Virginia Vital Records: Births 1656-1896
- Virginia Vital Records: Deaths 1660-1896
- Maryland and Delaware, 1600s-1800s Church Records
- Pennsylvania (Adams, Berks, and Lancaster Counties), 1729-1881 Church Records
- Selected Areas of Pennsylvania, 1600s-1800s Church Records
- U.S Social Security Death Index Birth Years circa 1875-2003
- Indiana Deaths, 1882-1920 Vital Records
- Massachusetts, 1600s-1800s Vital Records
- Pennsylvania, 1682-1834 Wills
- Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina, 1641-1944 Marriage Index
- Arkansas, 1850-1900 Marriage Index
- Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, and Texas, 1766-1981 Marriage Index
- Arizona, California, Idaho, and Nevada, 1850-1951 Marriage Index
- Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington, 1727-1900 Marriage Index
- Connecticut, 1635-1860 Marriage Index

Vital Stats

- District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia, 1740-1920 Marriage Index
- Georgia, 1851-1900 Marriage Index
- Illinois, 1851-1900 Marriage Index
- Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee, 1720-1926 Marriage Index
- Indiana, 1851-1900 Marriage Index
- Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia, 1728-1850 Marriage Index
- Maryland, 1655-1850 Marriage Index
- Massachusetts, 1633-1850 Marriage Index
- Missouri, 1851-1900 Marriage Index
- New York #2, 1740s-1880s Marriage Index
- New York City, 1600s-1800s Marriage Index
- North Carolina, 1851-1900 Marriage Index
- Ohio, 1851-1900 Marriage Index
- Selected Counties of Ohio, 1789-1850 Marriage Index
- Selected States, 1728-1850 Marriage Index
- Tennessee, 1851-1900 Marriage Index
- Texas, 1851-1900 Marriage Index
- West Virginia, 1863-1900 Marriage Index
- U.S./International Marriage Records, 1560-1900

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