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Elisha Wilcox - Loyalist

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Elisha Wilcox - A Loyalist in Butler's Rangers

researched by Lorine McGinnis Schulze

In 1996 I researched an elusive Loyalist named Elisha (Elijah) Wilcox Sr. Please note that they are not my ancestors! Cleaning out my genealogy files recently I stumbled on my Willcox genealogy notes and research. In hopes that a descendant might find this helpful, here are point form notes on the genealogical information I found on Elisha (Elijah) Wilcox and his family. I used to have photocopies of the original documents but they are long gone. All land petitions and other documents were found by me in the Ontario Archives so they are readily available to descendants

Family Group

Elisha Wilcox born ? killed July 1795 married unknown who was still alive in 1797
Known Children
  1. Hezekiah Wilcox born ca 1769? died 1851 married Sarah Brown daughter of Gasper Brown, Loyalist
  2. Elisha Wilcox Jr born ca 1768 New England
  3. James Wilcox born pre 1769? in New York?
  4. Asa (Asy) Wilcox born ca 1776 New England died 1846 married Mary (Kemp?)
  5. Maurice (Morris) Wilcox?
  6. Sarah Wilcox born ? killed July 1795 married Eliphalet Emmons born ? killed July 1795
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Elisha (Elijah) Wilcox Sr

  • 30 Nov. 1783. "Census" taken at Niagara [in Ontario] indicating he was a disbanded soldier of Butler's Rangers and was settled at Niagara with his fellow soldiers. He is in the List of Private Men 19 to 56 in Return of the Persons under the description of Loyalists in Captain William Caldwell's Company of the Corps of [Butler's] Rangers.
  • 11 Sept 1790: Elisha was granted 200 acres in Essex County Hesse District. Upper Canada Land Petitions
  • 23 April 1791: granted 200 acres
  • July 1795: Letter states that Elisha was killed by Indians. "Elisha Wilcox (See OIC vol 1) p. 80 re murder by Indians of his father Elisha with his sister Sarah Emmons, her husband Eliphiliet [sic] and a male child in 1795" Ref. RG1-A-VII Vol 10 [found in Card Catalogue Crown Land Papers RG1]
  • 30 Jan. 1807: statement by William Caldwell of Township of [illegible] in the Western District. Says Elisha Willcox of Colchester, father of Asa Willcox, is deceased and that Elisha joined Butler's Rangers in 1778 where he remained until the unit was disbanded in 1784.

Hezekiah Wilcox

  • 29 April 1789: granted 200 acres north side of River La Tranche (Thames River)
  • 31 July 1797: asks as his right as UEL (Loyalist) for Lot 18, south side River Thames, first Township on which he has already built and improved his lands. He has a wife and 5 children and prays for a further grant for his family. He was granted 50 acres of fmaily land. There is a certificate of 200 acres of land granted but no note as to location
  • 15 jan. 1800: agreement with Matthew Dolsen and Thomas McCrae that they are liable for 100 pounds re the goods of the late Nicholas Ducette
  • 20 Dec. 1806: states that he is the son of Elisha Willcox, a Loyalist and has received a patent for 200 acres of land, Lot 18, Concession 1 of Releigh Township and that on July 31, 1797 he received an Order in Council (OIC) for 200 acres but was never given a location. he futher states the endorsement was only for 50 acres although he stated in his land petition that he had a wife and 5 children. He therefore asks to locate on the remaining lands due him
  • 22 Dec. 1806: petition with note that "this is all the family lands [50 acres] to which he is entitled"
  • 20 Feb. 1809: Residence of Raleigh tp but requests a lease for lot 21 on Broken Front on Lake St. Clair, Tilbury Township. (Received 1 March 1809)
  • 24 feb. 1809: to receive the lands of the late Gasper Brown on the UE list. His petition states that he is married to Sarah Brown, daughter of the Loyalist Gasper Brown of Township of Blenheim, deceased. requests land in Gasper Brown's name
  • 11 Nov. 1830: Raleigh Township, Western District, upper Canada. States he has been located for 30 years on 200 acre lot being Lot 15, Township of Warwick in 3rd Range by Eastern Boundary District. Requests the patent deed for this land
  • 15 March 1840: petition fo deed Lot 15, 3rd Range, township of Harwich
  • 11 July 1850: Last will and testament of Hezekiah Wilcox of Raleigh Tp Kent Co. Names his children: son Isaac Willcox, grandson Hezekiah Willcox son of Hezekiah Willcox; ; grandson Charles Willcox son of Hezekiah Willcox; daughters, not named; granddaughter Sarah, daughter of Hezekiah; grandaughter Catherine daughter of Hezekiah (son Hezekiah and Alexander Dolsey appointed executors). This will is 3 full pages 8x17. In the inventory interesting items such as "3 looking glasses" are mentioned.
  • 20 March 1851. Petition of Hezekiah Willcox of Raleigh Township states his father Hezekiah WIllcox died 2 Nov. 1850 at Chatham Kent County. Letters re Hezekiah's will list estate furnishings

Elisha Wilcox Jr

  • 1788 came to Upper Canada (Ontario)
  • 19 June 1797. Letter from Elisha Willcocks [sic] regarding the estate of his later father Elisha. Petiton signed by Elisah Jr, Robert Dowler and Philip Wright [Surrogate Court Records, Essex County under WIlls 1785-1805]
  • 25 Sept 1797: Elisha Willcocks [sic] states that his father Elisah Willcocks died July 1795. Peition to adminster the estate of his deceased father. Elisha states that his mother is not resident within the province [Ontario] and requests that she be summoned to appear before the court to show why his father's estate should not be granted to him
  • 20 Jan 1806: sates he was born in New England, son of Elisha Wilcox a Loyalist, and that he is 38 years of age, has a family and has taken the Oath of Allegiance. Asks for 200 acres Lot 11 in 3rd concession of Colchester which he says he has lived on and improved. Says he has lived 18 years in Upper Canada
  • 25 Feb 1808. Elisha Wilcox granted 200 acres of land at a cost of 6 pounds, 19 shillings, 4 pence for the patent fee

James Wilcox

  • 1786 came to Canada
  • 10 Sept 1790. Lot 65, New Settlement. Petition states he was "very young" when his father Elijah [sic] Wilcox left his home and joined the Royalists. After the peace, James came to join his father in 1786 and now wants his own land. He requests 200 acres of land north side of Lake Erie, First Concession bounded on the east by Lot 64 and on the west by Lot 66
  • 29 April 1791: granted 200 acres #12 north side River La Tranche, 1st Township
  • 20 May 1793, Detroit: States he came from the Colonies to Detroit in 1787 as a Loyalist. Asks for fifth lot west of No 1 First Township south side River a La Trenche [Thames] in Essex County

Asa (Asy) Wilcox

  • 1786: born New England
  • 1787: came to Upper Canada
  • 1795: Fought in the Miamis
  • 10 Jan 1806: Asy Wilcox of Colchester Tp, Essex Co. states he was born in New England, son of Elisha Wilcox, UEL, and is 30 years old. He has a fmaily. he asks to occupy Lot 19 [?] in 2nd Concession Colchester Township
  • 18 June 1807: residing Colchester, states he is the son of the Loyalist Elisah Wilcox but has no lands yet. Asks for 200 acres
  • 25 June 1807: states he is son of Elisah Wilcox who was a UEL and formerly of Butler's Rangers. Says he has lived in Canada for 20 years, has taken the oath of allegiance and been in the Militia. Further states he did actual service "at the Miamis" in 1795
  • 30 Jan 1807. Statement by William Caldwell that Asa is the son of deceased Elisha Wilcox of Butler's Rangers
  • 4 April 1846. Last will and tstament. Mentions wife Mary; nephew Asa Wilcox son of his brother Elisha; nephew Asa Wilcox son of his brother Hezekiah' nephew John Brush and wife Mary appointed executors. inventory of his estate taken June 15, 1846.
  • 1851 census for Malden, Essex County, Canada West (Ontario) has widow Mary. See Notes
  • Asa Wilcox is listed as having married Mary Kemp daughter of David Kemp who died in 1842, having gone to Fort Malden now Amherstburgh, Essex County circa 1812. David Kemp was married to Rebecca Rensellaer. [Ontarian Families: Genealogies of United Empire Loyalists and other Pioneer Families of Upper Canada" by Edward Marion Chadwick. 1983. p. 142, Vol. 2]

Gasper Brown, Loyalist

  • 24 Feb. 1809. Statement by M. Elliott says "the late Gasper Brown of Blenheim" was taken prisoner by Captain Bird of 8th Regiment during the American Revolution in 1780 and resided from 1780 til his death on the River Thames in Upper Canada
  • 20 Feb. 1809. Statement by Robert Nelles says he knew "Gasper Brown in North Carolina previous to the American War" and that Gasper was a Loyalist, taken prisoner in 1780 by Captain Bird and Indians, and brought to Detroit
  • 20 feb. 1809. Petition by Hezekiah Wilcox states Gasper, his father in law, took refuge within Gregory's Fort during the American Revolution where he was taken prisoner by Captain Bird of the 8th Regiment, and carried to Detroit. Gasper remained in Detroit til his death

Lorine's Notes

Ref. RG1-A-VII Vol 10 is a series of miscellaneous papers found under Orders & Regulations 1785-1855. They are kept in 3 scrapbooks, Vols 103 which are not on microfilm
1851 Census of Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia has Asa Wilcox, Age: 51, Birthplace: Upper Canada with his wife Mary age 54 and daughers Janie 20, Sarah 18 & Corlene 16 all born Upper Canada [Source: 1851 Census of Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. Province: Canada West (Ontario) DISTRICT: Essex County District Number: 8 Sub-District: Colchester Sub-District Number: 55 Page: 15 Line: 1 Roll: C_11720 Schedule: A ]
1851 Census of Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia has widow Mary Wilcox born Pennsylvania, age 52, resident of Colchester Township, visiting in the home of William (age 50) & Sarah (age 46) Mickle, and William's sister Hannah Mickle. [Source: 1851 Census of Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. Province: Canada West (Ontario) DISTRICT: Essex County District Number: 8 Sub-District: Malden Sub-District Number: 58 Page: 9 Line: 36 Roll: C_11720 Schedule: A

Lorine's Research in Upper Canada Land Records

Since I found and noted all of these records (but did not look all of them up) perhaps it will help a descendant searching for their ancestor

Upper Canada Land Patent (UCLP) Indexes C-10835 Waddle, James-Willson, Stephen
  • Wilcox, Asa, Sandwich, 1819 UCLP W 14/5 Vo. 539a.
  • Wilcox, Asa, Sandwich, Land Book M 1824-26 p 27
  • Wilcox, Asa, Malden, 1831. Canada Company. RG1, L3 Vol 348 p 37C
  • Wilcox et al, Camden Tp 1833. UCLP I 1811
  • Wilcox, Asa, UCLB (Upper Canada Land Book) Index 1843-1844
  • Willcox, Asa/Asy Land Book G p 323,418
  • Willcox, Asa Land Book G p 422
  • Willcox, Asa, Colchester 1807 UCLP W8/65 Vol 525
  • Wilcox, Elijah. Detroit, 1787. UCLP W misc/89 1787-? Vo. 547
  • Wilcox, Elijah & others 1857 Tosorontio. UCLP W ?/44 Vo. 544
  • Wilcox, Elijah 1806 Colchester UCLP W7/40 Vol 524 & W 7/42 Vol. 524
  • Willcocks, Elisha Sr. land Book G 1805-1808 p 419
  • Willcox, Elisha Land Book J? p 250 1818-1819
  • Willcox, Elisha, Colchester 1817 UCLP W11/48 vo. 527
  • Willcox, Elisha, 1804-1806 UC Land Book F p 394, 401, 405
  • Wilcox, Hezekiah, UCLP "U" Index July 4, 1839 - Feb 8 1841 (650)
  • Wilcox, Hezekiah, harwich. 1830. UCLP W 22/109, Vol. 537a
  • Willcox, Hezekiah 1792 La Tranche UCLP L Misc/57 & UCLP W Misc/91 Vol. 547
  • Willcox, Hezekiah River Thames 1793 UCLP W3/15 vol 523
  • Willcox, Hezekiah Land Book G p 201
  • Willcox, Hezekiah. Raleigh, UCLP W8/36. vol 525
  • Willcox, Hezekiah Land Book H p 185
  • Willcox, Hezekiah Raleigh, UCLP W9/20 Vol 525a
  • Willcocks, Hezekiah UC Land Book C 1797-18081 p 148
  • Willcocks, Hezekiah, Tilbury West 1809 UCLP W Leases/45 Vol. 544a
  • Wilcox, Maurice. River la Tranche, 1791. UCLP W Misc/93 1787-1794 Vo. 547
  • Willcox, James. River La Tranche. 1791 UCLP W Misc/93 vol 547
  • Willcox, James. River La Tranche Land Book K?R? p 335 1819-1820
  • Willcox, James. Raleigh. UCLP 1824 W 18/114 Vol. 53[?]a
  • Willcox, James. UC Land Book Q 1833-1835 p 399
  • Willcox, Sarah. Land Book I 1811-1816 p 7
  • Willcox, Sarah. Land Book 1 1811-1814 p 59?89?


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