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War of 1812

Choose from the following U.S.A. Military Genealogy
King Philip's War 1675
King William's War 1689
Queen Anne's War 1702
Father Rasle's War 1724-1726
French-Indian Wars 1754-1763
American Revolution 1777-1783
War of 1812
Seminole Wars 1817-18
Black Hawk War 1831-1832
Seminole Wars 1835-42
U.S.-Mexican War 1846-48
Seminole Wars 1855-58
Civil War 1861-1865
Fenian Raids 1857
Spanish American War 1898
Boxer Rebellion 1900-1901
WW 1 1917-1918
WW 2

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Choose from the following Canadian Military Genealogy
French-Indian Wars 1754-1763
American Revolution 1777-1783
War of 1812
Rebellion of 1837
Fenian Raids 1857
Red River Rebellion 1870-1877
Nile Expedition 1884-1885
NorthWest Rebellion 1884-1885
South African (Boer) War 1899-1902
WW 1 1914-1918

War of 1812

War of 1812 Historical Overview
° Overview by Lorine McGinnis Schulze
War of 1812 Battles
° The Five Fronts
° The Guerriere
° Men killed and wounded at Oswego 1814
War of 1812 Biographies
° Laura Secord Canadian Hero
° Tecumseh Canadian Hero
° Sir Isaac Brock Canadian Hero
Olive Tree War of 1812 Canadian Muster Rolls
° Muster Roll of Capt. Abram Nelles’ Flank Company, from 24th July to the 24th of August 1812
° Muster roll of a Detachment of the 4th Regiment Lincoln Militia under the command of Lieut-Colonel Robert Nelles, commencing 11th of October and ending 1st of November, 1814
° Muster Roll of Capt. Wm.. Nelles’ Company, 4th Regt.Lincoln Militia from the 29th of April to 24th May 1813
° Muster Roll of Captain Jonathan Moore, 4th. Lincoln, from 25th July to 24th of August 1812
° War Of 1812 Muster Rolls
° War of 1812 Records Upper Canadian Volunteers - Corps Of Canadian Volunteers 18 July 1813 - 31 August 1813
° War of 1812 Records Upper Canadian Volunteers- List of names of men who Joined the enemy
° War of 1812 Records Upper Canadian Volunteers- Schedule of Names Who Have Volunteered Under Major Willcocks 18 July 1813
° War of 1812 Records Upper Canadian Volunteers -list of men commanded by lt. Col. J. Willcocks For october 1813-june 1814
° War of 1812 Records Upper Canadian Volunteers - Roll of men belonging to the corps of Canadian volunteersIn the service of the united states Under the command of col. Jos. Willcocks These men were ordered to service in different detachments. List taken At Batavia As Of June 1815
° 1818 Muster Roll, Militia Unit of Hastings County Ontario
° List of Some Men in the Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles 1812-1814
°  Property Losses, Newark 10 December 1813
°  Non-Combatant Prisoners Of War From Newark 1812
°  List of Widows Receiving Pensions War of 1812 ~ this list includes wife's name, soldier's name, unit, rank, date of death and cause of death - Large File!
° Men killed and wounded at Oswego 1814
Offsite War of 1812 American Databases
° War of 1812 Military Bounty Land Warrants from the 14 rolls of the NARA M848 series microfilm
° War of 1812 Soldiers
° South Carolina Soldiers partial database online
° Database of Illinois War of 1812 Veterans
° Library of Virginia searchable database of War of 1812 Muster and Pay Lists
° Bounty Land Grants in Illinois Names of each of the soldiers to whom patents were issued for land lying in the military bounty land district in the State of Illinois, for services in the late war; the description of the tract of land granted to each, with the date of the patent; the company and regiment in which they severally served, and by whom each patent was received
° Soldiers from Manlius, Onondaga Co. NY
Read the War of 1812 books
° The Patriots and the People : The Rebellion of the 1837 in Rural Lower Canada (The Social History of Canada, No 49) by Allan Greer
War of 1812
Type of Record Location of Record Ordering Information Comments
British Military and Naval Records Collection Library & Archives Canada RG 8, "C" Series References located in the index provide a brief description of the document, date, "C" series volume number and a page number. To consult the actual document, locate the volume number on the separate list of microfilm reel numbers. The nominal/subject card index and the series itself are available through the inter-institutional loan arrangement. Includes references to the British army in Canada and the Canadian Militia
Board of Claims for War of 1812 Losses Library & Archives Canada microfilm and Ontario Archives Diffusion Microfilm See Inventory D1 in the Archives of Ontario Main Reading Room
Reference: Dept. of Finance. 1813-1848. Series. RG19-E-5-a<->RG19M 79003/16<->RG19M 76703/7, R200-112-9-E.
Series consists of records related to the work of the commission and boards of claims for War of 1812 Losses. These records include proceedings, letterbooks, vouchers for supplementary payments. The type of claims investigated included claims for damage done by his Majesty's troops, damage done by Indians, damage done by the enemy, and damage sustained in transporting troops, goods, etc. These records have become a part of the Department of Finance fonds
War of 1812 medal registers collection Library & Archives Canada Archival reference no. R6886-0-2-E
Former archival reference no. MG24-G8. The texts of these lists are similar but not identical to the medal registers for the War of 1812 found in RG 8, vol. 1202 (available on microfilm, reel C-3519).
Collection consists of transcripts of a "List of Veterans of 1812-1815 of Upper Canada to whom Medals have been granted and of those whose medals remain in the Adjutant General's Office" and an "Alphabetical list of persons who have applied to the Board of Officers assembled under General Order 25th August 1847 to receive and consider claims for Medals, Militia of Lower Canada", and a list entitled "Persons belonging to the Militia of Lower Canada who received the Chateauguay Medal... under General Order 25th August 1847", and a list entitled "Distribution of the Medals which were on the 13th December 1875 in the Adjutant General's Office".
War of 1812 Records Upper Canadian Volunteers. 1813-1815. Fonds. Library & Archives Canada United States. Secretary of War (Adjutant General's Office), NARA MG10-A9
microfilm reel M-7480 available for consultation on-site only at LAC
°  List of names of men who Joined the enemy
°  Schedule of Names Who Have Volunteered Under Major Willcocks 18 July 1813
°  list of men commanded by lt. Col. J. Willcocks For october 1813-june 1814
°  Roll of men belonging to the corps of Canadian volunteers In the service of the United States Under the command of col. Jos. Willcocks List taken At Batavia As Of June 1815
Fonds consists of microfilmed correspondence, paylists, muster rolls and warrants for the Upper Canadian Volunteers in the American militia, 1813-1815. The Upper Canadian Volunteers (U.C.V.) were a small military unit organized at Fort George, Upper Canada, in July 1813 by Joseph Willcocks to fight with American forces during the War of 1812. The U.C.V. participated in the occupation of the Niagara peninsula July to Dec. 1813, and withdrew to the U.S. after burning Newark (Niagara-on-the-Lake) in December 1813. The unit fought in all the major battles of 1814, including the siege of Fort Erie where Willcocks was killed. After the war, its members received free land grants from the American Congress.
Records of Widows admitted as Militia Pensioners Library & Archives Canada & some are online This record can be found in the "C" series of the Library & Archives Canada . It is assumed this list was drawn up in 1818 or shortly thereafter (note the references to the date 1818 in some of the 'remarks' column, and the remarriages of the widows) These records give the name of the husband with his rank and date of death. Under "remarks" there are occasion statements regarding the subsequent remarriage of the soldier's widow.

Visit Other War of 1812 Sites

War of 1812 History
° Key Events & Causes of the War of 1812
° Other War of 1812 Events
° War of 1812
° History of War of 1812 ~ by the Ontario Government
° War of 1812
° The War of 1812 - Reliving History
War of 1812 Battles & Forts
° Various Battles of War of 1812 The Battle of Tippecanoe 1811; President vs. Belvidera; The Battles for Michilimackinac Island & Fort Dearborn; Raid on Gananoque; The Battle of Brownstown; The Battle of Maguaga; The Battle of Detroit; Constitution vs. Guerriere; The Battle of Queenston Heights; U.S.S. United States captures H.M.S. Macedonian; The Battle of Lacolle Mills; The Caledonia and the Detroit; Wasp vs Frolic; Search and Destroy Mission against the Tribes; The Battle of Frenchman's Creek; The Battle of Raison River or Frenchtown; The Battle of Ogdensburg; The Seige of Fort Meigs; The Battle of Fort York; The Battle of Fort Stephenson; The Capture of Fort George; Skirmish at Butler's Farm; Chesapeake vs. Shannon; The Battle of Stoney Creek; Battle of Forty Mile Creek; The Battle of Craney Island; The Battle of Beaverdams; Argus vs. Pelican; The "Hamilton" and the "Scourge"; The Capture of the "Julia" and the "Growler"; Enterprise vs. Boxer; The Battle of Lake Erie; The Battle of the Thames; The Battle of Sackets Harbour; The Burlington Races; The Battle of Chateauguay; Action at French Creek; The Battle of Crysler's Farm; The Burning of Newark; The Capture of Fort Niagara; The Burning of Buffalo; The Battle of Lacolle Mills; The Raid on Fort Oswego; The Battle of Sandy Creek; The Raids into Western Upper Canada; The Battle of Longwoods; The Capture of Fort Erie ... July 1814; The Battle of Chippawa; The Burning of St. David's; The Battle of Prairie du Chien; The Battle of Lundy's Lane; The Battle of Fort Mackinac; The Battle on the Nottawasaga; Capture of the Somers and Ohio; The Battle of Bladensburg; The Battle of Washington D.C.; The Battle of Baltimore - Fort McHenry; The Battle of Lake Champlain - Plattsburgh; The Seige at Fort Erie; The Capitulation of Maine; The Battle of Cook's Mills; The Battle of New Orleans; The Surrender of Fort Boyer; Capture of the U.S.S. President; The Green Tiger & the Bloody Boys; 104th Regiment
° The Road to Washington, British Army Style
War of 1812 Biographies
° Sir Isaac Brock's Coatee
° Tecumseh and his role in the War of 1812
War of 1812 Documents & Proclamations
° Prize Court: Standing Interrogatories Prince de Neufchatel, American privateer in War of 1812
° Declaration of the War of 1812
War of 1812 Miscellaneous
° African American Freedom Fighters Soldiers for Liberty
° Military ReEnactment Society of Canada
Letters Home

º Letter from a soldier from the War of 1812
º War of 1812 - Thomas Warner Letters
Past Voices: Letters Home


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