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Death Finds a Way: A Janie Riley Mystery
by Lorine McGinnis Schulze

Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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Military Genealogy & History

Choose from the following U.S.A. Military Genealogy
King Philip's War 1675
King William's War 1689
Queen Anne's War 1702
Father Rasle's War 1724-1726
French-Indian Wars 1754-1763
American Revolution 1777-1783
War of 1812
Seminole Wars 1817-18
Black Hawk War 1831-1832
Seminole Wars 1835-42
U.S.-Mexican War 1846-48
Seminole Wars 1855-58
Civil War 1861-1865
Fenian Raids 1857
Spanish American War 1898
Boxer Rebellion 1900-1901
WW 1 1917-1918
WW 2

Dictionary & Definitions American Military Mailing Lists American Military Links Olive Tree Library American Military Resources & Books Find your Military Ancestor

American Revolutionary War 1777-1783

Search for Military Ancestors in USA Military Records for Civil War Pension Files

American Revolutionary War Transcriptions on Olive Tree Genealogy

15th Regiment of Foot
28th Regiment of Foot
44th Regiment of Foot
47th Regiment of Foot
48th Regiment of Foot
Bucks County Volunteers
1st (Royal Scots), 2nd battalion
77th Mongomeries Highlanders
Muster Roll NJ Volunteers Lt. Allen's Co. 6th Battalion
Muster Roll NJ Volunteers Cpt. Shaw's Co.
Muster Roll NJ Volunteers Cpt Hopkins Co.
Muster Roll NJ Volunteers Cpt Shaw's Co.
Muster Roll NJ Volunteers 5th Battalion Cpt. Crowell's Co.Muster Roll NJ Volunteers 1st Battalion Cpt. Millidge's Co.
Muster Roll NJ Volunteers Col. Barton's Co. 1st Battalion
Muster Roll NJ Volunteers Cpt. Cougle's Co. 1st Battalion
Loyal American Regiment
Kings Carolina Rangers
King's Royal Regiment of New York (aka Johnson's Greens)
Butler's Rangers
Sir John Johnston's Brigade
List of Men From the Turloch Militia who Joined KRRNY & Butler's Rangers
1778 List of Men From Pennsylvania who joined the British Army
Muster Roll of the Detached Corps under Charge of Lt. DeBeck , New York Volunteers. Capt. Althause's Company List of prisoners 1782 after the Battle of Yorktown Virginia

For the British point of view, and links to other Loyalist genealogy databases, don't miss Loyalist Genealogy & Research

American Revolutionary War on Other Sites

What's Available in Revolutionary War Records includes
  • Illinois Society of the S.A.R. Yearbook, 1896 -With over 5,000 records, this database of American Revolution service men and their lines of descent is of interest to anyone whose Illinois ancestors served in the American Revolution.
  • Loyalists in the American Revolution
  • Sons of the American Revolution
  • Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution, 17 Vols.
  • Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage Books (152 Vols.)
  • Virginia Navy in the Revolution
  • New York Military in the Revolution
  • Tennessee Soldiers in the Revolution
  • North Carolina Revolutionary War Soldiers
  • Virginia Militia in the Revolutionary War
  • Revolutionary War Officers
  • Revolutionary War Courts-Martial
  • Pennsylvania Women in the Revolutionary War
  • Revolutionary War Pension Index
  • Illinois Revolutionary War Veteran Burials
  • Maine Revolutionary War Bounty Applications, 1835-36
  • American Revolutionary War Rejected Pensions
  • Revolutionary War Service Records, 1775-83
  • Maryland Revolutionary War Records
  • Alabama Revolutionary War Soldiers
  • Connecticut Revolutionary War Military Lists, 1775-83
  • Virginia Revolutionary War Records

Military Records: Revolutionary War Muster Rolls CD
Virgina Revolutionary War Bounty Land Warrants

Read the American Revolutionary War books!

 Muster and Pay Rolls of the War of the Revolution, 1775-1783 by N, A
 Parole : Quebec; Countersign: Ticonderoga Second New Jersey Regimental Orderly Book, 1776 by Doyen Salsig
 Benedict Arnold : Traitor to the Cause by Norma Jean Lutz, Arthur M., Jr Schlesinger (Editor)
 Benedict Arnold and the American Revolution (Nature Close-Up) by David C. King
 What Was the American Revolution? Essay #4 in American History brought to you by CROSSROADS: A K-16 American History Curriculum, Troy, NY: Council for Citizenship Education, Russell Sage College, 1995
 Military Journal, during the American Recolutionary War from 1776 to 1783 by James Thacher MD Late Surgeon in the American Army

Learn from the American Revolutionary War Experts

Revolutionary War Tips including
  • Finding Your Patriot: Basic Sources for Starting Revolutionary War Research
  • Lest We Forget: The Value of Military Service Records
  • Military Regimental Histories - Military service records provide illustrative clues to an ancestor's life.
  • The Center of Military History and the U.S. Army Military History Institute have Web sites full of information.
  • Researching the Military Heroes in Your Family History
  • Where do we begin in our search for information about ancestors' military service?
  • Revolutionary War Sources

Look for American Revolutionary War Photographs & Maps!

1776 Bowles' map of the seat of war 330 kb
1776 A plan of the attack of Fort Sulivan near Charles Town in South Carolina 176 kb
1776 A plan of the river and sound of D'awfoskee in South Carolina 277 kb
1776 The theatre of war in North America 282 kb
1780 new and accurate map of North Carolina and part of South Carolina, with the field of battle between Earl Cornwallis and General Gates. 218 kb
1783 The United States of North America with the British and Spanish territories according to the treaty. 278 kb
Buckman Tavern, Lexington MA 1775
Munroe Tavern Lexington MA 1775
Hancock Clarke House, Lexington MA 1775

Visit Other American Revolutionary War Sites

 Sons of the American Revolution (SAR)
 The David Library of the American Revolution in Washington PA
 Revolutionary War Soldiers & Descendants Try this site for ancestors

American Revolutionary War Battles

 Lieutenant-Colonel Smith, 10th Foot, on the Skirmish at Lexington (22 APRIL 1775)
 Ticonderoga May 10, 1775
 Bunker Hill
 Bunker Hill (JUNE 1775) report of Major-General Burgoyne
 Bunker Hill (JUNE 1775) report of Lieutenant Waller, Royal Marines
 Brooklyn March 1776
 Battle of Lexington - Annals of Mendon April 19, 1776
 Long Island August 27, 1776
 General Washington at Brandywine (SEPTEMBER 1777)
 General Burgoyne on Saratoga (20 OCTOBER 1777)
 British View of the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse (4 JULY 1778)
 Articles of Capitulation at Yorktown, 1781

American Revolutionary War Biographies

 Abigail Adams
 Ethan Allen
 Ethan Allen written by 8th Grade Student
 Hon. Major John Clack of Sevier Co. Tennessee
 Henry Clinton
 Henry Dearborn, NH
 Thomas Gage
 Nathaniel Greene
 Nathan Hale
 Nathan Hale written by Gr 8 Student
 John Hancock written by Gr 8 student
 Patrick Henry
 Patrick Henry written by Gr 8 student
 Monument to Gen. Henry Knox at Watertown, MA
 Francis Marion
 Francis Marion: The Swamp Fox
 Francis Marion written by Gr 8 student
 Thomas Paine
 Thomas Paine another bio
 Paul Revere
 George Washington
 George Washington another one
 Martha Washington
 Long Island Patriots and Their Stories
 North Carolina Revolutionary War Biographies

American Revolutionary War Regiments

 Green Mountain Boys
 Uniforms of the American Revolution don't miss this one!
 The Recruiting Service, 1776
 Hessian Army Life, 1776-1777
 Washington's Headquarters, 1780
 Records of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations in New England. Officers to command the several Trained Bands, or Companies of Militia in the Colony June 1775

American Revolutionary War Miscellaneous Facts

 Amount of Rations, Allowed to the Soldiers, by the Continental Congress
 Acceptance of the Declaration of Independence by Rhode Island General Assembly

American Revolutionary War Weaponry

18th Century Firearms

American Revolutionary War Online Books & Documents

 Battle of King's Mountain & Battle of the Cowpens, South Carolina 70th Congress, House Document 328
 U.S.Congressional Documents: Journals of the Continental Congress

Money of the American Revolution

 Colonial & Continental Currency * What's Available in American Revolutionary Records

* Revolutionary War Soldiers & Descendants
* Records and Histories of Soldiers who Lived or Fought in Tennessee
* Sag Harbor's Revolutionary War Patriots
* American Prisoners of the Revolution Names of 8000 Men Aboard the Old Jersey The British used the ships at Wallabout Bay, later the site of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, for naval prisoners on this side of the Atlantic. The prisoners included men captured on American privateers, merchant ships, French, Spanish, and Dutch vessels. After April 1780, the Jersey was the receiving ship where names were entered into records.


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