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Death Finds a Way: A Janie Riley Mystery
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Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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Date: Mon Jan 10 13:18:32 2000
Name: Glenn Edwards
E- mail: glenned@powersurfr.com
Address: Immigrant: Strycker , Jacob Gerritszen
Name of Ship:
Arrival Date: before 1699
Origin of Immigrant: holland
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: 1619 netherlands
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: 1687 new your
Immigrant's Spouse: Ytie Huybrechts
Source of Information: familysearch.org
Immigrant's Children: Gerrit Strycker

Date: Thu Jan 20 16:15:21 2000
Name: James Taylor
E- mail: JHTaylor@worldnet.att.net
Address: 726 El Rancho Road Santa Barbara, CA, 93108 Immigrant: Aucke Van Nuyse , Jansen
Name of Ship: ?
Arrival Date: 1651
Origin of Immigrant: Nuys or Nuis near Grolingen, Netherlands
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: 1630?
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: Midout, New York, around 1676.
Immigrant's Spouse: ?
Source of Information: D. Versteeg, Genealogist of the Holland Society of NY, February 1908, from records in the society's possession.
Immigrant's Children: Pieter Auckers, baptized Oct. 13, 1652 at Midout (later Flatbush, then Brooklyn)
Notes: Residence was Midout, later Flatbush, later Brooklyn New York. Have information on 7 succeeding generations available. Name presented as Auwke Janse in the Documentary History of NY, Vol 2, page 470.

Date: Sat Jan 22 23:29:48 2000
Name: Katie Pepper
E- mail: BoopItNow@aol.com
Address: Immigrant: DeLong , Charles ?
Name of Ship: ?
Arrival Date: mid 1600's possibly 1653
Origin of Immigrant: Alsace-Lorraine
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: 1630's Alsace- Lorraine
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: ?
Immigrant's Spouse:
Source of Information: Family Papers
Immigrant's Children:
Notes: The DeLong's were a Dutch extraction and they settled in Dutchess County, NY, neat Poughkeepsoe. They hand large landed estates, kept slaves, and had many dogs because they loved to hunt. One branch later ended up settling in Ontario and another in Central New York, at Utica.

Date: Sun Jan 23 14:13:00 2000
Name: Liz Wallis
E- mail: liz@walliscorp.com
Address: Immigrant: Rapalje , Joris Jansen
Name of Ship: Unity
Arrival Date: About 1625
Origin of Immigrant: Valenciennes, France
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: 1572, Leyden, Holland
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: 21 FEB 1663, Brooklyn NY
Immigrant's Spouse: Catalyntie Trico
Source of Information: Register of the Early Settlers of Kings Cty, NY, also family records
Immigrant's Children:

  • Sarah Jorise, b. 7 JUN 1625, Albany NY, m. (1)Hans Bergen, (2)Teunis Bogaert
  • Marritje Jorise, b. 11 MAR 1627, New Amsterday NY, m. Michael Vandervoort
  • Jannetje Jorise b. 18 AUG 1629, New Amsterdam NY m. Rem Vanderbeek
  • Judith Jorise b. 5 JUL 1624, New Amsterdam NY m. Pieter Van Neste
  • Jan Joris b. 28 AUG 1637, New Amsterdam NY m. Maria Fredricks
  • Jacob Joris b. 28 MAY 1639, New Amsterdam NY m.
  • Catalyntje Jorise b. 28 MAR 1641, New Amsterdam NY, m. Jeremias Westerhout
  • Jeronemus Joris b. 27 JUN 1643, New Amsterdam NY m. Anna Nyssen
  • Annetje Jorise b. 8 FEB 1646, New Amsterdam NY m. (1) Marten Ryerse, (2)Joost Fransz
  • Elisabeth Jorise b. 26 MAR 1648, New Amsterdam NY m. Dirck Hooglandt (Hoagland)
  • Daniel Joris b. 29 DEC 1650, New Amsterdam NY m. Sarah Klock

Notes: Joris is said to have been a clothworker in France, possibly later a sailor. He was one of the 'Twelve Men' - influential Dutchmen who were advisors to Governor Klieft. He was a deacon of the Dutch Reformed Church, owned land in what is now Brooklyn, and was the ancestor of all (so far as is known) of those who bear variants of the Rapalje name (Rappleye, Rappleyea, Rapalier, Rapalye, etc.)

Date: Fri Feb 4 09:53:55 2000
Name: Annette Guevara
E- mail: annette027@yahoo.com
Address: 200 South 10th St. Suite 204 McAllen, Texas 78504 Immigrant: Van Swearingen , Garrett
Name of Ship: Prince Maurice or Beaver
Arrival Date: 08 March 1657
Origin of Immigrant: Reenstwerdam Holland
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: 04 Feb. 1636 Reenstwerdam, Holland
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: 04 Feb. 1698, St Mary's City, Maryland
Immigrant's Spouse: Barbara De Barrette
Source of Information: Ancestry.com webpage
Immigrant's Children: Zacharias Van Swearingen Thomas Swearingen Mary Van Swearingen Elizabeth Van Swearingen Children by MAry Smith M. 05 Sept. 1676 Anne Van Swearingen m: William Bladen Joseph Van Swearingen Charles Van Swearingen Eleanor Van Swearingen Dorothy Van Swearingen Theresa Van Swearingen
Notes: Garrett Van Swearingen, son of Dutch noble family was appointed to the post of "super cargo" for the ship Prince Maurice, which was ready to sail for America from Texel, Holland on 25 December 1656. The ship was stranded near the coast of Long Island, NY on 8 March 1657. Shortly after the incident, Garret had to charter the ship Beaver at New Amsterdam (now New York) for the voyage to Fort Casimir and surrounding area. On 25 April 1657 Garret and the Dutch colonist took Fort Casimir and surrounding area from the Swedes.

Date: Sat Feb 12 18:12:14 2000
Name: Sandra Pepper
E- mail: dspepper@msn.com
Address: 329 Thornberry Dr. Carmel, In 460321270 Immigrant: VanVorst , Gerrit Janse Van Vorst
Name of Ship: ?
Arrival Date: by 1642
Origin of Immigrant: Emmens Utrecht near Amesford Netherlands
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: 1612 - Netherlands
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: 1642 - NY
Immigrant's Spouse: Geertroy Jacobs
Source of Information: New York State Bios; First Settlers of Schenecktady
Immigrant's Children: BR Jan Gerritse b 1640 BR Jacobus Geritse bp July 1642 NY Guardians were chosen for the sons when father was killed by Indians. Guardians were Hendrick Hendricksen and Olaff Stevenson.
Notes: New York Hist. Manuscripts Vol. II Sec. 51C Father's first mar. was to Aaltgen Adriasens Kesteren from Urecht. Later Geertury Jacobs Van Vorst md Roulouf Jansen. Geertury Jacobs from Emmenes, widow... Gerrit Van Vorst..she intends to marry Roulof Jansen from Norway, who promises to pay minor children, Jan Gerritsen and Jacob Geeritsen Van Vorst their estate. Attachment 51CApr. 16, 1643

Date: Mon Feb 14 12:44:01 2000
Name: Joanne Kline
E- mail: jkline18@juno.com
Address: Immigrant: Kline , Hieronymus
Name of Ship: ?
Arrival Date: before 1699
Origin of Immigrant:
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: abt 1644 in Germany
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: ?
Immigrant's Spouse: Maria
Source of Information: World Family Tree
Immigrant's Children: Herman Kline b. abt 1700
Notes: From research of descendants it appears that Hieronymus arrived and settled in New York in the 1600's.

Date: Tue Feb 15 20:10:55 2000
Name: Sharon Karow
E- mail: SLKarow@AOL.com
Address: 601 Eat 8th Street Merrill, Wisconsin 54452 Immigrant: VanRiper , Juriant Thomassen
Name of Ship: De Bonte Koe
Arrival Date: April 1663
Origin of Immigrant: Amsterdam
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: ca 1650 Ripen
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: 12 September 1695 New Jersey
Immigrant's Spouse: Reyckje Harmens
Source of Information: Leslie Hoffman
Immigrant's Children:

  • Thomas Juriaense B. June 10, 1668, ?New Jersey
  • Gerrit Juriaense B. September 27, 1670, Maryland
  • Aeltje Juriaense Van Riper B. December 21, 1672
  • Aelt Juriaense B. June 23, 1673
  • Christyntie Jurianese B. November 24, 1677, Maryland
  • Jan Juriaense Thomassen
  • Marritje Jurianense B. April 28, 1680 Maryland
  • Harmen Juriaense B. October 21, 1682
  • Aeltje Juriaense B. April 2, 1684 Bergen, New Jersey

Notes: Searching for any other VAN RIPER researchers. My line has an approxiamte 100 year gap that I have attempted to close for many years. The original VAN RIPER family traveled in 1663 and ? lived in New York prior to settling in New Jersey.

Date: Fri Feb 25 20:23:51 2000
Name: virginia Stigler
E- mail: ginniev7@yahoo.com
Address: Immigrant: Van der Bosch , Jon Wontersen
Name of Ship: Faith
Arrival Date: NY in 1659
Origin of Immigrant:
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: 1638
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: 1703
Immigrant's Spouse:
Source of Information:
Immigrant's Children: Wonter,Jon'son Born in Flatbush L. Is. in 1666 lived in Wallingford Con by 1692 and died there 1731
Notes: Jon Wontesen Van Der Bosch live in NY city and flatbush L. Is. married Arentje Arents. They had son Wonter born in Flatbush L. Is. 1666. lived in Wallingford Conn by 1692 and died there in 1731 He married twice. Wonter married Hannah(Joanna)Royce and had one son Joanna was born in 1670 and died in 1688. John Johnson,Sr 1685-1724 married 1710 in wallingford, Conn. to Mary Chatterton (1692-1774) She was born in New Haven Conn. They moved to Morris Co. NJ in 1722 and became founders of the NJ Johnsons. Their eldest son was our ancestor. John Johnson Jr. (1711-1776) m 1764 in Hanover NJ to Abigail Ball (1708-1793) and they had nine children. John was a wealthy land owner and a lieutenant in the British Colonials. Abigail was a 3rd cousin of George Washington and Descended fron Lawrence Ball of Nottinghamshire, Eng A coat of Arms was granted the Balls in 1613. I have more information to the present generations

Date: Tue Feb 29 16:10:41 2000
Name: Connie Meade Lannon
E- mail: lannons@aol.com
Address: Immigrant: Meet , Jan Pieterse
Name of Ship: ?
Arrival Date: before 1690
Origin of Immigrant: Amersfoort, Utrecht, Holland
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: 1660, Amersfoort, Utrecht, Holland
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: 1699, New Jersey
Immigrant's Spouse: Grietje Mandeville
Source of Information: Mead family history, Connie Meade Lannon, Ancestry.com
Immigrant's Children:

  • 1702 Giles
  • 1700 Maria
  • 1695 Christina
  • 1691 Johannes
  • 1689 Peter
  • 1693 Jacob
  • 1697 Elsie
  • 1696 Elsje
  • 1687-1720 Marritye married Pieter Demarest on 5- 14-1709

Notes: Pieter Jansen Meeck Meet and Stintje Jacobs are the parents who accompanied Jan Pieterse Meet to New York from Holland in the mid 1600's. The first residence is listed as Flatbush section of Brooklyn, later moving to Pequanic and Pompton Valley, NJ. Seeking information on Jan or father Pieter and mother Stintje Jacobs or wife Grietje Mandeville

Date: Thu Mar 2 21:38:47 2000

Date: Fri Mar 3 04:02:59 2000
Name: Joseph Blydenburgh
Address: Immigrant: BLIJDENBURGH , Augustyne
Name of Ship: ?
Arrival Date: 1650's?
Origin of Immigrant: Netherlands
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: 1630 ? Delft
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: ?
Immigrant's Spouse: Sylvestra
Source of Information: Early NY records
Immigrant's Children:

  • Joseph
  • Samuel
  • Benjamin
  • Mary

Notes: Stone Street, New Amsterdam

Date: Sat Mar 4 19:25:10 2000
Name: Gale Savage
E- mail: force10partners@worldnet.a tt.net
Address: Immigrant: Wagner , Michael
Name of Ship: ?
Arrival Date: 01 December 1699
Origin of Immigrant: Holland
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth:
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: Schenectady, New York
Immigrant's Spouse: Susanna Catherine Mann
Source of Information: Stte Index: Upstate NY, Master Index
Immigrant's Children: Johannes Wagenaar
Notes: Van Wagener VaN Waggoner

Date: Tue Mar 7 17:17:59 2000
Name: Thomas Ellis Truex
E- mail: ttruex@jaxn.com
Address: Immigrant: De Trieux , Philippe
Name of Ship: New Neatherland
Arrival Date: may 1624
Origin of Immigrant: Roubaix,France
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: abt.1588 Roubaix,France
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: bet- July,23,1649-sep.8,1653 New York
Immigrant's Spouse: 1.Susanna du Chesne
Source of Information: Most of info. from Jennifer Smith Thankyou!!
Immigrant's Children:

  • Jerome du Trieux,B.abt.Oct 20,1623
  • Sarah du Trieux,B.abt.1625
  • Susanna du Trieux,B.1626 New York,NY
  • Abraham du Trieux,B.1632 ?
  • Rachel du Trieux,B.1635 New Amsterdam,New Netherlands
  • Isaac du Trieux,B.Apr,24,1642 New Amsterdam,New Netherlands
  • Rebecca du Trieux B.1643
  • Jacob du Trieux B.Abt.Dec,2,1645in New Amsterdam,New Netherland;died Bet.Dec,27,1709-June 1710 in Newcastle,DE; Married Lysbeth Post Sept.26,1674 in New Orange,New York.

Notes: New York resident Philippe du Trieux 1624- ?bet,1649-1653. I,m a Direct Descendant of Philippe though youngest son 2.Jacob du Trieux B.1645. Jacob's 3rd child 3.Phillip Truex B.abt.1676 in Middletown,NJ Phillip,s 3rd child 4.LaRue Jacob Truax B.abt.1705 in Middletown,NJ LaRue's 4th child 5.Samuel B. Truax B.1743 in Woodbridge,NJ Samuel B.'s 8th and youngest 6.Samuel Truax B.oct.2,1784 in Bedford CO.PA Samuel's 1st child 7.Elias Truex B.june 30,1808 in Bedford Co.PA Elias 6th child 8.Stillwell Truex B.Dec.15,1840 in Monroe CO.OH Stillwell's only son 9.Walter Lee Truex B.Aug.17,1876 in Nodaway,MO Walter's 3rd and youngest 10.Charles Henry Truex B.june 20,1904 in St.Joseph,MO Charles's 2nd child 11.George Ellis Truex B.Feb.09,1934 in Pullman,WA George's only son Me 12.Thomas Ellis Truex B.Jan.24,1960 in Chicago,ILL Thomas's sons are 13.Justin Ellis Truex B.Feb.14,1988 in Birmingham,AL 13.Cody Ellis Truex B.June 29,1993 in Birmingham,AL

Date: Sat Mar 11 10:36:41 2000
Name: david a wanzer
E- mail: dwanz@altavista.com
Address: 3 pine st ipswich, ma. 01938 Immigrant: wanshaer , jan jansen
Name of Ship: ?
Arrival Date: before 1652
Origin of Immigrant: netherlands/friesland
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: ca1620....netherlands/friesland
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: ?
Immigrant's Spouse: baertie kip
Source of Information: history of wanzer family in america 1643-1900
Immigrant's Children: abraham. bap..3/14/1649 johnnes.bap. 4/27/1651 jacob...bap. 7/13/1653 hendrick..bap. 3/21/1655 anthony..bap. 7/4/1657 robert...bap.8/31/1659 johannes..bap9/30/1661 johannes..bap. 9/17/1662 jan.......bap. 12/5/1663 carel..bap.....7/4/1666 jaconnyntie...bap..7/13/1667 metie..bap...10/10/1668 hendrick.bap.3/21/1655
Notes: It would appear this ancestor #1 went under various aliases: Jan Jansen Van St. Aubin, Jan Jansen Van St. Cubis, Jan Jansen Van St.Obyn, Jan Van Sara, Jan Wanshaer Van St. Benen, Jan De Caper, and lastly, Jan Kipshaven.

Date: Wed Mar 15 11:48:16 2000
Address: Immigrant: VROMAN , HENDRICK
Name of Ship: DE EENDRACHT
Arrival Date: 30 JUNE 1664
Origin of Immigrant: HOLLAND
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: 01 JANUARY 1630 HOLLAND
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: 09 FEBRUARY 1690 SCHENECTADY
Immigrant's Spouse: THOUGHT TO BE DECEASED
Notes: Hendrick Meus Vrooman with his 5 oldest children sailed from Holland on April 17, 1664 for New Netherland. Hendrick is listed amonght the Dutch settlers of Albany in 1664. He traveled directly from Holland to Albany. On May 3, 1670, Hendrick rented a farm fro the six following years from Robert Sanders. It was described in the lease as "over against the long island called Steen Raby". It is believed this farm was eight or ten miles north of Albany on the east side of the Hudson River almost opposite the mouth of the Mohawk River.

Date: Wed Mar 15 17:07:00 2000
Name: Philip Barto
E- mail: phlyb@earthlink.net
Address: Immigrant: Barteau , John
Name of Ship: ?
Arrival Date: abt 1670
Origin of Immigrant: paris, France
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: Paris, France abt 1650
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: ? New York
Immigrant's Spouse:
Source of Information: David Barteau
Immigrant's Children:
Notes: He came to New York and settled in Long Island, NY abt 1670. He came with his father Francois

Date: Sun Mar 19 15:58:23 2000
Name: J. L. Johnson
E- mail: jjohns@doubled.com
Address: Immigrant: Jansen , Andries
Name of Ship:
Arrival Date: Before 1690
Origin of Immigrant: (possibly Holland)
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: approx 1670 or before
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: 1745, Readington, NJ
Immigrant's Spouse: Hanna Mynders (married 1/25/1690, Flatbush, NY)
Source of Information: Register of the Early Settlers of Kings County, Long Island New York
Immigrant's Children:

  • Korten Jansen, wife: Charity Lane (married about 1719)
    Notes: Andries Jansen married Hannah Mynders daughter of
  • Myndert Korten and Maria Pieters on Jan. 25 1690 at Flatbush, Long Island, NY. Mynert Korten bequeathed to his daughter Hanna a farm in Middletown, Monmouth County, NJ, as per his will dated 10/25/1704. Andries and Hanna removed to the farm in New Jersey. Myndert Korten lived in Flushing and New Utrecht, NY.
Would like to know who Andries Jansen's parents are?

Date: Mon Mar 20 10:18:20 2000
Name: Audrey Shields Hancock
E- mail: AudreyShieldsHancock@ worldnet.att.net
Address: 1130 Dogwood Drive Portage, MI 49024 Immigrant: BACKER , Jacobus
Name of Ship: ?
Arrival Date: ca 1650
Origin of Immigrant: Amsterdam, Holland
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: 1630 ?Holland
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: 1665-1670
Immigrant's Spouse: Margaret STUYVESANT
Source of Information: Dutch Reformed Church Records; NY Wills
Immigrant's Children:

  • Nicholas BACKER b 1656; m Tryntje/Catharine CROESEN/CRUSER
  • Balthazar BACKER b 1658
  • Hillegond [female] BACKER b 1659
  • Hendrick "Henry" BACKER b ca 1660; m #1 Susanna WINANS; m #2 Lydia ???
    Notes: Jacobus Backer was aka
  • Jacobus/Jacob Baker/Bakker.
He is believed to have been a merchant trader. He lived in New Amsterdam, New Netherland with his wife and children until he supposedly returned to Holland possibly for his business. He never made it back to his family in New Netherland, and it is supposed that he disappeared at sea. His wife was the half-sister of Pieter Stuyvesant, Director-General of New Amsterdam.

Date: Fri Mar 24 13:18:21 2000
Name: Nellie Voorhees
E- mail: N ellieRN1@aol.co,
Address: 3315 Lively Lane Houston, Texas 77080-1213 Immigrant: Van Voorhees , Steven Coert
Name of Ship: "Bonte Kol" (Spotted Cow)
Arrival Date: April 1660
Origin of Immigrant: Provence of Drenthe, Netherlands
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: 1600 Provence of Drenthe, Netherlands
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: Flatlands, Long Island, New York
Immigrant's Spouse: Aaltjen Wessels, Willempie Roelfse Sueberinge
Source of Information: Genealogy of The Van Voorhees Family in America, by Elias W. Van Voorhis, 1888
Immigrant's Children: BR Coerte Stevense, b.abt. 1638 Drenthe, Holland, d. after 1702 in New york, m.Marrtje Gerritse Vancouwenhoven. BR Wessell, b.abt. 1640, baptised 1640. BR Henddrickje stevense, b. bef. 1634 in netherlands, will robated 9/3/ 1705 town of Flatlands, New York, m. Jan Kiers Br Marachien Merghin Stevense, b. abt. 1636 in netherlands, m. Remmelt Willemse (she did not immigrate with her father) Children by Willempie Roelfse Seuberinge: BR Jan Stevense b. 1652 Drenthe, Holland, d.abt. 1661 Kings County, N.Y. m. Femmetje Aukes vannuys. BR Jan Janse, b, abt. 5/2/1686 Flatlands, NY. d. 2/7/1771 Seneca County, NY. BR Femmetje, b. NY. BR Willemtje, b. 1722 NY. BR Roelof, b NY BR Magdelina, b. 4/17/1730 BR Abraham, b. 10/4/1735

Date: Mon Mar 27 09:07:27 2000
Name: Sharilyn Whitaker
E- mail: Sharilyn@northcoast.com
Address: Immigrant: VAN CORLAER , Arendt
Name of Ship: Probably the "Goede Vrouw"; it was a ship "belonging to Heer Van Rensselaer and bearing his pennant"
Arrival Date: 1630
Origin of Immigrant: Nykerk, Gelderland, The Netherlands
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: About 1612, Nykerk, Gelderland, The Netherlands
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: 1667 Lake Champlain, New France
Immigrant's Spouse: Antonia Slaghboom
Source of Information: "History of the County of Albany, Rensselaerswyck and Beverwyck" and other sources
Immigrant's Children: BR Daughter by Woman of Five Nations Iroquois, perhaps named Tall Eagle Born 1640-42. Died after 1676 BR Benoni, by Anneke Schaets daughter of Domine Gideon Schaets and Agniete Moriaens Born 1662. Died 1704
Notes: He was Secretary of the Colony at Rennsselaerswyck, and Assistant Director, a grand-nephew to the Patroon Kiliaen Van Rensselaer. He also acted as "an Indian agent". "To a mind of great natural strength and energy he added a firm will, a cultivated intellect, high moral purpose, unyielding integrity, along with persuasive power and large practical knowledge...These qualities commanded for him the respect and won the love of the civilized European and the uncivilized Indian." The Iroquois called him kora-kowa, "The Great Corlaer" which became a title of honor used for all great leaders. He is called "The founder of Schnectady and Stien Hocke or Watervliet, New York". "In 1667, while on a journey to Canada, in compliance with a friendly invitation from the French governor, Tracy. Having embarked in a canoe to cross Lake Champlain, he was overtaken by a storm and drowned..." He left no legitimate children. Name also seen as Van Curler, and in Holland Van Korlaer.

Date: Mon Mar 27 10:03:31 2000
Name: Sharilyn Whitaker
E- mail: Sharilyn@northcoast.com
Address: Immigrant: JAYCOCKS , Francis
Name of Ship: ?
Arrival Date: About 1650
Origin of Immigrant: Stratford-Upon Avon, Warwickshire, England
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: Bpt. 4 January 1618, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: After 16 January 1672, Hempstead, Long Island, NY
Immigrant's Spouse: Unknown
Source of Information: "Descendants of Thomas Jacocks" Will Picard Jacocks, IGI, and other sources
Immigrant's Children: BR Frances Jaycocks Born 1618 in Waarwickshire, England. Said to have married Thomas Champion, 1640 in Ashford,Kent, England. Died 1686-1687 in Hempstead, Long Island, New York. Thomas Champion's wife given as Frances Jacocks, "bap 4 Jan 1618 in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire,England" This has been disputed by others. BR Thomas Jaycocks bpt. in Stratford-on-Avon, England 20 March 1619, died at Passayunk (now Philadelphia County) PA before 11 September 1677 leaving widow Ruth. BR William Jacocks bpt. Stratford-on-Avon 12 August 1627. He died in Hempsted, Long Island before 14 December 1694, when his son David referred to his father, deceased. BR Grace Jacocks-she appears on various Hempstead documents BR Other children mentioned in IGI
Notes: Francis Jaycocks (spelled also Jacocks, Gecockes, Jacox, Jecocks and many other ways) was one of the original settlers of Hempstead, Long Island, New York. Emigrating from England, accompanied by sons Thomas and William, and a daughter Frances. Other children remained in England. The earliest mention of Jaycocks in Hempstead that I have found William and Thomas Jaycocks, the sons of Francis, who both appear on the 1657 Hempstead cattle census. Francis owned one of the original lots in Stratford, Fairfield, CT ca 1660, but appears not to have lived there. His early descendants lived in Stratford and New Haven Connecticut, and in North Carolina. By the early 1700s descendants appear in Dutchess County, New York.

Date: Mon Mar 27 10:23:53 2000
Name: Sharilyn Whitaker
E- mail: sharilyn@northcoast
Address: Immigrant: MC GREGORY , Patrick
Name of Ship: Sailed in three ships from Perthshire, Scotland
Arrival Date: 1685
Origin of Immigrant: Perth, Scotland
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: About 1650, Monzievaird, Perth Scotland
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: 1691, New York
Immigrant's Spouse: Margaret Toshack
Source of Information: "Scottish Settlement Schemes" by G.P. Insh, and other sources
Immigrant's Children: BR Patrick Mc Gregory, perhaps AKA Peter Mc Gregory BR Catherine Mc Gregory BR Hugh Mc Gregory
Notes: On March 16, 1684, David Toshack, known in America as "The Laird of Minivaird", acquired a one fourth share of the Earl of Perth's one twenty-fourth share of East New Jersey. He, Patrick Mc Gregory, who was married to his sister Margaret Toshack, gathered together a group of about twenty five Scotch Presbyterian families, along with their servants and came to America as a group, landing first in Maryland, and then going to New Perth, or Perth Amboy, in New Jersey. From there they made their way to the land mentioned above, and to nearby unclaimed land in what was to later become Orange County, New York State. They were the earliest white settlers in that area. Col. Mc Gregory was killed by an exploding cannon while fighting in the Leisler rebellion, and was given a military funeral with honors. Early descendants of Colonel Patrick Mc Gregory settled in New York, Connecticut and North Carolina.

Date: Tue Mar 28 06:06:30 2000
Name: Kathy Baker
E- mail: kbaker@randomhouse.com
Address: 806 - 2170 Sherobee Road Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5A 3P8 Immigrant: Van Etten , Jacobus Jansen
Name of Ship: ?
Arrival Date: 1658
Origin of Immigrant: Etten, North Brabant, Holland
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: 22 October 1634
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: about 1693 Hurley, Ulster Co., New York
Immigrant's Spouse: Annetje Arians Tack/Tach
Source of Information: book "Jacobus Jansen Van Etten" by Eva a. Scott
Immigrant's Children: i Jan Van Etten (John), b. 1665, bpt. 3 Jan. 1666, Hurley, Ulster, NY ii] Sytie Van Etten (Sytye), bpt 25 March 1668 Old Dutch Church, Kingston Ulster, NY, died about 1730 Marbletown, Ulster, buried Hurley Dutch Ref. Ch., Hurley, mar. Jan Evertz iii] Adriaen Van Etten (Adrian/Arians), bpt 26 June 1670 Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co., NY, chr Old Dutch Church, Kingston, died 1702, mar. 1694 Kingston, mar. Catharina Crom, b. 1673, Kingston, Ulster Co. parents: Cysbert Crom (c1650 Neth.-1724 Marblehead, NY) & Giertje Van Vliet (1654 Neth.) - 7 children iv Pieter Van Etten (Peter), b. c1675 (or 1c672-3) - mar. Eva de Hooges v] Petronella Van Etten, born abt 1673-5, Kingston, Ulster Co., NY, mar. Aldert Roos vi] Heiltie Van Etten (Hilda, Hail), bpt 21 April 1679, Kingston, Ulster Co., mar. William Van Vredenburg vii] Emanuel Van Etten (Manuel), bpt 29 Dec 1681, Old Dutch Church, Kingston, died aft. 5 March 1727, Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co., mar. Antje de Hooges viii] Tietie Van Etten (Tietje, Trintje), bpt 24 Feb 1684, Old Dutch Ch., Kingston, Ulster Co., mar. 1702 Evert Roosa ix JACOBUS VAN ETTEN, (James) bpt 2 May 1686, mar. Rebekka Roosa (Rebecca). I am descended from Jacobus Van Etten. x] Gessje Van Etten (Geisje, Gertrude), bpt 25 Dec 1688, Hurley, Ulster Co., mar. 25 Nov. 1704 Jacob Decker, Jr. of Marbletown - 5 children born between 1706 and 1714
Notes: Jacob Jansen came from the town of Etten, six miles from Breda, in the province of North Brabant, Holland and to distinguish him from the numerous other Jansens, according to the usual Dutch custom, he was given the suffix Van Etten. Worked as head farmhand to Aert (Arthur) Pietersen Tack/Tach. Took Jacob Jansen came to America in 1658 or before & Peter Stuyvesant was the Governor of the Dutch Colony of New Netherlands (now New York State). Upon arrival on this continent, Jacob settled at Wiltwyck (now Kingston) on the Hudson River. Oath of Allegiance to England in 1689. Lived in Marbletown, NY. First appears in records as "Van Etten" in 1670 when son Adrian, their third child, was baptised. Marriage record: "1665, 11 Jan. Jacob Jansen, young man of Etten in Brabant and Annetje Arians of Amsterdam, deserted wife of Aert Pietersen Tack, both residing here (in Wiltwyck now Kingston). First publication of Banns, 28 Dec. 1664; second 4 Jan., third 11 Jan. 1665." I have a copy of the article "The Divorce of Annetje Arians" from Olde Ulster, vol. 7, 1911 (Reel #897082, page 207-212) - article refers to Aert T. Tach being accused of bigamy, having a wife in Amsterdam, Holland and Annatje Arians, his first wife, in New York. "On which ground Annenken Ariaens, his first wife, has petitioned your honours for a decree of divorce and permission to marry someone else… Annetje Arians (Annatje) (Adriaensen, Adrians, Gelvins), b. c1632, Amsterdam, Holland. Jacobus died c1693, Hurley (Kingston) Ulster Co, NY, USA. Annetje of Amsterdam: Deserted wife of Aert Pietersen Tach/Tack. Two children by Aert Tack: Cornelius Tack, chr 14 Aug 1661 & Grietze Artze Tack, (Grietjen), chr 16 Aug 1663, Reformed Dutch Church, Kingston, Ulster Co., NY Aert deserted his wife some time between December 12, 1662 and January 23, 1663. His wife, Annetje was carrying her second child at that time. Aert probably returned to Holland, where he married another woman. Annetje was granted a divorce from Aert Tack August 21, 1664 at Fort Amsterdam. Any information on this family would be appreciated. I have a lot of information on the Van Ettens in NY and in Ontario, Canada. I am looking for information on JOSEPH VAN ETTEN b. c1761, NY, USA, bapt 17 Oct 1761, Port Jervis, NY, USA, mar. Feb. 1783 Hannah ?, b. c1761, NY. Who is Hannah? Joseph's Parents: Derik/Dirck/Richard Van Etten & Russia/Rusje Westvaal. Witnesses at Baptism: Johannes & Lydia Westbrock Joseph was "basically a runaway teenager" as he joined up with the American Revolution (1775-1783) at the age of 14 in 1775 in NY.

Date: Thu Mar 30 14:20:48 2000
Name: Ann Messecar
E- mail: GarMess@AOL.com
Address: 59 Shady Lane, Coventry, CT 06238 Immigrant: MISCAER/MASSEKER/MESKER , Michiel
Name of Ship: Princess Amelia?
Arrival Date: 1647
Origin of Immigrant:
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: @1620?
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: probably Long Island, New York
Immigrant's Spouse: unknown
Source of Information: Date of entry taken from Oath of Allegiance/1687 and record of baptism of son, Johannes, 1648, Dutch Reform Church of New Amsterdam
Immigrant's Children:

  • Adam Michielsen Messecher of Gravesend, NY. Born pre-1647.
  • Johannes Michielse Mesecar of Gravesend, NY. Baptized at the DRC of New Amsterdam on 8 June, 1648. Wife was Neeltje Harmensen Coerten, and they were married 19 June, 1670 at Bergen, New Jersey. They lived at Gravesend, NY during the 1670s and 1680s. Died after 1701.

Notes: Adam Michielse Messecher -1670 was a dealer in whale oil in Gravesend, NY. 1675 - was on assessment rolls for Flatlands, NY. Listed as Adam Michilse. 1687 - took Oath of Allegiance at Gravesend and was listed with a last name of Messecher. Had been in the country for 40 years. Johannes Migielsen Mesecar - wife was Nellie Harmense Coerten. Allotted at plot of land at Gravesend in 1672. 1683- was on the rate lists for Gravesend. Flatbush DRChurch records list him in 1684 as Johanes Michielz. Signed documents with an "M." Resident of Staten Island by 1701 but also owned property in Piscataway, NJ. Both Johannes and Neeltje were sponsors for Peter Rycken's son, Johanes, at Port Richmond DRC on Staten Island in March of 1701 but they probably had died by 1706 (not on Staten Island census). Known children: Harmen (1682), Michiel (1684), Eva (Decker), Marytje (Riker) and Appollonia (Symessen) and probably Abraham.

Date: Sun Apr 2 13:25:10 2000
Name: Patricia Bloomer
E- mail: bloomer_pat@hotmail.com
Address: 2823 7th St. Moline, IL 61265 Immigrant: Bloomer , Robert
Name of Ship: ?
Arrival Date: before 1642
Origin of Immigrant: Birmingham, England
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: 1634 Birmingham, England
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: 1794 New York
Immigrant's Spouse: Rachel Bullis
Source of Information: Bloomer Family in America by Robert Bloomer
Immigrant's Children: Robert born 1671-1673 died ?
Notes: Lived in Rye, Westchester Co., New York. Listed in 1698 census as robert blumeart, with his wiff racheall blumeart. The Bloomer Family in America lists a second wife as Sarah, however researchers believe this is a second Robert.

Date: Mon Apr 3 14:29:23 2000
Name: Meredith Schmidt
E- mail: ggmaschmidt@juno
Address: Immigrant: Polhiem , John Theodore
Name of Ship: ?
Arrival Date: 1654
Origin of Immigrant: Lyden Holland
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: 1598 Holland
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: 1676 Brooklyn New York
Immigrant's Spouse: Catherine Van Werner
Source of Information: my mother, her family
Immigrant's Children: Daniel Polhemus died 1730, Married Noelte Vandever 1685 Elizabeth
Notes: Domine Johannus Theodorus Polhemus recieved a degree from Lyden Holland so that he could put the us on his name, FirstMinister to New Utrect Dutch Reformed, Flatlands,and Flatbush,Dutch Reformed Churches, I have seen records on this, two generations later grandchildren supposedly had a farm up in Rockland County in New York. This is all word of mouth passed down from generation to generation would love some help if anyone can, please get in touch with me through e-Mail

Date: Mon Apr 3 15:58:47 2000
Name: Judy Cassidy
E- mail: Jamescassidy22@cs.com
Address: 117 Evergreen Court Blue Bell, PA 19422 Immigrant: Dorlant , Lammert Jansen
Name of Ship: Bonte Koe (Spotted Cow)
Arrival Date: 16 April, 1663
Origin of Immigrant: Holland or adjoining areas
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: ca. 1649
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: After 1720. Staten Island, NY
Immigrant's Spouse: Harmptje Jans Pieters
Source of Information: Ships List+New York Colonial Manuscripts-Vol 14 pp. 83-122
Immigrant's Children: BR Garret b. ca. 1663, d. Kings Co. LI ca. 1730, wife Merritje BR

  • Maritje bp. April 19, 1672, d? m. Ap. 25, 1690 Lucas Sebring BR Bennejte b. ca. 1674 m. 1696 to Hendrick Hendricks Sydan in Bedford, NY BR Elsie
  • Dorland b. May 10, 1677, m.Feb. 13. 1700 Richard Merrill died Feb. 20, 1761, Staten Island, NY BR
  • John or Jan. bp. March 20, 1680, m.ca. 1718 Barbara Aukes Van Nuys, d. abt 1747-1749 Bucks Co, PA BR Magdalena b. ca. 1691, m. ca. 1720 to Pieter Gerritsen

Notes: Lammert Janse Dorlant lived in Brooklyn, NY from 1663until 1680. Bap. children in Brooklyn DRC. In 1677 he witnessed a deed for Paulus Vanderbeek 4 April, 1677, Listed in Assessments in Real and Personal Property of the Inhabitants of NY. Kings CoBk 2-Oct 21,1696 Lambert Dorlandt of Staten Island, Planter and Harmptje Janse, his wife, to Jacobus Vanderwater of Brooklyn, farm in Brooklyn. Applied for land in S.I.1680, Dec. received 130 acres.Patent received Dec. 2, 1680; Land resurvayed May 1712; In 1715 with Peter Cowenhoven purchased 500 acres Harlingen Lott12, from Octavio Conraats, Somerset Co, NJ; Found in S.I. Church Rec.Baptisms. In 1706 Census of S.I.; Son John rec. an Indenture in 1724 in S.I. selling this land. Lambert described as a weaver.

Date: Tue Apr 4 18:36:47 2000
Name: Dot Gordier
E- mail: WJDJG@aol.com
Address: 4350 Nichols Road Battle Creek, Mi. 49105 Immigrant: Gordier , F.V. or Ferris
Name of Ship: ?
Arrival Date: before 1699
Origin of Immigrant: France
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: about 1670's
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: ?
Immigrant's Spouse: ?
Source of Information: N.Y city directory, about 1750's
Immigrant's Children: br Louis Gordier br Rachel Gordier
Notes: We are told they arrived in N.Y, somewhere in the Mohawk Valley region. They were French origin. Herkimer County has been mentioned as a site they might have come into. But do not know this for sure. They could have spoke French or German. His son Louis Gordier I, married Margaret Coons, and she was daughter of Jacob Coons, United Empire Loyalist, They had son Louis Gordier,II and he married Dianah Steinburg in N.Y. They had son in N.Y in 1849 named Sidney Martin Gordier. By 1851 they were in ONtario Canada, Dundas county.

Date: Sat Apr 8 08:03:01 2000
Name: Joy Vander Ven
E- mail: vanderven@stsi.net
Address: Immigrant: Marselis , Janse
Name of Ship: ?
Arrival Date: abt 1655
Origin of Immigrant: Bommel, Guilderland, Netherlands
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: early 1600's - Guilderland, Netherlands
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: between 11 Jun 1690 and 1700
Immigrant's Spouse: Annatie Gerritse
Source of Information: "Genealogies of First Settlers of Albany NY", page 114, & family record
Immigrant's Children:

  • Gysbert, b. bef 1690; d. 8 Jun 1704, m. Barber Groesbeck
  • Hybertje, b. bef 1690; d. ?, m. Joseph Yates
  • Sytje, b. bef 1690, d. ?, m. Joseph Janse Van Santen
  • Van Judith, b. bef 1690, d. ?, m. Lucas L. Hooghkerk
  • Ahasuerus, b. after 165, d. after 1723, m. Sara Van Heemstraaten
  • Gerrit, b. 1687, d. 9 Feb 1690, m. Brigie/Bergie Hanse

Notes: Janse was one of the first settlers of Beverwyke (Albany) NY, where he was an innkeeper and farmer of the burger and tapster excise of beer. His children settled in Albany, except Ahaseurus and Gerrit, who moved to Schenectady.

Date: Sun Apr 9 08:33:37 2000
Name: Otterspoor H.J.T
E- mail: hjt.otterspoor@consunet.nl
Address: Immigrant: Otterspoor , Aert Aertzn
Name of Ship: Valckenier
Arrival Date: "before 1650"
Origin of Immigrant: Netherland
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: Jutphaas January 1616
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: ?
Immigrant's Spouse:
Source of Information: De Nederlandse leeuw jrg 105
Immigrant's Children:
Notes: signed a contract on the 5th of may 1649 in Amsterdam to work at Renselaerswijck as a field hand ( bielding/tabaco planting /wood cutting)for Jacob Walinge

Date: Mon Apr 10 12:48:44 2000
Name: George Woolley
E- mail: gwoolley@ex_pressnet.com
Address: Immigrant: Woolley , Robert
Name of Ship: ?
Arrival Date: 1638
Origin of Immigrant: St. Albans Abby, Hertfordshire, England
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: August 12, 1615, St. Albans Abby, Englnad
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: ? bet. 1701-1712
Immigrant's Spouse: first wife unknown to-date, 2nd wife: Anne Woodruff
Source of Information: LDS library, Woolley family history, Woodruff family history
Immigrant's Children:

  • John Woolley b. abt. 1638, d. 1725, m. Matilda Horton
  • Joseph Woolley b abt 1640, d. ? , m. ?
  • Elizabeth Woolley b. abt 1666 Southampton, L.I., d. ?, m.?
  • Hannah Woolley b. abt 1668 Southampton, L.I., d. ? , m.?
  • Phebe Woolley b. abt 1661 Southampton, L.I., d. ? , m. ?
  • Ann Woolley b. abt 1664 Southampton, L.I., d. ?, m. ?
  • Mary Woolley b. abt 1672 Southampton, L.I., d. ?, m. ?
  • Robert Woolley, Jr. b. abt 1674 Southampton, L.I., d. ?,m. ?

Notes: John Woolley and Joseph Woolley were not born in New York state. They may have been born in England prior to emigration, or one or both could have been born in New England. Their father, Robert Woolley first appears to have settled in Fairfield, Connecticuit in 1639 before relocating to Setaukett, L.I. in March of 1649/50, and later relocated to Southampton, L.I. in 1657. His sons John & Joseph remained there until their deaths. Robert & second family, including Robert Jr. are later listed as Etown Associates who drew Westfield Lots (Etown later became Elizabeth, New Jersey) they are Etown founders identified in the Woodruff family history book. Robert Woolley died "intestate" and his estate was settled in Hempstead, L.I. in 1712. (I find it difficult to believe that Robert Woolley actually died intestate because he was a witness listed on many other wills). If he died in New Jersey, he might have had an unfound will there and he might also be buried in the old burying ground of the First Presbyterian Church at 42 Broad Street, Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Date: Fri Apr 21 20:51:28 2000
Name: Donna G. Ewins
E- mail: dge46@aol.com
Address: 8521 Porter Road, Apt. 51 Niagara Falls, New York 14304 Immigrant: Lassen , Pieter Pieterse
Name of Ship: De Vergulde Beever
Arrival Date: about 9 August 1659
Origin of Immigrant: Hoesem (prob. Husum in Schleswig-Holstein)
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: about 1635, unknown
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: 7 February 1709, Dutchess County, New York
Immigrant's Spouse: Catharina Hoffmayer
Source of Information: Amsterdam notarial records in Noord Amerika Chronologie; New York City Lutheran Church records
Immigrant's Children:

  • BR Geertruyt b ca 1677 d 22 April 1759 m Servaes Vlierboom
  • BR Pieter b ca 1680 d between1762 and 1765 m Cornelia Rees
  • BR Johannes bap 4 May 1684 d by 7 May 1715 m Margareta Jansen Van Orden
  • BR Mariabap June or July 1687 m (1) Pieter Jansen m (2) John Witthoul BR ?Antje
  • BR Isaac b ca 1695 d before 7 November 1792 mSara Buys
  • BR Willem bap 16 Oct 1698 d by 11 August 1791 m (1) Marytie Schouten m (2) Elizabeth -----
  • BR Lourens bap29 May 1701 d by 1733 m Liesabeth Hoogtelling

Notes: Lived in Albany until late 1681 where he operated a brewery Lived near Kingston in Ulster County until about 1687 Removed to Dutchess County where he may have been one of the first European settlers (son Willem called firstborn white child in area) Called "Peter the Brewer" in Col. Peter Schuyler's patent Buried in his orchard

Date: Mon May 1 13:26:26 2000
Name: Kris Bartoszek
E- mail: gncky1@cs.com
Address: Immigrant: Van Der Werken , Roelof Gerritse
Name of Ship: De Rosebaum
Arrival Date: 15 March 1663
Origin of Immigrant: Meppelen, Province of Drenthe, Holland
Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: 1663? Meppelen
Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: ?
Immigrant's Spouse: Geertruy Van Oostrant
Source of Information: The Van derwerken-Van Derwerker Family by Paul Prindle
Immigrant's Children:

  • gerrit abt 1675 married in 1698
  • Maritje abt 1677 married 1697
  • Albert abt 1679 married 1704
  • Hendrick abe 1681
  • Aaltje about 1683
  • Jannetje bapt 21 Jan 1685 might have married Jacob Peerson
  • Catherina bapt 12 Jan 1687
  • Johannes bapt 30 Sep 1688
  • Nicholas abt 1690
  • Elizabeth batp 1 Jan 1692
  • Jacob bapt 20 aug 1693

Notes: Looking for information on Roelof Gerritse Van Der Werken (Vanderwerken, Vanderwalker,Vanderwork) settled in Half Moon, New York 1663. Came from Mepplen, Holland..I do not have any dates as to when he was born or died. I am very interested in any information from his birth place, has patronymic Gerritse, son of a Gerrit of Holland. Thanks Kris


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