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Census Records of New Netherland New York

Explanation of Census Records of New Netherland (pre 1673)
There are few early census records for New Netherland. There are, however, other primary records we can use as substitutes. These include such records as Oaths of Allegiance, Lists of debtors, Tax lists, etc.

When searching New York Census records, remember that until 1664 New York was called New Netherland. In that year the English captured the province from the Dutch and New Amsterdam became New York City. In 1673 New York was recaptured by Dutch naval force and New Netherland restored as a Dutch colony. New York City became New Orange, Kingston became Swanenburgh, Albany was called Willemstad and Fort Albany became Fort Nassau. In 1674 New Netherland was restored to the English and became the province of New York

State censuses were taken at ten-year intervals from 1825 through 1875 and again in 1892, 1905, 1915, and 1925.
Miscellaneous Info on Census Records on Other Sites
New York State Census Records - list of what years are available at the NY State Library for each county
Questions Asked on each New York State Census
Cyndi's List for Census Information
NARA's Federal Population Census Microfilm Catalogue
U.S. GenWeb Census Project
What's Available in Census and Census Substitutes
Population schedules
                                - State censuses were taken at ten-year intervals from 1825 through 1875 and again in 1892, 1905 1915, and 1925
                                - Federal censuses are taken every 10 years. New York residents are included in censuses from 1790 through 1920.
                                - Colonial censuses were taken approximately every ten years beginning in 1690. Several have been partially destroyed.
Mortality schedules - those who died in the 12 months prior to the day the census was taken for the 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 censuses.
1840 pensioners' schedules - people who were receiving pensions in 1840.
1890 veterans' schedules - Union veterans from the Civil War or their widows who were living in 1890.
Agricultural schedules - data about farms and the names of the farmers for the 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 censuses.
Manufacturing or industrial schedules - data about businesses and industries for 1810, 1820, 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880.
Census Records (& Substitutes) on Other Sites

Olive Tree Genealogy Free DatabasePalatines in New York 1710

Olive Tree Genealogy Free Database List of Debts in Colony of Rensellaerswyck 1664

 View Census Records Online
Albany County
1683 List of "Burghers" Contributing in Albany
1697 Census of Albany taken in June, heads of household only
Olive Tree Genealogy Free Database1720 Albany County Census
1790 Census INDEX - Rensselaerville
1790 Census INDEX - Watervliet
1779 Tax List - King's District
Allegany County
1810 Census - Alfred
1810 Census - Angelica
1810 Census - Caneadea
1810 Census - Nunda
1810 Census - Ossian
1850-1900 Censuses - Poor House Listings
1860 Census - Poorhouse Residents
Index to 1920 Census - New Hudson
Broome County
1790 Census
1789 Land Owners
1800 Census (partial)
1810 census (partial)
1825 Index to Census
Binghamton, New York Directories, 1888-90
Cattaraugus County
1820 Census - Great Valley
1820 Census - Little Valley
1820 Census - Olean
Index of 1820 Census includes Great Valley, Ishua, Little Valley, Perrysburgh, Olean
Index to 1850 Census - Lyndon Town
1855 Census - Lyndon Town
Cayuga County
1870 Census
1880 Census
Index to 1845 Census - Owasco Town
1875 Census
Index to 1892 Census
Cayuga County, New York Directory, 1867-68
Auburn, New York Directories, 1889-92
Chautauqua County
1810 Census
1820 Census
1811 Assessment Rolls - Pomfret
1825 Census
1828 Census - Jamestown
1835 Census
1838 Assessment Rolls - Town of Carroll
Index to 1845 Census
Chenango County
Chenango County, New York Directory, 1902
Chemung County
Elmira, New York Directories, 1889-93
Clinton County
1790 Census
1798 Tax Assessment for the towns of Champlain, Peru, Plattsburgh
1800 Census
1810 Census
1883 Pension List 424 names
Columbia County
1699 Oath of Allegiance Kinderhook/Columbia Co.
1744 Kinderhook Tax List
1763 Kinderhook "Freeholders" List
1763 Claverack "Freeholders" List
1790 Germantown Census
Hudson, New York Directories, 1887-91
Cortland County
1820 Census includes towns of Cincinnatus, Freetown, Harrison (Marathon), Homer, Preble, Scott, Solon, Truxton, Virgil, Willett
1830 Census includes Freetown, Marathon, Solon
1840 Military Pensioners List
1850 Census Virgil
Residents of the poor house from the 1855 census
Residents of the poor house from the 1860 census
1870 Census Lapeer
Delaware County
1790 Census
1798 Assessment Roll Delhi
1798 Assessment Roll Delhi - East Part
1798 Assessment Roll Delhi - West Part
1799 Tax Lists Delhi
1800 Census Index
1810 Census Delhi
1840 Census Roxbury
1850 Census Meredith
1850 Census Roxbury
1850 Census Stamford
1870 Census Andes
1870 Census Kortrightt
1870 Census Masonville
1870 Census Meredith
Dutchess County
Olive Tree Genealogy Free Database1737 list of Freeholders
Olive Tree Genealogy Free Database1740 List of Freeholders
New York Census, 1790-1890
1714 Census
1790 Census Index
1790 Census (full)
1820 Census - Amenia
1820 Census - Beekman
1820 Census - Pawling
1835 Pension Rolls
1885 Pension Rolls
1915 Census - Beacon (112 sections + search engine)
Poughkeepsie, New York Directories, 1890-97
Erie County
1790 Census of Ontario County (Erie Co was in Ontario Co)

Buffalo, Erie County, New York Directory, 1832
1870 Census Brant pages 1-6 (follow links to see all pages)
1875 Census Brant

Essex County
1818 Assessor Rolls of Crown Point
1835 Assessor Rolls of Crown Point
1872 Assessor Rolls of Crown Point
Franklin County
1800 Census
1810 Census
1820 Census
Bangor 1860 1 of 3
Bangor 1860 2 of 3
Bangor 1860 3 of 3
Brandon 1860
Brighton 1860
Chateaugay 1860
Ft. Covington 1860 1 of 4
Ft. Covington 1860 2 of 4
Ft. Covington 1860 3 of 4
Ft. Covington 1860 4 of 4
Dickinson 1860 part 1 of 3
Dickinson 1860 part 2 of 3
Dickinson 1860 part 3 of 3
Duane 1860
Harrietstown 1860
Moira Twp 1860 1 of 3
Moira Twp 1860 2 of 3
Moira Twp 1860 3 of 3
Westville 1860
Fulton County
Gloversville, New York Directories, 1890-93
Genessee County
1810 Census Caledonia
1810 Census Leicester
Greene County
1810 Census includes Ashland, Athens, Cairo, Catskill, Coxsackie, Durham, Greenville, Halcott, Hunter, Jewet, Lexington, New Baltimore, Prattsville, Windham
1817 Census Village of Catskill
1855 Census Town of Halcott
Hamilton County
1820 Census Hope
1820 Census Lake Pleasant
1820 Census Wells
1840 Pensioners' Census
1840 Census Long Lake
1850 Census Gilman
1850 Census Indian Lake Settlement
1860 Census Morehouse
1870 Census Morehouse
1880 Census Morehouse
1892 Census Morehouse
1892 Census Lake Pleasant
1905 Census Morehouse
Herkimer County
1790 Caughnawaga
1790 German Flatts
1790 Herkimer
1800 Fairfield
1800 Frankfort
1800 Litchfield
1800 Manheim
1800 Salisbury
1800 Schuyler
1800 Warren
1810 Charleston
1810 Newport
1810 Russia
1825 Norway
1840 Census of Wilmurt
1850 Ohio
1850 Wilmurt
1850 Residents of the Herkimer County Poor House
Herkimer County 1850 Mortality Schedule Columbia, Fairfield, Frankfort, Herkimer, Litchfield, Norway, Ohio, Schuyler, Warren, Wilmurt
1860 Residents of the Herkimer County Poor House
1865 Schuyler
1870 Wilmurt
1890 Veterans and Widows Census Danube
1890 Veterans and Widows Census Litchfield
1890 Veterans and Widows Census Ohio
1890 Veterans and Widows Census Stark
1890 Veterans and Widows Census Wilmurt
Jefferson County
1840 Pensioners Census
1850 Census (not all towns are available here)
Rodman Civil War Vets from 1890 Census
Watertown, New York Directories, 1888-92
Kings County
Olive Tree Genealogy Free Database Kings' County Oath of Allegiance 1687
New York Census, 1790-1890
1698 Census includes the Townships of Brooklyn, Bushwick, Flatbush, Flatlands, Gravesend, and New Utrecht
1738 Census
1790 Census
1810 Census

Brooklyn, New York Directories, 1888-1890

Lewis County
1800 Census Leyden, Lowville, Turin
1810 Census
1820 (Lowville only)
1820 (Martinsburgh only)
1825 (Martinsburgh only)
1825 (Lowville only)
1835 (Lowville only)
1835 (Martinsburgh only)
Residents of the Lewis County Poor House 1850
Residents of the Lewis County N.Y. Poorhouse 1860
Livingston County
1790 Census
1850 Census Avon
1850 Census Caledonia
1850 Census Conesus
1850 Census Geneseo
1850 Census Groveland
1850 Census Leicester
1850 Census Lima
1850 Census Livonia
1850 Census Mount Morris
1850 Census North Dansville
1850 Census Nunda
1850 Census Ossian
1850 Census Portage
1850 Census Sparta
1850 Census Springwater
1850 Census West Sparta
1850 Census York
1881 Names of Citizens (.pdf format ~ can only be read with Adobe Acrobat)
Madison County
1800 Census - Cazenovia
1820 Census - Nelson
1855 Census - Cazenovia (Heads of Households only)
1855 Census - Fenner (Heads of Households only)
1855 Census - Nelson (Heads of Households only)
Oneida, New York Directories, 1887-88, 1890
Monroe County
Rochester, New York Directory, 1888-91
Montgomery County
1790 Canajoharie
1790 Mohawk
1790 Palatine
1800 Amsterdam
1800 Florida
1810 Census Town of Charleston
1810 Census of Wells
1840 Census of St. Johnsville
1850 Residents of the Montgomery County Poor House
Montgomery County 1850 Mortality Schedule Florida, Glen, Minden, Mohawk, Palatine, St. Johnsville
Residents of the Montgomery County Poor House 1860
Residents of the Montgomery County Poor House 1870
1890 Veterans and Widows Census Florida
1890 Veterans and Widows Census Minden
Amsterdam, New York Directories, 1887-90
Nassau County
Hempstead 1673 List of Inhabitants
Olive Tree bullet  List of Quakers in Hempstead 1755
New York County
Olive Tree bullet  List of Quakers in NYC 1755
New Amsterdam Muster Rolls 1653
Occupants of New Amsterdam, 1660 The families who made up New Amsterdam listed by block and building number they owned or occupied. This list originally appeared in the "Du Trieux Family Newsletter" of 1984.
Jeremiah van Rensselaer's Funeral 1674 - list of those invited, and those who carried his coffin
A catalogue of the members of the Dutch Church, with the names of the streets in the city of New-York, A.D. 1686
Tax lists of the city of New York, December, 1695-July 15th, 1699
1703 Census New York City
New York City Directory, 1786
New York City Directory, 1869
New York City Directory, 1890
New York City Police Census, 1890
Niagara County
1810 Census - Pomfret (scroll mid-way down page)
1810 Niagara County - Buffalo
1810 Census Clarence
Oneida County
1790 Census Whitestown
1800 Census Augusta
1800 Census Camden
1800 Census Champion
1800 Census Floyd
1800 Census Leyden
1800 Census Lowville
1800 Census Mexico
1800 Census Redfield
1800 Census Remsen
1800 Census Rome
1800 Census Steuben
1800 Census Trenton
1800 Census Western
1800 Census Westmoreland
Rome, New York Directories, 1887-92
Utica, New York Directories, 1887-91
Onondaga County
1800 Census Marcellus
1850 Census Marcellus
1855 Census Marcellus
1860 Census Marcellus
1865 Census Marcellus
1870 Census Marcellus
1875 Census Marcellus
1880 Census Marcellus
1892 Census Marcellus
Syracuse, New York Directories, 1887-1890
1900 Census Marcellus
Ontario County
1790 Census
1800 Census Northampton Twp
1810 Census Avon
1810 Census Geneseo
1810 Census Lima
1810 Census Livonia
1810 Census Naples
1810 Census Sparta
1820 Census (Heads of household only)
Ontario County, Index to 1820 US Census Record
Town of Canandaigua Census Index for 1845
Town of Bristol 1850
Town of Canadice 1850
Town of Canandaigua 1850
Town of East Bloomfield 1850
Town of Farmington 1850
Town of Gorham 1850
Town of Hopewell 1850
Town of Manchester 1850
Town of Naples 1850
Town of Phelps 1850
Town of Richmond 1850
Town of Seneca 1850
Town of South Bristol 1850
Town of Victor 1850
Town of West Bloomfield 1850
Town of Bristol 1855
Town of Canadice 1855
Town of Canandaigua 1855
Town of East Bloomfield 1855
Town of Farmington 1855
Town of Gorham 1855
Town of Hopewell 1855
Town of Manchester 1855
Town of Naples 1855
Town of Phelps 1855
Town of Richmond 1855
Town of Seneca 1855
Town of South Bristol 1855
Town of Victor 1855
Town of West Bloomfield 1855
Town of Bristol 1860
Town of Canadice 1860
Town of Canandaigua 1860
Town of East Bloomfield 1860
Town of Farmington 1860
Town of Gorham 1860
Town of Hopewell 1860
Town of Manchester 1860
Town of Naples 1860
Town of Phelps 1860
Town of Richmond 1860
Town of Seneca 1860
Town of South Bristol 1860
Town of Victor 1860
Town of West Bloomfield 1860
Town of Bristol 1865
Town of Canadice 1865
Town of Canandaigua 1865
Town of East Bloomfield 1865
Town of Farmington 1865
Town of Gorham 1865
Town of Hopewell 1865
Town of Manchester 1865
Town of Naples 1865
Town of Phelps 1865
Town of Richmond 1865
Town of Seneca 1865
Town of South Bristol 1865
Town of Victor 1865
Town of West Bloomfield 1865
Town of Bristol 1870
Town of Canadice 1870
Town of Canandaigua 1870
Town of East Bloomfield 1870
Town of Farmington 1870
Geneva 1870
Town of Gorham 1870
Town of Hopewell 1870
Town of Manchester 1870
Town of Naples 1870
Town of Phelps1870
Town of Richmond 1870
Town of Seneca 1870
Town of South Bristol 1870
Town of Victor 1870
Town of West Bloomfield 1870
Town of Farmington 1875
Town of Bristol 1875
Town of Canadice 1875

Canandaigua, 1900
Orange County
1702 List of Inhabitants
1870 census Minisink
1880 census Minisink
<Newburgh, New York Directories, 1889-92
Orleans County

Orleans County, New York Directory, 1894

Oswego County
Index to 1855 Census
Oswego, New York Directories, 1888, 1890-93
Otsego County, New York Directory, 1908
Otsego County
1810 Census - Edmeston
1810 Census - Pittsfield
Putnam County
1850 Census Index
Queens County
Olive Tree Bullet Inhabitants Flushing 1698
Olive Tree bullet  List of Quakers in Flushing 1755
Olive Tree bullet  List of Quakers in New Town 1755
Olive Tree bullet  List of Quakers in Hempstead 1755
Olive Tree bullet  List of Quakers in Oyster Bay 1755
New York Census, 1790-1890
1790 Census
1800 Census
Rensselaer County
1800 Census Greenbush
1800 Census Hoosick
1800 Census Petersburgh
1800 Census Pittstown
1800 Census Schaghticoke
1800 Census Schodack
1800 Census Stephentown
1800 Census Troy
1855 Census Brunswick
1855 Census Clinton (now East Greenbush)
1855 Census Grafton
1855 Census Greenbush (now Rensselaer)
1855 Census North Greenbush
1855 Census Petersburgh
1855 Census Poestenkill
1855 Census Sand Lake
1855 Census Schodack
1880 Census Berlin
1880 Census Nassau
Troy, New York City Directory, 1890
Richmond County
New York Census, 1790-1890
1890 Veteran's Schedule
Staten Island, New York Directory, 1886
Saratoga County
October 1779 Saratoga District Tax List
1790 Index to Census
1855 state census Saratoga Town, District 1
Saratoga Springs, New York Directories, 1888-92
Ballston Spa, New York Directory, 1924
Schenectady County
Schenectady Census 1697 A List of the Head of Families and the number of men, women and children in each household in the City and County of Albany, the 16th of June, 1697
1810 Census - Town of Duanesburg
1810 Census - Niskayuna
1810 Census - Town of Princetown
1810 Census - City of Schenectady

<Albany, New York State Census, 1915
Schoharie County
1790 Census
Richmondville 1850
Blenheim 1900
Broome 1900
Carlisle 1900
Conesville 1900
Fulton 1900
Gilboa 1900
Jefferson 1900
Middleburgh 1900
Richmondville 1900
Summit 1900
Wright 1900
Schoharie County, New York Directory, 1872
Schoharie County, New York Directory, 1899
Schuyler County
1853 Tax Assessment, Junius
1885 Census Reading
New York Farm Directory, 1914: Yates, Schuyler, Tompkins & Seneca Counties
Seneca County
New York Farm Directory, 1914: Yates, Schuyler, Tompkins & Seneca Counties
St. Lawrence County
1887 Census St. Regis Mohawk Indian Reserve
Saint Lawrence County, New York Directory 1890
Steuben County
1810 Census Dansville
1810 Steuben Co., NYFederal Census
1825 Addison, Steuben Co., NY(State Census)
1825 Pulteney, Steuben Co., NY(State Census)
1830 Steuben Co., NYFederal Census
1835 Addison, Steuben Co., NY<(State Census)
1835 Jasper, Steuben Co., NY(State Census)
1835 Prattsburg, Steuben Co., NY(State Census)
1835 Troupsburg, Steuben Co., NY(State Census)
1835 Woodhull, Steuben Co., NY(State Census)
1840 Greenwood, Steuben Co., NY Census
1850 Bath, Steuben Co., NY Jail
1855 Troupsburg, NY State Census PART I
1855 Troupsburg, NY State Census PART II
1855 Troupsburg, NY State Census PART III
1855 Troupsburg, NY State Census PART IV
1855 Troupsburg, NY State Census INDEX A-K
1855 Troupsburg, NY State Census INDEX L-Z
1860 Addison, Steuben Co., NY Census

Steuben County, New York Directory, 1891
Suffolk County
Olive Tree Logo1737 list of Freeholders
New York Census, 1790-1890
1675 East Hampton Census
Olive Tree bullet1698 Inhabitants of Southampton
Olive Tree bullet1698 Inhabitants of Southold
Index to the 1790 Federal Census 1800 Census
Tompkins County
1820 Census - Town of Dryden
Index 1860 Census Ithaca, New York Directories, 1888-91
New York Farm Directory, 1914: Yates, Schuyler, Tompkins & Seneca Counties
Ulster County
1661 Tax List of Kingston (aka Wiltwyck aka Esopus)
2nd Esopus War: List of the Killed at Wildwyck, 1664
Petition of Esopus Inhabitants on behalf of Sheriff William Asfordbie, Sept. 17, 1680
Jury at Kingston, 1680
1687 List of Soldiers in Esopus
1689 Names of the Male Inhabitants of Ulster County
1689 Pledge of the People of Hurley to Support Their Representatives
New Paltz Tax List 1713
1715 Militia for the Town of Hurley
New Paltz tax list, 1728
New Paltz tax list, 1765
Kingston, New York Directories, 1888-89, 1891-92
Warren County
1850 Census Bolton
1850 Census Horricon
1850 Census Caldwell Division
1850 Census Hague Division
1850 Census Luzerne Division
1850 Census Chester Division

Glen Falls, New York Directories, 1888, 1890, 1891-92

Washington County
Residents of Turner Patent 1789 List
1830 Census Ft. Ann (heads of house only)
Westchester County
Olive Tree bullet1698 Mamaroneck Census

Olive Tree bullet  Land Owners in Mamaroneck, Westchester Co. Prior to 1700 Olive Tree bullet 1763 Freeholders Mamaroneck
New York Census, 1790-1890
1790 Census
Mt. Vernon, New York Directories, 1889-91
Yates County
1790 Census
1800 Census
1810 Census
1820 Census
1825 Census
1830 Census
1835 Census
1840 Census
1845 Census
1850 Census
1855 Census
1860 Census
1865 Census
1870 Census
1875 Census
1875 Census Italy
1875 Census Jerusalem
New York Farm Directory, 1914: Yates, Schuyler, Tompkins & Seneca Counties


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