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Inhabitants of Flushing NY, 1698

Contributor: LindaSmithUEL@aol.com
Date: Jan. 2002

An Exact List of All Ye Inhabitants Names Within Ye Towne of fflushing and P団incts of Old and Young ffreeman & Seruants White & Blacke &c. 1698

Coll: Tho Willett and Mtrs Alena his wife

Sons: Elbert; Cornelius; Abraham; Jophn

Daughters: Alena; Elizabeth
John Clemen: Servt

Negroes: Ffrancis; Jeffrey; Hary; Jack; Dick; Mary

Justice Tho: Hukes
Mrs. Mary, his wife

Sons: Isaac; Benjamin; Charles; William; Stephen; Charley

Daughter: Mary

Negros: Will; Cuffee; Sherry; Ffreegeft; Jane

Majr. Wm. Lawrense
Deborah, his wife

Negros: James; Tom; Lew; Bess ; 2 child

Richard Cornell
Sarah, his wife

Son: Richard

Daughters: Sarah; Elizabeth; Mary

Negros:Tom; Lew3I; Toby; Sarah; Dina

John Esmond
Elizabeth, his wife
Servant: Wm Jewell

Samll: Thorne
Susana, his wife

Sons: Benjamin; Samuell; Nathan

Daughters: Jane; Kesia; Deborah

Negros: Coffe; Dinah; Kate; Charles; Tony

James Clement; Sarah, his wife

Sons: Thomas; Jacob; Joseph and two; Samuel; Nathan

Daughters: Mary; Hannah; Margarett; Bridgett

Negros: Tony

Cornelius Barnion; Anna, his wife

Son: Johannis

Daughters: Alke; Anna; Elixabeth; Arante

Negros: Antony; Jack; Corose; Mary; Isabella

Martin Wiltsee; Maria, his wife
Cornelius; Hendrick; Johannis; Margrett

Elbert Arin
Son; Cataline, his wife

Sons: Rem; Elbert

Daughter: Anneke

Negro: Dick

Garratt Han
Son; Janneke, his wife

Sons: Hance; Rem; Jan; Peter; Danll; Jores

Daughters: Janake; Cattaline

Negro: Jeffrey

Lorus Haff; Canuerte, his wife

Sons: Jewrin; Peter; Johannis; Jacob

Daughters: Stinchee; Maria; Tuntee; Margaretta; Sauta

Edec: Van Skyagg; Ebell, his wife

Sons: Cornelius; Ffrancis; Arian

Daughters: Elizabeth; Rebecca

Poulas Amarman; Abiena, his wife

Daughter: Abena

Barn Bloome; ffammily, his wife

Sons: Garratt; Johannis

Eliz Bloodgood; Wm; Elizabeth

Negro: Will

Dirick Poules; Sarah, his wife

Sons: Peter; Thynis; Richard; William; Jon; Charles

Daughter: Sarah

Negro: Tom

John Bloodgood; Mary, his wife

Powell Hoff; Rachell, his wife

John Jones; Maria, his wife

Derick Brewer; Hannah, his wife
1 child

FRENCH INHABITANTS John: Genung; Margreta, his wife

Son: John


ffrancis Burto; Mary, his wife

Sons: John; Ffrancis

Daughter: Abigal

Sarah Doughty;
Sons: Benjamin; William
Servant: Sarah

Negros: Okee; Mary

Mary Perkins

Daughter: Abigale

Ann Noble
Servant: Abigale

Negros: Jack; Jan

Mary Bowne

Daughters: Annis; Ruth

Negros: James; Nell

Arther Powell; Margrett, his wife

Sons: Richard; Arther

John Hinchman; Sarah, his wife

Sons: John; James

Daughters: Mercy; Mary; Sarah

Negro: Hetchtor

Richard Chew; ffrances, his wife

Sons: Richard; Henry; Thomas

Daughters: Hannah; Charely; Mary; Elizabeth

Thomas Runley; Mary, his wife
Son: Thomas
Daughter: Hannah

ffrancis Doughty; Mary, his wife

Elias Palmer
Sons: ffrancis; Obadiah
Daughters: Sarah; Charely; Mary

Negros: Vester; Rose

John Talman; Mary, his wife
John; James; Peter; Mary; Elizabeth; Charles; Tom; Sarah 2 ch 5

John Thorne Senr; Mary, his wife; Hannah; Sarah; Wm

Negros: Alex wo:3

William ffowler Carp; Mary, his wife
Sons: William; John; Joseph; Benjamin
Daughters: Mary; Rebeca

Negro: Jack

John Thorne Jun池; Katherin, his wife
Son: John
Daughters: Elizabeth; Deborah

Henry Taylor; Mary Sarah, his wife
Daughters: Sarah; Phebe

Negro: Tommy

Edward Greffin, ju; Deborah, his wife
Son: Edward
Daughter: Mary

William Owen; Mary, his wife
Hugh Cowperthawt Mary Southick
Negro: Anthony

Henry ffranklin; Sarah, his wife
1 Negro

Patience Cornelius; Elias; Mary

Tho: ffarington; Abigale, his wife
Sons: Thomas; Robert; Benjamin
Daughters: Elizabeth; Bridgett; Abigale
Negros: Mingo; Winnee

Harman Kinge; Mary, his wife
Sons: John; Joseph; Benjamin; Ffrancis
Negro: Toby

William ffowler wea; Judeth, his wife
Son: William

Thomas Willett; Sarah, his wife
Daughter: Sarah
Negro Lay

Thomas Hinchman; Meriam, his wife
Son: Thomsa
Daughter: Sarah

George Langley; Rebecca, his wife
Negros: Mary SampSon

Matt ffarrington; Hannah, his wife; Matthew; Sarah; Edward

John Mariton; Ffrancis; John; Cornelius; Deborah Ebell

Thomas Yeates; Mary, his wife; Mary, ye mother; William; Benjamin; Jane

Elias Doughty; Elizabeth, his wife; Elias; Elizabeth; Thomas
Negro: Jack

Chalres Doughty; Elizabeth, his wife
Sons: John; Charles
Daughters: Sarah; Elizabeth
1 Negro
1 black boy

John Harrington; Elizabeth, his wife
Sons: John; Edward; Matthew; Thomas; Sam値l; Robert
Daughters: Mercy; Margrett; Dorythy; Anna; Elizabeth

Sma値l Bowne; Mary, his wife
Sons: Sam値l; Thomas; Elmer
Daughter: Hannah
Negros: Simon; Nany; Mingo

Joseph Palmer; Sarah, his wife; Dane値l; Esther; Ric檀; Pricilla

Thomas Hedger; Elizabeth, his wife
Sons: Eliakim; Thomas
Daughters: Mary; Hannah; Jane; Sarah; Deborah; Elizabeth

Joseph Thorne; Mary, his wife
Sons: Joseph; William; Thomas; John; Benjamin; Abraham
Daughters: Hannah; Mary; Susan
Negro: Tom

Sam値l Haight; Sarah, his wife
Sons: Nicholas; Jonathan; David; John
Daughters: Sarah; Mary; Hannah; Phebe
1 Negro

Thomas fford; Sarah, his wife
Son: Thomas

Esther fford; William
Negro: Anthony

John Embree; Sarah, his wife
Sons: Robert; John; Sam値l
Daughter: Sarah

Hatham値l Roe; Elizabeth, his wife
Son: David

Charles Morgan; Elizabeth, his wife
Sons: Charles; James; Thomas; Ephraim
Daughters: Sarah; Sophy
Negros: Peter; James

John Cornelius; Mary, his wife
Sons: John; Dani値l; Sam値l; Joseph
Daughters: Deborah; Mary; Phebe; Sarah
Negro: Zambo

Jona Wright, Senr; Sarah, his wife
Sons: Sam値l; Richard; Charles; Job:; Mary; Hannah; John

Henry Wright; Mary, his wife
Daughters: Hannah; Sarah

Jona Wright, Ju; Wine, his wife
Son: Jonathan
Daughter: Elizabeth

David Wright; Hannah, his wife
Son: David
Daughter: Phebe

Joseph Lawrence; Mary, his wife
Sons: Richard; Thomas
Negro: Jack

John Hopper Peintr; Christopher

John Hopper, Ju; Margaret, his wife

John HarriSon; Elizabeth, his wife
Sons: William; Edward; Henry
Daughters: Elizabeth; Ann
Negros: Hetchtor; Kate

Margery Smith; Judeth; Hannah

Samuel Tatem; Elizabeth, his wife
Son: Sam値l
Daughters: Eliza; Patience
Negro: Mary

Benjamin Heaulleind; Abigaile
Sons: Adam; Benjamin; John
Daughters: Abigale; Bethia

William Benger; Elizabeth, his wife
Sons: John; Jacob
Daughter: Elizabeth

John Heauland; Sarah, his wife
Son: John

Thomas Wildee; Elizabeth, his wife
Sons: Edward; Richard; Thomas; Obadiah; Isaiah
Daughter: Elizabeth

Edward Greffein, Sen; Mary, his wife
Daughter: Deborah
Negro: Jack

John Rodman Mary, his wife
Sons: John; Samuell; Joseph; William; Thomas
Daughters: An; Elizabeth
11 Negros

John Lawrence; Elizabeth, his wife
Sons: William; Richard
Daugthers: Elizabeth; Mary; Deborah
Negros: James; Rose; Bess; Robin; Mill

Benjamin ffeild; Hannah, his wife
Sons: Benjamin; John; Anthony; Sam値l
Negros: Jo; Betty

John Greffin; Elizabeth, his wife
Sons: John; Benjamin; Isaac; Joseph
Daughter: Elizabeth

Richard Greffin; Susan, his wife
Sons: Sam値l; Richard
Daughter: Sarah

David Roe; Mary, his wife; Mary
Negro: Sam

Rebeca Clery; Athelana; Rebeca; Phebe
1 Negro

Philip Odall; Mary, his wife
Sons: Philip; John
Daughters: Mary; Elizabeth; Deborah

Joseph Hedger; Hannah, his wife
Sons: Joseph; Uriah
Daughters: Margrett; Sarah; Hannah

Antnody (Anthony?) Badgley; Elizabeth, his wife
Sons: Anthony; Georg
Daughter: Phebe
1 Negro

Dan値l Patrick; Dinah, his wife
Sons: James; ffeke
Daughter: Sarah
1 Negro

John Ryder

John robert; Hartle; Wintie
1 Negro

Dennis Holdrone; Sarah, his wife

Josiah Genning; Martha, his wife; One child

Edee Wilday; Rebecca; Mary

Thomas Lawrence
James Clement, Jun.
John Clement
John Huker
Jacob Cornell
Thomas ffeild
Joseph ffeild
Derick AreSon
John AreSon
John Yeates
John Man
James ffeke
Robert Snelhen
Tomas Stevens
John Desildoe
Abraham Rich
Robert Hinchmen

Inhabitants: 530

Negros: 113

According to ye best of our Knowledges: JONATHAN WRIGHT

[Endorsed] a trew Lest as it is returned to us by the above Constable and Clerke this Last of augost 1698


Disclaimer: Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information on The Olive Tree Genealogy pages, all transcriptions are subject to human error, and researchers should always check the original source of any list.


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