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Death Finds a Way: A Janie Riley Mystery
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Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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Kings County New York Oath of Allegiance 1687

Contributor: Karen Oestreicher
Source: The Documentary History of the State of New York Vol 1. Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan.

Please note that the number of years does not refer to an individual's age, but the length of time he has been in the country.

Roll of Those Who have taken the oath of Allegiance the 26,27,28, 29 and 30th day of Sept. 1687

Format: Last Name; First Name; Comments
º Van Boerem; Willem Jacobs; Was in this country 38 yrs
ºProbasco; Christoffel; 33 yrs
º Rijcken; Hendrick; 24 yrs
º Strycker; Pieter; Native of this Province of N: York
º Pieterse; Cornelis; Native
º Luijster; Cornelis Peters; Native
º Van Vliet; Dirck Jansen; 23 yrs
º Lubberse; Gerrit ; Native
º Albertse; Ruth ; 25 yrs
º Beakman ; Gerrardus Native
º Hafften ; Jacob Henk ; 23 yrs
º Dorlant ; Gerrit ; Native
º Lott; Engelbert; Native
º Hanssen; Simon ; 48 yrs
º Lott; Pieter ; 35 yrs
º Van Wyck ;Cornelis Barense; 27 yrs
º Remsen ; Jacob ; Native
º Van Amesfoort ;Jan Harmenessen ; 29 yrs
º Hendrickse; Willem ; Native
º Hegeman ;Joseph ; 37 yrs
º Willkens ;Claes ; 25 yrs
º Janse; Willem Guil ; 47 yrs
º Reijnierse;Auke; Native
º Remssen; Jooris; Native
º Van Bosch ;Jan Wouterse; 28 yrs
º Jansen; Lambert; Native
º Remsen; Jan; Native
º Van Vliet; Jan Dircks; 23 yrs
º Hegeman ; Hendrickus ; 36 yrs
º Spiglelar; Jan;25 yrs
º Aaten; Adriaen Hend 36 yrs
º Pieterse;Lefferd; 2 7 yrs
º Hegeman; Isaack; Native
º Janse; Pieter Guil; 45 yrs
º Willemsen; Pieter; Native
º Seeu; Cornelis Jansse; 27 yrs
º Lott; Hendrick; Native
º Polheius; Daniel ; Native
º Ditmaertz ;Jan Van; Native
º Theunissen; Denijs; Native
º Strycker;Jan; 35 yrs
º Van Cassant; Isaac; 35 yrs
º Blom; Jan Barense; Native
º Reyerse; Adriaen; 41 yrs
º Remsen; Daniel; Native
º Vandebilt; Jacob; Native
º Adriaense; Marten; Native
º Snediker;Christiaen; Native
º Hegeman; Abram; Native
º Vander Veer;Jan Cornelissen; Native
º Van Wijck;Theodorus; Native
º Aaten; Thomas; Native
º Snediker; Gerrit; Native
º Janse; Hendrick; Native
º Verkerck;Roeloff; 21 yrs
º Janssen; Barent; Native
º Hegeman; Jocobus; 36 yrs
º Willemse; Hendrick; 38 yrs
º Hooglant; Dirck Jan ; Native
º Hooglant; Jan Dircks; Native
º Hooglant; Willem Dircks; Native
º Oake; Jan; 36 yrs
º Strijker; Gerrit Janse; 35 yrs
º Remssen; Rem; Native
º Lamberse; Thomas; 36 yrs
º Hanssen ; Jooris ; Native
º Vechten ; Hendrick ; 27 yrs
º Vechten ; Claes Arense ; 27 yrs
º Aertsen ; Jan ; 26 yrs
º Claaesen; Hendrick ; 33 yrs
º Bergen ; Jacob Hanssen; Native
º Martens ; Jooris ; Native
º Thyssen ; Hendrick ; 21 yrs
º Couverts; Mauritius ; Native
º Huijcken; Willem ; 21 yrs
º Bogaert ; Theunis Gysbertse ;35 yrs
º Bennitt ; Willem ; Native
º Lamberse ;Hendrick; Native
º Ffredricks ;Jan ; 35 yrs
º Couverts; Jan ; Native
º Couverts; Luijcas ; 24 yrs
º Abramse ; Ffrans ; Native
º Middag ; Gerrit Aerts; Native
º Aertsen ; Simon ; 23 yrs
º Cornelisen; Matthy s ; 24 yrs
º Hendricks ;Ephraim ; 33 yrs
º Van Dyck ;Claes Thomas ; Native
º d'Rapale; Jeronimus ; Native
º Remsen ; Jeronimus ;Native
º Janssen ; Casper ; Native
º Vandijck ;Achias Janse; 36 yrs
º Joorissen; Jacob ; Native
º d'Beauvois ;Jacobus ; 28 yrs
º Joorissen; Harmen ; Native
º Bennit ; Jacob Willemse ; Native
º Brouwer ;Jacob ; Native
º Broulaet ;Bourgon ; 12 yrs
º Damen ; Jan ;37 yrs
º Subrink; Cornelis ; Native
º Sleght ; Hendrick ; 35 yrs
º Vanderbreets ;Juriaen ; Native
º Staats ; Pieter ; Native
º Remsen ; Abram ; Native
º Hanssen ; Michael ; Native
º Tobiassen; Theunis ; Native
º Corsen ; Pieter ; Native
º Couverts; Theunis Janse ; 36 year s
º Simonssen; Aert ; Native
º Brouwer,; Junior Adam ; Native
º Schaers ; Alexander ; Native
º Pos ;Willem ; Native
º Dorland ; Jan Gerrise ;35 yrs
º Casperse ;Johannis ; 35 yrs
º Blom; Claes Barentse; Native
º Brouwer ; Pieter ; Native
º Brouwer ; Abram ; Native
º Bennit ;Jan ; Native
º Sleght ; Barent ; Native
º Vande Water ;Jacobus ; 29 yrs
º Vande Water ;Benjamin ; Native
º Wiejnants ;Pieter ; Native
º Ffranssen;Joost ; 33 yrs
º Aaten ; Hendrick ;Native
º Staats ; Jan Janse; Native
º Simons; Claes ; Native
º Sousa ; Anthonij ; 5 yrs
º Casperse ;Joost ; 35 yrs
º Lubberse ;Thijs ; 50 yrs
º Dirckse ; Paulus ; 36 yrs
º Brouwer ; Adam ; 45 yrs
º Dreths ; Josias ; 26 yrs
º Van Nesten; Pieter ; 40 yrs
º Theunisen; Jan ; Native
º Woertman; Dirck Janse ; 40 yrs
º d'Rapale ;Daniel ; Native
º Boomgaert ;Gijsbert; Native
º Vanderbrats ;Volkert ; Native
º Buijs ; Jan ;39 yrs
º Dorlant ; Gerrit ; Native
º Bennit ; Adriaen ; Native
º Verdon ; Thomas ; Native Staats
º Janse ; Pieter ;Native - off New Dijtrecht
º Vandermij; Tielman ; 13 yrs
º Vandijck ;Karel Janse ; 35 yrs
º Vandijck ;Jan Janse; 35 yrs
º Tierckse ;Thomas ; 35 yrs
º Van Pelt; Wouter ; 24 yrs
º Christiaense ;Jacob; Native
º Janse ; Lambert ; 22 yrs
º Devernter; Jan Van ; 25 yrs
º Vandeventer ;Cornelis Janse ; Native
º Laenen ;Gijsbert Thysen ; 24 yrs
º Laenen ;Theunis Janse Van Pelt ;24 yrs
º Van Pelt ;Anthony ; 24 yrs
º Clement ; Jan ; 22 yrs
º Wijnhart;Cornelis ; 30 yrs
º Van Meeteren; Kreijn Janse ; 24 yrs
º Van Brent; Joost Rutsen ; Native
º Van Pelt; Aert Theunissen ; Native
º DuChaine; Anthonij ; 24 yrs
º Laenen ; Jan Thijssen ; Native
º Janse ;Laurens ; Native
º Van Cleeff; Jan ; 34 yrs
º Klinckenberg ;Wellem ; Native
º Vandergrifft ;Nicolase ; Native
º Van Kerck, Jr.; Jan ; Nat ive
º Van Kerck, Sr.; Jan ; 24 yrs
º Ridder ; Barent Joosten ; 35 yrs
º Smack ; Hendrick Matthysse; 33 yrs
º Van Kleeff; Cornelis ; Native
º Van Sutphen; Dirck Janse; 36 yrs
º Kiersen ; Jan ; 38 yrs
º Van Voorhuys ;Gerrit Courten ; Native
º Van Brunt; Rooth Joosten; 34 yrs
º Ffransisco ;Pieter ; Native
º Cortejou ;Jacques ; 35 yrs
º Corteljou, Jr.;Jacques ; Native
º Corteljou; Cornelis ; Native
º Corteljou ;Pieter ; Native
º Corteljouw ;Willlem ; Native
º Van Duyn; Gerrit Cornelis; 38 yrs
º Vanduyn ;Cornelis Gerris ; Native
º Vanduyn ; Denijs Gerrise ; Native
º De Camp; Laurens Janse ; 23 yrs
º Thyssen ; Pieter ; Native
º Janssen ; Swaen ; 33 yrs
º Stoff ;else Gerrit; 36 yrs
º Bruynenburgh; Jan Hanssen ; 48 yrs
º Gerritse ;Stoffel ; Native
º Debaene ; Joost ; 4 yrs
º Kamminga; Hendrick Janse; 9 yrs
º Van Brunt; Cornelis Rutsen; Native
º Verkerck; Barent; Native off Boswijck
º Dirckse; Volkert; Native
º De Witt; Pieter Janse;35 yrs
º Daniel; Pieter; 10 yrs
º La Fforge; Adriaen; 15 yrs
º Kockuyt; Joost; 27 yrs
º La Ffebre; Isaack; 4 yrs
º Schamp; Pieter; 15 yrs
º Verschier;Wouter Gysbert; 38 yrs
º Loyse; Pieter; Native
º Klock; Pelgrom; 31 yrs
º Will; Volert; Native
º Waldron; Daniel; 35 yrs
º Haecks; Simon; 16 yrs
º Loyse; Cornelis; 36 yrs
º Le Quie; Jean; 30 yrs
º Cockevaer; Alezander; 30 yrs
º Hendrickse;Albert; 25 yrs
º Miseroll, Jr.;Jean; 20 yrs
º Kat; Claes Cornelissen; 25 yrs
º Palmentier; Michiel; 23 yrs
º Bale; Vincent; 4 yrs
º Para; Pieter; 28 yrs
º Ffontaine; Johannis; Native
º De Consilie;Jean; 25 yrs
º Durie; Josst; 12 yrs
º Janse; Jan ; Native
º Janse; Jacob; Native
º Simonse; Pieter; Native
º Rosekrans;Jacob Dirck se ;Native
º VerSchuer; Jochem; Native
º Verschuer; Hendrick; Native
º Koeck; Laurens; 26 yrs, off Fflackland
º Elbertse; Elbert; 50 yrs
º Schenck; Roeloff Martense; 37 yrs
º Schenck; Jan Roeloffs; Native
º Schenck; Jan Martense; 37 yrs
º Van Dyckhuys; Jan Theunis; 34 yrs
º Van Voorhuys; Court Stevense; 27 yrs
º Nevius; Pieter; Native
º Willemsen ;Abram ; 25 yrs
º Schenck; Marten Roeloff; Native
º Janssen; Han; 47 yrs
º Van Voorhuijs; Albert Courten; Native
º Wijckoff; Pieter Claasen; 54 yrs
º  Daalen ; Janse Van Aerts ; 34 yrs
º Dalen ; Cornelis Simonsen Van Aerts; Native
º Wijckoff ;Gerrit Pieterse ; Native
º Brouwer ; Jan ; 30 yrs
º Hanssen; Gerrit; Native
º Van Wickelen;Evert Janssen;23 yrs
º Wijckoff; Claes Pieterse; Native
º Brouwer; Dirck;Native
º Bresse; Gerrit Hendrickse; Native
º Brouwer; Pieter; Native
º Ammerman;Dirck Janssen; 37 yrs
º Kume; Adriaen;27 yrs
º Stoothoff;Gerret Elberts; Native
º Strijcker; Jacob;36 yrs
º Stoffelse; Dirck; 30 yrs
º Dirckse; Stoffel; Native
º Van Sichgelen;Fferdinandus ; 35 yrs
º Wijckoff;Hendrick Pieterse;Native
º Van Couwenhooven;Willem Gerritse ;Native
º Van Couwenhooven; Gerritt Willemsen; Native
º Wijckoff; Jan Pieterse; Native
º Wanshaer;Anthony;Native
º Stevense;Luycas; 27 yrs
º Luyster; Pieter Cornelis; 34 yrs
º Stevense;Jan; 27 yrs
º Bruynsen; Ruth; 34 yrs
º Borekio; Willem Willemse; Native
º Tull; Pieter Pieterse; 30 yrs
º Brouwer; Hendrick;Native
º Monffoort; Pieter; Native
º Van Amach; Theunis Janse; 44(?) yrs
º Luyster; Thys Pieterse; 31 yrs
º Ferhuen; Jan Albertse; Native
º Davies; Willem; 34 yrs
º Willemse;Johannnis; 25 yrs off Gravens End
º Van Siegelen;Renier; Native
º Romeyn; Stoffel Janse; 34 yrs
º Machielse;Johannis; Native
º Boisbilland; John; 2 yrs - had letters of denisatie
º Juriaense; Barent; 29 yrs
º Van Zutphen;Jan Barense; 30 yrs
º Pieterse; Marten; Native
º Gulick; Jochem; 34 yrs
º Buys; Cornelis; Native
º Van Borcklo;Jan Willemsen;Native
º Gerritse;Rem; Native
º Messcher; Adam Machielse; 40 yrs
º Willemse; Willem; 30 yrs
º Carstense;Jan; Native
º Brouwer; Johannis; Native

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