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Death Finds a Way: A Janie Riley Mystery
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Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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Flatbush Reformed Dutch Church Marriages from Consistory Books, Kings County Long Island New York 1828 - 1837

Coordinated Records of Marriages and Baptisms from the Flatbush RDC Consistory Books And the Registers of its Daughter Church at New Lots Kings County, Long Island, New York

Derived from the Register of Marriages (1787—1872) and Baptisms (1792—1872) Of the Flatbush Reformed Dutch Church Consistory Records (the Van Cleef Transcriptions, The Holland Society of New York Collections) And the Marriage and Baptismal Records of The New Lots Reformed Church (1824-1906)

Recompiled, Reformatted and Cross-Referenced -with Some Annotations- And Keyed to the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society Record And its anthological companion Genealogies of Long Island Families

By Richard A. McCool and John G. Storm
May 1996
All Rights Reserved

Dedicated to Jacob Tipton Rapelje
Anna Bergen Hitchings
Baptized Together at New Lots
On 27 June 1902 and
Married -15 June 1929

M = marriage
B = baptism
GLIF = Genealogies of Long Island Families. Ed. Henry B. Hoff
NLRDC = New Lots Reformed Dutch Church
NYG&B[S] = New York Genealogical & Biographical Society, Publishers of the NYG&B Record

M354. Stephen A. Emmons and Miss Jane Van Dyke. 23 January at Gravesend.

M355. William Voorhies and Miss Matilda Stillwell. 3 April at Gravesend.

M356. Samuel R. Smith and Miss Maria Jones. 5 April at Flatbush.

M357. Frederic D. P. Crommelin and Miss Maria Bergen. 15 May at Flatbush.

M358. Isaac Denyse and Miss Sarah Hegeman. 31 May at Flatbush. [M358, B311, B480]. [See NYG&B Record 113:39].(1)

M359. Hiram Paulding and Miss Ann M. Kellogg. 9 June at Flatbush.

M360. Peter Stryker Junr. and Miss Gertrude Wyckoff. 11 June at Gravesend. [M360, B316, B345].

M361. William Mathews and Miss Abby Maurison. 14 July at Flatbush.

1828 continued:

M362. Rulef Van Houten and Miss Jemima Morgan. 13 October at Flatbush.

M363. Elisha Lambertson and Miss Eliza B. Furman. 29 November at Flatbush.

M364. Jacobus J. Voorhies and Miss Catherine Van Sicklen. 11 December at Gravesend. [See NYG&B Record 114:38 & 86/88].

M365. Valentine Powell and Miss Hannah Ann Stoothoff. 27 December at Flatbush.


M366. James Waldron and Miss Hannah Slype. 11 January at Flatbush.

M367. John A. Lott and Miss Catherine L. Lott. 16 February at Flatbush. [M367, B320, B339, B361, B391, B408, B434, B453, B474, B516].

M368. Platt Powell and Miss Ellen Jorolemon. 15 April at Flatbush.

M369. William A. Watson and Miss Eliza Powell. 15 April at Flatbush.

M370. John Provost and Miss Jemima Smith. 30 April at Gowanus.

M371. Stephen J. Voorhies and Miss Johanna Bergen. 17 June at Flatlands.

M372. Andrew Stockholm and Miss Jane Hegeman. 23 July at Flatbush.

M373. John Neefus and Miss Mary Martin Algeo. 27 September at Flatbush. See NYG&B Record LXXXIX (1958) or GLIF I:24.

M374. Richard R. Stillwell and Miss Esther Mason Van Siclen. 13 October at Gravesend.

1829 continued:

M375. Lucas J. Voorhees and Miss Gertrude Suydam. 17 December at Gravesend.


M376. John Algeo and Miss Maria Wyckoff. 11 April at Flatbush. [Probably John Allgeo [B51], son of [M9]. [M376, B343, B359, B378, B465, B520]. See NYG&B Record LXXXIX (1958) or GLIF I:24.

M377. Edward Thompson and Miss Mary Kellogg. 19 July at Flatbush.

M378. Charles C. Walden and Miss Emily L. Franklin. 20 July at Flatbush.

M379. James Howard and Miss Sarah Hughes. 2 December at Flatbush. From Brooklyn. Mr. Richard Phillips - witness.


M380. William W. Story and Mrs. Maria Schenck (noted elsewhere in these records to be Maria Martense). 26 January at Brooklyn. [M380, B341, B366]. See NYG&B Record Vol VIII (April 1877), or GLIF Vol I:582.

M381. William Johnson and Miss Catherine Allen. 16 March at Flatbush.

M382. Andrew Cropsey and Miss Jane Aldworth. 16 August at Flatbush. From Brooklyn.

M383. Ezekiel Anderson and Miss Jane Rose. 9 October at Flatbush. From N. York.

M384. Revd. William H. Campbell and Miss Catherine E. Schoon­maker. 17 October at Flatbush. [M384, B365, B389, B407].


M385. Halsey Van Duser and Miss Gertrude Bennett. 17 June at Flatbush. Not identified in the Bennet article GLIF I.

M386. William S. Hastie and Miss Caroline Louisa Franklin. 8 September at Flatbush

M387. Mathias Van Dyke and Miss Margaret Price. 12 September at Flatbush. of Brooklyn.

M388. Revd. Mr. Henry Gleason and Miss Cynthia S. Vandervoort. 27 September at Bedford.

M389. John J. Johnson and Miss Sarah Ann Wyckoff. 13 December at Flatbush.

M390. John Berry and Miss Maria Bennett. 19 December at Gowanus. This couple is not identified in the Bennet article GLIF Vol I.

M391. Jackson B. Bedell and Miss Catherine Voorhees. 24 December at Flatbush.

M392. Revd. John T. Marshall Davie and Miss Eliza Jane Campbell. 27 December at Flatbush.


M393. John Walling and Miss Jane Pool. 2 January at Flatbush. From Brooklyn.

M394. Elias H. Hubbard and Miss Ida Barkuloo. 4 March at Brooklyn.

M395. John D. Concklin and Miss Rebecca Elsworth. 28 March at Flatbush.

M396. Lefferts Bergen and Miss Phebe Bergen. 10 April at Brooklyn.

1833 continued:

M397. Garrit H. Hendrickson of Pleasant Valley, NYork and Miss Ann Bennett of Yellow Hook. 14 May at Yellow Hook. This couple is not identified in the Bennet article GLIF I.

M398. William W. Carman and Miss Sarah Hegeman. 3 June at Flatbush.

M399. James Haines and Miss Elisabeth Van Nostrand. 3 June at Flatbush.

M400. Edward Cruikshank and Miss Sarah E. Ryerson. 19 June at New Lots.

M401. Mortimer Golding and Miss Maria Coleman. 28 July at Flatbush. From Brooklyn.

M402. Joseph Jarvis and Mrs. Elisabeth Atkins. 29 July at Flatbush. From New York.

M403. John M. Carhart and Miss Aletta J. Hegeman. 28 August at Flatbush. Married by Revd. Wm. Campbell.

M404. Nicholas Van Tassel and Miss Matilda Hegeman. 18 December at Flatbush. [M404, B369, B384, B403].

M405. Daniel Stillwell, of Gravesend and Miss Maria Lyles, of Flatlands. 28 December at Flatbush.


M406. William Gosline and Miss Catherine Blaw. Precise date and place of ceremony not stated. From Flatlands.

M407. John Bennett and Miss Phebe Monfort. 21 April at Flatbush. From Gowanus. Ee GLIF Vol I:604; see also GLIF I:142, this perhaps representing another marriage of John C. Bennet, son of Christopher Bennet and Abigail Brundage.

1834 continued:

M408. Michael Neefus and Miss Jane Fish Bergen. 19 May at Flatbush. [M408, B383, B397, B431].

M409. John Vanderbilt and Miss Margaret Stryker. 20 May at Flatbush. [M409, B373, B442].

M410. Henry Degraff and Miss Freelove Cosine. 25 May at Flatbush. From New Utrecht.

M411. John Dixon Junr. and Miss Eliza Foxall. 16 July at Flatbush. From Brooklyn.

M412. Henry Denyse and Miss Sarah White. 9 October at Flatbush. From Flatlands.

M413. Mathias Clintock and Miss Eliza Carmer. 14 December at Flatbush. From Brooklyn.

M414. John Van Pelt and Miss Ann Maria Cortelyou. 17 December at New Utrecht. [See NYG&B Record 113:38/39 & 114:87/88].


M415. John D. Prince and Miss Gertrude Martense. 13 January at Flatbush. [M415, B396, B426, B452, B479, B504, B522, B539, B555, B571, B619]. See NYG&B Record Vol. VIII (April 1877), or GLIF Vol I:581.

M416. Jones Borchers and Miss Margaret Denton. 26 February at Flatbush. From Flatlands.

M417. James Applegate, of New York and Miss Dennie Augusta Dey, of New Jersey[2]. 24 May at Flatbush.

1835 continued:

M418. Revd. Isaac Grier, of White Deer, Pa and Miss Nancy Campbell. 30 June at Flatbush.

M419. David Lawrence of Brooklyn and Miss Catherine S. Leake. 20 July at Flatbush. [M419, B398, B443].

M420. Peter G. Wyckoff and Miss Ryme Wyckoff. 13 October at Flatbush. From Flatlands.

M421. Jacob Burrows and Miss Catherine Antonides. 28 October at Flatbush. (Jacob is a member of the Burroughs family of Newtown, LI, son of John Bur­roughs and Sarah Debevoise. See NYG&B Record LXXXIX (1958) or GLIF I:24).

M422. John Remsen and Miss Elizabeth Combs. 23 December at Bedford. M423. Daniel Dooley and Miss Sarah Ann Maurison. 24 December at Flatbush. Of Flatlands.

M424. Cornelius Suydam and Miss Ellen Van Nuyse. 30 December at Flatlands. [M424, B440, B454, B486, B529].

M425. Henry Maurison and Miss Abigail Bennett. 31 December at Flatbush. Of Flatlands. Not identified in the Bennet article GLIF Vol I.


M426. Jeromus J. Johnson and Miss Maria Lefferts. 6 January at Flatbush. [B260, B561] (See also M573). [See NYG&B Record 113:38].

1836 continued:

M427. Abraham Bush and Miss Sarah Van Houten. 23 April at Flatbush.

M428. John D. Oliver and Miss Emeline Conan. 4 July at Flatbush.

M429. Suydam Hegeman and Miss Anna Imogene Chancellor. 20 July at Flatbush. (This is Evert Suydam Hegeman, son of Joseph Hegeman an Maria Suydam. See NYG&B Record 116:29-36). [M429, B174, B202, B208].

M430. Joseph Ferriole and Miss Maria Hawkins. 22 July at Flatbush. Of New York.

M431. William Beatty and Miss Mary Wood. 9 September at Flatbush. Of Jamaica.

M432. Herbert Clark and Miss Harriet Cady. 17 December at Flatbush. Of New York.


M433. Samuel Brainerd, Junr. and Miss Elizabeth Martense. 15 January at Flatbush. See NYG&B Record Vol VIII (April 1877), or GLIF Vol I:582.

M434. Rem J. Snediker and Miss Maria W. Eldert[3]. 16 January at Flatbush. Of New Lots.

M433. Richard C. Bedell and Mrs. Elizabeth Van Houten. 18 April at Flatbush. From Flatlands.

M434. Andrew Crawford and Mrs. Elizabeth Hegeman. 19 April at Flatbush.

1837 continued:

M435. James Brown and Miss Sarah Ann Hooper. 2 July at Flatbush.

M436. Garrit Van Mater and Miss Maria Hegeman. 14 July at Flatbush [See NYG&B Record 116:34, where this couple is referred to as Garry Van Mote and Maria, daughter of John Hegeman and Elizabeth Parker. This source states that Maria Hegeman secondly married Nelson Wood].

M437. Thomas Gosline and Mrs. Nancy Johnson. 3 September at Flatbush. From Canarsie.

M438. Revd. John Abeel Baldwin and Miss Elizabeth E. Van Kleeck. 19 September at Flatbush.

M439. Joseph Morrell and Miss Elizabeth Beasley. 19 October at Gowanus.

M500. Mead Valentine and Miss Aletta Leake. 8 November at Brooklyn.

M501. Richard H. Meserole and Miss Ellen Van Pelt. 9 November at Gowanus.

M502. Philip S. Crooke and Miss Margaret Catin. 23 November at Flatbush.

M503. Cornelius Van Cleef and Miss Catherine Antonides. 28 December at Flatbush. See NYG&B Record LXXXIX (1958) or GLIF I:25&27.

[1]NLRDC= Phebe Maria De Nice, born 3 February 1833, baptized 8 March 1833, daughter of Isaac De Nice and Sarah Hegeman.

[2] The compilers note one Applegate record in the New LotsRDC records which may have familial relevance, the marriage on 18 July 1844 of Abraham Applegate [of] Freehold, New Jersey, to Sarah, widow of the late Isaac Van Riper [of] Gravesend.

[3] NLRDC= Johannes Eldert Snediker, born 25 August 1847, baptized 5 February 1849, son of Rem Snediker and Maria Eldert.

This is an ongoing project and will be added to as time permits. Please check back often to see what new records are online

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