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Baptismal Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Flatlands, Long Island, New York 1747 - 1752

The following is a transcription by Peter Divine, July 2001, from LDS Microfilm #17637. This is a microfilm of a handwritten transcript in possession of the Holland Society of New York, New York City. The transcription of original records (and translation from Dutch to English) was done by Dingman Versteeg into a ledger book. Only the front-side of each leaf was used (only the odd-numbered pages), except for the frontispiece on page 152. The microfilming was done in reverse order, beginning with page 231 and ending with page 152. Flatlands is now a part of the Borough of Brooklyn in the city of New York.
Notes from Peter Divine:
  1. "do" means "ditto", used in place of re-writing the surname of the previously mentioned individual.
  2. Notes and question marks that I inserted are enclosed in brackets [?].
  3. All other notes and question marks, including those in parentheses (), were inserted by Dingman Versteeg.
  4. In Dingman Versteeg's handwriting, the capital "L" is virtually indistinguishable from the capital "S", and the small "h" is indistinguishable from the small "k". Thus, what I have transcribed as "Sytje" may in some cases really be "Lytje", and what I have transcribed as "Fish" may really be "Fisk".
  5. I have carefully used commas as placeholders. For example, "Jacobus, Aug 17, 1748, Jacobus Wyckhof,, Sara Amerman wife of Pieter Wyckhof" indicates that Sara Amerman was listed under the "Witnesses" column [Lorine's note: meaning that the mother of baby Jacobus is not given, which you can see by the two commas and a blank space where the mother's name should be], while "Nicholas, April 6, Nicholas Schenk, Willempje Wyckoff" indicates that Willempje Wyckoff was listed under the "Parents" column.

Flatlands Baptisms
Orderbook is MSS in Long Island Historical Society
Page 153
Baptismal Record of the Church of Flatlands

Child, Date, Parent, Parent, Witnesses

  • Johannis, June 7 1747, Jacobus Wyckof,, Jan Wyckoff
  • Pieter,, Roelof Schenck
  • Judikje,, Hil Riet,, Gerrit Blom & wife
  • Daniel,, Gerrit Noortstrand,, Daniel Noortstrant
  • Femmitje, July 5, David Sprongh,, Cornelis Van Duin & wife
  • Maaike, Aug 9, Jacobus Lodt,, Jannis Remsen & wife Geertje
  • Antie, Feb 24 1751, Cornelis Van Duin,, Antje Emans, wife of Jan Van Kerk
  • Catrientje,, Nicolaas Stillwell,, Aaltje Van Bront, wife of Niklaas Stillwell
  • Cornelia, March 31, Jacobus Cornel,, Aert Middagh & wife.
  • Hendrik, June 23, Evert Sudam, , Hendrik Sudam & wife, Geertje Van Wicklen
  • Jan,, Sam Hiks,, Jan Middagh & wife Maria
  • Anderina,, James Berry,, Edderie Berrie
  • Maria, Oct 18 1747, Johannis Hardenbergh,, Dirk & Maritje Bergen
  • Daniel, Dec 25 1747, Johannis Rappelie,, Jacobus Lent & wife Margrietje
  • Yda, Feb 14 1748, Cornelis Suydam,, Pieter Hageman & wife
  • Aart, March 20, Petrus Van Pelt,,The mother
  • Petrus,, Adriaan Hegeman,, Petrus & Adriana, his wife
  • Jacobus, June 18 1748, Abraham Emans,, Hendick & Cornelia Emans
  • Johanna, Aug 17, Jeems Hobert,, Rebecka Hobert, wife of Cornelis Stryker
Page 155
  • Jacobus, Aug 17 1748, Jacobus Wyckhof,, Sara Amerman wife of Pieter Wyckhof
  • Johannis, Aug 21, Johannis Jansen,, Johannis Nevens & wife Susanna Schenk[?]
  • Sytje, Sept 25, Jan Leffersen,, Pieter Leffersen & wife Sytje Suydam
  • Jakomina,, Cornelis Van Duyn,, Sara Van Kerck, wife of Cornelis Van Duin
  • Petrus, Feb 5 1749, Drickus Van Dyck,,The parents
  • Aaltje,, Jan Amerman Jr,, Jan Amerman & wife Sarah Wyckoff
  • Sara,, Folkert Sprong, , Abraham Emans & wife Sara Schenk
  • Phebe,, Jacobus Rider,, Adriaan Voorhees & wife Phebe Rider
  • Maria, April 9, Cornelis Van Sys,, The parents
  • Antje,, Hendrik Lodt,, The parents
  • Petrus, May 7, James Berrien,, Pieter Willemsen & wife Geertje Dorlant[?]
  • Antje, June 4, Gerrit Kouwenhoven,, Willem Kouwenhoven, & wife Antje Voorhees
  • Hendrik, Oct 15, Godvrees Hyn,, Hendrik Eldersen & wife Grietje Wyckof
  • Annitje,, Willem Jansen,, Maritje Monfoort, his wife
  • Maria,, Abraham Voorhees,, Jan Liuksen & wife Adriana Leffersen
  • Elisabeth,, David Sprongh,, His wife Sytje
  • Jochem, Nov 19, Jacobus Wyckoff,, Cornelis Wyckoff & wife Anna Elisabeth Sweet
  • Jacob, May 20 1750, Constyn Golnek,, Jacob Ryersen, Antje Voorhees wife of Jan Ryersen
Page 157
  • Catriena, July 15 1750, Douwe Seudam,, Jan VanderVeer & wife Cornelia Lot
  • Sara, Aug 19, Joost Vannuis,, Elisabeth Emans wife of Joost Van Nuis
  • Jan, Dec 2, Jan Amerman,, Jan Amerman & wife Sarah Wyckoff
  • ?, Dec 2, Jan Schenck,, Margriet Hegeman his wife
  • Jannitje, Jan 26 1751, Jan Monfoort,, The parents
  • Rachel, July 28, Folkert Sprong,, David Sprong & wife Sytje Van Deventer
  • Joris,, Hendrik Lot,, The parents
  • Cornelia,, Japik Sebering,, Jan VanderVeer & wife Cornelis Lodt
  • Maria, Dec 15, Johannis Van Sickelen,, Cornelis & Catriena Van Sickelen
  • Roelof, March 8 1752, Albert Terhunnen,, Roelof Terhunnen & wife Matje Voorhees
  • Wilhelmus,, Joost Van Nuis,, Willem Van Nuis & wife Magdalena Berrie
  • ?,, Michiel Striker,, Jan Striker & wife Sara Bergen
  • Femmitje,, Ulpianus Van Senderen,, Jan Schenck & wife Femmetje Hegeman
  • Lisabeth, May 31, Jan VanderVoort,, Andries Andriesse & wife Elisabeth Polon[?] [FN1]
  • Jannetje,, Dr. Spitser,, Jacob L Sulleman & wife Jannetje
  • Jacobus, July 5, Jacobus Lot,, Abraham Lot & Teuntje[?] the mother
[FN1] April 2008. Mike Morrissey reviewed a film copy of the transcription of the baptismal records of the this church done by Dingman Versteeg, on which Peter Devine based his transcription. This transcription shows that Elisbeth Polon[?]'s maiden name was Blom. The writing is constricted as the transcription comes to the edge of the page, but it is clearly readable.


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