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Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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Baptisms St. George's Church Hempstead, Long Island, New York 1760-1763

Thanks to Volunteer Peggy Broughton for this set of baptismal records for Hempstead Long Island New York

Baptisms St. George's Church Hempstead, Long Island, New York 1760

  • Oct. 28. Sarah Peterson, adult
  • Oct. 28. Thomas , son of the above
  • Jan. 24. Sarah Treadwell, Samuel Treadwell, William Treadwell, Adults
  • Jan. 24. Elizabeth, d of Benjamin and Sarah Treadwell
  • Jan. 24. John Wolley, Joseph Wolley,William Wolley, Benjamin Wolly, Samuel Wolley, Adults.
  • Jan. 24. Thomas, s. of John and Hannah Wolley
  • Jan. 25. James, s., Mary, d., of James and Mary Neuvell
  • Feb. 27. John, s. , Phebe, d., Anne., d., Sarah, d., Daniel, s., of Daniel and Pegge Kissam
  • Feb. 27. Elizabeth Mott, adult.
  • Mar. 7. Hannah, d., Mary, d.,Anne, d., of Adam and Mary Carman.
  • Mar. 7. William , s. of Peter and Elizabeth Holmes.
  • Mar. 7. Hannah, d. of Israel and Mary Smith.
  • Mar. 7. Ruth, d., Rebecca, d., of Stephen and Mary Smith.
  • Mar. 7. Sarah Bedle, adult.
  • April 30. Mary, d., Sarah, d., of William and Kaziah Fowler.
  • May 1 Rebecca, d. of Joseph and Phebe Thurston.
  • May 1 Thomas, s., James, s., of Peter and Margaret Stringham.
  • May 11. Stephen, s. of Stephen and Mary Smith.
  • May 11. Lorada, d. of John and Mary Rowland.
  • June 19. At Nine Partners, Dutchess Co., Hannah, d. of William and Sarah Bedel.
  • June 19. Peter, s. of Peter and Hannah Filkins.
  • June 29. Benjamin Cornel, adult.
  • July 16. Sarah, d. of Richard and Mary Rhodes.
  • July 16. Hannah, d.. of the widdow Elizabeth Bunts
  • July 20. At Oyster Bay, L.I.., Isaac, s. of John and Mary Hewlett
  • Aug. 1. At Huntington, L.I., Mary, d. of Edmund Andrews.
  • Aug.3. Deborah, d. of Zophar Rogers.
  • Aug. 28. William, s. of William and Mary Johnson
  • Sep. 13. Mary,d., David, s., Phebe., Deborah., d., John, s., William, s., of John and Elizabeth Allen.
  • Sep. 16. Isaac, s. of Phebe Gritman.
  • Sep. 17. At Huntington, L.I., Phebe D., d. of Luke >Ruland.
  • Nov. 2. At Fishkill, Mary, d. of Thomas and PhebeSpragg.
  • Nov. 2. Elizabeth, d. of Johannes and Ann Young.
  • Nov. 2. Jane, d. of Thomas and Hannah Southward.
  • Nov. 2. At Fishkill, Pheebe, d. Anne., d. of Henry and Anne Southward.
  • Nov. 2. Mary. d. of Elias Conklin
  • Nov. 2 Elizabeth, d. of John and Jemime Terbus.
  • Nov. 4. At Beekman's Precinct, Anne, d. of Joshua and Bridget Champlin. Sponsors, Bartholomew and Elizabeth Noxon.
  • Nov. 4. Elizabeth, d. of Simon and Penelop Noxon. Sponors, Peter, and Gerturde Noxon.
  • Nov. 5. At Rumbout, Joseph, Anne, Hannah, Sarah Smith, adults,
  • Nov. 5. Anne Wilsey, adult.
  • Nov. 5. Elizabrth Scuder, adult.
  • Nov. 5. Phebe, d. Elizabeth, d., of Elizabeth Smith.
  • Nov. 5. William, s.,Thomas, s., of Thomas and Mary Halstead.
  • Nov. 6. At Crum Elbow, Peter, d., Seaman., Phebe, d., Deborah, d., Sarah, d., of James and SarahGermond. Surity with parents, Isaac Germond, Esq.
  • Nov. 7. At Crum Elbow, Jacobus, s. of Jacobus and Eloner Filkins.
  • Nov. 8. At Crum Elbow, William, s., Mary, d., Sarah., Elizabeth., d., of William and Sarah Bedel.
  • Nov. 8. James, s., Peter, s., Silus, d.,of Peter and Mary Germond.
  • Nov. 8. Bernard, s. of Bernard and Mary Filkins.
  • Nov. 8. James, s. of John and Elizabth Germond.
  • Nov. 8. Jacob, s., Rhoda, d., Catherine,d., of Henry and Mary Filkins.
  • Nov. 8. Margery, d. of Christian and Catherine Tobins.
  • Nov. 9. A Crum Elbow, Peter, s., John, s., of John and Jerusha Warren.
  • Nov. 9. Sarah d. of John and Jane Harris.
  • Nov. 11. At Phillips Manor, Mary, d. of Elisha andDiana Merritt.
  • Nov. 30. Sarah, d. of Phillip and Dorcas Allen.

Baptisms St. George's Church Hempstead, Long Island, New York 1761

  • Feb. 3. Arrabella, d. of Samuel and Elizabeth Pettitt.
  • Feb. 17.Ruben, s. of Henry and Sarah Jackson.
  • Feb. 26. At Huntington, L.I., Nathaniel , s.of Samuel and Magaret Allen.
  • Feb. 26. Stephen, s. of Shubel and Freelove Smith.
  • Feb. 26. Thomas, s. of Joseph and Deborah Mott.
  • Mar. 1. At Huntington L.I., Bathsheba, d. of Richard and Bathsheba Rogers.
  • April 12. John, s. of John and Mary Mason
  • April 12. Miriam, d. of John and Abigail Mott
  • April 12. Phebe, d. of Isaac and Phebe Smith
  • June 5. William Cornell, Adult.
  • June. 5. Hannah Cornell, adult.
  • June 5. Elizabeth, d, Katherine, d., Melanchton, s.,
  • June 5. Stephen, s., Abigail, d., William, s., Nance, d., of John and Hannah Cornell
  • June 5. Nelson Cornel, child.
  • June 5. John, s., Caleb., Mary, d of Daniel (deceased) and Mary Cornell.
  • June 5. Robert, s., Susanna, d., Jane., d., of Samuel Gardiner.
  • June 5. James , s. of Elizabeth Lambertson.
  • June 11. Phebe Munse, adult.
  • June 11. Hannah Munse, adult.
  • June 11. Alchy Munse, child.
  • June 11. Ann Henderson, adult.
  • June 11. Margaret Cornel, adult.
  • July 5. At Huntington, L.I., Rebecca Skudder, adult.
  • July 5. Rebecca, d. of Timothy and Rebecca Skudder.
  • July 5. Mary, d. of Caleb and Mary Wood.
  • July 6. At Huntington, L.I. Richard, s., John, s., Griffin, s. of Griffin and Martha Thomas, Schoolmaster at Huntington.
  • July 12. Stephen, s. of Stephen Thorn.
  • July 12. Linnington, s, of Charles and Hannah Dorlondt.
  • July 27. Elizabeth Hewlett, adult
  • July 27. Jane Hewlett, adult.
  • July 27. Daniel Hewlett, adult.
  • July 27. William Hewlett, adult.
  • July 27. Elizabeth Hewlett, adult.
  • July 27. Abigail, d. of Israel and ElizabethHorsfield, of York Ferry.
  • Aug. 2. At Oyster Bay, L.I. Howard, s. of Bernard
  • Sep.- At Oyster Bay, L.I., Thomas Youngs, adult.
  • Nov. 15. At Huntington, L.I., Sarah, d. of Uriah and Mary Wright.
  • Nov. 15. John, s. of Jeremiah and Abigail Rogers.
  • Nov. 15. Elizabeth, d.of Dennis and Susannah Wright.
  • Nov. 23. At Huntington, L.I., Rachel, d. of William and Joannah Nichloas of Islip, L.I.

Baptisms St. George's Church Hempstead, Long Island, New York 1762

  • Jan. 31. John, s. of John Linnington.
  • Feb. 3. Samuel, son of Edward and Phebe Spragg
  • Feb. 3. William.., Abner, s., of widow Hannah Burns
  • Feb. 3. Martha, d. of Edward and Hannah Verity.
  • Feb. 3. Pegge, d. of Daniel and Phebe Smith
  • Feb. 3. Elizabeth Spragg, adult.
  • Feb. 4. Adam, s., Phillip,s., of George and SarahLawrence
  • Feb. 11. Samuel Cornel, adult.
  • Feb. 11. Charles Cornel, adult.
  • Feb. 11. Hannah Cornel, adult.
  • Feb. 11. Joseph, s., Nancy, d., of Ruth Howard.
  • Feb. 11. Samuel, s, Daniel, s. Jacob, s., of Josephand Hannah Cornel.
  • Feb. 11. Jane, d. of Samuel and Katherine Cornel.
  • Feb. 11. Abigail, d., Rachel. d., of Charles and Abigail Cornel.
  • Mar. 5. Martha, d. of Miriam Smith.
  • Mar. 5. Joseph Cheeseman, adult .
  • Mar. 5. Sarah Cheeseman, adult.
  • Mar. 5. Joseph, Jr., Cheeseman, adult..
  • Mar. 5. Mary Cheeseman, adult
  • Mar. 5. Sarah Cheesman, adult
  • Mar. 5. William Hutton , adult
  • Mar. 5. Phebe Hutton, adult
  • Mar. 5. Anthony, s., Richard, s., Ellizabeth, d.,
  • Mar. 9. Samuel, s, of Samuel and Mary Denton.
  • Mar. 9. Catherine, d. of Isaac and Mary Smith.
  • Mar. 16. Deborah, d., Catherine,d., of Timonthy and Ann Smith
  • Mar.22. Betsey, d., Beekke, d., of Caleb and Margaret Sothworth.
  • Apr. 19. Mary E., d. of Samuel and Elizabeth Martin.
  • Apr. 20. Anna, d. of Isaac and Jemime Forsure , of Westchester .
  • May. 2. At Oyster Bay, L.I. Hannah, d. of John and Mary Hewlett
  • May. 9. Elizabeth, d, of Daniel and Pegge Kissam.
  • May. 29. Elizabeth Brooks, adult.
  • May.29. Sarah. d. of Elizabeth Brooks .
  • June. 6. At Fishkill, Conrad, s. of Conrad and
  • June. 6. Barbary, d. of Phillip I. and Ester Shaff.
  • June .6. Christian, s. of Christian and Margaret Duper.
  • June. 6. Katherine, d. of Joseph and Kathrine Dolin
  • June. 6. Freelove, d. ., Mary, d., of Elisha and Mary Bedell
  • June.7. Joseph, s. of James and Elizabeth Green,
  • June.7. Elizabeth, d. of Peter and Elizabeth>Bogardus.
  • June. 7. George, s. of Arthur and Mary Crosby.
  • June. 7. Catherine, d., Sarah.d., of John L. and Catherine Newberger.
  • June. 7. Mary, d. of James and Rachel Weeks .
  • June .9. At Beekans Precinct, Martine, s. of John and Margaret Smith , of Rumbout.
  • June.9. Ann d. of Christian Sackrider , of NinePartners.
  • June.10. At Fishkill, Hannah, d., Tunchee, d., of John and Catherine Holland.
  • June. 11. At Fishkill, Peter, s. of Roger and Rachel McDaniel.
  • June 13. At Nine Partners, John, s. of Peter and Hannah Filkins
  • June.13. Eloner, d. of William and Sarah Beedell.
  • June. 13. James , s. of William and nettte Teare.
  • June. 13. Elizabeth, d. of Coleburt and Mary >Robinson.
  • June. 13. Margaret, d. of John and Mary Murrey.
  • June . 13. Henry, s., Catreen,d., of Caleb and Catreen Husted.
  • June. 13. Hannah, d. of Henry and Mary Filkins.
  • June .13. Darius, s. of Darius and Mary Lobdell
  • June .14. At Rumbout, Jacob Wright, adult,
  • June. 14. Lydia, d., Elizabeth, d., William F., s. Joseph H., s., of Jacob and Mary Wright.
  • June. 30. Thomas D., s. of George D. and Mary Smith.
  • July. 11. Thomas, s. of Israel and Mary Smith.
  • July,.18. Rebecca, d. of Jonathan and Eloner Gildersleeve.
  • Dec.9. Benjamin, s. of Uriah and Sarah Platt.
  • Dec.25. Samuel, s. of Samuel (Deceased) and Freelove Wood.

Baptisms St. George's Church Hempstead, Long Island, New York 763

  • Jan. 13. At Oyster Bay L.I., Van Wick s. of John and Mary Polhemus,
  • Jan. 13. Rhoda, d. of Abraham and Elizabeth Van Wick.
  • Jan. 23. At Huntington, Joel, s. of Zophar and Deborah Rogers.
  • Feb. 10. Daniel Rhodes, adult.
  • Feb. 10. Mary, d., William, s., Benjamin, s., of Daniel and Miriam Rhodes.
  • Feb. 18. Denton Dozenborough, adult
  • Feb. 18. Elizabeth Dozenborough, adult.
  • April 10. At Huntington, L.I., Dorcas, d. of ____ Rogers.


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