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Marriages Grace Church, Jamaica, New York 1710 to 1731

Origin and History of Grace Church, Jamaica, New York
By Horation Oliver Ladd
Published by Shakespeare Press, New York, 1914
Found at library of New-York Historical Society, 2004

Transcriber: Peter Devine Feb. 2004

The Register of Rev. John Poyer, July 22, 1710 to Nov. 28, 1731

Persons married, ye time wn [when] & place where.

Page 278
Thomas Glenn & Mary Wildey both of Flushing 7/22/1710 at Jamaica, Licens'd.
Jno Weeton & Geartea Nuller both of N. York 9/10/1710 at Jamaica, lic
Samuel Mills & Abigail Smith, both of Jamaica 12/11/1710 at Jamaica, publ
Nathan Silleck of Stanford & Mary Sands of Hempstead 12/13/1710 at Cow Neck, lic
Ben: Moore & Hannah Sacket both of Newtown 12/27/1710 at Newtown publ
Lewis Hulet of Hempstead & Grace Hallet of Newtown at Jamaica 1/18/1710
Jno Sipkins of NY & Deborah Alsop of Newtown 2/18/1710 at Jamaica lic
Richard Betts of Newtown & Mary Creed of Jamaica 4/10/1711 at Jamaica lic
Daniel Wright & Eliphant Townsend, both of Oysterbay 5/5/1711 at Jamaica lic
Jacob Blackwal & Mary Hallet b of Newtown 5/10/1711 at Hell-Gate lic
Theophilus Ketcham & Eliz. Reeker b of Newtown 5/10/1711 at Hell-Gate lic
Daniel Phillips & Catherine Kimball 5/21/1711 at Jamaica publ
Daniel Stephenson of Newtown & Eliz. Willet of Flushing 5/24/1711 at Flushing lic
Joseph Dean of Jamaica & Eliz. Cornhill of Flushing 6/21/1711 at Jamaica publ
Henry Dusenbury of Hampstead & Mary Fowler of Flushing 11/29/1711 at Flushing publ
Wm West of Newtown & Martha Furman of Jamaica 12/21/1711 at Jamaica publ
Wm Woolsey & Derica Williamson of Jamaica at Jamaica 1/4/1711 publ
Page 279
James Dunnalson & Mary Dizart 5/21/1712 at Jamaica lic
Francis Croxon & Sarah Whelin 10/13/1712 at Jamaica publ
James Tolman & Abigail Hicks of Flushing 10/27/1712 at Jamaica lic
Wm. Robenson of Woodbridge in East Jersey & Deborah Lawrence of Flushing 11/7/1711 at Jamaica lic

The 4 entries following were copied by Mr. Onderdonk from a loose piece of paper in Mr. Poyer's writing:

1724/5/10 At Newtown Edward son of John & Mary Greenoak. At Jamaica Edward son of Edward & Phebe Cox
1725/3/28 at Jamaica William son of Johh & Elinor Hicks. I stood surety
1725/4/21 at Jamaica Mary daughter of Foster & Mary Waters
1725/5/9 at Jamaica Mary daughter of Thos & ___ Stringham.
Wm son of Jem & Mary Creed Do 25 Do at Do
Moses son of Moses & ___ Hallett Do 25 Do at Do
Thos son of Obadiah & Elizabeth Kinksman 5/21/1731 at Flushing
Richard son of Joseph & Mary Hallett 7/25/1731 at Newtown
Edwd & Nicolas sons of George & Catherine Reynolds 8/28/1731 at Jamaica
Mary daughter of Charles & Charity Hicks (formerly) now Doughty a person of riper years 9/13/1731 at Jamaica
Zachariah son of Zachariah & Hester Allen 10/1/1731 at Jamaica
Jno son of Jno & Catherine Bedford 10/16/1731 at Jamaica
Elizabeth daughter of Jno & ___ Mungers 10/17/1731 at Newtown
Lucretia Martise a free Negro-Woman & her daughters Helena, Rachel & Sarah 11/11/1731 at Jamaica
Mary daughter of Benjamin & Hannah Moor 11/14/1731 at Newtown, a grown Person
Sarah daughter of Thos & Sarah Poyer 12/2/1731 & Gloriana daughter of Jno Cornell & Charity Doughty Do Do Do at Jamaica

Page 280
James Flower of Hempstead & Rebecca Stilwel of Jamaica 11/15/1712 at Jamaica
Wm. Stroud & Rachel Hugins of Jamaica 12/2/1712 at Jamaica publ
Jno Tolman & Jane Hedger of Flushing 12/11/1712 at Jamaica lic
Thos Cornell of Hempstead & Charity Hicks of Flushing 12/20/1712 at Flushing lic
Richd Cornel & Miriam Mott of Hempstead 2/8/1712 with certificate from Mr. Thomas Rectr of ye Parish
Wm. Hartshorn of NJ & Helena Willet of Flushing 5/1/1713 at Flushing lic
Abraham Willet & Susanna Stephenson of Flushing 5/1/1713 at Flushing lic
Richd Everet of Foster's Meadow in ye Parish of Hempstead & Sarah Rushmore of Flushing 6/10/1713 publ
Nicholas Lambert & Jane Cockifa of this Prsh 7/27/1713 at Jamaica publ
David Scot & Elizabeth Darcee 2/22/1713 at Flushing publ
Jno Foster & Elizabeth Smith 2/23/1713 at Jamaica publ
Joshua Edwards & Elizabeth Hadlock 3/11/1713 at Jamaica lic
George Ogilvie & Mary Arnold 4/22/1714 at Jamaica publ]
Benjamin Taylor & Arianthe Garrason 5/26/1714 at Jamaica lic
Isaac Vanhook & Catherine Hanson 6/27/1714 at Jamaica pub
John Cornell & Elizabeth Gardiner 10/3/1714 at Jamaica lic
Benjamin Fowler of ys Prsh & Hannah Dusenburie of ye Prsh of Hempstead 11/1/1714 at Jamaica publ
Theophilus Phillips of Hopewell East Jersey & Elizabeth Betts of ys Prsh 11/9/1714 at Newtown publ
Daniel Waters & Mary Talman of ys Prsh 11/18/1714 at Flushing lic
Jacob Dayton & Grace Thurston of South-hold 11/24/1714 at Jamaica lic
William Steed & Deborah Smith 2/16/1714 at Jamaica lic
Page 281
Edward Churchill & Wanche Ryder 3/1/1714 at Jamaica publ
Jno Goldin & Sarah Hedger 3/11/1714 at Jamaica publ
Joseph Langdon & Hannah Carman 3/30/1715 at Jamaica lic
Walter Kippin & Mary Underhill 6/12/1715 at Newtown lic
Peter Wilcocks & Phebe Badgeley 9/15/1715 at Flushing publ
Abraham Everet of Hempstead & Sarah Wright of Jamaica 10/6/1715 at Jamaica publ
Thos Howel & Hannah Young of ye Prsh of Flushing 10/14/1715 publ
Jonathan Murrail Junr & Parnel Moss of ye Parish at Newtown 11/27/1715 publ
Walter Harris & Hannah Yeomans of Hempstead Prsh at Jamaica 1/20/1715/16 lic
Abel Smith of Hempstead & Deborah Udal of Flushing 1/25/1715 at Jamaica lic
Robt Prince & Mary Burgess of ye Prsh 5/31/1716 pub at Jamaica
Richard Symmons & Sarah Frost of Hempstead 8/19/1716 at Jamaica lic
Ephraim Goldin of hs Prsh & Catherine Flewhellin of ye Prsh of Hempstead 8/20/1716 at Jamaica publ
Samuel Dean and Catherine Denton 10/1/1716 at Jamaica lic
Jno Brown & Catherine Wiesnar of Wawayanda 10/8/1716 at Jamaica publ James Hazard & Martha Hallett 11/17/1716 at Hell Gate lic
Henry Symmons & Rebecca Fowler 11/22/1716 at Jamaica lic
Solomon Ridley & Mary Crannel 11/23/1716 at Hell-Gate lic
Phillip Brooks & Mary Denman 1/2/1716 at ye Kilns publ
Jno Fish & Elizabeth Hallett 2/21/1716 at Hell Gate publ
Wmo Harries & Mary Furman 2/11/1716 publ
Page 282
Thos Hooper & Mary Hornett 3/4/1716 at Jamaica publ
Jno Losee & Antie Heptonstal 3/30/1717 at Jamaica lic
Adam Lawrence & Sarah Willett 4/11/1715 at Flushing lic
Joseph Barton & Abigal Lewis 5/5/1717 at Jamaica lic
Solomon Denton & Atalanta Clay 6/3/1717 at Jamaica publ
Francis Nicols & Mary Smith 7/5/1717 at Jamaica lic
Christopher Tuly & Ann Sanders 7/24/1717 at Jamaica publ. Gave her a certificate 10/8/1719 Do to Mrs. Munson.
Thos Lewis & Mary Wiggins 8/6/1717 at Jamaica publ
Joseph Dean & Patience Okely 8/10/1717 at Jamaica lic
Jno Aber & Mary Huls of Sealtauket 9/10/1717 at Jamaica publ there
Samll Mills & Elizabeth Hare 9/14/1717 at Jamaica publ
Jno Munden & Elizabeth Lashford 9/22/1717 at Jamaica publ
Richd Stockton of East Jersey & Hester Smith of Jamaica 10/11/1717 lic
Jno Roe & Elizabeth Tiex 11/10 at Jamaica lic [no year given]
Thos Volantine of Hemstead & Sarah Dean of Jamaica 11/12/1717 at Jamaica publ
Joseph Roades & Mary Smith of ys Prsh 12/20/1717 at Jamaica publ
George Hallett & Priscilla Allen of Newtown 5/16/1718 at Hell Gate lic
Philip Riche, NY & Mary Hicks of Flushing 6/25/1718 at Little Neck lic
Francis Judkin of NY & Ann Wooley of Madnam's Neck 9/27/1718 at Jamaica
Moses Haight of ye Parish of Wt Chtr & Rachel Dean of ys Prsh 12/25/1718 at Jamaica

The 13 entries following were copied by Henry Onderdonk, Jr., from licenses and old sermons of Mr. Poyer's, and inserted by him in the register:

1712/10/11 License. Thos Candale gent of Jamaica & Isabella Wiggins widow of Jamaica

page 283
1723/10/20 lic Guy Youngs blacksmith of Jamaica & Elizabeth Edget of Jamaica
1723/7/20 lic Thos Willet Senr of Flushing & Kesiah Thorne of Flushing
1722/7/12 lic Thomas Howell tailor of Jamaica & Mary Wright widow of Westchester
1722/7/16 lic James Titus & Jane Simmons both of Hempstead
1721/12/30 lic William Wiggins of Jamaica & Priscilla Latham of NY
1721/7/4 lic Phineas Macintosh Merchant of NY & Elizabeth Alsop of Queen's County
1724/8/18 lic James Leonard merchant of NY & Charity Whitehead of Jamaica
1724/9/7 lic Wm Barnet yeoman of Jamaica & Susanna Griffin widow of Flushing
1721/6/19 lic Wm Mash of Flushing gent & Miriam Hadlock of Jamaica
1720/6/9 lic Israel Horsfield butcher of NY & Jane Watts of Hempstead
1720/11/25 lic Benj. Doughty of Flushing carpenter & Abigail Whitehead of Jamaica
1720/4/23 lic Theodorus Van Wyck of Hempstead & Elizabeth Creed of Jamaica
Samll Read & Elizabeth White of Newtown 5/21/1722 at Jamaica

The following 6 entries were inserted by Mr. Onderdonk:

6/9/1722 by lic John Cornell of Hempstead & Abigail Whitehead of Jamaica
7/8/1722 by lic John Pudney of Hempstead cooper & Mary Thorne of Hempstead
1725/9/18 by lic Edward Jones of Jamaica, Sadler & Sarah Welling of Jamaica
1725/5/6 by lic Richard Thorne & Altie Van Wyck both of Hempstead
1725/5/7 lic Micah Smith & Phebe Thorne both of Hempstead
1726/4/12 lic Natha Birdsall & Jane Langdon both of Hempstead

page 284
Jno Goodwin & Catherine Sawyer 4/28/1719 at Jamaica pub
Daniel Whitehead & Elinor Willett 5/17/1719 at Flushing lic
Jno Carr & Susanna Tellett 8/30/1719 at Jamaica publ
John Carl & Ann Valentine of Hempstead 11/6/1719 lic
Wm Northam & Rebecca Davids Do Do publ at Hempstead
Thos Smalling & Catherine Jones Do Do publ at Hempstead
Paul Hill & Phebe Smith 11/7/1719 lic
Edwd Willett & Alette Clowes 5/9/1722 lic
Thos Brown & Charity Derickson 1/8/1720 at Jamaica publ
Anthony Whitehead Waters & Margaret Willet 5/21/1726 at Jamaica lic
Jno Featherby & Rachel Baldwin 9/26/1725 at Jamaica publ
Wm Hazalton & Hannah Smith 9/30/1725 at Jamaica publ
Jacob Titus & Margaret Jerman of Hempstead 11/29/1725 publ
Thos Whitehead & Hannah Sacket 11/5/1725 at Newtown lic
Thos Willett & Sarah Talman 12/31/1725 at Jamaica lic
James Alburtus & Grace Jacobs 2/4/1725 at Hempstead lic
Timothy Wood & Hannah Oldfield 2/11/1725 at Hempstead publ
Robert Titus & Sarah Roberts 7/20/1726 at Jamaica lic
Wm. Hilton & Agness Herring of NY 9/25/1726 at Jamaica lic
Jno Bedford & Catherine Wiggins 12/6/1726 at Jamaica lic
Benjamin Whitehead & Elizabeth Willett 2/28/1726 at Jamaica lic
Stephen Hicks & Catherine Vanwyck 5/4/1727 at Flushing lic
Thos Brown & Hester Van Velsa 8/13/1727 at Jamaica publ
Jno Weeks & Ann White 10/30/1727 at Jamaica lic
James Hincksman & Keziah Willett 1/25/1727 at Jamaica lic
Page 285
Joseph Kissam & Deborah Whitehead 2/7/1727 at Jamaica lic
Stephen Evans & Catherine Brass 4/16/1728 at Jamaica publ
Augustus Grassett & Elizabeth Whitehead 7/24/1728 at Jamaica lic
Abraham Collins & Ann Major 8/11/1728 at Jamaica publ
Joseph Hallett & Mary Greenoak 8/22/1728 at Newtown lic
Wm Creed & Mary Hallett 12/20/1728 at Newtown lic
Jno Whellin & Hannah Reed 1/27/1728 at Jamaica publ
Jno Thomas of Rye & Abigail Sands of Cow Neck in Prsh of Hempstead 2/19/1728 lic
Wm Umphreys & Mary Derickson 2/25/1728 publ at Jamaica
Thos Doughty & Sarah Clement 3/14/1728 at Flushing
Jonas Spark & Mary Wright of Hempstead 3/26/1728 at Jamaica lic & certified
Jno Joley & Mary Christine 9/4/1729 at Jamaica lic
Thos Betts & Hannah Areson 11/5/1729 at Flushing lic
Danll Shandine & Walbrough Derickson 12/21/1729 at Jamaica publ
Wm Sackett & Mary James 12/31/1729 at Newtown lic
Jno Hallett & Sarah Blackwell 4/3/1730 at Mr. Blackwell's publ
Thos Stevenson & Sarah Whitehead 4/29/1730 at Jamaica lic
Leveridge Wright & Martha Phillips 8/10/1730 at Jamaica publ
Jno Bannister & Eliza Goldin 9/21/1730 at Jamaica publ
Geo. Reynolds & Catherine Stilwell 12/1/1730 at Jamaica lic
Joseph Sackett & Millicent Clowes 3/23/1730 at Jamaica lic
John Farmer & Christian Lee 10/23/1730 at Jamaica publ
Jno Skidmore & Mary Whitehead 12/17/1731 at Loyal Neck in Parish of Jamaica

The 4 marriages following were entered by Mr. Onderdonk:

1716/12/10 by lic Robert Hobbs of Hempstead & Susanna Furman of Oyster Bay

page 286
1722/6/24 by lic John Willett of Flushing & Elizabeth Laurence of Flushing
1722/12/12 Wm Willet of Westchester & Mary Bloodgood widow of Flushing
1719/7/23 by lic Thos Cornell gent of Hempstead & Elizabeth Smith of Jamaica

Grace Church Jamaica New York

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Miscellaneous Churches in Flushing, Jamaica & Newtown, New York

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