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Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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Origin and History of Grace Church, Jamaica, New York
By Horation Oliver Ladd
Published by Shakespeare Press, New York, 1914
Found at library of New-York Historical Society, 2004

Transcriber: Peter Devine Feb. 2004

Private Register of Rev. Gilbert Sayres, D.D.

page 304-311

  • Jamaica 8/1/1790, William son of William & Martha Smith
  • 8/26/1790, James Depeyster son of Jacob & Mary Ogden, baptized by Rev. Tho. Moore
  • Jamaica 10/10/1790, William, Hannah, Ann & Margaret Waters, adults
  • Hallets Cove, New Town 11/8/1790, Edward Greenoak, Sarah Greenoak, Sarah Lawrence, Elizabeth Lawrence, Elizabeth Greenoak, Martha Hare, Elizabeth Dalton, Mary Hallet, Samuel Hare, Nathaniel Greenoak, Benjamin Hallet, adults
  • 11/8/1790, Maria daughter of Joseph & Mary Hallet
  • 11/8/1790, David Titus, son of Edward & Sarah Greenoak. David Titus, Godfather
  • 11/8/1790, Nathaniel Greenoak son of Malancthon & Sarah Lawrence, Nathaniel Greenoak, Godfather.
  • 11/8/1790, Deborah Greenoak daughter of Malancthon & Sarah Lawrence, Nathaniel Greenoak, Godfather.
  • 11/8/1790, Maria daughter of Malancthon & Sarah Lawrence, David Titus, Godfather.
  • 11/8/1790, Rebecca Moore, Lydia and Nathaniel Moore, children of Stephen & Rebecca Hallet
  • 11/8/1790, Richard son of Edward & Sarah Greenoak. Rich Hallet, Godfather
  • Jamaica 11/22/1790, Isaac son of Isaac & Rhoda Hewlett
  • 11/28/1790, Anna daughter of John & Charity Thatford
  • Jamaica 2/16/1791, Sarah daughter of Isaac & Mary Pettit
  • 2/27/1791, Samuel son of Samuel & Elizabeth Sacket
  • 3/9/1791, John son of John & Sarah Troup
  • Jamaica 3/13/1791, Benjamin Daniel son of Samuel & Elizabeth Welling. N.B. Benjamin Tanner, was Intended
  • Jamaica 3/23/1791, William son of John & Mary Hinckman
  • New Town 3/27/1791, Nathaniel Kenney, ad adult
  • Flushing 5/9/1791, Daniel Thorn, his wife Bathsheba Thorn and Mary Thorn, their daughter, adults
  • Flushing 5/22/1791, Elizabeth Van Pelt, daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Kelly
  • New Town 6/26/1791, Catharine daughter of Morris & Catharina Hazzard
  • Flushing 7/10/1791, Elena, an adult, wife of James Allen, of New York, Clarissa & James, children of James & Elena Allen Fairchild and their mother, Sponsors
  • Flushing 7/10/1791, Isaac son of Richard & ____ Peck
  • Flushing 7/16/1791, Mary daughter of Daniel & Mary Kissam
  • New Town, 8/17/1791, Sally Fish daughter of John & Ann Waters. Mrs. Waters and Mrs. Burris answered for
  • Jamaica 8/14/1791, Thomas Willett son of Daniel & Catharine Whitehead
  • Newtown 8/15/1791, Mrs. Nancy Buckbee, an adult; Abigail, Hannah & Benjamin, children of Benjamin & Nancy Buckbee
  • Flushing 8/18/1791, Patience Susanna daughter of John and Sarah Hicks. David Titus & Susanna Evers, Sponsors
  • Jamaica 9/25/1791, Mary daughter of Susanna Van Pelt. Sponsors, her father Jacob Van Pelt and her sister Mary V. Pelt
  • Jamaica 9/25/1791, Kendel & Alexander children of John & Deborah Dunn
  • Flushing, 10/2/1791, Mrs. Anna Roe, Lawrence Roe, Miss Betsy Roe, and Ann Cornell, adults
  • Flushing, 10/2/1791, Martha, William, Richard, Samuel, Abraham, Isaac children of William & Martha Lowree
  • 11/13/1791, Catherine and Sarah children of Wm & Catharine Weaver
  • New Town, 11/20/1792, Sarah daughter of Benjamin & Nancy Buckbee
  • Jamaica 11/29/1791, Margaret daughter of William & Martha Puntine
  • New Town 12/26/1791, John son of James & Elizabeth Moore
  • New Town 1/20/1792, Sarah Tompkins, Hannah Buckbee, adults
  • New Town 1/20/1792, Edward & John children of Joseph & Sarah Tompkins
  • Flushing 1/22/1792, John Hutchins, son of John Hutchins & Anna Smith
  • Jamaica 1/29/1792, Anna & Roloef Duryee, Junior, children of Richard & Anna Wiggins
  • Jamaica 2/15/1792, Eliza daughter of John & Catharine Hinckman
  • New Town 3/11/1792, Elizabeth Ann daughter of Jonathan & Hannah Underhill
  • Flushing 3/22/1792, Cecelia Gold daughter of Francis & Elizabeth Lewis
  • Jamaica 4/4/1792, Elizabeth daughter of Hulett & Charlotte Creed
  • Jamaica 4/6/1792, Maria daughter of Samuel & Catalina Eldred
  • Newtown 4/24/1792, George son of Daniel & Ellen Rapelye
  • 5/28/1792, Thomas, Anna, Samuel Hallet, Joseph & David, children of David & Jemima Moora
  • Hallets Cove 6/4/1792, Lydia daughter of Joseph & Mary Hallet
  • Hallets Cove 6/4/1792, Mary Bergam daughter of Stephen & Rebecca Hallet. N.B. Rebecca Bergan stood Sponsor with the Parents
  • Jamaica 6/24/1792, James Henry son of John & Elizabeth V. Voorhase
  • Hallets Cove 8/15/1792, Elizabeth daughter of Isaac & Susanna Bergan
  • Jamaica 9/30/1792, Obadiah Paul son of Obadiah & Sarah Leach. Sponsors, Abraham Probasco and the mother
  • Jamaica 10/21/1792, William Henry son of William & Catharine Hammell. Sponsors, John Hammell, John Grigg and Hannah Hammell
  • New Town 11/25/1792, David son of David & Mary Purdy
  • Jamaica 12/23/1792, Jane daughter of Joseph & Mary Yandle
  • Jamaica 12/23/1792, Jenne daughter of Isaac & Mary Pettit
  • Jamaica 12/15/1792, William Betts son of Charles & Sarah McDavid
  • Nathaniel Lewis son of Nathaniel & Elizabeth Betts. N.B. The above ought to have been inserted before the two last Baptisms.
  • Jamaica 3/17/1793, Sarah daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth Welling The Parents and Sarah Polhemus, Sponsors
  • Flushing 4/28/1793, William Simmonds, an adult
  • Jamaica in the evening, Joanna Smith daughter of Monson & Lucretia Hayt. Chrstopher & Mary Smith, Sponsors
  • Jamaica 5/12/1793, Martha daughter of William & Sarah McKrell
  • New Town 6/2/1793, Ann Lewis daughter of Charles & Sarah McDavid
  • Jamaica 6/9/1793, Martha Prien daughter of John & Charity Thatford
  • New Town 7/14/1793, Thomas son of Thomas & Susanna Haight
  • Jamaica 7/21/1793, Robert son of John & Sarah Troup
  • Flushing 7/28/1793, William Lawrence & David, his son, adults
  • New Town 7/30/1793, Mary Lawrence daughter of Thomas & Abigail Billup Dr. Richard Lawrence, as Proxy for the Father. The Mother and Mrs. Mary Lawrence, Sponsors
  • Jamaica 9/1/1793, Eldred son of Samuel & Catalina Eldred
  • New Town 9/15/1793, Judith Rosevelt daughter of Timothy & Sarah Roach Sponsors, Mrs. Rosevelt and the Parents
  • Flushing 9/29/1793, Thomas son of Wm & Eve Hannahs
  • Flushing 10/23/1793, Abby Morrel, Elizabeth Burling, John Morrel, Sarah Morrel, adults
  • New Town 10/27/1793, Catharine daughter of Moris & Catharine Hazzard
  • Flushing 11/19/1793, Clarissa Rodman, an adult
  • 12/1/1793, Mary Fowler, Jane Fowler, Margaret Roe, adults
  • 12/1/1793, Thomas Roe, Nathaniel Roe, Gilbert Roe, Benjamin Roe, Silas Roe, Eliza Roe, Ann Roe children of Joseph & Ann Roe.
  • At the same time Elizabeth & John children of Garret & Cornelia Nostrant
  • Jamaica 12/15/1793, Mary Ann daughter of Nathaniel & Elizabeth Betts. The Mother, John & Mary Dudley, Sponsors
  • New Town 12/29/1793, Nathaniel son of William & Elizabeth Betts
  • Flushing 2/2/1794, Thomas son of John & Sarah Hicks. Sponsors, David Titus, Thomas Hicks, and the mother
  • Jamaica 2/5/1794, Eleanor daughter of John & Mary Hincksman
  • Newtown 2/9/1794, Elizabeth daughter of Henry & Winifred Van Allen
Wm Hammell, Rectr.
  • Jamaica 2/26/1794, Sarah daughter of Hulett & Charlotte Creed
  • New Town 3/2/1794, Anna Catharine daughter of Daniel & Ellen Rapelye
  • 3/23/1794, Gilbert son of Joseph & Sarah Tompkins
  • Jamaica 4/2/1794, John son of John West & Jane Welling
  • New Town 5/4/1794, Elizabeth daughter of Edward & Sarah Greenoak
  • Newtown 6/15/1794, Patience daughter of David & Jemima Moore. Also Henry son of Anthony & Anna Barkley. The Parents & Peter Rosevelt, Sponsors.
  • Newtown 6/22/1794, Lydia daughter of John & Martha Burroughs
  • Jamaica 6/29/1794, Charles son of Joseph & Bonnella Sealy
  • Flushing on same day, William son of John Hutchins & Anna Smith
  • New Town 9/14/1794, Margaret daughter of David & Eunice Van Wickly
Wm Hammell, Rectr
  • Jamaica 12/9/1794, Robert & George Benjamin children of Charles & Sarah McNeile
  • New Town 1/21/1795, Agreeable to my Consent in a note from Mr. Richard Wiggins, the Revd. Mr Sands baptized his child by the name of Richard on the 16th of October last
  • Newtown 3/15/1795, John son of David & Mary Purdy
  • Newtown 3/15/1795, Joseph Woodred son of Henry & Nelly Beadel, Abrm Duryee, the Father, and Mrs. Woodred sponsors
  • Newtown 3/15/1795, Richard Betts son of John & Ann Waters
  • Newtown 4/6/1795, Frances daughter of Thomas & Abigail Billup
  • Jamaica 4/7/1795, Stephen Hicks, an adult and Maria daughter of Stephen & Mary Hicks
  • Flushing 5/14/1795, Ann Louisa daughter of John & Sarah Hicks. The mother, Samuel Titus, and Elias Hicks sponsors
  • Jamaica 5/25/1795, John Tanner son of Samuel & Elizabeth Welling
  • New Town 2/22/1795, George an adult belonging to Peter Culver of Bushwick, & Diana daughter of the above & Jane belongs to Peter Duryee
  • New Town 6/7/1795, James son of James, a Freeman & Diana belongs to Mr. Devoise, at Fresh pond
  • Jamaica 2/1/1796, By the Rev Chs Seabury, Thomas Colgan son of John & Sarah Troup
  • Musqueto Cove 2/24/1796, Daniel Whitehead & Maria children of Daniel W. & Elizabeth Kissam
  • Jamaica 8/21/1796, By the Rev Mr Elias Cooper of Philipseburgh baptized Mary Ann granddaughter of John & Mary Hinckman son of said John & Mary, who where the God Father & Mother
  • Jamaica 8/21/1796, Leana daughter of John West Welling, and Jenny his wife
  • Jamaica 8/21/1796, Mary daughter of Joseph & Cathae Thatford
  • Jamaica 8/21/1796, Sarah Eliza, daughter of John & Eliza Battin
  • 10/9/1796, Baptized by the Revd Mr. Samuel Haskill of Peekskill, William son of John & Charity Thatford
  • 12/25/1796, Baptized by the Rev. Mr. Ratoone of New York. Mary daughter of John & Cathe Hinchman
  • 1/2/1797, Baptized by the Revd Mr Van Dyck of New Town, John Smith son of James & Margaret Mackrel
  • 3/16/1797, Baptized by the Revd. Mr. Raynor of Elizabeth Town Geo: Hulet, son of Hulet & Charlotte Creed.
  • Stephen son of Stephen & Mary Hicks, Sponsors, the Father & Mr. Carpenter, the Grandmother.
  • Jamaica, By the Rev. Mr. E.D. Ratoone of N.Y.
  • 4/14/1797, Thomas son of Samuel & Elizabeth Welling
  • 6/25/1797, Robert son of Joseph & Bonnella Sealy - born
  • 8/19/1797, Ann, born 3/17/1792 daughter of Willm & Martha Puntine
  • 8/19/1797, Mary, born 3/20/1795 daughter of Willm & Martha Puntine
  • 8/19/1797, Henry, born 1/20/1797 son of Willm & Martha Puntine. Father & Mother, Sponsors.
  • By the Rev Dr. Beach
  • Sept __, Henry, born ____, son of Samuel & ____ Eldert
  • By the Revd Mr Ratoone
  • 12/25/1797, John, born 8/3/1797 son of John & Elizabeth Brown. Father & Mother, Sponsors.
  • By the Revd. Mr Ratoone at Amboy
  • 8/6/1801, Ruth daughter of William & Margaret Smith, aged 31, wife of Joseph Marsh of Perth Amboy
  • 4/22/1802, Edmund Bainbridge, aged 27
  • Baptisms by the Revd. E.D. Rattoone, Rector of Grace Church, Jamaica
Pages 312-313
This is to Certify to whom it may Concern that the following persons were duly baptized by me according to the Rites & Ceremonies of the Prott Episcopal Church, before & after my Call as Rector of Grace Church Jamaica on the 4th day of June 1797. Elijah D. Rattoone
Persons or Childs Name, Fathers, & Mother's, Name, Born, Baptized, Sponsor, Sponsor, Sponsor
  • Mary, John, Catharine, Hincksman,,12/25/1796, Father, Mother
  • Thomas, Samuel, Elizabeth, Welling,,4/14/1797, Do, Do
  • Robert, Joseph, Bonella, Sealy,,6/25/1797, Do, Do
  • Anne, William, Martha, Puntine, 3/17/1792, 8/19/1797, Do, Do
  • Mary, Do, Do, Do, 3/20/1795, Do, Do, Do
  • Henry, Do, Do, Do, 1/20/1797, Do, Do, Do
  • Thomas, Thomas, Eliza, Slaves of Isaac Ambleman, 7/24/1796, 6/25/1797, Do, Do
  • John, John, Elizabeth, Brown, 8/3/1797, 12/25/1797, Do, Do
  • Thomas, Peter, Elizabeth, Slaves of Mr. C. Smith, 12/28/1797, 4/27/1798, Do, Do
  • John Augustine, John, Eliza, Battin, 4/20/1798, 6/3/1798, Do, Do
  • Sarah Eliza, Do, Do, Do, 8/5/1797, 8/21/1797, Do, Do, Sarah Burn
  • Elizabeth, William, Martha, Puntine, 11/9/1798, 1/11/1799, Do, Do
  • Robert, Charles, Sarah, McNeal, 5/31/1796, 1/18/1799, William Prince Jr, & Mary his Wife
  • William, Thomas, Hannah, Colee, 5/17/1791, 11/17/1799, Do, Mother
  • Peter, Adam, Mary, Ery, 10/23/1783, 9/_/1799, Peter, Betty, Slaves of Mr. C. Smith
  • Edward, Do, Do, Do, 12/24/1787, Do, Do, Do, Do
  • William, Hewlett, Charlotte, Creed, 7/4/1799, 8/22/1799, Father, Mother
  • Charles & Ferdinand, George, Mary, Codwise, 2/17/1800, 5/23/1800, Father, Mother
  • Joseph, Joseph, Jane, Howard, 1/1/1789, 9/13/1800, Do, Do
  • Whitehead, Do, Do, Do, 11/19/1791, 9/13/1800, Do, Do
  • Jane, Do, Do, Do, 9/_/1793, Do, Do, Do
  • Elizabeth & Phebe - Twins, Do, Do, Do, 11/19/1798, Do, Do, Do
  • Ann, Joseph, Catherine, Thatford, 2/3/1800, 1800, Do, Do
  • Helena Field, Richard, Deborah, Vandam, 9/17/1800, 10/24/1800, Do, Do, Hannah Field
  • Maria Sabina, Robert, Maria Sabine, Bogardus, 8/17/1797, 10/22/1800, Father, Mother
  • Laurentine Araminta, Do, Do, Do, 9/16/1800, Do, Do, Do
  • Sarah, Wm Prince, Wil Prince,, 2/14/1756, 1/19/1801, Witness, Charles McNeal her husband
  • Oliver Kane, Charles, Sarah, McNeal, 2/7/1800, Do, Father, Mother
  • Anna Matilda, James, Mary, Watson, 11/21/1802, 8/2/1805*, E.D. Rattoone, H. Rattoone
  • William Puntine, Peter, Lydia, Black, 6/2/1801, 11/8/1805*, Parent, Parent
  • Lydia, William, Martha, Puntine, 11/29/1800, Do*, Do, Do
  • Molly Davenport, Joseph, Ruth, Marsh, 8/5/1799, 8/6/1805*, Do, Do
  • Margaret & Edgard, Do, Do, Do, 8/3/1800, Do*, Do, Do
  • Mary Taylor, Edmund,, Taylor, 11/10/1800, 8/1/1801, Father
  • Helen,,,,2/3/1799
  • Richard, Joseph, Bonella, Sealy, 10/26/1800,,Father, Mother
  • Hannah, John, Sarah, Utt, 5/10/1801, 8/31/1801, Do, Do
  • Hellena, Richard, Deborah, Van Dam, 12/28/1801, 3/14/1802, Do, Do
  • Thomas Andrew, Andrew, Catherine, Napier, 7/23/1801, 8/30/1802, Do, Do
  • David Augustus, George, Mary, Codwise, 1/10/1802, 3/14/1802, Do, Do, David Codwise & Cornelia Genet
  • James, Hewlett, Charlotte, Creed, 9/15/1801, 3/30/1802, Do, Do
  • John Willet, Hezekiah, Maria, Freeman, 2/1/1802, 5/30/1802, Do, Do, James & Sarah & Fanny Morrel
  • Deborah, Joseph, Catharine, Thatford, 5/29/1802, 6/14/1802, Do, Do
  • George, Stephen, Mary, Hicks,, 10/24/1802, Do, Do, Baptized by Revd Jr John Hubbart of New York
  • Rachel, Jeremiah,, Valentine,, 11/21/1802, Do, Do, Ditto Mr Hart of Hempsted

Pages 314-323: Baptisms, Marriage, and Burials 1803-1829, not transcribed at this time

[End of part 2 of records transcribed by Peter Divine, Feb. 2004]

[As indicated when I sent part 1, there are many records post-1800 which I do not intend to copy. However, watch for part 3 which will be tombstone inscriptions as of 1846.]

Grace Church Jamaica New York

Baptisms 1710-1731 | Marriages 1710-1731 | Burials 1710-1731 | Baptisms 1780-1810 | Marriages 1769-1810 | Tombstone Recordings

Miscellaneous Churches in Flushing, Jamaica & Newtown, New York

Communicants 1791-1794 | Baptisms 1790-1802 | Marriages 1790-1810 | Deaths 1790-1795


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