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Death Finds a Way: A Janie Riley Mystery
by Lorine McGinnis Schulze

Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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New Amsterdam (New York City) New York Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms

This is one of a series of transcribed records for baptisms at the Reformed Dutch Church of New Amsterdam (New York City) in New Netherland (New York). With the help of Volunteer Transcribers, Olive Tree Genealogy continues from Ted Brassard's records of baptisms in this church from 1639 to 1730. The baptisms are laid out in order as follows: The date of the baptism; the parents; the child; and the witnesses. Note the separation of each item by semicolons. Anything within parenthesis are added comments not found in the original

Anno 1751

Jan 6; Richard Kip, Jannetie Persell; Jacobus; Abraham Montanie, Catharina Kip, h.v. Van Cornelus Bogert.

Jan 6; Willem V. Dursen, Catharina Gilbert; Hester; Abraham Van Dursen, Hester Van Dursen, j.d.

Jan 6; Evert Banker, Elizabet Boelen; Christoffel; Christoffel Banker, Elizabet de Peyster, Wed. v. Abraham Boelen.

Jan 6; Mattheus Slegt, Ju'r, Elizabet Pell; Mattheus; Mattheus Slegt, Cathalyntje Kip, z.h.v.

Jan 9; Thomas Warneer, Bregje Aelstyn; Marretje; Joseph Bogert, en Margrita Aalstyn, h.v.v. Richard Harris.

Jan 16; Jacob Mistker, Elizabet Telleback; Jacob; Jacob Bosart, en Maria Elizabet Haan, Wed'e v. Frans Wather.

Jan 16; Jacobus Roosevelt, Annatie Bogert; Johannes; Cornelus Rooseveld, Hyltie Shourt, Wed'e v. Jan Roosevelt.

Jan 16; Isaac de Milt, Margrita Stillewel; Margrita; Johannes Smith, Maria Smith, j.d.

Jan 16; Jeremia Brower, J'r, Jannetie Elsworth; Jeremia; Jeremia Brower, Johanna Hardenbroek, Christoffel Elsworth.

Jan 16; Abraham Lefoy, Arjaentie Montanie; Simpson; Petrus Euwets, Catharina Bergen, z.h.v.

Jan 16; John Daly, Maria Earle; Maria; Johannes Van Seysen, Maria Turck, s.h.v.

Jan 16; Willem V. Blerkum, Frena Cammegaar; Abraham; Isaac Ver Veelen, Catharina Maris, s.h.v.

Jan 16; Hendrick Ellis, Maria Siggelse; Elizabet; Philip Menthorne, Tannetje Harseng, s.h.v.

Jan 20; Johannes Durie, Neeltie Kounoven; Antie; Willem Kounoven, Antie Voorhees, s.h.v.

Jan 23; Joseph Forbush, Hester Day; Jacob; Iede Day, Neeltie Forbush, j.d.

Jan 23; Richard Ray, Sara Bogert; Elsie; Robert Ray, Cornelia Verduyn, h.v.v. Cornelis Bogert.

Jan 23; Johannes Hoogelandt, Jemyne Cermer; Hendricus; Hendricus Cermer, Jackemyntie Gerritse, s.h.v.

Jan 27; Cornelus Jurreyanse, Aaltie Van Winkel; Cornelus; Casparus Pryer, Sara Andriese, s.h.v.

Jan 30; Jacobus Myer, Annatie V. Blerkum; Rachel; Piter Lott, Femmetie Remse, s.h.v.

Jan 30; Johannes Zuricher, Elizabet Ensler; Elizabet; Hendrick Wytman; Annatie Bosaart, j.d.

Jan 30; Petrus Bogert, Maria Roome; Susanna; Elbert Haring, Elizabet Bogert, s.h.v.

Jan 30; Johannes Vreedenburgh, Maria Forbush; Maria; Alexander Forbush, Elizabet Van der Haan, s.h.v.

Jan 30; Abraham Van Dursen, Rachel Pels; Tryntie; Abraham Pels, Sara Burger, h.v.v. Joh's Lancen.

Feb 3; Vincent de La Montagne, Trytje Harsse; Isaac; Isaac Koning, Geertje Harsse, z.h.v.

Feb 6; Maurits de Hart, Susanna Vaughton; Balthazar; Balthazar de Hart, Margrietje Maurits, z.h.v.

Feb 6; Arie Koning, Elizabeth Schuiler; Elizabeth; Hermannus Schuiler, Elizabeth Banker, j.d.

Feb 6; Joseph Willemse, Maria Le Forge; Frederyk; Willem Heyer, Tryntje Waldron, z.h.v.

Feb 6; John Nicholas, Jannetje Horne; Sara; Jacobus Horne, Annetje Somerendyk, z.h.v.

Feb 10; Wilhelmus Beekman, Maria Elsworth; Johannes; Jacob Arding, Catharina Beekman, z.h.v.

Feb 10; Aaron Stokholm, Hilletje Van Alst; Andries; Andries Stokholm, Margrietje Wels, z.h.v.

Feb 13; Jacobus Steg, Sara Volk; Gerrit; Johannes Jansse, Neeltje Steg, z.h.v.

Feb 13; Willem Gilbert, Aaltje Verdon; Aaltje; Isaac Verdon, Femmetje Nordon, j.d.

Feb 13; Pieter Baal, Catharina Fisser; Susanna; Joseph Palding, Susanna Witt, j.d.

Feb 13; John Luwis, Aafje Ten Eyk; Elisabeth; Dirk Ten Eyk, Elisabeth Ten Eyk, j.d.

Feb 13; Joost Uyt den Bogard, Cornelia Vanden Berg; Catharina; Dirk Uyt den Bogard, Bregje Vanden Berg, z.h.v.

Feb 20; Jeremias Bandouin, Anna Dovin; Abraham, Anna, tweelingen; James Buvelot, Margrita Buvelot, z.h.v., Patrik Jaczon, Anna Vander Spiegel, z.h.v.

Feb 20; Gulian Ver Plank, Maria Crommelyn; Gulian; Gabriel Lodlow, Elizabeth Crommelin, z.h.v.

Feb 20; Isaac Steg, Agnietje Romeyn; David; Gerrit Davidse, Eva Swartwoud, z.h.v.

Feb 20; Edward Drinkwater, Lea Burger; Catharina; Joris Janze, Catharina Van Dyk, h.v.v. Zilvester Brimle.

Feb 20; Ulrig Brouwer, Maria Voos; Hesther; Daniel Gaaf, Jannetje Voos, z.h.v.

Feb 24; Petrus Brouer, Catharina Van Woert; Petrus; Teunis Van Woert, Ellizabeth Van Dam, h.v.v. Jakobus Kierstede.

Feb 27; Nicolaas Kilman, Annatje Jacobs; Catharina; Johannes Ryppel, Catharina Ashoven, syn h.v.

Feb 27; Matthias Ernest, Maria Bomper; Margareta; Lodewyk Bomper, Margareta Brouwer, syn h.v.

Feb 27; Willem Slow, Rachel Ecker; Maria; Abraham Ecker, Maria Ecker, j.d.

Mar 13; John Shipperd, Anna Maria Lewis; Sabina; Lodewyk Sharp, Wyntje Sharp, j.d.

Mar 13; Philip Livingston, Christina Ten Broek; Pieter Van Brug; John Livingston, Margareta Livingston, Wed. Van Samuel Vetch.

Mar 13; John Tompkins, Maria Montagne; John; Cornelius Van Kleeft, Engeltje Waters, syn h.v.

Mar 13; Joris Brinkerhof, Catharina Herring; Elbert; Elbert Herring, Elisabet Bogert, syn h.v.

Mar 13; John Exceen, Maria Phenix; Margareta; Alexander Phenix, Catharina Phenix, j.d.

Mar 13; Cornelius Van Seysen, Metje Tomese; Antje; Jan Euwets, Maria Huysman, h.v. Van Jan Jansen.

Mar 20; James Beslay, Cornelia de Foreest; Elisabet; Benjamin Stout, Maria Beslay, j.d.

Mar 20; Willem Peers, Anna Van de Water; Anna; Isaak Boke, Tanneke Boke, Wed. Van Hendrik Peers.

Mar 20; Robert Prevoost, Ariaantje Pouwelse; Magdalena; James de Bruss, Annetje Prevoost, j.d.

Mar 20; Jacob Buys, Engeltje Storm; Christina; John de Lanoy, Maria Krankheid, syn h.v.

Mar 20; Jacobus Van Antwerpen, Margareta Bogerd; Annatje; Francis Wessels, Belitje Bogerd, syn h.v.

Mar 20; Nicolaas Bogerd, Maria Quik; Jacobus; Johannes Bogerd, Abigael Quik, syn h.v.

Mar 27; Albert Noordstrand, Sophia de Voys; Maria; Jan Noordstrand, Maria Koerten, syn h.v.

Mar 31; Johannes de Witt, Annatje Heris; Willem; Egbert Somerendyk, Elisabet Heris, syn h.v.

Apr 5; Baltus Van Kleek, Sara Van Varik; Jakoba; Leendert Van Kleek, Cornelia Kip, j.d.

Apr 7; John Man, Annatje Bensen; Abraham; Robert Siggelse, Elisabet Fyl, huis v.v. Isaac V. Aarnam.

Apr 7; Jakob Albrigt, Maria Reyfenier; Maria; Heuwe MacFalser, Maria Gerritse, huis v.v. Pieter Bole.

Apr 14; Jan Van Dalsen, Geertje Kuyper; Jannetje; Hendrik Kuyper, Jun'r, Catharina Gerbrandse, z. huis v.

Apr 16; Robert Harding, Sara Turck; Annetje; Victoor Bicker, Jun'r, Aaltje Turck, huis v.v. Francis Barre.

Apr 17; Isaac Blanck, Ida Sedam; Abraham; Dirk Rasmyn, Aaltje Harsing, huis v. Van Hendrik Sedam.

Apr 21; Johannes Elsworth, Hester Roome; Johannes, Hester, tweelingen; Willem Elsworth, Annatje Elsworth, j.d. Hendrikus Roome, Marretje Roome, huis v.v. Dirck Ten Eyck.

Apr 24; Erardus Brouwer, Cornelia DeLanoy; Jacob; Jacob Brouwer, Nelletje Montanie, s.h.v.

May 1; Abraham Huysman, Annatie Hoppe; Willem; Willem Hoppe, Elizabeth Wessels, s.h.v.

May 8; Benjamin Tenner, Maria Tiebout; Maria; Johannes Tiebout, Maria Van Deventer, s.h.v.

May 12; Willem Peeck, Jannetje Willes; Joris; Joris Willes, Margareta Douwe, s.h.v.

May 16; Arie Koning, Rachel Kierstede; Benjamin; Lucas Kierstede, Elisabet Koning, h.v.v. John Addisson.

May 16; Arie Hering, Jannetje Van Hoeck; Isaac; Isaac Van Hoeck, Jackemyntie Lerawz, s.h.v.

May 19; Willem Smith, Annatie Van Dursen; Willem; Andries Van Dursen, Aaltje Van Dursen, j.d.

Jun 2; Bernard Eyrand, Judith Mesnard; Anna; Hendrik Bogert, Anna Mesnard, j.d.

Jun 5; Johannes Aalstein, Catharina Rappalje; Cathalina; Martte Marttere Schenk, Antje Rappalje, z.h.v.

Jun 5; Abrham Leuw, Elisabeth Cregier; Elisabeth; Lucas Kierstede, Elsje Kregier, z.h.v.

Jun 9; Abraham Emmitz, Maria Jankens; Abraham; Willem Kock, Christina Emmith, Wed. v. Aart Pelt.

Jun 12; Abraham Egt, Tryntje Bensen; Tryntje; Willem Lynse, Eva Egt, h.v.v. Francis Warner.

Jun 12; Teunis Van Tessel, Fytje Jacobs; Jacob; John de Lanoy, Maria Krankheid, z.h.v.

Jun 12; Ide Van Ysen, Catharina Clerk; Alexander; John Clerk, Maria Laurense, z.h.v.

Jun 16; Abraham Boke, Maria Caar; Annetje; Alexander Phenix, Annetje Caar, h.v.v. Isaac Chardavoine.

Jun 16; Willem Hardenbroek, Geertruy Vlierboom; Abel; Abel Hardenbroek, Annetje Elsword, z.h.v.

Jun 19; David Meulenaar, Catharina Miserol; Pieter; Edward Earle, Elisabeth Pra, h.v.v. Jan Miserol.

Jun 19; Josia Paterson, Catharina Bensen; Dircchardus; Willem Paers, Jacomyntje Boke, Wed. v. Jacob Harsing.

Jun 19; Pieter Clopper, Elisabet Leffers; Sara; Johannes Clopper, Elsje Cock, h.v.v. Dirk Leffers.

Jun 19; John Anderson, Margarita Boke; Johannes; Abraham Boke, Sara Worden, z.h.v.

Jun 23; Johannes Bussing, Elisabeth Tibout; Johannes; Petrus Bussing, Sara Tibout, j.d.

Jun 23; Johannes de La Montagne, Maria Daly; Cornelia; Isaac Stoutenburg, Cornellia Daly, h.v.v. Tobias Rykman.

Jun 26; John Smith, Maria Stilwell; Daniel; Daniel Smith, Maria Smith, j.d.

Jun 26; Jacob Durie, Sara Noordstrand; Maria; Jan Noordstrand, Maria Voorhees, syn h.v.

Jun 26; Adolph Brass, Maria Carstang; Margareta; Abraham de Peyster, Annatje Van Cortland, h.v. Van John Chambers.

Jul 7; Benjamin Quakkenbosch, Annatje Van Orden; Annatje; Cornelis Quakkenbosch, Annatje Van Horne, syn h.v.

Jul 7; Jacobus de Lanoy, Jannetje Weer; Thomas; Philip Bensen, Maria Weer, syn h.v.

Jul 3; Henry Cuyler, Junior, Alida Rynders; Jacobus; Isaak Latouch, Geertruy Rynders, h.v. Van David W'm Provoost.

Jul 7; Benjamin Steymets, Sara Emans; Jannetje; Andries Pieterse, Lelia Sara Steymets, j.d.

Jul 10; Benjamin Delen, Ellisabet Vreedenburg; Catharina; Benjamin Coch, Catharina Bensen, h.v. Van John Hale.

Jul 10; Willem Teller, Annatje Elsworth; Willem; Joris Elsworth, Susanna Boukhout, syn h.v.

Jul 10; John Persell, Junior, Neeltje Van der Voort; Nicolaas; Nicolaas Persell, Geertje Kool, syn h.v.

Jul 14; Elbert Herring, Elisabet Bogert; Maria; Petrus Bogert, Maria Romen, syn h.v.

Jul 14; Joseph Rulend, Elisabet Ecker; Johannes; Willem Newberry, Jannetje Rulend, j.d.

Jul 17; Pieter Van Bommelen, Hillegond Ellen; Petrus; Leendert Van Bommelen, Elisabet Van Bommelen, j.d.

Jul 17; Johannes Bogert, Junior, Abigael Quick; Abigael; Frans Wessels, Annatje Bogert, h.v. Van Jacobus Roosevelt Jans z.

Jul 17; Charles Crommelin, Sara Roosevelt; Charles; Gulian Verplank, Maria Crommelin, syn h.v.

Jul 21; Pieter Bandt, Helena Bensen; Elisabet; Jesajas Pettensen, Catharyntje Bensen, syn h.v. Catharina Bandt.

Jul 24; John Livingston, Catharina Tam-broek; Jannet; Robert R. Livingston, Margareta Beekman, syn h.v.

Jul 24; Cornelius Beekman, Catharina Van Horne; Gerard; Gerard Beekman, Catharina Provoost, Wed'e Van Gerard Beekman, Senior.

Jul 24; Charles Philips, Margareta Wilkens; Margareta; Johannes Poel, Tietje Poel, j.d.

Jul 31; Jakob Van Wormen, Annatje Van Tessel; Tryntje; Pieter Van Tessel, Catharina Stoutenburg, j.d.

Jul 31; D'o Johannes Ritzema, Hiltje Dykstra; David; David Abeel, Maria Duycking, z.h.v.

Jul 31; Johannes Pieterson, Maria Stevens; Johannes; Pieter Van Duursen, Maria Heldrich, z.h.v.

Jul 31; Gerrit de Graeuw, Catharina Van Buren; Maria; Jan Van Buuren, Maria Meyer, z. huis v.

Aug 4; Cornelius Quackenboss, Annatje Van Horne; Aaltje; Willem Woena, Lea Quakkenboss, z.h.v.

Aug 7; Adriaan Houtvat, Elizabeth de Foreest; Johanna Catharina; Con's Joh's Van Leeuwaarden, Gysberta Maria de Jager, z.h.v.

Aug 7; Louwrence Myer, Annatje Preyer; Willem Rome; Jakobus Myer, Janneke Preyer, j.d.

Aug 7; Charles Smith, Cornelia Wilkes; Maria; Johannes Appel, Annatje Varik.

Aug 14; Cornelis Sebring, Maria Houwerd; Isaac; Isaac Sebring, Catharina Van Wyck, z. huis v.

Aug 15; Hugh Wentworth, Maria Exson; Maria; Ernst Houtschilt, Elizabeth Exson, j.d.

Aug 21; Louwrence Lawrence, Catharina Teller; Annatje; Samuel Lawrence, Maria Maris, z. huis v.

Aug 21; Andrew Brestede, Susanna Kerfbyl; Debora; Meindert Schuyler, Debora Wessels, huis v.v. Andries Brestede.

Aug 25; Johanns Mackle, Anna Kok; Jakob; Johannes Zuricher, Elizabeth Ensler, z. huis v.

Aug 25; Isaac Jansen, Styntje Van der Voort; Pieter; Pieter Van der Voort, Meltje Van der Hoeven, z. huis v.

Aug 28; Jakob ten Eyck, Aaltje Wessels; Gerardus; Jakob Kip, Belytje Hondt, j.d.

Sep 1; Nicholaes Vee, Maria Malsbagh; Jacob; Johannes Remme, Maria Kavelin, s.h.v.

Sep 1; Jakob Gardenier, Cornelia Waldron; Johannes; Johannes Aelstyn, Catharina Boss, j.d.

Sep 1; Nicholaes Lesier, Feytje Klockenaar; Antje; Pieter Lesier, Feytie Sebreg, s.h.v.

Sep 4; Hendrik Boshart, Anna Barbara Hofman; Jacob; Piter Boutsman en Anna Maria Bamper, h.v.v. Matthias Ernest.

Sep 4; James Cammel, Sara De more; James; Jacob Persell, Susanna de Graay, j.d.

Sep 4; Abraham Lynsen, Catharina Rutgers; Anneke; Abraham Lynsen, Ju'r, Hendrike Thong, j.d.

Sep 8; Willem Bedloo, Catharina Rutgers; Petrus; Petrus Bedloo, Maria Nazareth, s.h.v.

Sep 11; Johannes Lee, Jannetje de Groot; Christina; Willem Lee, en Christina Lee, h.v.v. John Rightway.

Sep 11; Jacobus Van Orden, Christina Sebreske; Magdalena; Piter Hendrickse, Magdalena Sebreske, s.h.v.

Sep 15; Gerrit Waldron, Maria de Foreest; Piter; Cornelus Waldron, Elizabeth de Foreest, j.d.

Sep 18; Alexander Bulsing, Sara de Milt; Petrus; Johannes Lewis, Hester Lewis, j.d.

Sep 18; Olvert Roosevelt, Elisabeth Lounsbary; Margrita; Johannes Shurt, Margrita Shurt, j.d.

Sep 18; Frans Bradt, Vrouwtie Meyer; Johannes; Bernardus Harsing, Sara Meyer, s.h.v.

Sep 18; Joris Marschalk, Hester Feyn; Johannes; Johannes Marschalek, Maria Marschalek, huys v.v. Richard Moory.

Sep 25; Louwerens Verwey, Thryntie de Moore; Louwerens; Louwerens Van der Hoef, Angenietie Allen, s.h.v.

Sep 25; Leendert Waarner, Catharina Kierstede; Maria; Abraham Van Vleck, Maria Van Vleck, j.d.

Sep 25; Seymon Breestede, Angenietie Kierstede; Jenneke; Andries Breestede, Lena Peers, j.d.

Sep 25; Lodewyck Bamper, Margrita Brouwer; Lodewyck; Johannes Reypel, Catharina Ashaven, s.h.v.

Oct 2; Piter Vouck, Maria Wood; Petrus; Mattheus Vouck, Geertruy Vouck, j.d.

Oct 2; Thomas Persell, Debora Pandfold; Tomas; Tomas Behanna, Annatje Persell, j.d.

Oct 2; Jacob Persell, Martha Kees; Willem; Willem Deen, en Sara de Moree, huys v.v. Willem Cimmel.

Oct 2; Folckert Durie, Gerritje Vechten; Rebecka; Folckert Folckerse, Maria Bogert, s.h.v.

Oct 2; Johannes Harsing, Rachel Dyckman; Nicholaes; Phillip Menthorne, Anna Harseng, s.h.v.

Oct 9; Robert James Livingston, Susanna Smith; Elisabet; Coll. Philip Schuyler, Elisabet Louwrens, Wed'e Van Jacobus Kierstede.

Oct 9; Jacobus Van Zandt, Annatje Marschalk; Wynand; Wynand Van Zandt, Catharina Ten Eyck, syn h.v.

Oct 9; Johannes Schermerhorne, Sara Canon; Sara; Louwrens Cortregt, Maria Canon, h.v. Van Evert Byvanck.

Oct 9; Jacob Pitt, Maria Van Pelt; Aaltje; Abraham Pitt, Elisabet Mories, syn h.v.

Oct 9; Samuel Waldron, Maria Basset; Johannes; Resolveert Waldron, Elsje Visher, h.v. Van John Basset.

Oct 16; Dirk Lefferts, Elsje Kock; Sara; Abraham Lefferts, Anna Kock, j.d.

Oct 16; Johannes Van Gelder, Maria Eeuwets; Cathalina; Abraham Van Gelder, Cathalyntje Van Gelder, h.v. Van Charles Lewis.

Oct 16; Johannes Peek, Hester Dyckman; Hester; Dirk Ammerman, Elisabet Wan, h.v. Van Cornelius Dyckman.

Oct 23; Cornelius Van Ranst, Catharina Canon; Catharina; Jacobus Kierstede, Elisabet Van Dam, syn h.v.

Oct 27; Gerrit Jansen, Sara Hyer; Jenneke; Willem Wamsley, Sara Jansen, syn h.v.

Oct 30; Abraham Freer, Johanna Lewis; Lewis; Jakob Kip, Elizabeth Freer, j.d.

Nov 3; Johannes Beekman, Ellizabeth Elsworth; Thomas; Thomas Seymour, Ariaentje Elsworth, z. huis v.

Nov 3; Johan Peter Jong, Catharina Kirchmanin; Johan Peter; Abraham Jong, Anna Maria Bredenhols, z. huis v.

Nov 3; Willem de Peyster, Margarita Roosevelt; Margarita; Willem de Peyster, Jun'r, Heyltje de Peyster, j.d.

Nov 10; Johannes Broek, Catharina Spencer; Machiel; Machiel Smith, Maria Smith, j.d.

Nov 10; Johannes Durje, Antje Voorhees; Neeltje; Steven Voorhees, Neeltje Hegeman, z. huis v.

Nov 17; Dirk Brinkerhoff, Catharina Van Wyck; Elizabeth; Joris Brinkerhoff, Maria Van Deursen, z. huis v.

Nov 17; Andries V. Varik, Aafje ten Eyck; Aafje; Lewys Hardenberg, Cornelia Waldron, j.d.

Nov 17; Isaac Kip, Helelna Ouke; Margrita; Petrus Kip, Margrita Blom, Wed. V. Petrus Kip.

Nov 20; Johannes de Milt, Susanna Raven; Jannetje; Alexander Bulsing, Jannetje Raven, huis v.v. Anthony de Milt.

Nov 20; Gideon Kersteng, Susanna Walgraaf; Gideon; Gideon Kersteng, Catharina Kockever, z. huis v.

Nov 20; Pieter Corcelius, Susanna Fyen; Elizabeth; Willem Corcelius, Fronaka Corcelius, huis v. Van Willem Crolius.

Nov 20; Johannes Van Orden, Ariaantje Webbers; Ariaentje; Cornelis Webbers, Margrita de Riemer, h.v. Jakob Webbers.

Nov 27; Teunes Tiebout, Beletje Bogert; Maria; Johannes Tiebout, Maria Van Deventer, z.h.v.

Nov 27; Volckert Somerendyk, Annatie Van Laar; Annatie; Teunes Somerendyk, Geertruy Hers, s.h.v.

Dec 4; Lucas Kierstede, Catharina Groenendyk; Maria; Leendert Waarner, Cathalyntie Kierstede, s.h.v.

Dec 4; Alexander Macbeen, Mettje Van Vlerkum; Alexander; Alexander Bate, Margrita Steg, s.h.v.

Dec 4; Joris Harsing, Margrita Gilbert; Joris; Willem Gilbert, Ju'r, Aeltie Verdon, s.h.v.

Dec 4; Casper Kersten, Maria Brozner; Maria Magdalena; Joseph Kelder, Maria Bedenhols, s.h.v.

Dec 8; Abraham de Lanoy, Hester King; Hester; Jan De Lanoy, Maria Kranckheyt, s.h.v.

Dec 11; Gysbert Koning, Catharina Hamler; Gysbert; Hendrick Ryke, Annatie Ravo, h.v.v. Johannes Koning.

Dec 11; Jan Dyckman, Engeltie Breka; Anneke; Johannes Dyckman, Anneke Dyckman, j.d.

Dec 11; Johannes Daely, Margrita Van Seysen; Phileppus; John Montanie, Maria Daely, s.h.v.

Dec 15; Willem Chappel, Jackemyntie de Neur; Jackemyntie; Machiel de Neur, Maria Ablienes, s.h.v.

Dec 15; Jacob Roome, Jannetie Roome; Sara; Hendericus Roome, Marretie Roome, Wed. Dirck Ten Eyck.

Dec 15; Theodorus Van Wyck, Helena Santfort; Theodorus; Dirck Brinckerhoff, Maria Van Aalstyn, h.v.v. Abraham Van Wyck, Jun'r.

Dec 18; Cornelus Cregier, Aafie Tucker; Geertie; Symon Cregier, Geertie Dye, h.v. Van Isaac Twentyman.

Dec 18; Isaac Ver Veelen, Thryntie Van Schyven; Isaac; Johannes Huygh, Elizabet Van Dalsen, syn h.v.

Dec 18; Daniel Van Vleck, Vrouwtie Cherricks; Willem; Willem Taylor, Elizabeth Breke, h.v.v. John Robberson.

Dec 18; Gerrit de Foreest, Sara Hardenbroeck; Andries; Richard Noreth, Femmetje Van der Klift, h.v.v. Andries Hardenbroeck.

Dec 22; Jacob Harsing, Lena Koning; Margrita; Piter Koning, Margrita Hardenbroeck.

Dec 25; Michiel Smith, Maria Spencer; Hendrick; Johannes Broeck, Catharina Spencer, s.h.v.

Dec 29; Casparus Steymets, Hyltie Schut; Helena; John Forbush, Annatie Heyer, s.h.v.

Dec 29; Cornelus Marschalek, Cornelia Verdon; Maria; Abraham Marschalek, Maria Sebreg, s.h.v.

Dec 29; Albertus Tiebout, Cornelia Bogert; Hendrick; Teunes Tiebout, Margrita Tiebout, j.d.

New Amsterdam & New York Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms
1639 thru 1641 | 1642 thru 1645 | 1646 thru 1655 | 1656 thru 1660 | 1661 thru 1665 | 1666 thru 1670 | 1671 | 1672 | 1673 | 1674 | 1675 | 1676 | 1677 | 1678 | 1679 | 1680 | 1681 | 1682 | 1683 | 1684 | 1685 | 1686 thru 1690 | 1691 thru 1695 | 1696 | 1697 | 1698 | 1699 | 1700 | 1701 | 1702 | 1703 | 1704 | 1705 | 1706 | 1707 | 1708 | 1709 | 1710 | 1711 | 1712 | 1713 | 1714 | 1715 | 1716 | 1717 | 1718 | 1719 | 1720 | 1721 | 1722 | 1723 | 1724 | 1725 | 1726 thru Feb 1730 | March 1730 to Dec 1730 | 1731 | 1732 | 1733 | 1734 | 1735 | 1736 | 1737 | 1738 | 1739 | 1740 | 1741 | 1742 | 1743 | 1744 | 1745 | 1746 | 1747 | 1748 | 1749 | 1750 | 1751 | 1752 | 1753 | 1754 | 1755 | 1756 | 1757 | 1758 | 1759 | 1760 | 1761-1801 to follow!
This is an ongoing project - please check back frequently to see what new Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms have been uploaded!


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