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Death Finds a Way: A Janie Riley Mystery
by Lorine McGinnis Schulze

Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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New Amsterdam (New York City) New York Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms 1759

This is one of a series of transcribed records for baptisms at the Reformed Dutch Church of New Amsterdam (New York City) in New Netherland (New York). With the help of Volunteer Transcribers, Olive Tree Genealogy continues from Ted Brassard's records of baptisms in this church from 1639 to 1730. The baptisms are laid out in order as follows: The date of the baptism; the parents; the child; and the witnesses. Note the separation of each item by semicolons. Anything within parenthesis are added comments not found in the original

Anno 1759

Jan 7; Johannes Durye, Antje Voorhees; Maria; Gelyn Van Gelder, Maria Heyer, z.h.v.

Jan 14; Andries Hoppe, Catharina Stymets; Johannes; Mattheus Hoppe, Aaltje Jakobs, z.h.v.

Jan 14; Teunis van Dalsen, Elizabet Holland; Johannes; Johannes van Dalsen, Dirkje Taalman, z.h.v.

Jan 14; Cornelius Seebring, Aaltje Seebring; Cornelia; Lukas Roome, Aaltje Sebring, z.h.v.

Jan 14; Isaac de Milt, Margrieta Stillewil; Nicholaas; Arent de Voe, Maria Verwey, z.h.v.

Jan 17; Arent Gilbert, Anna Mandeviel; Gillis; Gillis Mandeviel, Rachel Hoppe, z.h.v.

Jan 17; Johannes Ryke, Dorathea Remsen; Joris; Arie Remsen, Jannetje Rappelje, z.h.v.

Jan 17; Cornelia Vanden Berg, Elizabet de Hart; Cornelis; Gerrit vanden Berg, Anna Mandeviel, z.h.v.

Jan 17; Egbert Vander Hoer, Maria Lezier; Cornelis; Andries Loosje, Jannetje Anderson, Wed. v. Cor's Vander Hoer.

Jan 24; Abraham Lott, Jun'r, Geertruy Coeymans; Geertruy; Isaac Louw, Anna Elizabet Staats, Wed. Coeymans.

Jan 31; Gerardus W'm Beekman, Maria Duycking; Johanna; Gerardus Duycking, Johanna Van Brug, w. G. Duycking.

Jan 31; Jakob La Roy, Cornelia Rutgers; Maria Anna; Robert Benson, Catharina V. Borssen, z.h.v.

Jan 31; Michiel van Buuren, Jannetje Hendrikze; Elizabet; Engelbert Cammena, Elizabet van Buuren, z.h.v.

Jan 31; Willem Beekman, Marretje Elswort; Elizabet; Willem Bockee, Jannetje Minthorne, z.h.v.

Jan 31; Benjamin V. de Water, Maria Meyer; Adolf; Adolf Meyer, Eva Meyer, z.h.v.

Feb 7; Symon Cregier, Susanna Oorts; Elizabet; Cornelis Cregier, Elizabet Cregier, h.v. Ab'm Leeuw.

Feb 7; Gerhardus Duyking, Anna Rappelje; Dina; Gerret Rappelje, Helena de Neys, z.h.v.

Feb 7; Gerret Van Bommele, Antje Loosje; Antje; Leendert Kip, Catharina Loosje, j.d.

Feb 7; Gerhardus de Foreest, Sara Hardenberg; Sara; Gerret Waldron, Maria de Foreest, z.h.v.

Feb 7; Johannes Louw, Susanna Bourdet; Judik; Samuel Bourdet, Judik Blyk, Wed. Sam'l Bourget.

Feb 11; David Hanssen, Sara Onderdonck; David; Esajas Teljou, Sara Teljou, j.d.

Feb 11; Jakobus Ver Vele, Sara Nagel; Jan; Issaac de LaMetere, Cathalina Benson, z.h.v.

Feb 11; John Walker, Annatje Brouwer; Elizabet; Willem Woinat, Elizabet Brouwer, j.d.

Feb 18; Op. Belydenisse [Confession of faith]; Jakob Spin; Elias Van Houten, David Mushart.

Feb 18; Nicholaas Bogert, Cornelia Bradus; Nicholaas; Hendrik Bogert, Elizabet Bogert, h.v. Elbert Haring.

Feb 18; Cornelius Roosevelt, Margrita Haring; Maria; Abraham Durje, Cornelia Haring, j.d.

Feb 18; Petrus Montanje, Catharina Van der hoef; Petrus; Joh's McLinnig, Annetje Coning, h.v.v. Cornelis Van der Hoef.

Feb 18; Johannes Van Kleek, Rachel Van den Bogaart; Jakobus; Balthus Van Kleek, Maria Van der Burg, z.h.v.

Feb 18; Elias Chardovyn, Johanna Corcelius; Annetje; Willem Corcelius, Annetje Caer, h.v. Isaac Chardovyn.

Feb 18; Hendrik Van de Water, Sara de Foreest; Elizabet; Willem Van de Water, Elizabet Hendrikse, z.h.v.

Feb 21; Wilhelmus Poppelsdorff, Elizabet Walter; Maria; Johannes Walter, Eva Poppelsdorff, j.d.

Feb 21; Jakobus Glasbie, Maria Grim; Robbert; John Glasbie, Eva Zwartwout, z.h.v.

Feb 21; Michiel Cornelissen, Catharina Cuyper; Lena; Symon Loosje, Susanna Cuyper, z.h.v.

Feb 21; Hendrik Butzels, Antje Koning; Susanna; Arie Kemmel, Catharina du Bois, z.h.v.

Feb 21; Abraham Remsen, Magteltje V. Duyn; Sara; de vader en moeder.

Feb 28; Robbert Warner, Debora Cool; Joseph; Abraham Egt, Eva Warner, Wed. v. Frans Warner.

Feb 28; Hendrik Snyder, Elizabet Syn; Annatje; Joh's Carolius, Annatje Corcelius, h.v.v. Elias Chardovyn.

Feb 28; Thomas Stilwil, Debora Marteling; Thomas; Wolvert Webber, Catharina Webber, j.d.

Feb 28; Pieter Culis, Elsje Smith; Johanna; Cornelis Smith, Johanna Smith, j.d.

Feb 28; Joh's Montanje, Ju'r, Maria Delly; Abraham; Isaac Stoutenburg, Femmetje Burens, h.v. Joseph Montanje.

Mar 4; Petrus Pietersen, Rebekka Montanje; Aplonia; Jan Pietersen, Rebekka Montanje, de moeder.

Mar 4; Jacob Labach, Catharina Brouwn; Johannes; Hendrik Labach, Elizabet Lesjer, z.h.v.

Mar 4; Daniel Brann, Sara Bussing; Anna; Harmanus Montanje, Anna Spier, j.d.

Mar 4; Casparus Pryer, Maria Van Rype; Casparus; Pieter Gerrebrands, Catharina Turck, z.h.v.

Mar 4; Johnas Slot, Celitje Pryer; Sara; Casparus Stuyvesand, Jenneke Pryer, j.d.

Mar 14; Johannes Vreedenburg, Maria Forbus; Catharina; Isaac Vreedenburg, Catharina Vreedenburg, h.v. Robert Hull.

Mar 14; Abraham Knikkebakker, Gerretje van Deursen; Abraham; Harmanus Knikkebakker, Heyltje Ryt, Wed. van J. Ryt.

Mar 14; Louis Andre Gautier, Elizabet Sebring; Samuel; Thomas Kermer, Aaltje Sebring, Wed. Nic's Kermer.

Mar 14; Jakobus van Dyck, Neeltje van Hoek; Jacomyntje; Robert Crennel, Agnietje Vredenburg, h.v. Huybert V. Wagenen.

Mar 14; Aaron Stokholm, Hilletje van Aalst; Joris; Joh's Van Aalst, Cathalyntje Van Aalst, j.d.

Mar 14; Johannes Abrahamse, Johanna Lin; Sara; Christiaan Stouber, Francyntje Abrahamse, j.d.

Mar 21; Hendrik du Mont, Catharina Oothout; Cathalina; Jeronimus Aalstein, Maria Oothout, j.d.

Mar 21; Richard Kip, Jannetje Peersel; Maria; Hendrik Oudenaarde, Sara Van Dyck, z.h.v.

Mar 25; Nicholaas Quakkenbos, Catharina Van Pelt; Margrita; Johannis Quakkenbos, Margrita Bogert, z.h.v.

Apr 1; Isaac Somerendyck, Antje Boss; Sara; Isaac Boss, Elizabet Boss, j.d.

Apr 4; Gerret vanden Berg, Anna Mandeviel; Johannes; Jakobus Haren, Annatje Somerendyk, z.h.v.

Apr 4; Jacob Stymets, Maria Dien; Isaac; Andries Hoppe, Catharina Stymets, z.h.v.

Apr 4; Jan Amerman, Eva Auke; Isaac; Isaac Kip, Lena Auke, z.h.v.

Apr 4; Isaac Meet, Maria Waldron; Maria; Benjamin Waldron, Bregje Waldron Heveland, z.h.v.

Apr 8; Johannes Hoppe, Sophia Riet; Maria; Jan Ten Harten, Maria van Norden, j.d.

Apr 13; John Daily, Anna Brouwer; John; Vader en moeder.

Apr 13; Gerret Jansen, Sara Heyer; John Hikky; John Hikky, Rachel Koning, z.h.v.

Apr 22; Smit Visscher, Hester Lynsen; Joh's Lynsen; Gidion Lynsen, de moeder.

Apr 22; Adriaan Bogaart, Magdalena Schenck; Catharina; Teunis Bogaart, Catharina Hegeman.

Apr 22; Jakob Harse, Maria Pruim; Tanneke; Philip Minthorne, Tanneke Harse, z.h.v.

Apr 22; Dirk Amerman, Lena Mees; Adrianus; Adrianus Vander Sman, Sophiade Klercq, z.h.v.

Apr 25; Isaac Blanck, Yda Snidam; Maria; Jurjen Blanck, Maria Mills, huis v.v. John Jakzon.

Apr 29; Jakobus Leydt, Alida Zwartwout; Hendrik; Jakob Kip, Elizabet Freer, z.h.v.

Apr 29; John Armstrong, Maria Ryckman; John; Joh's Ryckman, Susanna Jansen, j.d.

Apr 29; Willem Teller, Anna Elswort; Petrus; Petrus Teller, Catharina Kip, z.h.v.

May 2; Johannes de Voor, Belitje Bogaart; Aaltje; Philip Smith, Aaltje Bogaart, z.h.v.

May 2; Uldrik Brouwer, Aaltje Akkerman; Arie; Abraham Akkerman, Lea Roeger, z.h.v.

May 6; Cornelis Heyer, Sara Harsing; Walter; Walter Heyer, Teuntje Stevens, z.h.v.

May 9; Nicolaas Fyn, Maria Malsbag; Philip; Johannes Remmy, Elizabet Hering, j.d.

May 9; Volkert Sprong, Jannatje Schenck; David; Vader en moeder.

May 9; Jan Van Weert, Alida Boekhout; Jakob; Jakob Verveele, Sara Nagel, z.h.v.

May 9; Pieter van Ranst, Yda Beekman; Cornelis; Cornelis van Ranst, Yda Beekman, j.d.

May 20; Johannes Bogert, Abigael Quick; Abraham; Jakobus van Antwerp, Elizabet Bancker, h.v. Jak's Bogert.

Mar 21; Nicholaas Bayard, Margarita Langmath; Stephanus; Nicholaas Bayard Jun'r, Margarita Van Dam, huis v. W. Cockroft.

Mar 23; Nicholaas Bogert, Dorothea Bogert; Maria; Paulus Rome, Susanna Louwrens, z.h.v.

Jun 3; William de Peyster, Jun'r, Elizabet Breesier; Margarita; Nicholaas de Peyster, Catharina Breesier, h.v. Albert Rykman.

Jun 3; Christoffel Schuyler, Elizabet Steg; Cornelius; Johnnes Jansen, Neeltje Steg, z.h.v.

Jun 3; Daniel ten Eyck, Margrita Appel; Elizabet; Dirck ten Eyck, en Elizabet ten Eyck, huis v.v. Erasmus Williams.

Jun 3; Aaron de Voe, Maria Verwey; Joseph; Joseph de Voe, Sara Blom, z.h.v.

Jun 10; Pieter Koning, Maria Borbank; Elizabet; Abraham Morris, Rachel Brouwer, j.d.

Jun 10; Jakobus de Graaf, Maria Freer; Abraham; Abraham Freer, Johanna Lieuwes, z.h.v.

Jun 17; John Morris, Elizabet Pit; Sara; Vader en moeder.

Jun 17; Vincent Montanje, Tryntje Hartje; Elsje; Marris Ellen, Annatje Montanje, z.h.v.

Jun 17; Albartus Lesier, Elizabet Clarkzon; Tryntje; Nicholaas Lesier, Tryntje Lesier, h.v. Benj: Hokkit.

Jun 24; Arie Ryckman, Rachel Pero; Catharina; Hendrik Kierstede, Catharina Ryckman, z.h.

Jun 24; Isaac Gardenier, Hester Brouwer; Rachel; Isaac Brouwer, Rachel de Marree, z.h.

Jul 4; Johannes Jansen, Jannetje Burger; Jannetje; Johannes Burger, Jannetje Brouwer, z.h.

Jul 4; William Blake, Margarita Douglas; Mattheus; John Louwrier, Magdalena, z.h.

Jul 11; Jakobus Ryckman, Maria Vander Hoer; Jakobus; Johannes Hoppe, Sophia Riet, z.h.

Jul 15; Jakobus Bogert, Elizabet Bancker; Neeltje; Floris Bancker, Neeltje Bancker, j.d.

Jul 18; Maurits de Hart, Susanna Vaughton; Margarita; Pieter Wessels, Elizabet Vaughton, j.d.

Jul 18; Petrus Curtenius, Catharina Goelet; Anthonius; Abraham Lott, Catharina Waldron, Wed. v. Isaac Boele.

Jul 25; Andries Loosie, Pirsilla Enderson; Simon; Simon Loosie, Susanna Kuyper, z.h.

Jul 25; Cornelis Marschalk, Neeltje Stymets; Aaltje; Cornelis Sebring, Maria Marschalk, j.d.

Aug 5; Samuel Waldron, Maria Basset; Elsje; Fredrik Basset & Maria Atie, h.v. Frans Basset.

Aug 5; Jan La Metre, Elizabet Post; Isaac; Isaac La Metre, Antje Persel, z.h.v.

Aug 5; Ida Van Yvesen, Catharina Clerk; Mildrom; Jan Bas, Femmetje, v. Bussen, Wed'e Clerk.

Aug 13; Johannes Harpin, Rachel Dyckman; Maria; Johannes Hoppe, Wyntje Dyckman, z.h.

Aug 15; Olvert Roosevelt, Elizabet Lansberry; Olvert; Nicholaas Roosevelt, Neeltje Ewouts, j.d.

Aug 19; Gerrit Rappelje, Helena de Neys; Joris; Jan Rappelje, Dina Middag, W'e v. Joris Rappelje.

Aug 24; Cornelis Wynkoop, Jun'r, Abigael Alsbeen; Elizabet; Cornelius Wynkoop, Elizabet Van der Spiegel.

Sep 2; Christiaan de Marre, Geesje Romeyn; Elizabet; David de Marre, Lena Van Net, z.h.

Sep 2; Joseph Montanje, Femmetje Barens; Johannes; Abraham Montanje, Sara Christie, z.h.

Sep 9; Dirk Durje, Elizabet Tietus; Frans; Frans Tietus, Cornelia Durjee, z.h.

Sep 9; Andries Marcelius, Catharina Visher; Elizabet; Pieter Marcelius, Annatje Elsword, z.h.

Sep 9; Cornelis Blank, Catharina Heyer; Jenneke; Walter Heyer, Teuntje Stevens, z.h.

Sep 9; Nicholaas Bogert, Maria Quick; Elizabet; Jakobus Bogert, Elizabet Bancker, z.h.v.

Sep 9; Lodewyck Williams, Rebekka de La Meter; Annatje; Wiert Banta, Anna Minthorne, z.h.

Sep 12; John Fyn, Margarita Elswort; Fredrik; Fredrik Fyn, Maria ten Eyck, z.h.

Sep 12; Willem Van de Water, Elizabet Hendrikse; Elizabet; Hendrik Van de Water, Rachel Hendrikse, j.d.

Sep 18; Cornelis Dyckman, Elizabet Genden; Jan; Jan Anderson, Cornelia Dyckman, j.d.

Sep 23; Gerrit Harse, Sara Kip; Bernardus; Isaac Meyer, Sara Meyer, Wed. v. Bernardus Harsse.

Sep 26; Yde Dey, Catharina Cermer; Hester; Philip Cathrom, Hester Gliens, z.h.

Sep 30; Michiel Donald, Sara de Bois; Jakobus; Hendrik Wys, Rachel Zwartwout, z.h.

Sep 30; Jonathan Lauwrens, Elizabet van Cleek; Jonathan; Frans Filkin, Catharina Filkin, j.d.

Sep 30; Richard Ray, Sara Bogert; Robert; Robert Ray, & Cornelia Verduyn, h.v. Corn's Bogert.

Oct 7; Albert Amerman, Aplonia Montanje; Dirk; Dirk Amerman, Lea Maes, z.h.v.

Oct 7; Pieter van Gelder, Aaltje Hendriks; Hendrik; Michiel van Gelder, Aaltje huis v. van Benjamin Rievers.

Oct 10; Joh's van Cortlandt, Hester Bayart; Margrieta; Joh's van Reselaar, Geertruy Van Cortlandt, z. huis v.

Oct 10; Robert Nesbert, Catharina Roeber; Robert; John Roeber, Catharina Koning, z.h.v.

Oct 10; Gerrit Schuurman, Wyntje van der Hoer; Johannis; Pieter Ennes, Maria Van der Hoer Wed'e v. Jak's Ryckman.

Oct 10; Thomas Warner, Bregje Aalstein; Dirk; Willem Warner, Geertruy La Roux, j.d.

Oct 17; Willem Gilbert, Maria Bon; Arie; Jan Gilbert, Sara Langluv, z.h.v.

Oct 17; Tobias van Zandt, Maria Dycks; Maria; Wynant van Zandt, Johanna van Zandt, h.v. Aug. Louwrens.

Oct 17; Joh's Bleek, Catharina V. Norde; Maria; Johannis Hoppe, Sophia Riet, z. huis v.

Oct 22; Hendrikus Clopper, Margrieta Keteltas; Margrieta; Cornelius Clopper, Margrieta Clopper, Wed'e Anthony Rutgers.

Oct 25; Johannis Blanck, Antje de Voe; Joseph; Joseph de Voe, Sara de Voe, j.d.

Oct 25; Jakobus Roosevelt, Annatje Bogert; Jakobus; John Bogert, Jun'r, Abigael Quik, z.h.v.

Nov 4; Jakobus Lesier, Anna Glim; Jakob; Nicholaas Lesier, Fytje Clokkenaar, j.d.

Nov 7; Jeremias Brouwer, Elilzabet vandewater; Hendrik; Hendrik vandewater, Annatje Kilmer, z.h.v.

Nov 7; Jan Lanoy, Maria Krankheit; Maria; Abraham Lanoy, Jun'r, Helena Lanoy, j.d.

Nov 7; Jakobus Van Zandt, Annatje Marschalk; Augustus; Augustus Louwrens, Johanna Van Zandt, z.h.

Nov 7; Hendrik Labach, Ju'r, Hester Dey; Annatje; Hendrik Labach, Elizabet Lascher, z.h.

Nov 7; Joh's Uitden Bogaart, Maria Vreedenburg; Johannis; Isaac Vreedenburg, Jannetje Woedert, Wed. Joh's Vreedenburg.

Nov 11; Hendrik Wys, Rachel Zwartwout; Catharina; Abraham Zwartwout, Tryntje Van Kleek, z.h.

Nov 18; Huybert van Wagenen, Angenietje Vredenburg; Willemyntje; Willem Vreedenburg, Willemyntje Nack, z.h.

Nov 21; Hermanus Gardenier, Maria Rethan; Sara; Jakob Gardenier, Cornelia Waldron, z.h.

Nov 21; Hendrik Oudenaarde, Sara Van Dyck; Pieter; Richard Kip, Cornelia Van Dyck, j.d.

Nov 21; Abel Hardenbroek, Rebekka Anthoni; Nicholaas; Nicholaas Anthoni, Hester Roome, z.h.v.

Nov 21; Joh's Anderson, Margvrieta Bokee; Rebekka; Willem Ellis, Belitje de Groot, z.h.

Nov 28; Adolph Bras, Jun'r, Sara Basset; Maria; Adolph Bras, Maria Christyn, h.v.

Nov 28; Jakob Remsen, Catharina Hendrikse; Daniel; Daniel Hendrikze, Catharina Van Brunt.

Nov 28; Jakob Van Wagenen, Sara Nyds; Helena; David Davidze, Anna McKinnie, z.h.v.

Dec 5; Abraham de Foreest, Elizabet Meyer; Debora; Johannis Meyer, Catharina de Graaf, huis v. Gerrit de Graaf.

Dec 5; Victoor Bikker, Antje Turck; Elizabet; Cornelius Turck, Eva Bikker, j.d.

Dec 5; Johannis Anthony, Elizabet Dally; Allard; Abraham Anthony, Maria Anthony.

Dec 5; Johannis Cool, Catharina Scheyer; Maria; Johannis Van Gelder, Maria Ewouts, z.h.

Dec 12; Cornelis Meyer, Cornelia Meyer; Abraham; Johannis Martelingh, Elizabeth Bruyn, z.h.

Dec 16; Johannis Dyckman, Rebekka Buys; Andries; Andries Albady, Elizabet Tiebout, Wed. Jan Bussing.

Dec 16; Jakob van Wagenen, Neeltje Visscher; Neeltje; Nanning Visscher, Antje Staats, huis v. Joh's Roorbach, Jun'r.

Dec 23; Joris Marschalk, Hester Fyn; Marytje; Abraham Kilman, Elizabet Marschalk, h.v. Malkom Kemmel.

Dec 25; Johannis Durye, Neeltje Couwenhoven; Antje; Vader en moeder.

Dec 25; Evert Wessels, Sara Groenendyk; Petrus; Abraham van Kleek, Anna Dey, j.d.

Dec 25; Arent Bussing, Sara Roome; Harmanus; Harmanus Montanje, Sara Bussing, j.d.

Dec 30; Reynier Schaats, Elsje Schuyler; Thomas; Christoffel Bancker, Elizabet van Taerling, h.v. Adriaan Bancker.

Dec 30; Willem Van Imburg, Elizabet Hieronime; Johannis; Hendrik Hieronime, Marytje Gerrebrands, j.d.

Dec 30; Robert Rutgers, Elizabet Beekman; William; William Walton, Cornelia Beekman, z.h.v.

New Amsterdam & New York Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms
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