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Death Finds a Way: A Janie Riley Mystery
by Lorine McGinnis Schulze

Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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New Amsterdam (New York City) New York Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms 1760

This is one of a series of transcribed records for baptisms at the Reformed Dutch Church of New Amsterdam (New York City) in New Netherland (New York). With the help of Volunteer Transcribers, Olive Tree Genealogy continues from Ted Brassard's records of baptisms in this church from 1639 to 1730. The baptisms are laid out in order as follows: The date of the baptism; the parents; the child; and the witnesses. Note the separation of each item by semicolons. Anything within parenthesis are added comments not found in the original

Anno 1760

Jan 1; Jan Jorksen, Elizabet Ovenmof; Elizabet; Jan Jongh, Maria Ovenmof, z.h.v.

Jan 6; Isaak Braesjer, Neeltje Bogaart; Maria; Andries Ryke, Elizabet Wyckof, z.h.v.

Jan 13; Wouter Quakkenbos, Sophia Roorbach; Sophia; Johannis Roorbach, Catharina Roorbach, h.v. Pieter Dobson.

Jan 16; Christoffel Stymets, Maria Elswort; Maria; Willem Elswort, Henrika Stoutenburg, z.h.v.

Jan 16; Pieter Bouwsman, Elizabet Anderson; Willem; Willem Anderson, Dorcas Trevves, z.h.v.

Jan 20; Jakobus Bruyn, Tryntje Lesier; Petrus; Johannis Brouwer, Ariaantje Jeronimo Wed. v. Gerrit Wouterse.

Jan 23; Hendrik Bogaart, Margrieta Beer; Martyntje; Gulian Bogaart, Jannetje van Saan, z.h.v.

Jan 23; Isaac Roosevelt, Cornelia Hoffman; Jakobus; Jakobus Roosevelt, Jun'r, Maria Hoffman, j.d.

Jan 27; Johannis Winne, Annetje Jeronimo; Johannis; Willem Vanimburg, Elizabet Jeronimo, z.h.v.

Jan 27; Jan Enderson, Elizabet Brouwer; Everhardus Brouwer; Everhardus Brouwer, Elsje Brouwer, j.d.

Jan 27; Jakob Peersel, Mettje Kees; Abraham; Abraham Pet, Catharina Hardenbroek, j.d.

Jan 27; Nicholaas Anthony, Cornelia Dally; Allart; Abraham Anthony, Judik Dally, j.d.

Jan 27; Beekman van Buuren, Elizabet Gilbert; Maria; Willem Gilbert, Maria Gilbert, j.d.

Jan 27; Willem Hardenbroek, Geertruy Vlierboom; Pieter; Abel Hardenbroek, Rebecca Anthony, z.h.v.

Feb 3; Abraham LaVay, Ariaantje Montanje; Samson; Albert Amerman, Aplonia Montanje, z.h.v.

Feb 6; Jakob Brouwer, Margrita Vreeland; Jakob; Daniel Brouwer, Emmetje Vreeland, j.d.

Feb 6; Abraham Banker, Rachel Gerritsen; Johannis; Johannis Marteling, Elizabet Bruyn, z.h.v.

Feb 20; Juriaan Mandeviel, Dorothea Van den Hoev; Rachel; Arent Gilbert, Anna Mandeviel, z.h.v.

Feb 20; Mattheus Mandeviel, Tanneke Waldrom; Rachel; Mattheus Buys, Maria Mandeviel, z.h.v.

Feb 20; Hendrik Van Winckel Jr., Jannetje Brouwer; Catharina; Hendrick Van Winckel, Catharina Waldrom, z.h.

Feb 20; Richard Richards, Rebecca Montanje; Richard; Petrus Montanje, Antje Lieuwis, j.d.

Feb 24; Erts Kemmel, Catharina du Bois; Anna; Hugo Kemmel, Grietje Kemmel, j.d.

Feb 27; Hercules Windover, Jannetje Roeger; Hercules; Robert Niesbert, Catharina Roeger, z.h.v.

Mar 5; Jakobus Westervelt, Maria de Marre; Samuel; Samuel de Marre, Lea de Marre, z.h.v.

Mar 12; Jillis Hoppe, Elizabet Waldrom; Maria; Mattheus Hoppe, Aaltje Jakobs, z.h.v.

Mar 12; Fredrik de Voe, Elizabet Armstrong; Fredrik; Arent de Voe, Marretje Ver Wey, z.h.v.

Mar 12; Andries Hoppe, Catharina Stymets; Johannis; Wessel Hoppe, Anneke Dyckman, z.h.v.

Mar 12; Willem Van Deurssen, Catharina Gilbert; Sara; Pieter Van Deurssen, Maria Heldrichs, z.h.v.

Mar 23; Marres Erll, Annatje Montanje; Marres; Abraham La Vay, Ariaantje Montanje.

Mar 26; Philip Livingston, Christina Tenbroek; Henry; Philip Ph. Livingston, Catharina Livingston, h.v. John Lawrence.

Mar 26; Jakob Gerrebrands, Catharina Erll; Tryntje; Pieter Gerrebrands, Tryntje Gerrebrands, j.d.

Apr 2; Willem Peersel, Bregje Blauwvelt; Walter; Pieter Vouk, Maria Wood, z.h.v.

Apr 2; Johannis Tenbroek, Elizabet Oothout; Margrieta; Abraham Dorye, Margrieta Oothout, j.d.

Apr 6; Johannes Hoppe, Wyntje Dyckman; Maria; Mattheus Hoppe, Aaltje Jakobs, z.h.v.

Apr 6; Anthony Sekkerly, Annatje Peersel; Aaltje; Pieter Heyns, Elizabet van Sys, z.h.v.

Apr 13; Benjamin Hoogland, Elizabet van Wyck; Adriaan; Adriaan Hoogland, Catharina Catlang, z.h.v.

Apr 13; Willem Peek, Fennetje Gillem; Willem; Martinus Scheyer, Annatje Gillem h.v. Jakob Lasher.

Apr 16; Mozes Lyn, Lena van Weert; Elizabet; Gerrit van Weert, Catharina van Weert, j.d.

Apr 20; Joh's Willem Vredenburg, Maria Van Wagenen; Willem; Willem Vredenburg, Willemyntje Naks, z.h.v.

Apr 20; Thomas Brouwer, Eva Pettit; Everhardus; Everhardus Brouwer, Janetje Wesch, j.d.

Apr 27; Abraham Stymets, Rachel van Tessel; Margrieta; Benjamin Stymets, Margrieta Boskerk, z.h.v.

Apr 27; James Beekman, Jane Keteltas; Jane; William Beekman, Cornelia Beekman, h.v. W'm Walton.

Apr 27; Isaac van Hoek, Cornelia Sebring; Catharina; Theophilus Elswort, Catharina Heyer, h.v.v. David Brouwn.

Apr 30; Hendrik Guilik, Femmetje Stellingwerf; Jakob; Jakob Stellingwerf, Annatje Brouwer, h.v.v. John Dally.

Apr 30; Willem Gilbert, Ju'r, Aaltje Fardon; Johannis; Johannis Gilbert, Maria Gilbert, j.d.

Apr 30; Johannes Dyckman, Lena van Norden; Pieter; Jan Tyro, Annatje van Norden, z.h.v.

May 4; Jakob Koning, Annatje Luschaert; Carel; Albert Lesier, Annatje Teljou, Wed. van Carel Luschaart.

May 4; Ernst Risch, Justina Gevelsen; Jakob; Jakob Risch, Justina Gevelsen, de moeder.

May 11; Carel Gresman, Anna Fronica Berg; Elizabet; Jakob Metzger, Elizabet Dellenbag, h. van David Davidsen.

May 11; Jan Devenport, Annatje Smit; Jakobus; David Davidsen, Anna McKenni, z.h.v.

May 15; Robert Harding, Sara Turk; Sara; Jan Barree, Elizabet Barree, j.d.

May 15; Willem Poppelsdorf, Elizabet Walter; Annatje; Abraham Brouwer, Elizabet Poppelsdorf, h.v. Jan Jobwain.

May 15; Adriaan Bancker, J'r, Anna Boelen; Abraham; Christoffel Bancker, Elizabet de Peyster, Wed. v. Abr'm Boelen.

May 18; Bernhardin Zwartewout, Maria V. Steenberger; Grietje; Daniel de Voe, Grietje Quakkenbos, h.v.

May 21; Richard Ten Eyck, Elizabet Brestede; Richard; Nicholaas Roosevelt, Maria Brestede, h.v. Jan Kock.

May 21; Joh's de Lametere, Jannetje Post; Sara; Cornelis Turk, Sara Turk, j.d.

May 25; John Walker, Annatje Brouwer; Petrus Brouwer; Petrus Brouwer, Sara Kip, z.h.v.

May 25; David de Maree, Lea Van Nette; Joost; Christiaan de Maree, Geesje Romein, z.h.v.

May 25; Isaac Kip, Lena Auke; Maria, Sara, tweelingen; Jan Amerman, Eva Auke, z.h.v. Isaac Marschalk, Sara Kip, j.d.

Jun 4; Pieter Wessels, Elizabet Hoop; Pieter; Andries Brestede, Anna Wessels, h.v. Herry Holland.

Jun 4; Andries Ryke, Elizabet Wykhoff; Petrus; Joh's Van Aalst, Hilletje Van Aalst, h.v. Ellen Nenson.

Jun 8; Philip Borling, Agnietje Abrahams; Benjamin; Hans Abrahams, Christyntje Abrahams, j.d.

Jun 8; Albert Lesier, Elizabet Clerkson; Albertus; Pieter Carolius, Elizabet Haring, j.d.

Jun 11; John Bogert, Abigael Quik; Abraham; Jakobus Van Antwerpe, Elizabet Banker, h.v. Jakobus Bogert.

Jun 15; Thomas Fardon, Margrieta Gilbert; Margrieta; Willem Gilbert, Aaltje Fardon, z.h.

Jun 15; Jan Van Dalsen, Geertje Kuyper; Sara; Mattheus Nieuwkerk, Catharina Nieuwkerk, j.d.

Jun 15; Pieter Adami, Maria Zoets; Catharina; Michel Hoffman, Johanna Catharina Ernst, h.v.

Jun 15; Pieter Marcelisse, Annatje Elswort; Annatje; Hendrik Brevoort, Maria Anthony, z.h.

Jun 15; Joh's Armstrang, Maria Rykman; Johannis; Joh's Rykman, Elizabet Mangel, z.h.

Jun 25; Hendrik Zikkels, Annatje Bokkenhoven; Hendrik; Hendrik Zikkels, Elizabet Bokkenhoven, Wed. Jan Bokkenhoven.

Jun 25; Petrus Louw, Jannetje van Deursen; Rachel; Hendrikus Kip, Helena Louw, z.h.v.

Jun 29; Pieter Boekhout, Sara Gardenier; Johannes; Gerrit van Weert, Marytje Gardenier, z.h.v.

Jun 29; Alexander Forbos, Eva Bussing; Mettje; Robert Zikkels, Sara Bussing, j.d.

Jul 2; Cornelius Roosevelt, Margarita Heering; Maria, Cornelia, tweelingen; Abraham Dorrie, Elizabet Heering, j.d. Olvert Roosevelt, Cornelia Heering, j.d.

Jul 2; Johannes Harsen, Geertruy Hartman; Jan; Lukas Teljou, Maria Teljou, z.h.v.

Jul 2; Jan Ellis, Rachel Wessels; Jannetje; Jan Wessels, Maria Wessels, h.v. Salvenus Houwel.

Jul 9; Hendrik Ezelaar, Cornelia Van de Water; Hendrikus; Hendrikus Van d. Water, Sara de Foreest, z.h.v.

Jul 16; Theophilus Hardenbroek, Engeltje Anthony; Abel; Abel Hardenbroek, Annatje Elswort, z.h.v.

Jul 16; Nicholaas Bayert, Margarita Langmat; Stephanus; Gerhardus Stuyvesant, Geertruy van Cortland, h.v. Joh's Renselaar.

Jul 16; Eunis Tiebout, Elizabet Lam; George; Alexander Lam, Anna Fyn, z.h.v.

Jul 20; Johannis Zuppinger, Annatje Coens; Margarita; Nicholaas Kilman, Anna Soring, z.h.v.

Jul 20; Daniel Tarp, Aplonia Tarp; Aplonia; Cornelis Tarp, Aplonia Uit den bogaart, h.v.

Jul 30; Jakobus Wynkoop, Alida Koens; Sara; Willem Koens, Elsje Van der Spiegel.

Aug 13; Hendrikus Kip, Helena Louw; Cornelius; Cornelius Clopper, 3'tiuw, Elizabet Louw, j.d.

Aug 17; Gerrit Waldron, Maria de Foreest; Engeltje; Hendrik Van Wey, Catharina Waldron, z.h.v.

Aug 21; Gysbert Uit denbogaard, Elizabet Lynsen; Joseph; Joseph Uuit den Bogaard, Cornelia Vanden Berg, z.h.v.

Aug 25; Jan Brouwer, Tryntje Ver Wey; Tryntje; Pieter Ver Wey, Tryntje de Marre, h.v. Louwrens Ver Wey.

Aug 25; Petrus de Marre, Maria Ellen; Samuel; Jakob Kip, Elizabet Freir, h.v.

Aug 30; Willem Bancker, Anna Rutgers; Catharina; Hendrik Rutgers, Catharina de Peyster, z.h.v.

Aug 31; Rem Rapelje, Neeltje Hardenbroek; Johannis; Johannis Hardenbroek, Annatje Bas, z.h.v.

Sep 3; Jakob Stymets, Mary Den; Emy; Andries Hoppe, Catharina Stymets, z.h.v.

Sep 3; Jakobus v. Antwerp, Margrietje Bogert; Nicolaas; Jakobus Roosevelt, Annatje Bogert, z.h.v.

Sep 3; Jakob Labach, Catharina Broun; Catharina; Hendrik Labach, Christina Cermer, Wed'e v. Willem Bogert.

Sep 10; Jeronimus Aalstein, Yda Beekman; Johannis; Johannis Aalstein, Cathalina Rappelje, z.h.v.

Sep 10; Pieter Pra Van Zandt, Sara Marschalk; Johannis; Johannis Van Zandt, Anna Turk, Wed'e v. Joh's Marschalk.

Sep 15; David Provoost, Cathalina v. Gelder; Pieter Pra; Pieter pra Provoost, Christina Pra, Wed. David Provoost.

Sep 17; Joh's Brouwer, Antje Lesier; Maria; Samuel Brouwer, Maria Hartje, z.h.v.

Sep 17; Jan Smit, Maria Stilwil; Maria; Hendrikus Kip, Sarah Kip, j.d.

Sep 17; Isaac de Milt, Margarita Stilwil; Sara; Johannis van Wyck, Anna de Foreest, z.h.v.

Sep 17; Jakobus Van Dyck, Neeltje Van Hoek; Elizabet; Louwrens Roome, Annatje Van Hoek, huis v. Rob't Cremmel.

Sep 17; Johannis Dorje, Antje Voorhees; Magdalena; Dirk Dorje, Elizabet Titusse, z.h.v.

Sep 17; Jakobus van Vleck, Anna Stoutenburg; Jakobus; Johannis Van Vleck, Catharina Van Vleck, j.d.

Sep 21; David Schot, Maria Wendel; Klaasje; Evert Lansing, Aaltje van Aarnhem, j.d.

Sep 24; Eduward Couwenhoven, Anna Roome; Francois; Frans Couwenhoven, Jannetje Bussing, z.h.v.

Sep 28; Johannis Houts, Sophia Jong; Catharina; Johannis Cool, Catharina Scheyer, z.h.v.

Oct 1; Gerhardus Duyking, Anna Rapelje; Johanna; Joh's Ducyking, Anna _____, z.h.v.

Oct 1; Samuel Drake, Elizabet Koning; Margarita; David Jakobs, Margarita Koning, z.h.v.

Oct 3; Pieter Bandt, Helena Bensen; Tanneke; Josia Patterson, Cathalina Bensen, z.h.v.

Oct 8; Jakob Dorje, Sara Noordstrand; Magdalena; Jan Staats, Magdalena Dorje, z.h.v.

Oct 8; Johannis Louw, Susanna Bordet; Petrus; Benjamin Blake, Rachel Roosevelt, Wed'e van Petrus Louw.

Oct 8; Pieter Vouck, Maria Woed; Willem; Willem Woed, Margarita Woed, j.d.

Oct 8; Jan Robyn, Elizabet Poppelsdorf; Johannis; Wilhelmus Poppelsdorf, Elizabeth Walther, z.h.v.

Oct 12; Casparus Preyer, Maria van Rype; Jakob; Johannis Preyer, Geertruy Zikkels, z.h.v.

Oct 15; Theodorus Van Wyck, Helelna van Santvoort; David; Anthonis Ten Eyck, Catharina Van Wyck, j.d.

Oct 15; Elias Chardovyne, Anna Corcelius; Willem; Isaac Chardovyne, Elizabet Vreedenburg, h.v. W'm Corcelius.

Oct 20; Johannis Hoppe, Sophia Riet; Sara; Abraham Hoppe, Maria Vander Hoev, Wed'e van Jakobus Ryckman.

Oct 23; Mattheus Hoppe, Aaltje Jakobs; Aaltje; Cornelis Jakobs, Judik Noodyn, z.h.v.

Oct 23; Cornelis Clopper, Ju'r, Rachel Louw; Johannis; Cornelius Clopper, Margarita Louw, h.v. van Cornelius Louw.

Oct 23; Nicolaas Louw, Sara Louw; Helena; Hendrikus Kip, Helelna Louw, z.h.v.

Oct 23; Gerrit Van den Berg, Anna Mandeviel; Annatje; Cornelis Van den Berg, Maria Vanden Berg, h. van Elias de Groesje.

Oct 23; Charles Philips, Margareta Williks; Elsje; Willem Peers, Tietje Poel, z.h.v.

Nov 9; Johannis Ryckman, Elizabet Mangel; Maria; Joh's Mangel, Maria Ratang, z.h.v.

Nov 9; Paulus Greem, Sara Herrisse; Annatje; Jan de Witt, Annatje Herrisse, z.h.v.

Nov 9; John Uit den Bogert, Annatje Becklie; Margarita; Dirk Uit den Bogert, Catharina Uit den Bogert, h.v. Marten McKiven.

Nov 10; Jakobus Bogert, Elizabet Peakok; Maria; Petrus Byvank, Annatje Bogert, z.h.v.

Nov 12; Thomas Conigham, Elizabet Ewouts; Petrus; Johannis Ewouts, Maria Ewouts, j.d.

Nov 19; Christoffel Nicks, Sara Hennion; Catharina; Marres Gieter, Hiltje Schot, h.v van Casparus Stymets.

Nov 27; Jeremia Brouwer, Elizabet Van de Water; Willem; Willem Brouwer, Margrita Van de Water, j.d.

Nov 27; Albert Ryckman, Cornelia Bressier; Johannis; Abraham Breesier, Susanna Breesier, j.d.

Nov 30; Willem Smith, Sara Montanje; Catharina; Johannis Peterson, Jannetje Crasbie, j.d.

Dec 3; Benjamin Stymets, Margarita Boskerk; Rachel; Christoffel Stymets, Aagje Lammertse, z.h.v.

Dec 3; Johannis de Groot, Susanna Roome; Sara; Hendrik Roome, Marretje Roome, Wed. v. Dirk Ten Eyck.

Dec 3; Johannis Rycke, Dorothea Remse; Jeronimus; Jeronimus Remsen, Tryntje Berrien, Wed. van Rem Remsen.

Dec 7; Hendrik du Mont (obit), Catharina Oothout; Hendrik, Catharina, tweelingen; John Ten Broek, Elizabet Oothout, z.h.v., John Oothout, Margarita Oothout, j.d.

Dec 14; Eduwart Simons, Annatje Freer; Anna; John Adams, Jannetje Simons, j.d.

Dec 14; David Brouwer, Catharina Keyser; Maria; Joh's Storm, Maria Brouwer, z.h.v.

Dec 14; Jakobus Vervele, Sara Nagel; Jan; Isaac de La Metere, Cathalina Bensen.

Dec 14; Willem Elswort, Hendrika Stoutenburg; Marytje; Tobias Stoutenburg, Marytje Van Grumme, h.v. W'm Elswort.

Dec 14; Gerrit van Bommel, Anna Loosje; Pieter; Christoffel van Bommel, Gerritje Van Vliet, z.h.v.

Dec 17; Phhilip Minthorne, Tanneke Harsen; Hendrikus; Elias Brevoort, Lea Peersel, z.h.v.

Dec 17; Albartus Amerman, Aplonia Montanje; Thomas; Vincent Montanje, Rebecca Bryant, z.h.v.

Dec 17; Jakob Westervelt, Neeltje Oostrom; Joseph; Joseph Baldewin, Susanna Westervelt, z.h.v.

Dec 17; Abraham van Gelder, Femmetje Fardon; Femmetje; Johannis van Gelder, Maria Ewouds, z.h.v.

Dec 17; Aaron Stokholm, Hilletje van Aalst; Cathalyntje; Borgen van Aalst, Cathalyntje van Aalst, j.d.

Dec 17; Lukas Kierstede, Elizabet Cregier; Rachel; Simon Brestede, Agnietje Kierstede, z.h.v.

Dec 17; Michiel van Buuren, Jannetje Hendriks; Johannis; Hendrik van Buuren, Maria Meyer, Wed. Joh's van Buuren.

Dec 28; Samuel Kwakkenbosch, Maria Boskerk; Susanna; Teunis Kwakkenbosch, Rebekka Nagel, z.h.v.

Dec 28; John Jurgen Wert, Elizabet Meten; John Jurgen; J. Jurgen Wessel, Catharina, N.N., z.h.v.

Dec 28; Wessel Hoppe, Anneke Dyckman; Maria; Mattheus Hoppe, Aaltje Jakobs, z.h.v.

Dec 28; Wessel van Norden, Annatje Van Weert; Pieter; Evert Kip, Jakomyntje Van Norden, z.h.v.

New Amsterdam & New York Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms
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This is an ongoing project - please check back frequently to see what new Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms have been uploaded!


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