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Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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New Amsterdam (New York City) New York Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms 1639

In memory of Ted Brassard 1930 ~ 2001

Ted was the creator of Ties That Bind The Chains of Life, a webpage devoted to his beloved hobby of genealogy. The first child of Theodore Brassard and Ellen Therese Perkins, Ted was born in Fulton, N.Y. on May 1, 1930. Sadly, Ted died Aug. 23 2001 after a 21 month battle with cancer.

Ted was the first person to transcribe and place the baptismal records of the New Amsterdam (New York) Reformed Dutch Church online. Ted worked very hard to complete this task so that all researchers could freely access these records. Ted was my inspiration for adding the marriage records for this same church as a complementary set of records to the task he laboured over.

Ted was a diligent researcher and his webpage was used by many. The genealogy community has lost a generous and kind hearted man in Ted. The following records were Ted's labour of love, and are placed on The Olive Tree Genealogy with the permission of Ted's wife, Pat.

Ted's Notes:

This is the first of a series of files on the baptisms at the Reformed Dutch Church of New Amsterdam. Accent marks on names have been left out for simplicity so that the data is acceptable to all computer platforms and no one will get those funny little squares or squiggles on the screen. Ufortunately many of the records I had concerning data prior to 1639 are missing, lost, or destroyed after all these years (it is about 20 years ago that I copied most of them). So I only have six baptisms for 1639.

The following is a list of Ministers of this church, their births, deaths, and lengths of service:

  • Jonas Michaelius, b. 1577, served from 1628 to about 1633
  • Everadus Bogardus, b. ca. 1607, d. 1647, served from 1633 to 1647
  • Johannes Backerus, served from 1647 to 1649
  • Joannes Megapolensis, b. 1603, d. 1670, served from 1649 to 1670
  • Samuel Drisius, b. 1620, d. 1673, served from 1652 to 1673
  • Wilhelmus Van Nieuwenhuysen, b. 1645, d. 1681, served from 1671 to 1681
  • Henricus Selyns, b. 1636, d. 1701, served 1682 to 1701
  • Gualterus du Bois, b. 1666, d. 1751, served from 1699 to 1751
  • Henricus Boel, b. 1689, d. 1754, served from 1713 to 1754

Date: 25 Sept
Parents: Jacob Wolphertz
Child: Neeltje
Witnesses: Gerrit Wolphertszen, David Provoost, Philip Gerritszen, Neeltje Wolpherts, and Anneken Jans

Date: 2 Oct
Parents: Claes Janszen
Child: Maryken
Witnesses: Corn. Lambertszen Cool, Pieter Wolphertszen, Burger Joriszen Smit, Neeltje Wolpherts, and Aaltje Cornelis.

Date: 2 Oct
Parents: Pieter St. Anthony
Child: Barent Jan
Witnesses: Dominco Anthony, Jan Francoys (Negers); Tryntje Van Camp, Susanna D'Angola, Negrinne.

Date: 4 Dec
Parents: Dominco Deis
Child: Tryntie
Witnesses: Anthony Fernando, Portagees; Tryntie Jans.

Date: 18 Dec
Parents: Thomas Bros
Child: David
Witnesses: Abraham Isaacszen Planck, David Davidszen, Marie Veenan

Date: 23 Dec
Parents: Laurens Duytszen
Child: Margariet
Witnesses: Gerrit Janszen Van Oldenburg, Teuntie Joris, and Lyntje Martens.

Date: 29 Jan
Parents: Samuel Angola
Child: Laurens
Witnesses: Theunis Schraey, Jan Jacobszen, Claertje Gerrits

Date: 18 Mar
Parents: Andries Hudes
Child: Aeltje
Witnesses: No witnesses

Date: 25 Mar
Parents: Jan Suyderken
Child: Gerrit
Witnesses: Abraham Isaacszen Planck, Laurens Corneliszen, Susanna Ederinne, Tryntje Van Kamp

Date: 9 Apr
Parents: Reyer Everts
Child: Maria
Witnesses: de Hr. Willem Kief, Theuntje Jorgen, Lyntie Martens

Date: 20 May
Parents: Cozyn Gerrits, Vrouwtie Cozyns
Child: Gerrit
Witnesses: Aert Theunis, Aert Willems, Tryntie Everts, Wyntje Elberts

Date: 27 May
Parents: Jorgien Thomes
Child: Presilie
Witnesses: Thomas Hall, Anneken Wesens Date: 3 Jun
Parents: Albert Cuyne
Child: Anne
Witnesses: Jorgien Roelofs, Sargt; Engel Mans, Anneken Rous

Date: 1 Jul
Parents: Emanuel D'Angole
Child: Pernante
Witnesses: Cozyn Gerrits, Marie D'Angole

Date: 1 Jul
Parents: Gerrit Janszen Van Aldenburgh
Child: Anneken
Witnesses: Abraham Plancker, Laurens Pieters, Christina Viney

Date: 22 Jul
Parents: Jan, van't fort-Orangien
Child: Maria
Witnesses: Simon Congoy, Isabel D'Angola, Negers

Date: 22 Jul
Parents: Hans Noorman
Child: Anneken
Witnesses: d'Hr. Willem Kieft, Teuntje Jeurgien

Date: 29 Jul
Parents: Pieter Pye
Child: Lovyse
Witnesses: Jorgien Roelofs, sergt.; Ederine Cunelys, Janneken Thomas

Date: 29 Jul
Parents: Johan Francisco
Child: Philip
Witnesses: Maria grande h. v., Johan Premye

Date: 2 Aug
Parents: Mr. Uldrick Ludolfs
Child: Uldrick
Witnesses: Corn. Vander Oykens, Fiscael; Jacques Badier, Leonora Onderhyil

Date: 12 Aug
Parents: Arte Willem
Child: Willem
Witnesses: Mr. Jacob van Curlaer, Corn. Tienhoven, Secret.; Anneken Bogardus, Ariaatje Curlaer

Date: 26 Aug
Parents: Mr. Herman Meynderts
Child: Francoys
Witnesses:Maria Edersen, Corn. Leenderts, Mr. Hans Kierstede, Aeriaentje Cornelis

Date: 2 Sept
Parents: Egbert Van Bossum
Child: Hermannus
Witnesses: Taeunis Janszen, Tryntje Hendricks

Date: 7 Sept
Parents: Hendrick Pieterz.
Child: Pieter

Witnesses: Arlaen Pietersz., Volkert Evertszen Vrouwtje Gerrits

Date: 9 sept
Parents: Do. Everardus Bogardus
Child: Cornelis
Witnesses: Corn. Vander Oykens, Fiscael; Mr. Ludolf, Tuyme Jans, Catharina Trasele, Tryntje Jonas

Date: 9 Sept
Parents: Pieter Cornelis

Child: Willem

Witnesses: D. Everadrus Bogardus, Willem Schouten, Maritje Jans, Maritje Thymens

Date: 9 Sept

Parents: Jan Pieterszen van Huysen

Child: Neeltjen

Witnesses: Barne Bal, Tryntje Koos, Sara Rappalje

Date: 23 Sept

Parents: Barent Jacobsz.
Child: Aeltje
Witnesses: Jan Hermanszen, Leuntie Alberts

Date: 23 Sept
Parents: Machany Cavate
Child: Jan
Witnesses: Hans Steen, midshipman; Catalyn Rappalje

Date: 23 Sept
Parents: Jan Corn. Van Rotterdam
Child: Jan
Witnesses: Herman Janszen, Gillis Pieterszen, Elsje Hendricks

Date: 23 Sept
Parents: Emanuel van Angola
Child: Catharina
Witnesses: Dominicus Theunis, Lucie Van Angelo

Date: 30 Sept
Parents: Jan Franszen Van Huysen
Child: Fransje
Witnesses: Hendrick Rosen, Burger Joris, Smidt; Sara Cornelis

Date: 7 Oct
Parents: Koos Pieters
Child: Hendrick
Witnesses: Corn. Leendertszen, Laurens de Ham, Assistent; Abraham Pietersze, molenaer; Tryntje Abrahams

Date: 7 Oct
Parents: Gerbrt. Pieterszen
Child: Pieter
Witnesses: Barent Derickszen, Lysbeth Dircks Date: 14 Oct
Parents: Abraham Ryck
Child: Jacob
Witnesses: Hans Hanszen, Anneken Dominco

Date: 21 Oct
Parents: Daniel Kirck, Capt.
Child: Beatrice
Witnesses: No witnesses

Date: 28 Oct
Parents: Claes Cornelis
Child: Pietertje
Witnesses: Jeurgie Hendrickszen, Hester Simons

Date: 25 Nov
Parents: Theunis Thomas, Belitje Jacobs
Child: Hillegond
Witnesses: Hendricks Janszen, Smidt; Olof Stephensz. van Courlt., Pietertie Jans

Date: 16 Dec
Parents: Burger Joriszen, Engeltje Mans
Child: Catharyn
Witnesses: Gilles Pieterszen, Teunis Janszen, Teuntje Broecks, Maritie Jans

Date: 6 Jan
Parents: Jeurgie Roelofszen
Child: Tryntie
Witnesses: Olof Stephenszen Van Courtl., Jan Snedicker, shoemaker; Rachel Vinge, Tryntje Willems

Date: 6 Jan
Parents: Willem Adriaensz.
Child: Christiaen
Witnesses: Michiel ter Oycken, Fiscael; Eli Besconie

Date: 13 Jan
Parents: Paulus Janszen
Child: Willimyntie
Witnesses: Jeurgie Roelofszen, Sergt.; Jan Janszen dam. Maurice Jans, Tryntje Willems, Belitje Teunis

Date: 27 Jan
Parents: Emanuel Swarger
Child: Dominicus
Witnesses: Francisco, neger; Grache, negrinne

Date: 17 Feb
Parents: Corn. Claeszen
Child: Apolonitje
Witnesses: Adriaen Pieterszen van Alcmaer, Gilles Claes, Lybeth Dircks

Date: 24 Feb
Parents: Eduart Fiscoock
Child: Jenne
Witnesses: France Lasselyn, Annekem Bogardus

Date: 24 Feb
Parents: David Provoost
Child: Margariet
Witnesses: Gerrit Wolphertz, Jacob Van Curlaer and his wife Hester Jans

Date: 10 Mar
Parents: Pieter St. Anthony
Child: Jacob
Witnesses: Gosman de Neger, Susanna Van Angola

Date: 24 Mar
Parents: Jan Thomaszen
Child: Mayken
Witnesses: Adriaen Martenszen, Thomas Thomaszen, Commandeur Koock, Diever Van Dyck, Tryntje Van Camp

Date: 29 Mar
Parents: Joris Rappalje
Child: Catharyn
Witnesses: Michiel Pauluszen, Sara Rappalje

Date: 29 Mar
Parents: Kever Biscops
Child: Rachel
Witnesses: No witnesses

Date: 22 Apr
Parents: Jan de la Montagne
Child: Willem
Witnesses: de Hr. Willem Kief, Command.; Do. Everadus Bogardus, Marritje Thymans, Cataline Strafele

Date: 5 May
Parents: Cozyn Gerritszen
Child: Margariet
Witnesses: Jacob Van Curlaer and his wife, Barent Dircksz., Rachel Vigne

Date: 19 May
Parents: Jacob Wolphertszen
Child: Jan
Witnesses: Wolfert Gerritszen, Pieter Wolfertszen, Aeltie Cornelis

Date: 2 Jun
Parents: Adam Roolant
Child: Lyntie
Witnesses: Mr. Maurice Jans, Teunis Broecken, Lyntie Marten

Date: 16 Jun
Parents: Abraham Isaacsz. Plancken
Child: Isaacz
Witnesses: Mr. Hans Kierstede, Corn. Van Tienhoven, Maurice Janszen, Rachel Vigne

Date: 7 Jul
Parents: Cornelis Aertszen
Child: Hendrickje
Witnesses: Jacob Stoffelszen, Tryntie Mons

Date: 7 Jul
Parents: Aert Theuniszen, Susanna v. Schurenberg
Child: Susanna
Witnesses: Jan Corn. Van Rotterdam, Tryntie Hendricks

Date: 7 Jul
Parents: Jacom Anthoney Van Angola
Child: Catharina
Witnesses: Cleyn Anthony Van Angola, Susanna Van Angola

Date: 14 Jul
Parents: Anthony portugies,neger
Child: Anthony and Maria--twins
Witnesses: Jacom Anthony Van Angola, Cleyn Anthony Van Angola, Lycye en Anthony Van Angola

Date: 4 Aug
Parents: Arent Steen
Child: Helena
Witnesses: Raefie Pieters

Date: 8 Sept
Parents: Hilbrandt Pieterszen
Child: Wyntje
Witnesses: Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlandt, Maurice Jans, Lysbeth Dircks

Date: 8 Sept
Parents: Dirck Volckertszen
Child: Rachel
Witnesses: Abraham Isacszen Planck, Laurens Pieterszen, Adriaen Van Tienhoven

Date: 20 Sept
Parents: Gerrit Wolfertszen
Child: Neeltje
Witnesses: Wolfert Gerritszen, Huysen Aertszen, Hester Simons

Date: 10 Oct
Parents: Albert Cuynen
Child: Albert
Witnesses: Jans Suycker, shoemaker; Abel Rederhas, Buger (?)riszen, smidt; Anneken Bogardus, Susanna Roelofs

Date: 10 Nov
Parents: Thomas Sanders
Child: Robbert
Witnesses: Jan Evertszen Bout, Cozyn Gerrits, wheelwright; Jan Verben, Lysbeth Dircks, Elsje Hendricks Rous

Date: 10 Nov
Parents: Dominco Douroens
Child: Emanuel
Witnesses: Hendrick Janszen, smith; Mariken Leenderts

Date: 10 Nov
Parents: Willem Willemszen Engelsman
Child: Sara
Witnesses: Robbert Pinnoyer, Samuel Schandelaer, Mary Dutrieux

Date: 24 Nov
Parents: Frans Janszen
Child: Tryntie
Witnesses: Barent Dirckszen Backer, Jacques Rove, Constape; Sara Cornelis Janneken Vande Waterdam(?)

Date: 1 Dec
Parents: Govert Loockermans, Ariaentje Jans
Child: Marritje
Witnesses: Dirck Coos, Job Adrieansz., Anneken Loockermans

Date: 8 Dec
Parents: Hans Janszen Van Noortstrant
Child: Rammetje
Witnesses: Laurens Pieterz. Noormand, Janneken Molyn, Styntje Jans

Date: 22 Dec
Parents: Theunis Nyssen
Child: Jannetje
Witnesses: Michiel ter Heyken, ficael; Rachel Vynen, Petron Lupolt

New Amsterdam & New York Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms
1639 thru 1641 | 1642 thru 1645 | 1646 thru 1655 | 1656 thru 1660 | 1661 thru 1665 | 1666 thru 1670 | 1671 | 1672 | 1673 | 1674 | 1675 | 1676 | 1677 | 1678 | 1679 | 1680 | 1681 | 1682 | 1683 | 1684 | 1685 | 1686 thru 1690 | 1691 thru 1695 | 1696 | 1697 | 1698 | 1699 | 1700 | 1701 | 1702 | 1703 | 1704 | 1705 | 1706 | 1707 | 1708 | 1709 | 1710 | 1711 | 1712 | 1713 | 1714 | 1715 | 1716 | 1717 | 1718 | 1719 | 1720 | 1721 | 1722 | 1723 | 1724 | 1725 | 1726 thru Feb 1730 | March 1730 to Dec 1730 | 1731 | 1732 | 1733 | 1734 | 1735 | 1736 | 1737 | 1738 | 1739 | 1740 | 1741 | 1742 | 1743 | 1744 | 1745 | 1746 | 1747 | 1748 | 1749 | 1750 | 1751 | 1752 | 1753 | 1754 | 1755 | 1756 | 1757 | 1758 | 1759 | 1760 | 1761-1801 to follow!
This is an ongoing project - please check back frequently to see what new Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms have been uploaded!


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