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Death Finds a Way: A Janie Riley Mystery
by Lorine McGinnis Schulze

Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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New Amsterdam (New York City) New York Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms 1646 - 1655

In memory of Ted Brassard
1930 ~ 2001

& published on Olive Tree Genealogy with his widow's permission

This is one of a series of transcribed records for baptisms at the Reformed Dutch Church of New Amsterdam (New York City) in New Netherland (New York). The baptisms are laid out in order as follows: The date of the baptism; the parents; the child; and the witnesses. Note the separation of each item by semicolons. There is no spacing between baptisms and the wrap text is confined to 80 characters. Anything within parenthesis are my own comments


28 Jan; Jan Pieterszen Vanhusen, Elsje; Annetje; Jochem Pieterszen, Annetje Thomas; Rebecca Lubberts
25 Feb; Paulus Haiman; Paulus; Simon Dirckszen Poos, Gysbert Leeuwen. Vaendr, Gerrt Doymans-Sergt., Marie du Trieux
11 Feb; Joris Rappalje; Annetje; Sara Planck
18 Feb; Theunis Nyssen; Annetje; Jan Janszen dam, Heyltje Joris, Wyntie Aerts
18 Feb; Anthony Portugies-Neger; Magdaleen; Pieter Van Camp-Neger, Anneken Grande-Negrinne
21 Feb; Thomas Carruwel; Sara; Sara Cornelis
23 Feb; Anthony Fernando; Susanna; Hillegonde Joris
25 Feb; Emanuel Van Angola; (no name recorded); Large Anna-Negrinne
4 Mar; Is gedoopt; Evert Corn.; (Evert was baptized at 21 years of age)
11 Mar; Jochem Carels; Annetje; Jan Nagel-man from the east; Engelmans, Styntje Pieters
2 Apr; Corn. Jacobszen Stillen; Aetje; Hilletje Barents
2 Apr; Willem Goulart; Margrietie; Claes Van Elslant-Jonckr., Daniel Rogen, Engel Wouters, Hillegond Joris
8 May; Pieter Montfoort; Jannetje; Philip d'Ermojen, Marie Cornelis
13 May; Roelof Janszen; Maryken; de Hr. Willem Kieft-gouvneur, Anneken Loockermans
13 May; Wessel Evertszen; Bauduyn; Rem Janszen, Aeltje Cornelis, Belitje Jacobs
21 May; Barent Janszen; Nicolaes; Fredrick Lubbertszen, Laurens Pieterszen de Noorman, Engel Jans
21 May; Isaac de Foreest; Gerrit; Gerrit de Foreest, Gerrit Janszen Van Haerlem, Harmen Bartiaenszen, Sytje Roelefs [see Isaac de Foreest Signatory HandMark he used in place of a signature]
27 May; Jeurgie Homs; Jeurgie; Barent Bael, Anthonie d'Onnu, Aeltje Pieters [see Joris Homes Signatory HandMark he used in place of a signature]
10 Jun; Cornelis Van Tienhoven-secrts.; Jannetje; De Hr. Willem Kieft-gouvneur, Adriane Nuvielle, Jannetje Adriaens
10 Jun; Gysbert Opdyck; Lodowyck; Michiel Ter Oycken-fiscael, Jean de La Montagne, Richard Smit, Margariet Kalder
17 Jun; Mr. David Provoost; Benjamin and Elias-twins; Corn. Van Tienhoven-secrts., Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlant, Anneken Loockermans, Jillis Van Brug, Aren Koos and his wife.
25 Jun; Paulus Van Angola-Neger; Dominicus; Emanuel Grande Esperance, Jan de Vries
1 Jul; Jan Stephenszen-schoolmr.; Paulyntie; De Hr. Willem Kieft-gouvneur, Pieter Corneliszen, Tryntie Abrahams, Syntie Fredricks
15 Jul; Laurens Pieterszen; Engel; Pieter Janszen Noorman, Adriaen Laurens de Noorman, Maryken Thymens [see Laurens Pieterszen Signatory HandMark he used in place of a signature]
15 Jul; Philippe-a black woman; Emanuel; Lucretie-a black woman
22 Jul; Cornelis Molyn; Isaac; Hendrick Coop, Lyntie Jochems
29 Jul; Theunis Cray; Lysbeth; Gerrt Doyman-Sergt., Ariaen Janszen, Hester Simons
23 Sept; Cornelis Aertszen; Hendrick; Capt. Jan de Vries, Evert Corn. Van der Wel, Sara and Tryntie Roelofs
23 Sept; Adam Brouwer; Pieter; Mr. Paulus Ver Beeck, Willem Brendenbend, Aeltje Braconye, Mary du Trieux
14 Oct; Gerrt Janszen Van Oldenburg; Jacob; Hendrick Pieterszen, Engel Mans, Claes Cornelis
14 Oct; Pieter Corneliszen; Cornelis; de Hr. Willem Kieft-gouvneur, Geertruyd Roelofs
4 Nov; Hans Hanszen Noorman; Michiel; Michiel Paulszen, Pieter Janszen Noorman, Janneken Rappalje
4 Nov; Lambert Van Valckenburg; Jochem; Marten Cregier, Jan Hartman, Lyntie Jochems
18 Nov; Henry Bresier; Willem; Capt. Willem Blauwvelt, Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlt.
2 Dec; Abraham Isac Planck; Ariaentje; Pieter Hartem, Tryntie Roelofs
2 Dec; Hans Nicolaeszen; Helena; Jan Huybertszen, Paulus Cayman, Hillegond Joris, Tryntje Van Camp
30 Dec; Jan Brandt-Engelsman; Jan And Rebecca-twins; Claesje Cornelis, Hester Simons


1 Jan; Mr. Hans Kierstede, Sara Roelofs (my ancestors); Roelof; Jochem Kierstede, Annetje Bogardus, Tryntje Roelofs
6 Jan; Jan Janszen-shoemaker; Jobje; Willem Kay, Tryntje Roelofs
13 Jan; Corn. Maurice; Maurice; Jan Janszen Van Elpendam, Hans Lodewyckszen, Catalina Jans
14 Jan; Jan Harten; Anna; Richart Cool, Anna Stilwel
20 Jan; Couzyn Gerritszen; Hendrick; Sibert Claeszen and his wife, Teunis Nyssen and his wife, Cornelis Corneliszen
20 Jan; Claes Corneliszen; Floris; Hendrick Pieterszen, Jan Theuniszen Schay, Jons Jacobszen, Marritje Lievens, Sara Cornelis
20 Jan; Rem Janszen Smit; Belitje; Joris Rappalje, Catalina Trico
20 Jan; Michiel Janszen Van de Berg; Enoch; Jacob Stoffleszen, Adriaen Dirckszen, Brechtie Maryns
27 Jan; Evert Janszen Van den En den; Elsje; De Hr. Willem Kieft-gouvneur, Isac de Foreest, Tryntie Roelofs
10 Feb; Albert Janszen, Swart; Pieter; Augustyn Heermans, Ariaen Janszen Van Ilpendam, Pieter Janszen Noorman, Catalina Straet, Jannetje Ruts, Lyntie Jochems
17 Feb; Abraham Ryck; Hendrick; Pieter Van Aerden, Hillegond Joris, Greetie Bauduyn
24 Feb; N.B. is ge doopt; Jannetje; (She was betrothed to Jelke Janszen and was baptized)
10 Mar; Corn. Claeszen-Swiss; Abraham; Egbert Wouterszen and his wife, Elsje Adriaens
17 Mar; Drck Corneliszen, Cornelis; Mr. Hans Kierstede, Willem Kay, Anneken Bpgardus
24 Mar; Adriaen Van Alcmaer; Lysbeth; Ruyl Jacobszen, Tryntie Jans, Annetje Cornelis
31 Mar; Emanuel Neger; Adam and Eva-twins; Simon Congoy Augustyn, Pallas and Ceceitia
31 Mar; Frans Wyck; Samuel, Jan, Joseph and Elizabeth-quads; Enam Renam, Sara Cornelis and her husband van Thomas Sandersen, Metje Claes
7 Apr; Hendrick Van duis berg, alias 1,000 berg; Aeltje; Harmen Smeeman, Nicolaes Backer, Claesje Cornelis
14 Apr; Caesar Albertus; Aert; Huyg Aertszen, Laurens Pieterszen Noorman, Tryntje Hendricks, Lysbeth Jans
14 Apr; Robbert Fecks; Sara; no witnesses
14 Apr; N. B. Is gedoopt; Susanna, oudt Jaer; Anthony Portugies, Marie Van Angola
22 Apr; Elbert Janszen; Jan; Abraham Planck, Marie Lievens, Belitje Hendricks
22 Apr; Jilles Pieterszen; Tryntje; Hendrick Janszen Snyder, Annetje Ruts
2 Jun; Michiel Pauluszen; Josyntje; Adriaen Tienhoven, Maryken Lievens
6 Jun; Daniel Lisco; Anna; Marten Cregier, Marritje Jacobs
10 Jun; Isaac de Foreest; Gerrit; Gerrit de Foreest, Gerrt. Janszen Kinkhamer, Harmen Bastiaenszen, syntje Roelofs
16 Jun; Jan Van Angola-Neger; Sebastiaen; Emanuel Congoy, Marie Van Angola
28 Jun; Abros London; Thomas; Georgy Orzy, Thomas Baster, Aguietie Arents, Sara Welert
30 Jun; Evert Duyking; Belitje; Isaac Hendrickszen Kip, Marritje Lievens
30 Jun; Paulus Hayman; Paulus; Simen Dircksen Poos, Jan Huybertszen, Belitje Jacobs, Tryntie Van de Camp
14 Jul; Thomas Sanderts; Thomas; David Provoost, Jan Theuniszen, Agnietje Arents Coos, Metje Claes
28 Jul; Borger Joris Engeltje mans(?); Joris; Philip Graer, Jan Snydertszen-shoemaker, Lyntje Jochems
11 Aug; Gerrt. Doyman-Sergt.; Jan and Aeltje-twins; Hendrick Van Dyck-fiscael, Jan Eveetszen Bout, Judick Stuyvensant, Lydea Van Dyck
15 Aug; David Provoost; Barbara; Jan de La Montagne, Agnietie Jillis
17 Aug; Jan Carpenel Van Haerlem; Marritie; Borger Joris, Marie Philips, Sara Roelofs
25 Aug; Capt. Jan de Vries-Swartinne; Jan; Bastiaen and Susanne Simons, Simon Joosten, Michiel Janszen Van den berg.
1 Sept; Mr. Paulus Van der Beeck; Coenraedt; Paulus Leendertszen-Equipagiewmr., Marten Cregier, Susanna du Trieux, Styntie Capoen
8 Sept; Jan Corneliszen; Abraham; Egbert Wouterszen, Jan Herpertszen Van Camp, Marykem Lievens, Styntie Douwens
15 Sept; Jeurgie Blanck; Annetje; Jan Evertszen Bout, Michiel Taden, Marietie Lievens, Marritie Philips
29 Sept; Pieter Laurenszen; Engeltje; Borger Joriszen, Barent Ennoos-smith, Engeltie Wouters
13 Oct; De Hr. Petrus Stuyvesant-Gouvneur generael; Balthazar Lazarus; Lubbert Dinclagen, Jean de La Montagnie, Capt. Luyt. Nuton and his wife, Paulus Leendertszen-Equipagiemr., Corn. Van Tienhoven-secretrs., Commissr. Keyser, Anneken Bogardus
3 Nov; Anthony Janszen; Eva, oudt 6 jaren; Burger Janszen, Maryken Lievens
10 Nov; Haricken Zibolts-ship carpenter; Maryken; Theunis de Metselaer, Reynier Dominicus, Claes Janszen, Belitje Cornelis
24 Nov; Marten Cregier; Lysbeth; Grrt. Vastrick, Augustyn Harmens, Rachel Vinge, Marie Philips
1 Dec; Barent Jacobszen; Leendert; Albert Leendertszen
22 Dec; Barent Janszen; Tryntie; Hans Janszen, Susanna Joris, Janneken Ruts
22 Dec; Jan Janszen van Groeningen; Andries; Arent Reynierszen-smith, Hendrick Hendrickszen-soldier, Wyntie Aerts, Grietie Harmens
26 Dec; Cornelis Theuniszen; Geertie and Grietie-twins; Jan Evertszen Bout, Joost Theuniszen, Hendrick Westercamp, Femmetje Alberts, Grietie Harmens


19 Jan; Hendrick Willemsz.; Geesje; Daniel Lisco-Sergt., Elsje Nutons, Marritje Jacobs
19 Jan; Claes Hermansz.; Harmen; Harmen Snel, Janneken Hendricks
26 Jan; Elbert Elbertszen; Elbert; Adriaen Dirckszen, Jacob Wolfertszen, Marritje Lievens, Hester Simons
2 Feb; Goetman Edesman-midshipman; Jan, oudt. 5 Jaren, Hanna, 3 Jaren; Jan Hoeduway, Jan Dallyu, Thomas Hall, Hanna Cornelis, Solifan Ircoman, Jene Smet
2 Feb; Joost Theuniszen Backer; Ariaentje; Cornelis Theuniszen, Marie Philips, Susanna Sibouts
9 Feb; Rem Janszen; Jan; Michiel Pauluszen, Hendrick Willemszen, Backer, Sara Rapalje
9 Feb; Corn. Volckerszen; Pieter; Aert Willemszen, Goelman Henry-Sheriff at Flushing, Evert Van Embden, Marie Thomas, Barentje Gerrits
9 Feb; Willem Cay; Abigal; Jacob de Key, Anna Reegood
16 Feb; Emanuel-brother in law of Van Angola; Dominicus; Franciscus-Neger, Pallas-Negrinne
23 Feb; Pieter Montfoort; Jan; Philip Graer and his wife, Geleyn Corn. and his wife
29 Mar; Pieter Anthony; Anthony; Adriaen Keyser, Jacob Leendertszen Van der grist, Maria Jacobs, Lidia Van Dyck
29 Mar; Joris Rapalje; Lysbeth; Paulus Leendertszen Van der grist, Pieter Corneliszen, Marritje Joris
26 Apr; Hendrick Bresart; Rebecca; Joris Wolsie, Jan Daly, Jonas Nuyting, Rebecca Wolsie
26 Apr; Egbert Van Borsum; Hendrick; Paulus Leendertszen Van der grist, Jacob Hey, Tryntie Roelofs
10 May; Jacob Wolfertszen; Petronel; Seth Verbrugge, Johannes Verbrugge, Anneken Loockermans, Hester Simons
10 May; Theunis Nyssen; Elsje; Barent Bal, Elsje Pieters
10 May; Theunis Cray; Gerrit; Jan Snedecker-shoemaker, Thomas Hall, Jan Van Ditmarsen, Lucas Tamboer, Pieterje de Ruyterinne, Marie Lievens
25 May; Cors Pieterszen; Grietie; Claes Bording, Jacob Leendertszen Van der grist, Joris Rapalje, Rebecca Fredricks
1 Jun; Philip Janszen Ringo; Janneken; Philip Geerar, Jacobs Wolfertszen, Marie Geerar, Hester Simons
8 Jun; Claes de Backer, Geertie Nannincks; Claes; Elbert Revnier Dominicus, Hester Tjercks, Mayken Verbeeck
8 Jun; Michiel Miscaer; Johannes; Casper Steynmits, Roelof Cornelissen, Christyntie and Lysbeth
25 Jun; Roelof Corneliszen, Gerritje Van Nes; Hellemeg; Jan Claeszen Damen, Diever Cornelis, Corn. Corneliszen
25 Jun; Wessel Evertszen; Evert; Arie Dirckszen, Janneken Claes
4 Jul; Gilles Pieterszen; Tryntie; Hendrick Van Dyck-fiscael, Engeltje Mans, Catalyntie Hendricks
12 Jul; Paulus-gardiaen van de negers; Heyman; Andries Stemmeling, Lucas Ver Brugge van Haerlem, Anneken Daniels
19 Jul; Jan Janszen Van Breestede; Jannettie; Andries Lucaszen, Engeltje Jans Van Breestede, Elsje Ariaens
19 Jul; Pieter Corneliszen; Cornelis; Hendrick Kip, Tryn Claes
26 Jul; Theunis de Metselaer; Dirck; Hendrick Janszen Van Naerden
2 Aug; Abrham Willemszen; Willem; Jan Willemszen Van Amsterd., Jan Dirckszen Van Amsterdam, Grietie Hermans, Mary Geeraer
9 Aug; Gerrit Hendrickszen, Marritje Lamberts; Hendrick; Cornelis Janszen, Hester Vernuff
2 Sept; Jan Janszen-shoemaker, Sara Pieters; Dirck; Hendrick Kip, Lysbeth Pieters
6 Sept; Lambert Huybertszen Moll., Geertje; Pieter Wolfertszen, Aeltje Pilms
20 Sept; Cornelis Maurtiszen; Gerrit; Govert Loockermans, Grietie Gerrits, Geertie Jans
20 Sept; D. Johannes Backerus; Janneken; de Hr. Petrus Stuyvesant-Gouvneur Generael, de Hr. Lobbrecht Dincklage-Vice directeur, Jacob Van Couwenhooven, Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlant
25 Oct; Cornelis Claeszen; Apollonia; Aert Willemszen, Corn. Corneliszen Van Houten, Adriaen Claeszen, Wyntie Aerts, Engel je Egberts
25 Oct; Jacob Looper; Jacobus; Hendricks Kip, Janneken Molyns
25 Oct; Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlant; Johannes; Jillis Verbrugge, Jacob Van Couwenhooven, Roelof Janszen, Pieter Loockermans, Sytie Stehens
1 Nov; Abraham Isacszen Planck; Hillegond; Jan Vinge, Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlt., Judith Stuyvesants
15 Nov; Simon Jacobszen; Jacob; Evert Evertszen Biscop, Harmen Douwertszen, Emmetje Pieters, Pieterje Nyters
22 Nov; Jan Pieterszen; Ruth; Willem Bredenbend, Thomas Hall, Jacob Leendertszen, Claertje Everts, Femmetje Jans
22 Nov; David Provoost; Samuel; Johannes de La Montagne, Marritie Snyers
2 Dec; de Hr. Generael Petrus Stuyvesant, Judith Bayard; Willem; The Honorable, their excallancies, The Directors of the West India Company
2 Dec; Urbanus Luyers; Urbanus; Evert Duycking, Christina Capoens
13 Dec; Cornelis Jacobszen Still; Neeltje; Hendricks Janszen, Hester Gerrits, Claertje Gerrits
20 Dec; Hendrick Kartenszen; Coenradus; Jan Janszen, Claertje Abels


3 Jan; Michiel Pauluszen; Paulus; Joris Rapalje and his wife
10 Jan; Isaac de Foreest; Marie and Michiel-twins; Hendrick Van Dyck-fiscael, Adriaen Janszen Van Lipendam, Agnietie Montague, Geertie Abrahams
17 Jan; Corn. Van Tienhoven-secretaris; Lucas; Jan Janszen Damen, Adriaen Van Tienhoven, Adriaentie Kuypers
2 Feb; Evert Janszen; Johannes; Philip du Trieux, Mr. Paulus Van der Beeck, Johannes Rodenburg, Marie and Sara du Trieux
21 Feb; Abraham Rycke; Mary; Hester Gerrits
14 Mar; Roelof Janszen de Haes; Arnoldus; Marten Jacobszen, Marie Gerardi
28 Mar; Hans Reber; Elsje; Borger Joris, Pieterje Claes, Marritje de Ryck
4 Apr; Claes Neutelaer; Gerbrant; Aeltje Cornelis
2 May; Paulus Leendertszen; Grietie; Jacob Leendertszen, Fredrick Lubertszen, Govert Loockermans, Rebecca Fredricks, Christyntie Capoens
24 May; Albert Pieterszen; Griet; Teunis Snaey, Teunis Van Kampen
30 May; Adam Brouwer; Mathys; Mathys, Barentje Molenaers
30 May; Paulus Van der Beeck; Aeltie; Arie de Ryck, Govert Loockermans, Jacob Hey, Marritie Jacobs, Anneken Loockermans
27 Jun; Caesar Albertus; Marie; Jan Evertszen Bout, Johan Smout, Marie Lievens, Marie Corneilis
4 Jul; Cozyn Gerritszen; Geertje; Thomas Hall, Geurt Koerten, Herman Smeeman, Pytie Jans, Geertje Koerten
4 Jul; Steven Janszen; Teuntje; Arent Willemszen, Teunis Jochemszen, Wyntie Willems
18 Jul; Hans Hanszen; Joris; Paulus Leendertszen, Marritie Lievens
18 Jul; Pieter Leendertszen; Leendert; Pieter Wolfertszen, Simon Joosten, Maria Gerardi
25 Jul; Andries Harpertszen; Jan; Mr. Abraham, Marie Lievens
25 Jul; Evert Duycking; Janneken; Hendrick Kip, Baertie Kip, Syntie Simons, Marie uytten Bosch
8 Aug; Anthony Ferdinandus; Anthony; Paulus Heymans, Tryntie Heymans
22 Aug; Emanuel Van Angola; Nicolaes; Pieter Sanderyn, Christyn Van Angola
22 Aug; Andries de Neger; Evert; Jan Van't fort Orabgien, Susanna Negrinne
22 Aug; Emanuel Neger; Simon; Anthony and Susanna
29 Aug; Anthony Neger; Claesje; Franciscus Neger
29 Aug; Paulus Neger; Janneken; Franciscus and Christina
29 Aug; Jacob Leendertszen; Marritie; Pauus Leendertszen, Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlt., Govert Loockermans, Janneken Gerrits, Marritie Jacobs
5 Sept; Pieter Corneliszen; Cornelis; Hendrick Kip, Govert Loockermans, Janneken Paulus
5 Sept; Pieter Hartgras; Janneken; Joost Hartgras, Sara Roelofs
17 Oct; Jan Janszen Kuyper; Jan; Egbert Wouterszen, Ruth Jacobszen, Jannetie Jans, Geertie Andries
24 Oct; Michiel Janszen; (no name given); Thomas Hall, Catalina Beeckmans, Gritie Backers
24 Oct; Hendrick Willemszen; Kniertie; Rem Janszen, Claertje Abels, Annetje Daniels
24 Oct; Jan Corneliszen; Abraham; Cornelis Aertszen, Enge Egberts, Engel Borgers, Grietie Joosten
31 Oct; Emanuel, Neger; Lucretia; Anthony and Susanna
14 Nov; Adam Moth; Adam; Thomas Hall, Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlant, Elsje Muytiens
14 Nov; Dirck Borsen; Dirck; Pieter Stoutenburg, Marritie Pieters
14 Nov; Philip Janszen; Cornelis; Govert Loockermans, Marritie Jans
14 Nov; Jan Janszen Van St. Cubis; Abraham; Hendrick and Tryntie Kip, Janneken Molyns
28 Nov; Hendrick Pens; Thomas; Thomas Hall, Teunis Koomans
19 Dec; Jeuriaen Andrieszen; Andries; Martinus Snyder, Daniel L(?)co, Pieter Abel, Marie Janszen, Tryntie Roelofs
26 Dec; Hendrick Van Diepenbroeck; Hendrick and Anneken-twins; Marten Snyder, Daniel Ser(?) and Hendrick Backer, Anne Daniels and Marritje Pieters


1 Jan; Jan Janszen-shoemaker; Ursel; no witnesses
9 Jan; Rodolf Jonas; Ritsart and Anna-twins; Ritsart Sloef, Ritsart Bruytnell, Rebecca Vessie, Anna Hall, Suysel Breyser
30 Jan; Borger Joriszen, Engeltje Mans; Janneken; Willem Beeckman, Reynart Pieterszen
6 Mar; Jilles Pieterszen; Hendrick; Thomas Baxster, Susanna Lies
6 Mar; Michiel Martenszen; (no name); Gerrit Segers, Anna Claes, Willemtie Claes
13 Mar; Jan de Caper; Andries; Cornelis and Susanna
20 Mar; Barent Janszen; Nicolaes; Engel Jans, Laurens Pieterszen, Claes Claeszen
27 Mar; Isaac de Foreest; Jan; Hendrick Van Dyck, Adriaen Van Elpendam, Susanna Everts, Agnietie de La Montagne
27 Mar; Cornelis Teuniszen; Teunis; Grietie Backers
3 Apr; Teunis Nyssen; Femmetje; no witnesses
10 Apr; Ruth Jacobszen; Engel; Jan Janszen, Teunis Jacobszen, Engel Jans
10 Apr; Abraham Willemszen, Aechtie Jans; Abraham; Arie Dirckszen, Pieter Casparszen, Mary Claes, Janneken Jans
1 May; Hendrick Janszen; Judith; tryntie Willems
22 May; Jan Willemszen Yselsteyn; Geertruyd; Adriaen Van Ilpendam, Sara du Trieux
29 May; Jacob Luurszen; Luur; Tobias Teuniszen, Janneken Claes
5 Jun; Jochem Kier; Michiel and Dorothe-twins; Dirck de Noorman and his wife Chrystyn, Pieter Andrieszen, Daniel Sergiant, Elisabeth Cregiers, Claertie Ebels
12 Jun; Albert Albertszen; Heyltje; Aert Willemszen and his wife
12 Jun; Anthonis Cray; Metje; Willem Beeckman, Albert Swart, Marie Swart, Elisabeth Cregiers [see Anthonis Cray aka Teunis Cray Signatory HandMark he used in place of a signature]
26 Jun; Willem Beeckman; Marie; Arie Blommart, Anthony Slagbooms
17 Jul; Carel Morgans, Helena Appelsack; Thomas; Thomas Bacx, Tryntie Barents
24 Jul; Casper Steymetz; Casparus; Bryne Nuyting, Adriaen Keyser, Annetje Mats, Grietie Joris
7 Aug; Joris Wolsey; Sara; Breyne Nuyting, Sara Van Brugge, Susanna Breser
14 Aug; Thomas Carmuwel, Elisabeth; Johannes, out. 3 jaer, Maria, 10 Weecken; Jan and Johanna Haes, Johannes and Susanna Breser
21 Aug; Willem Pieterszen de Groot; Pieter; Aert Willemszen and his wife, Hendrick Jacobszen and his wife
21 Aug; Dirck Volkertszen; Ariaentje; Jan Vinge, Claes Corszen, Lysbeth Cregiers, Aefje Van Tienhoven
28 Aug; Hendrick Corsens; Jan; Herck Siberts and his wife
11 Sept; Claes Bording; Marritie; Pieter Wolfertszen, Pieter Jacobszen Marius, Hester Simons
18 Sept; Thomas Fredrickszen; Adriaen; Andries Jochemszen, Hillegond Megapolensis
18 Sept; Johan de La Montagne; Gillis; Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlt., Grietie ten Waert
25 Sept; Jan Martyn; Jacobus; Jacob Loper, Beartie Kips
9 Oct; Barent Jacobszen; Arent; Jan Helmszen, Cornelis Leendertszen
9 Oct; Gerrt. Hendrickszen; Grietie; Lambert Huybertszen, Hendrick Pieterszen, Lyntie Dirckszen, Marie Lievens
16 Oct; Jacob Walings; Jacob; no witnesses
16 Oct; Pieter Ebel; Elsje; Daniel Lisco, Gerrit Wolle wever, Femmetje Joost, Jannetie Jans
23 Oct; Claes Martenszen; Christiaen; Herman Smetman, Beckje en Fytie
23 Oct; Gysbert op Dyck; Sara; Marten Cregier, Christina Capoens
30 Oct; Jacob Loper; Janneken; Jochem Pieterszen, Jannetje Molyns, Marritje Jacobs
30 Oct; Evert Duycking; Evert; Claes Claeszen, Jacob Kip and Tryntie Lubberts
6 Nov; Joris Homes; Joris; Hendrick Breser, Casper de Sergiant, Barbara Jans, Susanna Breser [see Joris Homes Signatory HandMark he used in place of a signature]
13 Nov; Hendrick Jacobszen; Jacob; Hendrick Van Dyck-fiscael, Jacob Stoffelszen, Tryntie Gerarts, Sara Pieters
27 Nov; Paulus Van der Beeck; Paulus; Lubbert Dincklagen, Evertszen Bout, Sara Philips, Hester Jans
27 Nov; Hendrick Corneliszen; Marritie; Thomas Maston, Marritje Adels, Marritie Brester
27 Nov; Evert Janszen; Dievertje; Susanna Philips
27 Nov; Pieter Claeszen; Annetje; Albert Wantenaer and his wife, Aeltje Cornelis
4 Dec; Jan Aertszen; Gerritje; Jan Janszen Tubbing, Wynten Lyntie
11 Dec; Michiel Pauluszen Van der voort; Jan; Adriaen Dirckszen, Hendrick Pieterszen, Grietie Gerrits, Hester Jans
18 Dec; Michiel Tades; Catryntie; Jeuriaen Blanck, Tryntie Claes, Annetie Reus
25 Dec; Jan Janszen Van Breestede; Wouter; Adriaen Pieterszen, Lucas Andrieszen, Tryntie Jans
25 Dec; Jochem Beeckman; Jochem; Marten Cregier, Albert de Coning, Anneken Stoffels


1 Jan; Nicolaes Verleth; Abraham; Abraham Verleth, Francosicus Heybloom, Judith Verleth
1 Jan; Joris Rapalje; Daniel; Lodowyck Corneliszen, Susanna Lievens
8 Jan; Emanuel Vam Angola-Neger; Susanna; Augustyn Havaen, Maria Angola
8 Jan; Pieter d'Anthony; Johannes; Hermanus Hertog, Lydia Van Dyck
15 Jan; Adriaen Vincent; Johannes; Jacquis Thyssen, Jan Gerard, Hester Simons
5 Feb; Andries Claeszen, Agnietie Anthonis; Annetjen; Isac de Foreest
12 Feb; Hendrick Pieterszen, Geertie Everts; Adam; Joris Dirckszen, Styntie Pieterszen
26 Feb; Abraham Planck, Maria Vinge; Isaac; Jan Vinge, Marten Cregier, Emmetie Gosens
26 Feb; Jacob Leendertszen; Christina; Frederick Lubbertszen and his wife, Borger Joriszen, Engeltie Mans
26 Feb; Tobias Teuniszen; Teunis; Jan Teuniszen, Tryntie Van der Burg
5 Mar; Cors. Pieterszen; Pieter; Fredrick Lubbertszen and his wife, Jochem Pieterszen, Pieter Anthony
5 Mar; Herman Hermanszen; Herman Pieter; Daniel Lisco, Casper Steman, Clara Ebel, Hillegond Megapolensis
5 Mar; Adam Brouwer; Wilhelmus; Willem Beeckman, Johannes Marcus, Maria in the wooden horse [sic], Lysbeth Cregiers
26 Mar; David Provoost; Jonathan; Rachel Van Tienhoven
2 Apr; Caesar Albertus; Francyntie; Willem Coneliszen, Judith Joris
2 Apr; Pieter Laurens; Christina; Lodovyt Corneliszen, Egbert Wouterszen, Annetie Claes
9 Apr; Lubbert Gerritszen; Lysbeth; Capt. Nuyting, Marritie and Engel
9 Apr; Rendel Guet; Tjarels; Thomas Mesen, Hendrick Breser, Elling Morgens
16 Apr; Wesel Evertszen; Laurens; Jan Teuniszen, Grietie Hendricks
23 Apr; Jan Hermanszen Schut; Fytie; Dirck Volckertszen, Ariaentje Damens, Rachel Van Tienhoven
23 Apr; Mr. Hans Kierstede; Anna; Elsje Tymens
30 Apr; Theunis Joriszen; Beelitje; Theunis Craey, Nouwen Janszen, Tryn Van Campen, Annetie Smits
30 Apr; Paulus Leendertszen; Gerrit; Pieter Wolfertszen, Egbert Elbertszen, Judith Stuyvesants, Janneken Sabins
7 May; Roelof Corneliszen; Cornelis; Joris Jacobszen, Tryntie Claes
20 May; Hendrick Hendrickszen; Catharina; Catharina Grevenraets
28 May; Anthony Matthyszen Van de Caep-Neger; Abraham Isaacq; Simon Cesilien, Lysbeth Francisco
4 Jun; Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlant; Fytie; Marritie Loockermans
4 Jun; Jacob Hey; Maria; Paulus Leendertszen, Maria Geeraerts
18 Jun; Cornelis Janszen; Wyntie; Albert Corn. Wantenaer, Tryntie Hadders, Carstian Anthonis
25 Jun; Wouter Wael; Rutgert out 4 jaer, Maria out 3/4 jaer; Joris Joels, Jean Mat, Enenem Bennem, Elie Morgen
25 Jun; Abraham Rycke; Jan; Jochem Jochemszen, Tryntie Jans
9 Jul; Cornelis Claeszen-Swiss, Ariaentie Cornelis; Cornelis; Tobias Teuniszen, Leenders Arentszen, Jillis Janszen, Corn. Croesen and his wife
9 Jul; Nicolaes Stillewel, Anna; Thomas; Thomas Hall, Marritie Geerards, Susanna Bresert
9 Jul; Francois Wicks; Annatje Thomas; Ennem Bennem, Thomas Baxster and his wife, Annetje Stillewil
9 Jul; Pieter Simonszen; Pieter; Nicolaes Stillewil, Willem Mosgro, Margariet Appelgat
30 Jul; Albert de Bruyn Trompetter; Annetje; Evert Janszen, Susanna du Trieux
13 Aug; Emanuel van Angola-Neger; Willem; Pieter Tamboer, Belitje Pieters
13 Aug; Albert Albertszen; Albert; Wolfert Gerritszen van Couwenhoven, Grietie Van Nes
20 Aug; Coenraet ten Eyck; Margariet; Andries ten Eyck Janneken Boe
20 Aug; Pieter Stoutenburg; Engeltje; Rachel Van Tienhoven
20 Aug; Laurens Kornen-Schippr.; Thys and Dirck-two children; Claes Thyssen-Schippr, Jeuriaen and Engeltje Mans
27 Aug; Capt. Fyn; Judith; _de Potter, Samuel Mojer, Judith Stuyvesants, Lysbeth Mansvelt
27 Aug; Jan Janszen Van St. Ubus; Johannes; Isaac, Tyryntie Kip
3 Sept; Andries Harpertszen; Johannes; Andries Lucaszen, Pieter Corn. Van der Veen, Anneken Bogardus, Geertruydt Jans
10 Sept; Andries Willemszen Soppe; Tryntie; Jan Van de Bildt, Wyntie Elberts, Arentje Gerrits
10 Sept; Evert Pels; Clara; no witnesses
10 Sept; Roelof Corneliszen; Cornelis; Joris Jacobszen, Tryntie Claes
17 Sept; Egbert Van Borsum; Tymon; Judith Verleth, Elsje Tymons
1 Oct; Michiel Janszen, Fytje Hartmans; Hartman; Thomas Hall, Lysbeth Thyssen
1 Oct; Cornelis Aertszen; Lysbeth; Willem Beeckman and his wife, Jacob Claeszen
1 Oct; Jan Franszen; Maria; Daniel Lisko, Andries Marpertszen, Thomas Samlam, Marritie Cornelis, Geertruyd Andries
1 Oct; Thomas Janszen; Annetje; Hendrick Kip and his wife, Evert Duycking and his wife
8 Oct; Alexander Fenix; Jacob; Govert Loockermans, Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlt., Sander Leendertszen, Willem Teller
8 Oct; Hans Hanszen; Marritje; Pieter Corneliszen, Judith Joris, Annetje Laurens
15 Oct; Adam Mot; Jacobus; Brian Nuyting, Carel Verbrugge, Rebecca Cornel
15 Oct; Jan Peeck; Anna; Isaac de Foreest, Aert Willemszen, Rebecca du Trieux, Wyntie Aerts
5 Nov; Claes Corneliszen; Ariaen; Joris Jacobszen, Adriaentie Tremme's
5 Nov; Claes Bording; Tryntie; Pieter Wolfertszen, Pieter Jacobszen Marius, Hester Simons
12 Nov; Lucas Elbertszen; Elbert; Jan Schoenmaecker and his wife
26 Nov; Simon Joosten; Joost; Christina Planters
3 Dec; Hendrick Janszen Van Uytrecht; Jan; Nrian and Elje Nuyting
3 Dec; Willem Pieterszen; Marritie; Hendrick Jacobszen and his wife, Aert Willemszen and his wife
3 Dec; Jan Aertszen; Marritie; Keppe Sebage, Wyntie Elberts
10 Dec; Abraham Clock; Sara; Samuel Janszen, Maximiliaen Van Geel, Hillegond Jans
24 Dec; Ritzard Willemszen; Augustyn; Augustyn Hermans, Thomas Hall, Susanna Breser, Britser Baxster
24 Dec; Gerrit Hendrickszen; Grietie; Lambert Huybertszen, Hendrick Pieterszen, Lysbeth de Potter
24 Dec; Hendrick Van Diepenbroeck; Warnar; Capt. Fyn, Paulus Schrick, Lysbeth Cregier


21 Jan; Gillis Pieterszen; Maria; Borger Joriszen, Catalyntie Hendricks, Bregitta Blercks
2 Feb; Is gedoopt; Joost Gouderus; at the preparatory lecture to the Lord's Supper
4 Feb; Herck Sybenszen; Beellitjen; Lambert Huybertszen, Jacob Teuniszen, Jan Janszen, Beelitje Jacobs
11 Feb; Claes Martenszen Van Rosenvelt; Elsje; Thoams Hall, Lysbeth Dircks, Aefje Van Tienhoven
25 Feb; Jan Dirckszen; Johannes; Hendrick Hendrickszen, Isaac Grevenraedt, Christina Andries, Grietie Jans
25 Feb; Jan Corneliszen; Judith; Claes Van Elslandt de Jonge, Christina Capoens, Lysbeth Jans
3 Mar; Willem Beeckman; Hendrick; Gerard Beeckman, Arent Van Curlaer, Johannes Neevius, Anna and Geertruyd Bondassius
3 Mar; Borger Joriszen, Engeltje Mans; Hermanus; Jacob Leendertszen, Corn. Janszen Clopper, Rebecca Fredericks, Elsje Hendricks
17 Mar; Govert Loockermans; Jacob; Jacob Van Couwenhoven, Pieter Prins, Annetje Loockermans
31 Mar; Caesar Albertus, Judith Meynje; Willem; Samuel Minje, Jan Corneliszen, Judith Joriszen, Magdaleen Brye
21 Apr; Joris Som; Jan; Jacob Van Curlaer, Maria Geerards, Maria Thuyt
21 Apr; Wolfert Janszen; Jan; Ruth Jacobszen, Jan Thomaszen, Engeltje Jans
5 May; Claes Hendrickszen; Hendrick; Andries Jochemszen, Jan Corneliszen, Selitje Fredricks, Barentje Hendricks
12 May; Jacob Janszen; Albert; no witnesses
12 May; Barent Jansze, Christyntie Claes; Engeltje; Harmen Douwenszen, Lysbeth Cregiers, Tryn Hadders
12 May; Evert Duycking, Hendrickje Simons; Symentje; Thomas Janszen, Mrritje Simons, Jannetje Claes
19 May; Cozyn Gerritszen; Elsje; Nicolaes Verleth, Hendrick Janszen, Lyntie Jochems, Belitje Cornelis
20 May; Jan Leeck; Metje; Albert Albertszen, Jan Hutjesse, Susanna Bresers, Engeltje Cornelis
20 May; Joris Jacobszen; Jacob; Jacob Pieterszen, Metje Harperszen
16 Jun; Hendrick Willemszen; Grietie; Lodovyck de Jonge, Hester Ter Neuf
23 Jun; Jan Janszen-Schepmoes; Tryntie; Hendrick Janszen, Belitje Jacobs
23 Jun; Jacob Janszen; Reyer; Dirck Nes, Lysbeth Cornelis
30 Jun; Cornelis Jacobszen; Janneken; Christiaen Aethomszen, Tryntie Willems
7 Jul; Andries Pieterszen de Haes; Pieter; Jacob Wouterszen, Maria Lubberts
7 Jul; Harmen Sebastiaenszen; Tjerck; Willem Frederickszen, Jan Ver Beeck, Geertruydt Nannincks
15 Jul; Hans Hendrickszen; Hendrick; Annetje and Grietie Jans
15 Jul; Abraham de La Noy; Maria; Johannes de Peyster, Cornelia Can Baren
21 Jul; Pieter Montfoort; Pieter; Enoch de Clerq, Philip le Graet, Sara Rapalje, Heyltie Pieters
21 Jul; Jan Claeszen; Claes; Jan Pieterszen, Tryntie Pieters
21 Jul; Theunis Corneliszen; Cornelis; Willem Beeckman, Michiel Janszen, Maria Duycking, Maria Ruwarts
21 Jul; Jeuriaen Blanck; Margariet; Marten Cregier, Lysbeth Cregier
21 Jul; Lambert Van Valckenburg; Lambert; Jochem Beeckman, Tryntie Van Campen
28 Jul; Isaac de Foreest; Philip; Jan de La Montagne, Jan Peeck, Susanna du Trieux
28 Jul; Francois Guion; Magdaleen; Francois Trisonne, Magdaleen Bruel
28 Jul; Lodovyck Cornelis; Wilhelmus; Nicolaes Verleth, Herman Hertog, Marie Geerards
28 Jul; Hendrick Hendrickszen; Lysbeth; Kempen Barentszen, Aeltie Schryvers
10 Aug; Hans Steyn; Laurens; Johannes Krieckenbeeck, Adriaen de Wael, Mayken Le Gaey
17 Aug; Thomas Baxster; Elsje; Carel Verbrugge, Govert Loockermans, Elsje Nuytings, Elsje Hendricks
21 Aug; Jan Hardt; Willem; no witnesses
1 Sept; Augustyn Hermans, Janneken Verleth; Ephraim Georgius; Casper Verleth, Corn. Van Werckhoven, Jochem Pieterszen, Georgius Hack, Judith Verleth, Maria Verleth
12 Sept; Pieter Casparszen; Marritien; Adriaen Dirckszen, Marritie Lievens, Lysbeth Cregiers
15 Sept; Adriaen Huybertszen; Huybert; Francois Paket, Laurens Jocobszen, Grietie Jans, Barentje Jacobs
15 Sept; Hermen Hanszen; Pieter; Claes Druyten, Barent Meesen, Tryntie Coopmans
22 Sept; Dirck Sichem; Jan; Jan Barentszen, Wyntie Aerts
22 Sept; Christiaen Claeszen; Maria; Marritje Alberts
22 Sept; Theovenius Esdras; Judith; Cornelis Janszen, Engeltje Mans, Maria Joris
22 Sept; Francois Fyn; Elisabeth; David de Potter, Juffr. Genis
6 Oct; Dirck Claeszen; Marritje; Egbert Wouterszen, Juffr. Verdonck, Tryntie Simons
13 Oct; Joris Wolsy, Rebecca; Joris; Carel Verbrugge and his wife, Hendrick and Elsje Nuton
13 Oct; Leendert Philipszen; Annetie; Gerrit Bicker, Gritie Jans, Agniet Caspers
13 Oct; Jan Martyn, Annetje Jeuriaens; Noel; Engel Wouters, Anthony Gyron, Noel Byson
13 Oct; Auke Jans; Pieter; Adolph Pieterszen, Jacomyntie Frans
27 Oct; Pieter Corn. Van Veen, Elsje Tymens; Cornelis; Govert Loockermans, Allard Anthony, Marritie Thymens
27 Oct; Jan Janszen Van Breedstee; Andries; Jan Thomaszen, Thomas Hal, Dorathee Jans
27 Oct; Claes Janszen Backer; Johannes; Michiel Janszen, Thomas Hal, Sytie Hackmans
3 Nov; Jan Corneliszen; Cornelis; Hendrick Janszen Van Schalckwyck, Jan Lubbertszen, Tryntie Lubberts
10 Nov; Marritie Jans; Lysbeth; In on echt overgewonnen
10 Nov; Gerrit Bicker; Victoor; Francois Fyn, Helena Blommaerts
24 Nov; Francois Wick; Jacobus; Johannes de Peyster, Thomas Baxster, Cornelia Lubberts, Briset Baxsters
1 Dec; Claes Thyszen, Susanna Pieters; Mathys; Jan Gilliszen Van Brug, Cornelia Lubberts
8 Dec; Gerrit Hendrickszen; Lysbeth; Paulus Janszen Heyman, Tryntie Barents
8 Dec; Jochem Gerritszen; Magdaleen; Susanna Dubbels
15 Dec; Mr. Paulus Van der Beeck; Hester; Cornelis Van Werckhoven, Mr. Jacob Verrivanger
25 Dec; Pieter Janszen Wit.; Maria; Gerrit Bicker, Engeltje Jans, Sara steendam


5 Jan Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlant; Catharina; Jan Gilliszen Van Brug, Elsje Van der Veen
5 Jan; Pieter Stoutenburg; Engeltie; no witnesses
12 Jan; Cornelis Van Tienhoven-fiscael; Cornelis; Cornelis Van Werckhoven, Brion Nuton- Capt., Sara Roelofs
12 Jan; Jan Willemszen Van Leuven; Pouth; Andries Hop, Hendrick Egbertszen, Geertruydt Willems
19 Jan; Gerrit Janszen, Aeltje Lamberts; Pieter; Abraham Planck, Jan Vinge, Maria Planck
19 Jan; Jan Hageman; Marcus; Brion Nuton, Thomas Baxster and his wife
26 Jan; Coenraedt ten Eyck; Tobias; Barent Meynderts, Hilletje de Noorman
9 Feb; Jochem Callaer; Jacobus; Marten Cregier, Albert Janszen, Heyltje Pieters
9 Feb; Hendrick Breser; Breser; Thomas Hall, Jan Hutjesse, Mary Graet, Anna Hals
16 Feb; Roelof Janszen, Geesje Claes; Jan; Ryck Leydecker, Claertie Vernier
16 Feb; Andries Pietersz.; Pieter; Jan Hendrickszen
23 Feb; Thomas Fredrickszen; Tryntie; Andries Jochemszen, Claes Hendrickszen, Neeltje Fredricks
3 Mar; Albert Albertszen;Annetje; Willem Gerritsz, Tryntie Hadders, Tryntie Claes
9 Mar; Adriaen Hegeman; Jacob; Jan Evertszen, B Alcke, Anneke Jans
9 Mar; Claude de le Metre; Johannes; Jan Evertszen Bout, Philip Gerardszen, Maria Gerards, Sara de Forees
16 Mar; Joris Stephenszen; Stephen; Jan Hageman, Herman Drickszen
16 Mar; Lubbert Gerritszen; Gerrit and Dirck, two children; Laurens de Noorman, Coenraedt ten Eyck, Thomas Hall, Michiel Janszen, Tryntie Van Campen, Tryntie Greveracts
16 Mar; Jacob Leendertszen; Anna; Paulus Leendertszen, Jan Pieterszen Van Brug, Janneken Gerrits, Hillegond Jans
16 Mar; Jeuriaen Fradel; Aeltje; Theunis Craey, Aris Jacobszen, Tryntie Van Campen, Vrouwtje Pieters
6 Apr; Jan de La Montagne, Agneta ten Waert; Jesse; Sara du Trieux, Anna Stam
20 Apr; Rendel Huwits; (no name given); Thomas Hall, Joris Wolsy, Elsje Nuton, Britje Baxster
20 Apr; Jan Janszen, Grietie Jans; Elsje; Joost Goderus, Tryn Grevenraets
20 Apr; Jan Aertszen, Annetje Hendricks; Aert; Albert Janszen, Cornelis Janszen Coely, Lysbeth Thyssens, Belitje Cornelis
20 Apr; Tobias Theuniszen; Beatrix; Cornelis Claeszen Switzart, Hendrickje Simons
20 Apr; Theunis Janszen; Sara; David de Potter and his wife
27 Apr; Andries Bartels; Barent; Sjarel Morgens, Lysbeth Jans
27 Apr; Willem Pieterszen; Grietje; Cales Mans, Engeltie Mans, Annetje Jans
27 Apr; Paulus Leendertszen Van der Grift; Marritie; Jacob Leendertszen, Rebecca Fredricks
4 May; Elbert Elbertszen; (no name given); Hester Jans, Hester Simons
11 May; Emanuel Van Spangien; Andries; Jan Francisco, Sur Pieters-Negers
11 May; Lucas Dirckszen; Cornelis; Hendrick Gulick, Willem Van Beecker, Marritie Cornelis
4 Jun; Adam Brouwer; Maria; Francois Baschet, Engeltje Jans
4 Jun; Salomon Abbas, Barber Philips; David; no witnesses
4 Jun; Jan Lambertszen; Geesje; Fredrick Alken, Aeltje Carstens, Pietertje Jans
4 Jun; Jan Maston, Dievertje Jans; Jan; Jan Janszen, Capt. Brian Nuton, Tryn Blaes
8 Jun; Mr. Hans Van Kierstede, Sara Roelofs; Blandina; Lysbeth Cregiers
8 Jun; Claes Pieterszen, Neeltie Engels; Pieter; Janneken Theunis
15 Jun; Wessel Evertszen, Geertje Bout; Frans; Pieter Van Naerden, Aecht Jans
15 Jun; THomas Guroitlack, Marritje Jans; Willem; no witnesses
22 Jun; Paulus Van Angola-Neger; Jacob; Francisco Jaepje, Mayken d'Angola
22 Jun; Joost Goderus; Jan; Dirck Theuniszen, Jan Jansz Van der Ham, Ariaent Walis
2 Jul; Hendrick Dirckszen; Marritje; Albert Corn. Wantenaer, Tryntie Hadders
2 Jul; Jan Thomaszen, Tryntie Agis; Hendrick; Marritie Dircks
13 Jul; Albert Janszen, Elsje Jans; Grietie; Abraham Martenszen, Grietie Gerrits, Annetje Lisco
13 Jul; Jan Pieterszen, Grietie jans; Elsje; Pieter Wolfertsze and his wife, Tryn Hendricks
13 Jul; Jan Janszen Van St. Obyn, Baertie Kip; Jacob; Jacob Kip, Catalyntie Hendricks
27 Jul; Michiel Pauluszen Van der Voort; Maria; Pieter Van Neste, Abraham Martenszen, Engeltie Mans
3 Aug; Christiaen Barentszen; Cornelis; Frans Janszen Van Hoogten, Claertie Alders
3 Aug; Johannes de Peyster, Cornelia Lubberts; Johannes; Johannes Pieterszen Van Brug, Johannes Gilliszen Van Brug
10 Aug; Pieter Simonszen; Robbert; Thomas Margens, Hendrick Meyndertszen, Margariet Heut
17 Aug; Barent Jacobszen; Theunis; Arent Leendertszen, Engeltje Jans
17 Aug; Hendrick Pieterszen; Herman; Hans Janszen, Janneken Gerrits
17 Aug; Theunis Geurtszen Cray; Lysbeth; Mr. Gysbert, Philip Gerritszen, Maria Lubberts, Maria Gerards
17 Aug; Willem Beeckman; Gerardus; Martinus Beeckman, Fredrick de Poog, Hester Boudatius
24 Aug; Jacob Waling; Simon; no witnesses
24 Aug; Ide Corn. Van der Vorst; Vrouwtie; Jacob Stoffelszen, Helena Blommarts, Engeltie Jans
31 Aug; Jacob Pieterszen; Pieter; Joris Jacobszen, Annetje Jans
7 Sept; Gerrit Hendrickszen; Lambert; Cornelis Aertszen, Hendrick Lambertszen, Lysbeth Dircks
14 Sept; Dirck Scheluyn Nots; Johannes; Johannes de Peyster, Jan de Jonge, Maria Lubberts
21 Sept; Hans Hanszen; Jacob; Adriaen Blommart, Cathalyn Jorazy
28 Sept; Hans Pomer; Sebastiaen; Nicolaes Backer, Sytie Jans
28 Sept; Jan Hagel; Jeuriaen; Corn. Van Tienhoven-fiscael, Cornelis Hendrickszen, Jannetje Gesens
5 Oct; Casper Steynwits, Jannetie Gerrits; Johannes; Paulus Schrick, Judith Stuyvesant
5 Oct; Hendrick Janszen; Johannes; Claes Van Elslant-the elder, Mr. Gysbert, Barber Gysbert
12 Oct; Corn. Claeszen-Swiss; Pieter; Isaac de Foreest, Sara du Trieux
12 Oct; Pieter Pieterszen, Judith Rapalje; Pieter; Joris Janszen Rapalje, Hans Hanszen, Catalyn Hierouymus
12 Oct; Johannes Peeck; Johannes; Thomas Hall, Claes Hendrickszen, Willem Pieterszen, Engeltje Jans, Susanna du Trieux
19 Oct; Pieter Claeszen; Mayken; Marten Jans, Judith Stuyvesant, Hendrickje Cornelis Van Ness
26 Oct; Roelof Pieter Roelofszen; Roelof; Cornelis Potter, Engelbert Corneliszen, Swaentie Potters
26 Oct; Claes Hendrickszen; Fredrick; Jan Peeck, Andries Jochemszen, Selitje Fredricks, Marritie Ariaens
2 Nov; Mathys Capido; Hendrick; Hendrick Willemszen, Barentje Hendricks
9 Nov; Abraham Rycke; Aeltje; Hillegond J, Maens
16 Nov; Jan Hendrickszen; Lysbeth; Jacobus de Waert, Jan Janszen de Jong, Cornelia de Jong
16 Nov; Pieter Janszen; Roelant; Rutgert Janszen, Lysbeth Hendricks, Lysbeth Van Hoogevelt
13 Nov; Nicolaes Stilwell; Daniel; Pieter Wolfertszen, Jean Vaen, Hester Ter Neuf, Mary Arbecq
23 Nov; Egbert Van Borsun; Janneken; no witnesses
30 Nov; Cors. Pieterszen, Tryntie Hendricks; Hendrick; Jeuriaen Blanck, Pieter Stoutenburg, Aeltje Van Tienhoven, Hester ter Neuf
30 Nov; Hans Hanszen; Catalyn; Aert Willemszen and his wife
30 Nov; David Provoost; Barber; no witnesses
30 Nov; Jan Janszen Van Groen; Caspar; no witnesses
7 Dec; Tibout Ruwartszen; Ruwart; Jacob Van Couwenhoven, Hester Jans
7 Dec; Borger Joriszen, Engeltje Mans; Elsje; Jacob Leendertsz, Willem Pieterszen, Elsje Hendricks, Annetje Jans
7 Dec; Dirck Volckertszen; Janneken; Abraham Planck, zen Noorman, Abrahams
14 Dec; Jan Swaen, Catharyn; Hendrick Janszen, Catharina Jans
21 Dec; Evert Duycking; (no name given); Pieter Werckhoven, Stuyvesants-meyt


1 Jan; Thomas Solder; Margariet; Corn. Van Werckhoven, Hester Jans
7 Jan; Hendrick Hendrickszen; Hendrick; Mr. Willem Vestius , Aeltje Schryvers
7 Jan; Nicolaes ter Haer; Johannes; Adriaen Keyser, Janneken Jeuriaens
18 Jan; Abraham Klock; Tryntie; Johannes Pietrsz. Van Brug, Christina Capoens
4 Feb; Cornelis Hendrickszen; Marritje; Jan Vinge, Maria Geleyn, Grietie Dircks
4 Feb; Pieter Laurentszen; Daniel and Anneken; Daniel Lisco, Lodowuk Pos, Claes Bording
8 Feb; Isaac Kip; Hendrick; Hendrick Kip de oude, Hendrick Kip, de Jonge, Elsje Hendricks
15 Feb; Dirck Claeszen; Claes; Jan Muller, Engeltie Jans
22 Feb; Anthony Matthyszen-Neger; Cosmus; Cornelis Croesen Maria Portugies
1 Mar; Daniel de Tourneur; Maria; Jacobus Backer, Annetie Van Courtlant, Maria Cornelis
8 Mar; Willem Janszen, Harmtje Harmens; Willem; Aeltie Barents
8 Mar; Bartel Caeszen; Hendrick; no witnesses
8 Mar; Jacobus Schellinger; Willem; Cornelis Molyn, Hester ter Neuf
8 Mar; Michiel Janszen, Fytie Hartmans; Ariaentie; Nicolaes Backer, Annetje Hartmans
15 Mar; Jochem Gerritszen; Gerrit; Joris Dirckszen, Tryntie Hadders
15 Mar; Jan Cornelis Buys; Hendrick; Jan Gerritszen, Gysbert Lubbertszen, Marritie
15 Mar; Mr. Gysbert Gysbertszen; Jan; Hester Van Couwenhoven, Barber Gysberts, Tryntie Van Campen
29 Mar; Andries Hop; Willem; Joris Stephenszen, Stoffel Andrieszen, Cornelis Arentszen, Beeltie Hendricks
12 Apr; Jan JanszenSchepmoes; Sara; Abraham Jacobszen, Marritie Denys
12 Apr; Claes Thyszen; Pieter; Govert Loockermans, Frans Pieterszen, Marritie Tymens
12 Apr; Theunis Nyssen; 1 Nys, 2 Jan; Jan Evertszen Bout, Albert Corn. Wantenaer, Willem Bredenbend, Mr. Paulus Van der Beeck, Aeltje Cornelis, Grietie Jans
3 May; Petrus Albertus; Francyn; Isaac Kip, Gerrit Gysbertszen, Maria Geerards
3 May; Claes Bording; Marritje; Pieter Wolfertszen, Philip Geerards, Tryntie Hendricks
8 May; Lucas Eldertszen; Jan; Jan Evertszen Bout, Jannetje Jans, Tryntie Simons
10 May; Jan Lambertszen Van Oldenzeel; Hendrick; Aeltje Barents
17 May; Pieter Janszen Wit; Catharyn; Jacob Steendam, Annetje Damels
17 May; Herck Syboutszen; Engeltje; Jochem Calder, Dirck Janszen, Susanna Jans, Annetje Lodowycks
17 May; Dirck Gerritszen, Jannetje Theunis; Hendrickje; Michiel Jans, Thomas Hall, Barentie Hendricks
24 May; Andries de Haes; Sophia; Abraham de Lanoy, Jacob Visch, Cornelia de Peyster
28 Jun; Pieetr Tarazon; Hillegond; Capt. Samuel Nichiel, Jan Duran, Hillegond Megapolensis, Anneken Martyus
8 Jul; Albert Janszen; Elsje; Jochem Calder, Magdaleen Wale, Annetie Jans
12 Jul; Hendrick Janszen; Ariaentie; Jan Corneliszen, Pieter Laurentszen, Hillegond Joris, Marritje Pieters
19 Jul; Barent Janszen; Tytie; Hendrick Volckertszen, Tryntie Claes, Tryntie Hendricks
16 Aug; Hendrick Janszen; Tryntie; Jan Corneliszen Buys, Gysbert Lubbertszen, Aeltje Schryvers
16 Aug; Jan Claeszen; Claes; no witnesses
23 Aug; Charles Morgeres; Jan; Lucas Dirckszen, Marritie Trompetters
23 Aug; Simon Joosten; Catharyn; Pieter Wolfertszen, Anna Corn. Van der Vorst
29 Aug; Claes Martenszen Van Rosenvelt; Anna Margariet; Hendrick Hendrickszen, Margariet Loumans
29 Aug; Hans Dreper; Hendrick; Pieter Andrieszen, Arien Jacobszen, Geertruyd Lons
29 Aug; Hendrick Janszen Dreper; Vrouwtje; Harmen Sebastiaenszen, Hester Tjercks
2 Sept; Paulus Dirckszen; Geertruyd; Barbel Gysberts, Elsje Wessels
13 Sept; Gerrit Gysen; Aeltje; Pieter Van Naerden, Belitje Theunis
20 Sept; Michiel Tadis; Tade; Geertruyd Lons
20 Sept; Willem Janszen; (no names given); Hendrick Kip
30 Sept; Gerrit Hendrickszen; Hendrick; Jan Hagel, Gritie Jans
4 Oct; Pieter Van Naerden; Jan; Hnedrick Willemszen, Marritie Claes
4 Oct; Mattheus de Angola; Augustyn; Augustyn Hermans, Janneken Verleth
7 Oct; Jan de Peyster; Johannes; Abraham de La Noy, Jan de Jonge, Marritie de La Noy
11 Oct; Jan Geerart; 1. Marritie, 2 Philippe (twins?); Philip Geerardts, Pieter Wolfertszen, Marritie Geerardts, Thomas Hall, Hester ter Neuf
25 Oct; Jan Janszen Van Oosterhout; Hendrick; Hendrick Pieterszen, Pieter Janszen, Engeltje Jans
25 Oct; Andries Roos Van der Lipstradt; Lysbeth; Jan de Jonge, Cornelia de Jong, Hillegond Joris
1 Nov; Hendrick Van Diepenbroeek; Rebecca; Lucas de Corporael, Aeltje Schryvers, Lysbeth Pieters
5 Nov; Jan Janszen Van Boertang; Johannes; Theunis Craey, Lyntie Hendricks
8 Nov; Hendrick Barents, Hermtje Gerrits; Anneken; Claes Eldertszen, Barbel Janszen, Janneken Gerrits
8 Nov; Johannes Nevius; Johannes; David Jaspyn and his wife, Cornelis de Potter and his wife
22 Nov; Coenraet ten Eyck; Coenraedt; Evert Duycking, Sara Steendam
22 Nov; Claes Cromtap; (no other info)
22 Nov; Abraham Janszen, Fortuyn; (no other info)
22 Nov; Hage Bruynse; Bruyn; Lambert Huybertszen, Cors Janszen
29 Nov; Jan Janszen Breestede; Engel; Volckert Janszen, Jan Andrieszen, Engeltje Jans
6 Dec; Willem Pieterszen; Pieter; Borger Joriszen, Andries de Haes, Engeltje Mans, Tryntie Hagedoorn
13 Dec; Pieter Stoutenburg; (no name given); no witnesses
20 Dec; Theunis Janszen; Marritje; Heyltje Pieters
25 Dec; Albert Pieterszen-Swiss; Marritje; Laurens de Drayer, Helena Blommaerts


1 Jan; Gerrit Janszen; Cornelia; Emmetie Van der Sluys
1 Jan; Corn. Van Tienhoven-fiscael; Johannes; Jan Vinge, Maria Vinge
10 Jan; Bruyn Willemszen; Wouter; Aert Willemszen and his wife
10 Jan; Stoffel Elswaerts; Lysbeth; Lysbeth Twillarts
24 Jan; Jan Corneliszen; Annetje; Pieter Louwerus, Annetje Cornelis
31 Jan; Jan Dircxen; Lysbeth; Elbert, Lysbeth Ariaens
7 Feb; Anthony Matthys-Neger; Cecilia; Simon Conck, Christina d'Angola
12 Feb; Harmen Hoboken; Emmetje; Gerrt. Van der Neut, Lysbeth Pieters, Regina Lakes
21 Feb; Grietie Claes; Aeltje; Lysbeth Pieters
21 Feb; Casper Stein Wits; (no name given); Thomas Hall, Belitje Hendricks
21 Feb; Jacob Kip, Maria Montagnie; Johannes; Johannes de La Montagne, Hendrick and Tryntie Kip
7 Mar; Barent Andrieszen; Johannes; Andries de Haes
21 Mar; Jan Hnedrickszen; Cornelis; Barbel Philipszen
21 Mar; Jan Janszen Van St. Obyn; Hendrick; Hendrick Kip de Oude, Hendrick Kip, de Jonge, Maria de La Montagne
21 Mar; Claes Claeszen; Neeltje; Elmer Huysen, Andries Roos, Catryn Borgers
28 Mar; Jan Janszen Van den Ham, Grieite Jans; Maria; Marten Cregier, Ryck Lydecker, Marritje Jans
4 Apr; Gerrit Hendrickszen; Tryntie; Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlt., Celetie Hendricks
4 Apr; Thomas Fredrickszen; Francyntie; Coenraedt ten Eyck
4 Apr; Jacob Steendam; Vredegund; Pieter Wolfertszen Couwenhoven, Lydia Van Dyck
4 Apr; Cornelis Van Ruyven-Secretaris; Johannes; Do. Johannes Megapolensis
11 Apr; Willem Beeckman; Cornelia; Johannes Beeckman, Hendrick Van Dyck, Metje Jeuriaens
11 Apr; Abraham de La Noy, Maria Lubberts; Catalina; Hendrick Janszen Van der Arck, Andries Pieterszen de Haes, Cornelia de Peyster
18 Apr; Lucas Dirckszen, Annetje Cornelis; Hendrick; Dirck Smit van Lochem, Vaendrif, Elmer Huysen, Styntie Laurens
25 Apr; Lubbert Gerritszen, Grietie; Gerrit; Albert Leendertszen, Dirck de Noorman, Ariaentie
25 Apr; Isaac de Foreest, Sara du Tryeux; Isaac; Jan Peeck, Mr. Gysbert Van Imbroeck, Marritje Van Imbroeck, Tryntie de Haes
2 May; Joris Stephenszen, Geesje Hermans; Belitje; no witnesses
9 May; Johannes Van Beeck, Maria Verleth; Judith; Johannes Nevius
6 Jun; Jacob Leunens, Margrietje Jans; Matthys; Albert Janszen, Marritje Trompetters
27 Jun; Paulus Leendertszen, Jannetje Berrits; Johannes; Jacob Van der Grist, Rebecca Vander Grist
4 Jul; Jeuriaen Blanck, Tryntie Blanck; Claesje; Jochem Calser, Belitje Cornelis
4 Jul; Hendrick Sihoutszen, Weyntie Teunis; Teunis; Arie Dirckszen, Jochem Caljer, Teunis Teuniszen, Belitje Jacobs, Susanna Jans
18 Jul; Anthony Bukyn, Margariet Marlje; Magdaleentje; Jan Prie, Magdaleentie Bruelle
18 Jul; Jan Martenszen, Dirckje Hermans; Marten; Ytie Stryckers
18 Jul; Jan Pauluszen Jaket, Maria Carpentier; Paulus; Jan de Jong, Maria Hendricks
18 Jul; Lodevyck Corneliszen, Agnietje Boons; Elisabeth; Warnert Wessels, Anna Elisabeth Maskop
18 Jul; Jan Wouterszen Van Iselsteyn, Willemtje Willems; Machtelt; Johanna Verleth
25 Jul; Hendrick Janszen, Magdaleentie; Sytie; Tryntie Kip
15 Aug; Hendrick Volckertszen, Geertie Claes; Volckert; Cales Corneliszen, Joris Jacobszen, Metje Herberts
15 Aug; Teunis Corneliszen, Engeltie Alberts; Neeltje; Reynout Reynoutszen, Jannetje Reynouts
22 Aug; Joost Van Beeck Isaacszen, Maria Anna Saffe; Petrus; Fredrick de Koninck-Capt., Magdallentie Van Swanevelt
22 Aug; Michiel Pauluszen, Marritie Joris; Hendrick; Sara Joris
29 Aug; Andries de Haes, Catharina de Haes; Catalyntie; Johannes de Pyster, Mr. Gysbert Van Inbroeck, Sara de Foreest
26 Sept; Jan Hagel-Sergt., Grietie Jans; Christyntie; Jochem Caher, Elmer Huysen Cleyn, Christina Vinge
3 Oct; Jacob Van der Veer, Catharina Brassert; Elisabeth; Jan Adamszen-Metselaer, Marritie Swaens
10 Oct; Barent Jacobszen Cool, Marritje Leenderts; Arent; Jan Prie, Aechtje Leenderts
24 Oct; Mr. Hans Van Kierstede, Sara Roelofs; Jochem; Sytie Roelofs
31 Oct; Corn. Claeszen Rademaecker, Ariaentje Cornelis; Cornelia; Jan Janszen de Cuyper, Jan Labette, Hendrick Jochemszen, Marritje Tymens, Elsje Jans
3 Nov; Jean Prie, Sophia Leenderts; Marinus; Simon Fel, Magdaleentie Birjaer
3 Nov; Paulus and Jannetje Jans; Paulus; Ytie Stryckers
3 Nov; Claes Aldertszen Paradys, Maryken Molyns; Claes; Jacobus Schellinger, Cornelia Molyns
7 Nov; Cornelis Barentszen, Lysbet Arents; Marritie; Pieter Wolfertszen Van Couwenhoven, Hester Simons
21 Nov; Henry Breysjers, Susanna Henry; Machtelt; Joris Homs, Been Homs
28 Nov; Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlt., Annetje Loockermans; Cornelia; Pieter Van Veen, Marritje Loockermans
1 Dec; Alexander Boyer; 1 Samuel, 2 Pieter-(twins?); Elisabeth Jans
5 Dec; Tobias, Jannetje Bones; Claes; Claes Janszen, Andries Jochemszen, Marritje Joris
19 Dec; Jacob Leendertszen Van der Grist, Rebecca; Leendert; Paulus Leendertszen, Jannetje Gerrits
19 Dec; Teunis Gysbertszen Bogaert, Sara Joris Rapalje; Aertje; Magdaleentie Van Swanevelt
26 Dec; Abraham Rycken, Grietje Hendricks; Abraham; Sara Sanders
26 Dec; Jan Hendrickszen, Grietje Jans; Magdaleen; Engeltje Mans
26 Dec; Pieter Laurenszen, Marritje Pieters; Laurens; no witnesses

New Amsterdam & New York Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms
1639 thru 1641 | 1642 thru 1645 | 1646 thru 1655 | 1656 thru 1660 | 1661 thru 1665 | 1666 thru 1670 | 1671 | 1672 | 1673 | 1674 | 1675 | 1676 | 1677 | 1678 | 1679 | 1680 | 1681 | 1682 | 1683 | 1684 | 1685 | 1686 thru 1690 | 1691 thru 1695 | 1696 | 1697 | 1698 | 1699 | 1700 | 1701 | 1702 | 1703 | 1704 | 1705 | 1706 | 1707 | 1708 | 1709 | 1710 | 1711 | 1712 | 1713 | 1714 | 1715 | 1716 | 1717 | 1718 | 1719 | 1720 | 1721 | 1722 | 1723 | 1724 | 1725 | 1726 thru Feb 1730 | March 1730 to Dec 1730 | 1731 | 1732 | 1733 | 1734 | 1735 | 1736 | 1737 | 1738 | 1739 | 1740 | 1741 | 1742 | 1743 | 1744 | 1745 | 1746 | 1747 | 1748 | 1749 | 1750 | 1751 | 1752 | 1753 | 1754 | 1755 | 1756 | 1757 | 1758 | 1759 | 1760 | 1761-1801 to follow!
This is an ongoing project - please check back frequently to see what new Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms have been uploaded!


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