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Death Finds a Way: A Janie Riley Mystery
by Lorine McGinnis Schulze

Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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New Amsterdam & New York Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms 1696

In memory of Ted Brassard
1930 ~ 2001

& published on Olive Tree Genealogy with his widow's permission

This is one of a series of transcribed records for baptisms at the Reformed Dutch Church of New Amsterdam (New York City) in New Netherland (New York). The baptisms are laid out in order as follows: The date of the baptism; the parents; the child; and the witnesses. Note the separation of each item by semicolons. There is no spacing between baptisms and the wrap text is confined to 80 characters. Anything within parenthesis are my own comments


- 8 Jan; Albert Gardenia, Marritje Harmens; Hermannus; Tryntje Hercx
- 12 Jan; Jeuriaen Bosch, Geesie Anne Bruyn; Anna Maria; Justus Bosch, Anna Maria Bosch
- 12 Jan; Mr. Isaacq de Foreest, Elisabeth Van der Spiegel; Jacobus; Isaacq de Riemer, Margareta de Riemer, huysvr. (wife of) Van Henr. Selyns
- 12 Jan; Isaacq de Mill, Sara Joosten; Isaacq; Johannes Joosten, Anna de Mill
- 16 Jan; Maurits Coevert, Anna Fonteyn(this child was subsequently baptized-the ;22nd dict.); (would have been named Maurits, but was not baptized); Lucas Coevert, Anna Webbers, huysvr. Van Jacques Fonteyn
- 22 Jan; Isaacq Gray, Susanna Simons; Samuel; Justus & Cornelia Bosch
- 26 Jan; Leendert de Cleyn, Magdalena Wolsen; Magdalena; Thomas Liewens, Catharina Klock, h.v. (wife of) Jac. Bosch
- 29 Jan; Pieter Adolfzen, Jannetje V. Borsum; Pieter; Timon Van Borsum, Margriet Van Borsum, huyvsr. van Cornelis Low
-  2 Feb; Albert Clock, Tryntje Van der Heul; Johannes; Johannes Van der Heul, Catharina Klock ut supra
-  2 Feb; Willem Teller, Rachel Kierstede; Margariet; Jacob Teller, Catharina Kierstede, h.v. Joh. Kip
-  2 Feb; Thomas Martyn, Margariet Bant; Willem; Johannes & Judith Bant
-  5 Feb; Engelbert Loth, Cornelia de LaNoy; Geertruydt; Pieter de LaNoy, Cornelia Tol, h.v. Abr. de LaNoy
-  5 Feb; Theunis Tibout, Maria Van de Water; Johannes; Johannes Tibout, Adriaentje Van de Water
-  5 Feb; Michiel Basset, Helena Joris; Johannes; Johannes Hardenbroeck, Hester Glee
- 12 Feb; Marten Adriaenszen, Sara Rems; Rem; Abraham Remszen, Jannetje Rappalje
- 12 Feb; Jacob Van Noortstrant, Annetje Croesvelt; Annetje; Pieter Jacobszen, Elisabeth Van Gelder, huysvr. Van Andries Marschalck
- 12 Feb; Jean du Four, Jannetje Jans; Theunis; Theunis Corneliszen, Margariet Obee
- 12 Feb; Aaron Van Noortstrant, Aeltje Van Steenwyck; Albert; Albert Van Steenwyck, Annetje Croesvelt
- 12 Feb; Benjamin Hegemans, Barentje Jans; Catharina; Henricus Hegemans, Annetje Jans
- 16 Feb; Wessel Evertszen, Susanna V. Thienhoven; Lucas; Laurens Wesselszen, Tryntje Bording, h.v. Lucas V. Thienhoven
- 16 Feb; Johannes Van der Spiegel, Marrithe Luersen; Sara; Jacobus Van der Spiegel, Anna Luersen
- 16 Feb; Reynier Quackenbosch, Claesje Jacobs; Marritje; Hendrick Van Schayck, Marritje Kyckuyt
- 16 Feb; Johannes Hardenbroeck, Sara Van Laer; Adolphus; Abraham & Cathrina Van Laer
- 19 Feb; Andries Marschalck, Elisabeth Van Gelder; Pieter; Hermannus Van Gelder, Aefje Roos, h.v. Van Johannes Van Gelder
- 19 Feb; Leendert Liewens, Elisabeth Hardenberg; Sara; Johannes & Sara Hardenberg
- 23 Feb; Andries Tompson, Maria Breedstede; Jan; Hendrick ten Broeck, Marritje Breedstede
- 23 Feb; Cornelis Louw, Margariet V. Borsum; Tymen; Thymen Van Borsum & his wife, Grietje Fockens
- 23 Feb; Capt. Anth. Brochold, Susanna Schrick; Susanna; Coln(l) Nicolaes Bayard, Susanna Lauwrens, h.v. Johan V. Brug
- 28 Feb; Jacobus Kierstede, Anna Hoorns; Sara; Gerrit Stoothoft, Tryntje Roelofs, h.v. Johan V. Brug
-  1 Mar; Simon Breedstede, Jannetje Van Laer; Catharina; Johannes Hardenbroeck, Catharina Van Laer
-  1 Mar; Cornelis Claeszen, Susanna Ouderkerck; Johannes; Willem Gysbertszen, Marritje Pieters
-  4 Mar; Gabriel Tompson, Jannetje Dircx; Neeltje; Claes Andrieszen, Neeltje Dircx, h.v. Jan Van der Linden
-  8 Mar; Jacob Van Couwenhoven, Anna Rems; Johannes; Samuel Gerritszen, Elisabeth V. Couwenhoven, h.v. Abr. Mesier
-  8 Mar; Willem Gysbertszen, Catharina Wynants; Gerrit; Gerrit Wynantszen, Anna Maria Van Schayck, h.v. Joh. Cortlt.
- 11 Mar; Josaias Dreads, Aeltje Brouwer; Cornelis; Barent Van Tilburg, Johanna Van Swanen
- 15 Mar; Matthys de Haerdt, Jannetje Maurits; Jacob; Jacob Mautitszen & his wife, Margareta Van der Grist
- 15 Mar; Cornelis Joosten, Catharina de Haerdt; Cornelis; Isaacq Vredenburg & his wife, Jannetje Joosten
- 18 Mar; Josua Andrieszen, Engeltje Opdyck; Josua; Abraham Abrahamszen, Jacquemyntie Vile
- 22 Mar; Dirck Slyck, Hendrickje Hendricx; Baertie; Jan Willemszen and his wife
- 22 Mar; Clement Elswaert, Anna Maria Engelbert; Johannes; Frans Goderus, Petronella Rommen, h.v. Wm. Elswart
- 22 Mar; Johannes Waldron, Annetje Dalson; Cornelia; Theunis Dalson, Catharina Dalson
- 22 Mar; Jacobus Berry, Elisabeth Lucas; Samuel; Jacob Van Zanen & his wife, Jannetje Lucas
- 27 Mar; Jan Fini, Sara Hardenburg; Neeltje; Leendert Leurszen, Anna Cuylers
- 27 Mar; Isaacq Selover, Janneken V. Wilckenhof; Jacquemyntie; Evert Van Hoeck, Maria Kip, h.v. Dirck Hooglant
- 29 Mar; Joseph Smith, Margariet Jans; Johannes; Benjamin Narrut, Metje Cray, h.v. Jan Corszen
- 29 Mar; Willem Nazareth, Helena Brouwers; Helena; Adam Adamszen; Rachel Brouwers
-  1 Apr; Anthony Wanshaer, Marritje Harperts; Abraham; Jan & Jacquemyntie Wanshaer
-  5 Apr; Gerrit Cozynszen, Belitje Quick; Cornelis; Joost Lyster, Vrouwtje Haring, h.v. Theunis Quick
-  5 Apr; Thomas Winne, Theuntje Goes; Rachel; Mr. Samuel Staets, Annetje Barents, h.v. Jochem Staets
-  5 Apr; Jacob Koning, Grietje Pieters; Arie; Harmen Koning, Elisabeth Dame
-  8 Apr; Enoch Andrieszen, Tryntie Opdyck; Jochem; Josua Andries, met de moeder
- 12 Apr; Pieter Jacobszen, Rebecca Jans; Jacob; Jacobus Goeleth, Hendrickje Wessels, h.v. Jacobus Kip
- 19 Apr; Gerard Hollaerdt, Susanna Thomas; Mayken; Frans Van der Koeck & his wife, Lafyntie
- 22 Apr; Cornelis Janszen, Annetje Storms; Johannes; Arent Fredricxen & his wife, Hester Nathaniels
- 26 Apr; Leendert de Grau, Geertie Quick; Jacob; Gerrit de Grau, Marritje Martens, h.v. Paulus Turck Jr.
- 26 Apr; Jacque Fonteyn, Anna Webbers; Johannes; Fredrick Symonszen, Annetje Fonteyn, h.v. Maurits Coevert
- 26 Apr; Willem Heyer, Catalina Mol; Wouter; Abraham Mol, Tryntie Heyers
- 26 Apr; Andries Grevenraedt, Anna Van Brug; Henricus; Johannes Van Brug Jr., Sara Sanders, h.v. Geur. Grevenraedt
- 26 Apr; Capt. Johannis Kip, Catharina Kierstede; Blandina; Abraham Kip, Rachel Kierstede, h. v. Willem Teller
- 29 Apr; Joris Hom, Annetje Coljers; Magdalena; Maurits Coevert, Cornelia Coljers, h.v. Abr. Brouwer
- 29 Apr; Jan Muserol, Maria Muserol; Jannetje; Jan Hanszen, Jannetje
- 10 May; Abraham Janszen, Sara Eckes; Jan; Jan Eckens Sr. & his wife, Apollonia Swits
- 10 May; Hermanus Van Gelder, Theuntje Theunis; Anneken; Johannes & Hester Van Gelder
- 13 May; Matthys Boffu, Catharina Berroa; Anthony; Jouriaen Bosch, Ariaentie Appel, h.v. Hendr. Coch
- 17 May; Laurens Matthyszen, Jannetje Hendrics; Jacobus Van Cortlandt, Catalina Van Cortlandt, h.v. Frederick Philipszen
- 17 May; Isaacq Stoutenburg, Neeltje Uyttenbogaert; Isaacq; Tobias Stoutenburg, Wyntie Stoutenburg, h.v. Evert Byvanck
- 21 May; Dirck Middag, Catalina Van Nest; Judith; Joris Van Nest, Neeltje Hendr. h .v. Jeronym V. Nest
- 21 May; Jeronymus V. Nest, Neeltje Hendricx; Hendrick; Pieter Van Nest & his wife, Judith Rappelje
- 24 May; Meyndert Harmens, Helena Schermerhoorn; Catharina; Warner Wessels & his wife, Elisabeth Cornelis
- 24 May; Joris Hanszen, Sara Stryckers; Brechtie; Jan & Agnietie Berry
- 24 May; Willem Hendrickxen, Magdalena Brouwers; Marritie; Matthys Brouwers & his wife, Marritie
- 24 May; Jan Rycken, Sara Schouten; Helena; Joris Martenszen, Helena Schouten
- 27 May; Jacob Teroulde, Sara Douwe; Dorothee; Capt. Gerard Douwe, Dorothee V. Aertsbergen, h.v. Jan Papin
-  5 Jun; Willem Pearson, Grietie Kiersen; Hendrick; Hendrick Kiersen, Jannetje Van Feurden, h.v. Gerrit Filen
-  7 Jun; Tobias V. Stoutenburg, Anna V. Rollegom; Jacobus; Jacobus Van Rollegom, Jannetie V. Feurden, h. v. Evert Byvanck
-  7 Jun; Jeronymus V. Bomnel, Susanna Mol; Catharina; Willem Heyer, Maria Sunkan
- 10 Jun; Willem Parcel, Maria Pieters; Nicolaes, Yti; Jacob Phaenix and Maria Pieters, moeder van de kinderen
- 10 Jun; Jan Parcel, Maria Pernam; Maria. NB, dit kint is ongedoopt; Pieter King and Maria, his wife
- 14 Jun; Hendrick Cordus, Isabel Gent; Philipus & Maria; Jacobus, Catharina, Henricus, and Maria Kip
- 14 Jun; Laurens Thomassen, Catharina Lieuwens; Rachel; Johannes Beeckman, Elisabeth Hardenb. h.v. Leendert Lieuwens
- 14 Jun; Samuel Ver Plancken, Ariaentie Bayards; Anna; Col. Nic. Bayard, Anna Verleth, Margrietie Schuyler, h.v. Jac. Ver Plancken
- 17 Jun; Samuel Brouwer, Grietje Hendricx; Hendrick; Laurens Van Hoeck, Elsje Hendricx
- 24 Jun; Andries Layen, Cornelia Layen; Robbert; Nathaniel Masel, Catharina Sims
- 24 Jun; Thoman Kilman, Anna Kilman; Jan; Johannes Borger, Francina Stultheer, Wed: V. Jan Wesselszen
- 28 Jun; Dirck de Groeft, Ariaentie Kierstede; Maryken; Pieter de Groeft, en Aefje Wed. Van Adolf de Groeft
-  1 Jul; Tobias ten Eyck, Elisabeth Hegemans; Jacob; Hendrick ten Eyck, Maria ten Eyck
-  1 Jul; Coln. Stephanus Van Cortlant, Geertruyd Schuyler; Catharina; Johannes Van Cortlant, Margareta Van Cortlant, huysvr, van Samuel Bayard
-  1 Jul; Willem Rosenbloom, Beatrix Colenvelt; Sara; Johannes Van Vorst, Sara Colenvelt, Wed. V. Laurens Colenvelt
-  1 Jul; John Danginson, Elisabeth Rodenburg; Maria; Johannes Van Brug, Andries Grevenraedt & his wife, Anna Van Brug
-  5 Jul; Abraham de Voe, Weyne Jurcx; Wyntie; Johannes Jurcxen, Grietje Dircx
-  5 Jul; Dirck Benson, Thysje Claes; Dirck; Sampson Benson & his wife, Tryntie Matthacus
-  5 Jul; Joris Harrit, Willemtje Jans; Annetje; Hendrick Janszen, Grietje Dircx
-  8 Jul; Hendrick Kiersen, Metje Michiels; Hendrick; Isaacq de LaMontagne, Gelante de LaMontagne, h.v. Bastiaen Michielszen
-  8 Jul; Willem Yackson, Anna Wessels; Mayery; Hendrickje Wessels, wife of Jacobus Kip
- 15 Jul; Paulus Van der Beeck, Jannetje Jans; Conradus; Conradus Van der Beeck & his wife, Elsje Jans
- 25 Jul; Jacobus Goulet, Jannetje Coussaert; Raphael; David Coussaert, Margareta Cloppers, h.v. Olphaert Sourt
- 25 Jul; Daniel Duvoort, Engeltje Cornelis; Cornelis; Johannes & Annetje Cornelis
- 29 Jul; Abraham Mesuur, Elisabeth V. Couwenhoven; Johannes; Francois Van Couwenhoven, Jannetje Mesuur, h.v. Gysbert Van Imsburg
- 29 Jul; Jochem Staets, Annetje Barents; Reynier; Baret Reyndertszen, Jannetje Barentje, h.v. Samuel Staets
- 29 Jul; Joris Martenszen, Anna Schouten; Marritje; Reyer Martenszen, Marritje Martens, h.v. Paulus Turck Jr.
- 29 Jul; Wolfert Ecke, Marritie Sibouts; Marritje; Tibout Hercxen & his wife, Marritje Abrahams
- 29 Jul; Joost Lynszen, Elisabeth Nathaniels; Abraham; Arent de Drayer & his wife, Hester Nathaniels
-  5 Aug; Andries Holst, Cornelia V. Tienhoven; Catharina; Lucas Van Tienhoven & his wife, Tryntje Bordings
-  9 Aug; Gerbrant Claeszen, Marritje Claes; Gerbrant; Isaac de Riemer & his wife, Aeltje Wessels
- 19 Aug; Jacob Van Giesen, Ruthje Pluvier; Anna Maria; Cornelis Pluvier, Dirckje Barents
- 26 Aug; Elias Andrieszen, Marritje Boeckhout; Andries, Pieter, & Jannetje; Pieter & Aeltie Boeckholt, Johan Coevers & his wife, Jannetie, Tryntie Boeckholt
- 26 Aug; Col. Abr. de Peyster, Catharina de Peyster; Abraham; Cornelis de Peyster, John Yackson, Johanna Banckers, h.v. Joh. de Peyster
-  2 Sept; Pieter Wesselszen, Annetie Oosterhaven; Henricus; Pieter Jacobszen Marius, Eytie Laurens
-  2 Sept; Pieter Lucasz. -Neger, Maria Jans; Clara; Jacobus & Maria Salomons-Christen Negers
-  6 Sept; Sect. Matt. Clearcz., Catharina V. Schayck; Levinus; Johannes Van Cortlant, Anna Van Schayck
-  6 Sept; Benjamin Provoost, Elsje Alberts; Cornelia; Jacob Koddenbeck, Cath. Van der Veen, h.v. Jonath. Provoost
- 13 Sept; Albert Van der Water, Petronella Cloppers; Hendrick; Cornelis Cloppers, Margareta Hagen, Wed. Van Hendrick Kuylder
- 16 Sept; Joh. Groenedyck, Debora Kuylders; Maria; Abraham de LaNoy, Anna Schespsmoes, Wed. Van Hendrick Kuylder
- 16 Sept; Jan Labathee, Margar Vinckhout; Jacob; Theunis Idenszen, Maria Theunis, h.v. Jeuriaen Vinckhout
- 20 Sept; Jacobus Van Duersen, Aeltje Gysberts; Mattheus; Isaacq Stoutenburg, Tryntie Kessings
- 23 Sept; Rodger Blameles, Maria Karseboom; Rodger; Jacob Kip & his wife, Hendrickje Wessels
- 30 Sept; Thymen Van Dyck, Hester Pluvier; Cornelis; Claes Van Dyck, Elisabeth Pluvier, h.v. Jan Eewouts
-  4 Oct; Pieter J. Langedyck, Geertje Cornelia; Claes; Benjamin Wynkoop, Geertie Jans
-  4 Oct; Isaacq de LaMontagne, Hester Vanvorst; Sara; Abraham de LaMontagne, Annetje Hercx, h.v. Joh. Van Vorst
-  4 Oct; Abraham Kateltas, Anna Courten; Aeltje; Johannes Van Giesen & his wife, Aeltje Schepmoes
-  4 Oct; Isaacq Vrendenburg, Jannetje Joosten; Willem; Johannes Joosten, Annetje Montagne
-  4 Oct; Thomas Sanders, Aeltje Santvoort; Robbert; Abraham Santvoort, Elsje Barents, h.v. Robbert Sanders
-  4 Oct; Johannes Hardenberg, Hillegond Meyers; Catharina; Gerrit Hardenberg, Vrouwtie Van Vorst, h.v. Andries Meyer
- 11 Oct; Gerrit Wouterszen, Magdalena Provoost; Benjamin; Willem Provoost, Maria Hybon, h.v. Jillis Provoost
- 11 Oct; Wessel Pieterszen, Jacomyntie Van Couwenhoven; Johannes; Francois Van Couwenhoven, Elisabeth Van Couwenhoven, h.v. Abraham Mesuur
- 14 Oct; Joh. Van der Grist, Neeltje Volckerts; Jacob; Philip Volckertszen, Jannetje Van Tricht
- 18 Oct; Alexander Lam, Elisabeth Konings; Maria; Simon Claeszen, Maria Konings
- 18 Oct; Pieter Witt. Romen, Hester Van Gelder; Ariaentje; Andries Marschalck, Cornelia Van Gelder
- 18 Oct; Willem Bogaert, Hillegond Joris; Marritje; David Coessart, Maria Andriessen, h.v. Jan Andriessen
- 21 Oct; Jan Danielszen, Jannetje Paulus; Daniel; Johannes Pauluszen & his wife, Lysbeth Van de Water
- 25 Oct; John Sprat, Maria de Peyster; Catharina; Cornelis de Peyster, Catharina de Peyster, h.v. Coln. Ab. de Peyster
- 28 Oct; Deliverance Canckten, Engeltje Boeckhout; Helena; Matthys Boeckhout & his wife, Magdalena Rutgers
-  1 Nov; Martinus Lamberits, Catharina Van Niewenhuysen; Martinus; Martinus Lamberits Sr., Anna Maurits, h.v. Johannes Provoost
-  8 Nov; Cornelis Ebelsz., Marritje Vlierboom; Matthys; Servaes Vlierboom, Marritje Jacobs
-  8 Nov; Cornelis Gysbertszen, Cornelia Wynants; Gosen; Johannes Van Zanen, Margareta Van Schayck
-  8 Nov; Vincent Montagne, Ariaentie Eckens; Jesse; Jacobus Kip, Elisabeth Eckens
- 11 Nov; Jan Van Hoorn, Catharina Meyers; Anna Maria; Gerrit Onckelbagh, Anna Maria Van Hoorn
- 15 Nov; Helmich Roelofszen, Jannetie Pieters; Johannes; Wandel Diedericx & his wife, Aeltje Gerrits
- 18 Nov; Thomas Franszen, Tryntje Breedstede; Jacob; Johannes Hybon, Elsje ten Broeck
- 22 Nov; Willem Pell, Elisabeth Van Thuyl; Geertruydt; Cornelis Van der Wel, Grietie Van Thuyl
- 25 Nov; Joseph Horton, Sophia Jans; Jannetje; Thomas Robbertszen & his wife, Hanna
- 25 Nov; Isaacq LaMetre, Cornelia Everts; Rebecca; Jeronymus Berhyet, Rebecca Everts
- 29 Nov; John Croocke, Geertruydt DeHaes; Charles; Col. Charles Lodewyck, Anneken Everts, h.v. van Samuel Meynderts
- 29 Nov; Evert Bres, Metje Hardenbroeck; Annetje; Laurens Wesselszen & his wife, Aeltje Jans
-  4 Dec; Marten Beeckman, Neeltje Slingerlant; Anna; Harmen Rutgerszen & his wife, Tryntie de Hoges
-  4 Dec; Gerrit V. Hoorn, Elsje Provoost; Anna Maria; Abraham Zantvoort, Tryntie Jans wife of David Provoost
-  4 Dec; Jacobus de Key, Sara Willeth; Thomas; Capt. Theunis de Key, Helena Willeth
-  6 Dec; Benjamin Narwood, Cornelia V. Cleeft; Dirck; Jacobus Van Cortlant, Elisabeth Van Cleeft
-  6 Dec; Philip Menturn, Hillegond Webbers; Philip; Wolfert Webber & his wife, Geertje Hasing
-  6 Dec; Marcelia Pietersz., Pietertje V. Vorst; Catharina; Gerrit Gerritszen Jr., Annetje Cornelis
-  6 Dec; Matheus Cornelisz., Catharina Paulus; Gerrit; Aelt Jeuriaenszen, Belitje Dircx
-  6 Dec; Josep Waldron, Anna Woodard; Sara; Isaacq Andrieszen, Sara Rutgers, h.v. Daniel Waldron
- 13 Dec; Jacob V. Tilburg, Grietie Kermer; Catharina; Barent Van Tilburg, Catharina Sims
- 13 Dec; Samuel Bayard, Margar V. Cortlant; Judith; Coln. Nicolaes Bayard & his wife, Judith Verleth, Geertruyd Schuyler, h.v. Col. Stephanus Van Cortlant
- 16 Dec; Jesse Kip, Maria Stephens; Maria, Johannes Kip, Maria Kip, Wed.Van Jacob Kip
- 16 Dec; Moses Gilbert, Jannetje Fluyt; Elisabeth; Arent Hermanszen, Elisabeth Lubberts, wife of Joris Burgers
- 16 Dec; Johannes Abeel, Catalina Schuyler; Christoffel; Brant Schuyler-Capt., Magdalena Abeel, wife of Gerardus Beeckman
- 16 Dec; Frans Goderus, Rebecca Ennes; Joost; Thomas Lievens, Anna Van Stryen
- 20 Dec; Evert Karsenboom, Bekyntrie Diens; David; Enoch Hill, Maria Obee
- 20 Dec; Jacobus DeWadron, Anna Gansevoort; Maria; Marten Beeckman, Anna Millers
- 20 Dec; Jan Douw, Catharina Appels; Maria; Capt. Johannes Peyster & his wife, Anna Banckers
- 20 Dec; Johannes v. Gelder, Aefje Roos; Maria; Abraham & Cornelia Van Gelder
- 25 Dec; Laurens Van Hoeck, Johanna Smith; Gerritje; Evert Van Hoeck, Annetje Smith
- 25 Dec; Heyman Koningk, Marritje Andries; Isaacq; Adam Koninck, Grietje Pieters, wife of Jacob Koningk

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