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Death Finds a Way: A Janie Riley Mystery
by Lorine McGinnis Schulze

Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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New Amsterdam & New York Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms 1724

In memory of Ted Brassard
1930 ~ 2001

& published on Olive Tree Genealogy with his widow's permission

This is one of a series of transcribed records for baptisms at the Reformed Dutch Church of New Amsterdam (New York City) in New Netherland (New York). The baptisms are laid out in order as follows: The date of the baptism; the parents; the child; and the witnesses. Note the separation of each item by semicolons. There is no spacing between baptisms and the wrap text is confined to 80 characters. Anything within parenthesis are my own comments


- 5 Jan; John Persel, Elizabeth Brouwer; Maria; Roberd & Idie Cok
- 8 Jan; John Lake, Catharina Bensen; Harmanus; Harman & Aeltje Bensen
- 8 Jan; Pieter Post, Catharina Beekman; Johannes; John & Rachel Woodside
- 15 Jan; Richard Van Dam, Cornelia Beekman; Magdalena; Rip Van Dam, Magdalena Beekman
- 15 Jan; Jacob Bratt, Aefje Wessels; Aefje; Evert Brat, Susanna Romme
- 15 Jan; Jacobus de Lamontanje, Ariaantje Dufooir; Marytje; Arie Boogert and wife Maria
- 15 Jan; Cornelus Turk, Elizabeth Van Schaik; Hendrik; Hendrik Bogert, Jannetje Pels
- 19 Jan; Jacob Phenix, Elizabeth Beek; Anna; Alexander Fenix, Maria Pell
- 22 Jan; Gerret Keteltas, Catharina Van Dyk; Margreta; James Henderson & wife Tysje
- 22 Jan; Reyer Hanse, Margrietje Dufooir; Davidt; Jacob Jones, Elizabeth Dufooir--J. dogter
- 22 Jan; Anthony Ham, Elizabeth Myer; Pieter; Pieter Myer, Maria Van Buyren
- 29 Jan; Jacob Verdon, Marretje Vliereboom; Geertruy; Servaas & Geertruy Vliereboom, Elsje Basier
- 29 Jan; Andries Coeyeman, Geertruy Staats; Samuel Staats; Pieter Coeyemans, Catharian Staats
- 29 Jan; Samuel Francis, Marytje Myer; Jesaias; Jesaias & Dina Vallieau
-  2 Feb; Johan Dysmith, Anna Mary Anthony; Johannes; Harmanus Symons, Johan Willem Kok, Regenier Rudigh
-  2 Feb; William Smith, Catharina Herres; William; John Herres, Anna Paretree
-  5 Feb; Frederik Willemse, Marytje Waldron; Joseph; Edward Man, Sara Burger
-  5 Feb; Allard Anthony, Anna Lauwerier; Marretje; Nicolaus Anthony & wife Rebecka
-  5 Feb; Anthony Lippenaar, Elizabeth de Kleyn; Elizabeth; Counraat ten Yk Tob z., Leonard de Kleyn, Sara ten Yk
-  9 Feb; Willem Van de Water, Aefje Ringo; Cornelus; Pieter Brestede & wife Margreta
-  9 Feb; Jacobus Rosevelt, Catharina Hardenbroek; Christoffel; Jan Rosevelt & wife Heyltje
- 12 Feb; Anthony Lefong, Maria Penow; Judith; John Smith, Aeltje Bensen
- 21 Feb; Olevier Teller, Cornelia de Peyster; Andries; Cornelus de Peyster, Catharina Teller
- 23 Feb; Davidt Manderiel, Jannetje Woertendyk; Maria; Johannes Van Norden, Ariaantje Webbers
- 26 Feb; Nathaniel Useldun, Imme Miller; Andries; Harmanus Simonis, Johanna Dysmith, Anna Maria Jager
- 26 Feb; Johannes Van Gelder Ab. z., W. Maria Coning; Johannes; Abraham Van Gelder, Marretje Coning
- 26 Feb; Jan Brestede, Anna Maria Elsworth; Sara; Jan Hibon, Helena Brestede
-  1 Mar; Cornelus Flamen, Aeltje Garbrants; Elizabeth; Jacob Ten Eyck & wife Neeltje
-  4 Mar; Johannes Lesser, Eva Binder; Johannes; Matheus Binder, Magdalena Lesser
-  4 Mar; Philip Schuyler, Sara Felleman; Alida; Cornelus & Catharina Felleman
-  4 Mar; Ide Myer, Anna Ravesteyn; Catharina; Gerret Ravesteyn, Jaquemyntje Kermer
-  4 Mar; Thomas Cousyn, Antje Brouwer; Daniel; an Buys, Elizabeth Buys
-  4 Mar; Hendrik van Leew, Maria Brouwer; Hendrik; Jurian Brouwer, Helena Brouwer wife of Jan Blok
- 11 Mar; Willem Provoost, Aegje Exveen; Anneke; Hendrikus Van der Spiegel, Maria Van Hoorn
- 11 Mar; William Smith, Geertruy Van der Spiegel; Marretje; William Smith Sr., Marretje Van der Spiegel
- 11 Mar; Jan Hibon, Annetje Stymets; Helena; Casparus & Helena Stymets
- 18 Mar; Benjamin James, Aeltje a Brakel; Benjamin; Johannes de Foreest, Aeltje Van Norden
- 18 Mar; Jacob Samman, Catlyntje Bensen; Dirk; Benjamin Herring, Hendrikje Brevoort
- 18 Mar; Anthony de Mill, Marytje Provoost; Johannes; Petrus de Mill, Judith Van Seysen
- 18 Mar; Samuel Johnson, Marytje Van Pelt; Thomas; Jacob Van Pelt, Diana Smith
- 22 Mar; Nicolaas Somerendyk, Grietje Heermans; Elsje; Jacob Somerendyk, Annatje Van Vegten
- 22 Mar; Abraham Coningk, Susanna de Foreest; Maria; Adam Coningk, Tietje Van Pelt
- 25 Mar; Jacobus Wesselse, Catharina Pieters; Annatje; Hendrik Wilse & wife Annatje
- 29 Mar; Reynier Burger, Dina Van Gelder; Catharina; Johannes Van Gelder Har: z., Catharina Maas
-  1 Apr; Michiel Cornelusse, Elizabeth Dufooir; Jannetje; Willem Dufooir, Elizabeth Smith
-  5 Apr; Jacobus Rykman, Geertje Ariaanse; Johannes; Johannes Rykman, Cornilia Rykman
- 12 Apr; Johannes Vredenburg, Sara Waldrom; Annatje; Willem Vredenburg, Antje Waldrom
- 12 Apr; John Tilyou, Maria Van Gelder; Elizabeth; Johannes Van Gelder Joh:z., Elizabeth Tilyou
- 12 Apr; Alexander Phenix, Elizabeth Burger; Johannes; Andrew Jerow & wife Anneke
- 13 Apr; Otto Tjerks obyt, Marytje Ryke; Otto; Pieter Brestede, Baafje Van de Water
- 19 Apr; Jan Hyer, Margrietje Boele; Sara; Joost Lynse, Sara Hyer
- 19 Apr; Johannes Blank, Rachel Andriesse; Marretje; Casparus Blank, Marytje Ten Broek
- 26 Apr; Jan Broeka, Sara Middelwaards; Isaac; Isaac Broeka & wife Hilletje
- 26 Apr; Burger Sippe, Maria Hibon; Maria; Pieter Hibon & wife Maria
- 26 Apr; Davidt Provoost Jonat. z., Christina Praa; Maria; Johannes Mesroll, Catharina Bensen
- 29 Apr; William Glover, Margrietje Blom; Arent; Daniel Blom, Hester Blom Jr.
-  3 May; Harme Van Hoesen, Geesje Heermans; Marytje; Jilles & Rachel Mandeviel
-  3 May; Johannes Schoulbagh, Anna Maria Courtselius; Margreta; Johan Willem Grollins, Margreta Bloem
-  3 May; Gidion Castang, Tryntje Cokever; Gidion; Jacob & Anna Elizabeth Quackenbos
- 24 May; Isaac Bradejor, Jannetje Dufooir; Elizabeth; Johannes & Elizabeth Dufooir
- 25 May; Johannes Van der Heul, Jannetje Rosevelt; Helena; Jan Rosevelt, Maria de Mill
- 25 May; Thomas Jeffres, Cornelia Van Varik; Annatje; Abraham Van Varik, Cornelia Van Dyk
- 31 May; Jan Willix, Margreta Dow; Annatje; Samuel Berrie, Engeltje Appel
-  3 Jun; Johannes Vrooman, Marytje Appel; Johannes; Willem & Reymerig Appel
-  3 Jun; Tys Van de Ryp, Marytje Mortier; Johannes; Cornelus Van Tienhoven, Rachel Barheyt
- 14 Jun; Willem Snoek, Anna Katryn Follepertyn; Catharina; Johannes Snoek, Catharina Follepertyn
- 14 Jun; Johannes Vredenburg, Jannetje Woedard; Isaac; Anthony de Mill, Judith Van Seysen
- 17 Jun; John Smith, Barentje Helling; Samuel; Isaac Van Dam, Geertruy Burger
- 17 Jun; Isaac de Riemer, Antje Woertman; Abraham; Isaac Gouverneur, Margreta Coerte
- 17 Jun; Cornelus Van Hoorn Gert. z., Johanna Leverton; Alida; Robberd Leverton Sr., Elsje Van Hoorn
- 21 Jun; Cornelus Klopper, Catharina Grevenraadt; Anna; Abraham Gouverneur, Maria Richard
- 24 Jun; Johannes Myer Pietr. zoon, Elizabeth Pell; Pieter; Pieter Myer, Cornelia Lanslert
- 24 Jun; Gerrardus Stuyvezant, Judith Beyard; Petrus; Adolph Philipz, Ariaantje Wormstaal
-  8 Jul; Petrus Montanje, Jannetje Dyer; Maria; Vincent Montanje, Maria Dyer
- 22 Jul; Wessel Wessels Louwrens zoon, Rachel Van Imburg; Wessel; Johannes Wessels, Geertje Myer
- 26 Jul; Harmanus Stymets, Elsje Heermans; Catharina; Pieter Post & wife Catharina
- 29 Jul; Jacob Goelet, Catharine Boele; Jacobus; Jacobus Goelet, Catharina wife of Isaac Boele
- 29 Jul; Christophel Banker, Elizabeth Hooglant; Adriaan; Adriaan Banker, Beletje Renaudett
- 29 Jul; Francis Childe, Cornelia Fiele; Francis; Abrahama Abramse & wife Jaquemyntje
- 29 Jul; Teryntje Tiebouwt; Johannes; Cornelius Tiebouwt, Abraham de Lanoy, Elizabeth Chavelier
- 29 Jul; Davidt Marinus, Susanna Van Vliet; Davidt; Louwerens Van der Spiegel, Anthony & Jannetje Liewis
- 29 Jul; Wynant Van Zant, Catharina ten Eyk; Elizabeth; Gerret & Elsje Van Hoorn
-  5 Aug; Hendrikus Boele, Jannetje Waldrom; Hendrikus; Johannes Vredenburg Ab. zoon, Catharina wife of Isaac Boele
-  9 Aug; Jan Krommer, Helena Matyse; Styntje; Isaac Krommer, Maria Dee
-  9 Aug; Adolph Myer, Catharina Haring; Maria; Isaac & Maria Myer
-  9 Aug; Johannes Rosevelt, Heyltje Sjoerts; Jacobus; Petrus Louw, Pieternella Van de Water
- 23 Aug; Abraham Van Wyk, Catharina Provoost; David; David Provoost Sr. & wife Johanna
- 23 Aug; Ahasuerus Turk, Hillegond Kuyper; Cornelus; Cornelus Klase Kuyper & wife Aeltje
- 23 Aug; Johannes Schuyler Jr., Cornelia Van Cortlandt; Geertruyd; Johannes Schuyler Sr., Margreta Bayard
- 23 Aug; Jacob Van Deursen, Helena Van Deursen; Abraham; Abraham Van Deursen & wife Annatje
- 23 Aug; Johannes Symesen, Zuster Korsen; Jenneke; Cornelus Van Hoek, Jenneke Danielse
- 28 Aug; Frederik Philipz, Johanna Brokholst; Philippus; Philip French, Maria Brokholst
- 30 Aug; Johannes Van Norst, Elizabeth Barkels; Johannes; Theophilus Pels & wife Elizabeth
- 30 Aug; Ahasuerus Elsworth, Marytje Van Gelder; Marytje; Johannes Van Gelder-Ab. z., Lara Elsworth
-  2 Sept; Carste Burger, Sara Waldrom; Harmanus; Fredrik Willemse & wife Marytje
-  2 Sept; Hendrikus Brestede, Geertje Wessels; Andries; Frans & Catharina Wessels
-  2 Sept; Isaac Somerendyk, Sara Van Norden; Theunis; Theunis & Antje Somerendyk
-  2 Sept; Aernout Romme, Susanna Bratt; Johannes; Johannes Romme & wife Bregje
-  2 Sept; Abraham de Lanoy, Jannetje Rome; Willem; Evert Duykingk, Catharina Van Vlecq
- 13 Sept; Luykas Bradjor, Judith Gassire; Abraham; Allard Anthony, Elizabeth Bradjor
- 13 Sept; Anthony Rutgers, Cornelia Roos; Aletta; Petrus Rutgers & wife Helena
- 20 Sept; Theunis Van Gelder, Jannetje Bratt; Aefje; Jacob Bratt, Teuntje Van Gelder
- 20 Sept; Johan Peter Stouver, Catharina Monkelbogh; Evakhet; Caka Hendrich Willem
- 20 Sept; Abraham Van Gelder, Catalina Van der Beek; Johannes; Johannes Van Gelder Sr. & wife Aefje
- 20 Sept; Andries Ten Eyk, Barendina Hardenburg; Maria; Jacob Ten Eyk, Hendrikje Van Norden
- 23 Sept; Gerret Bras, Helena Port; Helena; Adolphus Bras, Marytje Elsworth
- 23 Sept; Huybert Uytden Bogert, Catharina Palding; Joost; Abraham Palding & wife Maria
- 30 Sept; Jacob Pouwelse, Maria Becker; Eva; Casper & Margariet Franse
- 30 Sept; John Horn, Rachel Webbers; Jannetje & Sara; Benjamin Quackenbos, Marret Clase Van Heyninge, Jacob & Aefje Prys
- 30 Sept; Anthony Kip, Cathalina Kip; Isaac; Abraham, Petrus, & Sara Kip
-  7 Oct; James Mackentas, Sara Montanje; Hester; Isaak Montanje, Marytje Fenix
-  7 Oct; Philip Menthorne, Annatje Roll; Philippus; Philippus Menthorne Sr., Hillegond Menthorne
-  7 Oct; Pieter de Groof, Rebecka Goederus; Jenneke; Gerret Schuyler, Aefje de Groof
- 11 Oct; Harme Bussing, Sara Sclover; Abraham; Abraham Roeters & wife Sophia Van der Horst
- 11 Oct; Cornelus Webber, Rachel Peers; Aernout; Benjamin Quackenbos & wife Claasje
- 18 Oct; Frans Waldrom, Catlyntje Van Est; Neeltje; Johannes & Tanneke Bensen
- 18 Oct; Hendrik Pouwelse, Neeltje Van Deurse; Elizabeth; Johannes Pouwelse Sr., Helena Van Deurse
- 21 Oct; Anthony Liewis, Jannetje Marinus; Thomas; Christoffel Duyking, Francyntje Staats
- 21 Oct; Johannes Hooglant, Catharina Goederus; Elizabeth; Pieter de Groof & wife Rachel
- 21 Oct; Jacob Ten Eyk, Neeltje Hardenbergh; Coenraat; Johannes Hardenbergh, Aeltje Vlaming
- 21 Oct; Abraham Leffers, Sara Hooglant; Elizabeth; Jacobus Renaudett & wife Belitje
- 21 Oct; Jacob Dy, Anna Idesse; Hester; Johannes & Hester Dy
- 21 Oct; Jacobus Kierstede, Sara Narbury; Rachel; Jesse Kierstede & wife Jacoba
- 21 Oct; Pieter Loyse, Antje Andries; Lammert; Lammert Andriesse, Lea Lieversen
- 25 Oct; Fredrik Sebring, Maria Provoost; Margreta; Isaac Sebring, Elizabeth de Freest
- 25 Oct; Hendrik Vonk, Catharina Hegeman; Jozeph; Jozeph Hegeman & wife Alida
- 28 Oct; Israel de Sousuae, Geertruy Van Deventer; Susanna; Jan Van Deventer, Maritje Tiebout
- 28 Oct; Johannes Lawerier, Marytje Barnes; Susanna; Barent Cornelusse, Tryntje Langedyk
- 28 Oct; Jacob Quackenbos, Annatje Brouwer; Jacob; Jacob Brouwer, Marretje Hoppe
- 28 Oct; Alxander Thomson, Bata Iselsteyn; Willem; Harme Bensen, Marytje wife of Samson Bensen
-  4 Nov; Hendrik Van de Water, Anna Skilman; Pieternella Cornelus Klopper, Pieternella Bonnet
-  4 Nov; Bourgon Coevers, Annatje Slover; Jannetje; Harman Bussing & wife Lara
- 11 Nov; James Liveston, Maria Kierstede; Roberd; Roberd Liveston Jr., Elizabeth Kierstede
- 11 Nov; Hendrik Kuyler, Maria Jacobs; Johannes; Thielman Cruger, Anna Groenendyk
- 11 Nov; Hendrik Anthony, Eva Fisscher; Aefje; John Basset, Judith Bradejor
- 11 Nov; Jacobus Stoutenburg, Margrietje Teller; Anna; Jacobus Kip, Wyntje Byrank
- 11 Nov; Johannes Van Gelder, Sara Van Deursen; Catharina; Harmanus Van Gelder & wife Teuntje
- 15 Nov; Jacobus Kwik, Sara Roseboom; Jenneke; Jan & Neeltje Kwik
- 18 Nov; Jacobus Jacobze, Maria Swaan; Marytje; Jacob & Helena Swaan
- 18 Nov; Jesse de Lamontanje, Marytje Person; Samuel; Jan & Heyltje Rosevelt
- 18 Nov; Jesse de Foreest, Teuntje Tietsoort; Hendrikus, Barent & Cornelia de Foreest
- 18 Nov; Thomas Windover, Elizabeth Elsworth; Grietje; Theophilus & Hester Elsworth
- 18 Nov; Isaac Van Deursen, Annatje Waldrom; Maria; Gerret de Foreest, Maria Willemse
- 18 Nov; Joost de Mill, Margrietje Willemse; Sara; Jozeph & Christina Howard
- 27 Nov; Elias Elles, Sara Peers; Jan; Johannes Peers, Tanneke wife of Hendr. Peers
- 29 Nov; Jan Maries, Sara Pine; Jan; Gerret Roos & wife Geertje
- 29 Nov; Johannes Low, Sara Provoost; Cornelus; Cornelus & Margrietje Low
- 29 Nov; Hendrik Tiebout, Elizabeth Burger; Marytje; Theunis & Marytje Tiebout
-  2 Dec; Jacob Pitt, Aeltje Abramse Oosterhoorn; Elizabeth; Jacob & Mayke Koning
-  2 Dec; Roberd Crook, Catharina Richard; Geertruy; Pouwelus & Elizabeth Richard
-  2 Dec; Michiel Vaughton, Catharina Dannelson; Susanna; Roberd Walters, Margareta Stevens
-  6 Dec; Joris Walgraaf, Madelena Lesser; Joris; Johannes & Eva Lesser
-  6 Dec; Jan Goelet, Jannetje Cannon; Frans; Raphael Goelet, Hester Cannon
-  9 Dec; James Bossie, Catharina Van Gelder; Jannetje; Davidt Van Gelder & wife Anna Van Gelder Geer
-  9 Dec; Jan Doolhage, Helena Ryke; Femmetje; Denys Doolhage, Elizabeth Tayler
- 13 Dec; Abraham de Peyster, Margreta Van Cortlant; Eva & Catharina; Fredrik & Johanna Van Cortlant, John Hamelton, Catharina Van Cortlant
- 13 Dec; Charles Beekman, Ytje Van Zant; Barent; Francis & Ytje Silvester
- 16 Dec; Hendrikus Bensen, Catharina Van Laar; Gerret; Harme & Aeltje Bensen
- 16 Dec; Thomas Montanje, Rebecka Bryen; Ariaantje; Fincent Montanje Jr., Pieternella Montanje
- 16 Dec; Jeremiah Borres, Cornelia Eckeson; Abigail; Calleb Miller, Aplony Borres
- 20 Dec; Johannes Van Gelder Johz., Neeltje Onkelbagh; Elizabeth; Johannes Van Gelder, Rebecka Onkelbagh
- 20 Dec; Jan Van Aernen, Jenneke Van Deursen; Isaac; Isaac Van Deursen, Aplony Eckeson
- 20 Dec; Christiaan Harman, Sara Trantson; Johannes; Willem Bant & wife Grietje
- 25 Dec; Cornelus Van Hoek, Jenneke Bos; Evert; Isaac Van Hoek, Geesje Van der Schure
- 25 Dec; Thomas Jeffris, Cornelia Van Varik; Johannes; Pieter & Marytje Van Dyk
- 26 Dec; Abraham Boke, Rebecka Peers; Abraham; Elias Elles & wife Sara

New Amsterdam & New York Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms
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This is an ongoing project - please check back frequently to see what new Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms have been uploaded!


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