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Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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Index to Mortgages and Real Estate in the City of New York 1665 to 1675

Contributor: Russel Van Norman
Source: LDS Microfilm 0888335

Translations from the Dutch and copies of the English records of Mortgages and Real Estate in the City of New York from the year 1665 to the year 1675 Prepared under the direction of the Clerk of the Common Council by Order of the Board of Supervisers June 14, 1865. (162 pp with 10 pp index).

Note that the numbers following each entry are the Page No. where full information can be obtained

p166 Mortgagors
  • Aertsen, Albert to David Mathore 10
  • Becker, Jacob to Jaeques Cousseau 17
  • Bartelsen, Jonas to Abram Verplanck,
  • Jan Vinjie & Est. of Rachel Van Thienhaven 101
    • to Jacob Teunisen DeKay 157
  • Bedloo, Isaac to Guards. of Child. of Rachel Van Thienhaven 64
    • to Johannes Van Brugh 94
    • Estate of, to Jacob Teunisen De Kay 147
  • Beeckman, Jochem to Jacob Kip 135
  • Beeckman, Wilhelm to Anna widow of Thomas Hall 83
  • Bosch, Albert to Adolf Pietersen 102
    • to Curators of Estate of Balthazaer DeHaert 116
  • Coers, Barent to Curators of Estate of Grietje Gervits 92
  • Cousseau, Jacques to Frederick Philip 38
    • to Balthazaer De Haert 57
    • to Isaac Greveraet 76
    • to Fredrick Philipsen 79
    • to Balthazaer De Haert 80
    • to Isaac Van Tright 90
    • to Anna Vincent wid of Simon Ffelle 129
  • Croesvelt, Bay to Nicolaes De Meyer 138
  • DeBoogh, Fredrick Hendricksen to Balthazaer De Haert 12
  • & Claes Tyssen to Est. of Thomas Willett 155
  • DeForeest, Sara widow of Isaac to Andries Juriaensen, )
    • Nicolas Jansen Baiker ) 153
p167 Mortgagees
  • Backer, John from Roelof Jansen (of Meppel) 154
  • Baiker, Nicolas Jansen from Sara wid. of Isaac DeForeest 153
  • Bartelsen, Jonas from Henry Taylor 113
  • Bordingh, Claes and wife from Pieter W. Van Couwenhaven 2
  • Claesse, Lybout from Adam Oukelbagh 120
  • Cousseau Jacques from Jacob Becker 17
    • from John Hawkins 34
    • from Carsten Jansen Eggert 91
    • from Fredrich Philipsen 131
  • De Haert, Balthazaer from Fredk Hendn DeBoegh 12
    • from Hendrick Van de Water 16
    • from Huygh Berentsen De Kleyn 21
    • from Jacques Cousseau 57
    • from Jacques Cousseau 80
    • Estate of, from Albert Bosch 116
  • De Haert, Matlys from Gerrit Hendricksen Slaghter 111
  • De Kay, Jacob Teunisen from Jonas Bartelsen 157
  • De Meyer, Nicolaes from Lowries Jans 4
    • from Anthony De Milt 55
    • from Reynier Van der Coele 57
    • from Adriaen Van Laer 67
    • from Claes Van Elslant Sr. 75
    • from Bay Croesvelt 138
  • Drisius, Elizabeth from Stoffel Van Laer 134
  • Ffelle, Anne Vincent wid. of Simon from Jacques Cousseau 129
p 168 Mortgagors
  • De Groot, Jacob Pietersen to Cornelis Van Ruyven 150
  • De Haert, Jacob to Carsten Leursen 140
  • De Honneuv, Guiliam to Olof Stevensen Van Cortlant 132
  • De Kleyn, Huygh Barentsen to Balthazaer De Haert 21
  • De Lavall, Thomas to Dirck Jansen Van Clyff 8
  • De Milt, Anthony to Nicolaes DeMeyer 55
  • De Potter, Elizabett wid of Isaac Bedloo to Gabriel Minvielle 147
  • De Sille, Nicasius to Gerrit Van Tright 51
  • Dopsel George to John Payne 11
  • Ebels, Claertie to Symon Robberts 108
  • Elbertsen, Elbert to David Mathore 19
  • Eggert, Carsten Jansen to Jacques Cousseau 91
  • Fabritius, Jacobus to Oloff Stevensen Van Cortlant 142
  • Francisco, a free Negro, to Asser Levy 145
  • Gerardy, Jan to Govert Looecquerinans 49
  • Glen, Lander Leenderse to Hendrick Van De Water 134
  • Hardenbroeck, Abel to Aldert Koninek 44
  • Hawkins, John to Jacques Cousseau 34
  • Hoffmeyer, William to The Mayor & Aldermen 48
  • Holst, Lourens to Adam Oucquelbagh 122
  • Hooghlant, Christoffel to Philip Pietersen Schuyler 46
  • Jans, Lowries to Nicolaes De Meyer 4
  • Jansen, Nicolaes (baker) to Harmen Wessels 42
p 169 Mortgagees
  • Gabrie, Timotheus from Jan Hendrick Steelman 14
  • Gerrits, Grietje, Estate of from Barent Coers 92
  • Greveraet, Isaac from Jacques Cousseau 76
  • Hall, Anna widow of Thomas from Wilhelm Beeckman 83
  • Heermans, Augustine from John Payne 125
  • Joovis, Burger from Thomas Lewis 45
  • Juriaensen, Andriess from Sara wid of Isaac De Foreest 153
  • Kip, Jacob from Jochem Beeckman 135
  • Koninck, Aldert from Abel Hardenbroeck 44
  • Levy, Asser from Francisco, a free Negro 145
    • from Johannes Van Brugh 94
  • Loocquerinans, Govert from Jan Gerardy 49
  • Luersen, Carston from Jacob De Haert 140
  • Mathore, David from Albert Aertsen 10
    • from Elbert Elbertsen 19
  • Megapolensis, Do. Samuel from Claes Van Elslant Sr. 52
  • Minvielle, Gabriel from Elizabeth De Potter wid of Isaac Bedloo 147
  • Moesman, Jacob Jansen from Dirck Jansen Smith 86
  • Oucklebagh, Adam from Jan Van Gelden 118
    • from Lourens Holst 122
  • Payne, John from George Dopsel 11
  • Philipsen, Frederick from Pieter W. Van Couwenhaven 6
    • from Jacques Cousseau 38
p 170 Mortgagors
  • Jansen, Nicolaes (baker) to Geartje Rutyea wid of Harmen Wessels 71
  • Jansen, Roelof (of Meppel) to John Backer 154
  • Jochenisen, Andries to Syman Jansen Romeyn 24
  • Kaay, Jacob Teunisen to Est. of Claes Van Elslant, Sr. 104
  • Kregier, Martin to Philip Pietersen Schuyler 46
  • Lewis, Thomas to Burger Joovis 45
  • Luessen, Carsten to Reynout Reynoutsen 35
  • Minvielle, Gabriel to Cornelis Van Ruyven 114
  • Obe, Hendrick Hendricksen to Cornelis Steenwyck 88
  • Oucquelbagh, Adam to Lybout Claesse 120
  • Oost, Cornelis Jansen to Ariaen Van Laer 20
  • Orchard, John to Cornelis Steenwyck 59
    • to Cornelis Steenwyck 65
  • Payne, John to Augustine Heermans 125
  • Philipsen, Frederick to Jacques Cousseau 131
  • Rees, Andries to Oloff Stevensen Van Cortland 124
  • Richard, Paulus to Cornelis Steenwyck 31
  • Richbell, John to Cornelis Steenwyck 143
  • Slaghter, Gerrit Hendricksen to Matlys De Haert 111
  • Smedes, Jan to Estate of Rachel van Thienhaven 136
  • Smith, Dirck Jansen to Jacob Jansen Moesman 86
  • Philipsen, Fredrick from Jacques Cousseau 79
    • from Jan Spieglaer 160
  • Pietersen, Adolf from Aebert Bosch 102
  • Renselaer, Jan Babtistesen from Teunis Pietersen Tempel 26
  • Reynoutsen, Reynaut from Carsten Luessen 35
  • Robberts, Symon from Claertie Ebels 108
  • Rombouts, Francois from Pieter W. Van Couwenhaven 28
    • from Warnaer Wessels 32
  • Romeyn, Symon Jansen from Andries Jochenisen 24
  • Rutgers, Geertje wid. of Harm. Wessels
    • from Nicolais Jansen (baker) 71
  • Schuyler, Philip Pietersen from Martin Kregier, Christoffel ) Hooghlant & Gerrit Van Tright) 46
  • Steelman, Jan Hendricksen Estate from Geleyn Verplanck 99
  • Steenwyck, Cornelis from Paulus Richards 31
    • from John Orchard 59
    • from John Orchard 65
    • from Johannes Verveelen 69
    • from Hendrick Hendricksen Obe 88
    • from Fredrich Gysbersen Van den Bergh 97
    • from Jan Wouterse Van den Bos 99
    • from Johannes Verveelen 104
    • from John Richbell 143
  • Steynwitz, Caspar from Dirck Gerritsen Van Tright 15
  • Teller, William from Jan Hendricksen Steelman 61
  • The Deaconry of the City from Jan Van Gelden 151
  • The Mayor & Aldermen of the City
    • from Wm. Abramsen Van Der Borden 29
p 172 Mortgagors
  • Smith, Annetje Gerrits wid of Hend. Jansen
    • to O.S. Van Cortlant 62
    • to O.S. Van Cortlant 95
  • Spieglaer, Jan to Fredrick Philipsen 160
  • Steelman, Jan Hendricksen to Thomas Willet 1
    • to Timotheus Gabrie 14
    • to Willem Teller 61
  • Taylor, Henry to Jonas Bartelsen 113
  • Tempel, Teunis Pietersen to Robbert Vastriet and ) John Babtiste Renselaer ) 26
  • Tyssen, Claes & Fred. H. De Boogh
    • to Est. of Capt. Thomas Willet 115
  • Van Couwenhaven, Johannes to Cornelis Van Ruyven 110
  • Van Couwenhaven, Pieter Wolphertsen to Claes Bordingh 2
    • to Fredrich Philipsen 6
    • to O.S. Van Cortlant 40
    • to Francois Rombouts 28
  • Van Den Bergh, Fredrick Gysbertsen to O.S. Van Cortlant 50
    • to Gerrit Van Tright 73
    • to Cornelis Steenwyck 97
  • Van Den Bos, Jan Wouterse to Cornelis Steenwyck 99
  • Van Der Borden, Willem Abramsen to The Mayor & Aldermen 29
  • Van Der Coele, Reynier to Pieter W. Couwenhoven 7
    • to Nicolaes De Meyer 57
  • Van De Water, Hendrick to Balthazaer De Haert 16
  • Van Die Grist, Jacob Leendersen
    • to Paulus Leendersen Van die Grist 106
  • Van Elslant, Claes Sr. to Do. Samuel Megapolensis 62
    • to Nicholas De Meyer 75
p 173 Mortgagees
  • The Mayor & Aldermen of the City from William Hoffmeyer 48
    • from Stoffel Van Laer 54
  • Van Brugh, Johannes from Isaac Bedloo 94
  • Van Clyff, Dirck Jansen from Thomas Lavall 8
  • Van Cortlant, Oloff Stevensen from Pieter W. Van Couwenhaven 40
    • from Fredrick Gysbertsen Van den Bergh 50
    • from Annetje Gerrits wid of Hend. Jan. Smith 62
    • from Annetje Gerrits wid of Hend. Jan. Smith 95
    • from Andries Rees 124
    • from Guilius De Honneuv 132
    • from Jacobus Fabbritius 142
  • Van Couwenhoven, Pieter Wolphertsen
    • from Reynier Van Der Coele 7
  • Van Der Spiegle, Lawrens from William White 161
  • Van De Water, Hendrick from Lander Leenderse Glen 134
  • Van Die Grist, Paulus Leendersen
    • from Jacob Leendersen Van die Gist 106
  • Van Elslant, Claes Sr__ from Jacob Teunissen Kaay 104
  • Van Laer, Ariaen from Cornelis Jansen Oost 20
  • Van Ruyven, Cornelis from Johannes Van Couwenhaven 110
    • from Gabriel Minvielle 114
    • from Jacob Pietersen De Groot 150
  • Van Thienhaven, Rachel Estate of from Isaac Bedloo 64
    • from Jonas Bartelsen 101
    • from Jan Smedes 136
  • Van Tright, Gerrit from Nicasius De Sille 51
    • from Fredrick Gysbersen Van den Berger 73
  • Van Tright, Issaac from Jacques Cousseau 90
  • Vastriet, Robbert from Teunis Pietersen Tempel 26
p 174 Mortgagors
  • Van Gelden, Jan to Adam Oucklebagh 118
    • to The Deaconry of the City 151
  • Van Laer, Stoffel to The Mayor & Aldermen 54
    • to Elizabeth Drissius 139
  • Van Laer, Adriaen to Nicolaes De Meyer 67
  • Van Thienhoven, Luykas to Gelyn Verplanck 127
  • Van Tright, Dirck Gerritsen to Casper Steynmitz 15
  • Van Tright, Gerrit to Philip Pietersen Schuyler 46
  • Verplanck, Geleyn to Estate of Jan Hendrick Steelman 99
  • Verveelen, Johannes to Cornelis Steenwyck 69
    • to Cornelis Steenwyck 104
  • Wessels, Warnaer to Francois Rombouts 32
  • White, William to Lourense Van der Spiegle 161
p 175 Mortgagees
  • Verplanck, Abram from Johan Bartelsen 101
  • Verplanck, Geleyn, from Jonas Bartelsen 101
    • from Warnaer Wessels 32
    • from Luykus Van Thienhoven 127
  • Vincent, Anna wid. of Simon Ffelle from Jacques Cousseau 129
  • Vinjie, Jan from Jonas Bartelsen 101
  • Wessels, Harmen from Nicolaes Jansen (baker) 42
  • Geertje Rutgers wid. of
    • from Nicolaes Jansen (baker) 71
  • Willet, Thomas from Jan Hendricksen Steelman 1
    • Estate of from Frederick Hendricksen De Boogh ) Claes Tyssen ) 155


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