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Death Finds a Way: A Janie Riley Mystery
by Lorine McGinnis Schulze

Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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The MACOMB (aka McCOMB) letters 1757-1760, Albany New York

Note from Murray McCombs, donator of the index:

This doctoral dissertation (1990) can be purchased from University of Michigan (UMI). Since the reviewer (Marshall Lloyd, a direct descendant of Catharine NAVARRE, mother to General MACOMB, War of 1812) that brought this to my attention mentioned that it was 800 pages in length, but my bound copy (in 3 volumes) runs 1700 pages, I'd strongly suggest ordering the bound copies (only a few dollars more). The loose leaf could quickly become frustrating. The cost of bound copy was $US 57.00 including postage and GST.

It appears the index is related to the 1757-60 timeframe and doesn't address all of the prodigious amount of colateral material that follows each letter. The author attempts to integrate events leading up the ARW. MERCHANT AND REDCOAT: THE PAPERS OF JOHN GORDON MACOMB, JULY 1757 TO JUNE 1760 (NEW YORK, BRITISH ARMY). MEANY, JOSEPH FRANCIS, JR., PHD. FORDHAM UNIVERSITY, 1990. 1821 pp. Advisor: JONES, ROBERT F.

This Dissertation claims to be the only scholarly written history about early Albany NY life (he states previous attempts by author and book title). The background to the MACOMB letters and who the people where is truly amazing. Exchange rates are quoted throughout. A very good overview of earlier Dutch colony life is well examined.

Though most of this index covers the French and Indian wars, the preamble is a scholarly description of life and times of Albany NY leading up to the American Revolution. Some personages may have supported the King during the ARW.

Send requests for lookups to Murray McCombs

  • Abercrombie, Maj. Gen
  • Aberdeen (Aberdien), Alexander (Philadelphia)
  • Adair, Alexander (Philadelphia)
  • Adair, Thomas (Dublin)
  • Agnew, Henry, (New York City)
  • Allcock, Joseph (New York City)
  • Ambros, (New York City)
  • Amherst, Jeffery, General in Chief British Forces
  • Amherst, William, Col. 78th Reg.
  • Appy, John (Judge advocate of HM)
  • Archibald, D. (Belfast)
  • Askin and Gordon, (suppliers to Rogers Rangers - Crown Point)
  • Askin and Rogers, (Albany and Michlimackinac)
  • Askin, John (sutler to Independent Companies)
  • Ayers, Timothy (tailor of Belfast)
  • Bace, Benjamin
  • Bagley, Col (Mass Bay Provincial Regt)
  • Baker, Kilby & Baker, (Army contract Victuallers, London and Boston)
  • Baker, Richard (Army Contractor, London)
  • Baker, Sir William (Army Contractor - London)
  • Bamford, William (Lt. 35th Reg of Foot)
  • Barron, Andrew (sutler to Train of Artillery)
  • Barron, John (mentioned)
  • Barter (Bator), sgt. 44th Reg of Foot
  • Baugh (Beaugh), Thomas Lt 55th Regt.
  • Bayard (Byard), William Col. (Mercahnt of New York City)
  • Beaver (Bever), Samuel, Lt. Col 46th Regt
  • Beckwith, John, Major 44th Regt
  • Beekman, Gerard G., (Merchant of New York City)
  • Beekman, James, (Mercant of New York City)
  • Bellfore, ?, Ensign 27th Reg of Foot, officer of Rangers
  • Belsher (Balsher), Fredrick, Lt. of 35th Regt of Foot
  • Benson and Turner, Merchants of Albany
  • Benson, William, Mercahnt of Albany
  • Bernard (Bernerds), John or Jarrod, Farrier Merchant, Boston
  • Berry (Barry), Thomas, Capt of a sloop
  • Best, Edward, Sutler to Independent companies of Rangers
  • Blair (Blare), Thomas, Doctor
  • Bligh, Thomas, Lt. Gen
  • Bolden, Sgt. 60th Regiment of Foot
  • Booth, Benjamin, Mercahnt of New York City
  • Bostwick, Henry , Merchant of Albany
  • Bouguet, Henry, Lt. Col 60th Reg. of Foot
  • Bowden (Bodwen, Bodwin), Thomas, Ensign 46th Reg of Foot
  • Bower (Bowier), ?, Capt. 48th Reg of Foot
  • Bracket, Anthony, Tevern-Keeper of Boston
  • Braddock, Edward, Mj Gen,
  • Bradstreet, John, Lt. Col 60th Reg of Foot,
  • Bradt (Bratt), Bernardus, Capt Albany Co. Miltitia
  • Brahm, Dietrich de., Lt 60th Reg of Foot
  • Broden (Bredin), Alexander, Capt 55th Reg of Foot
  • Brehm, Dietrich, Lt. of 60th Reg of Foot, Military Engineer
  • Brewer, David, Lt. Independent Companies of Rangers
  • Brinkerhoff, Dirck, Merchant and Alderman of New York City
  • Brown, John, lt 60th Reg of Foot, New York Independent Co.
  • Browning, John, Major, 46th Reg of Foot
  • Bruce, William, clerk at Hyde and Hamilton, Mancester England
  • Bulkeley, Charles, Capt. Independent Co. of Rangers
  • Burgoyne, John Maj Gen
  • Burton, Ralph, Lt. Col. 48th Reg of Foot
  • Butler, Pierce, Ens 46th Reg of Foot
  • Caddell, Merchant of Belfast
  • Calcraft (Calcroft, Colcraft), James, Reg. Agent, Westminister
  • Calder, Charles, 2nd BN, 1st Reg of Foot
  • Callwell, James "Jamey", Sutler, brother of Robert Callwell
  • Callwell, Jean McComb, Sister of John Gordon McComb
  • Callwell, John, Mercant of North St. Belfast
  • Callwell, Richard, Merchant of Bristol, cousin of John
  • Callwell of belfast, brother of James and Robert of Belfast.
  • Callwell, Robert, "Robin", Merchant of belfast, cousin of john Callwell
  • Campbell, Alexander, Maj, 77th Regt of Foot
  • Campbell, Archibald, Lt, 42nd Regt of Foot
  • Campbell, Colin, Ensing 35th Regt. of Foot
  • Campbell, Daniel, Merchant of Schenectady.
  • Campbell, Donal, Ensign 42nd Regt of Foot
  • Campbell, John, 42nd Regt of Foot
  • Carbonel (Carbonnell), Thomas, Ensign 46th Regt. of Foot, Reg Quartermaster
  • Carleton & Ivers, Merchants of Dublin
  • Cartwright, Richard, Tavern Keeper of Albany
  • Chaegneaw (Chaigneau), William, Regt. Agent of Dublin
  • Chambors (Chambers), David, Merchant of Philadelphia
  • Chesnut, Gerrard, Merchant of Albany
  • Christie, Gabriel, Capt, 48th Regt. of Foot, Asst. Deputy Quatermaster General for NA
  • Clarke, Matthew, Lt 27th Regt. of Foot, Military Engineer
  • Clarke, V., Merchant of Poughkeepsie
  • Clarkson, David, Levinious and Matthew, Merchants of New York City
  • Cobham, James L., Clerk Greg & Cunningham, New York City
  • Colhoun, Dr. Alexander, Capt., John King's New York Indep Co., Deputy Secretary to Indian Affiars, Reg Surgeion
  • Collison, Francis, Post Rider Albany to New York City
  • Connor, Timothy, innkeeper of Albany
  • Conway, Henry Seymour, Maj. Gen 48th REg of Foot
  • Corry, Newton of Dublin
  • Corry, Ralph, Major of 28th Reg of Foot
  • Corry, William, Attorney of Albany
  • Coventry, George, Lt, 55th Reg of Foot, capt NY Indep Co.
  • Cox, Richard, Lt 46th Regt of Foot
  • Creed ?, 27th REgt of Foot, vol. Ranger
  • Crofton, Edward, Ensign 44th Regt of Foot, George, 46th Reg of Foot, Henry 48th Reg of Foot, James 60th Reg of Foot, Malby, and Walter
  • Crofton, Edward, Indep Companies of Rangers
  • Crofton, Henry, Lt 48th Reg of Foot
  • Crofton, John, Capt 48th Reg of Foot
  • Crofton, Howard, McCracken, Merchants
  • Crofton, Walter, Lt 46th Regt of Foot
  • Crommelin, Charles, Banker and Merchant, Amersterdam and New York city
  • Crommelin (Cromling), Daniel, Banker and Merchant, Amersterdam and New York city
  • Crommelin (Cromling), Robert, Banker and Merchant, Amersterdam and New York city
  • Cruikshank, Charles, Capt. New York Indep. Co.
  • Cullin, Richard, Merchant of Schenectady
  • Cumberford, Thomas, Lt. 35th Ret of foot
  • Cumberland, William Augustus, Duke of
  • Cunningham, Waddell, Merchant of New York city
  • Cuyler, Abraham, last loyalist Mayor of Albany
  • Cuyler, Cornelius, lt 55th Reg of Foot, and Capt 46th
  • Cuyler, Philip, Mercahnt of Albany, Victualing Agents
  • Daggan (Duggan), ?, Merchant of Ireland
  • Dalyell, James, Lt 60th Regt of Foot
  • Delancey & Watts, Merchants of New York city
  • Delancey, James, Acting Lt. Gov of New York
  • Delancey, James, light co. 46th Regt of Foot
  • Delancey, Oliver, Merchant of New York
  • Demler, George, Ensign 60th Regt of Foot
  • Denniston, Hugh, Tavenkeeper of Albany
  • De Paiba (DePiby), Rowland, Merchant of Albany
  • Depeyster, John, Merchant, Landowner, Politician of Albany
  • Depeyster, William, Mercahnt of NYC
  • Depeyster, William Jr., Merchant of Albany
  • Devisme, Philip, Merchant of New York City
  • Dowey, Mrs. Mary, Reg woman
  • Divers, ?, Lt 48th Regt of Foot
  • Dobs (Dobbs), ?, Merchant of Belfast
  • Donaldson, James, Lt. Col, 55th Regt of Foot
  • Douglass, James, Ensign, 42nd REgt of Foot
  • Dow, Abram, Merchant, Sloop-owner, Politicain, Alderman, Albany
  • Dow, Volkert, Merchant, Politicain, Albany
  • Downs, Edward, Lt of 46th Regt of Foot
  • Drayton, Stephen, Lt 44th Regt of Foot
  • Drout, Thjomas, Lt 80th Regt of Foot
  • Drummond, Robert, Lt 44th Reg of Foot
  • Duncan, Joh, Lt 44th Regt of Foot
  • Dunlap, John, Merchant of NYC
  • Duyckinck, Gerardus, Mercahnt of NYC
  • Hake, Samuel, Mercahnt of NYC
  • Haldimand, Frederick, Lt. Col, 60th Regt of Foot, Customer of John McCOMB
  • Haldon, ?, Capt 46th Regt
  • Ham, James, Instrument Maker of NYC
  • Hamilton, ?, Capt, Master of Brig Havannah of Bristol
  • Hamilton, John, Lt, 55th Regt of Foot
  • Hamilton, William, Lt, later Quater-Master 35th Regt. of Foot
  • Hansen, Hohannes, Attorney of Albany
  • Hardy, Sir Charles, Rear Admiral of the Blue, Gov of New York
  • Haviland, William, Lt. Col. 27th Regt
  • Hawke, Sir Edward, Admiral of the Blue
  • Hawthorn, James, Capt, Master of the ship Lord Russell
  • Haynes, Joseph, Merchant of NYC, partner in firm McEvers,
  • Haynes, and Clarkson
  • Hays, Barrak, Mercahnt of Albany and NYC
  • Hays, Isaac, Tallow Chandler and Wine Merchant of NYC
  • Hays, Judath, Mercahnt of NYC
  • Hays, Solomon, Merchant of Albany and NYC
  • Hays, Thomas, Merchant of Albany
  • Hedges, John, Lt. 48th Regt
  • Henry, ?, PVT., 48th Regt, servant to Lt. Col. Ralph Burton 48th
  • Henry, Robert, Mercahnt of Albany, partner in Shipboy and Henry
  • Hepburn, David, Regimental Surgeon, 42nd Regt.
  • Herkimer, Nicholas, Brig Gen. Tryon County NY Militia
  • Harvey (Hervey), William, Capt 44th Regt
  • Hewlett, Richard, Capt. New York Prov Regt
  • Hogan, ?, 1) Henry, 2) Jurrian, 3) William, Capt Sloop Master of Albany
  • Holburne, Francis, Vice Admiral of the Blue, later Gov. of
  • Greenwich Hospital
  • Holland, Trading Company of Amsterdam and NYC
  • Holliday, Samuel, Merchant of Albany
  • Holmes, Robert, Lt. Indep Cos of Rangers
  • Holmes, Charles, Commodore, later Rear Admiral of the Blue
  • Howard, William, Capt, 17th Regt
  • Howe, George Augustus, Col, 3rd Bn, 60th Regt, Col. 55th Regt
  • Hughs, Charles Philpot, Caot 17th Regt
  • Humphreys, ? Sergeant, 27th Regt, vol NCO of Rangers
  • Hutchinson, Francis, Lt, Quarter Master, Capt, 60th Regt of Foot
  • Hutchinson, Thomas, Sec to Sir William Shirley, Later Royal Gov of Mass. Bay
  • Hyde, Nathaneil, and Robert, Merchants of Manchester England
I, J
  • Inglish (English), Cloud (Claude), Merchant of Ireland
  • Johnson, Sir William, Col, later Maj Gen., New York Provincial Service
  • Johnston, John, Col, New York Provincial Regt.
  • Johnston, ? 1) Alexander, Capt, 46th Reg, 2) Matthew, Lt 46th Regt, 3) Samuel, Ensign 44th Regt of Foot
  • Johnston, Lauchlan, Reverend Regimental Chaplain, 42nd Regt
  • Jones, Charles, Capt 35th Regt
  • Jones, Humphra, Lt, 22nd Regt
  • Josephson, Manuel, sutler to 27th Regt, employee of Levy and Judath, Samuel, Merchant of NYC, later Montreal
  • Kemble, Peter, Merchant of New Jersey
  • Kennedy, Hugh, Regimental Surgeon, 44th Regt 2) Walter, lt 60th, 3) Quinton, Capt 80th, 4) Archibald, merchant of NYC, 5) Dennis, of Westchest Co. New York, 6) Robert, of NYC
  • Kennedy, William, Merchant of NYC
  • Kent, ?, Gentlman, Vol. 27th Regt, Vol. Rangers
  • Kilby, Christopher, Army Victualling agent and contractor Merchant, Boston
  • Knickerbocker, Harmen, Capt. Albany Co. Militia
  • Knight, Christopher, Capt 43rd Regt
  • Knox, John, Lt, 1st Reg, later Capt 44th Regt
  • Lamb, Anthony, Instrument Maker, NYC
  • Lansing, Widow, Albany
  • Lascelles, Peregrine, Col. 47th REgt
  • Laulhe (Lauhle), Jacob, Lt. 46th Regt
  • Laulhe (Lauhle), John, Capt. 55th Regt
  • Lawrence, Charles, Brig Gen.
  • Lees, John, Merchant of Quebec
  • Le Hunte (Lehunt), George, Capt Lt., 55th Regt, later 80th Regt
  • Lesley (Leslie), Mathew, Capt 48th Regt, Asst. Dept. Quarter-Master Gen for NA
  • Lever, ?, Capt, of Wood St. Dublin
  • Levis, Gaston Francois, Chevalier de
  • Levy (Livy) and Lyon (Lyons), sutlers to the 27th and 44th Regt
  • Levy, Hayman, Merchant of NYC
  • Lifforts (Lefferts), Jacobus, Powder Merchant, NYC
  • Lintot (Lyntot), Bernard, Merchant of NYC
  • Lispenard, Leonard, Merchant of NYC
  • Livingston, Peter Van Brugh, Merchant of NYC
  • Livingston, Philip, Merchant of NYC
  • Lloyd, James,
  • Lloyd, Arthur, Lt 46th Regt.
  • Lloyd, Thomas, Lt 55th Regt.
  • Long (Lang), James (possibly John), Merchant of NYC
  • Long, Joseph and Hugh, Merchants of Dublin
  • Lottridge, John, Capt Indian Dept.
  • Lottridge, Robert (Richard), Tavenkeeper of Albany
  • Lyle, Abraham, Mercahnt of Albany
  • Lyman, Phineas, Col. Connecticut Provincial Regt.
  • Lyne, Matthew, Mercahnt of Schenectady
  • Lyne, Moses, Capt, Master of Sloop "Cedar"
  • Lynott, Thomas, Merchant of Albany
  • Lynsen, Abraham, Merchant and Auctioneer of NYC
  • Lyons, Soloman, Sutler to 44th Regt, Partner in Levy and Lyons
  • Lysaght, Andrew, Landlord of Dublin
  • Lysaght, Cornelious, Lt 35th Regt
  • Lysaght, Nicholas, Lt 43rd Regt
  • Macomb, Alexander, son of John Gordon Macomb
  • Macomb, Jane Gordon, Wife of John Gordon Macomb
  • Magee, Mr. of Belfast, Acquaintance of Macomb
  • Man (Mann), Isaac, Mercahnt of NCYC, Col. of Albany Co. Militia
  • Mangin, Paul, Capt 46th Regt.
  • Marselis, Gysbert, Capt., Sloop Master of Albany
  • Marsh, James, Capt. and REgt Paymaster, Grenadier Co. 46th Regt
  • Massey, Eyre, Lt. Col. 27th Regt, 46th Regt
  • Maturine (Maturin), George, 35th Regt
  • Maxwell, James, Capt, 46th Regt.
  • Meredith, Thomas, Lt 60th Regt
  • Merydath( Meredith), Hugh, Lt 80th Regt.
  • Meyrick, James, Clerek to John Calcraft
  • Miller, Sergeant, Indep Comp of New York, Innkeeper of Albany
  • Minnett, James, Capt-Lt 55th Regt.
  • Mirrie, Robert, Capt and Reg Paymaster, 1st Regt.
  • Moncrieffe, Thomas, Lt. 1st Regt of Foot, latr Capt 55th Regt. Adjutant and Aide de Camp to Amhurst
  • Monckton, Robert, Col 60th Regt, later Maj Gen.
  • Moneypenney, Alexander, Capt 55th Regt
  • Monier, John, Postmaster of Albany
  • Montgomery, Archibald, Col, 77th Regt.
  • Montgomery, Richard, Lt, Capt and Reg Adjutant, 17th Regt, later Maj Gen Continental Army
  • Montressor, James, Col. Militry Engineer
  • Moore (More), Increase, Lt Indep Comp of Rangers
  • Moore (Moor), Thomas William, Merchant and Auctioneer of NYC, partner in Moore Lynsen
  • Morris, Lewis, Jr, 2nd Lord of Morrissania manor
  • Mortier, Abraham, Merchant, Postmaster of Albany
  • Muller (Mullen), William, Lt 60th Regt Military Engineer
  • Munro, John, Merchant of Albany
  • Myers, Elias, Lt 60th Regt, Military Engineer
  • Myers, Naphtali Hart, Merchant of NYC
  • MacCall (McCall), John, peddler
  • MacDonald, Gregory, Ensign 42nd Regt. Vol Officer of Rangers
  • McAdam, William, Mercahnt of NYC
  • McCormick, Daniel, Mechant of NYC, Partner in Moore, Lynsen, Co.
  • McEvers, Charles and James, Merchants of NYC
  • McFarlan, Andrew, Merchant of Schenctady
  • McKay, Charles, Peddler of Albany
  • M'Kinzie, James, Indentured Servant
  • MacLean, Alan, Capt., New York Indep Co.
  • McLean, Alexander, Lt 42nd Regt.
  • McLane, James, Capt, 46th Regt
  • McMaster, William, Merchant of Schenectady
  • McMullin, Allan, Lt 48th Regt.
  • McQuade, Barnaby, Pvt. later Capt, New York Provincial Regt.
  • Napier, James, Dr. British Army Chief Surgeon, at Albany
  • Needham, George, Capt 46th Regt.
  • Nicholson, Arthur, REg Surgeon 60th Regt.
  • Micholson, William, Rev., Reg Chaplain, 60th Regt.
  • Nicol, Edward, Merchant of NYC
  • Noyan, et de Chavoy, Pierre-Jacques, Chevalier de, Commander Fort Frontenac
  • Ogden, Jonathan, Capt. Ranging Co. New York Prov Regt.
  • Ogilby (Ogilvie), Alexander, Jr. Merchant of Newtown Ireland
  • Oglisvie, (Ogilvie), John, Minister albany English Church,
  • Indain Missionary, 60th Regt Chaplain
  • Ogilsvie, William, Capt. New York Indep Co.e
  • Ord, Thomas, Capt, Royal REgt of Artillery
  • Osborn, Charles, Lt, 46th Regt.
  • Osborn, Thomas, Capt 46th Regt.
  • Osborn, Mrs. Thomas
  • Osborn, Sir William, 7th Baronet of Ballytalyor, Co. Waterford Ireland
  • Page, ?, Regt woman of 46th
  • Parker, James, Journalist, NYC
  • Parker, John, Col., New Jersey Provincial Regt.
  • Parker, Thomas, 2nd Batn, 1st Regt
  • Parnell, Robert, Sergeant, Indep Co of Rangers.
  • Patterson, Peter, Ensign, 80th Regt.
  • Patterson, Walter, Ensign, 80th Regt.
  • Patterson, Mrs. Reg woman, 80th Reg. Possible wife of Peter or Walter.
  • Pearson, Matthew, Merchant of London
  • Pebles (Pebbles), John, Merchant of NYC
  • Pebbles & Wills, Mercahnts of NYC
  • Peg, Mistress of Maj. Thomas Proby, 55th Regt.
  • Pemberton, William, Capt., Sloop master of Albany
  • Pennington, Thomas and son, Merchants of Bristol
  • Pepperrell, Sir William, Col. 51st Regt
  • Percival, Joshua, Lt, 48th Regt.
  • Perry & Hays, Mercahnt so NYC and Albany
  • Perry, James, Mercahnt of NYC
  • Petri, Marcus, Capt. New York Prov Regt.
  • Pfister (Von Pfister), Francis Joseph, Lt. 60th Regt. of
  • Foot, Military Engineer, Freemason
  • Phagan (Pagen), William, Shipper of NYC, Partner in Phagen and Gilliland, Merchants.
  • Pelips (Phillips, Phelps), ?, of Wood St. Dublin
  • Phillips, William, Lt Indep Co. of Rangers
  • Phillips (Philips), William Frederick, Lt, 35th Regt.
  • Philpot, William, Lt, 46th Regt.
  • Phyn and Ellice, Merchants of Schenectady,
  • Phyn, Goerge, Lt. 44th Regt.
  • Phyn, James, Merchant of Schenectady
  • Pitt, William, Secretary of State, First Earl of Chatham
  • Porter, Frederick, Capt 60th Regt.
  • Portis, Charles, Lt 35th Regt.
  • Potter, Nathaniel, Miltiary Secretary to Major Robert Rogers
  • Pottinger, James, Lt. 44th Regt, Vol. Officer of Rangers
  • Poughkeepsie, Village of
  • Powell and Wiley, Merchants of Savannah, Georgia
  • Preble, Jedediah, Col. Mass. Prov Regt.
  • Prevost, Jacques, Col. 4th Batn., 60th Regt.
  • Prevost, William, Merchant of Barbadoes
  • Price, Samuel, Capt Hudson River, Sloopmaster
  • Prideaux, John, Brig. gen in NA, Col 55th Regt.
  • Pringle, Henry, Capt., 27th Reg., Vol. Officer of Rangers
  • Privateers Vessels owned by Greg & Cunningham NYC:
    General Monckton
    Little David
    Neptune (Snow)
    New York
  • Proby, Thomas, Maj 55th Regt
  • Puntiur (Puntine), William, Merchant of NY
  • Putnam, Isreal, Capt. Ranging Co., Connecticut Prov Regt.
  • Putnam, Rufus, Connecticut Prov Regt.
  • Rasberry, Thomas, Merchant of Savannah, Georgia
  • Rice, Hugh, Pvt. Sentinal, Lt Lehunt's Co. 55th Regt.
  • Ried, Mrs. Jane, Reg woman, 55th Regt.
  • Rivington, James, Journalist NYC
  • Robens, John, Pvt. Ranging Co. Conn. Prov. Regt.
  • Roberts, Benjamin, Lt. 46th Regt.
  • Robertson, James, Maj 60th Regt.
  • Robinson, Beverly, Merchant of NYC, Paymaster and
  • Commissary, NY Prov Regt.
  • Robinson, Geroge, Landowner, Armagh, Northern Ireland.
  • Robinson, Richard, Archbishop of Armagh
  • Roche, Boyle, Capt-Lt. 27th Reg., Vol. Officer of Rangers.
  • Roe, Daniel, Capt. NY Prov Regt.
  • Roger's Rangers
  • Rogers, Robert, Maj Indep Co. of Rangers
  • Roorbach, Frederick, Artisan of NYC
  • Roosebum, Myndert, Lt. NY Prov Regt.
  • Ropalye, Garret, Merchant of NYC
  • Rose, Mrs. Regt woman, 27th Regt or wife of Lt Hugh Rose, 55th Regt.
  • Rose, Andrew, Ensign, 60th Regt., Vol Officer of Rangers
  • Ross, James, (Clerk, Apprentice, Sutler?), of Colerain, Ireland
  • Ross, John and David, Merchants of Newry, Ireland
  • Ross, Robert, Major 48th Regt,
  • Rowan, John, Lt 48th Regt. later NY Indep Co.
  • Royce, Vere, Lt 48th Regt
  • Ruggles, Timothy, Col, later Brig Gen Mass.Bay Prov Regt.
  • Rutherford, John, Capt NY Indep co.
  • Rutherford, Walter, Capt., Grenadier Co. 4th Batn, 60th Regt.
  • Ryan, Silvester, Mercahnt of Cork, Ireland, Partner, Mannock and Ryan
  • St. Clair, Sir John, Col 60th Regt of Foot, Deputy Quater-Master Gen for NA
  • St. Leger, Barrimor Matthew, Capt 48th, Maj, Lt. Col, 34th, Brig Gen NA
  • Saltonstall, Richard, Capt Mass Prov Regt
  • Saunders, 1) Robert, Lt 35th Regt 2) Thomas, Lt 27th Regt.
  • Schuyler, Dirk (Derck), Merchant of New Brunswick NJ
  • Schuyler, Peter, Col. New Jersey Prov Regt.
  • Scott, George, Maj 40th Regt. of Foot, Vol. Officer of Rangers
  • Sharmon, ?, Corporal, Ranging Co. Conn. Prov. Regt
  • Sharp, Thomas, Sgt. later Lt, New York Indep Co.
  • Sherbrooke, Miles, Mercahnt of NYC
  • Shipboy and Henry, Merchants of Albany
  • Shipboy, Thomas, Merchant of Albany
  • Shirley, Sir William, Maj Gen Royal Gov of Mass. Bay, Col. 50th Regt. of Foot
  • Shuter, James, Mercahnt of Schenectady
  • Silvester, Peter, Attorney of Albany
  • Sinart, Mrs. ?, Reg woman, 55th Regt.
  • Skene, Philip, Maj 27th Regt.
  • Smith, Francis, Lt. Col. 10th Regt.
  • Smith, Richard, Lt. NY Indep Cos
  • Smyth, David, Merchant of Belfast
  • Symith, Debar, Mrs., Merchant NYC
  • Soubrain, William, Lt. 55th Regt.
  • Soweres, Thomas, Capt, Royal Regt of Artillery
  • Spencer, Thomas, Capt 46th Regt
  • Spiemacher, Frederick Christopher, Capt, 4th Batn, 60th Regt., military Engineer
  • Stanton, Jeremiah, Capt 60th Regt
  • Stanwix, John, Col. 60th Regt.
  • Stark, John, Capt. Indep Co.
  • Steedman, John, 2nd Batn, 1st Regt.
  • Stevenson, James, Regt Surgeon, 60th Regt.
  • Stevenson, James, Sr., Merchant of Albany
  • Stevenson, James, Jr., Merchant of Albany
  • Stevenson, John, Merchant of Albany
  • Stewart, ?, Wine merchant
  • Stillwell, Samuel, Tea-Merchant of NYC, partner in
  • Stillwell, Bache, Simson
  • Stiners, Lewis, Capt 60th Regt.
  • Strachey, Samuel, Capt. Royal Regt. of Artillery
  • Stuyvesant, Nicholas, W. Merchant of NYC
  • Stuyvesant, Peter, Dir Gen of Colony of New Netherland
  • Stuyvesant, Peter, Merchant of NYC
  • Sullivan, Daniel, Capt, Lt. Col 55th Regt of Foot
  • Sutherland, Anias, 2nd Batn, 1st Regt, Freemason
  • Swift, John, Lt 60th Regt.
  • Swords, Thomas, Sgt, later Ensign, Lt 55th Regt, Freemason
  • Sylvester, ?, Sgt. 48th Regt.
  • Syme, James, Merchant of Albany
  • Thodey, Micheal, Lt. Col. New York Prov Regt.
  • Tompson (Thompson, Thomson), Alexander, Gentleman, Vol. later Ensign 42nd Regt.
  • Thompson and Gilespie, Mercahnts of NYC and Albany
  • Tompson (Thompson), James, Merchants of NYC
  • Townshend, George, Capt, 22nd Regt.
  • Townshend, George, Brig Gen
  • Trpesec, Sieur de. Capt, Regt de Bearn
  • Turnbull, Alexander, Capt 42nd Regt.
  • Turner, George, Merchant of Albany, Partner in Benson and Turner
  • Tute, James, Lt. Indep Co of Rangers
  • Tyrawley, Lord Col. Coldstream Regt.
  • Van Allen, John, Capt, Sloop master of Albany
  • Van Allen, Jane, (Mrs Abraham Lyle)
  • Van Burgen, Martin Gerretse, Sloop Master
  • Van Der Heyden, Jacob, Merchant of Albany
  • Van Dreisen, Henry, of Albany and NYC
  • Van Dreisen, Peter, of Schenectady
  • Van Saltsberg, Hendrick, of Albany
  • Van Schaack, Henry, Postmaster of Albany
  • Van Schaick, Sybrant Gozen, Mayor of Albany
  • Van Vaughter, Lucas, Capt. New Jersey Prov Regt
  • Van Vaughter, Mrs.
  • Vaughan, John, Capt, 17th Regt.
  • Von Harbot, M.


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