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Genealogy of Simeon LeRoy dit Audy Family

by Lorine McGinnis Schulze
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Richard LeRoy was born in Creance, Normandie, France. The origin of the LeRoy family in Dutchess County, New York is clearly indicated in the Dictionaire Genealogique Des Familles Canadiennes

Richard and Pilette Jacquet LeRoy were from Creance, Bishopric of Coutanes in Normandie, France. Pilette or Gillette Jacquet was born in Creance, Normandie, France. The son of Richard LeRoy and Pilette or Gillette Jacquet was Simeon LeRoy dit Audy.


Simeon LeRoy dit Audy was born in 1640 in Creance, Normandy, France. Simeon LeRoy was born in Creances which is a village about twelve miles northwest Of Coutances, Manche, Normandy. He died in probably shortly after 1710. The Abridged Compendium Of American Genealogy says Simeon LeRoy died about 1713. The origin of the LeRoy family of Dutchess County,N.Y. is covered in Dictionaire Genealogique Des Familles Canadiennes. A five Page article called The Life And Family Of Simeon Leroy was published about this Simeon LeRoy in the New York Genealogical & Biographical Record, volume 64, pages 41-45. [[Lorine's Note: There are errors in both these works!]] He was a master carpenter or contractor.About 1681 or 1682 Simeon and his wife took some of their family to Kingston,N.Y. Nine of their eleven children were recorded in Canada. The two youngest are thought to have been born at Kingston. Simeon was a Roman Catholic but his children became protestants and married protestants.

Simeon settled first in the fief or seigneurie of St.-Joseph or L'espinay, Charlesbourg, near the Charles River which belonged to the Hebert- Couillard de L'espinay family in Quebec, Canada in October 1668 (greffe: Notary Jean leconte, Quebec). His neighbors were his brother-in-law, Jean Giron and Andre Barbaut. He was a resident of st. Joseph's from 1668 to 1679. On December 13, 1676 Simeon bought a lot with an untenantable house in Quebec (greffe: Notary Pierre Duquet, Quebec).The purchase price was discharged in part October 25, 1678 out of an advance of 100 livres paid to him on account of carpentry work contracted by him to be done for the sisters of the congregation of montreal. It is not known what building he was to erect for the sisters. He was in Montreal in July 1679 and bought considerable land there that fronted on the St. Lawrence River in Cote St.-Francois [greffe: Notary maugue, montreal]. The deed which is dated July 2, 1679 calls him a resident of Quebec but as of July 30, 1679 becoming a resident of Montreal.

Simeon also bought land in Montreal on april 10, 1680, December 9, 1680 and January 4, 1681. He entered into building contracts on September 7, 1680 and December 22, 1680. On January 6, 1681 he surveyed some land to estimate the amount of timber on it. On may 15, 1681 Simeon contracted with antoine Guibord and Francois Huart to work for him as sawyers. The census of 1681 shows Simeon LeRoy and his wife Claude and their 8 children as residents of Montreal. Simeon's last appearance in the records of Montreal was at the time of the burial of his daughter Marie on may 21, 1681. The next appearance of Simeon on any public record found so far is in Albany, New York when on November 28, 1682 he apprenticed his son Augustin, age 11 to Adam Winne to learn ropemaking for 6 consecutive years.

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Sometime between may 1681 and November 1682 Simeon took or sent his second son, Jean, to st. Joseph, Charlesbourg to live with his godfather, Jean Giron and took his wife and most (if not all) of their young children to Albany, New York in the United States. In or before 1689 he moved to Kingston, Ulster county, New York. In 1689 he rented a house that beonged to Jochem Hendrickse [(greffe: notary maugue, montreal)] Before 1701 he bought a house and lot from Henry Beekman [(Albany notarial papers in the county Clerk's office, volume 2, page 420)] Simeon fell on hard times in his old age which is proved by the fact that on March 1, 1708 the trustees of Kingston gave him a pair of shoes and a load of wood and paid for the burial of his wife [(Minutes Of The Trustees of Kingston, March 1, 1708)] It is thought that Simeon died soon after his last mention in the Ulster County tax list of 1710.

Simeon's name can be found in the Kingston records for the years 1686 or 1687, 1689, 1691, 1693, 1695, 1697, 1701, 1707, 1708, and 1710. Some have proposed the theory that Simeon was a secret huguenot and only conformed to the Roman catholic religion while in Canada. It is theorized that this is why he Left Canada at the first opportunity. Others dismiss this theory even though Simeon and his wife were the sponsors at their granddaughter's baptism in Staten Island (where they did not live) in the Dutch Reformed Church (non Catholic) there. It is argued that they probably were only represented by a proxy before a Dutch Reformed Dominie who did not know they were Catholic.

To further dismiss the theory that Simeon was a Huguenot a letter written by Claude's brother-in-law, Jean Giron to Marie Anne LeRoy, is cited. In the letter, Jean Giron congratulated Marie Anne on her marriage to Hugo Freer who was a Huguenot. But he also remarks that he would have been more glad to hear of her new state

"if it were that you were married in our religion, if it were with the consent of your father-in-law and mother-in-law"
Some believe that this was Jean Giron's way of expressing his disapproval of Marie Anne marrying outside the catholic religion even though it is dated 9 years After the marriage. This letter is preserved in the New Paltz Historical Museum and a full translation is available in Lefevre's History Of New Paltz on pages 356-357. The fact that Simeon and his eldest son Olivier refused to take the oath of allegiance to King William and Queen Mary is also taken as proof by some of Simeon's faithfulness to the catholic church since taking the oath would have meant denouncing catholic doctrines. [Documentary History of New York, volume i, pages 279, 282 Ulster County, 1689]

Simeon was married to Claude"Blandina" Deschalets, a Filles du Roi from France, on 3 Sep 1668 in Quebec, Canada. Simeon LeRoy and Claude "Blandina" Deschalets were married in the parish of Notre Dame in Quebec Canada by h. De bernieres. Their witnesses were Pierre Chamare, Michel Riffaut, and Francois Charlet. The parish register reads
"the third day of the month of September, 1668, after betrothal and the publication of one bann of marriage, between Simeon LeRoy, a son of Richard LeRoy and Gilette Jacquet, his father and mother, of the parish of Notre Dame De fontenay le Comte, Bishopric Of Maitzais (Maillezais), of the second part; Monseigneur the bishop having granted them a dispensation of two banns, and there being discovered no legal impediment, I, the undersigned, Cure of this parish, have married them and have given them the nuptial benediction, according to the form prescribed by the Holy Church in the presence of the known witnesses, Pierre Chamare, Michel Riffaut, Francois Charlet. (signed) H. De bernieres."
Claude"Blandina" Deschalets was born in 1651. she died probably Kingston, New York possibly in February of 1708. Claude Deschalets LeRoy was later known as Blandina, a name that was passed on to many of her descendants. Claude aka Blandina Deschalets LeRoy was still living in 1706. Claude aka Blandina was one of three orphaned sisters who were sent to Canada as a Filles Du Roi (King's daughter). The Filles Du Rois were impoverished or oprhan women sent to Canada at royal expense to find husbands and populate the country. She is thought to have been recently arrived in New France (now Quebec) at the time of her marriage because the bishop dispensed with two of the usual three required banns for rer marriage to Simeon LeRoy.

In 1669 Claude and her sister Madeleine Deschalets Giron were summoned before the Sovereign Council of New France because of their scandalous talk about the conduct of Francoise Leclerc, the wife of Michel Riffaut on the ship coming to New France. Francoise Leclerc was also a Filles Du Roi. Claude and Madeleine were accused of maliciously and falsely calling Francoise Leclerc a prostitute. They were required to apologize and pay a small fine. Michel Riffaut had been a witness at the marriage of Simeon and Claude Deschalets LeRoy the preceding year.

Children of Simeon LeRoy and Claude"Blandina" Deschalets were:

  i. Olivier LeRoy was born on 25 May 1669 in Quebec, Canada.1,3 He was baptized on 30 may 1669 in Quebec, Canada. Olivier LeRoy was baptized five days after his birth by fr. H. De Bernieres. Olivier Morin, Seigneur De Bois Maurice and Jeanne de l'estre, daughter of Seigneur Thierry de l'estre de Vallon were the two witnesses. Olivier LeRoy was living as late as 1689 in Ulster County, New York.

  ii. Jean LeRoy was born on 4 Sep 1670 in Quebec, Canada. He was Baptized on 7 Sept 1670 in Quebec, Canada. Jean LeRoy was baptized by fr. H. De bernieres. The Witnesses were Jean Giron and Jeanne Richer, wife of Leonard Treny, "dit la Verdure". When Simeon LeRoy moved his family to Albany, New York, he sent his second son, Jean to live with his godfather, Jean Giron, at st. Joseph, Charlesbourg, Quebec, Canada. Jean LeRoy was the only one of Simeon LeRoy's children to remain in Canada. His descendants carry the surnames of Audy and Roy. He was married to Therese Jobin on 6 Feb 1691 in Charlesbourg, Quebec, Canada

  iii. Augustin LeRoy was born on 18 Dec 1671 in Quebec, Canada. he was baptized on 18 dec 1671 in Quebec, Canada. Augustin LeRoy was Baptized by fr. Nichlas Allego. The witnesses were Louis Le Febvre, "dit Basanville" (battanville) and Madelene Deschalets, wife of Jean Giron. Augustin LeRoy was at Kingston, Ulster county, New York in 1682. No further Record of him has been found after his father apprenticed him at Albany, New York on November 28, 1682 at the age of 11 for six consecutive years to Learn the trade of rope-making.

  iv. Marie-Anne LeRoy was born on 7 may 1672 in Quebec, Canada. She was baptized on 11 May 1673 in Quebec, Canada. Marie anne LeRoy was baptized by Fr. Louis Ango. The witnesses were Emmanuel Lops (Lopez), "dit Madere" (Madeira) and Magdelene Deschalets, wife of Jean Giron. Her descendants appear in the Freer Genealogy published in volumes 33 to 35 in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record.

She was married to Hugo Freer jr. On 7 Jun 1690 in New Paltz, New York. [Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of New Paltz, (Huguenot Historical Society A marriage was performed by Rev. Mr. Daillie, on June 7, 1690, it being that of Hugue Frere to Maria Le Roy.]

Marie-anne LeRoy Freer and Hugo Freer Jr. had many descendants. Several of them intermarried with the LeRoys and associated families. Hugo Freer Jr. was born on 1 Jul 1666 in Mannheim, Germany. He was baptized on 2 Jul 1666 in Mannheim, Germany. The sponsors for the baptism of Hugues Freer were Alard Le Putre and Antoinette Delbse, wife of Jean Leleu. He died in 1732 in New Paltz, New York.

  v. Leonard-Remi LeRoy aka Jonas Larroway was born on 15 sep 1674 in St. Joseph, Quebec, Canada. He was baptized on 18 sep 1674 in Quebec. Jonas Laraway [sic] died sometime after 1750. He survived his wife by a few years. He was supposed to have left a will but searchers have failed to locate it.

Leonard-Reni (or Treny) LeRoy's name was corrupted in the dutch records to the phonetically similiar Jonar Larway. It is under this name that he appears in most New York records. He settled at Scoharie, New York and his branch became the Laraway family. Many of his descendants chose to return to the LeRoy spelling. He was married to Marytje Uziele or Uzille on 28 September 1703 in Kingston, New York. [transcribed and edited by Roswell Randall Hoes, Baptismal & Marriage Register of the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, Ulster Co. New York 1660-1809, (1891. Repriint Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc, 1980, 1997), # 216, 28 Sept. 1703. Jonas Larroy, j.m. born in Cubeck [Quebec] in Canada, and Maria Oeycke [Uziele] born on Staaten Eyland [Staten Island], and residing in Packkeepsen [Poughkeepsie. Banns published, dates not given.]
Jonas LeRoy or Laraway and Maria Uzelle moved from Kingston to Poughkeepsie, New York and then to the vicinity of Albany about 1714 and then to Scoharie, New York between 1725 and 1729. The Scoharie Church records list many of their descendants who lived in that town.

  vi. Pierre LeRoy was born on 20 April 1676 in st. Joseph, Charlesbourg, Quebec, Canada. Pierre LeRoy was baptized by mgr. Charles Glandelet in the chapel at Charlesbourg. The witnesses were Pierre Moreau, "dit La Topine", and Elizabeth Deschalets, wife of Francois Paris. It is possible that this is the "Peter LeRoy" who is mentioned in Bolton's History of Westchester as having been a vestryman of the Episcopal church at Westchester in 1702. No further record has been found of him.

  vii. Charlotte-Gertrude LeRoy was born on 22 Feb 1678 in st. Joseph, Charlesbourg, Quebec, Canada. Charlotte-Gertrude LeRoy was baptized the same day she was born by fr. Henri de bernieres. The witnesses were Jean Baptiste Le Gardeur and Marie Madelene Le Gardeur, daughter of Charles le Gardeur, Knight, Seigneur De Tilly, Royal Councillor of the Sovereign council of this country.

  viii. Jeanne-Elizabeth LeRoy was born on 28 March 1679 in st. Joseph, Charlesbourg, Quebec, Canada. A genealogy of the descendants of Jeanne-Elizabeth LeRoy and Denis Relyea Of Esopus (now Kingston New York) appears in volume 55, page 62 of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record

  ix. Marie LeRoy was born on 2 May 1681 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Marie LeRoy was baptized the day of her birth by fr. Jean Fremont. The witnesses were Jean de la Croix, master carpenter, and Marie Tetard, daughter of Charles Tetard. She died on 28 May 1681 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Marie LeRoy's age at death was 26 days. She was buried on 28 May 1681 in parish Cemetery, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Marie LeRoy was buried the same day she died. The Record of her burial is her father's (Simeon LeRoy) last appearance found on any public record in Montreal.

  x. Frans LeRoy Capt. was born in 1683 in Kingston, Ulster County, New York or Albany, New York. The LeRoy family of Dutchess County, New York is descended from Capt. Frans LeRoy. He was named after his maternal grandfather. In 1709 he bought land in Poughkeepsie New York north of the Fall Kil from Myndert Harmenszen van de Bogart who was the original patentee. Franz and his wife are present there on the 1714 census which reported them as residents with 3 boys, 2 daughters, and 3 slaves. In 1719 Frans bought more land along the Fall Kil east of his property. In 1719 Frans was appointed assessor. He served again in 1723 and 1727-1728.

He was active in the militia as ensign and as Captain. He and his wife were early members of the Dutch Church. He became a Deacon in 1720 and nd Elder in 1739. Frans made his will December 22, 1759. He divided his property between his 6 children and the daughter of his deceased son, Frans jr. Until the formation of the church in Poughkeepsie, baptisms were recorded at Kingston. It is assumed that all but Frans' first 2 children were natives of Poughkeepsie, New York

He was married to Celetje or Celia Damen in 1705. Celetje or Celia Damen was baptized in New Utrecht, New York. New Utrecht is now part of Brooklyn, New York.

 xi. Sara LeRoy was born in 1685. Sara LeRoy and Johannes Van Pelt of Staten Island were married before 1706. Their descendants are traced in the Van Pelt genealogy.


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