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Descendants of Adriaen Crijnen Post & Clara (Claartje) Moockers

Adriaen Crijnen1 Post was born Abt 1620 in The Hague, Netherlands, and died February 1675/76 in Bergen, NJ1. He married Claartje (Clara) Moockers Bef 1649.

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Before I begin with my genealogy of the Post Family, let me take a minute to DEBUNK THE MYTH OF THE POST LINEAGE.

Debunking The Post Family Genealogy Myth

Let me DEBUNK THE MYTH of the POST family, and the completely erroneous 'lineage' published in The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, Vol. X, No. 1. January 1935, under the title "The Post Families of New Jersey" by Dirk P. De Young.

This article sets forth a completely unsourced and non-viable lineage for Adriaen Crijnen Post. Mr. Young did give more than one disclaimer in his article:

"it [the lineage presented] must be accepted with the usual reservations until documentary proof of the connection is forthcoming"

However, this disclaimer is widely overlooked by researchers, and the suggested lineage has been repeated and sent forth into the genealogical community for so many years that many Post researchers accept it without question.

Let's take a critical look at Mr. Young's theory:

He suggests that Adriaen Crijnen Post was the son of Pieter Adrian's [sic] Post who died in The Hague in 1637. The major flaw in this proposed father for Adriaen is the patronymic of Crijnen which is attached to Adriaen. If he were indeed the son of Peter his patronymic would be Pietersz. (or variations such as Pietersen, Pieterse).

The second flaw is that the author presents no baptismal source to substantiate his proposal. I suspect Young simply found some promising POST names in The Hague area and tried to slot Adriaen into the family.

What we do know is that Adriaen Post, who may have been from The Hague, Netherlands, resided in Brazil in the West India Company's colony with his wife Clara (Claartje) Moockers. Their names are found in the baptism record for Adriaen's daughter Maria who was baptised in Recife Brazil in June 1649. [Source: Doopregister der Hollanders in Brazilie 1633 - 1654] At this baptism Adriaen's patronymic of Crijnen is recorded.

The author of the incorrect lineage, does, in his favour, state very clearly

"That Capt. Adrian Post was a son of Peter Adrian's [sic] Post who died in the Hague in 1637 is inferred only, from circumstances"

This disclaimer is unfortunately overlooked by many Post descendants who continue to use this flawed lineage as if it were fact.

If we look at the author's 'circumstances' for inferring the fatherhood, there are 3 extremely weak arguments:

  1. "Capt. Adrian Post must have been born about 1600"[Lorine's note: "What is his source and/or reasoning???"]
  2. ".. and he came to America from The Hague" [Lorine's comment: That is rather like saying that all people with the name of xxx who lived in any_city, Netherlands are related].
  3. "Moreover according to Dutch custom he was probably named after his grandfather"[Lorine's note: Adriaen is a very common name]

The most glaring flaw in Young's proposed genealogy is that of his suggested grandfather for Adriaen Crijnen Post. Young gives the line as:

"Adrian Pieter's son [sic] Post b. about 1500 as father of Pieter Adrian's son [sic] Post who died in The Hague 1637"

Some mental math will reveal that a man born in 1500 would be pushing the limits to have a son who died in 1637. Assuming an age of 50 for the birth of Adrian Pieter's son, that would make the supposed son, Pieter Adrianse 87 at his death. Yes it is possible (unlikely in my mind) - but Young gives no baptismal records to substantiate his claim.

I think the most revealing flaw (and this in itself should be enough to make the entire proposed genealogy suspect!) is Young's outline of Pieter Post, son of Gerrit, b. ca 1300. The next generation is given as

"__ Post. A generation *assumed*, particulars unknown" (starred word is mine and given for emphasis).

Then Young continues with a Pieter Post born about 1360-75 who he gives as the s/o ____ Post.

Without sources, it is all guesswork. Without sources it is simply bad genealogy and should be discarded as quickly as possible.

And now... on to my article, which is fully sourced:

The Post Family

by Lorine McGinnis Schulze 1998

My 9th great-grandfather, Adriaen Crijnen (possibly Quirijnen), Post was most likely from The Hague, Netherlands. He and his wife Clara or Claartje Moockers, resided in Brazil in the West India Company's colony. Adriaen's daughter Maria (my 8th great-grandmother) was baptised in Recife Brazil in June 1649. By the time Brazil fell to the Portuguese in 1654, the family had left for the Netherlands. On 30 June 1650 the ship "New Netherland's Fortune" sailed, arriving in New Netherland on 19 December 1650.

Adriaen and his family were on Staten Island by 1655. Adriaen was a representative of Baron Hendrick van der Capellen, the owner of one-third of Staten Island. As the superintendent of a group of twenty people who were to farm Staten Island, Adriaen set up a colony which flourished


In the summer of 1655 the Peach Tree War began over Hendrick Van Dyke's shooting of a Native woman stealing peaches from his trees in his orchard in Manhatten. As a result, the settlements on the lower Hudson River and around New York were destroyed by Iroquois attackers. On 15 Sept. 1655, the colony on Staten Island was burned to the ground by the Natives from Hackensack. Twenty-three people were killed and sixty-seven taken prisoner, among them Adrien, his wife, five children, and two servants. [Lorine's note: Although this statement about 5 children was taken from Christoph's book, I have not been able to find 5 children born to Adriaen and Clara before 1655. My research indicates Maria, Lysbet and possibly Adriaen were born pre 1655. Can any reader help me solve this puzzle of the two missing children who had to be born BEFORE 1655!!]

In Oct. 1655, Adriaen was released by the Hackensack chief Penneckeck to bargain with Petrus Stuyvessant for the release of prisoners. Adriaen made the journey between Manhattan and the Native headquarters at Paulus Hook, New Jersey several times before an agreement was reached. Fifty-six captives were released in exchange for powder, lead, guns, blankets and wampum. Among those freed were Adrian's wife and children.

Returning to Staten Island Adrian was ordered by Van der Capellan to gather survivors and erect a fort. Trying to keep the group fed, he found a few cattle that the Natives had overlooked roaming in the woods That winter Adrian and his family camped in the company of some soldiers in the burnt-out settlement. They butchered some of the cattle they had found and obtained milk from others. Stuyvessant recommended to Post that he and "his people" and cattle move to the stockade on Long Island but Adrian stayed. By Spring of 1656 Adrian was ill and unable to perform his duties, so Clara Moockers Post requested that someone else be appointed as van der Capellen's agent. In April of 1656 Clara petitioned Stuyvessant asking that the soldiers be allowed to stay, but Stuyvessant decided that since there were only 6 or 7 people on the island, a garrison was not required and they should all move to Long Island.20

Adrian regained his health and between 1657 and 1663 he had three children baptized at the Reformed Church. He was in the New Amsterdam courts often, being sued by creditors of Van Der Cappellen. He eventually left Staten Island and settled on the mainland of present-day Bergen, New Jersey. Fourteen original settlers of the Haqueaqununck [Acquackononk] Tract were

  • Garret GARRETSEN,
  • Walling JACOBS,
  • Hartman MICHIELSEN,
  • Johannes MICHEALSEN,
  • Adriaan POST,
  • Urah TOMASEN,
  • Cornelis ROELOFSEN,
  • Symon JACOBS,
  • John Hendrick SPEARE,
  • Cornelis LUBBERS,
  • Abraham BOOKEY, taking possession in 1683.

On 22 November, 1665, he took the oath of allegiance to the King as an ensign in the Bergen Burgher Guard. In May 1666 New Jersey governor Philip Carterett asked Adrian to be the interpreter at a meeting with the sachem Oraton to discuss a proposed land purchase. In May 1671 he served on a jury at an Admiralty court at Elizabethtown. On 7 June 1673 Adrian was elected one of Bergen's two representatives to the New Jersey General Assembly. In 1675 he was made a Lieutenant in the Bergen Militia. He died and was buried 18 Feb. 1677 in the village of Bergen NJ.

In March 28 of 1679 "Captahem PEETERS, the Native Sachem and Chief, in the prescence and by the aprobation of Memiseraen, Midnenas, Ghonnajea, Natives and Sachems of said Country, and in consideration of a certain parcel of Coates, Blanketts, kettles, Poweder, and other goodes" conveyed the Tract known by the name of Haquequenunk unto Hans DIEDERICKS, Garret GAREETSEN, Waling JACOBS and Hendrick GEORGE.

From "The Records of New Amsterdam From 1653 to 1674" edited by Berthold Fernow:

  • 1660: Barent Cruytdop, pltf vs Capt. Post, deft. Pltf demands from deft. fl 29.7 in Zeawant. Deft. admits the debt and says he never spoke to him about it til now. The W. court order deft. to pay the pltf. in six weeks.
  • 1660: Barent Cruytdop, arrestant and pltf vs Capt. Post, arrested and deft. Defts 2nd default. pltf sues out the arrest issued against the deft. The court declare the arrest valid.
  • 1661: Capt. Post, pltf vs Severyn Louwerens, deft. Pltf. demands from deft. 41 guilders, 5 stivers according to a/c. Deft's wife coming forward produces an offset a/c and besides this some claim. Burgomasters and Schepens refer the matter in question to Thomas Hal and Frederick Lubbersen to hear parties, examine, and decide their affair and if possible reconcile them; if not to report their decision to the Court
  • 1662: Tryntje van Hengelen, pltf vs Capt. Post deft. Deft. in default
  • 1662: Tryntje van Hengelen, pltf vs Adriaen Post, deft. Pltf, pursuant to the decision of the arbitrators in the case, which she had before this W. Court against Post, places in the hands of the W. Court the judgement of the arbitrators for the sum of fl. 14:10. Deft. says the costs are not with it; was ordered also to pay the costs, which he obeys. Pltf demands from deft, in writing, the value of half an ox and cow, which he keeps from her, together with indemnity for damage to her grain according to valuation and estimate of the W. Court. Deft. demands copy of the demand. The W. Court order copy of the demand to be furnished to party thereunto to answer by the next Court day.
  • Tuesday 14 March 1662: Tryntie Van Hengelen, pltf vs Adriaan Post, deft. Deft in default. Pltf requests that the deft. shall be ordered to answer the demand entered against him on 28 Feb. last. The W. Court orders Adriaan Post to answer on the next Court day the demand, which Tryntje van hengelen has instituted against him.
  • 1662: Adriaan Post answers the demand of Tryntje van Hengelen. The W. Court order copy to be furnished to partyto reply thereunto at the next court day.
  • 1662: Tryntje van Hengelen, pltf vs Adriaan Post deft. Deft. in default
  • 1662: Tryntje van Hengelen, pltf vs Adriaan Post, deft. Whereas parties dealy their suit entered against each other in writing before this W. Court, they were ordered to prosecute the same.
  • Tuesday 11 Dec. 1663 in the City Hall: Schepen Jacob Kip, arrestant and pltf vs Adriaan Post, arrested and deft. Pltf demands from deft. a balance according to a/c of 15 guilders in corn, and further as attorney of Albert Cornelis Wantenaar, the sume of 8 and 40 guilders 14 and a half stivers in seawant, demanding that the attachment shall stand good until he sahll have paid him, with the interest of the demanded 15 guilders. Deft. admits the debt, promising to pay within the time of two or three weeks the 15 and 8 and 40 guilders and 14 and ahlf stivers. The W. Court condemn the deft. to satisfy and pay the pltf the sum demanded in his individual capacity and in his quality as attorney; declaring meanwhile the attachment so long valid.

Baptisms from the Doopregister Hollanders in Brazilie 1633-1654

  • 1649 6 June;Ouders [Parents]: Adriaen Crijnen Post en Clara Moocerks; Maria; Get [Sponsors]: Jan Gerretsen, Brecht Champers
  • 1649 1 Aug: Ouders:Christiaen Janss en Janneken Christiaenss. Johannes. Get: Adriaen Post, yoe Ypessen, Rudolphina Carons

Baptisms from the Reformed Dutch Church, NY, NY:

  • 1657 6 Jun; Capt. Adriaen Post; Margarita; Pieter Tenneman, Cornelia Van Buuren
  • 1659 17 Mar; Adriaen Post-Capt.; Francoys; Dirck Van Scheluynen, Jannetje Steynmutsen
  • 1660 29 Dec; Jan Lubbertszen, Magdaleentie; Marritie; Harmen Smeeman, Hans, Claertje Post
  • 1663 21 Aug; Adriaen Post, Clara; Geertruyd; Nicolaes Booth, Fytie Michiels
  • 1670 31 Jan; Jan Lubbertszen, Magdaleentie Jans; Dievertie; Adriaen Post, Maria Post
  • 1675 2 Jun; Jurgie Thomaszen, Grietie Harmens; Jan; Adriaen Post, Catharina Michiels
Children of Adriaen Post and Claartje Moockers are:

  • + 2 i. Maria 21 Post, baptised June 6, 1649 in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil, SA.
  • 3 ii. Lysbeth Post, born Abt 1654.
  • + 4 iii. Margarita Post, baptised June 6, 16572 in New Amsterdam, NY.
  • + 5 iv. Francoys Post, baptised March 17, 1658/592.
  • + 6 v. Adrian Post, baptism not found, died Bef June 1689 in Bergen NJ.
  • 7 vi. Geertruyd Post, baptised August 21, 16632.
  • 8 vii. Lysbeth Post, born Abt 1668.

Generation No. 2

2. Maria 2 Post (Adriaen Crijnen1) was born June 6, 1649 in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil, SA. She married (1) Jan Albertsen Bradt Abt 1674 in New Amsterdam, NY, USA, son of Albert de Noorman and Annatie Van Rottmer. She married (2) Eduwart Carbert November 26, 1699 in Albany NY USA.

Children of Maria Post and Jan Bradt are:

  • 9 i. Adriaen3 Bradt, born 1674.
  • 10 ii. Antje Bradt, born Abt 1677. She married Danilel Wilkenson 1696.
  • 11 iii. Claartje Janse Bradt, born Abt 1678 in NY, USA. She married Cornelis Van Slyke22 February 10, 1695/96 in Schenectady, NY.
  • 12 iv. Rebecca Bradt, born Abt 1682. She married (1) Claes Burger 1700 in NY, USA. She married (2) John Collinson 1703.
  • 13 v. Johannes Bradt, born February 3, 1683/84.
  • 14 vi. Andries Bradt, born January 10, 1685/86. He married Wyntie Rosa 1708.
  • 15 vii. Pieter Bradt, born January 10, 1685/86; died 1687-1689.
  • 16 viii. Barent Bradt, born September 11, 1687.
  • 17 ix. Pieter Bradt, born November 11, 1688. He married Christina Bowman 1716.
  • 18 x. Storm Bradt, born January 12, 1689/90 in Albany NY USA. He married Sophia Uziele February 2, 1711/12 in Kingston, NY3 [Lorine's line].

4. Margarita2 Post (Adriaen Crijnen1) was born June 6, 1657 in New Amsterdam, NY4. She married Johannes De Hooges December 4, 1675 in Kingston NY, son of Anthony de Hooges and Aefje Bradt.


  • 1657 6 Jun; Capt. Adriaen Post; Margarita; Pieter Tenneman, Cornelia Van Buuren [baptisms RDC NY]

Children of Margarita Post and Johannes De Hooges are:

  • 19 i. Eva3 De Hooges, born Abt 1677 in Hurley, Ulster Co. NY. She married Pieter Van Etten October 12, 1697.
  • 20 ii. Claartje De Hooges, born April 27, 1679 in Hurley, Ulster Co. NY5. She married Teunis Quick September 24, 1696.
  • 21 iii. Antje De Hooges, born November 19, 1682 in Hurley, Ulster Co. NY6. She married Emanuel Van Etten May 10, 1702 in Kingston NY.
  • 22 iv. Anthony De Hooges, born October 12, 1684 in Hurley, Ulster Co. NY7.
  • 23 v. Catherina De Hooges, born February 14, 1685/86 in Hurley, Ulster Co. NY8; died January 12, 1743/44. She married Wijnaut Van Der Pool August 17, 1706.
  • 24 vi. Marytie De Hooges, born Abt 1688 in Hurley, Ulster Co. NY. She married Willem Ostrander.
  • 25 vii. Johanna De Hooges, born August 31, 1690 in Hurley, Ulster Co. NY9. She married Ariaan Roosa December 4, 1713.

5. Francoys2 Post (Adriaen Crijnen1) was born March 17, 1658/5910. He married (1) Martjis Jacobus April 22, 1690. He married (2) Elena Van Schuyven June 3, 1721.


  • 1659 17 Mar; Adriaen Post-Capt.; Francoys; Dirck Van Scheluynen, Jannetje Steynmutsen [RDC NY]
  • 1685 6 May; Adriaen Post, Catharina Gerrits; Annetie; Frans Post, Fytie Gerrits

Children of Francoys Post and Martjis Jacobus are:

  • 26 i. Adrian3 Post, born March 1691/92 in Bergen NJ.
  • 27 ii. Jacob Post, born 1694 in Bergen NJ.
  • 28 iii. Johannes Post, born 1696 in Bergen NJ.
  • 29 iv. Hendrick Post, born 1698 in Bergen NJ.

6. Adrian2 Post (Adriaen Crijnen1) died Bef June 1689 in Bergen NJ11. He married Catrintje Gerritse Van Wegenen April 17, 1677 in Bergen NJ.


  • Adriaan Post, y.m. from the Hague in Holland and Catryna Gerrits y.d. from Wageninge in Gelderland married 17 April 1677 Bergen
  • 1678 16 Mar; Adriaen Pos, Catharina Gerrits; Adriaen; Gerrit Gerritszen, Annetie Harmens [RDC, NY]
  • 1680 26 Jan; Adriaen Pos, Catharina Gerrits; Gerrit; Jeuriaen Thomaszen, Jannetie Gerrits [RDC, NY]
  • 1681 24 Dec; Adraen Pos, Catharina Gerrits; Claertie; Gerrit Gerritszen de Jonge, Niefje Pieters [RDC, NY]
  • 1685 6 May; Adriaen Post, Catharina Gerrits; Annetie; Frans Post, Fytie Gerrits [RDC, NY]

Children of Adrian Post and Catrintje Van Wegenen are:

  • 30 i. Adriaen3 Post, born January 24, 1677/7812.
  • 31 ii. Gerrit Post, born January 1, 1679/8013.
  • 32 iii. Claertie Post, born December 4, 168114.
  • 33 iv. son Post, born April 2, 1684 in Bergen NJ15; died April 2, 1684 in Bergen NJ16.
  • 34 v. Annetie Post, born May 6, 1685 in Bergen NJ; died October 1690 in Bergen NJ17.
  • 35 vi. Pieter Post, born April 2, 1688 in Acquacknonk, Bergen NJ18.
  • 36 vii. Johannes Post, born June 10, 1689 in Acquacknonk, Bergen NJ19.

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  • 1. Bergen Records: Records of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Bergen in NJ 1666-1788. Dingman Versteeg and Thomas E. Vermilye. Burials in the village of Bergen NJ from 1666 buried by R. Van Giesen, undertaker
  • 2. Records of the Reformed Dutch Chuch in New York
  • 3. Baptismal & Marriage Registers of Old Dutch Church Kingston, Ulster County NY 1660-1809 by Randall Hoes.
  • 4. Records of the Reformed Dutch Chuch in New York
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