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Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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Quaker Genealogy

Quakers found in New York City Wills, 1706 to 1790

Following is a list of names of Quakers found in New York City Wills 1706 to 1790. For more details, or to read the wills, see New York City Wills, 1706-90 [$]

Witnesses, John Mott, Jr., John Dusenberry, Sr., Symon Laamert. Proved at special meeting of Court of Common Pleas, May 15, 1722. (John Dussenberry was a known Quaker.)

Jacob Seaman being a "known Quaker."

Dated December 15, 1719. Witnesses, Thomas Hadden, Robert Eddo, Jonathan Ferris. Proved, January 23, 1727. John Stevenson was a Quaker.

Henry Dickinson was a "known Quaker."

Daniel Underhill, being a known Quaker, affirmed,

Witnesses, Joseph Pettit, Isaac Germans, William Willett (Quaker). Proved, August 4, 1729.

Queens County, February 3, 1726/7, there appeared before me, George Clarke, authorized by his Excellency, James Denton, one of the executors, who being a known Quaker, was duly attested to the execution of said will by me.

Dated the 5th day of the Second month called April, 1749. Witnesses, John Cockles, Joseph Thurston, George Fowler. Proved, April 5, 1750, by the affirmation of George Fowler, "a known Quaker," and the oaths of the other witnesses.

Witnesses, Morris Simonson, John Simonson, Samuel Willis. Proved, May 16, 1750, "by affirmation of Samuel Willis, a known Quaker."

Witnesses, John Robbins, William Kirbe, Jeremiah Robins, Samuel Willis. Proved, June 5, 1750, "by affirmation of Samuel Willis a known Quaker."

Witnesses, William Jones, Thomas Birdsall, Zebulon Seaman. Proved, December 24, 1750, by oath of Thomas Birdsall and the "affirmation of William Jones a Quaker."

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Dated the 3d day of 11 month, 1749. Witnesses, James Willson, Hannah Field, Mary Farrington. Proved, April 30, 1751. "Mary Farrington being a Quaker."

Witnesses, Richard Post, Sarah Titus, Benjamin Smith. Proved, May 22, 1751, Sarah Titus being a known Quaker.

Witnesses, Samuel Dodge, Andries Onderdonk, William Burch. Proved, April 30, 1753. "Samuel Dodge, a known Quaker," being affirmed.

Dated August 10, 1754. Witnesses, Hannah Field, Jr., William Field, Benjamin Hinchman. Proved, September 27, 1754. William Field being "a known Quaker."

Witnesses, Jonathan Willett, Charles Hedger, Thomas Hicks, Jr. Proved, February 19, 1757. "Jonathan Willett being a known Quaker."

Dated "this 3d day of 3d month, called May, 1748." Witnesses, Silvanus Mott, Anne Pearsall, Thomas Pearsall. Proved, March 28, 1757, upon affirmation of Anne Pearsall, a known Quaker, and the executors being duly affirmed.

Dated September 4, 1757. Witnesses, Abraham Riker, Andrew Riker, William Van Wyck. Proved, November 8, 1757. William Van Wyck being a known Quaker.

Witnesses, Jonathan Wright, Sarah Burling, William Field. Proved, January 20, 1758. William Field being a known Quaker.

Witnesses, Michael Butler, John Parish, Samuel Willis. Proved, April 24, 1758, before Samuel Clowes, Jr., Esq., on affirmation of John Parish, a Quaker.

Dated July 17, 1753. Witnesses, John Embree, Daniel Latham, William Phillips. Proved, May 9, 1758. "John Embree being a known Quaker."

Witnesses, William Latham, William Mitchell, Mary Latham. Proved, May 18, 1758. Mary Latham being a Quaker, and "executors being duly affirmed."

Witnesses, Richard Thorne, Mary Williams, Samuel Latham. Proved, January 15, 1759. Samuel Latham being a Quaker.

Witnesses, James Meadows, John Townsend, William Allen. Proved, January 31, 1759. John Townsend being a Quaker.

Witnesses, John Post, Mary Titus, Sarah Seaman. Proved, June 8, 1759. Patrick Mott being a Quaker.

Witnesses, Maher Nelson, William Griffin, John Townsend. Proved, September 13, 1759, on affirmation of John Townsend, a Quaker, and the executors being affirmed.

Witnesses, Mary Willis, Jane Willis, Samuel Willis. Proved, January 26, 1761, upon affirmation of Samuel Willis, "a known Quaker."

Witnesses, Samuel Green, Jonathan Pettit, Joseph Willett. Proved, November 12, 1761. Joseph Willett, of Minisink, New Jersey, being a Quaker.

Witnesses, Mary Willis, Amy Willis, Samuel Willis. Proved, September 5, 1763. "Samuel Willis being a noted Quaker."

Witnesses, John Guion, Alexander Hains, Maurice Smith. Proved, March 18, 1766. Maurice Smith being a Quaker.

[NOTE.--Beekmans Precinct is the southeast corner of Duchess County, and JOHN WING was one of the Quaker families that settled on the "Oblong." His descendants are now living there.--W. S. P.]

Witnesses, Joseph Cornell, Sarah Tompkins, Benedict Carpenter. Proved, October 11, 1766, before John Bartow. "Benedict Carpenter being a Quaker."

Dated April 24, 1766. Witnesses, Thomas Pearsall, Adrian Hegaman, Jr., Andries Hegeman. Proved, October 29, 1766. [Thomas Pearsall being a Quaker.]

Dated, January 11, 1762, in the first year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord, King George III. Witnesses, Samuel Way, Jr., Abraham Culver, Philip Edsall. Proved, April 9, 1767. Samuel Way, Jr., being a Quaker.

Witnesses, James Culver, Israel Hallett, Robert Alsop. Proved, December 8, 1767. Israel Hallet was a Quaker.

Witnesses, Benjamin Frost, Daniel Birdsell, Daniel Cook. Proved, March 22, 1768. [Thomas Cook was a Quaker.]

Dated December 12, 1762. Witnesses, John Farrington (Quaker), William Bloodgood, Stephen Rapalye. Proved, January 2, 1769.

Witnesses, Daniel Cock, Quaker, George Townsend, Silas Rushmore. Proved, January 5, 1769.

Witnesses, Benjamin Ferris, Josiah Fowler, Samuel Hitt, scrivener. Proved, February 15, 1766, before David Dayton, Surrogate. (Benjamin Ferris was a Quaker.) Confirmed by Sir Henry Moore, Baronet, Governor, etc., April 11, 1769.

Witnesses, Daniel Smith, Elijah Smith, Timothy Smith. Proved, June 11, 1768, before Richard Miller, Surrogate. (Jonathan Hallock was a Quaker.) Confirmed April 12, 1769.

Witnesses, Michael Mudge, Quaker, Richard Valentine, Jr., Israel Pearsall. Proved, May 16, 1769.

Witnesses, Joseph Green (Quaker), Zophar Green, William Doughty. Proved, November 25, 1768, before Bartholemew Crannell.

Dated September 11, 1769. Witnesses, Aaron Forman, Jr., Benjamin Hay, William Worden. Proved, September 29, 1769. (Aaron Forman was a blacksmith and a Quaker.)

Dated June 5, 1769. Witnesses, John Bartow, David Hunt, Jr. (Quaker), Isaac Leggett. Proved, August 7, 1769.

Dated December 20, 1768. Witnesses, Lott Trip, Quaker, Smeton Brownell, Smeton Tripp. Proved, November 25, 1769.

Witnesses, Jane Southard, Joseph Rainer, Jr., Richard Ellison, Quaker. Proved, March 13, 1770.

Witnesses, Caleb Purdy, Job Hadden, Quaker, Caleb Purdy, Jr. Proved, March 26, 1771, before Timothy Wetmore.

Dated April 4, 1769. Witnesses, Dr. Dobson Wheeler, of Litchfield, Conn., Quaker, Gershom Martin, John Dorlon. Proved, March 25, 1771.

Dated February 28, 1771. Witnesses, Somerset Lawrence, Quaker, William Lovey, Isaac Lawrence. Proved, April 22, 1771.

Witnesses, Theophilus Wright, Isaac Doty, Thomas Seaman. Proved, November 25, 1771. In the probate Samuel Willis, Quaker, appears as witness.

Witnesses, Elizabeth Gedney, Samuel Townsend, Benedict Carpenter, Quaker. Proved, December 30, 1771, before Caleb Fowler.

Dated April 15, 1760. Witnesses, Daniel Kissam, Jr., John Alner, ship carpenter, James Parsons, merchant (Quaker). Proved, February 27, 1772.

Dated "this 19 day of 7th month" 1770. Witnesses, Joshua Haight, Sr., Quaker, Gilbert Haight, Joshua Haight. Proved, September 14, 1770.

Witnesses, Joseph Latham, shipwright (Quaker), Peter Room, Jeremiah Connor. Proved, February 2, 1773.

Witnesses, Deborah Smith, Deborah Smith the younger, Benjamin Smith, Quaker. Proved, March 6, 1773.

Dated August 20, 1772. Witnesses, Cornelius Brinkerhoff, William Hartshorne, Quaker, Gilbert Burger. Proved, November 30, 1773.

Dated January 30, 1770. Witnesses, Israel Honeywell, Gillead Honeywell, Samuel Downing, Quaker. Proved, May 24, 1774.

Witnesses, Stephen White, Judith Griffin, John Griffin, Quaker. Proved, April 6, 1774.

Dated "This 10 day of 2nd Month, 1772." Witnesses, Aaron Vail, Phebe Haight, Joshua Haight, Quaker. Proved, November 19, 1774.

Witnesses, Stevenson Thorn (Quaker), Mary Roads, Benjamin Smith. Proved, November 5, 1774.

Witnesses, James Haight, Quaker, Caleb Fowler. Proved, March 22, 1775.

Dated March 30, 1774. Witnesses, William Thorne, Martha Thorne, Benjamin Doughty, Jr., Quaker. Proved, April 25, 1775, before John J. Troup.

Witnesses, Ebenezer White, Moses Quinby, Stephen Farrington, Quaker. Proved, September 16, 1775.

Dated November 20, 1775. Witnesses, Job Hadden, Jonathan G. Graham, Benedict Carpenter, Quaker. Proved, December 1, 1775, before Caleb Fowler, Esq.

Witnesses, Aaron Palmer, Quaker, Sarah Palmer, Gilbert Bloomer. Proved January 29, 1776.

Page 19.--JOSIAH BARKER, of Sherburne, in Nantucket County, in Massachusetts, being the owner of 3/4 of the Brigantine "Pembroke," now lying at Long Island with a quantity of oil, makes Obed Bunker, a Quaker, his attorney.

Witnesses, Matthew Prior, Samuel Cock, Quaker, Henry Prior. Proved, March 2, 1779.

May 20, 1775. Witnesses, Goldsbrow Banyar, Thomas Lawson, Robert Cornell. Republished and declared as his will, August 7, 1776. Witnesses, Robert Doughty, Quaker, Benjamin Underhill, Edmund Underhill. Proved, March 15, 1779.

Dated September 7, 1767. Witnesses, Daniel Latham, Quaker, James Hedger, Thomas Hodgson. Proved, February 8, 1779.

Dated November 23, 1778. Witnesses, Thomas P. Hewlings, John Glover, Samuel Burling, Quaker. Proved, May 3, 1779.

Witnesses, Samuel Burling, Quaker, Nicholas Stuby, James Brevoort. Dated October 3, 1779. Proved, October 25, 1779.

Witnesses, Mary Rainer, Samuel Mott, Quaker, Richard Ellison. Proved, November 9, 1779.

Dated March 5, 1780. Witnesses, Henry Titus, Quaker, Abel Smith, Cornelius I. Bogart, Conveyancer and Scrivener. Proved, May 8, 1780.

Dated July 15, 1777. Witnesses, Stephen Mott, William Van Wyck, Quaker, Theodorus Van Wyck, Quaker. Proved, October 1, 1778.

Witnesses, John Boerum, Jean Boerum, Samuel Willis, Quaker. Proved, March 25, 1780.

Dated the 16 day of the second month, called February, 1776. Witnesses, George Embree, Quaker, William Gray, Nathaniel Palmer. Proved, June 8, 1780.

Witnesses, Obadiah De Milt, Quaker, Joris Rapalye, William Salt. Proved, May 11, 1780.

Walter Franklin was one of the wealthiest Quaker merchants in New York. He married Mary, daughter of Daniel Bowne. Their daughter Maria married Governor De Witt Clinton. Sarah married John L. Norton. The expected child was born and named Hannah. She married George Clinton, a younger brother of De Witt Clinton.

Witnesses, Thomas Stevenson, Jean Sloan, Abraham Ferdon. Proved, September 25, 1780, upon affirmation of William Coleman Fisher, Quaker, and Robert Pellitte, mariner, as to handwriting, etc.

[NOTE.--The "Friends' Meeting House on the Oblong" is at Quaker Hill, in the town of Pawlings, Duchess County. The lands in Charlotte are in Vermont.--W. S. P.]

Witnesses, Freelove Lyon, Thomas Nash, Quaker, Benjamin Smith. Proved, May 26, 1779.

Dated "the twenty-first of the fourth month, called April, 1773." Witnesses, Thomas Vail, Quaker, Mary Vail, Jr., Benedict Carpenter. Proved, September 27, 1780.

Dated September 18, 1777. Witnesses, Israel Dowd, Quaker, Samuel McHago, Daniel Jackson. Proved, April 18, 1780.

Dated April 1, 1773. Witnesses, John Fowler, Quaker, John Carl, Freelove Carl. Proved, October 31, 1780.

Dated October 7, 1777. Witnesses, Whitehead Hicks, Judge of Supreme Court, Samuel Latham, John Field, Quaker. Proved, March 9, 1778. Confirmed, January 25, 1781.

Dated November 15, 1771. Witnesses, John Lawrence, merchant, Quaker, Joseph Lawrence, Mary Harkur. Proved, April 23, 1781.

Dated July 17, 1779. Witnesses, Samuel Willets, Jacob Underhill, Thomas Prior, of Oyster Bay, quaker. Proved, April 23, 1781.

Witnesses, David Losee, Benjamin V. D. Water, Richard Ellison, quaker, of Hempstead. Proved, March 24, 1781.

Dated in New York, this 15th day of sixth month, 1779. Witnesses, Thomas Pearsall, watchmaker, John W. Haydock, Quaker and Merchant, Eden Shotwell. Proved, March 25, 1782.

Dated December 1, 1781. Witnesses, Thomas Riche, Joseph Baldwin, a Quaker, Samuel Allen. Proved, May 6, 1782. On the same day, Samuel Bard appeared and qualified as executor.

Dated June 8, 1781. Witnesses, John Glover, of the City of New York, merchant, Thomas Clark, Quaker, of the same city, merchant, and Nancy Pearsall. Proved, September 30, 1782.

New Jersey Quakers in Wills

Calendar of New Jersey Wills, 1670-1760

Following is a list of names of Quakers found in New Jersey Wills. For more details, or to read the wills, see Calendar of New Jersey Wills, 1670-1760 [$]

yeoman; will of. Wife Mary; children--Martha (married name illegible), Elisabeth, Joseph, David and Hannah. Real and personal estate. No executor named in the will, but Joseph Allin and Richard Gardner qualify as such. Witnesses--Peter Traverrie, Samuel Forman (a Quaker), Thomas Bills, Joseph Lawrence. Proved 08 Apr 1725.

Inventory of the personal estate, 8.3, made by Joseph King and John Carter; affirmed by Edmund Beaks, a Quaker, administrator of the estate.

schoolmaster; will of. Divides his "small portion of the things of this world" between Bartholomew Wyeth of Manning for repairing the Quaker Meetinghouse at Salem, Joseph and John Darkin of Elsenburge and Andrew Thompson of Elsenburge, who is made residuary legatee and sole executor. Witnesses--Jno. Thompson, Edward Tranchard, Robert Smith. Proved 12 Apr 1723.

yeoman; will of. Wife Anne sole heiress and with father-in-law Samuel Curtice executrix of the estate with legacy to Salem Quaker Meetings. Witnesses--Margrett Haslewood, Sam'l Hedge, Anna Hedge. Recorded 15 Nov 1694.

11 Jan 1715-6 Inventory of the personal estate, 147.15.-; made by Joseph Willets and Richard Osborn; affirmed to by Alce Hickbe, a reputed Quaker.

mariner. Affidavit of James Boyden, of Philadelphia, mariner, a quaker, 40 years old, that Seth Hill died and was buried in the Island of Curacao.

draft of will of (incomplete, lacking signatures of testator and witnesses). Proved 24 Jan 1722-3, by the testimony of Joseph Worth, a Quaker, who received this draft from testator to be put in proper shape.

26 Apr 1728 Inventory of the personal estate, 25.4; made by William Hunt and John Huse. Sworn to by Sarah Johnson, executrix, and affirmed by Alexander Simpson, a Quaker, executor.

1727-8 March 16. Inventory of the personal estate. 109.5.3; made by Nathan Folwell and John Ogborn; affirmed by Robert Rockhill, surviving executor, a Quaker.

Inventory of the personal estate of, 149.9.8, incl. "Detes If Got" 40; made by John Cock and William Hunt; attested to by Sarah, the widow of John Shivers, a Quaker.

who died intestate. Inventory of the personal estate of, 15.13.11 old currency; made by Thomas Wakefeild and Wade Oakford. Affirmed by George Abbott, a Quaker, who has been made administrator of the estate.

Signed by Rachel Dennis and Lydia Parker, March 1, 1747-8. Proved by Rachel Dennis and Lydia Parker (Quaker), who testify that Lydia Allen died at twelve o'clock at night, Monday, February 22nd (?).

Wife sole executrix. Witnesses--John Tantum, Jr., Ambrose Feild and Samuel Rogers. Proved by John Tantum, Quaker, January 30, 1738.

1732, April 3. Inventory of personal estate, 59.3.0; made by Francis Vannoey, and Abraham Anderson a Quaker.

1750, April 23. Bond of John Andrews, cooper, of Monmouth County, as administrator of the estate. David Gordon, of same, farmer, fellow bondsman. Witnessed by William Phillips. (John Andrews, a Quaker).

yeoman; will of. Wife, Martha, all estate to enable her to support children, "which now are most of them young." Wife executrix. Witnesses--David Dunbar, Christian Wilson and Joseph Yard. Proved March 28, 1750. (Executrix, Martha, a Quaker).

Witnesses--Jere. Bacon, John Ware, John Bacon (Quaker). Affirmed 10 January, 1733.

Inventory, 14.6.0. Appraisers--Howell Powell, John Bacon (Quaker).

1734, 3d mo. (May), 28 da. Codicil. Witnesses--John Kay, (Quaker), Elizabeth Wood (Quakeress). Proved 30 Dec. 1734.

1738, May 5. Joseph FitzRandolph, Quaker, qualified as executor.

1730-1, Feb. 17. . (Letters of administration with the will annexed were granted to the widow, Mary Borden, a Quaker, February 22, 1730-1.

1744, Oct. 25. Samuel Marsh, Quaker, affirmed to his signature, and Joseph Shotwell, Quaker, qualified as executor.

Proved June 7, 1748, when Joseph Corlies, executor, a Quaker, was affirmed; the other executor, Hezekiah Williams, "not being in the said Province, as is said."

Witnesses--John Jones, Sarah Jones, Gerves Hall (Quaker). Affirmed 20 Aug., 1744.

Witnesses--Arthur Howell, William Surman (Quaker), and Sarah Surman (or Sarman). Proved October 2, 1750.

Executors--sons, Clement, Thomas and Randal. Witnesses--Robert Townsend (Quaker), Felix Fitz Summons (Quaker), Nathaniel Morrison. Proved 30 Jan., 1746.

1750, July 21. Inventory (481.16.6) includes hunting saddle, gun, pike, sword and belt. Made by Nathan Beakes and Arthur Howell, the former a Quaker.

1749-50, Jan. 29. Mercy Field, executrix, Quaker, affirmed.

1749-50, Feb. 2. Richard FitzRandolph, executor, Quaker, affirmed.

Wife, Mary, and friend James Clark (Quaker), executors. Witnesses--Ephraim Marritt, Hannah Runyan and Edmund Beakes. Proved June 2, 1747.


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