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Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca

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The Ship "The Two Brothers", sailed August 19, 1719 France for Louisiana

Didn't find your ancestor on my free ships' passenger lists? Search Ships Passenger Lists To Louisiana on a trial period free access to Ancestry.com. Their Louisiana Immigration Records includes immigration and naturalizations records such as Louisiana State Database, Louisiana Land Grants, New Orleans, 1820-1850 Passenger Lists, Louisiana Marriages to 1850, Louisiana Census, 1810-1930, Louisiana City Parish Index

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Source: Ship Lists of Passengers Leaving France for Louisiana 1718-1724, originally published in the Louisiana Historical Society Quarterly & Roll of the passengers who set sail on the vessels of the Indies Company (Compagnie des indes) to go to Louisiana, starting from July 1, 1719 in National Archives of Canada (NAC) G1, vol. 464
On The Ship "The Two Brothers", sailed August 19, 1719 France for Louisiana
Concession of the chravlier De Tourneuille
Surname First Name Age Height Hair Occupation Where from
Mr. Le de Tourneuille Chev'er          
Pigeon Adrien [NAC shows his name as Lorien]       workman  
Robin Charles       workman  
Millet Jacques       workman  
Cesar Jean B'te [NAC: Baptiste]       workman (negro)  
Moras Jean B'te [NAC: Baptiste]       workman  
Pesson Jacques       workman  
Audebran Marie       servant  
Concession of Mr. Villemont
Mr. de Villemont            
Made. de Villemont         his wife  
M'lle de Villemont Jean [NAC: Jeanne]       their child [NAC: his daughter]  
M'lle de Villemont Marie Anne       their child  
Tabarre Jean       workman  
de Lignaule Eustache       workman  
Ninger Alphonse       workman  
Charvau Mathurin       workman  
Morisset Charles Antoine       workman  
Chaigneau Jacques       workman  
Girade Marie       workman  
Broutier Anne       workman  
Manie [NAC: Marisse] Tudick [NAC: Audiette]       workman  
Vrignault Anne       workman  
David Jean B'te [NAC: Baptiste]       workman  
Gedeon Henry       workman  
Concession of Mr. Chantreau De Beaumont
M. de Beaumont Chantreau          
Aubry Catherine       his wife  
Chantreau Madeline       their child  
Chantreau Francois       their child  
Chantreau Marie Michel       their child  
Chantreau Antoine       their child  
Hurau Charles       his son in law  
Namblard Pierre       valet  
de Nantes Pierre       valet  
Crochet Nicolas       valet  
Private Passengers
Dumans Pierre       tailor  
Dumans Marie Anne       his wife  
Le Sr. St. Oliver         private passenger  
Le Sr. Love         private passenger [NAC: also a tailor]  
Fermignac Marie       wife of Sergeant Guerin who left on the Flute "La Marie"  
La Rieux Jean       her child [NAC: children]  
La Rieux Marie       her child [NAC: children]  
Persons engaged by Company
Bonnet Mathurin       master-carpenter of artillery  
Bonnet Francois       his child  
Bonnet Nicolas       his child  
Le Sr. de Reclot         officer in expectation  
Le Sr. Lafon [NAC: Lafond]         ditto  
Delman [NAC: Delmas] Pierre 25 5' 5'' chestnut sergeant Rodez in Languedoc
Langlois Bonnere Francois [NAC: Francois] 19 4' 9'' ditto cadet Paris
Le Sr. de St. Just   24 5' 2'' blond cadet ditto
Masson Richard 31 4' 8'' black cadet ditto
Le Sr. de la Commerie   20 4' 8'' chestnut cadet ditto
Le Sr. Hugot   17 4' 8'' black cadet Troys in Champagne
Le Sr. Baudouin   13 4' 5'' blond cadet Paris
Aufret Alexandre 18 5' black soldier (carver) Paris for N. O.
Paillard Pierre 15 4' ½'' chestnut soldier Abbeville
Pezé Jacques Philippe 22 5' ditto soldier (wigmaker) Betune In Artois
Poyer Nicolas 31 4' 10'' ditto soldier Paris
de Condamine Jean B'te [NAC: Baptiste] 19 5' ditto soldier Nimes
Lemaitre Jean B'te [NAC: Baptiste] 32 4' 8' ditto soldier (baker) Caen
Contant Jacques 16 4' 7'' ditto soldier (laborer) Angers
Normandin Jacques 18 5' black soldier (baker) La Rochelle
Rolland Guillaume 16 4' chestnut soldier Paris
Simon Martial 14 4' 6'' ditto soldier Nantes
Marchand Charles 23 5' ditto soldier (laborer) St. Gervais near Alencon
Brian Alain 22 5' ditto ditto Ponscore in Brittany
Tostain Pierre 23 4' 8'' ditto ditto St. Pierre Lizieux
Paysant Pierre 30 4' 8'' black soldier ( hatter) St. Jean of Angely
Houssaye Joseph 33 5' ditto soldier (sailor) Port Louis
Ponan [NAC: Poncin] Pierre 27 4' 8'' chestnut soldier (mason) Metz
Barbotte Jacques Joseph 40 5' 2'' black soldier (laborer) Don in Brittany
Lenaud Jacques 22 5' 1'' chestnut soldier (mason) Xaintes
Paren [NAC: Parent] Jean 20 4' 8'' black soldier (rope-maker) Rouen
Roy Francois 30 4' 10'' ditto soldier (laborer) Montigny
Losserandes [NAC: Losserandre] Francois 40 5' ditto soldier (gardener) Savoy
Gignard Jacques 18 4' 8'' chestnut soldier Croizie In Brittany
Achard Pierre 30 4' 5'' ditto soldier (laborer) Bordeaux
Monier Laurent 14 4' 6'' black soldier (locksmith) Marinande in Guiéne
Peltier Pierre 21 4' 8'' ditto soldier (weaver) Nantes
Bayard Pierre Dominique 32 4' 10'' chestnut soldier Valencienne
Harnault Jacques 22 4' 8'' ditto soldier Saintonge
Courtineau Mathieu 36 5' 2'' black soldier Charente
Tobacco Smugglers
Ducret Pierre 40 5' black tob. smuggler (weaver) Mans
Malbos Louis 40 5' 2'' light tob. smuggler (shoemaker) Saussignargue
Marsseau Louis 24 5' ditto tob. smuggler (weaver) Bersuire
Cartier <argierote [NAC: Marguerite]       wife of Malbos  
Liepart [NAC: Liepars] Claude 65 5' 3'' gray tob. smuggler (baker) Monchetlaby
Momieur [NAC: Monneur] Francois 25 5' 2'' chestnut tob. smuggler (weaver) Brenneville
Ste. Brissy [NAC: Brissy] Jean [NAC: Jean-Baptiste] 24 5' 3'' ditto tob. smuggler (stone-cutter) Chassigny
Langois [NAC: Langlois] Andre 55 5' 3'' ditto tob. smuggler (laborer) Faucour in Normandy
Dealers in contraband salt
Chetivot [NAC: Chetinot] Claude 45 5' 3'' gray dealer in contraband salt Soissons
Chapelle Claude 37 5' 3'' black dealer in contraband salt Ste. Marie of Bois
Manez Claude 35 5' 4'' light able seaman Berry
Druin Charles 36 5' 3'' ditto ditto Biron Sorce
Demarty [NAC: Demarly] Charles 38 5' 3'' ditto weaver City of Andoussy
Morin dit Claire-Fontaine Pierre 35 5' 3'' ditto dealer in contraband salt Sette
Jerboz [NAC: Terboz] Jean 32 5' 4'' ditto dealer in contraband salt Sernion
Minozet Jean B'te [NAC: Baptiste] 30 5' 1'' ditto dealer in contraband salt L' Ossosigny
Lefebre Jean 49 5' 1'' gray dealer in contraband salt Angers
Royon Jean 18 5' 2'' blond dealer in contraband salt Breneuil
Savouret [NAC: Savouret dit Canville] Jean 60 5' 1'' gray dealer in contraband salt Canville
called Canville            
Bigord Jean 20 5' 4'' black shoe-maker Longueil
Dumoulin Jean 30 5' ditto brewer Origny
Dertin Jacques 28 5' 1'' light laborer Abbeville
Debzet [NAC: Debret] Jacques 55 5' 4'' ditto shoe-maker St. Amand
Cary Jacques 40 5' 1½'' ditto able seaman Picardy
Vasseur Jacques 20 5' black weaver Candot
Batalle Nicolas Francois 20 5' light dealer in contraband salt Busigny
Moncel Nicolas 37 5' ditto able seaman Sommeville in Champagne
Bileux Nicolas 22 5' ashy life-saver Anger-on-Saõne
Cabulot Andre 23 5' 5'' chestnut able seaman Abbeville
Lenoir Andre 37 5' 1'' black dealer in contraband salt St. Amand
Mianez Andre 20 5' 3'' light laborer Angers
Camus Antoine 41 5' black dealer in contraband salt  
Dusaussoir Antoine 38 5' ditto dealer in contraband salt Cury
Tellier Michel 50 5' 5'' chestnut brewer Vervin
Treguenot Michel 47 5' black able seaman Plomion
Condot Francois 23 5' 5'' light dealer in contraband salt Eauteville
Botel Francois 17 4' 9'' black dealer in contraband salt Ronsoy
Amand Francois 35 5' 1'' black dealer in contraband salt Cuerieux
Bouvard Pierre 17 5' 1'' light dealer in contraband salt Sologne
Hypin called Hubert) Pierre 18 5' 2'' blond laborer Chogueux
Seillier Pierre 40 5' 4'' ashy flax-dresser Chognet Bristet
Connyot Pierre 19 5' 2'' chestnut dealer in contraband salt Gremier
Devochet (called Louis 29 5' black dealer in contraband salt Amiens
Laloix Louis 26 5' 2'' light weaver Berneuil
Despagne Louis 21 5' 3'' light dealer in contraband salt Rontoir
Bouclet Thomas 40 4' 8'' black wooden shoe-maker Geante
Caret Urbain 30 4' 8'' ditto dealer in contraband salt Ansilvieux
Dieu Guillaume 45 5' 2'' blond able seaman Veunan
Boulle Germain 35 5' 3'' light ditto Comté
Ouaillier Nicolas 35 5' 3'' ditto ditto Irson
Duru Roland 40 5' 2'' black shoe-maker Any
Letrillard Jeanne       his wife  
De Roy Antoine 30 5' 1'' chestnut dealer in contraband salt St. Pierre
Fresson Jean 36 5' 3'' light dealer in contraband salt Irson in Thieras
Merle Jean 36 5' 4'' ditto dealer in contraband salt Savoy
Trolet Jean 38 5' 4'' black dealer in contraband salt Crunont
Bertin Francois 26 5' 2'' ditto dealer in contraband salt Bourguenville
Hautois Francois 38 5' 4'' black weaver Beneuil
Valet Etienne 32 5' 3'' ditto dealer in contraband salt Angers
Le Roy Jean 21 5' 3'' light dealer in contraband salt Freret
Vagabonds coming from Orleans
Valencie Jean 29 5' light   Combreu near Orleans
Brouere Denis 24 5' 2'' black   Angerville
Denis Jacques 40 4' 6'' blond wigmaker Paris
Dufeu Benoist 19 5' black   Toussien in Bresse
Toussard Louis 15 4' chestnut   Blois
Touzet Nicolas (called 18 5' 1'' ashy baker Versailles
Ditto coming from Lyon
Fouteur Francois 39 5' 3'' chestnut sailor St. Colombe in Dauphiné
Michon Marguerite       his wife  
Falguet Etienne 40 4' 8'' light   Savoy
Hodieu Etienne 21 4' 7'' black   Lyon
  Charles (called 15 5' clon   Lisle in Flanders
Descomptez Julien 45 5' 4'' light paper maker Lyon
Riviere Jean 50 5' black vine dresser Marty-on-Ance
Family children            
Fouget Jean 30 5' black   Orleans
Maillard Pierre 22 5' light joiner Versailles
Blancard ( called St.            
Blaise, deserter   29 5' 1'' chestnut    
Women and girls taken for fraud
Le Doux Nicole          
Auril Marie          
Grillon Marie          
Tacy Jeanne          
Durand Louise          
Lenfant Jeanne          
Bordeau Marie          
Brisson Madeline          
Michel Marie          
Ceinturier Marie          
Bagnelot Francoise          
Namond Anne          
Ferret Francoise          
Vigneron Blanche          
Gouguet Marie Jeanne          
Herode Marie Ficlou          
Annot Marie Claire          
Grize Marie Anne          
Fressin Francois          
Arnandé Jeanne          
Women and girls coming from Rochefort by order of the Council
Proche Marie Anne 30       Orleans
Le Feure Jeanne 38       Paris
La Fontaine Marie 38       ditto
Haby Catherine 21       ditto
Oudart Catherine 33       ditto
La Fleur Babet 34       ditto
Brunette (called Marie Louise 23       ditto
Paris Marie 30       Orleans
Igonnet Marie 22       Augvergne
Vallet Marguerite 25       St. Quentin
Coutelier ( called Marie Francois 18       Sens in Burgundy
Gennett Tiennette 33       ditto
Vigneron Jeanne 49       Langres
Chanuallon Genevieve 30       Melun
Duclaud Marie 23       Soissons
d'Aigremont Marie Jeanne 21       Abbeville

Last Updated on 20/03/04
Transcribed by Laura Freeman
Additions from NAC by Lorine McGinnis Schulze

Until January 1, 1820, the U.S. Federal Government did not require require captains or masters of vessels to present a passenger list to U.S. officials. Thus, as a general rule, NARA does not have passenger lists of vessels arriving before January 1, 1820. However, arrivals at New Orleans, Louisiana, 1813-1819, are reproduced in NARA microfilm publication Roll 1 of M2009, Work Projects Administration Transcript of Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New Orleans, Louisiana, 1813-1849 (2 rolls).

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