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Ships' Passenger List The Duke De Noaille September 16, 1719 France to Louisiana

Didn't find your ancestor on my free ships' passenger lists? Search Ships Passenger Lists To Louisiana on a trial period free access to Ancestry.com. Their Louisiana Immigration Records includes immigration and naturalizations records such as Louisiana State Database, Louisiana Land Grants, New Orleans, 1820-1850 Passenger Lists, Louisiana Marriages to 1850, Louisiana Census, 1810-1930, Louisiana City Parish Index

Don't miss Ships Arriving in Louisiana Find out what's available to find ancestors on ships arriving in Louisiana.

Source: Ship Lists of Passengers Leaving France for Louisiana 1718-1724, originally published in the Louisiana Historical Society Quarterly & Roll of the passengers who set sail on the vessels of the Indies Company (Compagnie des indes) to go to Louisiana, starting from July 1, 1719 in National Archives of Canada (NAC) G1, vol. 464
On The Ship "The Duke De Noailles", sailed September 16, 1719
Concession of M. Dartaguiette
Surname First Name Place of Birth Age Height Hair Occupation
Le Sr. Sorvate Babaqui         D' hospital
Le Sr. Degrat Pierre         Tessendier (surgeon)
Concession of Mr. Bail De Beaupré
Mr. De Beaupré Bail          
Made. De Beaupré           his wife
Marchand Marie         chamber maid
Anne           ditto
Devigne Jean         workman
Devigne Jean         his wife
Devigne Pierre         their child
Devigne Jean         their child
Ansiol Nicolas         workman
Quertems Jacques         workman
Fosse Jean         workman
Parabert Jean         workman
Brevier Jean         workman
Laveine Nicolas         workman
Dorange Mathieu         workman
Langlois Antoine         workman
Montais Simon         workman
Montais Marie         his wife
Montais Joseph         their child
Montais Jacob         their child
Montais Jeanne         their child
Le Mire Louis         workman
Gambier Michel         workman
Brunel Jean         workman
Haury Gilles         workman
Le Sr. Pinon           private passenger
Tout-Deuce Marguerite         private passenger
Tours           private passenger
Le Sr. Caron           Captain of Infantry
Le Sr. Detcheparre           Lieutenant of Infantry
Le Sr. de Longueval           ditto
Le Sr. de Brassee           ditto
Le Sr. Courten           sub-lieutenant
Le Sr. de Villecourt           ditto
Le Sr. Charreau           ditto
Le Sr. Lambert Chevalier         ditto
Le Sr. Duguartier           ensign
Le Sr. Franchomme           ditto
Le Sr. de St. Esteban           ditto
Le Sr. Tilloy Claude Paris 21 5' blond cadet
Le Sr. Jordan Claude Valence 19 5' 2'' ditto cadet
Le Sr. Malter Jean Bte. Paris 18 4' 8'' black cadet
La Roche Jacques Chalons in Chamgane 43 4' 8'' ditto Sergeant
Duflos Pierre Antoine Tournay in Flanders 30 5' brown soldier (wigmaker)
Le Guerre Guy Carhaix in Brittany 24 5' 4'' black soldier
Mercier Claude Paris 17 4' 6'' blond sailor (Tailor)
de Crèvecoeur Elzear Felix St. Omer 36 4' 1'' brown soldier
Druet Luc Nancy 17 4' blond soldier
Roussel Claude Corby in Picardy 44 5' chestnut soldier (laborer)
Moreau Francois Chateau Signon 33 5' black soldier (silkworker)
    in Ivernois        
Billecault Francois Auxerre in Burgundy 37 5' 2'' ditto soldier (surgeon)
Gouet Jacques Clermont in Auvergne 26 5' 2'' chestnut soldier (weaver)
du Rocher Rene Poiters 16 4' 8'' black soldier (wigmaker)
Lemoine Florent Saumur 18 4'10'' ditto ditto
Duval Charles Villedieu l'Espoin, 24 5' chestnut soldier (surgeon)
    Basse Normandy        
Perdon Agatte Ange Saumur 45 5' 2'' blond ditto
Maingueneau Francois Paris 21 5' brown soldier
Maillard Jean Brest 22 5' chestnut soldier
La Marzelle Jean Libourne 40 5' black soldier (wigmaker)
Brau Nicolas Nevers 26 5' 2'' ditto soldier (farrier)
Gouet Denis         butcher
Voysin Pierre Paris       pavier
Betuchet Pierre   17 5' ditto  
Dubois Francois          
Ozanne Louis          
Dupré Jean          
Frementier Jean Francois Rennes 45 5' 2'' blond soldier
Le Roy Etienne La Flêche in Anjou 30 5' 2'' black soldier (joiner)
Dealers in contraband salt
Brunet Jean Angers-on-Saõne 19 5' light miller
Calet Charles Vergon 35 5' brown miller
Girault Francois Rilly 30 5 black vine-dresser
Linger Rene Martizet 45 5' 1'' chestnut edge-tool-maker
Gentil Jacques ditto 41 5' 1'' black laborer
Perin Louis Neont in Poitou 42 5' 1'' ditto ditto
Dujardin Alexis Bagnolet 21 5' 1'' light gardener
Chapelle Guillaume Ste Marie du Bois 48 5' 7' black laborer
Malsieu Pierre Charbont 42 5' ashy sailor
de Roche Louis Neuilly in Normandy 26 5' 1'' chestnut laborer
Ridel Claude Paris 33 5' 5'' black joiner
Trocour Jean Amiens 40 5' 4'' ditto weaver
Deschamps Joseph Lambry 45 5' 3'' ditto rope-maker
Guenée Claudine         his wife
Glaine Claude Roman in Dauphiné 24 5' 2'' light carpenter
Dupré Jean Senerpon 13 4' ashy shoemaker
Famechon Louis Nicolas Dingue 15 4' blond  
Massuel Louis Hotion 30 5' 3'' chestnut puppet-maker (?)
Bouchet Jacques La Selle in Tourenne 45 5' 1'' gray laborer
Dauphin Francois Neont in Poitou 32 5' black  
Pallier Nicolas Sere in Tourene 45 5' chestnut  
Baudet Francois La Chapelle Blanche 48 5' 1'' gray  
Blanchard Louis Arleu 15 4' ashy  
Verdure Adrien Cette Outre 50 5' ashy  
Gottefrin Jean ditto 55 5' gray  
Assay Louis Montrichard in 50 5' black laborer
Aubert Pierre Crisse 55 5' 2'' black mason
Froger Vincent Marsilly 38 5' ditto weaver
Demarty Jean City of Landousy 43 5' 1'' ditto weaver
Blochet Louis Verluy 33 5' 3'' chestnut  
Ste. Tringuar Jean Caneillan 15 4' 8'' light  
Dupré Thomas Senerpon 14 5' black shoemaker
Ansau Thomas ditto 40 5' ditto  
  Bernard Paris 17 5' 1'' chestnut turner
Alard Antoine Montreuil 20 4' 9'' black  
Tesson George Tombère in 34 5' chestnut  
Lambert Jacques St. Neulisse in Savoy 24 5' black  
Noiron Jacques Barentin on Seine 38 4' ½'' ditto  
Pinchard Michel Rinsart 32 5' 5'' light carter
Demarty Jean Sury-on-Oise 35 5' 2'' ditto weaver
Lehaut Philippe Corby in Picardy 30 5' 1'' ditto  
Dauvin Jean Neuilly 37 5' 2'' black weaver
Ste. Nottard Jean Paris 31 5' 2'' light joiner
Durisse Marie         his wife
Couttant Francois Tiviers 38 5' 3'' black able seaman
Tobacco Smugglers
Malezieux Etienne Dampierre in 40 4' 5'' chestnut tobacco smuggler (lab. )
D' Estel Nicolas Metz 24 5' light tob. smuggler (baker)
Collain Jean Coublanc 30 5' 4'' ditto tob. smuggler (ropemaker
Biat Jean Elbet 28 4' 6'' black tob. smuggler (copper-smith)
Vasseur marie         his wife
Cussin Pierre Sarmelieux 33 5' 1'' ditto tob. smuggler (vine dresser)
Fremy Jeanne         his wife
Cussin Claude Nicolas         their child
Passerat Pierre St. Arban 36 5' 2'' ditto tob. smuggle ( gardener)
Guemel Louis Verton 18 4' 6'' light tob. smuggler (mason)
Gottard Jean St. Genis Lavar in 27 5' black tob. smuggler (weaver)
Berson Ennemond Lyon 50 4' 5'' light tob. smuggler (laborer)
Maurix Pierre Marsonning in Bresse 50 5' black  
Joumas Joseph Ventadour road 58 5' 3'' ditto tob. smuggler (baker)
Cheron Francois          
Ferrand Laurent          
Roussel Louis Chalaindray 15 4' 2'' chestnut tob. smuggler (laborer)
Veillon Benoist Etienne St. ARban 47 5' 1'' gray ditto
Dutarte Claude Dermois, Franche 25 5' 1'' light tob. smuggler (joiner)
Soubaygné Jean          
Detrouillet Catherine         his wife
Soubaygné Catherine         their child
Soubaygné Anne         their child
Bernard Claude          
Giraude Marie         his wife
Berthelot Francois Talent 48 4' 8'' black able seaman
Raffin Joseph Cursia in Bresse 40 5' 6'' chestnut tob. smuggler (miller)
Fleury Antoine Bourg in Bresse 32 5' 6'' ditto  
Fenerolle Catherine         wife of Damel
Vagabonds taken at Orleans
Silvain Thomas Meule 35 4' 7'' black laborer
Fausset Pierre Sussy in Béry 23 4' 7'' ditto ditto
Branchet Michel St. Benoist-on-Loire 54 5' 2'' gray ditto
Pepin Andre La Trinity in Normandy 25 5' black ditto
  Rene Jean Paris 52 5' gray gold-smith
Pepie Marguerite         his wife
Barbier Pierre St. Germain Lavelle 19 5' 2'' chestnut  
Deserters coming from Bayonne by order of M. the Marshall of Berwick
Girard Nicolas          
La Rogue Joachim          

Last Updated on 20/03/04
Transcribed by Laura Freeman

Until January 1, 1820, the U.S. Federal Government did not require require captains or masters of vessels to present a passenger list to U.S. officials. Thus, as a general rule, NARA does not have passenger lists of vessels arriving before January 1, 1820. However, arrivals at New Orleans, Louisiana, 1813-1819, are reproduced in NARA microfilm publication Roll 1 of M2009, Work Projects Administration Transcript of Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New Orleans, Louisiana, 1813-1849 (2 rolls).

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