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The James 1635

The following Lists of New England Emigrants are from Her Majesty's State Paper Office.
Lorine's Note: This set of records consists of various passenger lists, names of individuals ready to sail to New England, and names of those taking the Oath of Allegiance (in preparation for sailing). It is not always obvious when each ship left. Researchers will have to determine whether or not a ship made more than one sailing each year it is mentioned. The original spelling has been maintained, so you will see "Landen" for "London", etc. Note that common words found are "uxor" meaning "wife", "mr" for "Master" (of the ship)
Finding the names: You can browse each list, starting with the one below (scroll down). To browse the passenger lists of all ships I have online for this 20 year period to New England see the list of all known ships that made the voyage. I hope to find passenger lists for every ship on the list, so if you have a ship list, please consider donating it to Olive Tree.
Transciber: Laura Freeman

The James of London, April 1635
SOUTHon.---A list of names of suche Passeng'rs as shipt themselues at the towne of Hampton, in the James of London of iij tonnes William Coop'r Mr v'u New. England, in and aboute the vth of Aprill, 1635. Augustine Clem't, sometime of Readinge, Paynter.

  • Thomas Wheeler Servant to Augustine Clem't
  • Thomas Browne Weaver Of Malford
  • Hercules Woodman Mercer Of Malford
  • John Euered Alias Webb
  • Stephen Euered Alias Webb
  • Gyles Butler labor. or husbandman of Marlboro
  • Thomas Colman labor. or husbandman of Marlboro
  • Thomas Goddard labor. or husbandman of Marlboro
  • John Pithouse labor. or husbandman of Marlboro
  • Anthony Morse Shoemaker of Marlboro
  • William Morse Shoemaker of Marlboro
  • John Hide Taylor of Marlboro
  • John Parker Carpenter of Marlboro
  • Richard Walker Shoemaker of Marlboro
  • Maudit Ingles ffuller of Marlboro
  • Thomas Duryes Sawyer of Marlboro
  • Thos Carpenter Carpenter of Amsbury
  • William Paddey skin Cutler of London
  • Edmund Hawes of London
  • Edmund Balter maulter late of N. England
  • John Smith Balter servant late of N. England
  • Michael Shafflin Taylor late of N. England
  • Josuah Verren Rep'r late of N. England
  • Thomas Antram Weaver late of N. England
  • Thomas Browne Antram servant late of N. England
  • George Smythe Taylor late of N. England
  • Phillip Varren Roup'r late of N. England
  • John Greene Surgeon late of N. England
  • Zacheus Coutris Laborer of Downton
  • Henry Rost Laborer of Platford
  • Nicholas Batt Linnen weaver of Deryes
  • Thomas Scoates Laborer of Sarn.
  • John Pike Laborer of Langford
  • John Musselwhite Laborer of Langford
  • Sampson Salter Fisherman of Caversham
  • Henry Kinge Laborer of Brencsley
  • William Andrews Carpenter of Hampsworth
  • John Knight Taylor of Romsey
  • Ris Knight Taylor of Romsey
  • Thomas Smith Weaver of Romsey
  • Nicholas Holte tanner
  • Robert ffield Laborer of Yearling
  • Anthony Thetcher Taylor of Sarn.
  • Peter Higdon Thatcher servant
  • James Browne 17 youth of Hampton
  • Lawrence Sear' 17 youth of Hampton
  • Henry Leuage of Sarn.
  • William Parsons Taylor of Sarn.
  • John Emery Carpenter of Romsey
  • Anthony Emery Carpenter of Romsey
  • William Kemp Servant
Tho totall number of these men, youthes, and boyes are liij p'sons, besids the wives and Children of Dyvers of these.
Tho: Wurfris Coll'r ibm.
N. Dingley Comp't,
John Knapp Searcher.
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The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1607-1776

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Step 4: If you still can't find your ancestor in free ships passenger lists, try ships passenger lists and naturalization records on a pay site. See the Immigration Comparison Chart to help you decide which of the fee-based sites has the passenger lists you need to find your immigrant ancestor

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