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SS Melita, Canadian Pacific From Liverpool, England to Quebec

National Archives of Canada
Microfilm # T – 14702
SS Melita, Canadian Pacific
From: Liverpool, England to Quebec
Sailed: 17 September to 25 September 1919



MONTEITH, A.H.; Lt/Col.; CSC; O.C.
TRACEY, A.S.; Lieut.; CSC; Adjutant
ARKELL, H.E.; Capt.; CSC; Senior Medical Officer
COUGHLIN, F.J.; Capt.; CSC; Medical Officer
PATTERSON, G.; Capt.; CSC; Medical Officer
NORMANDIN, G.; Capt.; CSC; Paymaster
WILLISON, E.M.; N/Sister; CSC; Nursing Sister i/c
MCDOWELL, B.S?; N/Sister; CSC; Nursing Sister
REYNOLDS, J.M.; N/Sister; CSC; Nursing Sister



COWAN, H.J.; Col.; SRD; Portage la Prarie Man (sic)
GREER, H.C.; Lt-Col.; CASC; Ottawa
WORSNOP, C.B.; Lt-Col.; BCR; Vancouver
CUNNINGHAM, W?G.; Major; MRD; Victoria
FRASER, C.; Major; BCR; Winnipeg
GOODALL, J.R.; Major; CAMC; Westmount Que
KNOX-LEET, E.H.; Major; QRD; Montreal
MCAUGHEY, J.; Major; MRD; Saskatoon
RIDOUT, H.E.; Major; CAPC; Toronto
ROWAN, J.F.; Major; CASC; Toronto
WILMOT, L.A.; Major; BCR; Victoria
COOPER, W.W.; Capt.; MRD; North Battleford Sask
CHEW, C.A.; Capt.; CAPC; Halifax
COX, A.; Capt.; SRD; Regina
DANN, G.A.; Capt.; QRD; Moose Jaw
EDWARD, A.M.; Capt.; SRD; Kisbey, Sask
GRAY, J.R.; Capt.; QRD; Montreal
NIELD, J.B.; Capt.; YMCA; Port Arthur
RAWSON, N.; Capt.; YMCA; Toronto
GRAHAM, F.; Lieut.; CFC; Port Clement B.C.
HITCHON, W.W.; Lieut.; CORD; (Invalided); [Brantford, Ont]
MILNE, A.R.; Liet.; PPCLI; St. Anne de Bellevue, P.Q.
MURDOCH, A.J.G.; Lieut.; CORD; Winnipeg
SAINSBURY, H.W.; Lieut.; CORD; Weston Ont
THOMPSON, M.M.; Nursing Sister; CAMC; Calgary

Certified Correct A.M. Montieth, Lt-Col. [Signature] Officer Commanding Staff and Troops



PARKER, J.; R.S.M.; 5581; CSC; Ship’s Sergt Major
BRAITHWAITE, E.L.; Sergt; 681795; CSC; O.R. Sergt
DUBNITSKY, J.; S/Sgt; 527299; CSC; Dispenser
KIRBY, R.; S/Sgt; 526857; CSC; Medical Sergt
CROMAR, D.E.; Cpl; 2611982; CSC; Medical Orderly
WARREN, G.; Pte N (?); 3057622; CSC; Medical Orderly
BEAULIEU, T.; Pte; 2445401; CSC; Medical Orderly
REED, N.W.; S/Sgt; 489850; CSC; Pay Clerk
FLOCK, R.N.; R.S.M.; 925223; Capc; Ottawa on Duty



THISTLE, R.; RSM; 27017; CAMC; St. Johns, Nfld
AUSTEN, H.A.; RSM; 2502872; CRTD; Winnipeg, Man; [listed as Charles Albert Austin in CEF database]
WYLLIE, J.; RQMS; 204642; CORD; Saskatoon, Sask.
GARDEN, J.; SQMS; 107255; HQ; Vancouver
APPS, Geo.; A/CSM; 6172; WORD; London, Ont
HACK, W.G.; A/CSM; 25841; QRD; Montreal; -
JOY, W.; A/CSM; 622082; MRD; Winnipeg; -
KISSOCK, D.E.; CSM; 201841; 1st CORD; Toronto
SPREWELL, W.; CSM; 110528; QRD; Montreal
CLARKE, T.W.; CQMS; 65178; QRD; Montreal
DUNION, W.F.; CQMS; 457391; QRD; Montreal
BAXTER, R.H.; A/S/Sgt; 725091; CAMC (?); Janetville, Ont
COCHRANE, F.; A/S/Sgt; 7022; CAMC; Galt, Ont.
GIBBS, A.J.; A/S/Sgt; 27427; CAMC; Toronto
HARRISON, F.; K/S/Sgt (?); 297060; CAMC; Ottawa
HASTINGS, R.; S/Sgt; 02530; CAMC; Montreal
MCKINNON, C.D.G.; S/Sgt; 76336; CASC; Vancouver
OSBORNE, H.R.; A/S/Sgt; 451090; CAPC; Niagara Falls, Ont
TOWNSEND, J.; S/Sgt; 445598; BCRD; Jolioure, N.B.
ARDERN, W.; Sgt; 85579; CARD; Vancouver
BARTLEY, R.A.; A/Sgt; 291265; SRD; Winnipeg
BRAMWELL, C.; Sgt; 405533; QRD; Toronto
BROWN, H.C.; Sgt; 506654; CAMC; Calgary
BULLOCK, J.H.; A/Sgt; 1225; CAMC; Cagary (sic)
BROOKES, R.A.; Sgt; 37039; CASC; San Diego, Cal. USA
CARSON, W.J.; Sgt. 1054095; CE; Quebec
CHALMERS, H.J.; A/S/gt (?); 66206; QRD; Montreal
CHARE, F.; A/Sgt; 32747; CAMC; Ottawa
COLBURN, C.L.; Sgt; 3189811; NSRD; Oxford Junet, N.S.
FOOTE, C.T.; Sgt; 550077; CRCR; Toronto
GREY, J.L.; Sgt; 436386; SRD; Tawatinaw, Alta
HARBOUR, E.V.; A/Sgt; 21369; COC; Norwood, Man
HARDY, E.E.; A/Sgt; 53016; HQ; Chicago, ILL, USA
JARRATT, H.S.; A/Sgt; 2663614; CFA; Calgary
KANEEN, J.R.; Sgt; 43619; CARD; St. Peters Bay, PEI
KLOCK, J.; Sgt; 406113; CASC; Brantford, Ont
LANGRIDGE, J.; A/Sgt; 55231; CORD; Toronto
LIGHTBODY, R.E.; Sgt; 881; CORD (?); Toronto
MILLS, P.W.; A/Sgt; 21272; SRD; Winnipeg
MILLS, W.; A/Sgt; 198261; SRD; Kenora, Ont
MORRIS, A.J.; Sgt; 477601; NSRD; Daysville, Sask
MCDONALD, W.N.; Sgt; 602296(?); CAPC; Guelph, Ont; [listed as W.N. MacDonald, Regimental # 602298 in CEF database]
MCGIMPSEY, S; A/Sgt; 524611; CAMC; Victoria
OLDHAM, G.C.; Sgt; 334401; CARD; Swissvale, Penn. USA
PATRICK, A.; Sgt; 420964; QRD; Winnipeg, Man
POTTS, J.D.; A/Sgt; 466148; SRD; Edmonton, Alta
RENTON, A.; Sgt; 21878; MRD; Regina, Sask
ROYSTON, R.A.; Sgt; 525074; CAMC; Vancouver
SMITH, H.; A/Sgt; 432645; CAMC; Edmonton; [Regimental # is listed as A32645 in CEF database]
THOMPSON, F.; A/Sgt; 183062; CAPC; Calgary
TILCOX, F.W.; A/Sgt; 104580(?); SRD; Ceylon, Sask; [Regimental # 10450 in CEF database]
WATKINS, W.J.; A/Sgt; 400521; LAO; Detroit, Mich USA
WHEELER, B.J.; A/Sgt; 841153; CAPC; Regina
WOODLAND, E.G.; Sgt; 116620; CAPC; Edmonton
ALLEN, E.; Pte; 163106; CORD; Toronto
BABB, J.R.; L/Cpl; 32720; CAMC; Red Deer, Alta
BARCHAN, W.H.; A/Cpl; 521011; CAMC; Pender Island, BC
BRAKE, A.; Pte; 231459; CARD; Edmonton
BARTEAUX, V. Pte; 415180; NSRD; Cumberland Co N.S.
BEARD, A.; Dvr; 42742; CARD; Toronto; [also listed as Arthur Stott in CEF database]
BEARME, H.; Pte; 294913; NBRD; Winnipeg; [surname is Bearne in CEF database]
BICKERSTAFFE, D.H.(?); Pte; 2517357; WORD; Windsor
BIGG, F.A.; Pte; 3353314; SRD; Deveron, Sask
BLAKE, W.J.; Pte; 874120; CAMC; Winnipeg
BLUNT, A.; A/Cpl; 10877; CORD; Hamilton
BRADFORD, W.H.; A/Cpl; 643803; CORD; Orillia
CHISNELL, A.H.W.; Pte; 2504397; CERD; Winnipeg
CLOUTIER, E.; Pte; 754143; QRD; Montreal
COCKBURN, J. (?); A/Cpl; 475044; CRO; Winnipeg
COLE, R.; A/Cpl; 1033298; CAMC; Montreal
CRACKNELL, V.A.; L/Cpl; 273051; GD; Toronto
CLARK, H.H.; Pte; 269054; SRD; Storthoaks, Sask; [my grandfather, s/b H.M. Clark]
CUNNINGHAM, J.H.G.; Cpl; 126040; MRD; Woodstock; [listed as J.H.S. Cunningham in CEF database]
DESMORE, E.; Pte; 637191; CFC; Kingston
DINARD, V.J.; Pte; 3080955; QRD; Montreal; [not listed in CEF database?]
DONALD, E.; Pte; 458411; QRD; Montreal
DEANS, W.; Pte; 911805; SRD; Vancouver
DIXON, G.S.; Cpl (?); 524628; CAMC; Vancouver
DREW, W.; Cpl; 124114; QRD; Montreal
DUCAT, J.; Pte; 3155197; QRD; Monteral (sic)
DURRY, A.; Pte; 510957; CASC; Todmorden, Ont
EDGAR, J.J.; Pte; 454169; CAMC; Lancaster, Ont
ERISON, A.; L/Cpl (?); 164440; CORD; Galt, Ont
FRASER, A.D.; Pte; MGG26; PPCLI; Montreal; [Regimental # is MCG26 in CEF database]
FIRBY, H.V.; Pte; 654446; QRD; Detroit, Mich USA
FRANKCOM, W.; L/Cpl; 142616; CORD; Midhurst, Ont
GEORGE, W.F.; Cpl; 303681; CORD; Yorkton
GIBSON, W.; Gnr; 303628; CAMC; Ottawa; [I believe Regimental # s/b 305628]
GIBSON, D.; Pte; 3033130; CORD; Toronto
GIBSON, F.; Pte; 3314075; CORD; Fergus, Ont
GILLANDERS, J.; Pte; 71556; CAMC; Vancouver
GOODMAN, C.W.; Pte; 294023; CAMC; Winnipeg
GORRELL, N.W.; Pte; 234143; CAPC; Crystal City, [Man]
HAINSWORHT(?), W.G.; Pte; 3081886; QRD; Montreal; [surname is listed as Hainsworth in CEF database]
HALL, A.; Gnr; 89207; CARD; Ottawa
HALSEY, L.; Pte; 8447; CAMC; St. Catherines
HASTINGS, J.; Pte; 820279; CMGD; Winnipeg
HAYCOCK, A.; Gnr; 42686; CASC; Toronto
HERBERT, C.; Pte; 292011; SRD; Edmonton
HICKEY, G.R.; Pte; 3108585; CORD; Hamilton
HOGUE, E.E.; Pte; 105735; CFC; Gunderson
HUBER, M.; Pte; 808812; CASC; Calgary
HUNTER, J.; Pte; 3080378; QRD; Montreal
JENNI, A.R.; Cpl; 50869; CAMC; Vancouver
JUPP, J.; Pte; 1010243; SRD; Moose Jaw
LAINE, C.F.; Cpl; 523710; CAMC; Winnipeg
LAMONT, J.; Dvr; 513040; CASC; Owen Sound
LAWRENCE, P.A.; Pte; 812024; CARD; Edmonton
LEA, P.A.; Pte; 228511; CORD; Toronto; [listed as Archie Lea in CEF database]
LEFRANCOIS, D.; A/Cpl; 889558; QRD; Montreal
LISTER, A.B.(?); Pte; 3281969; QRD; Island Brook PQ; [listed as Allen Edgar Lister in CEF database]
MAGUIRE, J.; Pte; 1045089; CORD, Hammond, Ind. USA
MALONE, J.; Pte; 1090379; CAMC; Glengarry, Ont
MANN, Thos.; Pte; 259149; SRD; Regina
MARSHALL, A.? E.; Pte; 3033180; CORD; Chicago, Ill USA
MEEKS, W.W.; Pte; 872075; SRD; Tisdale, Sask
MICHE, G.R.; Pte; 268441; SRD; Griswolf, Man; [listed as G.R. Michie in CEF database]
MITCHELL, A.; Gnr; 90124; CARD; Chatham, N.B.
MONTGOMERY, H.S.; Pte; 445166; CARD; New Richmond PQ
MOORE, C.B.; Gnr; 303011; CARD; Montreal; [listed as C.L. Moore in CEF database]
MCBEAN, F.; Pte; 152779; NSRD; Brandon
MCCALLUM, J.C.; Pte; 1015263; BCRD; Grand Forks, BC
MCARTY, D.; Pte; 3218; CASC; Hamilton
MCDANIEL, H.E.; Pte; 2368380; CFC; Vancouver
MCDONALD, J.; Pte; 2330335; CFC; Cap Breton, NS
MCGOLDRICK, W.; Pte; 103025; CFC; Fredricton, NB; [Regimental # is 1030025 in CEF database]
MCGRUTHERS, R.; Pte; 1009223; SRD; Widdowfield, Ont
MCLANE, H.; Pte; 223088; QRD; Sherbrooke
MCTAGGART, J.A.; Pte; 63606; CASC; Montreal
NEWTON, J.W.; Pte; 696817; LAO; Paris, Ont
OBEE, R.; Pte; 150521; CAMC; Brandon
OXFORD, J.; Pte; 34314; CAMC; Hamilton
PARDY, F.; Cpl; 400852; NSRD; St. Thomas, Ont
PEART, W.H.; Pte; 3311834; HQ; Toronto
PECK, W.P.; Pte; 760292; BCRD; Vancouver
PEPPER, A.W.; Pte; 904548; ARD; Edmonton
POUNDER, E.; Sgr; 457496; QRD; Montreal
RANDALL, W.; Pte; 2644; LSH; Victoria; [listed as W. Randell in CEF database]
ROBERTS, H.A.; Pte; 269491; SRD; Oxbow, Sask
ROBINSON, D.; Pte; 3085055; QRD; Montreal
SANGER, C.; Gnr; 124293; CARD; London
SCOTT, C.A.D.; Pte; 2130485; CAMC; Brandon, Man
SEDGER, R.A.; L/Cpl; 251164; CAMC; Victoria; [Regimental # is listed as 521164 in CEF database]
SEHLIN, H.I.; Pte; 625537; MRD; Millet, Alta; [Regimental # is listed as 625357 in CEF database]
SHAW, F.J.; Pte; 171199; CRT; Toronto
SMITH, A.G.; Pte; 532321; CASC; High River, Alta
SMITH, J.H.; Pte; 180848; NSRD; Victoria
SIMMERFORD, A.L.; Gnr; 1250606; CARD; Vancouver; [listed as A.L. Somerford in CEF database]
STRUTHERS, R.J.; Pte; 276668; CPC; Cabri, Sask
THOMAS, J.; Pte; 210908; CAMC; St. Catherines, Ont
TILLEY, G.; Pte; 1096124; CORD; Toronto
TULL, W.P.; Pte; 446130; ARD; Welland, Ont
URIE, A.; Pte; 57311; CAMC; Toronto
VAN HORNE, W.; L/Cpl (?); 1069333; SRD; Ceylon, Sask
WARD, R.N.; Sgr; 1030806; QRD; Cambridge, Mass USA
WATTS, G.C.; Pte; 2005334; CPC; Vancouver
WIKINSON, P.; Pte; 511550; CASC; Winnipeg
WILLIAMS, F.J.; Pte; 269542; SRD; Chaplin, Sask
WOOD, C.; Pte; 214369; CORD; Windsor
WOODLEY, G.S.V.; Pte; 19454; CAMC; Edmonton; [listed as George Benjamin Woodley in CEF database]
WRIGHT, L.B.; A.Cpl; 805294; CAMC; Nesleton, Ont; [listed as Lucuis Elmer Wright in CEF database]
MOTYER, F.; Sgt; 434801; ARD; Calgary
ELMER, J.; Pte; 246217; QRD; Ottawa
RICKARD, T.; Pte; 1093382; EORD; Edmonton

Certified Correct A.M. Montieth, Lt-Col. [Signature] Officer Commanding Staff and Troops

For more information on World War 1, and the CEF, see The Canadian Military Heritage Project

For additional information on these soldiers and others, check the Soldiers of the First World War (1914-1918) (Canadian Expeditionary Force) database at the National Archives of Canada web site at http://www.archives.ca/02/020106_e.html .

I also have additional information on the following people listed above: my grandfather, Hugh McKenzie Clark, Captain N. Rawson, and W.W. Hitchon. I can be contacted by email for further info.

Transcriber: Annette Fulford, British Columbia
Transcriber Notes: This is not a full list of passengers on board, just the soldiers. There was also Military Dependents and Civilian passengers too, but I do not have copies of those pages.

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