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Palatine Ship LOYAL JUDITH 1739

Edwd Paynter, Master.[Qualified Sept 3, 1739]
Bartholome Jesran
Jerick Mickell Jesran
Henrick Kifer
Godfriek Mang
Phiillip Snider
Carle Heyser.
Assmes France
Johan Nickell Klaa
Bastian Pluer
William Pluer
France Pluer
Peter Marker
Jahn Nickell Weychell
Hans Adam Phiets
Hans Adam Heuerley
Johan Jerick Shope
Cristophel Shope
Johan Nickell Shield
Johanis Beueriles
Johan Nickell Shield
Johan Jurick Dryer
Peter Wolff
Johan Nickell Dull
David Fordney
Joost Lizer
Jacob Hough
Petter Hough
Casper Leydicker
Vallantine Shey
Petter Rehm
Hans Jurig Burghart'
Mathyas Zeberly
Nicholas Schmall
Johan Adam Schmall
Henrick Adam Klyn
Jan Nichol Chateau
Christian. Rohrbacher
Johan Henrick Godee
Jacob Rohrbacher
Johan Carle Hey
Barnet Waerth
Johan Adam Rehmer
Mathais Rehmer
Nicholl Rehmer
Petter Baker
Jan Jerick Ransier
Janis Nickell Bullmer
Adam Bullmer
Peter. Locke
Ludwick Tanyn
Hans Adam Tanyn
Phillip Tanyn
Christian Heither
Henrick Baugh
Phillip Hasselberger
Johan Jacob Thanie
Hans Nichall Kley
Jacob Keuning
Johannis Ruperder
Sebastian Jacobie
Henrick Wolfrom
Hans Adam Wolfrom
Philip Burghart
Petter Bower
Petter Bougher
Bartholmye Bougher
Jacob Stuhl
Carel Shoul
Adam Shitterhelm
Carle Keresh
Jan Nikel Kleser
Jurg Loub
Tobias Webber
Ludwick Mous
Hans Nichell Gouw
Stophell Smith
David Weyser
Phillip' Risser
Nicholas Rodeberger
Abraham Stout
John Jurig Stout
Mathias Telton
Henrick Handwerke
Nicholas Handwerke
Johanis Tilbouer
Jurig William Thoor
Martin Sinefrin
Hans Jacob Madery

[List B] Loyal Judith

Philadelphia, September 3rd 1739.

Johon (X) Joup
Christian Rohrbach
Bartholme Jeserang
Gorg Michal Jeserang
Henrich Kiffer
Gothfrid Mang
Johann Gorg Ramsyer
Johan Nickel Ballman.
Joh. Adam Bollman
John Peter (O) Lough
Johann Phillipus Schneider
Carolo (O) Heiser
Erasmus (HAF) France
Hanes (X) France
Hans Nick. (NK) Cliehn
Bastian Albert
Wm (A) Albert
Johan Frantz Alberd
Peter (M) Martger
Hans Adam (H) Peits
Hans Adamm Haledu
Nicholas (+) Shield
Johan (X) Bevert
John Nich (+) Shield
Geo. (H) Thanner
Johan Peter Wolf
Johan Nickal Doll
David (DF) Fortney
Jost Liesser
David )H) Hoong
Johann Petter Houch
Casper (+) Letecker
Valentine (O) Shave
Peter Rem
John (X) Burchar
Martin Sebelie
Nicholas (X) Small
John Adam (X) Small
Hend. Adam (X) Klein
Mathias (M) Felton
Henry (H) Handwerk
Nieclaus Hantwerck
Hann Dehlbauer
Johann Nicklaus (O) Schatto
Johan Henrich Kohde
Jacob (+) Rohrbach
Johan Carl Hey.
Bern Warth
Adam (X) Reimor
Matthew (X) Reimer
Nicholas (+) Reimer
Petter Becker
Jacob Konig
Lodowich (+) Tanneugh
Johan Adam Tanny'
Philip (+) Denigh
Christian Hutter
Hendrich (B) Bough
Pillip Hasselberger
Johan Jacob Danny
Johann Nickel Cleh
Johannes Rupperter
Sebast. Jacoby
Henrich Wolfrum
Joseph (X) Herner
Philip (X) Burchart
Peter Bucher
Bardoll Bucher
John Cabug (O) Stall
Arnold (+) Shouts
Adam Schidenhelm
Johan Karl Geres
Johan Nickel Glaser
Jorg Laub
Tobias Weber
Conrad (O) Turicher[?]
Christoffel Schmidt
Davidt Weiser
Fillip Riss
Nicholas (|) Rodeburger
Abraham Staudt
Johan Jerg Staudt
Geo. Wm. (+) Thuer
Hans Jacob Madari
Martin Schaffner

[List C] Philadelphia, September 3rd 1739 Edward Paynter, Commander, from Rotterdam, but last from Deal in England

John George (S) Shup
Davit (DF) Fortney
Jacob (H) Hough
Caspar (+)Leydacker
Peter Rem
Martin Seberlie
John Adam (+) Schmell
Johann Nicklaus Schatto[?]
Bartholmi Jeserang
Gorg Michel Jeserang
Henrich Kufer
Gothfrid Mang
Johann Gorg Ramsyer
Johan Nike Ballman
Joh. Adam Bollman
Johan Peter (X) Lough
Johann Philippus Schneide
Carol (X) Heyser
Errasmus (HAF) Frantz
Johannes (X) Frantz
Hans Nicklas (N) Klein
Bastian Albert
William (A) Albert
Johan Frantz Alberd
Peter (PM) Martter
Niclas (X) Weigher
Hans Adam (H) Teelze
Hans Adam Heldi
Johan Christ Fritz[?]
Niclas (X) Scheel
Johanes (X) Bebertz
Johan Nicklas (+) Sheel
Johan Jeorg (H) Threer,
Johan Peter Wolf
Caral (+) Sholl
Adam Schidenhelm
Johan Carel Geres
Johan Nickel Glaser
Jorg Laub
Tobias Weber
Ludwig (O) Maus
Davidt Weiser
Philipp Riss
John Nickel Doll
Jost Liesser
Johan Petter Hauch
Vallentin (O) Shey
Johan Georg (+) Burghart
Nicklas (X) Schmell
Henry Adam (X) Klein
Christian Rohrbach
Johan Henrich Kohde
Jacob (X) Rohrbogh
Johan Carl Hey
Bern Warth
Johan Adam (+) Reemer
Matteas (X) Reemer
John Nicklas (X) Remer
Petter Becker
Jacob Konig
Ludwig (+) Danney
Johan Adam Danny
Philip (+) Danney
Christian Hutter
Henry (B) Bough
Fillip Hasselberger
Johann Jacob Tany
Johann Nickel Cleh
Johannes Rupperter
Sebast. Jacoby'
Henrich Wolfrum
Hans Adam Wolfrum
Hans Peter (X) Bouger
Philip (X) Burghart
Peter Bucher
Bardell Bucher
John Jacob (O) Staall
Nicklas (X) Rodeburger
Abraham Staudt
Johan Jerg Staudt
Mattias (+) Felden
Henry (H) Handwerk
Nieclaus Handtwerck
Han Diehlbauer
Georg William (F) Fuhr
Marin Schaffner
Hans Jacob Madori

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