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Canadian Border Entries

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Ancestry.com has added more than 4 million names of individuals who crossed the U.S.-Canadian border between 1895 and 1956 . These records add to their Immigration Records Collection, which also includes more than 100 million names from the largest online collection of U.S. passenger lists, from 1820 to 1960.

Searching Microfilm Records

Once you know your ancestor's state of entry, you can search microfilms. Most states are indexed, so this will make your job slightly easier. You can order films in to a nearby Family History Centre, or have NARA do the job (once you have precise details) The staff of the National Archives will undertake a search of the original records for a fee but you must know the name of the ship, the date of arrival, and the port of arrival.

To obtain a search request form, write to:

General Reference Branch (NNRG),
National Archives and Records Administration,
7th and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW,
Washington, DC 20408
and request NATF Form 81, Order for Copies of Ship Passenger Arrival Records

The cost of a search using NATF Form 81 as of November 2000 is $17.25

You can also order National Archives (NARA) forms online at http://www.archives.gov/global_pages/inquire_form.html To find your nearest FHC you can go to http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Library/FHC/frameset_fhc.asp

St. Albans, Vermont, District

In 1895 Canada and USA established a joint inspection system. Passengers arriving in Canada who intended to go on to United States were inspected by US Officials at the Canadian Port of Arrival, then enumerated on US immigration lists.

Immigrants were also given inspection cards which they turned in to US Officials once they were on board trains going to United States. Two sets of records were created - passenger lists and compiled inspection cards.

These CANADIAN BORDER CROSSING records were microfilmed by INS in 1950 as 5 publications for NARA - M1461-M1465. They cover 1895-1954 and are indexed although large sections of the films are unreadable. The originals were destroyed after filming. They do NOT include Canadians before 1906! Only non-Canadians were enumerated. After September 30, 1906 both Canadians and non-Canadians are included on these lists.

Indexes to Canadian border entries
Alphabetical, miscellaneous small ports, 1895-1924 M1462 Soundex, 1895-1924........................... M1461
Soundex, 1924-1952........................... M1463
Manifests of passenger arrivals
From Canadian Atlantic ports, 1895-1954...... M1464
From Canadian Pacific ports, 1895-1954....... M1464
From Canadian Pacific ports, 1929-1949....... M1465
Soundex Index to Canadian Border Entries through the St. Albans, VT, District, 1895--1924.
M1461. 400 rolls.
Alphabetical Index to Canadian Border Entries through Small Ports in Vermont, 1895--1924.
M1462. 6 rolls. 16mm. The records include permanent and temporary admissions on Record of Registry, on card manifests, or Primary Inspection Memoranda. Some have photographs.
  • Roll Contents
  • Admissions at Norton and Island Pond, VT
  • 1 Aangeenbrug, Cornelius--Godin, Alphonse
  • 2 Godin, Antonio--Zewalicz, Agatia
  • Admissions at Beecher Falls, VT
  • 3 Abas, Philmine--Young, Joseph
  • Admissions at Highgate Springs, Swanton, Alburg, and Richford, VT
  • 4 Abarie, Fred--Young, Ruth
  • Entries and Departures through St. Albans and Canaan, VT
  • 5 Abare, John--Farley, Annunciata
  • 6 Farley, Joseph--Zuger, Rose
Soundex Index to Entries into the St. Albans, VT, District through Canadian Pacific and Atlantic Ports 1924-1952.
M1463. 98 rolls. 16mm.
Manifests of Passengers Arriving in the St. Albans, VT, District through Canadian Pacific and Atlantic Ports, 1895--1954.
M1464. 640 rolls.
Manifests of Passengers Arriving in the St. Albans, VT, District through Canadian Pacific Ports, 1929--49
. M1465. 25 rolls.
  • Roll Contents
  • 1 July 9, 1929, SS ARABIA MARU--Jan. 1, 1930 RMS NIAGARA
  • 2 Jan. 3, 1930, RMS NIAGARA--July 17,1930, RMS AORANGI
  • 3 July 17, 1930, RMS AORANGI--Feb. 26, 1931, RMS AORANGI
  • 4 Feb. 26, 1931 RMS AORANGI--Aug. 5, 1931, EMPRESS OF JAPAN
  • 5 Aug. 5, 1931, EMPRESS OF JAPAN--Feb. 22, 1932, EMPRESS OF ASIA
  • 6 Feb. 22, 1932, EMPRESS OF ASIA--Aug. 12, 1932, RMS NIAGARA
  • 7 Aug. 12, 1932 RMS NIAGARA--May 19, 1933, RMS NIAGARA
  • 8 May 19, 1933, RMS NIAGARA--Dec. 19, 1933, EMPRESS OF JAPAN
  • 9 Dec. 28, 1933, RMS NIAGARA--July 18, 1934, EMPRESS OF CANADA
  • 10 July 18, 1934, EMPRESS OF CANADA--Mar. 25, 1935, EMPRESS OF RUSSIA
  • 11 Mar. 25, 1935, EMPRESS OF RUSSIA--Aug. 12, 1935, EMPRESS OF ASIA
  • 12 Aug. 12, 1935, HIYU MARU--Mar. 24, 1936, EMPRESS OF JAPAN
  • 13 Apr. 6, 1935, EMPRESS OF ASIA--Aug. 7, 1936, RMS NIAGARA
  • 14 Aug. 7, 1936, RMS NIAGARA--Sept. 12, 1936, EMPRESS OF RUSSIA
  • 15 Dec. 12, 1936, EMPRESS OF RUSSIA--Apr. 9, 1937, RMS NIAGARA
  • 16 Apr. 9, 1937, RMS NIAGARA--July 28, 1937, EMPRESS OF CANADA
  • 17 July 28, 1937, EMPRESS OF CANADA--Nov. 17, 1937, EMPRESS OF CANADA
  • 18 Nov. 17, 1937, EMPRESS OF CANADA--Apr. 20, 1938, EMPRESS OF JAPAN
  • 19 Apr. 20, 1938, EMPRESS OF JAPAN--July 13, 1938, EMPRESS OF CANADA
  • 20 July 13, 1938, EMPRESS OF CANADA--Oct. 21, 1938, RMS NIAGARA
  • 21 Oct. 21, 1938, RMS NIAGARA--Apr. 4, 1939, EMPRESS OF JAPAN
  • 22 Apr. 4, 1939, EMPRESS OF JAPAN--June 28, 1939, EMPRESS OF CANADA
  • 23 June 28, 1939, EMPRESS OF CANADA--Sept. 23, 1939, RMS NIAGARA
  • 24 Sept. 23, 1939, RMS NIAGARA--Aug. 1, 1940, RMS AORANGI
  • 25 Aug. 4, 1940, RMS AORANGI--June 24, 1949, SS THOR I

* Search for Your Immigrant Ancestor in Ports of Arrival U.S.A. | Canada | Australia & New Zealand | South Africa | England
* Find Ancestors on Ships Passenger Lists Outbound from USA & Canada
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