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Death Finds a Way: A Janie Riley Mystery
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Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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S.S. Tarifa of Glasgow July 10, 1869, Liverpool & Queenstown to Boston

The "Tarifa" of 1869 was built for the British & North American Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. which later became Cunard Steamship Co. She was an iron built ship launched on 12.1.1865 by J & G Thomson of Glasgow. She was 2058 gross tons, length 292.5ft x beam 38.2ft, clipper stem, one funnel, two masts, single screw and a speed of 11 knots. There was accommodation for 50-1st and 650-3rd class passengers. She made her maiden voyage on 22.7.1865 from Liverpool to New York and then, from 1865 - 1871 sailed mostly between Liverpool, Queenstown and NY, often with stops at Boston.

Transferred on 11.4.1871 to the Liverpool - Queenstown - Boston service until making her last trip on 31.7.1873. Subsequently mostly Liverpool - Mediterranean service. Her engines were compounded in 1879 and she made her last N. Atlantic voyage on 8.11.1888 from Liverpool - Queenstown - Boston and was sold and broken up in Italy in 1899. [Posted to the Emigration-Ships Mailing List by Ted Finch - 15 August 1997]

Contributor: Sarah S. Fitzgerald
Date of Contribution: 21 Feb 2001
Source: Passenger List - M277 #75
Location 104-04 (National Archives, Washington DC)

1734 - S.S. Tarifa of Glasgow, July 10, 1869, Liverpool & Queenstown to Boston
N. McDavid- Captian
M. Murphy- Master,
Berthen 1399
All passengers were listed as coming in steerage to the US

Name      Age     Sex      Occupation      Country to Which they Belong

James Fay       18       M       Laborer       England
Mary Ford       30       F             England
Annie Ford       7       F             England
Tom Ford       5       M             England
Ada Ford       3       F             England
Jessie Ford       10 m.       M             England
Martin Tracey       22       M       Laborer       Ireland
Margaret Reilly       25       F       Spinster       Ireland
John Bolt       33       M       Laborer       England
Mary Bolt       33       F             England
Eliza A. Moore       17       F       Spinster       Scotland
John Moore       15       M       Laborer       Scotland
Thomas Moore       11       M             Scotland
William Bolt       7       M             Scotland
Sydney Bolt       5       M             Scotland
Henry Bolt       3       M             Scotland
Alfred       M      . Hand       24       M       Laborer       Scotland
John Robinson       25       M       Laborer       Scotland
Thomas Garlinton       24       M       Laborer       Scotland
John Marshall       27       M       Laborer       Scotland
Mary Marshall       27       F             Scotland
Esther Marshall       5       F             Scotland
Samuel Simpton       40       M       Laborer       England
John Simpson       18       M       Laborer       England
Owen Moore       28       M       Laborer       England
Jane Wilson       45       F             England
Eli Walter       42       M       Laborer       England
Lester Walter       18       M       Laborer       England
Eli Walter        16       M       Laborer       England
Charles Walter        8       M             England
Bridget Cinton        20       F       Spinster       England
Thomas Brown       28       M       Laborer       England
Jane Brown        28       F             England
John Williams        26       M       Laborer       England
Edward Meyer        22       M       Laborer       England
William Crane       30       M       Laborer       Scotland
Jane Bell        29       F             Scotland
John Bell       18       M       Laborer       Scotland
Robert Bell        16       M       Laborer       Scotland
Joseph Bell        11       M             Scotland
Frederick Bell        9       M             Scotland
Mary Backiss        26       F             England
John Carter        40       M       Laborer       England
Abraham Sharp        24       M       Laborer       England
Sydney Goddard       23       M       Laborer       England
Charles Ashe        34       M       Laborer       England
Christopher Metcalf       23       M       Laborer       England
Charles Jones        23       M       Laborer       England
Joshua Wild        23       M       Laborer       England
Richard Hulme       34       M       Laborer       England
Patrick Carroll        58       M       Laborer       Ireland
John Fitzsimmons       32       M       Laborer       Ireland
Mary Morty        25       F             Ireland
James Conn(ao)lly       22       M       Laborer       Ireland
David Anderson       34       M       Laborer       Scotland
Mary A. Anderson       36       F             Scotland
Samuel Anderson       11       M             Scotland
Elisabeth Anderson       9       F             Scotland
Margaret Anderson       6       F             Scotland
Mary A Anderson       4       F             Scotland
John Howard       24       M       Laborer       England
Charles Lang       25       M       Laborer       England
William Reid       34       M       Laborer       England
John Chomel       35       M       Laborer       England
Joseph Gamlison       30       M       Laborer       England
William Miller        26       M       Laborer       England
Alfred Silk        26       M       Laborer       England
Robert Bickley        20       M       Laborer       England
Samuel Walnock       23       M       Laborer       England
Richard Cambell       38       M       Laborer       England
Rebecca Susan       25       F             England
Elias Susan       2       M             England
Warren Susan       11m.       M             England
Edward Weiss       21       M       Laborer       England
John Taylor       30       M       Laborer       England
Isaac Kiskman       30       M       Laborer       England
Thomas Barber       28       M       Laborer       England
Ann Goodley       45       F             Ireland
Anna Killey       26       F       Spinster       Ireland
Robert Holden       26       M       Laborer       England
Thomas Abbott       21       M       Laborer       England
Martha Abbott       21       F             England
Sarah Holden        20       F       Spinster       England
Henry Duncan       26       M       Laborer       England
James Walsh       26       M       Laborer       England
William Walsh       20       M       Laborer       England
Hannah Webb       28       F             England
Clara Webb       3       F             England
Thomas Leach       21       M       Laborer       England
William Cocker       29       M       Laborer       England
Elizabeth Cocker       25       F             England
William Cocker        2       M             England
Samuel Cocker       10m.       M             England
Thomas Bolt       27       M       Laborer       England
Bernard Welsh       58       M       Laborer       Ireland
Thomas Welsh       30       M       Laborer       Ireland
Bernard Welsh       7       M             Ireland
John Bentley       36       M       Laborer       Ireland
John Hayes       29       M       Laborer       England
Midgely Owen       29       M       Laborer       England
Matthew Hayes       32       M       Laborer       England
Frederic Noble        44       M       Laborer       England
Herman deCayper       30       M       Laborer       England
Sarah O. Pritchard       8       F             England
Sarah Bennett       45       F             England
Jane Bennett       26       F       Spinster       England
Alfred Horner       29       M       Laborer       England
John Shaw       24       M       Laborer       England
Arthur Nalley       23       M       Laborer       England
Agnes Nalley       19       F             England
Ellen Cosgrove        23       F             England
John F. Mitchell       19       M       Laborer       England
William Leggett       22       M       Laborer       England
Julia Bryan       24       F       Spinster       England
Nehomey Arnot       48       F       Spinster       England
Sarah Ann Arnot       17       F       Spinster       England
John Sleater       22       M       Laborer       England
Mary A. Sleater       27       F             England
John Thomas Sleater       8       M             England
Robert Sleater       11m.       M             England
Edmuna Spencer       26       M       Laborer       England
John F;lannigan       20       M       Laborer       Ireland
Annie Eron       16       F       Spinster       Ireland
Lewis Eron       11       M             Ireland
Mary Eron       9       F             Ireland
Margaret Eron       6       F             Ireland
Thomas Hughes       21       M       Laborer       Ireland
Mary Cassidy       16       F       Spinster       Ireland
Ruda McCue       45       F             Ireland
Anne McCue       11       F             Ireland
Mary A McCue       9       F             Ireland
Rose McCue       7       F             Ireland
Jane Muldowney       58       F             Ireland
William Monahan       48       M       Laborer       Ireland
Simon Turner       25       M       Laborer       England
John Warsdell       28       M       Laborer       England
Jane Anderson       30       F             England
Sarah Bart       28       F             England
John Anderson       7       M             England
Thomas Anderson       3       M             England
Ann Anderson       3       F             England
Julia Anderson        10m.       F             England
Sarah Couray       23       F       Spinster       Ireland
Joseph Moore       41       M       Laborer       Ireland
Thomas Edmundson       40       M       Laborer       Ireland
Margaret Tumblety       55       F             Ireland
Dobert? Rosenbaum       35       M       Laborer       Ireland
      F      anny McGovern       30       F             Ireland
Philip Bray       28       M       Laborer       Ireland
Celia Connor       30       F             Ireland
Ellen Barker       30       F             England
William J. Barker       9       M             England
John Barker       7       M             England
Sophia Barker       5       F             England
George Barker       3       M             England
Ellen Barker       2       F             England
Ann McGovern       18       F       Spinster       Ireland
Patrick Derlin       35       M       Laborer       Ireland
Eliza Derlin       33       F             Ireland
Thomas Derlin       2       M             Ireland
Ann Derlin       1       F             Ireland
Ivor Jones       19       M       Laborer       England
Ann Russell       51       F             England
Samuel Russell        21       M       Laborer       England
Eaphia? Russell       19       F       Spinster       England
Jane Russell       22       F       Spinster       England
Ann Russell       15       F       Spinster       England
Hannah M. Russell       11       F       Spinster       England
Robert Par       30       M       Laborer       England
Gabella Par       26       F             England
John W. Par       8       M             England
Margaret Carney       20       F       Spinster       England
Harry Russell       28       M       Laborer       England
Hannah Russell       26       F             England
John W. Russell       1y 6m       M             England
Anne Russell       7m       F             England
John Wilson       51       M       Laborer       England
Eliza Wilson       50       F             England
James Wilson       21       M       Laborer       England
Robert Henry Russell       4       M             England
Dorothy Fenwick       22       F             England
Anne F;enwick       10       F             England
Mary Fendrick       18       F       Spinster       England
Walter Meddrig 42       M       Laborer       England
Thomas Ponderby       35       M       Laborer       Scotland
Sarah W. Kiswick       20       F             Scotland
James W. Kiswick       9m       M             Scotland
Mary McDermott       25       F       Spinster       Scotland
Honora Kearns       50       F             Ireland
Bridgett Kearns       22       F       Spinster       Ireland
Thomas Squires       53       M       Laborer       Ireland
James Cryan       26       M       Laborer       Ireland
Ann Morgan       18       F       Spinster       Ireland
Peter McCabe       18       M       Laborer       Ireland
John Fitzgerald       19       M       Laborer       Ireland
Sarah Camlanley       26       F       Spinster       Ireland
Eliza Holden       44       F             England
James Holden       16       M       Laborer       England
William Holden        8       M             England
Eliza Holden       6       F             England
Nancy Holden       5       F             England
Margaret A. Abbott       17       F       Spinster       England
William E. Stone       59       M       Laborer       England
Mary E. Stone       24       F       Spinster       England
Richard H. Stone       40       M       Laborer       England
Mary Cummings 30             F             Ireland
Mary A. Cummings       5       F             Ireland
William Cummings       10m       M             Ireland
Mary Ann Collier       29       F             Ireland
Richard W. Collier       4       M             Ireland
Bridget Burtle       50       F             Ireland
Thomas Teyneh?       6       M             Ireland
Thomas Mullar       26       M       Laborer       Ireland
Michael Harachy       19       M       Laborer       Ireland
Patrick Teyneh        6       M             Ireland
Thomas Flynn       21       M       Laborer       Ireland
John Brown       36       M       Laborer       England
Joseph Brown       14       M       Laborer       England
Michael Daley       24       M       Laborer       Ireland
Charlotte Parker       20       F       Spinster       England
Thomas Willcock       23       M       Laborer       England
Moses Parkin       57       M       Laborer       England
Anne Carroll       26       F       Spinster       Ireland
Catherine Carroll       22       F       Spinster       Ireland
Ellen Wynn       19       F             Ireland
Christopher Wynn       8m       M             Ireland
William Haynes       40       M       Laborer       England
Sarah Haynes       42       F             England
Elizabeth Haynes       42       F             England
John Allen       21       M       Laborer       England
Ann Bannon       30       F             England
Bridget Barrett       29       F             England
Mary Barrett       9       F             England
Patrick Barrett       4       M             England
Thomas Barrett       2       M             England
William Barry       37       M       Laborer       England
Bridget Brown       22       F       Spinster       England
Mary Ann Brown       20       F       Spinster       England
Rose Dougherty       21       F       Spinster       Ireland
John Doyle       20       M       Laborer       Ireland
Matthew Gilligan       17       M       Laborer       Ireland
Bridget Gollagly       26       F             Ireland
Patrick Gollagly       4       M             Ireland
John Gollagly       2       M             Ireland
Patrick Kelly       30       M       Laborer       Ireland
John Small       23       M       Laborer       England
William Smith       29       M       Laborer       England
Eliza Smith       25       F             England
William Smith       5       M             England
Patrick Sullivan       45       M       Laborer       Ireland
Bernard Finnegan       25       M       Laborer       Ireland
Samuel Knopt       53       M       Laborer       Ireland
John Twigg       21       M       Laborer       England
Eliza Twigg       21       F             England
Thomas Wittaker       17       M       Laborer       England
Fanny Wood       34       F             England
William Wood       9       M             England
Martha Russell       20       F       Spinster       Ireland
Henri Fuhrmann       30       M       Laborer       Germany
Anthony Bronton       30       M       Laborer       Germany
Louisa Bronton        30       F             Germany
Anthony Bronton       3       M             Germany
Fredrick Bronton       10m       M             Germany
Herman Gilhorst       20       M       Laborer       Germany
Thomas Cayne       33       M       Laborer       Ireland
Thomas Mack       15       M       Laborer       Ireland
Mary Mack       10       F             Ireland
James Mack       11       M             Ireland
George Horn       33       M       Laborer       England
Eliza Horn       34       F             England
George Horn       11       M             England
Charlotte Horn       5       F             England
Eliza Horn       4       F             England
Fredericka Baniber       30       F             England
Edward Baniber       11       M             England
Helen Baniber       9       F             England
Abraham Baniber       7       M             England
Hanna Baniber       3       F             England
Christopher Hillinsky       11       M             Germany
Esther Hillinsky       10       F             Germany
Moses Hillinsky       8       M             Germany
Benjamin Hillinsky       6       M             Germany
William Hillinsky       4       M             Germany
John Williams       28       M       Laborer       England
Fredrick H. Lacy       32       M       Laborer       England
John Baston       34       M       Laborer       England
Mary Baston       34       F             England
Charles Baston        6       M             England
Arthur Baston       7       M             England
Thomas Shanlay       11       M             England
Joseph Castle       27       M       Laborer       England
Alice Castle       25       F             England
Robert Castle       3       M             England
James Castle       10m       M             England
Maria Welling       45       F             England
George Fleur       37       M       Laborer       England
Kessie Fleur       27       F             England
Benjamin Wardle       28       M       Laborer       England
Joseph Bertram        20       M       Laborer       England
James Duffy       24       M       Laborer       England
John Haulding       28       M       Laborer       England
Matthew Lougden       27       M       Laborer       England
Eliza Lougden       21       F             England
Matthew Lougden       11m       M             England
Hugh Brisson       55       M       Laborer       England
Matilda Brisson        40       F             England
Jane Brisson       19       F       Spinster       England
Margaret Brisson       17       F       Spinster       England
William Brisson       11       M             England
John Brisson       7       M             England
Hugh Brisson       6       M             England
Thomas Tidswell       34       M       Laborer       England
Christopher Peterson       33       M       Laborer       England
Christopher Wilson       30       M       Laborer       England
William Williams       25       M       Laborer       England
Mary O'Laughlin       21       F       Spinster       Ireland
Edward Farrell       47       M       Laborer       Ireland
John Farrell       7       M             Ireland
Thomas Webb       47       M       Laborer       Ireland
Joseph Maden       55       M       Laborer       Ireland
James Maden       18       M       Laborer       Ireland
Philip Knapf       22       M       Laborer       Ireland
Jane Knapf       8       F             Ireland
George Laughridge       21       M       Laborer       England
Eliza Laughridge       25       F       Spinster       England
William H. Mitchell       30       M       Laborer       Scotland
Richard Mitchell       21       M       Laborer       Scotland
Robert Brothwell       29       M       Laborer       Scotland
William Barley       20       M       Laborer       Scotland
William Keenan       40       M       Laborer       Ireland
William Browne       20       M       Laborer       Ireland
Fredrick Bryant       28       M       Laborer       England
Harriet Bryant       27       F             England
      F      rederick Bryant       50       M       Laborer       England
Emily Bryant       18       F       Spinster       England
Peter Wood       26       M       Laborer       England
Joseph Stanton       30       M       Laborer       England
Jakey Barns       30       M       Laborer       England
Mary Barns       24       F             England
Henrietta Barns       11m       F             England
Ralph Brown       26       M       Laborer       England
Eliza Brown       23       F             England
June Moose 33       F             England
John Grimes       25       M       Laborer       England
Mary Jones       28       F             England
John Jones       36       M       Laborer       England
Joshua Anders       20       M       Laborer       England
Charles Mitchell       34       M       Laborer       England
Elisabeth Mitchell       30       F             England
Mary A. Mitchell       6       F             England
William Mitchell       4       M             England
Eliza Mitchell       10m       F             England
Peter Jones       54       M       Laborer       England
Peter Jones       25       M       Laborer       England
John McKinley       24       M       Laborer       Scotland
James Maxwell       23       M       Laborer       Scotland
John Jamieson       30       M       Laborer       Scotland
Peter Hawthornwaite       37       M       Laborer       England
Henry Hawthornwaite       11       M             England
William Schnick       23       M       Laborer       England
Samuel Parry       58       M       Laborer       England
Eliza Parry       52       F             England
John Price       40       M       Laborer       England
John Schofield        30       M       Laborer       England
William Wood       20       M       Laborer       England
Catharine Doyle       22       F       Spinster       England
Thomas Farmer       28       M       Laborer       England
Julia Brennan       18       F       Spinster       England
Jane Cromiskey        18       F       Spinster       England
Joseph Weston       27       M       Laborer       England
Ellen Wood       11m       F             England
Henry Marsh       27       M       Laborer       England
William H. Collier       10m       M             England
Sarah Marsh       28       F       Spinster       England
John Kew       20       M       Laborer       England
Mary L. Shanley       21       F       Spinster       England
Jacob Dastwyley       21       M       Laborer       Germany
Maria Dastwyley       20       F       Spinster       Germany
George Marrer       19       M       Laborer       Germany
Anton Dis Branner       55       M       Laborer       Germany
Magdalene Branner       49       F             Germany
Anton Branner       11       M             Germany
Justine Arthur Liehat       18       M       Laborer       Germany
Ludwig Gorges       24       M       Laborer       Germany
Sebastian Beik        24       M       Laborer       Germany
Anna Berivstein        38       F             Germany
Esther Berivstein       16       F       Spinster       Germany
Eliza Berivstein       10       F             Germany
Keyman Bervistein       7       M             Germany
Nathan Bervistein       7       M             Germany
Felia Bervistein       11m       F             Germany
Benoit Candsian       23       M       Laborer       Germany
Antonia Blassi       24       M       Laborer       Germany
Bernard Wahl       48       M       Laborer       Germany
Handr Willierse       32       M       Laborer       Germany
Moses Blincher        38       M       Laborer       Germany
August Pondel       49       M       Laborer       Germany
Heigm Feder       29       M       Laborer       Germany
Ulrich Berger       29       M       Laborer       Germany
Kulman Beskowicy       10       M             Germany
Fredrick Ullrich       19       M       Laborer       Germany
Fredrick Schaumann       25       M       Laborer       Germany
August Richter       32       M       Laborer       Germany
Christopher Biseus       35       M       Laborer       Germany
Carl Hanson       27       M       Laborer       Germany
Albert Weiks       44       M       Laborer       Germany
Wilhelmeny Weiks       45       F             Germany
Robert Weiks       11       M             Germany
Richard Weiks       10       M             Germany
Augusts Weiks       8       F             Germany
Wilhelmine Weiks       11m       F             Germany
Carl Baumaun       48       M       Laborer       Germany
Elisabeth Baumaun       55       F             Germany
Auguste Baumaun       11       F             Germany
Wilhelm Geick       27       M       Laborer       Germany
Fritz Wahlbrinz       26       M       Laborer       Germany
Goh Reiner Era       24       M       Laborer       Germany
Robert Ehrlick       25       M       Laborer       Germany
Maarie Chr Brockman       29       F       Spinster       Germany
John Mausau       19       M       Laborer       Germany
Ludwid Krotz       20       M       Laborer       Germany
Maria Rosenberger       20       F       Spinster       Germany
Michael Munroe       27       M       Laborer       Germany
Herman Fisst       34       M       Laborer       Germany
Franz Biggemaun       40       M       Laborer       Germany
Jacob Streiff       45       M       Laborer       Germany
Emil Metz       27       M       Laborer       Germany
Jean Vivaud       32       M       Laborer       Germany
Joseph G. Egan       24       M       Laborer       Germany
Jean J. Devine       20       M       Laborer       Germany
Releni Siegeriet?       25       F       Spinster       Germany
Mils Tienpetes        24       M       Laborer       Germany
Otto O Kniep       19       M       Laborer       Germany
Fred Thomas Kniep       21       M       Laborer       Germany
Johan Habig       30       M       Laborer       Germany
Regina Habig       28       F       Spinster       Germany
Francis Cath. Grisque       32       F       Spinster       Germany
Constant Lamarne       39       F       Spinster       Germany
Descie Birr       39       F       Spinster       Germany
Benjamin Fontani       32       M       Laborer       Germany
Sophie Evarest       58       F       Spinster       Germany
Adlele Leglise       22       F       Spinster       Germany
Philippi Gilot       23       F       Spinster       Germany
Mary C. Beale       10       F             Ireland
Christina Beale       8       F             Ireland
Mathew O'Connor       22       M       Laborer       Ireland
Hannah O'Connor       21       F             Ireland
Maria Kane       18       F       Spinster       Ireland
Ellen Kane       15       F       Spinster       Ireland
Bridget Kennedy       25       F             Ireland
Patrick Kennedy       7       M             Ireland
Nicholas Kennedy       5       M             Ireland
Mary Kennedy       1       F             Ireland
Ellen Crimman       17       F       Spinster       Ireland
Mary Driscoll       16       F       Spinster       Ireland
Henry Haddock       24       M       Laborer       Ireland
William Wittaker       22       M       Laborer       Ireland
Mary Wittaker       20       F             Ireland
Charles Downes       23       M       Laborer       Ireland
Andrew Mitchell       24       M       Laborer       Ireland
Ann Mullady       20       F             Ireland
Morris Walsh       26       M       Laborer       Ireland
John Finn       18       M       Laborer       Ireland
Hannah Caughlin       55       F             Ireland
John Caughlin       26       M       Laborer       Ireland
Catherine Brien       30       F             Ireland
Eliza Moriarty       50       F             Ireland
Ellen Baske       30       F             Ireland
James Baske       10       M             Ireland
Patrick Baske       8       M             Ireland
Cornelius Baske       5       M             Ireland
Daniel Murphy       23       M       Laborer       Ireland
Mary A. Donohue       18       F       Spinster       Ireland
Mary Elvert       19       F       Spinster       Ireland
Lauserse Sullivan       14       M       Laborer       Ireland
Mary A Crowley       22       F             Ireland
John Carney       45       M       Laborer       Ireland
Hannah Carney       10       F             Ireland
Florence Sullivan       38       F             Ireland
Mary A. Sullivan       10       F             Ireland
Edmond Sullivan       8       M             Ireland
Michael McGrath       19       M       Laborer       Ireland
Patrick Finton        21       M       Laborer       Ireland
Mary Moriarty       19       F       Spinster       Ireland
Ellen Moran       18       F       Spinster       Ireland
Mary Cronen       18       F       Spinster       Ireland
Jeremiah Murphy       20       M       Laborer       Ireland
Patrick Donahoe       55       M       Laborer       Ireland
James Donahoe       21       M       Laborer       Ireland
Annie Donahoe       15       F       Spinster       Ireland
Eliza Donahoe       11       F             Ireland
Patrick Donahoe       9       M             Ireland
David Cronin       24       M       Laborer       Ireland
Catharine Sullivan       23       F       Spinster       Ireland
Michael Buckley       20       M       Laborer       Ireland
James Finnel       19       M       Laborer       Ireland
James O'Roake       17       M       Laborer       Ireland
John Murphy       22       M       Laborer       Ireland
William Hill       17       M       Laborer       Ireland
Nano Hill       21       F             Ireland
Ellen Shortel       23       F             Ireland
Michael Shortel       32       M       Laborer       Ireland
John Slarin       25       M       Laborer       Ireland
Mary Smith       22       F             Ireland
Michael Walsh       25       M       Laborer       Ireland
Catherine Pendergast       28       F       Spinster       Ireland
Mayo Bowles       40       Ireland
John Kennedy       33       M       Laborer       Ireland
Kate Kennedy       29       F             Ireland
John Moran       21       M       Laborer       Ireland
Margaret Cooney       19       F       Spinster       Ireland
Warman Molloy       50       Ireland
Stephen Murphy       27       M       Laborer       Ireland
James Donovan       22       M       Laborer       Ireland
John O Donohue       22       M       Laborer       Ireland
Norah Quirk       17       F       Spinster       Ireland
Michael Connor       23       M       Laborer       Ireland
Timothy Jones       25       M       Laborer       Ireland
Michael Foley       18       M       Laborer       Ireland
Patrick Folan       20       M       Laborer       Ireland
Patrick Clancey       20       M       Laborer       Ireland
John Ryan       24       M       Laborer       Ireland
John Collins       26       M       Laborer       Ireland
John Knight       42       M       Laborer       Ireland
Honor Knight       38       F             Ireland
Catharine Knight       11       F             Ireland
Honor Knight       9       F             Ireland
Michael Knight        6       M             Ireland
John Knight       2       M             Ireland
Mary Ready       18       F       Spinster       Ireland
John McGauley       20       M       Laborer       Ireland
Patrick Cotter        38       M       Laborer       Ireland
William Cotter       9       M             Ireland
Elisabeth Kelley       18       F       Spinster       Ireland
Alice Craughlin       21       F       Spinster       Ireland
Kate       F      lanagan       24       F       Spinster       Ireland
John Donovan       15       M             Ireland
Catherine Pope       27       F       Spinster       Ireland
Thomas McCarthy       21       M       Laborer       Ireland
Kate Hogan       21       F       Spinster       Ireland
Mary McCoy       22       F       Spinster       Ireland
John McCarthy       50       M       Laborer       Ireland
Ellen McCarthy       50       F             Ireland
Johanna McCarthy       23       F       Spinster       Ireland
Bridget Murphy       40       F             Ireland
Danil Mountain       19       M       Laborer       Ireland
Michael Mulnay       28       M       Laborer       Ireland
Eliza Linchan       18       F             Ireland
Mary Linehan       21       F       Spinster       Ireland
Michael Kelly       24       M       Laborer       Ireland
Michael Cahill       28       M       Laborer       Ireland
Rose Walsh       27       F       Spinster       Ireland
Eliza Walsh       26       F             Ireland
James Walsh       3       M             Ireland
Eliza Rock       54       F             Ireland
Margaret Walsh       25       F       Spinster       Ireland
Hannah Cash       22       F       Spinster       Ireland
Michael Shanahan       29       M       Laborer       Ireland
George Hayward       58       M             US
Elisabeth A Walt       24       F             US
Edgar Walt              M             US
Margaret Williams       25       F             England
Hollis Moore       53       M             US
Mary Moore       42       F             US
William O Benton       51       M       Clergyman       US
Louisa G Benton       47       F             US
Charles W Benton       17       M             US
George H Benton       16       M             US
Edwin A Benton       12       M             US
Harrietta L Benton       7       F             US
Mary L Benton       5       F             US
John C Warren       27       M       Physician       US
William H Rollins       46       M       Lawyer       US
Sarah J H Jaques       40       F             US
Anne May Hale       32       F       Spinster       US
Maria Davis       51       F             US
Maria Davis       25       F       Spinster       US
Thomas Dwight       25       M       Physician       US
James       F       Montgomery       30       M             England
Helen D Pelyram       50       F             Belgium
Helen Pelyram       18       F       Spinster       Belgium
James Hickson       23       M             England
James R Maddock       40       M             Ireland
Sarah J Davies       20       F             England
Maud B Davies       10       F             England
Arthur G Callicott       18       M             England
George A Green       22       M             England
Alfred E Green       21       M             England
Charles Cuttries       20       M             England
Robert T Sanderson       18       M             England
Charles M Colmache       30       M             England
Henry Weeklin       35       M             England
Esther Weeklin       35       F             England
Esther Weeklin       8       F             England
Thomas McRegnolds       36       M             Ireland
Henry A Rannie       42       M             Ireland
Agnes Rannie       35       F             Ireland
George A Rannie       15       M             Ireland
Harriet S Rannie       12       F             Ireland
William C Rannie       10       M             Ireland
Douglas Rannie       8       M             Ireland
Christopher Rannie Jr       6       M             Ireland
Harry M Rannie       4       M             Ireland
Arthur D Rannie       1       M             Ireland
Penelophi McCallum       22       F             Ireland
Charles Gray       48       M             England

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Don't leave without searching for your ancestors on Olive Tree Genealogy! Free Ships' Passenger lists, orphan records, almshouse records, JJ Cooke Shipping Lists, Irish Famine immigrants, family surnames, church records, military muster rolls, census records, land records and more are free to help you find your brick-wall ancestor. Build your family tree quickly with Olive Tree Genealogy free records

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