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Death Finds a Way: A Janie Riley Mystery
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Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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1784 Rateable Bergen County

Contributor Kevin Riley
Source: Bergen County Township of Bergen 1784 Rateables Book One from Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey Sept. 1967 as transcribed by Kenn Stryker-Rodda
  • first number: acres of improved land
  • h: horses
  • c: horned cattle
  • p: pigs or hogs
  • s: sheep
  • rc: riding chair (one axled carriage)
  • hh: householder
  • h&l: house and lot
  • sm: single man who works for hire
  • gm: grist mill

51 acres was the minumum required to support a family of 6 (A Dutch Family in the Middle Colonies Firth Fabend p.91. You can read about this book on The Olive Tree Library pages)

  • John Killey hh; h&l; 4c, tav.
  • Casparus Stuyvesent hh; 1h&l, 2h; 3c
  • Jacob v Horne hh; 1h&l; 2h; 3c
  • Cornelius v Boskerk 13; 3c
  • Thomas Mecdannel hh; 2c
  • James Alexander sm
  • Isabel Mackentire11; 2c
  • Mychal v tuyle 18; 3h; 5c
  • Peter v Boskerk 217; 6h;8c;1s; rc
  • Israel Ookley 70; 2h, 7c, gm
  • John v Boskerk 217; 7h, 14c, 1s
  • Jenny v Horne 49; 2h, 7c, 1s
  • James Stingim hh; 2h, 3c
  • Albert Post 180; 6h, 12c
  • Adam Rap sm
  • Jannekey Cadmus 240; 4h, 8c, 2s
  • Frederick Rylander hh; 2h, 3c, 1 rc
  • Michal Vreeland 159; 3h, 4c, 1s
  • George Vreeland Jur. hh; 3c
  • Aeyge Fielden 84; 4h, 5c, 1s
  • Aegye v Wagenen 382; 5h, 8c, 1s
  • Mary Broun 188; 4h, 6c, 3s, rc, ferry
  • George Vreeland 355;8h, 13c, 2s
  • Garret Vreeland hh; 5c
  • John Vreeland Jur. hh; 7c
  • John Messaker tx
  • Fytie Seegaart 55; 2h; 3c
  • Thomas Cubberley hh; 1h, 3c
  • John Vreeland S 177; 7h, 15c, 2s
  • Josep Cuderas Hooglant 40; 2h; 4c, tav
  • George Weels hh; 1c
  • Sylvanus Lawrence 300; 4h, 5c, sm, ferry
  • James Boogairt 104; 2h, 6c, tav; 1s
  • Christioun Sensybee ferry
  • Harmanus v Huysen 60; 2h, tav
  • Thomas hammen 25; 1h, 2c
  • John Morrisin hh
  • John Brower 64; 3h, 3c
  • John Sickels hh
  • Harmanus Gardinier hh; 3h, 1c
  • Conelius Huyler 40; 2h, 4c, ferry, tav
  • Jacob Gerrebrants 104; 3h, 4c
  • Jermia Umans 104; 2h, 5c
  • Anderies Bongaert 104, 1c
  • Robbert Earle 104; 2h, 1c
  • Herry Earle 104; 2h, 1c
  • Robbert Grinlass 104; 1h, 1c
  • Natthias Lolam 104; 1h, 1c
  • Antony Lodlam 104; 2h, 2c
  • Luke Roose 104; 1h, 1c
  • Philip Earle 104; 2c
  • Isack hammen hh; 1h. 1c
  • Nathaniel Earle 104; 3h, 3c
  • Frederick Devoe 104; 2h, 1c
  • John Earle 104; 1h, 1c
  • James v Gelder 104;2h, 3c
  • William Earle 104, 2h, 1c
  • Jacobus Ackerman hh; 1h, 1c
  • David Simmins 104; 3h, 2c
  • Samuel Bourdett 104; 1h, 1c
  • Keytie Earle 3h, 2c, tav.
  • Hennery Earle Jr. 104; 2h, 1c
  • Entlebe Earle hh
  • Abel Smith 100; 4h, 4c
  • Enock Smith 200; 4h, 3c
  • Job Smith 50; 5h, 23c, 1s
  • Daniel Smith 300; 4h, 4c, 1s
  • John Smith 50; 1h, 3c
  • John Henn sm
  • Philip Earle 200; 3h, 2c
  • Rynier Earle 50
  • George v. Giesen 100; 3h, 4c
  • Isack v Giesen 100; 3h, 4c, 1s
  • John v Giesen 50; 1c
  • Isack Kip 250; 2h, 2c
  • Edward Earle 150; 3h, 3c, 1s
  • John Earle 50; 1h
  • William Earle sm
  • Gerret hallenbeck 104; 2h, 3c
  • Hennery Ackerman hh
  • Jacobus Outwater 104; 1h, 2c
  • Edmun Kingsland sm
  • Johannis Everse 17; 3h, 6c
  • John Everse hh; 1h, 4c
  • David Henneon hh; 1c
  • Harmanus Veeder hh; 3c
  • Hellemigh v Houte 138; 4h, 8c, 1s
  • Daniel Didericks 56; 3h, 3c
  • William Philips sm
  • Jacob Newkerk 82; 6h, 5c
  • Matthew P. Newkerk 92, 5h, 5c
  • Jacobus v Derhoof 51; 2h, 5c
  • Rachal v Derhoof 9; 2h, 7c
  • James Dod hh; 1c
  • Thomas Dicksen hh; 1h, 2c
  • Andrew Pryer hh; 1h&l; 3h, 2c
  • Hartman Pryer sm; 1s
  • Abraham Pryer sm
  • Walter Clindinney 22; 3h, 5c
  • Jasper Pryer hh; 2c
  • Josep Walderon hh; 1h&l; 3h, 2c
  • Daniel Sickels hh; 1h&l; 3c
  • Hennery Sickels hh
  • James Collierd hh; 10; 4h, 5c 1
  • John Collierd hh; 1h, 1c 1
  • Hessekia tomsen 258
  • Abraham v Winkel hh; 1h&l 1h, 1c
  • John Vreeland Jur. hh; 5h&l; 3h, 5c
  • Cornelius Gerrebrants 150; 6h, 8c, 2s
  • Cornelius Gerrebrants Jur. 84; 5h, 4c
  • Meyndert Gerrebrants 139; 6h, 9c, 1s
  • Gerrebrant Gerrebrants 69; 4h, 5c
  • John van Horne 189; 9h, 9c, 1s
  • Gilm. Outwater 175; 3h, 5c, tav
  • CLaes Vreeland 214; 6h, 15c, 2s
  • Michal Vreeland hh; 3h, 5c
  • Thomas Mecdannel hh
  • Lambert Loose hh
  • Hennery Brinkerhoof 200; 9h, 9c, 1s
  • Hennnery Brinkerhoof Jur. 90
  • John Dey 233; 1h
  • Jacob Pryer 45; 4h, 5c, gm, 1s
  • Dirrick Staat hh; 2h, 2c
  • Cornelius v Vorst 126; 6h, 7c, 7s, tav, pettiauger, ferry
  • Cornelius v Vorst Jur. 43; 2h, 1c
  • Abraham Pryer 36; 2h, 5c
  • Gerret v Derhoof 19; 2h, 6c
  • Casparus Zabriskie 50; 3h
  • Benjamin Zabriskie 50; 3c
  • Daniel v Winkel 107; 4h, 3c, 1s
  • Jury v Winkel hh
  • Daniel v Rype 62; 5h, 7c, 1s
  • Jasper Pryer 46; 6h, 5c, 1s
  • John Sickels 78; 4h, 5c
  • Peter Stuyvesant 23; 4h, 5c, tav, covered waggon
  • Nicolas toors 201; 4h, 9c, 1s
  • Dom. W Jackson 48, 2h, 2c
  • Hennery Newkerk 250; 7h, 9c, 2s
  • John Merselis 12; 2h, 4c
  • George Shipperd hh; h&l; 2c
  • Gerret v Rype 120; 8h, 5c, 1s
  • John v Wagenen 150; 5h, 6c, 1s
  • Jacob v Wagenen 100; 5h, 6c
  • Abraham Sickels 33; 3h, 4c, 1s
  • Josep v Winkel 120; 3h, 2c
  • Georg Demoth 388; 7h, 6c, 2s
  • Cornelius Siph 112; 7h, 7c, 2s
  • Jenney Siph 121; 5h, 6c, 1s
  • Jacob Brower 58; 3h, 2c
  • Jacob Brower Jur. 57; 3h, 2c
  • Robbert Sickels 36; 4h, 3c
  • Hartman Sickels 36; 3h, 4c, 1s
  • Abraham Sickels hh; 2c
  • Zacherias Sickels hh
  • Jacob Everse hh; 2c
  • John Winne 77; 4h, 5c
  • Lavynus Winne 93; 4h, 7c, 1s
  • Marte Winne sm
  • Abraham Didiriks 27; 2h, 4c
  • John Didiriks 27; 3h, 6c
  • Seel Marselis 293; 4h, 10c, gm
  • Peter marselis 56; 1h
  • Daniel v Winkel Jur. 76; 3h, 5c
  • Gerret v Rype Jur 187; 7h, 12c, 2s
  • Matthew Newkerk 250; 4h, 10c
  • Jacob v Winkel 67; 3h, 7c, tav
  • Abraham Morris sm
  • Gerret v Rype sm
  • Hennery Roome sm
  • John van Houte Sr. 100; 4h, 5c
  • John van Houte Jur. 48; 4h, 4c
  • Free Harry sm
  • Barent Everse 400; 1c
  • John v Houte, Assessor

This area seems to include New Barbadoes Neck, which was "the area between the lower Passaic River and the Hackensack's tidal meadowlands, as far up as what is now Union Avenue in Rutherford." (New Barbadoes Neck in Rev. War Days" Hay/de Yoe p.1) During the Revolution, this area suffered as raiding parties of both sides combed Bergen County for food and material. It's proximity to Staten Island made it especially vulnerable.

Letters from George Washington illustrate this:Washington, on July 10, 1778 noted "a quantity of fat cattle and sheep in a district called Barbadoes neck, which by their situation are exceedingly exposed to the enemy and are besides the property of persons disaffected to the United States". It was decided to immediately "commence the Forage of Barbadoes Neck and as far up as Polifly".("New Barbadoes Neck in the Rev. War Days" Hay/de Yoe p.7)

An undated letter from Washington gives an idea of the effect of "the Forage" by both sides : "Some brigades of the army have been 5 days without meat. To endeavor to relieve their wants by stripping the lower parts of the county of its cattle ,I moved two days ago to this place(Liberty Pole , Bergen) and yesterday completely foraged Barbadoes and Bergen Neck.Scarcely any cattle were found, but milch cows, and calves of one and two years old, and even these in no great quantity"(Old Bergen NJ" Van Winkle p.113)

1 Kevin Riley is a descendant. Deeds from 1803 mention land owned by John Collerd on Communipaw Lane in Bergen Twp. (Bergen County Deeds book S -supplied by Pat Wardell at Genweb Archives)


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