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Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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Baptisms at the First Reformed Dutch Church of Montville 1786-1799

transcribed by John E. Sashenosky (1968)
transcribed for the internet by Kevin Riley.

Kevin's Notes: I have no idea how complete this is.The original records (1774-1928) are microfilmed on LDS film FHL US/CAN # 888747 and should be checked. Records of the Dutch Reformed Church, Pompton Plains, N.J., and of the Reformed Dutch Church, Montville, N.J., 1737-1873 (FHL US/CAN Film 888715) may also be of interest to the researcher. Unfortunately, some families in the area used the Gansegat Reformed Church in Fairfield, Essex County, which records were destroyed by fire in the 1880's. Acquackanonk Church should also be checked; some Montville folk show up there, and a tiny handful of Gansegat records are also recorded there.

I left all spellings as they appeared in the transcript. It is a Dutch church after all, so be prepared for anything. I did rearrange these somewhat chronologically,as the listings were a bit haphazard, even by Minister. As you will notice, sometimes the baptismal date was used (25 March), sometimes the birth date (born 12 Feb.), and sometimes both were used (12 Feb./25 March). Unfortunately, this church rarely kept records of sponsors; what you see is what was there. My own notes are marked (-KR). Some early listings are confusing and are probably twins, but I am not positive.

  • 30 May/6 Aug. Henrick Johannes van Deyn Ragel witnesses Hendrick van Deyn Margrictie Duremus
  • 1 June Jacob Daniel Pier Catharina Mowrisse
  • " Hester Elizabeth Mathew Hunting Sarah
  • " Daniel Pier was baptized on confession of faith
  • " Anny David Pier Elizabeth
  • " (no name provided-KR) Conrad Estler Molly
  • " Peggy Benjamin Mowrisse Maria
  • " Hellemach
  • " Annatje Hellemach Kind Sarah Cock (twins ? KR)
  • " Jacob Pieter Frederische Maria Mowrisse
  • born 25 Dec.1787/15 June Jannetje John Pier Elizabeth Pier
  • born 3 Feb./15 June Maria Malleville (twins ?-KR) John Wheelock Maria Suhm witnesses Lucas von Beverhoudt Maria Melleville
  • 30 April/ 18 June Catarina Peter Fredericks Maria Mowrison
  • 15 June Susanah John Heyler Hannah Roberts
  • 15 June Daniel Mathew De Hart Elizabeth Estler witness Pieter Cook
  • 30 Aug. Susanah Daniel Pier Catharina Mowritsen
  • 30 Aug Jenny Charles Norway Abby McBeen
  • 30 Aug. Derrick Derrick van der Hoof Catharina Young
  • born 12 Jan. Maritie Daniel Romein Dirckje Demerest witnesses Hendrick Hannion Maritie Romain
  • born 15 April Gerrit John Bush Maritie Spier witnesses Johannes Mowritsen Sarah Vreelands
  • born 8 Nov. 1790 Joseph Cornelens Jacobsen Abegal Gold
  • 15 May Thomas Abraham Van Deun Sucke Fredericks
  • " John John Vandeun Rachal Dremus
  • 9 Nov. Charles Charles Norway Eppy Mackbane
  • 18 Nov. Jacob Jacob Kanouse Mary Hoplor
  • 18 Nov. Maria Daniel Peer Katrina Mowersin
  • 18 Nov. Henry Aaron Mowersin Phoebe Mowersin
  • 18 Nov. Gerrit Christopher Fralant Catrina Wessle
  • 25 Nov. Petrus Christopher Miller Anny Fransisco
  • 6 Dec. Cornelius
  • Dremus Petrus Ryker Alida Dremus witnesses Petrus Dremus Rachal Dremus (twins ? KR)
  • 15 Dec. John Thomas Kingsland Marta Balsbee
  • 28 Dec. Cally Thomas Husk Elizabeth Dremus
  • 10 Jan. Philip Jacob Miller Caty Hofman
  • born 22 Feb. Jane Jacob Pier Johanna Herriman
  • born 18 May Mary Rolus Ryker Alche Jacobus
  • born 13 Aug Marya Jacob Romyne Marya Duryea
  • born 1 Sept. 1794 Gerrit Henderyens Demut Elizabeth Mandeville
  • born 1 Sept. Suky Cornelius Spier Sucke Fralant
  • born 19 Sept. Peter John Kannouse Elizabeth Fredericks
  • born 30 Sept. Anche Johannes Fransisco Janicke Pier
  • born 9 Oct. Joseph Jacob Kannouse Mary Hopler
  • born 20 Oct. 1793 Jacob Frederick Jerit Nancy Duffy
  • born 20 Oct. Elizabeth Cornelius Dremus Catrina Miller
  • born 5 Nov. Peter Abner Beach Caty Cook
  • born 2 Jan. Henry Frederick Hopper Anny Kannouse
  • born 28 Jan Peter Thomas Kingsland Martha Balsbe.
  • born 18 Feb. Siche Marten Mowerson Margit Young
  • born 19 Feb. John Thomas Millage Maryche Mowrisson
  • born 24 Feb. Daniel Daniel Peer Margaret Dremus
  • born 28 Feb. John Konrad Kanouse Sary Peer
  • born 2 March Anny Henry Kook Jane Wiggins
  • born 20 March Mary Peter Frederycks Mary Mowersin
  • born 19 April John Abraham Fraland Catrina Baty
  • born 20 April Cornelius John Peer Mary Peer
  • born 15 May Anny Aaron Mowerson Phebe Mowerson
  • born 16 May Peter Jacob Taylor Rachel Frederycks
  • born 26 Aug. Annache Christopher Miller Anche Cischo
  • born 28 Aug. Frederyck Peter Hopler Catherine Van Winkle
  • born 12 Nov. Sara Hendryck Vannes Mariche Dremus
  • born 15 Nov. David Henderyck Mowerson Caty Alyea
  • born 15 Nov. Daniel James Van Daune Sally Freland
  • born 23 Nov. Jacobus Martan Van Daune Sara Van Wagenn
  • born 30 Nov. Mache Abraham Peer Rachel Hyler
  • born 7 Dec. Daniel Nicholas Romyne Jane Mandeville witnesses Daniel Romyne Derica Damarey
  • born 12 Dec. John Peter Nixt Cally Venderhoof
  • born 23 Dec. Moses Cornelius Jecobusen Abigil Gold
  • born 3 Jan. Anny John Eston Mary Kook
  • born 6 Jan. Annache Cornelius Dremus Caty Miller
  • born 16 Jan. Edmen Samuel Duryee Anny Kingsland
  • born 19 Jan. Jacob Thomas Hask Elizabeth Dremus
  • born 2 March Edward Russle Willes Maria Sandfort
  • born 1 June William Thomas Wiggens Abigal Pool
  • born 26 June Conrad Jacob Kanouse Maria Hopler
  • born 20 Aug. John Nicholas Hyler Elizabeth Conger
  • born 14 Sept. Anny Jacob Peer Johanna Harimin
  • born 15 Sept. John John Kanouse Elizabeth Frederix
  • born 6 Nov. Ellender Daniel Thomas Polly Larance
  • born 16 Dec. Ezekial John Kanouse Pheby Baldwin
  • born 6 Jan. Peter Henry Young Sally Magaw
  • 10 Jan Maria Malleville Tobias Boudenot Adrianah Van Beverhout witness Maria Van Beverhout
  • 20 Jan. Barbara John Parlaman Sarah Miller
  • born 22 Jan. John & Lena Roluf Ryker Alche Jecobussen
  • born 25 Jan. David Thomas Millige Maria Mowerson
  • 13 Feb. John Daniel Peer Elizabeth Freland
  • born 14 Feb. Peggy John Vanaun Rachel Dremus
  • 19 Feb. Polly Abner Beach Caty Cook
  • 2 March Elizabeth William Speer Keyeah Stag
  • born 25 March Anny Daniel Peer Margit Dremus
  • 9 April Jacob Hendryck Vannes Maria Dremus
  • born 16 June John Nicholas Romine Jane Mandeville
  • 1 July Jacob John Taylor Elizabeth Vanderhoff
  • 15 July Closhe Hendrick Demot Elizabeth Mandeville
  • born 26 July Frederick Jacob Kanouse Mary Hopler
  • born 6 Sept. Mary John Kingsland Lucy Davie witness Martha Balsbee
  • 24 Sept. Sally Hendrick Mowerson Caty Alyea
  • 19 Oct. Polly Wilhelmus Mosaker Fyty Ryker
  • born 20 Dec. Suzan Tobias Boudenot Adrianna V. Beverhout
  • 22 Dec. William Peter Riter Sara Comeson
  • 22 Dec. Euphemia George Brinkerhoff Euphemia Asfield witnesses John Jacob Fash Jr. Suzanna Darbey
  • 24 Dec. Grigger Charles Norway Elibut McBane
  • born (30) (how it appears in the transcript-KR) Feb. Hendrick Robert Thomsen Libiche Larue
  • born 17 March Cornelius Roluf Ryker Alike Jacobussen
  • born 2 July Elizabeth Tobias Boudenot Adriana Van Beverhout
  • born 17 July Thomas Daniel Peer Elizabeth Freland
  • born 18 Aug. Maria William Stytes Hetty Fredericks
  • born 25 Aug. Maria Daniel Thomas Mary Lawrence
  • born 26 Aug. Rachel Abraham Doremus Elizabeth Francischo
  • born 5 Nov. Polly Isaac Kingsland Phoebe Sutton

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