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Montville New Jersey Reformed Cemetery

Church Lane Montville Twp. Morris County New Jersey

Contibuted by Kevin Riley on 22 Feb. 2001

Kevin's Notes:

The Montville Reformed Church started in old Boonton about 1756. About 1818, the church moved to Montville/Persepeny to be more centrally located, and it incorporated Dec. 18, 1818 as the First Reformed Dutch Church of Montville (it's name to this day,according to papers found by Doug Graham at the Church.) About 40/100's of an acre was purchased from Garret Duryea , also in 1818, for the church and cemetery. (History of Morris County New Jersey p. 252-3)

Among the Elders was my ancestor, John Collerd. The Collerds moved to Montville about 1810. Before that, they lived in Bergen Township, where John was a clerk in the Bergen RDC. Before a church had a regular Minister ( or Dominie) , the churches had Voorleezers , who kept records , taught school , etc.After the Bergen Church received a full time Minister , John became a clerk from 1789-1809 (Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey Vol. 22 p394) He was paid 2 15s per year for his labors (ibid p7). Ministers were in short supply and they traveled from Church to Church. They incorporated when a regular Minister was obtained . John died in 1830, and is buried in Bergen Twp. His widow is listed below.

Mahalo to Walt Olson for sharing this with me, and ultimately, you

No transcribers' name appears on the manuscript. There were a few obvious mistakes and typos I corrected, and a few things I pointed out. Hopefully, no one will have to do the same to my work.


All names are as I found them

* This person not buried in this particular plot. Most usually the internee's parent(s) or spouse. This was marked on the manuscript

+ This person not buried in this plot. See above. Not marked as noted above in the manuscript. My notation.

All notes in (parenthesis) from the original. My additional notes are marked KR The period the person was alive is written as year/month/day ; hence 67/3/11 means 67 years/3 months/11 days

Baldwin, Aaron b March 12, 1839 d Aug 19, 1902; wife Adeline Blowers b Oct 16, 1841 son Alfred b Aug 10, 1878 d April 3, 1891

Baldwin, Elijah d March 9, 1857 80/4/11 wife Anna d April 14, 1836 60/6/27

Baldwin, Eliza J. see Willis A Parlman

Baldwin, Moses A. b April 19, 1810, d Jan 28, 1883 wife Mary b July 7, 1816 d Aug 11, 1900 daughter Anna Maria b Nov 9, 1835 d March 1, 1838 2/3/22

Baldwin, Stephen Y.* & wife Elizabeth*:son Stephen Y d Nov 20, 1853 0/4/26 (Stephen may well be the Stephen Y. Baldwin buried in the Whitehall Methodist Cemetery on Whitehall Road, Towaco. d Nov. 17, 1865 48/7/24. Co. G 27 NJV & a GAR marker-KR)

Baldwin , Vianna D. see William Parlman

Ball, George W.* & wife Lizzie M*:son Halsey d Nov 26, 1883 age 15 days

Banta, John*; son Isaac d Sept 19, 1819 14/11/27

Barker, Levi* & wife Eliza* ; son William Albert d May5, 1844 3/8/13 daughter Sarah Jane d May 15, 1894 6/6/24 (one date is obviously a misprint or typo-KR)

Barmore, Abraham d July 9, 1870 73/5/12 wife Elizabeth d July 2, 1833 58/5/2

Barmore, Sarah see Frederick W. Cook

Barmore, William b 1832 d 1886 wife Amanda R. b 1837 d 1914 daughter Irene b 1871 d 1881

Beach, Henry b Dec 29, 1800 d June 7, 1865 wife Mary Louisa Gaines b April 5, 1816 d Jan 22, 1898 daughter Laura A. b Nov 21, 1846 d April 9, 1874

Beach, Isabella E. d Oct 22, 1913

Beach, Julia Ely b June 25, 1851 d June 27, 1928

Beaty, Alexander* wife Anna b Sept 8, 1840 d March 15, 1927

Belknap, B.H. b 1858 d 1919

Berry, Elizabeth see John T. Doremus

Bird, Elisha b 1805 d 1891 wife Sophia b 1808 d 1889 son William R. b 1845 d ? 14/1/18? (indistinct)

Bird, John* & wife Annie*: daughter Sophia Ann b May 16, 1854 d Dec 3, 1855 daughter Matilda b Sept 29, 1855 d (no date given) daughter Rachel b Aug 16, 1856 d (no date given)

Blakely, Ettie see Silas Van Duyne

Blowers, Abraham* & wife Margaret*: son Charley d Oct 9, 1864 1/10/23

Blowers, Adeline see Aaron Baldwin

Blowers, Anne see Benjamin Hixson

Blowers, Catherine A b 1847 c 1927

Blowers, Ellen see Thomas Miller

Blowers, Franklin b 1851 d 1909, & wife Amanda*: daughter Rachel B. d Jan 28, 1888 7/4/17

Blowers, John b Dec 10, 1823 d Feb 8, 1889 wife Rachel b Sept 19, 1826 d Oct 4, 1891

Blowers, John d July 18, 1842 in his 95th year wife Hannah d June 9, 1827 in her 74th year

Blowers, Louise see Smith Jacobus

Blowers, Samuel b Dec 10, 1826 d Nov 26, 1917 wife Hettie M. Van Duyne b Aug 5, 1825 d Feb 25, 1892

Blowers, Samuel b 1865 d 1927 wife Sarah M. Van Fleet b 1863 d1911

Blowers, William* & wife Sarah* : daughter Hannah d May 8, 1821 7/1/23

Blowers, William d May 16, 1851 70/11/15 wife Sarah d Aug 12, 1869 89/9/13

Blowers, William b March 10, 1852 d Feb 23, 1896

Board, John H* & wife Achsa*: daughter Mary Ella d June 14, 1854 2/3/3

Bradervalt, Abram see John Bradervalt Sr.

Bradervalt, John Sr. b Feb 28, 1836 d April 7, 1883 wife Jane White b Oct 7, 1832 d Oct 6, 1824 (obviously wrong- KR) son Abram H. b Oct 14, 1857 d April 10, 1883

Bradervalt, John Jr. (s/o above) b March 20, 1856 wife Virginia V. Winans b Jan 4, 1859 son Frank M. b Sept 19, 1877 d Oct 6, 1885

Brooks, Anna see David Haring

Burnett, John O* wife Sarah Elizabeth d July 21, 1860 23/4/26 son Jacob De Mott d July 30, 1860 18 days

Bush, Absalom K. b Jan 31, 1814 d Oct 13, 1900 wife Mary A Morrison (also the wife of Jacob R. Crane) b Aug 16, 1822 d Nov 16, 1918

Bush, Harriet see Jason P. Vreeland

Bush, Laura E. (see Ray Vanderhoof)

Cadmus, Robert E. b 1854 d 1918 wife Mary E. Courter (no dates given-KR)

Campbell, Alice C. b May 21, 1856 d May 9, 1922

Cammel, William + wife Sarah Murphy b Jan 1, 1854 d March 22, 1877 (erected by her grandmother)

Canfield, William B * & wife Catharine*: son William d Nov 16, 1841 ?/2/24

Castmore, Earl b 1906 d 1928

Chrispell, Catharine see John Carliman

Cole, Henry W* wife Martha E. d Dec 7, 1857 30/10/0 daughter Martha W. d July 22, 1857 1/3/0

Collerd, Abram V* & wife Della M*: daughter Lulu M b Feb 20, 1898 d Aug 13, 1899

Collerd, Henry d Dec 26, 1871 age 81 (son of John Collerd. My ancestors-KR) wife Sarah b Sept 14, 1798 (actually 1797 according to Church records.-KR) d Nov 25, 1884 (The former Sally Mourison d/o Henry Mourison and Catherine Alyea-my ancestors-KR)

Collerd, James+ & wife Margaret+ : son James Henry d Nov 3, 1842 11/1/23

Collerd, James W b Feb 24, 1829 d Feb 17, 1908 wife Martha Ann Van Duyne b May 20, 1835 d Oct 3, 1910 son Henry H. b Feb 22, 1872 d April 26, 1899

Collerd, John* wife Charity d Jan 29, 1835 79/7/15 (poss. 13) (the former Geertruy Preyer d/o Johannis Preyer and Geertruy Sickels- my ancestors-KR)

Collerd, John E b 1861 d 1915 wife Augusta b 1860 d 1923 in same plot (possibly children): son Edward b 1887 d 1895 daughter V.D. b 1885 d 1912

Collard, Susan E. see Abram J. Jacobus

Conn, James " A native of Ireland, County of Armagh, Parish of Tully Vallen" d Feb. 22, 1853 age 22

Cook, Eliza Ann see Isaac Mandeville

Cook, Frederick W. b May 26, 1802 d Oct 28, 1874 wife Sarah Barmore b Jan 23, 1824 d July 7, 1896

Cook, George F.* wife Kittie Van Ness b 1865 d 1898

Cook, Peter I.* & wife Elizabeth*: son Charles S. b Aug 26, 1859 12/11/12

Cook, Sarah M d/o Nicholas and Mary (see __ Peer)

Cook, WP b 1861 d 1924

Copeland, George H* wife Susan Jacobus d Aug 11, 1877 16/10/6 d/o Ezekial B. Jacobus & Sarah E. Pierce

Cornell , Rev. Frederick F.* wife Ellen B. Doremus b July 14, 1819 d Aug 30, 1843 (d/o James and Ann Doremus) "only daughter" Anna Maria b Sept 17, 1842 d ? 21, 1843 Marble shaft in Huntoon plot

Courter, Charity see Abrahm C Jacobus

Courter, Eugene b Oct 25, 1834 d March 9, 1900 wife Mary E. Young b Jan 30, 1848 d Nov 22, 1922 (in Andrew Young plot)

Courter, John D. b 1811 d 1898 wife Mary b1812 d 1897

Courter, John P d May 4, 1867 88/6/0 wife Elizabeth Romine b Dec 21, 1872 86/2/5

Courter, Mary E. see Robert Cadmus

Courter, Robert* wife Ann Van Duyne b Sept 29, 1801 d Sept 27, 1878 (in plot with Alfred and Martin A. Van Duyne)

Crane, Azariah b Sept 22, 1820 d Jan 21, 1892 wife Letitia Van Wagoner b Dec 22, 1830 d May 9, 1896 (on back "John Crane aged 64 years")

Crane, Benjamin; widow Barbara Parlaman b 1796 d 1836

Crane, Carrie J. see George Eccleson

Crane, Clarissa (De Mott) see Henry De Mott

Crane, Jacob R d Jan 11, 1852 20/11/0 wife Mary A Morrison b. Aug 16, 1822 d Nov 16, 1918 (see also Absalom K. Bush)

Crane , John age 64 years ( on back of Azariah Crane monument)

Crane, Mary L b Feb 22, 1865 d Jan 16, 1902

Crane, Hannah see William Gladson

Crane, Harriet C see Stephen Van Duyne

Crane, Hatty M see Abraham Van Duyne

Crane, Wilson M b July 27, 1844 d June 26, 1891 wife Maria E. b June 2, 1847 d Jan 29, 1931

Crittendon, Marcia Ann see Edmund Wilson Kingsland

Culvert, Barnet b 1836 d 1882 wife Catherine E. d Sept 22, 1863 23/6/0 d/o Richard & Mary Husk 2nd wife Sarah J. Husk b 1842 d 1915

Cuttler, Blanche B. b 1887 d 1904. On same stone: Sarah E. b 1832 d 1902; Taylor, Harriet A b 1854

Cuttler, Sarah M. b 1832 d 1902 On same stone: Taylor, Harriet A b 1854; Cuttler, Blanche E b 1887 d 1904

Cyphers, George d Oct 5, 1854 66/2/10 wife Catharine d Jan 14, 1857 66/4/11 son Nicholas d Oct 15, 1836 8/5/10

Cyphers, Isaac T d Feb 21, 1891 57/7/13 wife Anne M d March 29, 1884 49/6/12

Cyphers, Mary see Richard Husk

Cyphers, Rachel see Nicholas Peer

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