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Early Settlers of Hackensack, N. J.

Contributor Phil Rivera

A list of the early settlers in the upper part of Bergen Co., N. J., up to 1700, taken from the Church membership, and the Marriage Record, of the Hackensack congregation. This church organization at this time occupied the field between Bergen and Tappan, in an area of about 10 miles around Hackensack (these three congregations believed to be the only ones existing at that period in the vicinity of New Amsterdam (New York) on the Jersey side).
Church Members
Hendrick (Jorese) Blinkerhof and wife Claesje (Cornelis) Bogaert
Albert (Stevense Van Voorhys and 1 wife Jelletie (Rinier) Wisselpennick, 1686
and 2 wife Elena Van de Schuyre
Hendrick (Epke) Banta and 1 wife Mary (Lubbertse) Westerveldt
and 2 wife Angenitie Hendrikse
Volckert (Hanse) Van Noorstrant and wife Saertie Albertse
Lubbert (Lubbertse) Westerveldt (father) and wife Geesie Roeloffe
Lubbert (Lubbertse) Westerveldt (son) and wife Billetji Pouwels
Jan (Cornelis) Bougaert and wife Angenitie Strykers
Roelof Vander Linde and wife Susanna (Hendrick) Blinkerhof
Louwerens Ackerman and wife Geertie Egberts
David Ackerman and wife Hillegond Splanck (Verplanck
Cornelis (Jan) Vanderwerf and wife Maritie (Cornelis) Raert
Willem Hoppe and wife Meyne (Jurke) Pouls, 1676
Cornelis (Hen) Blinkerhof and wife Aegie Vreland (1708)
Lodewick Ackerman and 1 wife Jannetie Blyck
and 2 wife Hillegond Bos, 1699
Peter (Cornelis) Bougardt and wife Hendriktie Arents
Herman Bras and 1 wife Anna Wynant
and 2 wife Geertie Rodmans 1695
Mattys Hoppe and wife Antie (Jurkse) Pouls
Roelof (Lub) Westervelt and wife Orsolena (Casper) Stymets
Jurrie (Lub) Westervelt and wife Geesie (Jan) Bougaert
Albert (Albert) Terhuyne and wife Wyntie Briekers
Dirck (Epke) Banta and wife Ester Didrickse
Maerten Pouwelse and wife Margritie (Lub) Westerveldt
Jan Christyn and wife Lena Boon
Nicasie Kip and wife Antie Bryandt
Hendrick Hoppe and wife Mary Jane Van Blarcum
Abram de Vouw    
Jan Alleer and wife Susanna Laroe
Pieter Meet    
Jan de Groot and wife Margritie Gerrets
Pieter de Groot and wife Belitje Van Schaick
David de Maree and wife Antie Slodt
Jan de Maree and wife Maritje (Jacobse)
Jacobus Slodt and wife Mary (Jan) de Maree
Samuel (David) de Maree and wife Mary Dorwyr (De Trieux)
David (David) de Maree and wife Rachel Cresson 1675
Jan Dury (Duryee and wife Rachel Guerson
Jacob de Groot and wife Gerritie Jans
Abram Ackerman and wife Aeltie Van Lare (Laer)
Jan Roerte and wife Neeltie Boas
Albert Zaborisee and wife Magtel Vander Linde
Siba (Epke) Banta and wife Mary (Arian) Sip
Edwart Eerle and wife Elsse (Enog) Vrelandt
Thomas (Lowerens) Van Boskerck and wife Margritie (Hen) Vander Linde
Mattys Cornelisse and wife Trinitie Hendrickse
Jan Web    
Johannes Etsel and wife Sierretje Smidt
Elbert (Steven) Van Seyl    
Cornelis Doremus and wife Jannetie (Joris) Van Elslant
Cornelis (Epke) Banta and wife Jannetie de Pree
Tomas Larens (Lawrence) and wife Frankie Berry
Lowerens (Lowerens) Van Boskerck and wife Hendricktie Vander Linde
Jan Berdan and wife Eva Van Siggelen
Pieter Kool (Cole) and wife Jannetie Dingemans
Gerrit Lydecker and wife Neeltie Cornelise
Cornelis (Jan) Herringh and wife Cattryn Tidvoes
Jacques Laroe and wife Wybrygt (Hen) Helling
Pieter (Lowrens) Van Boskerck and wife Trintie (Hanse) Harmense
Johannes Van Imburgh and wife Catarina Santfort
Johannes Blauveldt and wife Catrina Cornelisse
Cornelis Chrystianse and wife Margritie Vandeburgh
Klaes Losier and wife Trintie Slot
Pieter Hibberts and wife Suysan Hersilier
Jan Meet and wife Gritie Mandevile
Rutjert Van Hoorn and wife Neeltie (Dirk) Van Vechten
Johannes Janse    
Pieter Jans and wife Jaquemine Cornelise
Andries Pieger and wife Anna Stymets
Abram Bokke    
Isack Van Gysse and wife Cornelia Hendrickse
Pieter Pira and wife Stintie Jans
Abram Housman    
Cornelis Bogert    
Dirk (Hen) Blinkerhof and wife Margariet (Siba) Banta 1702
Bastian Van Gysse    


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