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Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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Contributed 04 Mar 2001
Contributor Valerie Hulderman
Source: From Boudinot Chapter, Geneological Research Committee. by Mrs. J. Crawford Ogden, Chairman

Note from Valerie: Each line begins with a year--month day - name and other details. In the record, the dates were not repeated below each other, so I lined them up by using the space bar, just as they looked on the record. The end of each page had a number -#-

Marriages St. John's Church, Elizabethtown, N.J.

Note from Valerie: This is now Elizabeth, New Jersey. It was formerly in Essex county, but is now in Union county. Also known as Colonial Elizabeth Town.

Nov. 10 - Robert Milburn to Mary Thomas, daughter of Elias Thomas, of Elizabethtown - pr me T.B.Chandler.
Mar. 12 - Samuel Jewel to Elizabeth Mitchel, of Elizabethtown.
May 27 - John Mitchell to Sarah, daughter of David Dunham, both of Elizabethtown.
Aug.18 - Thomas Gallaudet, of New York, to Katherine Edgar, of Woodbridge.
Aug.30 - Nath'l Mitchel to Abigail Harris, both of Elizabethtown.
Nov. 8 - Abraham Tucker to Hester, daughter of Elias Thomas, both of Elizabethtown.
Nov. 25 - Joshua Jeffrys to Martha, daughter of John Little, both of Elizabethtown.
Apr.1(?)7-Jacob Hetfield of Elizabethtown, to Mary Lyon, of Staten Island.
May 3 - Joh Keyt, Junr., to Maryan [sic] Johns, both of Elizabethtown.
June 5 - William Browne to Mary Vanterlen, both of New York.
Dec. 3 - Richard Stogden of Princetown, to Mary Hetfield, daughter of Joseph Hetfield, of Elizabethtown.
Apr. 23 - John Dennis, of Elizabethtown, to Mary, daughter of Sam'l Jacques, of Woodbridge.
May 19 - John Burrows, Junr., of Elizabethtown, to Mary Wilkison, of New York.
Nov. 17 - Benjamin Hand to Katherine Keyt, the former of Rahway, ye other of Elizabethtown.


Dec. 22 - Lewis Brant to Anne, daoghter [sic] of Amos Morss [sic], both of Raway[sic].
Feb. 2 - John Pole, -a servant of John Clawson, to Mary Heasly, -a servant maid of Jona Hampton.
Apr. 9 - John Shipman, of Newark, to Martha, daughter of Jos. Bonnel.
June 15 - Joseph De Campe, of Woodbridge, Raway, - to Elizabeth, daughter of Elias Thomas.
July 27 - John Johnson to Elizabeth Butler, both of Staten Island.
Feb. 19 - John Marsh to Hester Morss, daughter of Joseph Morss, both of Raway.
Mar. 25 - Patrick Connor, a soldier, to Elizabeth-
Mar. 30 - Patrick Connor, also a solider, to Christiana,- lately a servant maid of Moses Ogden.
Apr. 1 - Wm. Jackson, a free negro, -to Kate, a servant of Capt. De Hart.
May 5 - Robert Clark to Elizabeth, duaghter of Amos Morss, both of Raway.
13 - Sylvester Cole to Mary, widow of Sam'l Man, -both of Elizabethtown.
July 4 - Rodolph Jones, a German, to a woman who calls herself Katherine.
Nov. 14 - John Michael Long, a German, to Mary.
Dec. 25 - Wm. Garthwait to Prudence Price, both of Elizabethtown.
Jan. 2 - Tobias Houcks to Maty Hand, -both of Elizabethtown.
Jan. 16 - Peter Salnare to Abigail Burnet, -both of Elizbethtown.
Feb. 27 - Stephen Burrows to Mary Townley, both of Elizabethtown.
pr. me T.B. Chandler May (?) - John Tyson to Cornelia Bergen, both of Staten Island.
29 - William Hetfield to Anne Wright, of Woodbridge.


- John Brenner to Agnes Mary Krikers (Germans)
Sept. 15 - The Rev. Philip Hughs to Mary Van Courtlandt, of New York.
Nov. 21 - Philip Black lige to ye Widow Mary Jeffrys, of Elizabethtown.
Jan. 24 - Ben. Swan, a soldier, to Mary Hall, widow.
June 25 - Jacob Croos, a German, -to Christiana Charlotte Riggen.
Sept. 14 - Peter Shackerly to Mary Hunt.
July 17 - James Johnson, of Princetown, to ye widow, Margaret Chetwood, of Elizabethtown.
Oct. 23 - Samuel Neirl, Esq. of Perth Amboy, to Mary Walker of Piscataqua.
- James Banks to Katherine Johnson, both of Newark.
Nov. 2 - Wm Thompson, Esq., of Somerset, to Margaret Leslie, of Perth Amboy.
26 - Joshua Williams to Sarah Higgins.
Dec. 14 - Jonathan Squire to Hannah Dixon.
Jan. 9 - James Archer to Margery Grant.
Mar. 28 - Lieut. Nicholas Tiebout, or New York, to Anne Thomas of Elizabethtown.
Apr. 2 - Anthony Wylmant, - soldier, - to ye Widow Katherine Jatt.
Apr. 11 - Joseph Jelf to Susannah Hampton, both of Elizabethtown.
May 17 - Isaac Collard to Anne Spinning, both of Elizabethtown.
- June 3 - John Chetwood, Esq., to Mary Emott, both of Elizabethtown.
June 10 or 11 - Mose Ogden, of Newark, to Mary Johnson, of Elizabethtown.
24 - Jonathan Higgins, of Elizabethtown, to ye Widow Phebe Frazey, of Raway.
Aug. 21 - Jacob Regean to Sarah Stillwell, both of Staten Island.


Aug. 23 - Lewis Pintard, of New York, to Sussannah Stockton, of Princeton.
Dec. 25 - Edward Shifton, a soldier of ye 47th Regt., - to Sarah Kelly or Bayly.
Feb. 6 - Henry Garthwait, Junr., to Elizabeth Townley, both of Elizabethtown.
Apr. 7 - Walter White, a soldier, - to Agnel Pool.
Mar. 17 - Josiah Winans to Abigail Salnare, both of Elizabethtown.
May 3 - Capt. Christopher Miller to Sarah Coventry, both of New York.
Aug. 20 - Abraham Hopper to Mary Egberts, both of ye City of New York.
Aug. 27 - Celeb Crane to Elizabeth Townley, both of Elizabethtown.
Nov. 24 - John Montaine to Susanna Morehouse, of Elizabethtown.
Jan. 11--William Scot to Elizabeth Stibbs, both of Elizabethtown.
Mar. 15 - John Harbree, a German, - to Mary Shaw, of Elizabethtown.
Apr. 19 - W. Barker, Junr - to Sareh Thompson, both of Elizabethtown.
May 31 - James Garthwait to Anne Crane, both of Elizabethtown.
July 25 - Paul Le bourett (La Tourette) to Sarah Merrill, both of Staten Island.
Aug. 4 - John Elivis of Philadelphia, to Rachel Thomas, of Elizabethtown.
20 - John Halsted, Junr, to ye Widow Elizabeth De Hart, of Elizabethtown.
30 - Matthias Decker to Margaret Merrill, both of Staten Island.
Sep. 27 - George Martin, of Elizabethtown, to Hannah Bunn, of Woodbridge.
Oct. 4 - Nathanial Higgins to Elizabeth Haviland, both of Elizabethtown.


Oct. 6 - John Vance to Mary Price, of Elizabethtown.
Nov. 1 - Wm. Higgins to Hannah Barker, both of Elizabethtown.
- John Jones to Abigail Haynes, both of Elizabethtown.
Dec. 24 - Gabriel Barton to Anne Burrows, both of Elizabethtown.
Apr. 18 - John Dobbs to Rachel Lee, both of Elizabethtown.
25 - Francis Gavan to Mary Cooley, of Elizabethtown.
May 3 - Miles Sherebroke, of New York, to Eliza Vanterling.
16 - Broughton Reynolds to Sarah Hunt, both of Elizabethtown.
30 - Anthony W. Waters to Susanna Groesbeck, both of Staten Island.
July 14 - James Jaril, of Rhode Island, to Anne Oak, late of Philadelphia.
Sep. 26 - James Monday to Abigail Howel.
Oct. 25 - Hales Spiking of ye 48th Regiment, to ye Widow Rachel Downes.
Dec. 23 - John Trotter to Phebe Johne, both of Elizabethtown.
Dec. 25 - Henry Dalton of ye 48th Regiment, to Mary Barnes.
28 - John Disborough to Martha Man, both of Elizabethtown.
- William Jennings of ye 48th Regiment, to Patience Mount.
Feb. 6 - Nicholas Fry to Sarah Topping.
10 - William Radly to Sarah Van Winkle. 20 - Geo. Frostard to Jane Norris.
Apr. 5- Hugh McKinly of ye 43rd Regt. to Mary Campbell of ye Barracks.
19 - John Robinson to Margret Siresy.
May 1 - Robert Hosgood of ye 63rd Regt. to Katherine B.


May 1 - Benjamin Joekson, of Hackensack, to Elizabeth Badgly.
June 6 - Alexander Hannah to ye Widow Sarah Jordan.
Sep 11 - Thomas Dogharty to Elizabeth Johnson.
18 - John Denman to Elizabeth Lolloo, both of Elizabethtown.
Nov. 24 - Samuel Longworth to Sarah Thomas, of Elizabethtown.
Mar. 1 - Alexander McPherson to Elizabeth Penny, of Elizabethtown.
5 - Edward Rock to Eleanor Seules, of Elizabethtown.
18 - John Haviland to Sarah Price, both of Elizabethtown.
Apr. 15 - Rowland Hill to Mary Wheeler, both of Hackensack.
28 - Michael Higgins to Christian May, both of Elizabethtown.
June 3 - David Man to Anne Craig, both of Elizabethtown.
- Jacob Tooker to Margery Hetfield, both of Elizabethtown.
Aug. 20 - William Pierson to Sarah Millis, both of Elizabethtown.
Sep. 13 - Richard Timbrel to Mary Stifbing, both of Elizabethtown.
31 - Henry Spencer to Thankful Ellison, both of Elizabethtown.
Jan. 3 - Eliphalet Johnson to ye Widow Martha Vance.
29 - George Mitchel to Hannah Crane, both of Elizabethtown.
Mar. 10 - George Chinnery, to Mary Daley, both of ElizabethTown.
Mar. 12 - Archelus Chace, of Barnstable, to hannah Jeffreys, of Elizabeth Town.
May 19 - Edward Lamb to Elizabeth Ferguson, -transient persons.


June 10 - Matthias Decker to Mary Decker, of Staten Island.
pr me T.B Chandler
Aug. 3 - Saml. Jewel, Junr. to Rebecca Jeffers, bothof Elizabeth Town.
Sep. 2 - Matthew Swiney, of Ash Swamp, to Rosana Johnson, of Elizabeth Town.
Nov. 3 - John Burrows to Rebecca Davis, both of Elizabeth Town.
Jan. 8 - William Swip, of Somerset, and Katherine Washen, of Raway.
Jan. 12 - Ichabod Radley to Phebe Broadwell, both of Elizabeth Town.
Nov. 7 - Capt. David Hay, of his Majesty's Regt. of Artillery, to Miss Hannah Moreland, of Trenton.
Dec. 21 - George Ross, Esq. to Jane Chetwood, both of Elizabeth Town.
Apr. 5 - Michael Ion to ye Widow Helena Hetfield, both of Elizabeth Town.
25 - Daniel Boosey to Phebe Hetfield, both of Elizabeth Town.
Sep. 6 - Joseph Denman to Mary Thompson, both of Elizabeth Town.
27 - Benjamin Morgan, Esq. of Somerset county to Anne Hicks, of Elizabethtown.
Oct. 17 - Peter Neal to Margaret Burgess.
18 - Nathaniel Loofherrow [or soofherrow] to Isabel Hadden, both of Woodbridge.
Nov. 8 - Henry McMullen to Eleanor Baron, both of Elizabeth Town.
Nov. 15 - Godfrey Blakeney to Sarah Woodruff, both of Elizabeth Town.
Apr. 16 - John Foster to Elizabeth Man, both of Elizabeth Town.
May 26 - William Flethcer to Mary Anne Clark, both of Elizabeth Town.
June 19 - Elijah Woodruff to Hannah Badgley, both of Elizabeth Town.


Aug. 7 - Capt. Matthew White to Elizabeth Hampton, of Elizabeth Town.
Sept. 3 - John Rolph to Mary Winans, both of Elizabeth Town.
Oct. 30 - Arthur Gregory to Sarah Stibbs.
Nov. 2 - Jeremiah Bird to Elizabeth Marsh.
5 - Gabriel Meeker to Sarah Kinny.
Dec. 7 - Hammond Beaumont, Surgeon of 26th Regt. to Elizabeth Trotter, of Elizabeth Town. 1769
Jan. 9 - Dr. Richard Bayley to Catherine Charlton, both of Staten Island.
12 - John Lawrence to Keziah Britton, both of Raway.
Mar. 9 - Robt. Hastings, Ensign of ye 26th Regt. to Sarah Trotter of Elizabeth Town.
27 - Thomas Burns to Margaret Reed, of Elizabeth Town.
May 15 - Abraham Mosely to Sarah Hedges.
24 - Philip Pain, of Raway, to Hester Stillwell, of Woodbridge.
June 5 - Edward Townley to Mary Burrows, both of Elizabeth Town.
July 13 - Samuel Paris, late of the 28th Regt, to the Widow Margaret Armstrong.
Oct. 15 - Benjamin Smith, of Trenton, to Elizabeth Salnare, of Elizabeth Town.
- William Merrill to Rachael Clandenny, both of Staten Island.
Dec. 3 - Hubbard Jewel to Mary Little, both of Elizabeth Town.
Mar. 29 - Cornelius Airy to Hannah Salnare, of Elizabeth Town.
Apr. 4 - Phinehas Heard, of Woodbridge, to Mary Tooker, of Elizabeth Town.
Apr. 15 - Moses Jewel to Rachel Hadden, both of Elizabeth Town.
Apr. 30 - Jonathan Dunham, of Woodbridge, to Mary Porter, of Elizabeth Town.


May 20 - Benjamin Hinds to MaryAnne Meeker, both of Elizabeth Town.
Sep 30 - Cavalier Jouet to Mary Hempton, both of Elizabeth Town.
Dec. 9 - Henry Forst to Elizabeth Van Dyke, both of Elizabeth Town.
Mar. 8 - James Murray, of the 29th Regiment, to Mary Armstrong
Mar. 27 - Celeb Jeffers to Hannah Jeffers, both of Elizabeth Town.
Apr. 2 - Peter Van Brugh Livingston, of New York, to the widow Elizabeth Ricketts, of Elizabeth Town.
May 15 - Benjamin Clarke to Catherine Hughes, both of Elizabeth Town.
June 2 - Joshua Jeffers to Naomi French.
June 4 - William Hylton of New York, to Mary Johnson, from Jamaica.
Sep. 22 - Job Smith to Sarah Ogden, both of Elizabeth Town.
Nov. 15 - Matthias Halstead to Joanna Ross, both of Elizabeth Town.
Dec. 4 - John Hand to Elburge Clark, both of Elizabeth Town.
28 - Matthias Bussy to Katherine Fallal, both of Elizabeth Town.
Jan. 5 - James Brown to Elizabeth Hartigan, both of New York.
Feb. 16 - John Burnet to Margaret Weeks, both of 29th Regt.
May 14 - John Trail to Sophie Thomas, both of Elizabeth Town
28 - William Graham to the widow Sarah Clark, both of Elizabeth Town.
June 14 - Richard Savage to Elizabeth Corley, both of Elizabeth Town.
28 - George Langley to Mary Connor, both of Elizabeth Town.
Oct. 17 - Christian Klepper, of the 60th Regt. to Susanna Fullerton.
20 - Philip Brooks, of the 60th Regt. to Anne Cole, of Elizabeth Town.
22 - Lewis Pitcher, a Sergeant in the 60th Regt. to Jane La Brie.


Oct. 24 - Frederic Hatterfield, Musician in the 60th Regt. to Mary Good.
- George Graham, a Corporal in the 60th Regt. to Mary Ann Jaon.
24 - William Graham, of the 60th Regt. to Jane Courtney.
24 - William Carrol, of the 60th Regt. to Sarah Wilkinson
Jan. 31 - Alexander Pecord to Jane White, both of Elizabeth Town.
Feb. 14 - William Williamson to Lydia Hampton, both of Elizabeth Town.
Apr. 18 - Richard Miller to Rachel May, both of Elizabeth town.
May 2 - simon Symondson to Phebe Ross, both of Elizabeth Town.
June 18 - Jacob Ackley to Hannah Pink, both Germans of New York.
July 22 - John Jeffers to Phebe Richardson, both Elizabeth Town.
Aug. 19 - Jacob Winans to the Widow Sarah Winans, both of Elizabeth Town.
Sep. 12 - David DeCamp to Abigail Richardson, both of Elizabeth Town.
15 - William Bell to Catherine Stibbs, both of Elizabeth Town.
Oct. 21 - John Ogden, Junr. to Deborah Burrows, both of Elizabeth Town.
Nov. 8 - John Riker, Junr. to Martha Relay, both of Staten Island.
Dec. 1 - Benjamin Meeker to Anna Paul, both of Elizabeth Town.
21 - Capt. Wm. McLeod, of the Artillery, to Hannah Waldron.
June 25 - Joseph - a Free Negro - to Mary Matthews - a White by me.
Aug. 4 - William Higgins to Sarah Townley, both of Elizabeth Town.
- Andrew Gautier, Esq. of New York, to Miss Margaret Hastier, of Elizabeth Town.


Dec. 1 - Elijah Terril to Mary Paul, both of Elizabeth Town
Dec. 18 - David Pierson to Margaret Tooker, both of Elizabeth Town.
Apr. 24 - Smith Hetfield to Jane Miller, both of Elizabeth Town.
Jan. 29 - Elias Bayley Dayton, of Elizabeth Town. to my daughter Elizabeth Catherine
pr me T.B. Chandler.
June 18 - George Jay, now of New York, to Mary Anne Jelf, of Elizabeth Town.
25 - Michael Hetfield to Rozina Ion, both of Elizabeth Town.
Oct. 27 - Aaron Ogden, Esq. to Elizabeth, daughter of John Chetwood, Esq. both of Elizabeth Town.
Dec. 25 - Capt. Cyrus Dehart, of the Nine Partners, -to Mary Boudinot, daughter of John Chetwood, Esq. of Elizabeth Town.
pr me T. B. Chandler.

The Revolutionary War commencing in 1775, Dr. Chandler being Greatly indisposed and desirous of obtaining medical assistance, the Church of St. John, in Elizabeth town, was destitute of a regular minister till Dr. Chandler's return after the peace. Dr. Chandler died in 1790, and was buried in Elizabeth Town. See his monument behind the Communion Table in the Church.

He was succeeded by the Revd. Saml. Spraggs in 1792. Mr. Spraggs dying in 1794, was succeeded by the Revd. Menzies Rayner in 1795.

The register of marriages by Mr. Rayner is contained in five leaves near the end of this book.

Mar. 3 - Samuel Meeker, of Philadelphia, Merch't., to Jane daughter of Jonathan Hampton, Esq. of Elizabeth Town.
Saml. Spraggs.


Mar. 11 - Mr. William Dayton, Merch't, to Margaret, daughter of Matthias Williamson, Esq. , both of Elizabeth Town.
May 12 - Jeremiah Clark to Marg-t. Oliver both of Raway.

Nov. 5 - Elihu Mitchell to Abigail Garthwait, both of Elizabeth town..
Nov. 21 - Capt. Lawson, of Poughkeepsie, in the State of New York, to Mary Clock, of Elizabeth Town, -State of New Jersey.
Dec. 25 - Sam'l Lngleton [Ingleton] to Sarah Bradford.
Apr. 27 - John S. Townley to Cornelia Foster, both of Elizabeth Town.
May 6 - Joseph Paul to Sarah Spinning, both of Elizabeth Town.
Married by Frederic Beasley on the Sixteenth of April 1803, Dr. William M. Ross to Miss Sarah Wilkinson.
Abraham Marsh to Mary Townley Morss, both of Rahway.
by M. Rayner.
Joseph Williams, of Elizabeth Town, to Betsy Lyon, of Lyons Farms.
Menzies Rayner. Sept. 1 - Sam'l, a negro man belonging to Anthony Marss,, -to Diana, a black belonging to Ford Cutter.
M.R. Sept. 22 - James Wade to Nancy Morse, both of Elizabeth Town.
M. Rayner.
Dec. 31 - James Gustin to Phebe Morss.
John C. Rudd.
Mar. 29 - John Marsh, of Rahway, to Margaret Morss, of Elizabeth Town.
John C. Rudd.
Apr. 15 - Thomas P. Gustin, of Sussex, to Susa Morss, daughter of Anthony Morss, Esq.
John C. Rudd.
May 25 - Joseph Lyons to Maria Henrietta D'Anteroches.
John C. Rudd.


Nov. 5 - Wm. Wade to Betsy Lee.
(nearly rubbed out) Rudd.
Sept. 28 - Anthony Morse to Miss/Susan Marsh, both of Rahway
- Mrs. Susan Alston Manning Marsh, -widow of Elston Marsh.
(B. G. Noble)
(Rev. R. C. Moore)
Oct. 14 - Stephen Burrows. of Cincinnati, Ohio, to Frances Morss, of Elizabeth Town, -married at the house of Mr. Gustin, New York.

by me R. C. Moore.
Oct. 27 - In Rahway, -James Richards and Mary Frances Morss.
Sam'l. A. Clark



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