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The Township of Wantage, Sussex County

1793 New Jersey Militia List

This list has been alphabetized and is not in the order of the original
Contributor: Georgia, who is searching for Banfield, Jones, King & Quick on the list below

Adams, Isaac
Adams, Jno.
Adams, Jno.
Adams, Jno. Jr.
Adams, Lewis
Adams, Saml.
Anderson, James
Appleman, Jno.
Appleman, Peter
Arrance, Hezekiah
Ayres, David
Ayres, Jacob
Ayres, Levy Jr.
Baley, Thos.
Banfield, James
Banker, Jno.
Barker, Steven
Bart, Christr.
Baxter, George
Beemer, Henry
Beemer, Jacob
Beemer, Jos.
Beemer, Peter Jr.
Beemer, Wm.
Berges, Benjn
Bird, Wm.
Bist, Jno.
Bockoven, Geo.
Bockover, Jacob Jr.
Boman, Jacob
Bonnel, Jno.
Bowker, Jeremiah
Brady, Wm.
Braffet, Jno.
Bright, Shouries
Brink, Abm.
Brink, Jno.
Brink, Samuel
Brink, Simon
Britt, Benjn.
Brown, Henry
Brown, Thos
Buker, Robert
casky, Jno. Jr.
Casky, Robt.
Catterlin, Jno.
Caywood, david
Cazard, Thos
Clark, Elias
Cole, Archi
Cole, Jno.
cole, Jos.
Cole, Josiah
Cole, Peter
Cole, Peter
Cole, Saml.
Collem, Wm.
compton, Andrew
Compton, David
Compton, Jacob
compton, Steven
Conklin, Henry
Conklin, Jno.
Conklin, Jno.
Cortright, Jacob Jr.
Courson, Abm.
Courtrigh, Bastean
Courtrigh, Jacob
Courtright, Soloman
Coxe, Benjn.
Coxe, Jno.
Coxe, Wm.
Crage, Frederick
Craige, James
Crain, Thos.
Crowell, Joseph
Cuterlin, Nathl.
Cuterlin, Vincen
cykendal, Benjn.
Cymer, Grover
Cymer, Henry
Cymer, Peter
Decay, Jno.
Decay, Wm.
Deckder, Saml. son of Saml.
Decker, Abm.
Decker, Bodowine
Decker, Fredrick
Decker, Fredrick
Decker, Jacob
Decker, James
Decker, Jonan.
Decker, Jos.
Decker, Michael
Decker, Peter
Decker, Simon
Decker, Wm.
Deen, Benjn.
Deen, Micajah
Depew, Benjn.
Depew, Henry
Depew, Moses
Devenport, Adam
Dewitt, Jacob
Dewitt, Jacob
Dewitt, Moses
Dewitt, Saml.
Dillon, Jno.
Doty, Jos.
Douty, Micajah Jr.
Douty, Reubin
Drake, Zephenia
Dunn, Danl.
Dunn, Wm.
Eagle, Asher
Elson, Levy
Elston, Jos.
Elston, Spence
Elston, Wm.
Enohich, Wm.
Evans, Robt.
Evans, Thos.
Everet, Wm.
Evins, James
Force, Noah
Gamer, Jno.
Gitsort, Henry
Gitsort, Josiah
Gitsort, Vanades
Gitsort, Wm.
Gold, Caleb
Gorner, Absolem
Hageman, John
Hains, Abijah
Hanly, Cornel.
Hardon, Thos.
Haven, Danl.
Havens, Abm.
Havens, Nathl.
Havens, Thos.
Haynes, Peter
Hazel, Jos.
Heatter, Eliphas
Heglen, James
Heylen, Jno.
Holly, Brezeluy
Holly, Jerimah
Holly, Nathn.
Hopper, David
Hunt, Ralph
Hyram, Wilson
Jackson, Robert
Jenning, Wm.
Jennings, Saml.
Johnson, Jeremiah
Jones, Moses
Jones, Wm.
Kenny, Levy
Ketcham, Daniel
Kimble, Nathl.
King, France
Kirkpatrick, Ephm.
Kirkpatrick, Hugh
Kittle, Jos.

Landen, Obediah
landon, Jno.
Landon, Jno. Sr.
Landon, Labon
Latter, Vanades
Leclear, Benjn.
Leport, Jacob
Lewis, Edward
Lewis, Thos.
Little, Benjn.
Longhaair, Anthn.
Longhair, Peter
Longhair, Rich.
Longhair, Wm.
Maisee, Benjn.
Mapes, Benoney
Mapes, Isaac
Mapes, Steven
Martin, Nathl.
Masters, James
Maybe, Jasper
Maybee, Jno.
McCoy, Geo.
Mccoy, James
Mccoy, Jno.
McCoy, Saml.
McWhortor, Jno.
Mead, Ebenezer
Meaden, Henry
Meadow (Middaugh), Solomon
Meadow, Benjn
Meadow, Ephm.
Meed, Eli
Meeker, Jeptha
Meeker, Saml.
Milten, Thos.
Mires, Cornl.
Mires, Henry
Morris, Robt. Jr.
Mosier, Abner
Mosier, Reubin
Nelson, Jos.
Nortrip, James
Nortrip, Wm.
Ocrain, Jos.
Pateson, Jeremiah
Pears, Levy
Pearson, Jno.
Perry, Jno.
Pettit, Jonan.
Pierce, Daniel
Pierce, Jonan.
Pierce, Wm.
Pintler, Jno.
Poheman, Jno.
Pool, Andrew
Pool, Jacob
Potter, Ephm
Potter, James
Potter, Saml.
Quick, Joseph
Quick, Moses
Reubler, Andrew
Rickey, Nathl.
Roberson, Isiah
Roberson, Jno.
Robison, Eseck
Robison, Henry
Robison, Jonan
Robison, Jos.
Ross, Henry
Ross, Jacob
Ross, Phillip
Rydendal, Joel
rydendal, Moses
Rydendal, Steven
Rykendal, Emanyel
Rykendal, Henry
Rykendal, Henry
Rykendal, Hermos
Rykendal, James
Rykendal, Jonan
Rykendal, Joseph
Rykendal, Levy
Rykendal, Samuel
Scoonover, Henry
Scoonover, Jno.
Scoonover, Wm.
Seayres, Jedediah
Showers, Andrew
Skineer, Echubord
Smith, Jno.
Smith, Jno. Jr.
Smith, Peter
Smith, Sam.
Smith, Solomon
Smith, Wm.
Sniery, Obediah
Soperceen, Fredrick
Southard, Silvenus
Southworth, Wm.
Stevens, Rich.
Stillwagon, Peter
Stratton, David
Struble, Rich.
Thompson, Christr.
thompson, david
Thompson, Enoch
Thompson, Jno.
Vanauken, Jno.
Vanauken, Nathl.
Vanderugg, Gilbert
Vanetter, Peter
Vangorder, Peter
Vansickle, Andrew
Vansickle, Benjn.
Vansickle, Jno.
Vansickle, Peter
Vantage, Jacob
Vanvleet, Cornel.
Vanvleet, Saml.
Walker, Richd.
Walker, Wm.
Wallen, Cornel
Wallen, Jno.
Wallen, Peter
Walling, Abm.
Walung, Elisha
Washer, George
Water, Isaac
Waters, Jno.
Watson, Wm.
Werts, Jno
Westbrook, Abm.
Westbrook, Jno.
Westfall, Benjn.
Westfall, David
Westfall, Wm.
Wickorn, Seth
Williams, Jno.
Wilson, Abijah
Wilson, Andrew Jr.
Wilson, Aolds
Wilson, Forgison
Wilson, James
Wilson, Jno.
Wilson, Jos.
Wilson, Nen
Wilson, Peter
Wilson, Saml.
Winfield, Abm.
Winfield, Emanual
Winfield, Jos.
Wintermute, Jno.
Wintermute, Peter
Wintermute, Philip
Wood, Steven
Young, Jno.


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