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Almshouse & Poorhouse Records

-Almshouse children (orphans) sent to New Netherland (New York) from Amsterdam Holland on the ship De Waegh (The Weigh-House), August 1655
-Almshouse Records New York 1782-1813 Surnames A | Surnames B | Surnames C. Other surnames to follow
-Almshouse Records New York 1819-1840
-List of those who died while in Staten Island Quarantine May 1849-Dec. 1850
-Almshouse Records New York City 1855-1858
-Society for Relief of Half-Orphans & Destitute Children 1900, Manhattan New York
-Milwaukee County Almshouse & Poor Farm Cemeteries Wisconsin List of Burials 1872-1892
-Milwaukee County Almshouse & Poor Farm Cemeteries Wisconsin List of Burials 1914-1934
-Milwaukee County Almshouse & Poor Farm Cemeteries Wisconsin List of Burials 1935-1955
-Milwaukee County Almshouse & Poor Farm Cemeteries Wisconsin List of Burials 1956-1974

Milwaukee County Almshouse & Poor Farm Cemeteries Wisconsin List of Burials

The Milwaukee County Farm Cemetery (a.k.a. Potter's Field) was used during the years 1872-1974. This cemetery was used for the poorhouse inmates and also for burial of other indigent people and transients for whom no funds were available for burial. The cemetery may have been in use prior to 1872. However, there is no documentation of burials occurring before 1872. Due to the fact that there are nearly 6,400 names in the burial register book the names of the deceased have been separated into groups of years.

The original site (Jennifer Fleischmann's Poorhouse Files) that contained these transcriptions was last updated in 2001 and has been offline since February 2006. Rather than see these names lost, Olive Tree Genealogy has given them a permanent home in its Almshouse, Poorhouse & Insane Asylums Section.

Field of blood, field of the forgotten. The Potter's Field of Milwaukee County.

A recent discovery of a forgotten pauper cemetery at the Milwaukee County Medical Center has profound and far-reaching ramifications. More than 5,000 are buried in this graveyard, compelling an investigation into the circumstances surrounding its loss. That the cemetery lies beneath county buildings without official knowledge is a disgrace. The proper dignity of a marked and undisturbed grave was denied to these former county residents because of their poverty. How this discovery is managed will reflect our commitment to both high ideals and the law. This project endeavors to reconstruct the origins of the pauper cemetery, containing a brief history of the poor in Milwaukee County, and an examination of the Almshouse, Milwaukee County's first medical institution. Finally, a postscript offers a parallel between the writings of Charles Dickens and the pauper cemetery. [ National Library of Medicine]

Burials 1872-1892
Name Sex Age Date of Birth Date of Death Cause of Death Place of Death
Martin, Sran F 38 1/1/1872 Confluent small pox MKE Hosp. 4th ward
Salter, Maria F 21 1/13/1872 Peritonitis MKE Hosp. 2nd ward
Herold, Peter M 28 2/6/1872 Variolae
Harp, D. C. M 23 2/22/1872 Inflammation of brain St. Mary's Hospital
Belden, Frank M 41 3/3/1872 Phthisis Pulmonalis MKE Hosp. 2nd ward
Nortan F 4 mos . 3/5/1872 Convulsion Police Stn. 7th ward
Sipperts, Carolina F 2.5 10/17/1869 5/27/1872
Flymann, (Infant) M 5/7/1872 5/7/1872 Stillborn Wauwatosa
Sadler, ? M 4/10/1872 Drowning Menomonee River 8th ward
Thompson, Amard M 32 12/25/1873 Accidental Drowning
Murphy, Ellen F 60 1/1/1874 Broken neck/accidental fall from stairs
Cole, James M 66 1/22/1874 Broken neck/accidental fall from stairs
Bakriasan, Anna F 1 1/28/1874
Harvey, Peter M 42 8/1/1874 Private disease
Schmidt, John M 58 9/21/1974 Delirium Tremens Co. Jail 7th ward
Unknown M abt 35 10/27/1874 Accidentally drowned Milw. River 5th ward
Unknown M 50-60 10/27/1874 accident by railroad U. West RR
Williams, Ellen F 20 11/2/1874 Cramp disease Buffalo St. 3rd ward
Peterson, G. M 30 11/27/1874 Congestive chills 5th ward
Hoffmann, Wilhelm M 17 12/4/1874 accident House of Correction 11th Ward
Nugent, Edward M 30 1/8/1875 accident 7th ward
Johnson, Annie F 27 3/10/1875 Pyaemie
Unknown M infant 3/15/1875 premature birth
Unknown F infant 3/16/1875 premature birth
Hackbart, Gottfried M 60 3/18/1875 Abcess of brain
child M ? 3/30/1875 strangled Miller Brewery
Christ, Dora F 16 4/3/1875
child M 4/19/1875 stillborn 10th ward
Flugge, Gottlieb M 47 5/6/1875 Suicide 6th ward
Matz, Christian M 61 6/17/1875 Suicide 2nd ward
Jenkins, George M 15 7/5/1875 Accidentally drowned 4th ward
Pilska, Francis F 3 weeks 7/22/1975 Convulsions 3rd ward
Potts, Bridget F 43 08/07/1875 Overdose of wiskey 3rd ward
Baumann, Aug. M 60 8/26/1975 Suicide Town of Franklin
Graham, Randolph M 26 8/31/1875 Accidentally drowned 5th ward
Bartsch, Friedrich M 46 9/3/1875 Suicide 11th ward
Infant M 11/4/1875 Strangled 2nd ward
Schwarting, Henry M 62 12/03/1875 Exposure Wauwatosa
Arni, Adam M 66 12/31/1875 Suicide Co. Poor House
Jordan, Alice F 25 01/03/1876 excessive drinking 7th ward
Trebert, Christina F 75 2/3/1876 Chronic Bronchitis
Parker, Marie F 62 2/20/1876 Murdered 3rd ward
Liverlay, John M 35 3/15/1876 Suicide Milwaukee
Buck, Andreas M 27 4/20/1876 Accidentally drowned 5th ward
Satorius, Peter M 21 5/26/1876 Murdered
England, Johan M 56 6/14/1876 Debility 6th ward
Hoerner, John M 40 7/10/1876 Struck by lightening 11th ward
Cummerford, John M 18 8/4/1876 Altmmiruree
Mitchell, James M 26 8/8/1876 Accidentally drowned 3rd ward
Riebe, Anna F 22 2/10/1877 Confluent small pox
Stahl, Mina F 19 7/21/1877 Variola
Montag, Carl M 57 1820 9/13/1877 Variola
Scobez, Marie F 42 5/1835 11/11/1877 Phthsis
Wiener, Anna F 45 11/20/1877 Cancer of Uterus
Horner, Hettie F 20 12/7/1877 Variola
Johnson, Nettie F 24 12/7/1877 Variola
McCabe, J.W.A. M 39 12/13/1877 Variola
Flowers, James M 29 12/25/1877 Variola
Smith, Wm. M 23 4/5/1878 Amyoid degeneration of kidney
Oleson, Martin M 3 7/1874 9/30/1878? Scarlatina
Vaughn, Edward M 50 10/5/1878 Pyaemia
Kastner, Philomena F 48 7/8/1830 12/6/1878 Chronic Rheumatism
Meyer, Emilie F 3yr 5 mos 1/3/1876 7/1/1879 Dypheric Croup
Diel, Jacob M 74 10/4/1805 10/29/1879 Old Age
Stephan, Alexander M 32 5/10/1880 Phthisis Milw. Insane Asylum
Hasley, Mary F 32 5/31/1880 Phthysis Pulu.
Fisher, (Infant) M 5 hrs 6/8/1880 6/8/1880 Pre. Birth/Convulsions
Sommous, William M 28 1852 6/10/1880 Ceretritis Co. Hosp.
Florence, Ivy F 5 days 6/10/1880 Convulsions Milw. Co. Hosp.
Metz, Joseph M 40 6/21/1880 Endocarditis Co. Hosp.
Lukas, Eva F 2wks 7/7/1880 7/21/1880 Tuterus
Pares, Mary F 91 7/31/1880 Cirrhosis of liver Milw. Co. Hosp.
West, Jennie F 3wks 7/6/1880 7/28/1880 Infantile Convulsions Milw. Co. Hosp.
Danson, Mary Amanda F 21 8/20/1880 Pulmonary Phthisis Milw. Co. Hosp.
Hatje, George M 59 8/22/1880 Cirrhosis of liver Co. Farm
Rothber, (Infant) M 17 days 8/7/1880 8/24/1880 Inanition Milw. Co. Hosp.
Dawson, Emma F 20 10/14/1860 9/4/1880 Phthsis Pulmonalis
McCaffery, James M 76 1804 9/5/1880 Bright's Disease Milw. Co. Hosp.
Holtz, Henry M 30 9/17/1880 Milw. Co. Hosp.
Jones, George M 16 9/29/1880 Chronic Diarrhoea Milw. Co. Hosp.
Herning, Adolf M 30 10/28/188 0 Chronic Inflammation of liver Milw. Co. Hosp.
Beyer, Ferdinand M 41 11/2/1880 Chronic Pneumonia Milw. Co. Hosp.
Grundler, Albert M 28 11/7/1880 Epilepsy Milw. Co. Hosp.
Preiser, Henry M 60 11/12/188 0 Cirrhosis Milw. Co. Hosp.
Johnson, Gustav M 23 11/20/188 0 Typhoid Fever Milw. Co. Hosp.
Holsted, Avton M 34 11/23/188 0 Colloid Cancer of Abdomen Milw. Co. Hosp.
Keating, Margaretha F 3 days 12/18/1880 12/21/1880 Cyanosis Milw. Co. Hosp.
Sernnaudal, Franz M 46 12/27/1880 Cancer of liver
Clarke, Patric M 69 12/30/1880 Cerebritis Milw. Co. Hosp.
Hayet, A. P. M 21 12/31/1880 Typhoid Fever Milw. Co. Hosp.
Keating, Emma D. F 27 12/31/1880 Peritonitis Milw. Co. Hosp.
Hermes, Adolf M 34 1/16/1881 Pneumonia Milw. Co. Hosp.
Fitzgerald, (Infant) F 17 days 1/14/1881 1/31/1881 Inanition Milw. Co. Hosp.
Plumber, Frederick M 19 2/5/1881 Milw. Co. Hosp.
Eckerkunst, Wilhemina F 37 2/6/1881 Pulmonary Phthisis Milw. Co. Hosp.
Justmann, Chas. M 70 2/16/1881 Congestion of lungs Milw. Co. Hosp.
Schmidt, Jacob M 11/4/1884
Schmidt, (Son) M 12/11/1884
Johnson, Ruby F 1/28/1885
Unknown Child ? 5/27/1885
Jacobson, Andrew M 6/28/1885
Reichert, (Child) ? 7/6/1885
Hartmann, Joseph M 7/15/1885
Unknown Foetus ? 7/23/1885
Unknown Male Babe M 8/3/1885
Perry, Frank Clinton M 8/20/1885
Unknown Female Babe F 9/14/1885
Unknown Female Babe F 10/17/1885
See, Michael M 12/2/1885
Anton, J. ? 1/2/1886
Rosanski, Christoph M 2/8/1886
Schwartz, Lilly F 2/26/1886
Schumann, Arthur M 4/30/1886
Unknown Man M 5/11/1886 Drowned
Daly, (Child) ? 6/3/1886



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