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Death Finds a Way: A Janie Riley Mystery
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Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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New Amsterdam (New York City) New York Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms 1642 - 1645

In memory of Ted Brassard
1930 ~ 2001

& published on Olive Tree Genealogy with his widow's permission

This is one of a series of transcribed records for baptisms at the Reformed Dutch Church of New Amsterdam (New York City) in New Netherland (New York). The baptisms are laid out in order as follows: The date of the baptism; the parents; the child; and the witnesses. Note the separation of each item by semicolons. There is no spacing between baptisms and the wrap text is confined to 80 characters. Anything within parenthesis are my own comments


1 Jan; Claes Gerbrant; Aeltie; Elsje Rous
1 Jan; Not Listed; Clara; Mr. Harmen
1 Jan; Jeugie Hans; Jeurgie; Richart Black-roshen, Anna Mitfort
19 Jan; Michiel Paulusz.; Michiel; Pieter Loockermans, Hans Noorman, Catharina Trico
16 Feb; Reyer Everts; Aeltje; Mr. Jochem Pieters, Lysbeth Thys
16 Feb; Jan Schepmoes, Sara Pieters Van Orcum; Maryn Adriaenszen, Lysbeth Thys
23 Feb; Jan Suycker; Tryntie; Jorgen Roelofs-Sergt.,Mr. Arent Curlaer, Tryntie Simons, Engel Mans
9 Mar; Thomas Brons; Janneken; Jan Kant, Maria Philips Gradus, Maria Pya
9 Mar; Jochem Kayker; Jacob; Burger Joriszen, Jorge Roeolfs-Sargt., Teuntje Broecks
16 Mar; Mr. Hendrick Van Dyck; Cornelis; de Hr. Willem Kieft-Commandeur, Mr. Corn. Teroyken-Fiscael, Jochem Pieterszen Kuyter, Lyntie Martens
16 Mar; Emanuel gerrt de Rous, Van Angola; Michiel; Domingo Theunis, Susanna Simons Van Angola
23 Mar; Lambert Huybertsz; Abraham; Jan Snuker-shoemaker, Gerrit Wolfertszen, Christine Hunen, Hester Jans
23 Mar; Abraham Pieterz.; Pieter; D. Everardus Bogardus, Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlt., Jan Janszen dam, Marritje Teunis
23 Mar; Theunis Thomasz. Metselaer; Maritje; Sibrant Claeszen, Marritje Philips
23 Mar; Laurens Duytschen (my ancestor); Jan; Jochem Pieterszen, Olof Stephenson Van > Courtlt., Engel Mans
30 Mar; Aert Willemszen; Annetje; Maurice Janszen, Mr. Arent Van Curlaer, Lysbeth Dirckszen, Rachel Vynen
30 Mar; Willem Adriaensz; Christiaen; Michiel Ter Hoyken-fiscael, Jan Bentin, Maurice Janszen, Marritie Theunis
30 Mar; Claes Janszen; Arent; No witnesses
21 Apr; Philip du Trieux; Isaacsen; Mr. Herman Reyniers, Jan Willemszen Schut, Philip Gerritsz., Sara du Trieux, Sara Roelofs (my ancestor)
21 Apr; Anthony Ferdinando; Marye; Cleen Anthony-neger, Andrie Van Angola, Vrouwtje Gerrits, Isabel Van Angola
27 Apr; Fernande, Maria Van Angola; Dominicus; Mr. Herman Reynierszen, Mr. Maurice Janszen
27 Apr; Claes Van Elslant; Albertus; Mr. Maurice Janszen, Mr. Herman Reynierszen, Rachel Vynen
4 May; Gerrt. Janszen Van Oldenburgh; Jan; Jan Janszen dam, Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlt., Elsje Jan Pieterszens
4 May; Theunis Cray; Janneken; Sibolt Caleszen, Huyck Aertszen, Hendrick Pieterszen Metseir., Lysbeth Dircks, Anneken Loockermans
25 May; Abraham Isaacsz. Planck; Susanna; Jan Janszen dam, Mr. Hans Kierstede(my ancestor), Christina Vynen
1 Jun; Laurens Pieterszen Noorman; Sytie; Hans Hanszen Noorman, Gysbert Corneliszen, Cornelis Willemszen, Christina Vynen
9 Jun; Jan Janszen Platneus; Douwen; Hendrick Janszen Smit, Susanna Roelofs
3 Jul; Gerrit Janszen; Jacob; Mr. Joost Van de Bogardt, Annetje Loockermans
9 Jul; Cornelis Aertszen; Arie; Huyck Aertszen, Marie Hanszen, Anneken Loockermans
13 Jul; Hans Nicolaeszen; Laurens; Jeurgie Roelofszen-Sergt., Hendrick Westercamp, Geferit(?) Webber-molenaer, Hans Frederickszen-soldier, Jans Laurenszen-Backer, Christina Vynen, Engel Mans, Engel Jans
17 Jul; Daniel Patrick; Samuel; no witnesses
17 Jul; Robbert Feecke; Robbert; no witnesses
27 Jul; Hans Hanszen Noorman; Brecktje; Jan Montfoort, Sara Planck
3 Aug; Jan Corneliszen; Cornelis; Hendrick Janszen Suyder, Jan Hermanszen-tobacco planter, Susanna Cornelis
10 Aug; Hans Van Mansvelt; Pieter; Jeurge Roelofszen-Sergt., Pieter Pye, Mr. Hans Kierstede, Sara Roelofs, Maria Lievens, Tryntie Elberts
31 Aug; Roelant Hackwart; Willem; Huyck Aartszen; Gerrit Wolfertszen; Hester Simons, Marritje Philips
31 Aug; Robbert Belloy; Nathaniel; Theunis Schrey, Tryntie Van Camp, Stephen Zymeester
7 Sept; Abel Redderhas; Hendrick; Caes Corneliszen, Joris Rappalje, Pieter Pedro Alberton, Maria Rappalje
28 Sept; Mr. Andries Hudden; Hendrick; D. Everardus Bogardus, Michiel Ter Oykens-fiscael, Christina Fredricks
28 Sept; Emanuel Swager Van Angola; Barber; Andries Van Angola, Marie Van Angola, Van Anthony Fernando
5 Oct; Cornelis Claeszen-swiss, Ariaentie; Jacob and Isac-twins; De Hr. Willem Kieft-Commandeur, D. Everardus Bogardus, Corn. Van Tienhoven-Secret., Jan Janszen Dam,
Rachel de Foreest, Marritje Lievens
5 Oct; Richard Waker; Sara; Richard Bredenell and his wife Rebecca Ratsen
5 Oct; Egbert van Borsum; Cornelis; de Hr. Willem Kieft- Commandeur, Jan Elpenbeen and his wife-Marritje Thymens
5 Oct; Lambert Lambertszen; Maryken; Jan Pieterszen Roos, Marie Thomas, Tryntie Claes
19 Oct; Hendrick Westercamp Backer; Margariet; Jillis Pieterszen, Mr. Timmer-master carpenter; Philip Gerritszen, Engel Mans, Tryntie Pieters
9 Nov; Isacq de Foreest; Jessen; Jochem Pieterszen, Philip du Trieux, Madam de la Montagne, Sara Roelofs
16 Nov; Jan Jacoszen Carpenal; Jacob; Philip Gerritszen, Maryken Philip, Huyck Aertszens
23 Nov; Ulderick Cleen; Mechior; Jacob Swart, Sara Roelofs
30 Nov; Pieter St. Thoms., Salomon; no witnesses
14 Dec; Borger Joriszen, Engetje Mans; Maryken; Teunis Janszen-sail maker, Jillis Pieterszen, Mr. Timm, Maryken Philips
14 Dec; Jan Tousen; Thomas; Hendrick Tousen, Rebecca Brenten, Claertje Gerrits


4 Jan; D. Everardus Bogardus; Jonas; Olof Stephenszen Courtlt., Mr. Gysbert Opten Dyck, Tryntje Jonas (my ancestor), Sara Roelofs
1 Feb; Barent Jacobszen; Dievertje; Hendrick Sibout, Gysbert Corneliszen, Christina Vynen
5 Feb; Cornelis Volckertszen; Cornelis; Philip du Trieux, Anneken Bogardus, Gerrit Molenaer
22 Feb; Jeuriaen Blanck-goldsmith; Elsje; De Hr. Willem Kieft-Gouveneur, Lyntie Pieters
1 Mar; Pieter Corneliszen; Dievertje; Rebecca Lubberts
1 Mar; Pieter Portugies-Neger; Elisabeth; Sebastiaen-Neger, Pallas-Negrinne Van Angola
8 Mar; Aert Willemszen; Wyntje; Hendrick Jansze Suyder, Jan Corn. Van Rotterdam, Aeltje Jans
5 Apr; Marten Cregier, Lysbeth; Catharina; Jeurgie Roelofszen-Sergt., Hans Steyn, Thomas Welert, Jillis de Voogt, Tryntie Everts, Annetje Jans, Marritie Philips
19 Apr; Mr. Hendrick Hendrickszen; Femmetje; Isac Hendrickszen
19 Apr; Catharina Van Angola; Lovyse; Pieter Van Camp-drummer, Cleyn Anthony Van Angola, Susanna Pieters-negrinne
19 Apr; Pieter Pias; Marye; Philip Graer, Claes Van Elslant, Susanna Roelofs, Marritje Philips
26 Apr; Jilles Pieterszen; Eva; Schipper Janszen-sail maker, Tryntie Hendricks
26 Apr; Willem Barentszen, Engels Man; Maritje; Robbert Elten, Elisabeth Stougen, Anna Hal
3 May; Mr. Herman Meyndertsz; Meyndert; Hendrick Van Dyck-flag bearer, Gysbert Opten Dyck, Corn. Tienhoven-secretary, Anneken Loockermans, Sara Roelofs
10 May; Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlant; Stephanus; Govert Loockermans, Marritje Thymens
7 Jun; Kors Pieterszen; Elsje; Marin Adriaen, Lysbeth Thys, Corn. Bedert, Christina Vynen
14 Jun; Cornelis Molyn; Susanna; Cornelia Molyn, Lyntje Jochems
21 Jun; Aert Willemszen; Elbert; Brandt Pylen, Corn. Claeszen-Swiss, Elbert Elbertszen, Sara Roelofs, Ariaentje Cornelis
28 Jun; Joris Rappalje; Jeronymus; Hans Hanszen, Rem Janszen, Jannetje Rappalje
28 Jun; Jan Pieterszen Van Huysen; Jan; Cornelis Ledert, Marie Thomas
5 Jul; Anthony Portuges-Neger; Jochem; Emanuel-Trompetter(trumpeteer?), Sara Cornelis
5 Aug; Adriaen Pietersz. Van Alcmaer; Jannetje; D. Everardus Bogardus, Egbert Wouterszen, Sara Roelofs, Tryntje Everts
30 Aug; Cleyn Anthony Van Angola-neger; Anthony; Jan Augustinus-Neger, Victorie Paulus-Negrinne
30 Aug; Petrus Petro Alberto; Jan; Pieter Montfoort, Abel Rederhas, Marttha Hagebaert, Marritie Frans
6 Sept; Jacob Wolfertszen; Lysbeth; Govert Loockermans, Jan Van Brug, Jannetie Sert., Ariaentje Jans
20 Sept; Evert Biscop; Rebecca; Carel Biscop, Sara Biscop
27 Sept; Govert Lookermans; Jannetje; Jacob Wolfertszen, Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlt., Hester Jans, Jannetje Seth, Marritje Philips
27 Sept; Cornelis Jacobszen; Jacob; Lysbeth Thys, Hillegond Joris
4 Oct; Claes Cornelis; Cornelis; Claes Claeszen, Hester Gerrits
4 Oct; Marcus Emanuel; Jan, Marye, Anna-triplets; Thomas Hall and his wife, Willem Barentsz. and his wife, Frans Bar_(?), and Elizabeth Thorisen
11 Oct; Marie Barnarts; Marie, Elisabeth-twins; Thomas Hall, Engeltje Borgers
18 Oct; Abraham Ryck, Grietie Hendricks; Jacob; Borger Joris, Geertie Rederhas
28 Oct; Gerrt. Janszen Van Oldenburg; Abraham, Jacob-twins; De Hr. Willem Kieft-Gouvneur, Marie Philips, Ariaentie Hees
15 Nov; Mr. Jan Stephenszen; Jan; Abraham Pieterszen-miller, Tryntie Abrahams
15 Nov; Dirck Volkertszen; Volckert; Cornelis Tienhoven-secretaris, Jans Janszen dam, Philip Graer, Marie Philips
22 Nov; Claes Von Elslant; Maryken; Willem Turck, Marie Philips
25 Nov; Thomas Sandertszen-smith; Cornelis; Pieter Pya, Corn. Claeszen Rademaecker, Gerrt. Jansen van Oldens, Tryntie Eevers, Marie du Trieux
12 Dec; Hilegond Joris; Vrouwtje; no witnesses
14 Dec; Roelandt Hack Wardt; Jan; Abraham Isaac Planck, Christina Vynen and husband, Van Dirck de Noorman
20 Dec; Michiel Paulusz.; Josyntie; Joris Rappalje, Jan Aertszen, Tryntje Everts
25 Dec; Jan Janszen-shoemaker, Sara Pieters; Abraham; Theunis Janszen-sail maker, Elsje Hendricks


3 Jan; Barent Janszen, Chrescyntie Claes; Jan; Jan Evertszen Bout, Jan Janszen Cuypher-soldt., Annetje Pieters
6 Jan; Stephen Jougen; Stephen; Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlant, Mr. Gysbert op ten Dyck, Sara Cornelis, Rachel Vynen
12 Jan; Thomas Corenwell; Elisabeth; Eduart Fiscoock, Marie du Trieux
13 Jan; Mr. Andries Hudden; Hendrick; Jochem Pieterszen, Sara du Trieux
3 Feb; Adam Roelantszen; Daniel; Mr. Michiel Hoykens, Mr. Hans Kierstede, Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlant, Anneken Loockermans
4 Feb; Paulus Janszen Van Vlissingen; Evert; Jan Dirckszen Van Bremen, Anthony Ferdinando, Abraham Jacobszen, Annetje Thomas
8 Feb; Jan Pieterszen; Jan; Roelof Janszen, Jan Masten-soldier, Anneken Molyn
22 Feb; Claes Andries; Andries; Jacob Wilt, Laurens Adrieszen, Van Noordwegen, Lambert
Valkenburgh, Isaac Abrahamszen, Van Euchuysen, Tryntje Jonas, Belitje Jacobs Van Naerden
28 Feb; Jan Dirckszen, Van Bremen; Tietje; Harmen Arentszen, Claes Cooren, Hendrick Westercamp backer, Annetje Gerrits
6 Mar; Abraham Pietersz. Molenaer; Malchus; Jan Stephenszen, Cos Pieterszen, Anneken Bogardus, Lysbeth Dircks
9 Mar; Willem Adriaensz; Marye; de Hr. Willem Kieft-Gouveneur, Eli Braconnie
13 Mar; Jochem Colart; Jeurgie; Jeurgie Blanck; Albert Jochemszen-boatman, Hester Jans-wife of van Jacob Wolfertszen
15 Mar; Hans Nicolaeszen; Nicolaes; Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlt., Marten Cregier, Thomas Wesert, Anneken Bogardus, Annatje Loockermans, Tryntje Claes
28 Mar; Hanna Beckens; Jan; Jan Mast, Henry Pieche, Thomas Beccen
28 Mar; Wessel Kever; Grietje; Hendrick Janszen-smith, Grietie Reyniers
3 Apr; Theunis Nyssen, Marritje; no witnesses
3 Apr; Jeurgie Homs; Willem; Adam-drummer, Eduart Janszen, Janneken Thomas, Margrietie Jans
10 Apr; Gerrit Wolfertszen; Marritje; Wolferts Gerritszen, Pieter Wolfertszen; Tryntje Huygens, Marritje Philips
17 Apr; Hans Hanszen de Noorman; Jan; Jan Montfoort, Jan Snyderken, Anneken Bogardus
24 Apr; Anthony Fernando; Willem; Barent Jacobszen, Lyntje Adams
24 Apr; Teunis Thomaszen Metselaer, Belitje Jacobs; Thomas; Albert Janszen, Sybrant Claeszen, Claes Beydegar, en Sara Pieters
8 May; Philippe Swartinne; Anna; D. Everadus Bogardus, Emanuel Congo, Anthony Van Angola- Negers,Wyf. Van Anthony-trompetter, Negrinne
16 May; Hendrick Van Dusenburg; Evert; Abraham Pieterszen Molenaer, Hendrick Westercamp Backer, Tryntie Abrahams
29 Jun; Thomas Welert; Willem; de Hr. Willem Kieft-Gouvneur, Johanne Richarts
6 Jul; Abraham Isaac Planck; Jacomyntie; Philip Gerritszen, Anneken Bogardus
27 Jul; Gysbert op ten Dyck; Elisabeth; de Hr. Willem Kieft-Gouvneur, Corn. Van Tienhoven-secretaris, Hendrick Huygen
4 Aug; Pieter Colet; Willem; no witnesses
17 Aug; Willem Watkyn; Hendrick; Henry Brassert, Evert Duycking, Jonas Smit and his wife, Marritie Douwken
24 Aug; Larie Swartinne; Jochem; Bastryn-Captain of the Blacks(free negroes)
28 Aug; Emanuel Swager van Angola; Elisabeth; Francisco-Neger, Lucretie d'Angola-Negrinne
28 Aug; Marten Cregier; Willem; De Hr. Willem Kieft-gouvneur, Michiel ter Oyken-fiscael, Jan de Vries-Capt., Mr. Hans Kierstede, and three married women
21 Sept; Mr Hans Kierstede (my ancestor); Jan alias Hans; De Hr. Willem Kieft-gouvneur, Michiel ter Oyken-fiscael, D. Everardus Bogardus, Tryntje Jonas, Marritje Thymens
28 Sept; Laurens Duytsen (my ancestor); Hans; Jochem Pieterszen and his wife, Borger Joriszen-smith, Jan Snyderken-shoemaker
30 Oct; Thomas Bedder, Engelsman; Ruyff and Mary-twins; Thomas Steyle and his wife, Jan Thoussen and his wife, Anneken Hals
17 Nov; Thomas Sanders-smith; Cornelis; Thomas Hall and his wife, Robyn Pinnier, Reyert Lofs, Jelletje Gerrits
20 Nov; Jillis Pieterszen; Pieter; Hendrick Janszen Snyder, Reyert Stoffelszen-smith, Tryntie Hendricks, Lyntie Jochems, Marritje Thymens
4 Dec; Claes Janszen Ruyter; Geertruydt; Maryken Liewents
4 Dec; Herkel Sybants, Wyntie Theunis; Sybants; Sybant Claeszen, Hendrick Jacobszen, Sara Schepmoes
4 Dec; Roelof Janszen; Johannes; Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlant, Sara Roelofs and her husband Mr. Hans Kierstede
11 Dec; Henry Piesse, Sara Brut; Sara, Elisabeth, Thomas and Jan(quadruplets!); Theunis Cray, Tryn Van Camp; Thomas Brons; Janneken Thomas, Thoams Hall, Anna Hal, Eduwart Moer
18 Dec; Jan Janszen-shoemaker; Jan; Marie du Trieux, Tryntie Pieters
26 Dec; Pieters Corneliszen; Elisabeth; Olof Stephensen van Courtlt., Geertruyd Hudden and her husband van Andries Hudden


8 Jan; Teunis Cray; Griete; Capiteyn de Vries, Marten Cregier, Jan Huybert, Belitje Cornelis
22 Jan; Isaac de Foreest, Sara du Trieux; Susanna; Mr. Jan de Minuiet, Jean de la Montagne, Susanna de Trieux
29 Jan; Barent Jacobszen; Apollonia; Thys Claeszen, Lyntie Jochems
5 Feb; Aert Willemszen; Evert; Jan Evertszen Bout, Jacob Roy-constapel, Lyntie Jochems, Jenneken Rus
5 Feb; Cornelis Claeszen; Jacob; Hendrick Pieterszen, Pieter Colette, Heyltie Jeuraiens
5 Feb; Andries Van Angola; Tryntie; Pieter Van Camp, Marie Anthony
12 Feb; Gerrit Doyman-Sergt.; Sibrant; de Hr. Willem Kieft-gouvneur, Capt. Jan de Vries, Ariaen Martenszen, Adelborst, Heyltje Barents, Janneken Thomas
12 Feb; Pieter St. Thome; Mathias; Groot Emanuel-neger, Susanna Congoy-negrinne
18 Feb; Emanuel Trompetter; Christina; Claes Van Elslandt, Bastayen, Captyn van de Negers, Geertruyd Roelofs, Mayken Van Angola
3 Mar; Cornelis Molyn; Magdaleen; Lyntje Jochems
12 Mar; Rem Janszen; Annetje; Joris Rappalje, Catalyn Joris, Margrietje Hendricks
2 Apr; D. Everardus Bogardus; Pieter; Jochem Pieterszen, Mr. Hans Kierstede, Marritje Thymens, Sara Roelofs
9 Apr; Jan Thouser; Thomas; Thomas Steylen, Thomas Hall, Janneken Thomas,Anna Bedder
9 Apr; Jeurgie Blanck; Jeurgie; Capt. Jan de Vries, Mr. Hans Kierstede, Thomas Welert, Anneken Loockermans, Tryntje Hendricks
17 Apr; Ariaen Van Alcmaer; Sytie; Jacob Roy-constapel, Jan Janszen Cuyper, Dirck Claeszen, Engel Jans, Arrientje Cornelis
17 Apr; Emanuel van Angola; Michiel; Cleyn Anthony Van Angola, Mary Grandes
23 Apr Cos Pieterszen; Cornelis; Dirck Corneliszen, Marritje Lievens, Tryntie Claes
30 Apr; Thomas Pharenton; Thomas; no witnesses
7 May; Casar Alberto-alias Pieter de Italiaen; Marles; Jan Monfoort, Cosyn Briel, Joris Rapalje, Sara Planck, Janneken Rapalje
26 Jun; Arent Evertszen; Neeltje; Hendrick Pieterszen Van 1000 bergen(?), Lysbeth de Rycke
9 Jul; Groot Emanuel-neger; Philip; Sebastiaen-Capt. van de negers, Pallas van Angola
16 Jul; Adriaen Vincent; Hester; Isaac de Foreest, Hester Simons
23 Jul; Olof Stephenszen van Courtlant; Marritie; de Hr. Willem Kieft-gouvneur, Hester Jans
9 Aug; Claes Janszen; Lucas; Aeltje Cornelis, Catalyn Rapalje
9 Aug; Jan Harten-Engelsman; Jan; Willem Koock, Richard Claeszen, Aeltje Cornelis
20 Aug; Cornelis Volckertszen; Jacomyntie; Jan Evertszen Bout, Isaac Abrahamszen-schippr., Mr. Paulus-surgeon, Susanna du Trieux
20 Aug; Hans Nicolaes; Nicolaes; Mr. Gysbert Leeuwen, Jan Janszen Vandenham, Daniel Rogen, Jan Carstenszen, Paulus Luck, David Davidszen, Barent Janszen. Farmer's servant, Rachel Vynen, Sara Roelofs
27 Aug; Jacob Wolfertszen; Aeltje; Wolfert Gerritszen, Pieter Wolfertszen, Maryken Thymens, Ariaentje Cornelis
3 Sept; Claes Van Elslant; Catalyntie; Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlt., Joris Rapalje, Geertruyd Jacobszen
3 Sept; Jan Janszen Schepmoes; Aeltje; Simon Joosten, Marritje Lievens
10 Sept; Mr. Paulus-surgeon; Catharyn; De Hr. Willem Kieft-gouvneur, Mr. Hans Kierstede, Willem Bredenbend, Aeltje Braconie, Marritje Lievens
18 Sept; Evert Janszen; (no name given); Isaac de Foreest, Trnytje Roelofs
22 Sept; Jan Carpenel Van Haerlem; Meyndert; Jan Janszen dam, Belitje Cornelis
29 Sept; Henry Brezier; Mary; Thomas Backer, Adam Tambour, Magarietje Jans, Catharyn oo Dyck
31 Sept(?); Mr. David Provoost; David; De Hr. Willem Kieft-gouvneur, Michiel ter Oyken-fiscael, Agnietje Arents
31 Sept; Mr. Gysbert de Lion; Cornelis; Cornelis Van Tienhoven-secty., Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlt., Sara Roelofs
12 Nov; Theunis Thomas-mason; Geertje; Annetje Gerrits and her husband Hendricks Janszen-smith
26 Nov; Thomas Welert; Thomas; Mr. Isaac Arlington, Mr. Biston, Mr. Lautes wife Margariet Jans
2 Dec; Philip du Trieux; Jacob; Jan Evertszen Rout, Marie du Trieux, Sara du Trieux
31 Dec; Marten Cregier; Tryntie; Cornelis Van Tienhoven-secrts., Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlant, Ariaen Dircks, Sara Roelofs and her husband Mr. Hans Kierstede

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