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Death Finds a Way: A Janie Riley Mystery
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Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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New Amsterdam & New York Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms 1703

In memory of Ted Brassard
1930 ~ 2001

& published on Olive Tree Genealogy with his widow's permission

This is one of a series of transcribed records for baptisms at the Reformed Dutch Church of New Amsterdam (New York City) in New Netherland (New York). The baptisms are laid out in order as follows: The date of the baptism; the parents; the child; and the witnesses. Note the separation of each item by semicolons. There is no spacing between baptisms and the wrap text is confined to 80 characters. Anything within parenthesis are my own comments


- 1 Jan; Jochem Koljer, Maria Van Gunst; Jan; Huybert Van den Berg, Margrieta Douwe
- 5 Jan; Joris Reyerse, Antie Schoute; Jores; Abraham Bradjor, Susanna Schrick
- 5 Jan; Johannes Langestraet, Antie Pels; Johannis; Willem Elsewaerdt, Catalyn Bensen
- 5 Jan; Gerret Lansen, Katharyna Gelyn; Susanna; Jan Peek, Elysabeth Slechtenhors
-  6 Jan; Johannis Herdenbroek, Anneke Bos; Janneke; Barent Pieterse Bos, Jannetie Bos
-  6 Jan; Nicaesie de Lamontagne, Styntie Rosevelt; Samuel-born 2 Jun 1698 & Jesse-born 21 Nov 1699; Jan de Lamontagne, Nicolaes Rosevelt, Elsie Rosevelt, Annatie Montanje
- 10 Jan; Isaacq Bratt, Dievertie Wessels; Catharina; Frans Wesselse, Tryntie Wessels
- 13 Jan; Pieter Bant, Martha Wyt; Marytie; Thomas Kilman, Annatie Wyt
- 13 Jan; Thomas Kilman, Annatie Wyt; Annatie; Pieter Bant, Catharina Davids
- 13 Jan; Frederik Blom, Antie Montanje; Antie; Arent Blom, Elysabeth Blom
- 13 Jan; Frans Candle, Maritie Brestede; Frans; Johannis Hibon, Ariaentie de Grau
- 18 Jan; Jan Herris, Jannetie Nessepat; Elisabeth; Pieter Lakeman, Maragreta Selynes
- 27 Jan; Henderik Meyer, Wyntie Rhee; Johannis; Johannes Myer, Catharyna Potters
- 29 Jan; Elyas de Hart, Cathalyna Laning; Symon; Gysbert de Hart, Tryntie de Hart
- 31 Jan; Pieter Chaigneau, Aeltie Smith; Maria; Justus Bosch, Anna Smith
- 31 Jan; Wander Diedericks, Aeltie Gerrets; Corneles; Johannes Gerretse, Klaertie Post
- 31 Jan; Machiel Basset, Helena Basset; Annatie; Thomas Evens, Jannetie Evens
- 31 Jan; Machiel Janse, Maritie Jans; Jan; Jacobus Berrie, Elysabeth Luykas
-  3 Feb; Leendert de Graw, Gerretie Quick; Rachel; Theunis Quick, Janneke de Kay
- 10 Feb; Jan Parmyter, Susanna Peruo; Paroculus; Cornelis Fiely, Catharyna Piero
- 10 Feb; Denys Woertman, Margrietie Beekman; Maretie; Abraham Messelaer, Harmpe Woertman
- 14 Feb; Salomon Goewey, Catharina Doorn; Jacob; Jacob Saelmonse, Elsie Boekholt
- 14 Feb; Jan Peek, Elisabeth Van Imburg; Lucas; Jesse Kip, Cathalyntie de Lanoy
- 14 Feb; Machiel Stevens, Elbertie Moll; Susanna; Abraham Mol, Catharina Hyer
- 24 Feb; Gerret Bras, Catharina Herdenbroek; Adolphus; Jacobus Van Kortlant, Catharina Cortlant
- 24 Feb; Barent Henderikse Spier, Catharina Jacobs; Antie; Anderies Gravenraedt, Antie Ver Brugge
- 24 Feb; Harmen Bensen, Aeltie Bickers; Catharina; Samson Bensen, Claesje Blank
- 24 Feb; Pieter Rome, Hester Van Gelder; Pieter; Jan Rome, Tanneke Van Gelder
- 24 Feb; Pieter Van der Schuere, Sara Van den Berg; Pieter; Jan Ricks, Jannetie Cosaer
- 28 Feb; Henderick Bosch, Marietie Van der Beek; Elsie; Jan Van der Beek, Elisabeth Woeder
- 28 Feb; Cornelis Eckeson, Willempie Vliereboom; Jacob; Folckert Heermans, Aellette Teroede
- 28 Feb; Pouwelis Miller, Anna Van der Heyde; Pouwlus; Johannes Ten.uur, Maretie Van der Heyde
-  7 Mar; Nicolaes Gerretz Ravenste, Maritie Van Rollegom; Jan; Davidt Provoost Jr., Hester Leyslaer
-  7 Mar; Adriaen Lanen, Martina Smack; Henderick; Jaques Corteljou, Marretie Smack
- 10 Mar; Gerret Stymes, Catharina Gerrets; Helena; Adriaen Quackenbos, Hester Cleef
- 14 Mar; Adriaen Van Schaik, Jannetje Thomasse; Neeltie; Henderick Van Schaik & his wife Neeltje Cornelisse, Tryntie Ver Brugge tot Peet
- 17 Mar; Abraham Boke, Tanneke Van den Driesche; Elisabeth; Johannes Schenck-Juf., Alette Douwe
- 21 Mar; Jacob Van Giesse, Russje Plevier; Dirckje; Jan Ewoutse, Cathalyntje Lanoy
- 21 Mar; Henderick Van der Heul, Marritje Myers; Elsebeth; Johannes Van der Heul, Elisabeth Van der Heul wife of Mr. Klok
- 21 Mar; Johannis Kip, Catharina Kierstede; Benjamin-2 lingen; Jesse Kip, Helena Ver Brugge
- 21 Mar; Johannis Kip, Catharina Kierstede; Blandina; Jacobus Kip, Sara Bayards
- 21 Mar; Petrus Kip, Immetie Van Dyk; Henderikus; Isaacq Kip, Henderikus Kip, Anna de Silla
- 24 Mar; Cornelis Clopper, Aefje Luykas; Heyltje; Pieter Myer, Maragreta Kloppers
- 24 Mar; Evert Bres, Mettie Herdenbroeck; Eva; Jacobus Van Cortlant, Catharina Van der Poel wife of Pieter Hardenbroek
- 24 Mar; Abraham Van Laer, Hester Cristiaense; Abraham; Isaacq Van Laer, Sara Hardenbroek Van Laer
- 24 Mar; Samuel Bosch, Immety Hy; Cattryntie; Henderik Bosch, Cornelia Bosch
- 24 Mar; Samuel Bosch, Immety Hy; Cornelia; Jacob Van Deurse, Antie Mangels
- 28 Mar; Bartholomeus Laroe, Geertruy Van Rollegom; Anna; Pieter Stoutenburg, Judith Ravensteyn
- 28 Mar; Henderi Hues, Elisabeth Quick; Angenitie; Carste Leurse, Johanna Klettera
- 28 Mar; Zacharius Sickels, Maria Jans; Thomas; Thomas Sickels, Grietie Thomasse
- 28 Mar; Jacob ten Yk, Neeltie Herdenberg; Aefje; Dirck ten Yk, Aefie Boele
- 28 Mar; Daniel Koolman, Anna Maria Plevier; Petronella; Gerret Onkelbag, Johannis Plevier, Cornelia Van Schaick
-  4 Apr; Joris Hooglandt, Catharina Richard; Daniel; Johannes Byvanck, Annatie Byvanck
-  4 Apr; Benjamin Narret, Cornelia Van Clyf; Anderies; Jan Crigo, Maragreta Korse alias Smith
-  7 Apr; Daniel de Voor, Engeltie Cornelis; Jannetie; Claes Boogert, Aeltie Provoost
-  7 Apr; Luykas Schermerhoorn, Elisabeth Dame; Sephya; Samuel Philips, Aeltie Dame
-  7 Apr; Pouwelis Van der Beek, Jannetie Springsteen; Pouwlus; Coenradus Van der Beek, Elisabeth Woeder
-  7 Apr; Samuel Clowes, Catharina Douwe; John; Jacobus Van Cortlant, Johanna Vickers
- 11 Apr; Merynes Roelofse, Dina Iddese; Jannetie; Theunis Iddese, Marritie Van Breme
- 11 Apr; Jermias Borres, Cornelia Eckeson; Apalonia; Jan Eckeson, Apalonia Eckeson
- 11 Apr; Jan Arijanse, Vroutie Jurianse; Marregritie; Cosyn Jurianse, Catelyntie Jurianse
- 11 Apr; Mathys de Hart, Jannetie Mouweris; Johanna; Baltus de Hart, Margrietie Mouweris
- 15 Apr; Marten Beekman, Neeltie Slingerlant; Helena; Jacob Bennet, Neeltie Beekman
- 15 Apr; Nicolaes Pesset, Aeltie Hyer; Tryntie; Willem Hyer, Dorithea de Graw
- 18 Apr; Richard Pibbenzier, Elisabeth Kasse; Sophia-not baptized in our church; Annetie Pibbenzier
- 18 Apr; Jan Ewoutze, Elisabeth Plevier; Petrus; Jan Van Sent, Cornelia Plevier
-  2 May; Abraham Wendel, Catharina de Kay; Johannis; Coll. Abraham de Peyster, Helena Verbrugge
-  6 May; Symon Schoute, Ypje Jans; Marytie; Willem Appel, Cathrina Appel
-  9 May; Lambert Sickels, Maria Jans; Alida; Anderies Brestede, Antie Van Bossen
- 16 May; Nicolaes Blanck, Geertruy de Lange; Nicolaes; Jurian Witvelt, Antie Bosch
- 23 May; Richard Sutten, Catharin Robbersen; Thomas Sutten--born
- 1682 Maert 1; baptized upon confession of the True Reformed Faith
- 23 May; Tobias Stoutenburg, Annetie Van Rollegom; Cornelis; Isaacq Stoutenburg, Aefje Van Exveen
-  2 Jun; Pieter Luykasse, Marretie Luykasse Jans; Peterus; Minkes Pouwelse, Margriet Franse
-  2 Jun; Minkes Pouwelse, Dorathe Willems; Maritie; Enoch Hill, Annatie Symonse, Marija Hill
-  6 Jun; Harmanus Van Gelder, Teuntie Idese; Cornelia; Pieter Willemse Rome, Cornelia Van Gelder
-  9 Jun; Louwerens Wesselse, Aeltie Splinter; Louwerens; Anderies ten Broek, Reymerig Jans
-  9 Jun; Pieter Van Tilburg, Elisabeth Van Hoogte; Peterus; Do. Gualtherus Du Bois, Marica Van Hoogte
-  9 Jun; John Cruke, Geertruy de Haes; Elisabeth; Jacobus Van Cortlant, Anneke Frensch
- 20 Jun; Frans Garbrantze, Elisabeth Wessels; Margrietje; Bartholomeus Vonck, Catharina Frelant
- 23 Jun; Daniel Henderikse, Tryntie Van Dyk; Mayke; Anthony Rutgers, Antie Van Ekele
- 23 Jun; Jan Coeper, Antie Van Vorst; Johannis; Johannis Vredenburg, Hester Van Vorst
-  4 Jul; Wolphert Webber, Grietie Stille; Ariaentie; Aernhout Webber, Claesje Webber
-  4 Jul; Benjamin Wynkoop, Femmetje Van der Heul; Abraham; Johannis Van der Heul, Elisabeth Van der Heul
-  4 Jul; Huyge Freer, Mariana Laroy; Blandina; Jacob Freer, Blandina Kierstede
-  7 Jul; Willem Walton, Marica Santvoort; Jacob; Thomas Sanders, Aeltie Santvoort
-  7 Jul; Dirck Hooglant, Maritie Kip; Maria; Abraham Kip, Catharina Kierstede
-  7 Jul; Symon Pasko, Maragreta Stevens; Symon; Elsje Leyslaer, Robberd Walters, Abraham Gouverneur
- 18 Jul; Steven Richard, Marica Ver Brugge; Hester; Anderies Grevenraet, Sara Kuylers
- 21 Jul; Isaac Selover, Judith Waldron; Anna; Joseph Waldron, Anna Waldron
- 25 Jul; Samuel Philips, Aeltie Dame; Johannis; Evert Pels, Martha Dame
-  1 Aug; Pieter Wesselse, Anna Van Oosterhave; Anna; Jacob Marius Groen, Louwerens Hedding, Anna Wessels
-  1 Aug; Pieter Henjon, Maritie Van Oort; Annetie; Cornelis Fiely, Hester Henjon
-  1 Aug; Barent Boss, Dievertie Van Heyninge; Maragreta; Johannes Hardenbroek Jr., Jannetie Barents
-  4 Aug; Coenraedis Van der Beek, Catharina Davids; Burger; Jan Van der Beek, Antie Burgers
-  4 Aug; Willem Echt, Maritie Van Dyk; Maritie; Peterus Kip, Marietie Cornelis
-  4 Aug; Jan Casly, Ellen Casly; Jan; David Jemeson, Thomas Evons, Cornelia Law
- 11 Aug; Johannis Dykman, Rachel de Vour; Elisabeth; Cornelis Dykman, Elisabeth Slegtenhorst
- 15 Aug; Dirck Abramse, Aeltie Van Couwenhoven; Jan; Jan Van Couwenhoven, Gardina de Cilla
- 15 Aug; Johannis Van Sante, Margrietie Wynants; Cornelia; Johannis Van der Spiegel, Cornelia Disenton wife of Stuart
- 15 Aug; Rutgert Waldron, Debora Pell; Daniel; Joseph Waldron, Anna Waldron
- 22 Aug; Moses Gilbert, Jannetie Dircks; Dirck; Frans Van Dyck, Elisabeth Burger wife of Joris Burger
- 22 Aug; Louwerens Van Hoek, Johanna Smith; Isaac; Bernardes Smith, Antie Van Ekelen
- 25 Aug; Willem Bennet, Ariaentie Van de Water; Johannis; Johannis Pouwelse, Jannetie Van de Water
- 25 Aug; Jacobus Cornelisse, Aeltie Blom; Jacobus; Wouter Hyer, Elysabeth Blom
- 29 Aug; Jesse Kip, Marey Stevenzen; Abraham-geboren July
- 22; Abraham Kip, Mary Lourenz
- 29 Aug; Cornelis Jorisse, Antie Staets; Pieter; Pieter Garbrantze, Styntie Jurianse
- 29 Aug; Johannis Provoost, Sara Bealy; Nathaniel; Gerrit Provoost, Margreta Obe
- 29 Aug; Gysbert Van Imburg, Jannetie Mesier; Gysbert; Abraham Mesier, Elisabeth Van Imburg
- 29 Aug; Willem Teller, Rachel Kierstede; Jacobus; Henderick Van Boel, Rachel Kip
- 29 Aug; Anderies Abrahamse, Jacemyntie Wanshaer; Johannis; Jan Wanshaer, Susanna de Nys
-  1 Sept; Willem Henderikse, Willempie Lanen; Gysbert; Cornelis Lanen, Tryntie Van Ekelen
-  3 Sept; Jacob Balck, Sara Van Thienhoven; Catharina; Nicolaes Delli, Susanna Van Thienhove
-  3 Sept; Isaac Van den Boog, Hester Van Vleck; Pieternella; Jacob Saelmonse, Catlyna Lanoy
-  5 Sept; Gerret Van Laer, Jannetie Streddels; Catharina; Johannis Herdenbroek, Catharyna Van Laer
-  5 Sept; Isaacq de Peyster, Marya Van Balen; Jacobus; Do. Gualt. du Boys, Johannis de Peyster, Rachel Van Balen
-  5 Sept; Abraham Hegeman, Geertruy Jans; Jan; Henderikus Hegeman, Aeltie Parael
-  5 Sept; Johannis Van Tilburg, Grietie Conselje; Catharina; Johannis Van Giessen, Elisabeth Franse
-  5 Sept; Joost Palding, Catharina Jans; Margrieta; Adriaen Hooglant, Annatie Byvank
- 12 Sept; Jan Bennet, Femmetie Rapalje; Antje; Jacob Rapalje, Catlyntie Rapalje
- 12 Sept; William White, Elsie Walgraef; Catharina; Jores Walgraef, Madalena Rutgers V. Langendyk
- 12 Sept; Jan Van der Voord, Magdalena Huysman; Charel; Charel Huysman, Styntie Schamp, Henderickje Ares
- 12 Sept; Aert Elbertse, Catharina Frelant; Benjamin; Pieter Myer, Louwerens Wesselse, Elisabeth Wesselse
- 15 Sept; Albert Louwe, Susanna Lameter; Marytje; Louwerens Janse, Rutger Waldrom
- 19 Sept; Steven Mefoor, Marytje Potman; Anna; Abraham Messelaer, Catlyntie Potman
- 26 Sept; Bernardus Smith, Elsje Myer; Abraham; Abraham Provoost, Jannetje Myer
- 26 Sept; Henderick Janse, Marytje Mynders; Jan; Dirck Janse, Catharina Jans
- 26 Sept; Isaac Stoutenburg, Neeltie Uyten Bogaert; Maria; Rip Van Dam, Jannetie Stoutenburg
- 29 Sept; Willem Appel, Magdalena Symons; Catharina; Jan Nerbery, Angenietie Provoost
- 29 Sept; Willem Sjeckerly, Debora Van Dyk; Johannis; Bernardus Herdenbroek, Maria Bedloo
-  3 Oct; Fincent de Lamontagne, Areaentie Ekkeson; Annatje; Cornelis Eckkesen, Willempje Fliereboom
-  3 Oct; Isaac Vredenburg, Jannetje Jooste; Isaac; Willem Pell, Elisabeth Van Thuyl
-  6 Oct; Gerredt de Graw, Dorathe Hyer; Gerrett; Gerret Wouterse, Annatie Iedese
-  6 Oct; Isaac Henderickse, Judithe Jans; Jan; Yede Tunisse, Annatie Blom
- 10 Oct; Cornelis Turck, Elisabeth Van Schaick; Cornelis; Henderick Van Schaick, Marretie Reyerse
- 10 Oct; Cornelis Jooste, Tryntie de Hart; Johannis; Johannis Jooste, Dorathea de Hart
- 10 Oct; Wessel Pieterse, Jakamyntie Kowenhoven; Elisabeth Gerretse
- 13 Oct; Philip Minthorne, Hillegont Webber; Geertie; Abraham Van Deurse, Marregreta Selyns
- 13 Oct; Jan Eckeson, Maritie Van Aren; Thomas; Thomas Eckeson, Helena Van Aren
- 13 Oct; Jan Loyse, Maritie Koek; Grietie; Cornelis Loyse, Margrietie Flasbeek
- 19 Oct; Thomas Barbanks, Marritie Maerling; Annatie-geboren August
- 14,
- 1703; Johannis Outman, Femmetie Kok
- 20 Oct; Barent Hibon, Sara Enne; Rebeckka & Sara (twins); Coenradis ten Yk, Rachel Goederes, Johannis Hibon, Geertruy Barents
- 24 Oct; Elias Brevoord, Grietie Thomasse; Anneke; Jan Henderickse Brevoord, Anneke Bastiaense
- 24 Oct; Abraham Provoost, Jannetie Myer; Elisabeth; Barnerdis Smith, Elsje Rosevelt\
- 27 Oct; Adolf de Groof, Rachel Goederis; Janneke; Gerret Schuyler, Janneken Van Bosssen
- 27 Oct; Thomas Sanders, Aeltie Santvoort; Elsje; Willem Walton, Marcia Santvoort
- 27 Oct; Jan Pieterse, Geertruy Hattens; Maritie; Anthony Rutgers, Maritie Bankers
-  3 Nov; Davidt Aertse, Helena Harsing; Aeltie; Jacob Hersing, Ammerens Van Gelder
-  3 Nov; Adriaen Hooglant, Annetie Byvank; Annatie; Gerret Duiking, Maritie Duiking
-  7 Nov; Johannis Van der Spiegel, Marretie Lieursen; Carste; Hendrikus Van der Spiegel, Annatie Sanders
-  7 Nov; Jacob Coning, Grietie Pieters; Pieter; Jan Lathen, Maria Coning
- 10 Nov; Theunis Thibout, Maritje Van de Water; Marytje; Ryer Machielse, Jannetje Van de Water
- 14 Nov; Pauwelus Turk, Marretie Ryerse; Maritje; Cornelis Turk, Aeltie Wessels, alias Ryerse
- 28 Nov; Jan Canon, Marytje Legran; Jan; Jacob Maris Groen, Elsje Myer
-  3 Dec; Pieter Bos, Susanna Barents; Barent; Jan Herberding, Albertje Barents
-  5 Dec; Johannis Burger, Helena Turck; Helena; Pouwelis Turk de Jonge, Ante Burgers
-  5 Dec; Cornelis Dirckse, Cornelia Bogardis; Walburg; Everardus Bogardus, Blandina Bogardis
-  5 Dec; Abram Van Aren, Sara Eckeson; Isaac; Fincent de Lamontagne, Appalonia Swits
-  5 Dec; Liewe de Wint, Ariaentie Moll; Jusina; Abraham Moll, Willem Hyer, Ryertje Moll
-  5 Dec; Gerret Van Hoorn, Elsje Provoost; Elsebeth; Jan Van Hoorn, Aefje Van Hoorn
-  8 Dec; Willem Sjeckson, Antie Wessels; Jan & Catharina (twins); Elisabeth Coning, Annetie Oosterhaven
-  8 Dec; Albert Klok, Tryntie Van der Heul; Pieternello; Benjamin Wynkoop, Femmetie Van der Heul
-  8 Dec; Johannis Byvank, Aaltie Hooglant; Johannis; Johannis Hooglant, Annetie Byvank
- 15 Dec; Abraham Mezier, Elisabeth Couwenhoven; Annetje; Gysbert Van Imburg, Jannetie Mezier
- 15 Dec; Jan Joris Van Hoorn, Magdalena Karstens; Catharina; Willem Boogert, Maria Rutgers
- 25 Dec; Joseph Walderon, Hanna Woedert; Catharina; Jores Walgraef, Catharina Van Kortlant
- 25 Dec; Iede Theunisse, Anna Luykas; Jannetje; Theunis Iedese, Annatie Byvank
- 25 Dec; Justus Bosch, Annetie Smith; Elsebeth; Pieter Chaigneau, Aeltie Smith
- 26 Dec; Johannis Hardenbroek, Sara Van Laar; Aafje; Isaac Van Laar, Hester Davids

New Amsterdam & New York Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms
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This is an ongoing project - please check back frequently to see what new Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms have been uploaded!


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