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Death Finds a Way: A Janie Riley Mystery
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Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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Jan Cornelise Damen, my 9th great-grandfather, was the common ancestor of the DAMEN family. In 1650 he left Bunnik, a village on the Ryn in Utrecht, for Long Island NY, and married Fytie/Sophia Martens. The surname might be derived from Demen, a hamlet in North Brabant where Jan most likely lived at one time.

On 29 Apr. 1655 he purchased a house and land adjoining that of Jan Dirksen's in Brooklyn and by 1677 was keeping a tavern here. On 21 Aug. 1663 he purchased from Cornelis Hendrickse Van Eens a farm on the West side of the road in Flatbush NY. In 1667 he is recorded as a member of the Reformed Dutch church of Brooklyn hailing from the Wallabocht. He is on a patent of Brooklyn in 1677 and took the oath of allegiance there in 1687. In 1674 he apparently resided at Norman's Kil, and bought a farm at Kyckuyt from Claes Claessen Smit. In 1686 he bought the main portion of the farm of Pieter Ceser Alburtis at the Wallabocht.

He and his wife made a joint will dated 1 Sept. 1680 and probated 20 June 1707. Jan Damen voted at a town meeting in Flatbush NY on 19 Jan. 1703-04 and again on 12 Aug. 1704.

New Netherland Settlers: The Damen Family: Ancestors and Descendants of Jan Cornelise Damen & Sophia Martens

Jan Cornelise Damen was born circa 1636 in Bunnik, Utrecht Netherland. He emigrated from Bunnik, Netherlands circa 1650 and later married Sophia (aka Fytie) Martense. To date no record of him as a passenger on a ship has been found. However an Amsterdam Netherlands notarial document in 1651 has been found where a Jan Cornelisz. van Vechten signed on to come to the New World in the employ of Jacob Stoffels. My research takes the Damen ancestry back four more generations in Holland. This book provides all ancestral details, and follows Jan and Sophia's family down two more generations.

Available on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca

He was one of the signers of a petition in Brooklyn, New York in 1663:

"On the first of March in this year (1663), the following petition was presented:

'To the Right Hon'ble Director-General and Council of New Netherland: 'Shew with due reverence and respect, the undersigned, neighbors and inhabitants of the village of Breuckelen [Brooklyn], our Honors' obedient servants, that there lies convenient to us a certain place near Breuckelen fit to be erected into a new village, for our advantage, being a woodland (as we) believe (is) known to your Honors, in which place there is sufficient accommodation whre twenty or thirty persons can have a suitable place and lot; and as the valleys thereby furnish no nearer place (than) those adjoining between the 3d and 4th kills, to supply the cattle with fodder, and is also the nearest spot, therefore we, the Petitioners, are under the necessity of turning to your Honors, humbly praying and soliciting that the aforesaid requested place may be granted to them, each his lot, as the valleys in the hay season be far from here, and they seek the nearest, in order to bring in the grass dry and in good condition (with God's blessing), for the preservation of the cattle, and all that is annexed thereto, that appertains to the farmers. Awaiting, therefore, a favorable answer, if your Honors the Director-General and Council, in your wise discretion, shall vouchsafe to grant the same, we remain your Honors' obedient servants.

Albert Cornelissen,
Tietje Schiercks,
Barent B. Jansen *FN 1.
Jan Jacobsen,
Jan Damen
Joost Verstraalen,
Jan Peters, from Deventer *FN 2.
Casper Pieters,
Jan Martyn,
Henrycus Teunis,
Theunis Cornelis,
Symon Clasen,
Tjerck Jansen,
Heyndryck Jansen Bern,
Tonis Snysken,
Tiercs Dierckss,
Peter Peters,
Harmen Heyndricks,
Pieter Lambert,
Jan Hibon,
Symen Joosten,
Jores Jorise,
Heydrick Fallkers,
Cornelys Van Borsem,
Piere Wouterse,
Lodewy(ck) Jongs,
Cornelys Janse Spuyler,
Yokam .... uedden,
Barent Pjterse.'"

Sources you may wish to consult for further details on the DAMEN family are:

  • The Nephews of Jan Jansz Damen by Dorothy Koenig and Pim Nieuwenhuis in Volume 4, Number 2 May 1999 pages 36-39 of New Netherland Connections. The two nephews discussed are Jan Cornelisz Buys (aka Damen) who had three wives, 1) Eybe Lubberts, 2) Phebe Sales, and 3) Willemptje Thyssen; and his first cousin, Jan Cornelisz Damen, who married Fytje Martens.
  • Jan Corneliszen Damen in the New World by Lorine McGinnis Schulze, published on pages 47-56 of Volume 4, number 2 (May 1999) of New Netherland Connections. It is an account of the 13 children of Jan Corneliszen Damen and Sophia Marten, to the 3rd generation (grandchildren of Jan and Sophia)
  • Utrecht Farmers In Netherland From M.S.F. Kemp's Krommerijners in de nieuwe wereld Excerpted and translated by John H. Van Schaick in The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, VOL. 127, January & April 1996
  • Jan Cornelis Buys (alias Jan Damen) and His Three Wives Eybe Lubbertse, Phaebea Faelix (alias Phebe or Femmetje Jans) WIllemtie Thyssen; Teunis Nyssen (or Denyse) and his wife Phaebea Faelix (alias Phebea or Femmetje Jans); Roelof Willemszen and his wife Willemtie Thyssen by John Reynolds Totten in New York Genealogical and Biographical Record July 1935, pages 277-291 inclusive.

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    • *FN 1. Barent Jansen Blom aka Bloom born 1611 Ockholm, Denmark died 1665 from a knife wound by Albert Cornelis Wantenaer. Barent married Styntie Pieterse.
    • *FN 2. Jan Pieterse Slot?

    Direct line of descendants from Jan Damen
         1> Jan   DAMEN
               Born: Abt 1555               
        2> Cornelis Jansen  DAMEN
               Born: Abt 1585               Netherlands
         3> Jan Corneliszen  DAMEN
               Born: Abt 1638               Netherlands
               Died: 1707                   Flatbush, NY
             Spouse:  Sophia (Fytie)  MARTENSE
               Born: Abt 1640   
         4> Cornelia   DAMEN
               Born: Abt 1666               Brooklyn, NY
             Spouse:  Pierre aka Pieter  UZIELE 
                      s/o David UZIELE & Maria CASIER
               Born: 14 Jan 1660            Mannheim, GER
               Died: Aft 1714               Kingston, Ulster Co, NY
               Marr: 6 Apr 1686             NY
         5> Maria    UZIELE
               Born: Abt 1686               NY
             Spouse:  Leonard Remi (Jonar)  LE ROY 
                      aka Jonas LARROWAY
               Chri: 18 Sep 1674            Quebec
               Marr: 28 Sep 1703            Kingston, Ulster Co. NY
         6> Petrus (Peter)  LEROY
               Born: 1704                   
             Spouse:  Marytie (Marie)  VAN ALSTEYN 
                      d/o Isaac Janse VAN ALSTYNE
                      & Jannetie Jochemse VAN VALKENBURG
               Born: 1708                   
               Marr: 16 Oct 1730            NY
         7> Jonas   LARRAWAY
               Born: 1731                   Schoharie, NY
             Spouse:  Elizabeth (Betsy)  MULLER 
                      d/o Nicholas MULLER 
                      & Maria Dorothea WUST
               Born: May 1735               Germantown, NY
               Marr: 6 Feb 1754             Schoharie NY
         8> Eve   LARROWAY
               Born: Sep 1776               Niagara, ON
             Spouse:  Cornelius   VOLLICK 
                      s/o Isaac VAN VALKENBURG aka VOLLICK 
                      & Anna Maria WARNER
               Born: 1761                   Albany, NY, USA
               Died: Aft 1814               ON
               Marr: 24 Mar 1795            Niagara
         9> Richard   VOLLICK
               Born: Oct 1809               Upper Canada
               Died: 17 Jul 1891            Hay Twp., Huron Co., ONt.
             Spouse:  Elizabeth (Betsy)  BURKHOLDER 
                      d/o David BURKHOLDER 
                      & Elizabeth GINGRICH
               Born: Abt 1816               Hamilton, ON
               Died: 1879                   Hay Twp., Huron Co., ON
               Marr: Bef 1832               
         10> Isaac   VOLLICK
                Born: Abt 1832              Upper Canada
                Died: 25 Mar 1904           Flos Twp., Simcoe Co., ON
              Spouse:  Lydia (Liddy)  JAMIESON 
                       d/o Mr. JAMIESON & Ms. SHUART
                Born: 11 Oct 1837           Wentworth Co. ON
                Died: 15 Oct 1917           Flos Twp., Simcoe Co., ON
                Marr: Bef 1858              


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