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List of Passengers M.S. Batory from Gdynia Tuesday, July 25th 1950 Copenhagen, Wednesday, July 26th Southampton, Friday, July 28th to New York

Contributor: Deborah Wade

Contributor Notes: Off and on, I collect old menus and ephemera connected with trains, cruises, airplanes/airports, etc. The passenger list I'm about to transcribe is one such item. Maybe one of the passengers will be significant to a fellow genealogist. Although this voyage was in 1950, I believe there is some history behind the Batory: I have read that it was the last Polish passenger ship to leave Poland before the Nazis gained control in the late 1930's.

Please do not contact me for additional information regarding this ship or these passengers; the list I am about to make is all the information I have. I have no other passenger lists amongst my collectibles.

I am using a "web appliance" that does not enable me to use special alphabetical characters the way Word does, so my apologies if accents and Polish lettering do not appear below. Aside from the names, the text is in English.

Gdynia America Line
M.S. Batory

  • Master Jan Cwiklinski
  • Chief Officer Witold Dobrzynski
  • Chief Engineer Wiktor Zwalinski
  • Doctor Felicjan Michalowski
  • Chief Purser Stanislaw Rozbicki
  • Second Purser Poul Tibaek
  • Entertainment Officer Eryk Kulm
  • Chief Steward Marcel Czekalski
  • Assistant Chief Steward Egon Otto Flindt

From Copenhagen [tourist class]
  • Andersen, Mr. James
  • Andersen, Mr. Thorvald
  • Andersen, Mrs. Margaret
  • Andreassen, Mr. Haakon
  • Andersen, Mr. Ferdinand
  • Andersen, Mrs. Dagmar
  • Andresen, Mr. Jens
  • Andresen, Mrs. Harriett
  • Abrahamson, Mr. Allan
  • Anderson, Mr. Oslan ["son" is correct]
  • Andersen, Mr. Benni
  • Andersen, Mrs. Ellen
  • Andersen, Miss Karen
  • Andersen, Miss Lisbeth
  • Andersen, Miss Lene
  • Andersen, Miss Ellen
  • Andersen, Mr. Kresten
  • Bauder, Mrs. Anna M.
  • Burk, Mrs. Thilda
  • Bloch, Mrs. Agnes
  • Bay, Miss June
  • Bay, Miss Norma
  • Burkhardt, Mrs. Hedwig
  • Boehme, Mr. Theodore
  • Boehme, Mrs. Johanne
  • Brogaard, Mrs. Inger M.
  • Brogie, Mr. Erik
  • Brunjes, Miss Marie"
  • "Brogger, Mrs. Ingeborg
  • Christiansen, Mr. Jens
  • Christensen, Mr. Ludwig
  • Christensen, Mrs. Lilian
  • Christensen, Mr. Peter
  • Christensen, Mrs. Margaret
  • Christiansen, Mr. Otto
  • Christensen, Mr. Anton
  • Christensen, Mr. Carl
  • Christensen, Mr. Ferdinand
  • Christensen, Mrs. Margrethe
  • Christensen, Mrs. Valborg
  • Carson, Mr. Sigward
  • Christensen, Mr. Evan E.
  • Christensen, Mrs. Gerda
  • Christensen, Master Evan
  • Christensen, Miss Nancy
  • Christensen, Miss Annelise
  • Christensen, Mr. Fritz
  • Christensen, Mr. Boerge
  • Dahl, Mrs. Julia
  • Dahlroth, Mr. John
  • Ekonomy, Mrs. Kathleen
  • Eriksen, Mrs. Mette
  • Eeg, Mr. Ove
  • Edmond, Mr. Alfred
  • Frandsen, Mr. Kurt
  • Froesig, Mr. Koster
  • Freese, Mr. Johannes
  • Finney, Mr. Donald
  • Frederiksen, Mrs. Anna
  • Frederiksen, Mrs. Ella
  • Gangle, Mr. Paul
  • Gafvert, Mrs. Ruth
  • Gustafson, Mr. Andrew
  • Greenwood, Mrs. Esther
  • Gould, Mrs. Addie
  • Gentes, Mrs. Martha
  • Gaffron, Mrs. Inga
  • Hauser, Mrs. Josefa
  • Hauser, Mr. Franz
  • Hauser, Master Erich
  • Hughes, Mrs. Joy
  • Hansen, Mr. Hartvig
  • Hansen, Mrs. Berniece
  • Hansen, Miss Marilyn
  • Hansen, Mr. Otto
  • Hansen, Mrs. Mary
  • Hansen, Mr. John
  • Hansen, Mr. Walter
  • Hansen, Mrs. Inga
  • Heine, Mrs. Meta
  • Hansen, Mr. Lars
  • Hansen, Mr. Soeren
  • Hanse, Miss Cecilia
  • Huempel, Miss Hannelore
  • Holmfred, Mr. Stig
  • Heinrichs, Mrs. Anna
  • Hansen, Mr. Willy
  • Hansen, Mrs. Edith
  • Hansen, Master Hans
  • Hansen, Master Henrik
  • Hansen, Mr. Edgon
  • Hansen, Mr. Frederik
  • Hansen, Mr. Jens
  • Hedegaard-Schou, Mrs. E.
  • Hiatt, Mr. Richard
  • Jensen, Mr. Soren Rask
  • Jensen, Mr. Harry Rask
  • Jensen, Mr. Svend Aage
  • Jensen, Mrs. Hedvig
  • Jensen, Miss Karen
  • Jensen, Miss Karen [listed twice]
  • Jensen, Mrs. Martha
  • Joergensen, Mrs. Maria
  • Joergensen, Miss Eve
  • Joergensen, Mr. Ernst"
  • "Jensen, Mr. Alfred
  • Jensen, Mr. William
  • Jensen, Mrs. Emilie
  • Jensen, Mr. Jens
  • Jensen, Mr. Niels
  • Jensen, Mrs. Jeannette
  • Jones, Mrs. Mabel
  • Jensen, Mr. Knud
  • Johnson, Mrs. Edla
  • Johnson, Miss Louise
  • Johnson, Mr. Algot
  • Jensen, Mr. Mateas
  • Kristensen, Mr. Aksel
  • Kristensen, Mrs. Kathrine
  • Kindling, Mrs. Mariana
  • Kindling, Miss Anna
  • Kindling, Mr. Helmuth
  • Kindling, Miss Maria
  • Kindling, Miss Ursula
  • Kindling, Master John
  • Kristensen, Mrs. Marie
  • Karlson, Mr. Gustaf
  • Leimand, Mr. Hans
  • Lambert, Mr. Anthony
  • Lambert, Mrs. Thora
  • Larson, Mr. Victor
  • Larsson, Mr. Algott
  • Larsson, Mrs. Lillian
  • Luhta, Mrs. Martha
  • Luhta, Miss Helen
  • Lund, Mrs. Dagny
  • Lund, Mr. Leonard
  • Lilliestrom, Mrs. Irma
  • Larsen, Mrs. Martha
  • Lassen, Mrs. Ellen
  • Lorenzen, Mr. C.
  • Mortensen, Mr. Arne
  • Meier, Mrs. Marie
  • Mattson, Mrs. Anna
  • Matson, Mrs. Amalie
  • Moldt, Mr. Conrad
  • Moldt, Mrs. Maren
  • Moldt, Miss Rita
  • Moldt, Miss Marian
  • Magnuson, Mrs. Wen
  • Magnuson, Mrs. Linda
  • Molgaard, Mr. Kristian
  • Moeller, Mr. Hilmer
  • Madsen, Miss Grethe
  • Moustgaard, Mrs. Marie
  • Nielsen, Mrs. Elly
  • Nissen, Mrs. Elvine
  • Neilsen, Mrs. Kathrine
  • Nissen, Mr. Nis Peter
  • Nielson, Mr. Niels B. [with an "o" in Nielson]
  • Nordberg, Mrs. Mildred
  • Nielsen, Mr. Niels
  • Nilsen, Mr. Torbjoern
  • Nilsen, Mrs. Anna
  • Nordin, Mrs. Alice
  • Nielsen, Mrs. Hans K.
  • Neumeyer, Mr. Robert
  • Nottelmann, Miss Inga
  • Nissen, Mrs. Vera
  • Nielsen, Mr. Jorgen
  • Olsen, Mr. Fred
  • Olafson, Mr. Gustaf
  • Olafson, Mrs. Ida
  • Olsen, Mrs. Christiane
  • Olsen, Mr. Oluf
  • Olsen, Mrs. Christine
  • Olsen, Mr. Helmuth
  • Olsen, Mrs. Inga
  • Olsen, Miss Gudrun"
  • "Priske, Mrs. Gertrud
  • Petersen, Mr. Soeren
  • Pedersen, Mr. Frands
  • Pedersen, Mrs. Anna
  • Pedersen, Miss Ann
  • Pedersen, Mr. Henry
  • Pedersen, Mr. Marinus
  • Pedersen, Mr. Jens
  • Petersen, Mr. Rasmus
  • Petersen, Mr. John
  • Peterson, Mr. Alfred
  • Peterson, Mrs. Else
  • Peterson, Mrs. Christiane
  • Petersen, Mr. Marcus
  • Petersen, Mrs. Petra
  • Peterson, Mrs. Vera
  • Peterson, Mrs. Harriet
  • Pedersen, Mrs. Pearl
  • Pedersen, Miss Karen
  • Pedersen, Mr. Valdemar
  • Paulussen, Mr. Frederik
  • Paulussen, Mrs. Olga
  • Pritchard, Mrs. Grete
  • Pritchard, Miss Elsie
  • Petersen, Mrs. Caroline
  • Petersen, Mr. Vagn
  • Petersen, Mr. Folmer
  • Roff-Pedrsen, Mrs. Niels
  • Risbjerg, Mrs. Inga
  • Rest, Mr. Karl
  • Rasmussen, Mr. Hans
  • Rasmussen, Mrs. Anna
  • Rasmussen, Mr. Nels
  • Reed, Mr. William
  • Reed, Mr. Robert
  • Rokos, Mr. Stanislav
  • Rokos, Mrs. Lizzie
  • Rademacher, Mr. Jann
  • Saurinen, Mr. John
  • Saurinen, Mrs. Ida
  • Soerensen, Mrs. Olga
  • Scharring, Mrs. Elsa
  • Soerensen, Mr. Hans Peter
  • Steffensen, Mrs. Anna
  • Soerensen, Mrs. Mary
  • Soerensen, Mr. Magnus
  • Swenson, Mrs. Marie
  • Stree, Mrs. Augusta
  • Soerensen, Mr. Marius
  • Soerensen, Mrs. Fannie
  • Sauer, Mrs. Louise
  • Sinnbeck, Mr. Werner
  • Thomsen, Mr. Carla [as shown]
  • Trani, Mr. Sebastiano
  • Telkamp, Mr. Albertus
  • Telkamp, Mrs. Gesine
  • Tave, Mr. Stuart
  • Tave, Mrs.Edel
  • Tave, Master Douglas
  • Thomsen, Mr. Soeren
  • Thomsen, Mr. Ib
  • Thomsen, Mrs. [no first name shown]
  • Toernberg, Miss Elvi
  • Vieregger, Miss Anna
  • Wistroem, Mrs. Sigrid
  • Wataja, Mr. Johannes
  • Weiland, Mrs. Marie
  • Vetter, Mr. Helmer
  • Wilnow, Mr. Eric
  • Wilnow, Mrs. Anita
  • Zacher, Mrs. Barbara

From Copenhagen [first class]


  • ndersen, Miss Esther
  • Andreasen, Mr. Erns
  • Aronson, Mr. Edwin
  • Aronson, Mrs. Eleanor
  • Anholtt, Mr. Anders P.
  • Anderson, Mr. Oscar
  • Anderson, Master Morris
  • Anderson, Mrs. Esther
  • Anderson, Mrs. Elin
  • Anderson, Mrs. Wilma C.
  • Andersen, Mrs. Agnes
  • Andersen, Mr. Earl G.
  • Andersen, Mr. John
  • Andersen, Mrs. Anna
  • Andersen, Mrs. Elsie
  • Andersen, Mr. Peter"

This is the last page of the M.S. Batory passenger list for the voyage from Gdynia, Poland on Tuesday, July 25, 1950, to Copehagen to Southampton to New York.

  • "Blessing, Miss Inger
  • Beveridge, Miss Anne
  • Bang-Knudsen, Mrs. M.
  • Bang-Knudsen, Master E.
  • Bang-Knudsen, Master P.
  • Bang-Knudsen, Miss Karen
  • Berleme-Nix, Mrs. K.
  • Baungaard, Master Jan
  • Bowen, Mrs. Frieda
  • Berisford, Mrs. Edel
  • Berisford, Mrs. Jefferson
  • Bergquist, Mr. Edward
  • Borg, Mrs. Karen Helene
  • Burger, Mr. George
  • Burger, Mrs. Annie
  • Brunk, Mr. George
  • Brunk, Mrs. Victoria
  • Bergquist, Mr. William
  • Bergquirst, Mrs. Ida E.
  • Benson, Mr. William
  • Benson, Mrs. Gunhild
  • Barton, Mrs. Inga
  • Bagley, Mr. Raymond
  • Bagley, Mrs. Kirstine
  • Bryngelsson, Mr. Sven
  • Bryngelsson, Mrs. Nina
  • Bertelsen, Mrs. Helene
  • Christensen, Mr. Peter
  • Christensen, Mrs. Alberta
  • Christensen, Mr. Charles
  • Christensen, Mrs. Barbara
  • Christensen, Mr. Chris
  • Christensen, Mrs. Catty [not "Cathy"]
  • Christensen, Mrs. Jenny
  • Carlson, Mr. Karl
  • Carlson, Mrs. Esther
  • Carlson, Mr. Oscar
  • Carlson, Mrs. Marie E.
  • Carlson, Mr. Gunnar
  • Carlson, Mrs. Fanny
  • Carlson, Mr. Richard
  • Carlson, Mrs. Hedvig
  • Carlson, Miss Muriel
  • Chopak, Mr. Julius
  • Clarup, Mrs. Laura
  • Christensen, Mrs. Marie
  • Carlson, Mr. Edwin
  • Carlson, Mrs. Hilda M.
  • Clausen, Mr. Fred
  • Christensen, Mr. Henry
  • Christensen, Mrs. Henrietta
  • Dickmann, Mr. John
  • Davidsen, Mrs. Karen
  • Dalsgaard, Mr. Oluf
  • Dalsgaard, Mrs. Impi M.
  • Duysen, Mr. Heinrich
  • Duysen, Mrs. Josephine
  • Duysen, Miss Margot
  • Eliason, Mr. John
  • Emerson, Mr. Ralph
  • Emerson, Mrs. Enid M.
  • Eriksen, Mr. Henning
  • Erikson, Miss Ruth
  • Emmons, Dr. Chester W.
  • Emmons, Mrs. Florence
  • Ferguson, Mr. Edward
  • Fobian, Miss Elly
  • Farrel, Mrs. Olga
  • Friedman, Mrs. Karen
  • Friedman, Miss Karen A.
  • Fredercksen, Mrs. Esther
  • Fredercksen, Miss Elsie A.
  • Fett, Mrs. Bruni
  • Groben, Mrs. Dora
  • Gregersen, Mrs. Kristina
  • Geldmacher, Miss Irina
  • Gidlund, Miss Tullie
  • Griese, Mr. Kaj Johan"
  • Gries, Mrs. Erika
  • Gries, Miss Elizabeth
  • Hedstrom, Mrs. Matilda
  • Hedstom, Miss Doris
  • Hansen, Mr. John
  • Hansen, Mrs. [no first name shown]
  • Hansen, Mr. August
  • Hemmingsen, Mr. Anker
  • Hemmingsen, Mrs. Thora
  • Hanson, Mr. Carl H.
  • Hanson, Mrs. Ellen V.
  • Hanso, Miss Esther,
  • Hagen, Mr. Aage
  • Hagen, Mrs. Else
  • Hvid, Mr. Jorgen
  • Hvid, Mrs. Hensine
  • Hegg, Mrs. Margot
  • Hamberg, Mrs. Hanna
  • Holst, Mr. Peter
  • Hendricks, Mr. Carl
  • Hansen, Mr. Holger
  • Hansen, Mrs. Helga V.
  • Hersom, Mr. Heinrich
  • Hampton, Mrs. Martha
  • Iversen, Mrs. Hans J.
  • Ingenohl, Mr. Ingo
  • Ingenohl, Mrs. Ulla
  • Jepsen, Mrs. Laura
  • Jorgensen, Mr. Christen
  • Jorgensen, Mrs. Anna
  • Johnson, Mr. Carl
  • Johnson, Mrs. Ellen
  • Jensen, Mrs. Amanda
  • Jensen, Mrs. Marie
  • Jahr, Mrs. Gertrude
  • John, Master Lester
  • Johnson, Mr. Chas.
  • Johnson, Mrs. Lucy P.
  • Jensen, Miss Gudrun
  • Jernberg, Miss Olga
  • Jacobsen, Mrs. Mette
  • Jorgensen, Mr. Irvin
  • Jorgensen, Mrs. Annalise
  • Jorgensen, Miss Annette
  • Jorgensen, Miss Lisbeth
  • Jorgensen, Master Hans
  • Jorgensen, Mr. Ib Bolt
  • Kaltoft, Mrs. Anine
  • Kelly, Mrs. Greta
  • Kopf, Mr. William
  • Kopf, Mrs. Erika
  • Kopf, Miss Anita
  • Kopf, Miss Wilma
  • Kaminski, Mr. Peter
  • Kaminski, Mrs. Irina
  • Koski, Mr. Urho
  • Koch, Mr. Ernest
  • Kozlowski, Miss Traute
  • Lagstrom, Mr. Hjalmar
  • Lagstrom, Mrs. Maria
  • Lind, Mr. John
  • Lind, Mrs. Gerda
  • Lindquist, Mr. Carl A.
  • Lindquist, Mrs. Anna A.
  • Luhrs, Mr. Ernst A.
  • Luhrs, Mrs. Adele
  • Luhrs, Master Henry
  • Luhrs, Master Richard
  • Luca, Mr. Alfred
  • Luca, Mrs. Augusta
  • Luca, Mr. Fred
  • Larsen, Mr. Chr. Frederik [no idea what "Chr." stands for]
  • Lathrop, Mrs. Sigrid
  • Larsen, Mr. John P.
  • Larsen, Mr. Lars
  • Larsen, Mrs. Carrie
  • "Lapointe, Mr. Fred
  • Lapointe, Mrs. Adeline
  • McRitchie, Mr. John
  • McRitchie, Mrs. Lucy
  • Madsen, Mrs. Jens
  • Madsen, Mrs. Hermione
  • Mara, Mr. Francis
  • Mara, Mrs. Ena
  • Mara, Master Francis
  • Mark, Mrs. Irena
  • McKee, Mr. Thomas
  • Milburn, Mrs. Eleanor
  • Morrison, Mrs. J. E.
  • Morrison, Master Ross
  • Morrison, Master Wynford
  • Morrison, Miss Janet
  • Murdoch, Mrs. Doris
  • Murdoch, Master Colin
  • McKee, Mrs. Margaret
  • Nieh, Mr. Candia
  • Nieh, Miss Doris
  • Orlinck, Mr. Samuel
  • Penzoldt, Mr. Pierre
  • Penzoldt, Mrs. Rachel
  • Psiahas, Mr. John
  • Robinson, Mr. Frederick
  • Robinson, Mrs. Fernanda
  • Robinson, Miss Evelyn
  • Robinson, Master Clive
  • Robinson, Master Alexander
  • Riis, Mr. Henry
  • Rolland, Mr. Marc
  • Rolland, Mrs. Suzanne
  • Simon, Mr. Bert
  • Sieja, Master Christopher
  • Simmons, Mr. Jay
  • Simmons, Mrs. Mary
  • Sullivan, Miss Mary
  • Thompson, Mrs. Mary
  • Vining, Mr. Noble
  • Vining, Mrs. Joan
  • Vining, Miss Judith
  • Vining, Master David
  • Walton, Mrs. Alice
  • Woodall, Mr. Wilfred
  • Woodall, Mrs. Ivy
  • Woodall, Master Michael
  • Woolfe, Mrs. Frances
  • Zacher, Mrs. Barbara

See the list of [Southampton passengers] [Copenhagen passengers] [Poland passengers]

Note from Deborah: This is the end of the list. The next page is blank with a heading of "Autographs," followed by a page of administrative information for round-trip ticket holders. Because the list ends here with "Gr," I think that the list shown in Message #2 may actually be a continuation of the first class passengers from Copenhagen. Just a calculated guess. Hope this list proves helpful to someone.

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