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Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca

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Released Prisoners on the ship Erasmus van Rotterdam 1638

Source: Journal of the Ambassy of the Lord Anthonis de Liedekerke, Extracted entries from Adriaen Matham's Journal 1640-1641. , translated and transcribed by Cor Snabel & Liz Johnson, published on Olive Tree Genealogy with permission May 2007. Notations in [ ] are those of the transcribers

Preface: On the 1st of September 1640, the ship Gelderlandt sailed from Texel on a diplomatic mission to the King of Morocco. On board were the Dutch Ambassador Anthonie de Liedekerke, Lijsbeth Jans with her brother-in-law Jacob Arissen, and the painter Adriaen Matham.

The 1640-41 diplomatic mission to Morocco was made in order to renew the Dutch alliance with Morocco, and to effect the release of some fifty men who had been employed aboard the ship Erasmus van Rotterdam. This ship had stranded off the coast of Morocco near Agadir in May 1638, and her crew had been enslaved there.

By 1640, funds had been raised for ransom, and Admiral Liedekerke was delegated to negotiate their ransom and release. Jan Janszoon assisted with this dual mission by making certain arrangements with his Moroccan associates for Liedekerke. Adriaen Matham, along with another artist, were sent along on this mission, possibly to make observations about the geography of countries they passed, and to record observations about the persons with whom they came in contact.

Following are the names of the slaves who had sailed with the ship Erasmus van Rotterdam on 17th April 1638 in the service of the West-India Company, and after having been stranded, under the Santon Sidali from Jliego in Barbary had fallen into slavery, and now by the Lord Ambassador are freed.

  • Chief merchant Jacob Adriaenss. Vander Wel, from Delft.
  • Common merchant Crijn Alderss. Coninck, from Delft.
  • Captain Ocker Willemss. Kruijfhooft, from Rotterdam.
  • Navigating officer Pieter Pieterss. Princelandt, near Den Briel.
  • Chief boatswain Leendert Francken Vander Horst, from Rotterdam.
  • Carpenter Cornelis Jacobss., from Rotterdam.
  • Assistant Hans Jeuriaen Bierboom, from Amsterdam.
  • Assistant Pieter Franss. Vander Wiel, from Delft.
  • Cook Cornelis Pieterss., from Santvoort [Zandvoort].
  • Quartermaster Philips Gerritss., from Delft.
  • Quartermaster Jan Barentse, from Rotterdam.
  • Quartermaster Simon Janss., from Rotterdam.
  • Boatswain Marten Hermanss, Vander Heij, from Rotterdam.
  • Soldier Jan Korts. Vander Neurs, from Leijden [Leiden].
  • Captain's son Willem Ockerss. Kruijffhooft, from Rotterdam.
  • Barber Abraham Fort, from Baiona.
  • Soldier Simon Mulaert.
  • Boatswain's hand Jacob Janss. from 's-Gravesande.
  • Sailor Jacob Leendertse, from Den Briel.
  • Dominee Pieter Havenss, from Rotterdam.
  • Sailor Jan Aelbertse, from Haerlem.
  • Sailor Cornelis Hermanss., from Rotterdam.
  • Cooper Job Janss., from Rotterdam.
  • Cooper's hand Adriaen Tomass., from Rotterdam.
  • Provost Jan Janss., from Luijck [Liège, Flandres].
  • Sailor Dingheman Gijsbertss., from Brouwershaven.
  • Boatswain Leenaert Wouterss. Gaerpenning, from Rotterdam.
  • Hornblower Jan Frederickss., from Rotterdam.
  • Cabin-hand Floris Theemissen Beddeman, from Rotterdam.
  • Cabin-hand Paulus Janss., from Rotterdam.
  • Sailor Laurens Jsackse, from Santvoort [Zandvoort].
  • Sailor Engelbrecht Willemss., from 's-Gravenhage.
  • Sailor Cornelis Claess., from Durkerdam. [Durgerdam]
  • Soldier Jacob Janss., from Rotterdam.
  • Soldaet Jan Janss., from Leijden [Leiden].
  • Soldier Jan Pieterss., from Santefoeij.
  • A boy Hendrick Jacobss., from Rotterdam.
  • A boy Hendrick Joriss., from Rotterdam.
  • A boy Dirck Lambertsen, from Rotterdam.
  • Soldier Jsack Jasperss., from Middelburg.
  • Sailor Dirck Dircksen, from Amsterdam.
  • Corporal of the rifle Huijber Pieterss., from Gorcum.
  • Sailor Jan Corneliss. Post, from Rotterdam.
  • Sailor Lambert Janss., from Leerdam.
  • Soldier Jacob Janss. Van de Velde, from Rotterdam.
  • The following men died in Jliego:
  • Sailmaker Jan Jan Pieterss. Peijesant, from Delft.
  • Soldier Pieter Janss., from Hoesum.
  • Boatswain Jacob Janss. Lerenbaert, from Gendt [Gand, Flandres].
  • Soldier Jan, from Bommel.
  • Boatswain Marten Dirckse, from Tessel.

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