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Helene, Bremen Germany to New York 1850

Ship: Helene (Bremen Flag)
Captain: -- Bolkmann
Departure Date: 29 May 1850
From: Bremen
To: New York
Passengers: First Class 18 persons; Steerage & Between Deck, 268 persons

Transcriber: Laura McGrath
Donator of List: Karen Kort
Source: From Bremen to America in 1850: Fourteen Rare Emigrant Ship Lists
Date submitted: May 23, 2001

  • Abner, Christ(ian) Mar(cus?) from Walbach
  • AI, Ad(olph) Jos(eph) from Huenfeld; with Wiena BONERT
  • Alfken, Anna, from Rottenfelde; with others
  • Arnoldi, --, Miss*, place or origin not given
  • Baer, Herm(ann), from Colberg
  • Bandel, Arn(hold?) von, from Hannover
  • Barlet, Hugo, from Bamberg
  • Bartels, Chr(istian), from Leidhorst; with August Fischer & Christian Schoppe
  • Behrens, Bernh(ard), from Volkmarsen
  • Berling, Fr(an)z, from Berching; with family of 7
  • Bock, Heinr(ich), from Friedewald; with family of 4 and Anna Margarethe Herber
  • Bock, Heinrich, from Hilmes
  • Boetjer, --, Miss, from Osterholz
  • Bohran, Cath(arine) Carol(ine), from Gr(oss) Dohrenberg; with Friedrich Wilhelm Woehrmann
  • Bonert, Wiena, from Huenfeld; with Adolph Joseph AI
  • Borchelt, Aug(ust), from Rehren; with Friedrich Goertz
  • Bredehorst, Anna, from Bremen; with Margarethe
  • Bredehorst, Marg(arethe), from Bremen; with Anna
  • Brehl, Andr(eas), from Langenbieber
  • Breuer, Louis, from Marklessa; with family of 3
  • Bromm, Charlotte, from Emden; with family of 3
  • Brueggemann, Carl, from Wagenfeld
  • Bruenjes, H., from Rottenfelde, with others
  • Brumlop, Marie*, from Bremen, with others
  • Bucherer, Jul(ius?) from Neunharadt
  • Buschkaemper, Gerh(ard), from Diestedde
  • Cohn, Mich(ael), from Ritterhude
  • Cordes, H., from Uterlands
  • Cramer, Ph(ilipp?) from Volkmarsen; with Heinrich Gothmann
  • Daeuble, --Miss*, from Stuttgart
  • Dehn, Anna, from Westerbeck; with Magnus Christian Finke
  • Deichmann, Johan, from Gr(oss) Almerode; with G. Seitz
  • Dengler, Joh(ann), from Gerching; with family of 2
  • Deutlinger, Jac(ob) from Seedorf
  • Doebleling, Gottl(ieb?) from Muenden; with Louis Kroeling
  • Duerkop, Carol(ine) from Seiboldshausen; with Minna
  • Duerkop, Minna, from Seiboldshausen; with Caroline
  • Ebeling, Conr(ad), from Leese; with Caroline Ebeling, Wilhelm Hilman, and August Ilse
  • Eckstein, Anna, from Binsberg; with G. Eismann & Catharine Staehr
  • Eismann, G., from Binsberg; with Anna Eckstein & Catharine Staehr
  • Ennen, P.F.A., from Schwein
  • Ficken, Anna, from Bremen; with Haase family
  • Finke, Magnus Chr(istian) from Westerbeck, with Anna Dehn
  • Fischer, August, from Leidhorst, with Christian Bartels & Christian Schoppe
  • Fischer, Beta, from Uterlands
  • Fisher, G., from Ransbach
  • Fischer, Joh(ann), from Rottenfelde, with others
  • Floethmann, Oscar, from Buttstedt, with August Kluge, Carl Hahn & Carl F. Urban
  • Friedrich, Otto, from Appenrod; with family of 3
  • Frieling, H. from Rottenfelde, with others
  • Furthmueller, Jac(ob), from Stamnheim; with Gottlieb Schumacher
  • Gadesmann, Henrietta, from Eldagsen
  • Goellner, Renke, from Strickhausen
  • Goertz, Fr(iedrich) from Rehren; with family of 4
  • Goldschmidt, Val(entin), from Hofbieber
  • Gothmann, H(ei)nr(ich) from Volkmarsen; with Phillip Cramer
  • Grote, Heinr(ich), from Winzlar; with family of 2 & H. Kielmeyer & Friedrich Homeyer
  • Guettich, Ludwig, from Landsbergen
  • Guttenberger, Marg(arethe), from Berching; with others
  • Haase, Auguste, from Bremen; with Mathilde, Louise, & Mrs. -
  • Haase, & Anna Ficken
  • Haase, Louise, from Bremen; with Auguste, Mathilde, & Mrs. -
  • Haase, & Anna Finken
  • Haase, Mathilde, from Bremen, with Auguste, Louise & Mrs. -
  • Haase, & Anna Ficken
  • Haase, --, Mrs. From Bremen; with Auguste, Louise, Mathilde
  • Haase, & Anna Ficken
  • Hahn, Carl, from Buttstedt; with August Kluge, Oscar Floethmann, & Carl F. Urban
  • Halenbeck, Ludwig, from Rottenfelde; with others
  • Hallenberger, Ferd(inand), from Rennert(s)chhausen
  • Hartje, H(ein)r(ich?), from Halstedt; with Wilhelm
  • Hauff? (or Hauss?), Theod(or), from Waldbush
  • Hebbeler, Chr(istian) H., from Schledehausen; with Anna F. Niemann
  • Heinze, Fr(iedrich), from Bottendorf; with family of 10 & Johann Sieling
  • Hennings, --, from Verden? (Berden?)
  • Herber, Anna Mar(garethe), from Friedewald; with Heinrich Bock
  • Hilmann? (Hilmaunn?), W(ilhel)m, from Leese; with August Ilse, Caroline & Conrad Ebeling
  • Holtzmann (or Holzmann), Joh(ann), from Kauernhofen; with Holzner, Joh(ann), from Wuerzburg
  • Homeyer, Fr(iedrich), from Winzlar; with family of 8, & H.
  • Kielmeyer, & H. Grote
  • Hoppe, Gottfr(ied), from Hamm; with family of 4
  • Ilse, Aug(ust), from Leese; with Wilhelm Hilmann, Caroline & Conrad Ebeling
  • Isensee, Heinr(ich), from Rottenfelde; with others
  • Jaeger, Joh(ann), from Hilmes
  • Jonas, G., from Redershausen
  • Judiesch, Fr(iedrich), from Schmarsow with family of 5 & Carl Voelker
  • Kaeufler, Marg(arethe) El(isabeth), from Niederurf; with Anna C. & Philipp
  • Klipp, Conrad Weiss
  • Kappis, Gustav, from Tuebingen
  • Keuling, Carl, from Basbeck
  • Kielmeyer, Heinrich, from Winzlar; with family of 4 &
  • Heinrich Grote & Friedrich Homeyer
  • Klinge, Fr(iedrich), from Einbeck
  • Klipp, Anna Cath(arine), from Niederurf; with Anna C. & Philipp Klipp, Conrad Weiss, & Margarethe Elisabeth Kaeufler
  • Klipp, Ph(ilipp) from Niederurf; with Anna C. Klipp, Conrad Weiss & Margarethe Elisabeth Kaeufler
  • Klotzbach, Joh(ann), from Mansfeld; with Valentin
  • Klotzbach, Ther(esia?), from Grossenbach
  • Klotzbach, Val(entin) from Hilmes, with Johann
  • Kluge, Aug(ust), from Buttstedt; with Carl Hahn, Oscar
  • Floethmann & Carl
  • Friedrich Urban
  • Kroeling, Louis, from Muenden; with family of 2 & Gottlieb Doebeling
  • Kropp, H. L.* from Varel
  • Kruhoeffer, Fr(iedrich), from Gellershausen
  • Lemmer, Joh(ann), from Sinchertshausen
  • Leonhardi, W(ilhel)m, from Mengerin; with Eduard Stiefel
  • Lindemann, Carl, from Grambke; with family of 3
  • Loewe, Fr(iedrich), from Asbach
  • Luehrs, Claus, from Lorstedt; with A. Boehlken
  • Luessen, Hur., from Scharmbeck; with Diedrich Oeters
  • Mackenroth, Heinrich, from Reusees; with family of 5 &
  • Margarethe Strecker
  • Malek, Jac(ob), from Meiningen; with Barbara Schorr & Ludwig Zoellner
  • Mannel, W(ilhel)m, from Dallhausen; with Heinrich Bock
  • Marst, Cath(arine), from Althbuhlach, with Johann
  • Marst, Joh(ann) from Althbuhlach, with Catherine
  • Mehrtens, G., from Lorstedt? (Loxstedt?)
  • Mengert, Beta*, from Bremen, with Pastor J. H. Mengert & others
  • Mengert, J. H., pastor, from Bremen, with Beta Mengert & others
  • Mogk, Casp(ar), from Grebenau; with family of 3
  • Murtfeld, Louis*, from Bremen, with others
  • Nachtigall, Hel(ene?), from Hildesheim
  • Niemann, Anna Fr(iedrike?) from Schledehausen; with Christian H. Hebbeler
  • Noltenius, J.D.*, from Bremen, with others
  • Oeters, Diedr(ich), from Scharmbeck; with Hur. Luessen
  • Peters, Eilert, from Colmar; with family of 7
  • Pfahler, Willibald, from Berching; with family of 4
  • Pfeiffer, Fr(iedrich), from Alzenberg
  • Ploeger, Dor(othea?) from Polle
  • Rall, -- Miss*, from Basel
  • Rathjen, Mad(eline?)*, place of origin not given; with 4 children
  • Regenthal, W(ilhel)m, from Batzhausen
  • Rehbein, A., from Asbach; with Elisabeth
  • Rehbein, Elisabeth, from Asbach, with A. Rehbein
  • Reich, Joh(ann), from Kuehndorf
  • Reinfelder, Emma, from Nuernberg; with Jul(iane? Or Julius?)
  • Reinfelder, Jul(iane? Or Julius?), from Nuenberg; with Emma
  • Reising, W(ilhel)m, from Diepholz
  • Resing, Joh(ann), from Gieselberg
  • Ries, H., from Hilmes
  • Roeh, --, from Dortrecht
  • Roehlken, Alb., from Lorstedt
  • Rottenfeld, Dina, from Rottenfelde; with F. Rottenfeld
  • Rottenfeld, F., from Rottenfelde; with Dina
  • Saffer, G., from Kauernhofen; with family of 2 & Joseph Saffer
  • Saffer, Joseph, from Kauernhofen; with G. Saffer
  • Schlegemilch, J.S., from Ragelstedt; with H. C. Weissenborn
  • Schmidt, Elise*, from Klagenfurt
  • Schoppe, Chr(istian), from Leidhorst
  • Schorr, Barb(ara) from Meiningen; with Jacob Malek & Ludwig Zoellner
  • Schriever, Jan., from Utherslande
  • Schuetz, Carl, from Herrnhausen
  • Schumacher, Gottl(ieb?) from Stammheim; with Jacob Furtmueller
  • Seitz, G., from Gr(oss) Almerode; with Johann Deichmann
  • Senten, -- Van, from Emden
  • Sieling, Joh(ann), from Bottendorf; with Friedrich Heinze
  • Silber, Meyer, from Hildensheim
  • Springmeyer, W(ilhel)m, from Rottenfelde; with others
  • Staehr, Cath(arine), from Binsberg; with C. Eismann & Ann Eckstein
  • Stelljes, Joh(ann), from Ahrensfeld; with Diedrich Wendelken
  • Stiefel, Ed(uard) from Mengeringhausen; with Wilhelm Leonhardi
  • Stracke, Alb., from Wildungen; with Louise
  • Stracke, Louise, from Wildungen; with Alb.
  • Strecker, Joh(ann), from Reusees; with Margarethe Strecker & Heinrich Mackenroth
  • Strecker, Margarethe from Reusees; with Jacob Strecker & Heinrich Mackenroth
  • Stuebner, --, from Gera, with family of 8 & Johann Voelkel
  • Tauscher, Henr(ich), from Blauchau; with family of 3
  • Thiele, Melch(ior?) from Christal; with family of 3
  • Tietjen, A., from Rottenfelde, with others
  • Urban, Carl Fr(iedrich), from Buttstedt; with August Kluge, Carl Hahn, & Oscar Floethmann
  • Van Senten, --, from Emden
  • Veit, C.H.*, from Schweinfurt
  • Voelkel, Joh(ann), from Gera, with -- Stuebner
  • Voelker, Carl, from Schmarsow; with Friedrich Judiesch
  • Voightlaender, Dor(othea?) El(isabeth?) from Lindstedt
  • Von Bandel, Arn(hold?)* from Hannover
  • Walter, Chr(istian), from Portenhagen
  • Weinberg, Ros(ine?) from Scharmbeck
  • Weiss, Conr(ad), from Niederurf; with Anna C. & Phillip Klipp & Margarethe
  • Elisabeth Kaeufler
  • Weissboro, Ludw(ig) from Wolfshausen
  • Weissenborn, H. C., from Ragelstedt; with J. S. Schlegemilch
  • Wendelken, Diedr(ich), from Ahrensfeld; with Johann Stelljes
  • Werner, Fr(iedrich), from Wehrda
  • Wetjen, Gesert, from New York, with family of 4
  • Wilckens, Heinr(ich), from Achim
  • Wilhelm, A.C.* from Oldenburg
  • Woehrmann, Fr(iedrich) W(ilhel)m, from Gr(oss) Dohrenberg; with Catharine C. Bohran
  • Wohlen, Alb., from Neubruechhausen
  • Wreden, Mart(in), from Neuenfeld
  • Wuehrmann, Joh(ann), from Bensen (or Beusen)
  • Wulf, Herm(ann), from Rottenfelde, with others
  • Zoellner, Ludwig, from Meiningen; with Jacob Malek & Barbara Schorr

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