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Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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Irish Emigration Lists, 1833-1839

Lists of Emigrants Extracted from the Ordnance Survey Memoirs for Counties Londonderry and Antrim

* Search for Your Immigrant Ancestor in Ports of Arrival U.S.A. | Canada | Australia & New Zealand | South Africa | England
* Find Ancestors on Ships Passenger Lists Outbound from USA & Canada
* Find Ancestors on Ships Passenger Lists by Year of Arrival

Lists of Emigrants Extracted from the Ordnance Survey Memoirs for Counties Londonderry and Antrim

These indexes on Olive Tree Genealogy consist of 8,713 names of Irish individuals who were listed in the Ordnance Survey of Ireland for Londonderry and Antrim Ireland and who emigrated from Ireland between 1833 and 1839.

The purpose of the Ordnance Survey of Ireland was to map the whole country. Each map was to have been accompanied by memoirs for every civil parish, but this was impractical and the idea was abandoned. Data was gathered for nineteen of Ireland's thirty-two counties, with the memoirs of Antrim and Londonderry the only ones with lists of emigrants.

These extracted lists identify the emigrant's destination and his place of origin in Ireland. The age, town and address, year of emigration, and religious denomination are given for each emigrant.

Irish Emigration Lists, 1833-1839, Lists of Emigrants Extracted from the Ordnance Survey Memoirs for Counties Londonderry and Antrim can be consulted in book form.

The notebooks in which the information was recorded are now in the Royal Irish Academy in Dublin. The book Irish Emigration Lists, 1833-1839, Lists of Emigrants Extracted from the Ordnance Survey Memoirs for Counties Londonderry and Antrim by Brian Mitchell is available in many libraries (In Salt Lake City Library it is 941.6 W2m and is available in FHL US/CAN Book and FHL BRITISH Book ) or it can be ordered through Amazon.com for full details on any immigrant found in the index.

Index of Names of Irish Immigrants 1833 to 1839, Surnames Mc

Index of Names of Irish Immigrants 1833 to 1839

Irish Emigration Lists, 1833-1839.
Surname First Name Page Number
Mc Adam Samuel 48
Mc Afee Martha 57
Mc Afee Michael 57
Mc Alane Jane 89
Mc Alane Sarah 89
Mc Aleese Elizabeth 61
Mc Aleese John 6
Mc Aleese Michael 61
Mc Algorran John 83
Mc Alice Elizabeth 58
Mc Alice Michael 58
Mc Alister Alexander 57
Mc Alister Andrew 57, 57
Mc Alister Ann 57, 57
Mc Alister Daniel 3
Mc Alister Duncan 63
Mc Alister Hugh 71
Mc Alister James 57, 63, 93
Mc Alister John 63, 93
Mc Alister Jonathan 74
Mc Alister Margaret 57
Mc Alister Martha 57
Mc Alister Mary 57
Mc Alister Rebecca 57
Mc Alister Robert 57
Mc Alister Sarah 63
Mc Alister Susan 57
Mc Alister Thomas 57
Mc Alister William 74
Mc Allen Rachael 15
Mc Allen Sampson 15
Mc Allister Robert 76
Mc Anally Abram. 35
Mc Anally Ephraim 32
Mc Anally Henry 32, 35
Mc Anally James 4, 93
Mc Anally Peter 6
Mc Anana James 86
Mc Anana Robert 86
Mc Anna Patrick 87
Mc Areavey James 43
Mc Areavey Mary 43
Mc Areevy Jane 48
Mc Astocker Bridget 33
Mc Astocker Catherine 33
Mc Astocker Charles 33
Mc Astocker David 33
Mc Astocker Mary Anne 33
Mc Astocker Neil 35
Mc Astocker Patrick 33
Mc Ataggart John 6
Mc Atamney Denis 93
Mc Atamney Edward 93
Mc Atamney John 92, 94
Mc Atamney Neil 92
Mc Atamney Patrick 92
McAtyre John 71
Mc Beath Henry 79
Mc Beath John 79
Mc Beath Maggy 79
Mc Beath Margaret 79
Mc Beath William 79
Mc Beth James 69
Mc Bride Andrew 89
Mc Bride David 54
Mc Bride Edward 81
Mc Bride Eliza 27
Mc Bride James 65
Mc Bride Jane 65
Mc Bride John 65
Mc Bride Mary 27, 65
Mc Bride Mary Jun. 65
Mc Bride Nancy 27
Mc Bride Patrick 35
Mc Bride Patt. 35
Mc Bride Robert 65, 65
Mc Bride Thomas 27
Mc Cague Margaret 96
Mc Cague Nancy 96
Mc Cahan James 63
Mc Caheran Denis 6
Mc Cahey David 3, 4
Mc Cahey Eliza 3
Mc Cahey James 75, 89
Mc Cahey John 8, 75
Mc Cahey Nathaniel 85
Mc Cahy Ann 66
Mc Cahy Charles 66
Mc Cahy Eleanor 66
Mc Cahy Jane 66, 66
Mc Cahy John 66
Mc Cahy Margaret 66
Mc Cahy Samuel 66
Mc Cahy Sarah 66
Mc Calister John 97
Mc Canlis John 97
Mc Cann Charles 81
Mc Cann Edward 41, 93
Mc Cann Elizabeth 84
Mc Cann Exekiel 21
Mc Cann George 71
Mc Cann Hugh 45
Mc Cann James 102
Mc Cann John 35
Mc Cann John Jun. 35
Mc Cann Martha 84
Mc Cann Mary 45
Mc Cann Patrick 32, 45
Mc Cann Susan 86
Mc Cann Thomas 85
Mc Cann William 35, 87
Mc Carroll David 32
Mc Carroll Eliza 82
Mc Carroll Hugh 82
Mc Carroll James 32
Mc Carroll Robert 32
Mc Carroll Thomas 32
Mc Cart Sarah 80
Mc Carther Cathrine 40
Mc Cartney Agness 4
Mc Cartney Alexander 4
Mc Cartney Andrew 4, 4, 4
Mc Cartney Archy 4, 4
Mc Cartney Charles 4
Mc Cartney Doratha 4
Mc Cartney James 4, 4, 80
Mc Cartney Joseph 4
Mc Cartney Margaret 4
Mc Cartney Maru 4
Mc Cartney Thomas 4
Mc Cartney William John 4
Mc Caula Mary 18
Mc Caula Patrick 18
Mc Cauley Ann 98
Mc Cauley Girl 98
Mc Cauley James 98
Mc Cauley Margaret 72
Mc Cauley Matty 37
Mc Cauley Robert 68, 98
Mc Cauley Thomas Brackirridge 38
Mc Caulla Catherine 88
Mc Caulla Isabella 88
Mc Causland Robert 68
Mc Caw James 4
Mc Cay Ann 69
Mc Cay Mary 69, 76
Mc Cay Patrick 98
Mc Cay Samuel 72
Mc Cibbin Robert 7
Mc Clane Daniel 83
Mc Clane Hugh 83
Mc Clane James 6
Mc Clane Robert 6
Mc Clane Sally Jane 97
Mc Clarman Patrick 104
Mc Clarnan Catherine 33
Mc Clarnan James 33
Mc Clarnan Thomas 93
Mc Clary Hugh 76
Mc Clean Anne 72, 72
Mc Clean James 72
Mc Clean Jane 71
Mc Clean John 71, 72
Mc Cleery James 6
Mc Cleese Thomas 86
Mc Celland Hugh 71
Mc Celland James 71
Mc Celland John 71
Mc Celland John Jun. 71, 71
Mc Celland Maryanne 71
Mc Celland Neal 71
Mc Celland Neal Jun. 71
Mc Celland Rachael 71
Mc Celland Susan 71
Mc Celland Susan Jun. 71
Mc Celland William 71
Mc Clement Robert 78
Mc Clenaghan Peter 30
Mc Clenaghan William 69
Mc Clernon Frank 4
Mc Clernon James Henry 4
Mc Clery Ellen 74
Mc Clery Mary 74
Mc Clery William 74, 74
Mc Clintock John 55, 55
Mc Closkey Ann 79
Mc Closkey Eleanor 70
Mc Closkey Eliza 68, 69
Mc Closkey Grace 69
Mc Closkey James 69, 77
Mc Closkey Jane 77
Mc Closkey John 35, 68, 79
Mc Closkey Margaret 69, 90
Mc Closkey Maryann 70
Mc Closkey Michael 79
Mc Closkey Owen 99
Mc Closkey Patrick 69, 99
Mc Closkey Richard 79
Mc Closkey Sarah 89, 90
Mc Clowd James 76
Mc Cloy William 102
Mc Clurg Archibald 58
Mc Clurg Elizabeth 58
Mc Clurg Jackson 58
Mc Clurg Jane 58
Mc Coart Patrick 33
Mc Collian Eliza 101
Mc Collian John 101
Mc Collum Hugh 7
Mc Collum James 7
Mc Combe Nancy 19
Mc Combs Hugh 32
Mc Conaghty John 89
Mc Conaghty Samuel 104
Mc Conaghy William 76
Mc Connell James 101
Mc Connell John 20, 101
Mc Connell Patrick 101
Mc Connell William 20
Mc Conomey Michael 104
Mc Convey Charles 87
Mc Convey John 87
Mc Cook Eliza 75
Mc Cook Hugh 97
Mc Cook James 75, 98
Mc Cook Jane 75, 97
Mc Cook John 75, 97, 98
Mc Cook Joseph 97
Mc Cook Martha 75
Mc Cook Mary Jane 75
Mc Cook Rebecca 75
Mc Cook William 97
Mc Cool John 90
Mc Cool Joseph 68
Mc Cord Ellen 12
Mc Cord John 12
Mc Cord Margaret 33
Mc Cord Robert 33
Mc Cord Samuel 12
Mc Corley John 35
Mc Cormick Henry 83
Mc Cormick James 22
Mc Cormick Jane 22, 48
Mc Cormick Jenkins 93
Mc Cormick Mathew 48
Mc Cormick Nancy 22
Mc Cormick Patrick 96
Mc Cormick Rodger 93
Mc Cormick William 21, 96
Mc Cort George 81
Mc Cracken Allen 52
Mc Cracken Eliza 31
Mc Cracken Joseph 97
Mc Cracken Thomas 52
Mc Cracken William 6
Mc Crackin Alexander 103
Mc Crackin David 103
Mc Cray William 28
Mc Creary William 19
Mc Cree Mary 86
Mc Cristal Michael 81
Mc Cue Frank 53
Mc Cue Joseph 16
Mc Cue Neal 35
Mc Cullagh Anne 33
Mc Cullagh Archibald 86
Mc Cullagh Bernard 62
Mc Cullagh Christopher 87
Mc Cullagh Eliza 33
Mc Cullagh Jane 33, 86
Mc Cullagh John 33
Mc Cullagh Lavina 33
Mc Cullagh Mary 87
Mc Cullagh Nancy 87
Mc Cullagh Samuel 86
Mc Cullan Alexander 66
Mc Cullen Henry 21
Mc Cullock George 12
Mc Cullock Jane 12
Mc Cullogh William 29
Mc Cully Andrew 69
Mc Cully Catherine 69
Mc Cune Elleanor 40
Mc Cune Ellina 40
Mc Cune Fanny Anne 40
Mc Cune George 40
Mc Cune James 40
Mc Cune Margaret 40, 40
Mc Cune Mary Jane 40
Mc Daid Cornelius 75
Mc Daid Daniel 74
Mc Daid Jane 75
Mc Daid John 75
Mc Daid Margaret 74
Mc Daid Mary 75
Mc Daid Maryanne 74
Mc Daid Patrick 68
Mc Daid Sally 68
Mc Daid Sarah 74
Mc Daid Sarah Jun. 74
Mc Devitt Patrick 94
Mc Donald Archibald 104
Mc Donald Isabella 103
Mc Donald James 32
Mc Donald John 104
Mc Donald Mary 103
Mc Donald William 103, 104
Mc Donnald Andrew 98
Mc Donnald Eliza 98
Mc Donnald James 98
Mc Donnald Jean 1
Mc Donnald William 98
Mc Donough Charles 83
Mc Dowell Eliza 21
Mc Dowell Ellen 21
Mc Dowell Ephriam 21
Mc Dowell James 15, 21, 22
Mc Dowell Jane 15, 21, 21, 21
Mc Dowell Josh. 15
Mc Dowell Margaret 21, 21, 48
Mc Dowell Mary Eliza 21
Mc Dowell Matilda 21
Mc Dowell Robert 52
Mc Dowell Thomas 11
Mc Dowell William 11, 21
Mc Elcumna James 65
Mc Elvan John 76
Mc Entire Alexander 69
Mc Entire Jane 69
Mc Entire John 69
Mc Entire Margaret 98
Mc Entire Robert 58, 65, 88
Mc Entire Thomas 88
Mc Erlain James 35
Mc Fadden Samuel 70
Mc Fall Alexander 49
Mc Fall Charles 104
Mc Fall Ennis 7
Mc Fall James 104
Mc Fall John 3, 104
Mc Fall Sally 49
Mc Falls Charles 6, 16
Mc Falls Dennis 6
Mc Falls John 4
Mc Farland Robert 35
Mc Faull Daniel 76
Mc Faull James 58
Mc Feeley Bernard 69
Mc Feeley James 69, 69
Mc Feely William 96
Mc Feetridge John 57
Mc Feetridge Robert 77
Mc Feetridge William 58
Mc Fetridge John 61
Mc Fillen Sarah 62
Mc Flinn Hugh 89
Mc Flinn Neil 89
Mc Ganarty Edward 62
Mc Ganarty Mary 62
Mc Gauney Francis 78
Mc Gauney James 78
Mc Gauy Ann 99, 99
Mc Gauy Maria 99
Mc Gee Eliza 99
Mc Gee Margaret 99
Mc Gee Matty 99
Mc Getty Alexander 82
Mc Getty Margaret 82
Mc Getty Martha 82
Mc Getty Matilda 82
Mc Glade John 93
Mc Glade Robert 87
Mc Goldrake Patrick 93
Mc Golpen Agnes 29
Mc Gonagle Esther 3
Mc Gonigle Jane 61
Mc Gonigle John 57, 61
Mc Gonigle Margaret 57, 61
Mc Gonigle Mary 57, 61
Mc Gonigle Thomas 88
Mc Gowen Ann 83
Mc Gowen Henery 68
Mc Gowen Hugh 13
Mc Gowen James 83
Mc Guigan Daniel 81
Mc Guigan Frank 81, 81
Mc Guigan James 81
Mc Guigan John 81
Mc Guigan Patrick 81
Mc Gurk Ann 62
Mc Gurk James 104
Mc Gurk Michael 104
Mc Gurk Patrick 104
Mc Gurney James 86
Mc Henry Archibald 17
Mc Henry Betty 84
Mc Henry Jane 67
Mc Henry John 67
Mc Ilhatton Edward 93
Mc Ilhatton Patrick 93
Mc Ilrath Hugh 7
Mc Ilroy Jane 12
Mc Ilroy John 12
Mc Ilvenny William 32
Mc Ilvenon James 42
Mc Ilvenon William 42
Mc Ilvinon Hugh 6
Mc Ilwee Charles 104
Mc Ilwee James 104, 104
Mc Ilwee John 104
Mc Ilwhinney Patrick 94
Mc Intosh William 74, 74
Mc Intyre Arthur 7, 93
Mc Intyre David 63
Mc Intyre Ellen 33
Mc Intyre Esther 63
Mc Intyre Hugh 63, 63
Mc Intyre James 63
Mc Intyre John 6, 33, 63, 72, 73
Mc Intyre Margaret 33
Mc Intyre William 6
Mc Kague Charles 75
Mc Kague James 75
Mc Kane Martha 33
Mc Kane Martha Jun. 33
Mc Kane William 33
Mc Kee Alexander 6, 71, 84
Mc Kee Alexander Jun. 71
Mc Kee Ann 71
Mc Kee Archy 16
Mc Kee Henry George 80
Mc Kee Hugh 16
Mc Kee James 71
Mc Kee Jane 71
Mc Kee John 16, 84
Mc Kee John Jun. 84
Mc Kee Margaret Jane 71
Mc Kee Mary 84
Mc Kee Patt. 16
Mc Kee Rachael 84
Mc Kee Reynold 16
Mc Kee Thomas 84
Mc Kee William 71, 71, 80
Mc Keefry Michael 92
Mc Keefry Partick 92
Mc Keen John 22
Mc Keever Archy 84
Mc Keever Catherine 80
Mc Keever Daniel 81
Mc Keever Eliza 80
Mc Keever Frank 81
Mc Keever Jane 84
Mc Keever John 80
Mc Keever Margaret 80
Mc Keever Martha Anne 84
Mc Keever Maryanne 80
Mc Keever Michael 80, 81
Mc Keever Patrick 84
Mc Keigney Patrick 92
Mc Kelvey Margaret 44
Mc Kemins James 57
Mc Kendry James 4
Mc Kendry Peggy Anne 4
Mc Kenna Bridget 89
Mc Kenna James 51, 90, 93
Mc Kenna John 51, 89, 90, 91, 94, 94
Mc Kenna Margaret 86, 89
Mc Kenna Nanny 90
Mc Kenna Patrick 51
Mc Kenna Peter 89
Mc Kenny Daniel 3
Mc Keon Catheine 62
Mc Keon Charles 62
Mc Keon James 3
Mc Keon Jane 3
Mc Keon Murtagh 62, 95
Mc Keon Thomas 3
Mc Keown Catherine 15
Mc Kernan John 87
Mc Kinlass Elizabeth 63
Mc Kinlass Samuel 63
Mc Kinley Hugh 94
Mc Kinney Daniel 4
Mc Kinney James 4
Mc Kinney John 4
Mc Kinstry Samuel 53
Mc Kook Rebecca 74
Mc Kowen Bernard 15, 16
Mc Kowen Catherine 15
Mc Kowen Charles 25
Mc Kowen Felix 35, 35, 35
Mc Kowen Hugh 33
Mc Kowen Rose 15
Mc Lacy Patrick 102
Mc Laughlin Ann 99
Mc Laughlin Bernard 69, 92
Mc Laughlin Catherine 77, 96, 96, 99
Mc Laughlin Charles 72, 72
Mc Laughlin Edward 98
Mc Laughlin George 78
Mc Laughlin Gregor 55
Mc Laughlin Hector 72
Mc Laughlin Henry 72
Mc Laughlin James 76, 77
Mc Laughlin Jane 60
Mc Laughlin John 60, 78, 78, 83, 92, 99
Mc Laughlin Margaret 100
Mc Laughlin Mark 96
Mc Laughlin Martha 99
Mc Laughlin Mary 78
Mc Laughlin Maryanne 76
Mc Laughlin Partick 76, 92
Mc Laughlin Robert 99
Mc Laughlin Thomas 72, 83
Mc Laughlin William 72, 76, 78, 83, 101
Mc Macken John 76
Mc Manimen James 70
Mc Manus Catherine 68
Mc Manus Mary 68
Mc Master Alexander 88
Mc Master Ann 90
Mc Master James 90
Mc Master John 87
Mc Meehan John 6
Mc Mullan Ann 101
Mc Mullan Charles 35
Mc Mullan Edward 92, 97
Mc Mullan Margaret 67
Mc Mullan Patrick 92
Mc Mullan William 35, 35
Mc Mullen Alexander 88
Mc Mullen Isaac 78
Mc Mullen John 65
Mc Mullen William 88
Mc Mullin Agnes 40
Mc Mullin Alexander 40
Mc Mullin Anna 40
Mc Mullin Jane 40
Mc Mullin Mary 40
Mc Mullin Thomas 40
Mc Murran James 52
Mc Murthry James 38, 53
Mc Murthry John 35
Mc Nally James 96
Mc Nally John 64
Mc Nally Margaret 96
Mc Namara William 68
Mc Namee Peter 81
Mc Neil Andrew 89
Mc Neil James 57
Mc Neil Robert 58
Mc Neill Eleanor 64
Mc Neill Nancy 52
Mc Neill Samuel 52
Mc Neilly David 7
Mc Nicolls Daniel 74
Mc Peake Barnard 94
Mc Peake Margaret 101
Mc Peake Patrick 104
Mc Pherson James 79
Mc Quaid Henry 95
Mc Quiggy Arthur 88
Mc Quiggy Margaret 88
Mc Quillan Arwley 93
Mc Quillan Charles 42
Mc Quillan Edward 21
Mc Quillan John 42
Mc Quillan Michael 92
Mc Quillan Thomas 93
Mc Shane Andrew 93
Mc Shane Eliza Jane 67
Mc Shane Felix 92
Mc Shane Hester 67
Mc Shane Hester Jun. 67
Mc Shane John 67, 80, 92
Mc Shane John Jun. 67
Mc Shane Margaret 67
Mc Shane Martha 67
Mc Shane Peter 92
Mc Shane Rose 89
Mc Sparran Letita 61
Mc Sparren Archibald 77
Mc Sparren Miss 77
Mc Stravack Patrick 1
Mc Tamney David 93
Mc Tyre Betty 96
Mc Tyre Hugh 96
Mc Whirter David 48
Mc Whirter Thomas 48
Mc William James 80
Mc William Michael 81
Mc Williams Daniel 89
Mc Williams Donald 90
Mc Williams Eleanor 66
Mc Williams Felix 89
Mc Williams Frank 104
Mc Williams Hugh 104
Mc Williams Jane 48
Mc Williams John 66
Mc Williams Mary 48
Mc Williams Nathaniel 48, 48
Mc Williams Sarah 48
Mc Williams William 48

Irish Emigration Lists, 1833-1839, Lists of Emigrants Extracted from the Ordnance Survey Memoirs for Counties Londonderry and Antrim. Choose from Irish Immigrant Surnames [A] [B] [C] [D] [E] [F] [G] [H] [I] [J] [K] [L] [M] [Mc] [N] [O] [P] [Q] [R] [S] [T] [U] [V] [W] [Y] [There are no X or Z Irish surnames]

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Death Finds a Way: A Janie Riley Mystery by Lorine McGinnis Schulze

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