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Janie Riley is an avid genealogist with a habit of stumbling on to dead bodies. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and the present before disaster strikes? Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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J J Cooke Ships Passenger List of Ship Anne, Ireland to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1852

These Irish passenger lists from shipping records can be found in Passenger Books of J & J Cooke, Shipping Agents. Sailings from Londonderry to Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Quebec, St. John New Brunswick & New Orleans Louisiana, 1847-1871 in Reference D.2892/1/1-14 (see also MIC.13 in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland)

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Passenger List of Ship Anne, Ireland to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1852      
Surname First Name Age Where From
Houden margaret   Newtowncunningham
McElwaine Richard   Strabane
McElwaine Joseph   Strabane
McElwaine Sarah   Strabane
McElwaine Eliza 11 Strabane
McElwaine Charles 8 Strabane
McElwaine Jane 6 Strabane
McElwaine Martha 4 Strabane
Alexander Andrew   Donagheady
Bradley Giley   Buncrana
Bradley Billey 11 Buncrana
Bradley James 9 Buncrana
Bradley Eliza 8 Buncrana
Granny Sally   Buncrana
Kane James   Strabane
McGrory Neal   Omagh
McGrory Bridget   Omagh
McGrory Terence 7 Omagh
McGrory Mary 5 Omagh
McGrory Bridget 3 Omagh
McGrory Sarah 1 Omagh
McFarland Ian   Iskaheen
McFarland Robert   Iskaheen
McFarland Eliza Ann   Iskaheen
McFarland Isabella   Iskaheen
Stewart Robert   Iskaheen
Curren Catherine   Dunfanaghy
Surgeon John   Omagh
Morrow James   Omagh
Gillespie Charles   Omagh
Gillespie Michael   Omagh
Doherty John   Buncrana
Harter John   Buncrana
Stewart Mary   Derry
Stewart Ann   Derry
Stewart margaret   Derry
Stewart Eliza Jane   Derry
Dealey Biddy   Beragh
Christie margaret   Coleraine
Christie Mary Anne   Coleraine
Christie margaret   Coleraine
Thompson John   Coleraine
Thompson Jane   Coleraine
Anderson margaret   Coleraine
Lockart Andrew   Ramelton
Lockart Nancy   Ramelton
Lockart John 12 Ramelton
Lockart Robert 10 Ramelton
Lockart Eliza 7 Ramelton
Turny Ann   Ramelton
McPherson Jane   Ramelton
Loughry Owen   Ramelton
Loughry Hugh   Ramelton
Loughry Jane   Ramelton
Loughry Catherine   Ramelton
Loughry Mary   Ramelton
Bryce Mary   Ramelton
McGarvey William   Ramelton
Doak Andrew   Ramelton
Meenan Catherine   Ramelton
Moore Rebecca   Ramelton
Fulton Hannah   Ramelton
Fulton Robert   Ramelton
Brannon William   Ramelton
Sheils Ann   Omagh
Wilkison Andrew   Omagh
Wilkison Jane   Omagh
Wilkison Ann   Omagh
Wilkison Mary   Omagh
Wilkison Jane   Omagh
Wilkison Archy   Omagh
Wilkison Rebecca   Omagh
Wilkison Andrew 11 Omagh
Campbell Mary   Fannett
Campbell George   Fannett
Campbell Mary   Fannett
Campbell margaret   Fannett
Magee Andrew   Stranorlar
Shannon James   Stranorlar
Shannon Jane   Stranorlar
Noble John   Drumquin
Noble Catharine   Drumquin
Griffeth George   Drumquin
Griffeth Mary Jane   Drumquin
Griffeth Samuel 9mo Drumquin
Davis Mary Ann   Drumquin
Henry John   Drumquin
McCullen James   Drumquin
Henry Margaret Jane   Drumquin
McConnell James   Drumquin
Warden Robert   Muff
Bradley Mary   Newtownstewart
Meek Isabella   Garvagh
Bell Sarah   Garvagh
Getty Sarah   Garvagh
Hucheson Elizabeth   Garvagh
Blee Hugh   Grange
Blee Isabella   Grange
Devine Charles   Grange
Gallon Edward   Grange
Gallon Lettece   Grange
Gallon Else   Grange
McGettigan James   Strabane
Barrett Anna   Derry
Anderson William   Coleraine
McClosky Hugh   Limavady
Freel Dennis   Ramelton
Cunningham Sarah Jane   Ramelton
Brannon Eleanor   Ramelton
Brannon Elizabeth   Ramelton
Kennedy James   Ramelton
McMearty Fanny   Ramelton
Keys John   Kish
Keys Rose   Kish
Keys James   Kish
Keys Robert   Kish
Keys Elizabeth   Kish
Ramsay Sally   Burnfoot
Callaghan Catherine   Ramelton
Todd Mary Jane   L' Derry
Patterson Hughey   Raphoe
Nixon Joseph   Tempo
Ferris Patrick   Ballykelly
Craig John   Ballykelly
Holt Patrick   Strabane
Holt Henry 11 Strabane
Holt Rebecca 9 Strabane
Elder Mary Jane   Strabane
Sweeny Alexander   Strabane
Logan William   Taboyne
Lindsay Catherine   Taboyne
Riddles James   L' Derry
Riddles Margaret 11 L' Derry
Smyth Rebecca   Raphoe
Lecky William   Raphoe
Lecky Jane   Raphoe
McBride Jane   Plum
Baird James   Plum
Stewart William   Plum
McCloskey Hugh   Fannett
McCloskey Hannah   Fannett
Canning Hannah 12 Fannett
Canning Catherine 10 Fannett
Smyth Samuel   Porthall
Mills George   Tully
McElmayle Robert   Limavady
Morrison Sarah   Omagh
Tracey Anne   Omagh
Maclean James   Newtownstewart
Thompson Jane   Raphoe
Coyle Hannah   Raphoe
McAnulty Margaret   Plumbridge
McAnulty Bernard 11 Plumbridge
McAnulty Margaret 9 Plumbridge
Walker William   Elaghbeg
Donnell Catherine   Newtowncunningham
Thompson William   Kellenman
Doherty Owen   Clonmany
Farnen Patrick   Strabane
Kelly Thomas   Strabane
Middleton Eliza   Castlederg
McKee William   Castlederg
McKee Mary   Castlederg
Johnston Margaret   Castlederg
Mitchell Ann Jane   Omagh
McCann Sarah   Beragh
Robinson Christopher   Kish
Toland Patt   Kish
Toland Michael   Kish
Toland Catherine   Kish
Toland Ellen   Kish
Carmichael William   Kish
Barr William   Kish
Barr Jane   Kish
Barr Catherine   Kish
McGonigle Hugh   Carnagh
McGonigle Alexander   Carnagh
McGonigle Elizabeth   Carnagh
McGonigle Elizabeth   Carnagh
McGonigle Jane   Carnagh
McGonigle Mary 8 Carnagh
Quigley John   Racecourse
Quigley Mary   Racecourse
Quigley James 12 Racecourse
Quigley Catherine 10 Racecourse
Quigley Michael 8 Racecourse
Quigley Rose Ann 4 Racecourse
Quigley Margaret 1 Racecourse
McLaughlin Patrick   Ballynagard
Donley Catherine   Ballynagard
McLoughlin Dennis   Ballynagard
Fleming Nancy   Convoy
McElkel Ann   Omagh
Cannon Margaret   Manorcunningham
Nelson Andrew   Muff Co Derry
McClean John   Birdstown
McLaughlin Betsey   Coleraine
Deeny John   Derry
Harley Mary   Raphoe
Mckinny Margery   Ramelton
McKinny James   Ramelton
Oliver Rebecca   Maghera
Erskine Amelia   Elagh
Hamilton David   Elagh
Erskine Mary   Elagh
Erskine Robert   Elagh
Horner Jane Ann   Elagh
Reiley Dennis   Strabane
Anderson Eliza   Coleraine
Stephenson Martha   St. Johnston
Davison Hannah   Coleraine
Mearn Mary   Coleraine
Davey Nancy   Coleraine
Monaghan Sarah   Strabane
McGeoghan Margaret   Quileys Point
Hamilton Hariet   Newtownstewart
Hamilton Hariet 12 Newtownstewart
McCrory Terence   Omagh
McCrory Margaret   Omagh
McCrory Neal 4 Omagh
McCrory Mary Anne 1 Omagh
McCrory James 3mo Omagh
Gardiner Margaret   Omagh
Doherty John   Omagh
Welsh Giles   Derry
Lindsay Joseph   Limavady
Hegarty Margaret   Derry
Hegarty Hannah   Derry
Dougan Manus   Derry
Harrity James   Derry
Bradley Emily   Strabane
Graham Catherine   Strabane
Graham Mary   Strabane
Frame James   Letterkenny
Doherty John   Letterkenny
Smyth Patrick   Carn
Smyth Neally   Carn
Smyth Mary 3 Carn
Smyth John 4 Carn
Rennie Eliza   Carn
Warden Jane   Muff
McGee Cicily   Muff
Hollypark William   Rosnakill
Harkin John   Cloghaneely
McGinty John   Cloghaneely
Sweeney John   Cloghaneely
Feiny Neal   Cloghaneely
Gallagher Nancy   Cloghaneely
Gallagher Catherine   Cloghaneely
Harkin Catherine   Cloghaneely
Rodgers Charles   Cloghaneely
Patchell James   Cloghaneely
Patchell Margaret   Cloghaneely
Nugent Michael   Cloghaneely
Nugent Jane   Cloghaneely
McCausland William   Cloghaneely
Doherty Ellen   Cloghaneely
McLaughlin Owen   Cloghaneely
McLaughlin Nancy   Cloghaneely
McLaughlin Biddy 11 Cloghaneely
McLaughlin Barney 3mo Cloghaneely
Taylor John   Cloghaneely
Kearney Hamilton   Cloghaneely
Given James   Cloghaneely
Hortness [?] David   Cloghaneely
Kelly Neal   Elagh
Kelly Mary   Elagh
Doherty Charles   Clonmany
Doherty Ann   Clonmany
Coll Catherine   Cloghaneely
McBride Daniel   Ardara
Fitzpatrick Tempo   Tempo
McGlensey Cecelia   Stranorlar
McGlensey Catherine   Stranorlar
McAtier Isabella   Tamney

Last Updated on 05/05/04
Transcribed by Laura Freeman

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